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00:02 Eleanor. Eleanor.
00:04 There you are, come girl.
00:08 The Tiny Tots are here.
00:10 And you don't want to miss worship.
00:13 It's gonna be an exciting day on the Tiny Tots Farm.
00:22 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:25 We're God's girls and boys
00:27 We live for Him around the world
00:30 We spread love and joy
00:32 Like colors of the rainbow
00:35 We're shining bright where we go
00:38 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:40 We're God's girls and boys
00:46 Hi, Mr. Wiggles.
00:48 Oh, I bet that Mr. Wiggles would like your carrot.
00:52 Want to lay it down for him.
00:54 There Mr. Wiggles.
00:56 It's time to sing our Worship song.
00:58 Oh, we'll let Mr. Wiggles enjoy his treat
01:01 and let's go have a treat.
01:03 I think worship is the treat.
01:05 Who likes worship? Oh, I do.
01:08 Oh, I love worship. Me too.
01:11 You too?
01:13 Let's ask Billy Boy,
01:14 if he'll ring the worship bell, okay.
01:15 Okay. Billy Boy.
01:17 You can ring the worship bell.
01:20 I love this song. I love this song.
01:26 Worship bell so sweet
01:28 Calling us to meet
01:30 With our best friend Jesus
01:34 Come and worship here
01:36 Jesus will be near
01:38 Smiling when He sees us
01:45 Well, I have a special memory verse today
01:50 and I just love this one.
01:51 And it's found in my special book
01:54 that Jesus gave me.
01:55 The Holy Bible.
01:56 That's right it's the Holy Bible.
01:59 Can you say Psalms 27?
02:02 Psalms 27.
02:05 Verse 10. Verse 10.
02:07 "The Lord will take care of me."
02:10 "The Lord will take care of me."
02:15 Just like we take care of Mr. Wiggle's
02:17 and we take care of Miss Eleanor.
02:20 And Billy Boy. That's right.
02:22 Auntie Linda gave her food,
02:24 Billy Boy's food and you just gave Mr. Wiggle's carrots.
02:29 And Eleanor, so you can tell us
02:31 she is all taking care.
02:34 But she is listening even though her eyes are shut.
02:38 Well I have a special country
02:41 I want to tell you about today and it starts with 'R'.
02:45 And it goes like raaa--
02:47 Who can guess?
02:51 Russia. Russia.
02:56 Who knows some of the things
02:57 that the kids in Russia like to do?
03:00 Oh, you think they like to swim and climb trees.
03:06 Yes. No.
03:08 I like to swim and play in the snow.
03:12 I do too.
03:14 And you know that Russia has the largest population
03:20 that means more than anyone else of brown bears.
03:25 Wow.
03:26 Lots and lots of brown bears there.
03:28 Do you like brown bears? Yes.
03:32 Well, I'm gonna tell you about the little boy name Yuriy.
03:36 And Yuriy's mommy had died and he was very sad.
03:42 And his father said, I cannot keep you.
03:45 I'm gonna take you to the government school.
03:47 And he was just a little boy but when he went there--
03:50 there was lots and lots of kids there.
03:52 And no body wanted to play with him.
03:55 And nobody paid any attention.
03:57 So he ran away. And then--
03:59 I would play with him if I was there.
04:01 Wouldn't you kids? Yes, I would play with them too.
04:03 But nobody would.
04:05 And he ran away and his daddy found him
04:07 and he said I don't want you.
04:09 And so he took him to a place
04:12 where they didn't treat, an orphanage
04:14 where they didn't treat children very nice.
04:16 And Yuriy ran away again.
04:19 This time social worker found him.
04:22 And she put him in the car and he was sad.
04:25 He didn't know what this new home was gonna be like.
04:28 And so the social worker drove to the place.
04:31 Can you drive? Help me drive?
04:34 She was driving and Yuriy sat in the backseat
04:38 and he was sad.
04:39 And he thought I'm just nobody's boy.
04:41 I'm nobody's boy.
04:43 And so when they got there
04:47 it was called the Rainbow Children's Home.
04:51 And they went to the door
04:53 and there was house parents there.
04:54 And there was twenty five people,
04:56 twenty five other little boys and girls there.
04:58 And they took him and they hugged him.
05:00 Ah, like this.
05:02 Yes, like this and they hugged him
05:05 and when he went in
05:06 he knocks something over and it broke.
05:09 And it was waiting for them to hit him.
05:11 But they didn't hit him. They said, "It's okay.
05:15 They're just things, you're more important."
05:19 And he couldn't believe it.
05:21 And then that night they had worship together
05:24 and they saying, "Jesus loves me this is know."
05:27 And they told Yuriy that he belonged to Jesus.
05:32 And that He loves and Jesus loved him.
05:35 And Yuriy went up to his room that night
05:37 and he was laying on his bed and he start to smiling.
05:41 I'm not--nobody's boy he said.
05:44 I'm Jesus boy.
05:46 Now I belong to someone and he was so happy.
05:52 Can you clap your hands? Yes.
05:53 We're happy for Yuriy.
05:55 And you know, what we're all Jesus boys and girls.
05:59 That's right. You're too.
06:01 And Jesus will always be with us
06:03 no matter what happens.
06:05 Leslie, would you have a prayer
06:07 just thanking Jesus for always being with us.
06:10 Let's close our eyes and fold our hands tight.
06:14 Dear Jesus, thank you for being with us
06:20 and I love you. Amen.
06:22 Amen.
06:34 Oh, I'm so happy you all are here.
06:36 Oh, yes.
06:38 I want to ask you a question.
06:40 What does a bear say?
06:43 Ooh, you're right.
06:46 And now, do you know what country has the most bears?
06:53 The most brown bears, she means.
06:54 The most brown bears.
06:57 Okay, Auntie Linda, that's right.
06:59 What? Zoo.
07:03 What country?
07:07 I'll give you a hint.
07:11 Russia. Russia.
07:14 Auntie Linda was telling us about that
07:16 do you remember?
07:18 And I wanted you to remember that--
07:22 so look what we're making today.
07:24 Wow! Who wants to make one?
07:26 Me. Yes, okay.
07:29 You can--well I've got brown paints
07:32 you can start by painting the back of them, brown, okay.
07:35 And then Auntie Linda and I will help you paint the faces.
07:38 And you can go ahead and start painting.
07:41 And when you see your bears
07:44 do you know, what I want you to do? Yes.
07:46 Whenever you see your bears do you think
07:48 you could say a prayer for the children in Russia?
07:51 Yeah. Do you think that you could do that thing?
07:53 Yeah. I wonder if they know Jesus or not.
07:57 Some do.
07:59 Some do and there is some that don't.
08:01 And so don't you think it be very nice
08:03 if we prayed for them.
08:04 Yeah. Yes, I think so too.
08:07 May be we can do it about what--that was our craft.
08:13 That's a very good idea, Matthew.
08:15 We could do that.
08:17 And maybe we can pray everyday for them.
08:19 That would be very nice too, Jenniah.
08:21 I like that. Super nice.
08:24 Do you know, Jesus likes it when we pray for other people?
08:28 Doesn't--doesn't He? Yeah, I have it too.
08:31 You want to--oh, lets you can just go ahead and use this.
08:34 Okay, and you can just stand on your stool.
08:38 Have you ever seen a bear? I have.
08:41 You have? Where?
08:43 Zoo, the other day.
08:46 I've seen one at the zoo but it want's--
08:50 and I think you'll see them too.
08:53 I had--Well, Faith did you ever seen a bear?
08:57 Where did you have seen a bear?
09:00 From the darkness.
09:02 Where? From the darkness?
09:05 Oh, so you just saw it was out there, ah.
09:09 Where you pretending it was a bear?
09:11 Yes.
09:14 Emma, well have you seen a bear before?
09:17 You haven't? No.
09:20 Not even in the picture?
09:23 Faith, did you see? I have seen in the picture.
09:25 Oh, you have.
09:26 I have seen lots of pictures.
09:28 Oh, do you know what?
09:30 I was on a picnic in the mountains one time
09:33 and guess what. You saw a bear?
09:36 A bear came right on picnic blanket
09:41 and he stole my food.
09:43 Ah, he did and what do you think I did?
09:47 You ran. Yeah, that's exactly what I did.
09:52 You ran after bear trying to get the lunch bag.
09:55 Oh, well I didn't do that.
09:56 I let the bear have my lunch.
09:58 I didn't want to mess with that big old bear.
10:01 Well, that would be nice too.
10:03 You mean to let him have my lunch? Yeah.
10:06 I figured if he was hungrier than me he could have it.
10:09 It's good to share anyways.
10:11 Old house like new.
10:14 You do?
10:21 I have some kind girl who was out making stuff up
10:27 and her name is Goldilocks and she got in a bear stuff.
10:35 Oh, my goodness you wouldn't want to do that.
10:38 Because, you don't want the bear to get you, do you?
10:41 No, but do you know, what.
10:44 There were bears in the Bible times too.
10:47 Yes there were. Yep.
10:48 In the David times? Yes.
10:50 Yeah, that's right. And guess what?
10:52 And he protected the sheep didn't he.
10:53 When we go to heaven there's going to be bears
10:57 but well we need to be afraid of them?
10:59 No. We won't.
11:00 You can even ride it.
11:02 And there might be dinosaurs.
11:03 Oh, and who is going to pet a bear in heaven.
11:06 Oh, I'm. Oh, yes.
11:09 That would be so fun, won't it.
11:10 Good job Matthew.
11:12 You want to ride one and pet one.
11:14 I can't wait to go to heaven.
11:17 Me--I do too. I do.
11:20 I want to go to heaven.
11:22 And heaven is going to be a wonderful place
11:25 because Jesus is there.
11:26 Oh, I'm looking forward to seeing Jesus most of all.
11:32 Me too. Me too.
11:34 Who has fun coming to the kitchen?
11:36 Me. I do.
11:38 Oh, I love having you come to the kitchen.
11:42 Do you know what?
11:43 Anytime you can come to the kitchen.
11:45 It's fun.
11:56 Farmer Manny. Tiny Tots.
12:00 Hey, how are you?
12:02 I'm so glad you're here.
12:03 I have a surprise for you. What is that?
12:06 Have a seat and I'll tell you. All right. All right.
12:09 I'll show you, yes. Oh, I wonder what it could be.
12:11 May be little cow. May be.
12:14 May be, look what I have. It's a goat.
12:18 It's a goat that's right. It's a baby goat.
12:22 It's a baby goat, yes.
12:24 And do you know how old he is. He is only four weeks old.
12:31 And anybody want to know what his name is?
12:35 Barnabas.
12:37 Can you say Barnabas? Barnabas.
12:40 Yup, hey what do goats eat, do you guys know? Milk.
12:44 They do eat milk and they eat leaves
12:47 and actually when Barnabas gets older
12:50 he's going to be able to stand up
12:51 and eat the leaves that hang on the trees.
12:56 Do you see these--doesn't they look like bunny rabbit almost?
13:00 I love his ears. Aren't they great?
13:03 But do you know what, his ears are going grow more
13:05 when he becomes a big goat--an adult.
13:08 He has lots of colors on him.
13:11 What kind of colors-- what colors do you guys see.
13:13 What colors do you guys see?
13:14 Black. Black.
13:15 Yeah, that's right.
13:17 You see he has a long black stripe.
13:19 What other colors do you see? White.
13:21 Yeah, here is the strip of white, what else?
13:23 And look here he has some more white here. Yeah.
13:26 Oh, she is pretty. Isn't he pretty?
13:28 He has brown as well.
13:30 You know, what I fed Barnabas a little bit with his milk
13:35 'cause you know, he takes milk from his mommy
13:38 but he also eats grass. But he may be hungry.
13:42 Can you go, Leslie, into the barn
13:44 and get his bottle for me? Yeah. Okay.
13:46 So you feed him with the bottle too?
13:48 I feed them with the bottle, yup.
13:50 Yup, he is a baby. He loves that bottle.
13:53 I hope he is hungry though. All right.
13:58 Oh, that's a big bottle. That is.
14:00 You want to try feeding him, Leslie?
14:02 Yeah. Let's see.
14:04 That's a big bottle. Oh, let's see. Oh, yeah.
14:08 He may-- Do you want some Barnabas?
14:11 No, I knew it.
14:13 I fed him before and I knew
14:15 that he wouldn't be hungry anymore.
14:17 Well, thank you for letting us try though. Oh, yes.
14:20 I'm sure he loves you guys for feeding him.
14:22 So that he wants to snuggle up there.
14:24 He does-- doesn't he?
14:25 May be he'll run.
14:27 Yeah, well, do you know what Barnabas--
14:30 well we call a new being goat.
14:32 Can you guys say that?
14:34 New being goat. That's right.
14:37 Do you know, Barnabas is a tiny tot
14:39 just like you guys are
14:42 and he is soft and cuddly and loves to play.
14:46 Barnabas likes to play, I like to play. He does.
14:48 Well let's play with Barnabas. All right.
14:51 All right, you know, let's come over here. All right.
14:55 We can play with Barnabas.
14:56 All right, let's play with Barnabas.
14:59 All right. Yeah, Barnabas.
15:02 Here is everybody to play with you all these good friends.
15:05 Ooh, look at Barnabas.
15:07 Yeah, let's play with Barnabas.
15:09 Yeah, are you looking at him
15:10 and you're talking to him, Leslie?
15:12 All right. Hi, Barnabas.
15:14 Look at this little tail. Oh, Barnabas.
15:18 Barnabas, Jesus made you special.
15:20 That's right Barnabas. Oh, Barnabas.
15:22 Oh did you just see what Barnabas did?
15:24 He jumped, that was so neat.
15:27 Oh, man can you guys jump? Oh, yes.
15:31 Oh, nice even jumps just like Barnabas. Wow.
15:36 Barnabas, you make me so happy.
15:38 I just want to sing. Yeah, let's sing.
15:46 I like to go to the farm Where the cows mow, mow
15:50 I like to go to the farm Where the ducks quack, quack
15:54 I like to go to the farm I like to go to the farm
15:58 I like to go to the farm And learn of Jesus
16:04 Barnabas was singing too.
16:06 Oh, there he goes Barnabas to, play.
16:09 Oh, well, come on we had a good time.
16:11 But we'll see you later.
16:13 Thanks and good bye. Let's tell him bye.
16:14 Tell Farmer Manny bye.
16:15 God bless. Bye-bye.
16:24 Honey, you're not feeling well so I just made some soup.
16:26 Oh, thank you, honey. Thank you.
16:29 It's all right, here we go.
16:33 It makes you feel lot better.
16:34 Yes, and you take care of me so well.
16:36 Here we go. Oh.
16:39 It must be Tiny Tots. Yes, and I'll be--
16:41 Yeah, and they'll make you feel better.
16:42 I will eat the soup later, honey.
16:45 Hey, come on in Tiny Tots. Hi Mr.Vince.
16:47 Come on in. Come on in. Oh, Tiny Tots. Oh, Miss Stella.
16:50 How are you feeling?
16:52 I'm not feeling well today, Tiny Tots.
16:54 Oh, would you rather us not come. Oh, no.
16:57 I know I will feel much better that you are here today.
16:59 Okay, 'cause we did have a Bible verse to share with you
17:02 and some songs. Oh, wonderful. All right.
17:05 There's two songs.
17:07 Two songs? All right.
17:09 You sit well in that side.
17:12 You want to sing the first song?
17:13 Okay, Joana wants to sing you.
17:15 Wow, yes. Okay, Joana, you can sing.
17:18 Jesus loves me this
17:21 I know For the Bible tells me so
17:26 Little ones to him belong
17:31 They are weak but he is strong
17:35 Yes Jesus loves me
17:39 Yes Jesus loves me
17:43 Yes Jesus loves me
17:49 Oh, Bible tells me so
17:54 Thank you, Joana. Jesus does love us.
17:58 And Leslie has a special song for you too.
18:02 Can you sing it to me?
18:03 In my heart there rings a melody
18:07 There rings a melody
18:09 I've Christ is inside of me.
18:12 In my heart there rings a melody
18:17 There rings a melody of love
18:22 When Jesus is there in our heart we're always happy.
18:25 Yes, we are.
18:26 Well, would you have a prayer Caitlin,
18:29 for Miss Stella? Yeah.
18:30 Okay, let's hold our hands and close our eyes.
18:34 Close your eyes.
18:36 Dear Jesus--
18:38 Dear Jesus, be with Miss Stella, amen.
18:42 Amen. Amen. Thank you.
18:44 Well, we hope you are feeling better before along.
18:48 And you take such a good care of her
18:50 she will be better. Yes, I will.
18:51 Okay, we'll go now.
18:53 God bless you. Thank you, Tiny Tots.
18:55 Bless you. Come again. Bye-bye, we love you.
18:57 Bye, bye we love you too.
19:12 Shall we go for a walk today
19:16 To see what God has given
19:23 What a beautiful day?
19:25 I know it is, isn't it? Well.
19:27 Today, we're not going to use the boat to fish.
19:31 We're going to practice fishing
19:32 with our fishing poles from the bank.
19:35 And we have this raw fish here that are practice fish.
19:40 And they're gonna help us learn how to catch.
19:42 Oh, that sounds fun. I see a fish.
19:45 You see a fish? Yeah, I see.
19:49 Okay, push you're a little. Hold your fish and pull out.
19:51 Push blue button and watch you'll fall.
19:53 Then see if you've dropped. I wouldn't do it.
19:55 Okay we'll do it. Okay, do it.
19:58 All right, okay, now well that it will.
20:00 Okay and I'll crank. Good job.
20:02 Okay now you've to push your button and throw it out.
20:05 Let go your button.
20:07 Yeah, you can push and hold it in there and throw it.
20:09 Here you gonna crank it bank, sweetheart.
20:11 Ooh.
20:12 Let me get it cranked down and wind it up.
20:16 Good job.
20:21 I love being outside.
20:23 Me too.
20:25 Did try but tangled for you.
20:28 Let me get it untangled for you.
20:30 Sometimes that happens when we go fishing.
20:32 Did you get yours, okay,
20:34 now push your button and throw it out.
20:37 Push your button and throw-- now fling it out there.
20:40 Oops. You fling it?
20:41 You've to let go your button
20:43 after it's gets out there. Yeah.
20:46 All right you above, you got it.
20:51 Hey, you think its working.
20:55 Okay, can I throw them out for you?
20:56 Yeah. All right.
20:58 I'm going to throw them out
20:59 and then you can crank them in.
21:01 Wow, he didn't go very far can you crank him in.
21:03 Here now you can try it.
21:05 Oh, I think he is a little bit tangled.
21:07 Okay, well, okay we will untangle him again.
21:08 Okay, crank him in. Did you get him out?
21:11 You're only throwing him out for you. Yeah, okay.
21:13 I'm gonna throw them out and then you crank them in.
21:15 Oh, he jumped.
21:17 See that's why we have to practice before we go out.
21:20 Joana, do you want me to throw yours that for you.
21:22 I'm yeah, okay let me throw them up.
21:24 And how about you stand over here,
21:25 it's not so wet.
21:27 Okay. Good job.
21:28 All right, here I'm going to throw them out.
21:29 It is closer.
21:31 Wow, he went very far enough.
21:32 Crank him in. Okay.
21:34 Crank him in.
21:35 Do you like me to do it for you?
21:36 Yeah. Okay, here let me do it.
21:39 I'm so glad Miss Jeannie that Jesus gave us
21:42 fresh air and sunshine and water.
21:44 Oh, yeah it's true. Can I do it again?
21:46 And even you can do it do it.
21:48 Keep practicing in. That's what we are here.
21:50 We're here to practice. Can you--okay?
21:52 Let's see if we can get it up.
21:53 He didn't go very far did he?
21:55 He didn't go very far. Wait he is coming up.
21:57 This one is going to hung up a lot.
21:59 So this is like that. Okay there you go, okay.
22:02 Okay, let me crank him in.
22:04 Oh, there's so mine is struck.
22:05 Oh, yeah I go it. Okay and I'll get.
22:07 All right.
22:08 Okay, ready I'm going to throw it out and crank him in.
22:11 All right crank it in.
22:12 Oh, do you see it went across the water like that.
22:14 Can you do that? Did you get it, Faith?
22:16 She is cranking it back up. All right.
22:18 There we go.
22:20 Wow, that went way far.
22:22 Can you crank it in?
22:26 Do you want me to do that for you?
22:27 Yeah. Where is he?
22:29 Where is your fish? In the water.
22:30 Crank him in. You have to crank fast.
22:32 Crank him in. Crank fast.
22:34 See, this is why-- Good job.
22:35 Oops, I am sorry.
22:36 This is what we have to practice here
22:38 so that when we go on the boat we do better.
22:42 Oh, there we go.
22:44 Ah, I think your's got caught in the bush and while--
22:46 Did he? Yup this one might be hung up too.
22:48 Yeah, I see it. I see it.
22:50 You see it.
22:51 This one might be a little hung up too.
22:53 You know, what, I'm so glad that God made
22:56 all these wonderful things outside for us to enjoy.
22:59 This is just so much fun. Me too.
23:01 Shall we do this whole day?
23:03 You want to do this whole day.
23:04 That would be fun wouldn't that?
23:06 I want to.
23:07 Well, you stay here for a while and keep practicing.
23:10 Oh, yeah keep practicing.
23:21 It's been a wonderful day today on the Tiny Tot farm.
23:25 Oh, yes, it was. Oh, yes.
23:27 And I especially love our memory verse.
23:30 Oh, I do too. Me too.
23:32 Me too.
23:33 Do you think we could say it again?
23:35 Yes.
23:36 I want to say it again so we can remember it.
23:38 That's right, Natalie. Yeah, I believe.
23:40 Psalms 27:10. Psalms 27:10.
23:45 "The Lord will take care of me."
23:48 "The Lord will take care of me."
23:52 Jesus always takes care of us.
23:54 Yes, he does. Yes, he does.
23:56 And we can talk to Him anytime.
23:58 Wow. I love talking to Him.
24:00 I love talking to Jesus.
24:02 And you know, boys and girls,
24:04 we can talk to Jesus wherever we are.
24:06 And if we're on the playground
24:09 or we are at school or we are at home.
24:12 We can just talk to say a prayer to Jesus
24:14 like even and we are scared we can say,
24:16 dear, Jesus please helps me.
24:18 And Jesus always does help us.
24:20 I know a song about that.
24:22 I talked to Jesus when I pray.
24:25 So let's really sing it okay.
24:27 I talk to Jesus when I pray
24:32 When I pray
24:34 When I pray
24:35 I talk to Jesus when I pray
24:40 And He hears me I know
24:45 I love it that Jesus always hears us.
24:47 And He answers our prayers. Yes, He does.
24:49 And you know, that's because he loves us.
24:52 Oh, and I love Him so much. So do I.
24:55 I'm so glad that Jesus loves me.
24:58 Oh, yes.
25:00 I'm so glad that Jesus loves me
25:05 Jesus loves me Jesus loves me
25:10 I'm so glad that Jesus loves me
25:14 Jesus loves even me
25:21 I just want Jesus no matter what.
25:23 Aren't you happy in Him?
25:25 Doesn't Jesus make you happy?
25:27 Yeah, who thinks Jesus makes him happy?
25:31 Oh, yes.
25:34 Jesus is my best friend.
25:36 Well, he loves us and He loves us talk to Him.
25:40 And I'm just happy in the Lord anyway.
25:45 Oh, let's sing.
25:46 I'm happy in the Lord anyway
25:52 And it really doesn't matter
25:54 What comes my way today I'm going to wear a smile
25:58 Hold my head upon and say I'm happy in the Lord anyway
26:05 Anyway, okay, let's sing it again.
26:08 I'm happy in the Lord anyway.
26:09 I'm happy in the Lord anyway
26:14 And it really doesn't matters
26:17 What comes my way today I'm going to wear a smile
26:20 Hold my head upon and say I'm happy in the Lord anyway
26:30 Do you know that singing makes me happy?
26:32 It makes me happy too. Me too.
26:35 Whenever your down and you just don't feel so good you can sing.
26:40 And we can pray and it's time to sing our prayer song.
26:45 I will bend my knees
26:50 I will fold my hands
26:54 I will bow my head
26:58 I will close my eyes
27:02 And very, very quiet be
27:08 While the prayer is said
27:12 Natalie, would you have prayer?
27:14 Dear Jesus, help us to be kind to one another,
27:21 help us to be good.
27:23 In Jesus name we pray, amen.
27:25 Amen.
27:30 And Jesus will answer those kinds of prayers, won't He?
27:34 Oh, Mr. Rooster says it's time to go.
27:37 Oh, see you guys.
27:40 And see you later.
27:49 Our time together is over
27:52 So we will have to go
27:55 Good bye good bye
27:58 Remember God loves you
28:01 Good bye good bye
28:04 Remember God loves you
28:08 Good bye.
28:17 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:19 We're God's girls and boys
28:22 We live for Him around the world
28:25 We spread love and joy
28:27 Like colors of the rainbow
28:30 We're shining bright where we go
28:33 We're Tiny Tots around the world
28:35 We're God's girls and boys


Revised 2014-12-17