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00:02 Eleanor. Eleanor.
00:04 There you are, come girl.
00:08 The Tiny Tots are here.
00:10 And you don't want to miss worship.
00:12 It's gonna be an exciting day on the Tiny Tot farm.
00:22 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:25 We're God's girls and boys
00:27 We live for Him around the world
00:30 We spread love and joy Like colors of the rainbow
00:35 We're shining bright where we go
00:38 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:40 We're God's girls and boys
00:46 Mr. Wiggles, wake up for worship.
00:50 Mr. Wiggles, you don't want to miss worship.
00:53 Worship is special. That's right.
00:56 It's time to sing our worship song.
00:58 So let's ask Billy Boy, if he'll ring the bell.
01:01 Billy Boy, you can ring the worship bell.
01:06 And we get to sing our song.
01:11 Worship bell so sweet Calling us to meet
01:15 With our best friend Jesus
01:19 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
01:23 Smiling when He sees us
01:29 I have a special verse today
01:32 and it's found in God's Holy--
01:34 Holy Bible. The Holy Bible.
01:37 1 John 4-- 1 John 4--
01:42 Verse 11-- Verse 11--
01:47 If God so loved us-- If God so loved us--
01:53 We also-- We also--
01:57 Ought to love one another-- Ought to love one another--
02:03 That's a very important verse, isn't it?
02:07 Mr. Wiggles, we're having worship.
02:11 Okay, I have something,
02:13 I'm gonna bring out and I want you to guess.
02:15 What country we're going to talk about today?
02:18 A polar bear. A panda bear.
02:22 That's a teddy bear. That's a China bear.
02:25 China. China, yes.
02:27 Does anyone know what the Chinese say
02:30 when they say, want to say hello?
02:32 Yes. Emma, you know, how do they say hello in Chinese?
02:36 Chinese.
02:43 Ni... Ni hao.
02:46 That's right. And how do you say your name in Chinese?
02:53 Yu-Chiao, Emma. All right.
02:57 And how do you say good-bye in Chinese.
03:01 Si Chen.
03:04 Si Chen. That's right.
03:06 Si Chen. Can we all say that?
03:09 Si Chen. And let's say, hello though.
03:12 How about hello? Ni hao.
03:16 Ni hao. You know what?
03:17 Emma knows a song in Chinese.
03:20 You do, Emma? Would you sing it for us?
03:23 Yeah. All right.
03:25 Sing it real loud so they can hear you.
03:29 Can you start it?
03:31 [Singing in foreign language]
03:40 Si Chen
03:42 Sing it one more time real loud.
03:44 [Singing in foreign language]
03:58 Si Chen
04:00 Oh, that's beautiful.
04:04 Do you know what that means? No.
04:07 It means, look, look, look.
04:11 Find a good friend. That's right.
04:14 And our story is about that.
04:17 We're gonna--we'll set Mr. Panda bear right up here,
04:21 so he can listen to our story too.
04:24 We're just pretending because he can't really listen, can he?
04:27 No.
04:28 Well, Ching Fu lived in a houseboat
04:32 with his missionary parents.
04:34 And there was water all around and water under his boat.
04:37 And he could look around and he see the fishy swimming.
04:40 Can you make the fishy swim? Yeah.
04:42 He saw the fishy swimming and he had so much fun.
04:46 And sometimes it was time to go to the village,
04:48 so that they could get supplies
04:50 and also meet and talk to people.
04:52 So he went to the village
04:53 and he started up and his mommy said,
04:56 "Now I want you to go, meet me at this one shop."
04:59 And so when he started up, he saw an old man.
05:03 Can you kind of go like this?
05:05 He was walking really slow and he had a big bucket.
05:10 And Ching Fu ran up to him and said,
05:13 "I can carry your bucket for you."
05:15 And he looked at him and he said,
05:17 "You're such a nice boy."
05:20 And he carried his bucket and it was heavy,
05:23 but he carried it and all the way to the man's house.
05:27 And the man was so happy, he reached into his bag
05:31 and he pulled out a little houseboat
05:34 that looked just like Ching Fu's house.
05:38 And he played with it all day long
05:41 and when he went back to his houseboat before he got in,
05:44 he played it in the water and he had so much fun.
05:47 And the next day they went to the village
05:49 and when he ran up to that village,
05:53 there was a little boy and he was kind of like Holland
05:57 and he was just like this.
05:59 And he didn't know what to do and he said--
06:03 Ching Fu went up to him and said "Hi, my name is Ching Fu."
06:08 And the little boy looked at him and he says,
06:10 "I don't have any friends."
06:13 And he said, "Oh, but you do have a friend.
06:16 I'll be your friend. And here, you can play with my boat."
06:20 So he put the boat in his arms
06:22 and he said, "Here, we'll go play with it."
06:24 And he asks mommy if they could just go down by the river
06:27 and they did and they played with the boat all day.
06:29 And when they were done, his new friend looked at him
06:32 and he said, "Ching Fu, can I keep the boat?"
06:38 Ching Fu thought for a minute,
06:41 "Oh, I love my boat and I had so much fun."
06:45 Then he thought about how much Jesus loved him.
06:48 And he looked at the little boy
06:50 and he said, "Yes, you keep my boat
06:53 because that will remind you that you have two friends.
06:56 I am your friend and Jesus is your friend
06:58 and Jesus wants me to share with you."
07:01 And the little boy said, "I have two friends."
07:04 And he said, "Yes, Jesus loves you."
07:07 And he said "Who is Jesus?"
07:08 And he said, "Come with me to the Sabbath school
07:10 and I would tell you about Jesus."
07:12 And he said, "Oh, I will come.
07:15 I know my mommy won't let me.
07:16 Can I bring my mommy too?"
07:18 And he said, "Oh, yes."
07:20 And that night when Ching Fu knelt down
07:23 and said his prayers and got into bed.
07:27 He looked at mommy and he said,
07:28 "Mommy, I feel so happy inside.
07:32 I don't even miss my boat."
07:34 And you know how was it?
07:37 We can be like a little Ching Fu and share our toys
07:41 and let others know that Jesus loves them.
07:44 Oh, Auntie Linda, I love that story.
07:48 Do you boys and girls,
07:49 do you think you could share like that little boy?
07:52 You could share your toys. Let's ask Jesus to help us.
07:55 Let's fold our hands and close our eyes.
07:57 Can I pray? Yes, Emma, you can pray.
08:00 Let's close our eyes.
08:02 Dear Jesus, please help us to share our toys like Ching Fu.
08:05 We love You Jesus, amen. Amen.
08:16 Okay.
08:18 Everybody, see if you can guess this?
08:22 I'm thinking of an animal and he's big and round.
08:28 I know, it's a panda bear.
08:31 It's a panda bear. A panda bear.
08:33 What? How did you guess that so fast?
08:37 Were you peeking? Yes.
08:40 I thought so.
08:44 Look. It's a panda bear pillow.
08:48 It is. Would you like to make one?
08:50 Yes. Would all of you like to make one?
08:53 Yes. Okay.
08:56 Why do both look different, yours and the other ones?
08:59 Well, they're pretty close to--
09:01 Oh, one is flat and one is fluffy.
09:04 Do you know why?
09:06 Because I'm gonna give you some of the fluffy stuffing,
09:10 so you can make yourself like mine.
09:13 Would you like that? Yeah.
09:15 Okay. Look I have a big bag of it.
09:19 Oh, wow. Oh, look and you can...
09:23 let see here's a little opening,
09:25 let's find the opening in your pillow, see.
09:27 Can you find your opening?
09:28 And then you can find your opening in your pillow.
09:30 Very good, Holland. Can you help me with opening?
09:33 Oh, sure, you do Jenniah.
09:35 Now that's just big as it gets.
09:37 Okay, right there. There you go.
09:39 Okay, Auntie Linda, here's some more.
09:43 And you just take it and stuff it in your pillow.
09:45 There, Emma. Okay, stuff it in your pillow.
09:47 Okay, stuff it in your pillow.
09:54 Do you know where panda bears live?
09:56 Yeah. Where?
09:57 In China. Very good.
09:59 Has anybody been to China? No, not me.
10:02 My daddy has. Your daddy has.
10:05 Not me. You haven't.
10:06 Jenniah, had you've been to China?
10:10 Did you like it? Little boring.
10:16 Because you were so little, how old were you?
10:18 Zero. Oh, wow.
10:22 I did it. Keep going.
10:25 Push it-- push it way down.
10:27 You need to push it way down.
10:29 And then put some more in, here I'll keep giving you
10:32 some more, I got lots of it here.
10:35 Oh, wow. Does anybody know what pandas eat?
10:39 Bamboo. Bamboo. Bamboo.
10:41 Has anybody eaten bamboo? No.
10:44 Oh, do you think bamboo would taste good?
10:47 Moo, I don't think bamboo would taste good.
10:50 You bet bears like it.
10:51 You have to have really strong teeth
10:53 to eat bamboo, wouldn't you?
10:54 Yeah. If you were to eat bamboo, you go like ah.
11:00 And you'll be still hungry. You'll be--
11:08 You think, I'd be still be hungry,
11:10 if I tried to eat bamboo.
11:11 I like to eat vegetables.
11:13 I like to eat Brussels sprouts and broccoli.
11:16 Who likes Brussels sprouts? I don't.
11:19 You don't? I do.
11:21 I love Brussels sprouts.
11:23 What do you like to eat, Faith?
11:25 Jenniah said, "She does."
11:27 She does. I've been trying that.
11:31 Faith, what do you like to eat?
11:33 Apples. Oh, I love apples too.
11:36 I like apples too. Oh, that sounds good too.
11:39 I like bananas. Oh, I love bananas.
11:42 Who else likes bananas? I do.
11:46 I'm thinking of an animal. Oh, does he go?
11:50 A monkey. A monkey, that's right.
11:53 I love monkeys. Miss. Emma, what do you like to eat?
11:58 Strawberries. Oh, strawberries are yummy.
12:02 You can put some more in there Faith. Keep going.
12:04 Look, look at my pillow.
12:05 Oh, put a little bit more right here.
12:07 I want to make large. Do you want some more?
12:10 Oh, you guys want some more.
12:11 Let me keep, oh, let me put some more.
12:13 Faith, you can get some more, push it down there.
12:16 Push some into your corner there, Holland.
12:18 Right there in the corners, get the corners,
12:21 'cause you want--you want to get it in the corners, okay.
12:25 I got more. You got more.
12:27 Oh. I got big one.
12:29 Do you know this stuff reminds me of?
12:31 I got more. What does it look like?
12:33 Looks like fluffy clouds to me.
12:35 Oh, yes but--I'm thinking that might be snow down on our table.
12:43 I don't think so. Does this look like snow?
12:46 Yes. Yes.
12:49 Or it could be clouds, ha?
12:52 It kind of looks like clouds.
12:54 Here you can put some more in.
12:59 I got more.
13:03 This is fun, Miss Cinda.
13:07 You know what? What, Holland?
13:09 You bet, I fill in more, we'll pass into your pillow.
13:16 Ready? Yeah.
13:17 Yes. Who likes to come to the kitchen?
13:20 Me. I do.
13:22 Anytime you could be in the kitchen, it's fun.
13:33 Farmer Mannie. Hey, tiny tots, how are you?
13:37 Good to see you, hey. And here's a tiny tot too.
13:40 Oh, that's a tiny tot.
13:43 Hey, we're going to do something very special today.
13:46 Corn--plant corn. We're gonna be planting some corn.
13:49 You saw in his basket, didn't you?
13:51 Yes, let's go plant some corns.
13:53 All right. All right.
13:55 Come on Noah, this will be fun.
13:59 All right.
14:01 Hey, I got to tell you,
14:02 there are so many different kinds of corns
14:04 for example, there is field corn.
14:07 And they use it to feed the cattle and horses.
14:10 And then there is a sweet corn that we eat.
14:12 Feel the difference. What do you think?
14:15 Well, this one's soft. Yeah, how does that feel?
14:19 Feeling hard. Is this soft let Noah feel it?
14:22 Is that soft? Is that soft?
14:25 Yeah.
14:26 See, now we don't eat that one
14:28 because that's too hard for our teeth.
14:30 But we eat this one, there's so many ways of eating corn.
14:33 So you know what we're gonna do today with the corn?
14:36 Plant big corn. We're going to plant it.
14:39 And we're gonna shock it as well. Oh, wow.
14:44 Here, you know how you take the kernels out.
14:47 Now by the way these are kernels.
14:49 You want to try it.
14:50 What you do is you take it and you take your thumb
14:52 and just-- push it out.
14:54 Oh, oh. Do we make holes in the ground?
14:56 Now we're gonna make holes in the ground
14:57 and then put it in the ground as well.
14:59 There you go, Bryan, you want to try it.
15:00 Just take your thumb
15:02 and just take the kernels out like that.
15:05 Let's make some holes. There you go.
15:07 Now let's take our shovels
15:10 and make a hole in the ground, just like this.
15:12 We need some corn too, Farmer Mannie.
15:14 We all need corn, here you go Auntie Linda.
15:16 Here we go. All right.
15:18 All right. Take that off.
15:19 Let's just take one per hole.
15:22 There we go, and you take it, put it in and cover it up.
15:27 There we go. Okay.
15:30 Good job.
15:32 Good job. Good job.
15:34 You can put it in the hole and cover it up.
15:36 Oh, this is fun, Farmer Mannie.
15:37 Oh, this is so much fun.
15:39 It's gonna really be fun
15:40 when we start to see a little stalk
15:42 come out and break the dirt.
15:44 Oh, wow. After you planted in, yes.
15:47 God made--the dirt have so many nutrients
15:50 for all the foods that we eat, so we can have food.
15:53 There you go. You want to make a hole, right there--
15:54 The animals are gonna be happy when these grows.
15:57 Oh, yeah, like the crows who come and eat the corn.
16:00 Or the deer. Oh, the deers too, yes.
16:05 What do you think are some other?
16:06 Or giraffe. A giraffe.
16:09 No, I didn't know if giraffes eat corn or not.
16:10 Yeah, we'll have check on that.
16:14 What other animals you guys think like corn?
16:19 I don't know, may be deer. Deer, they do.
16:22 Yeah, deer actually, you know,
16:24 sometimes we have to put our fences around
16:26 in our gardens, in our farms
16:28 so the deer don't come in and take all of our corn.
16:31 Oh, wow. Here we go.
16:33 I put mine right there. Aha, good job.
16:36 I can't wait to see what the gardens
16:38 are gonna look like in heaven.
16:39 Oh, can you imagine what they look like in heaven?
16:41 Oh, my. There're gonna be beautiful.
16:45 And the Bible tells us that
16:47 there are trees with many different forms of fruit,
16:49 they give fruit every month.
16:52 Oh, heaven's gonna be wonderful.
16:54 There we go. There we go.
16:55 So we can put some more over here.
16:57 Thank you for letting us help you.
16:58 Oh, thank you for the help.
17:00 This is so much fun when we get to share with others.
17:02 Here you go buddy, you want another one,
17:04 you want to make another hole.
17:05 May be over there and put that in. Here we go.
17:08 Oh, I'm so glad that you guys are helping.
17:10 Okay sweetheart, you have your kernels.
17:13 I love this. It just makes me want to sing.
17:16 Hey, let's sing.
17:21 I like to go to the farm
17:23 Where the cows mow, mow
17:26 I like to go to the farm Where the ducks quack, quack
17:30 I like to go to the farm I like to go to the farm
17:34 I like to go to the farm And learn of Jesus
17:39 Amen. Oh, can you say thank you, Farmer Mannie?
17:42 Thank you, Farmer Mannie. This is fun.
17:47 Thank you for coming and helping to plant.
17:58 Where is that paper that I put in here.
18:00 Vince, Vince, honey I found your newspaper.
18:02 Was in the office on your desk.
18:03 Oh, thank you honey, I appreciate that.
18:05 Yes, honey, I do praises, I love you honey.
18:07 It must be tiny tots.
18:08 Oh, that's the tiny tots, let's go see the tiny tots.
18:13 Yes, tiny tots, come on in. Yes.
18:16 How are you doing? Yes.
18:18 Oh, you brought me flowers. Oh, wonderful.
18:22 She had fun picking them too.
18:23 Oh, yes, and I can put them in my garden.
18:25 Thank you. I love you.
18:27 That was real treat, honey.
18:29 Oh, thank you, honey.
18:31 Yes, I love flowers
18:33 and there are so many beautiful ones out there.
18:37 It was fun, wasn't it, Faith?
18:40 We saw a raccoon stealing one from the ground to eat them.
18:45 He did. Yeah.
18:48 We were talking about all the bears and the animals
18:51 that Jesus made on the way over.
18:53 And did you know there were panda bears in China?
18:56 Really? Yeah.
18:58 All right. We were talking about that.
19:01 Well, we have a special memory verse in.
19:03 Oh, I love memory verses from the Bible. So do we.
19:08 Oh, and I love the tiny tots
19:09 bringing them in and share with us.
19:11 Do you? Oh yes.
19:12 Well, we have a one special one today.
19:14 It's found in 1 John 4:11.
19:18 1 John 4:11.
19:21 Can you say it after Auntie Linda?
19:23 If God so loved us-- If God so loved us--
19:27 We also-- We also--
19:30 Ought to love one another. Ought to love one another.
19:34 And Jesus' love is so special.
19:38 He just puts His love in our hearts
19:40 and we can love one another then.
19:42 He sure does.
19:43 And I've been practicing this song on my way here.
19:46 Can we hear it? Yes.
19:48 All right.
19:49 Into my heart Into my heart
19:56 Come into my heart
19:59 Lord Jesus coming today
20:06 Coming to stay
20:10 Come into my heart, Lord Jesus
20:16 Shine out with my heart Shine out with my heart
20:23 Shine out with my heart Lord Jesus
20:31 Come in today Come in to stay
20:37 Come into my heart, Lord Jesus
20:45 Good job. Thank you, Sammy.
20:48 Lilly Beth, would you have a special prayer for us?
20:51 Let's fold our hands and close our eyes.
20:55 Dear Jesus, help us to know love like You.
21:00 Amen. Amen.
21:03 Amen. Thank you.
21:04 We do want to love like Jesus.
21:06 Well, we have to go now.
21:08 God bless you and you just have the best day ever.
21:11 Bye, love you tiny tots. Bye, we love you.
21:15 Bye, we love you. Bye-bye.
21:16 Bye-bye. Come again.
21:27 Shall we go for a walk today
21:31 To see what God has given
21:36 I am just so glad that we came out here today.
21:39 Oh, it's beautiful. It is.
21:42 Yes. I wonder if there will be any fish.
21:44 I bet there, oh-- I bet they are.
21:46 How about we feed them? Yes.
21:48 And we don't see anyone, we feed them some.
21:49 I'll feed Eleanor, I bet. We will.
21:52 Okay, let's put the oars in,
21:53 'cause we don't want to loose them.
21:55 We'll give you some and you can see.
21:56 Okay. You can feed some fishes some--
21:58 I want to have some. Yes, you can.
22:01 You can break it into little pieces and throw it up.
22:03 Break it into pieces and throw it up.
22:05 Oh, there's a big fish over there. Oh, I see it.
22:08 Oh. There's one right there. Oh, wow!
22:12 Oh, they must really be hungry.
22:15 I see one over there. Yes.
22:18 They must be so happy that we're feeding them.
22:20 Oh, there's one over there. Oh my.
22:23 That was a big one. You get a big splash.
22:25 Eleanor, do you see one too.
22:27 There's one very far over there.
22:30 Well, that one I can't see it, it's too far away.
22:32 Yeah, can I break one?
22:34 Oh, sure. Break it up.
22:36 Can you break it into piece? Break it up.
22:38 Yeah. Good job.
22:40 They're so happy that we're feeding them.
22:43 Oh, I see a fish. I do too. And your fish.
22:45 They act like they're really hungry, don't they?
22:50 Oh, Jesus made so many pretty fish for us to look at.
22:54 Look there's one right there, see it.
22:56 Yeah. Look.
22:58 Uh-oh, you fed them. They'll be happy.
23:01 I am just so glad that God made
23:03 all these wonderful things for us to enjoy outside.
23:06 Me too. He is so wonderful.
23:09 He is.
23:17 I love Jesus. Oh, I love Jesus too.
23:22 And I am so glad He gave us a special memory verse
23:25 to teach us that He loves us and we're to love others.
23:28 I know and can we say it again
23:30 because it helps me remember if we keep saying it.
23:32 All right, Miss Cinda.
23:35 1 John 4:11. 1 John 4:11.
23:40 If God so loved us-- If God so loved us--
23:45 We ought to love one another. We ought to love one another.
23:51 And there's a song about that that talks about children.
23:54 Jesus loves you. I love the song.
23:58 Children, Jesus loves you Children, Jesus loves you
24:04 Love, love, love comes a-tricklin' down
24:10 Ask and ye shall father, ask anything
24:13 Give a knock, and the door shall be opened
24:16 And love, love, love comes a-tricklin' down
24:21 Can we sing that again? Oh, yes.
24:24 Yes. Let's do it again.
24:25 Oh. Okay, let's sing.
24:28 Children, Jesus loves you Children, Jesus loves you
24:34 Love, love, love comes a-tricklin' down
24:40 Ask and ye shall father ask anything
24:43 Give a knock, and the door shall be opened
24:46 And love, love, love comes a-tricklin' down
24:51 I couldn't hear you, Miss Cinda. What?
24:55 I was singing. Yes, she was.
24:58 Well, you know, Jesus gave us a commandment that says
25:01 this is my commandment that you love one another.
25:04 Yeah, let sing that song.
25:06 All right. Okay.
25:09 This is my commandment That you love one another
25:13 That your joy may be full
25:19 This is my commandment That you love one another
25:24 That your joy may be full
25:29 That your joy may be full
25:34 That your joy may be full
25:40 This is my commandment That you love one another
25:44 That your joy may be full
25:50 Oh, that was fun.
25:51 Let's ask Jesus to come into our hearts, okay.
25:53 Let sing that little song, okay.
25:56 Into my heart Into my heart
26:04 Come into my heart,
26:08 Lord Jesus
26:12 Come in today Come in to stay
26:20 Come into my heart, Lord Jesus
26:29 I've been missing that.
26:31 Let's kneel down and we'll do the prayer, okay.
26:33 And Natalie would you have prayer for us?
26:37 I will bend my knees
26:42 I will fold my hands
26:47 I will bow my head
26:51 I will close my eyes
26:56 And very, very quiet be
27:01 While the prayer is said
27:06 Dear Jesus, thank you for letting us have a good day.
27:11 We love you Jesus. Help us to love like others.
27:15 We love you Jesus, amen. Amen.
27:21 Oh, Mr. Rooster said it's time to go.
27:25 All right, we'll see you. Bye.
27:35 Our time together is over So we will have to go
27:41 Goodbye, goodbye Remember God loves you
27:47 Goodbye, goodbye Remember God loves you
27:54 Goodbye.
28:02 We're Tiny Tots around the world
28:04 We're God's girls and boys
28:07 We live for him around the world
28:10 We spread love and joy Like colors of the rainbow
28:15 We're shining like the rainbow
28:18 We're Tiny Tots around the world
28:20 We're God's girls and boys


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