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00:02 Eleanor. Eleanor.
00:05 There you are, come girl.
00:08 The Tiny Tots are here.
00:10 And you don't want to miss worship.
00:12 It's gonna be an exciting day on the Tiny Tots Farm.
00:22 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:25 We're God's girls and boys
00:27 We live for Him around the world
00:30 We spread love and joy
00:32 Like colors of the rainbow
00:35 We're shining bright where we go
00:38 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:40 We're God's girls and boys
00:47 Billy Boy.
00:52 Oh, Billy Boy thinks, it's time for worship.
00:55 It is. It is.
00:57 Let's go find our seats.
00:59 Oh. Hi, Mr. Wiggle's.
01:00 It's worship time Mr. Wiggle's.
01:02 It's worship time Mr. Wiggle's.
01:08 We hand Auntie Linda her Bible.
01:11 Oh, that's for Mr. Wiggle's, go give it to Mr. Wiggle's.
01:14 That's a treat.
01:16 All right.
01:18 Oh, did he like his treat? Yes.
01:22 Now we'll ask Billy Boy to ring the worship bell.
01:27 Billy Boy, you can ring the worship bell.
01:31 That's what he was waiting for.
01:37 Worship bell so sweet Calling us to meet
01:41 With our best friend Jesus
01:45 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
01:49 Smiling when He sees us
01:57 Well, I have a special verse.
02:00 What's that from? From the Holy Bible.
02:02 That's right, it is the Holy Bible
02:04 and it's found in Isaiah 40.
02:07 Isaiah 40.
02:09 Verse 11. Verse 11.
02:13 He will gather the lambs-- He will gather the lambs--
02:19 In His arms. In His arms.
02:25 The country that I am thinking about
02:27 is something that we just said in our memory verse.
02:32 It has lots and lots of little lambs
02:34 and it starts with the Z.
02:37 What country starts with the Z?
02:40 In fact this country
02:41 has more lambs and sheep in it than people.
02:47 There was like 12 sheep--
02:49 and 2 more, put up 2 fingers, 2 more, 12 sheep--
02:54 oops one down, 12 sheep for every person.
02:59 Wow. And it starts with the Z and it's called--
03:02 Does it start with New?
03:03 Well, actually, it's New--it's New first.
03:06 New Zealand.
03:11 And there are lots of little lambs there.
03:14 Wow, I didn't know they had that many lambs, did you?
03:17 They do. They have lots of little lambs.
03:20 See how to hold the little lamb.
03:22 Yes and they-- they sell the wool.
03:26 And so there is lots of wool.
03:28 They cut the wool off the little sheep and--
03:30 at the little sheep and they have lots of wool
03:33 and that makes warm coats for you to wear.
03:36 'Cause when you get cold
03:37 don't you like a nice coat to wear?
03:39 Yes.
03:41 Well, I'm gonna tell you about a good shepherd and that is--
03:44 Name David. Yes, David was a shepherd.
03:48 And David took care of the sheep, didn't he?
03:51 That's right, Leslie. He gave them water.
03:53 Can you give your little sheep some water?
03:55 Give them some water. And he gave them.
03:58 And the little sheep, they eat grass.
04:00 Can you help little sheep to eat some grass?
04:03 Yeah, and then they took the little sheep for a walk.
04:06 Can you make them walk?
04:08 Took a little sheep. Yes, he made them walk.
04:13 And then sometimes they would just say--
04:15 the shepherd would have them lay real still.
04:19 And at night when the wolves would come
04:23 the shepherd would keep them away
04:26 so that they couldn't get the little sheep,
04:28 and they couldn't get the lambs.
04:31 And so it is just like how Jesus takes care of us.
04:35 He makes sure that we have water to drink.
04:37 Can you drink your water?
04:41 And He gives us food eat.
04:44 And then He helps us sleep.
04:46 Can you put your little lamb to sleep? Yeah.
04:48 And He helps us to sleep
04:49 and He takes care of us all throughout the night.
04:51 Well, Jesus has lots of little children
04:54 that live in New Zealand and He wants them to know
04:57 that He will take care of them,
04:59 just like the good shepherd takes care of the sheep.
05:02 I'm so glad that Jesus takes care of us. He does.
05:05 And Miss Cinda, would you have a special prayer
05:07 for the little children in New Zealand
05:09 that they will come to know Jesus
05:11 and how He will take care of them
05:13 just like they see everyone taking care of the little lambs?
05:17 Good job.
05:18 Well, let's put all of ours-- We can put them back.
05:20 That was a good idea. Oh, that's a good idea.
05:23 'Cause we're gonna pray.
05:25 Okay, let's fold our hands and close our eyes.
05:29 Dear, Jesus, be with all the little children
05:33 in New Zealand and help them to learn about you.
05:37 And be with all Your little children all around the world.
05:42 So that they can know You and know that You love them.
05:46 We love You dear Jesus.
05:49 Amen. Amen.
05:58 Who can tell me what a shepherd is?
06:02 Someone who takes care of sheep.
06:04 Very good. That's right.
06:07 Who can tell me who our good shepherd is?
06:12 Jesus. Oh, you all are so smart.
06:17 Who would like to make a little lamb puppet? Me.
06:22 Look at Miss Cinda's gonna let you make today.
06:25 You can stake your hand in and go.
06:30 Hello, I love Jesus. That would be a good idea.
06:37 Hello. That would be a good idea.
06:40 That's right, Leslie. What are these for?
06:43 Would you all like to make these? Yeah.
06:45 Yes. All right.
06:48 Now you're gonna have to listen--who is good listener?
06:51 Me. Me.
06:53 Okay, 'cause you'll have to listen very good
06:56 to find out how to do this.
06:58 Why are the cotton balls for?
06:59 That's what you have to listen for.
07:03 Look at here, Mathew, here's what you do.
07:05 Here you take your cotton ball like this
07:07 and you just want to spread it out.
07:10 See how I'm spreading it out, like this.
07:12 Oh, okay. And that will see that will--
07:15 and you just keep spreading it
07:16 and then you can get another one
07:18 and that will be for his head, okay.
07:21 Can we put more cotton down here
07:23 if we want to make them more fluffy?
07:25 Oh, yes you may, Auntie Linda.
07:28 You can get creative, because sheep have--
07:30 Is that good enough?
07:32 Oh, see look at mine, would you like to have this one?
07:34 Hey, these are here. I can glue it up.
07:36 See, you can glue it just like that, look.
07:38 See pull them all apart. Let me help you.
07:40 Oh, no this is the front--
07:41 We did that at Sabbath where we--
07:44 we draw a lamb and put that fluff on it.
07:48 Oh, that's fun too. You could do that with your mommy.
07:53 That's a good idea, Elizabeth.
07:54 I think that you draw over a hand.
07:57 How many know what a little lamb says?
08:03 Okay. Now put some glue.
08:06 That's right. Let's put glue in there.
08:08 There you go. You want to do some for his ears now?
08:11 Want to do a cotton ball for his ears? Do we have--?
08:14 And you can glue that-- Do we have any eyes?
08:16 I do have eyes. Let me get you each eyes.
08:19 And you know what else I have for you?
08:23 Some spare eyes. You know what, Leslie?
08:26 Let me get that. We have to put a little bit more over here.
08:28 Let me give them each and-- Can you give me a paper towel?
08:30 I'll get you a paper towel. Here's a nose for you.
08:33 Oh, we got a nose too.
08:34 Let me get a paper towel for you, Leslie. All right.
08:36 I don't think your lamb needs
08:38 all that clag glue, what do you think?
08:41 No. Okay, there you go. Let's just put some--
08:44 Miss Cinda is gonna give us some eyes too.
08:47 I have some eyes. There, Leslie, here.
08:50 And now let's put some glue right here.
08:52 Okay, Mathew, you can put the nose on.
08:54 And there you go.
08:58 Do you know how the shepherd protects his sheep?
09:04 He guards them. He guards them, so that no--
09:07 He guards when there is a wolf coming,
09:10 he get's them away. That's right.
09:14 He guards his sheep from the wolf.
09:18 He does. How about the lions?
09:21 Yes. And the bears.
09:23 That's right. Maybe the mountain lions.
09:25 And do you think that the good shepherd feeds his sheep?
09:33 Yeah. And make sure that they have fresh water.
09:36 Look nice. They like to eat grass.
09:38 One of the lambs run away. Yeah, there was a story.
09:43 Oh, there was a story in the Bible
09:45 about that isn't there?
09:46 I did this through the stick. Very good.
09:49 I have Bible stories. I love that story.
09:53 And the good shepherd what happens,
09:55 what does the good shepherd do--
09:57 Can you help me? To the poor little lost lamb?
09:59 Can you need some more?
10:01 He goes out and find it. Oh, so that--
10:04 And he leaves his 99 lambs behind.
10:08 But he leaves them where? Safely.
10:12 He makes sure they're safe,
10:13 so he leaves them safely in their pen.
10:17 We need another-- Another eye?
10:19 It's like God if He has a lot of us
10:21 He always counts them to make sure
10:23 and if there's missing one,
10:27 He doesn't just keep the one's that He has,
10:29 He take keeps them somewhere safe
10:32 and goes find the one's that's missing.
10:35 That's right. Here's your nose, you want to put your on it.
10:38 I love how Jesus takes care of us.
10:41 I do too. And you know what?
10:43 When you had--you can take your little lamb puppets home
10:46 and it will remind you that Jesus is your good shepherd
10:50 and Jesus will take care of you.
10:52 Don't you think? Yes.
10:54 Who likes coming to the kitchen?
10:56 Me. Oh, I do.
10:58 It's always fun in the kitchen.
11:08 Kids, Auntie Linda, I'm so glad you're here.
11:11 I am too, Farmer Manny. I love these little sheep.
11:15 Oh, they're really lambs though, aren't they? They are lambs.
11:18 What they eat? You know what?
11:20 They are so little, they're babies,
11:22 they drink milk, and they don't eat grass yet.
11:24 Oh. Guess, how old they are?
11:28 They are just a week old. They are big babies.
11:33 They sure are, they sure are.
11:36 And feel them, feel how soft they feel.
11:38 Oh. Isn't that nice?
11:41 Aren't they soft, Noah? Are they soft, Noah?
11:44 They're really soft, aren't they?
11:46 And they are call Katahdin sheep.
11:49 Katahdin sheep? Katahdin sheep, that's right.
11:52 How do you say sheep in Spanish?
11:55 Oveja. Oveja.
11:58 Can you guys, say that Oveja? Oveja.
12:02 Oveja, that's right good job, guys.
12:05 And these little lambs they are so little
12:08 that they're mom still takes care of them.
12:10 Oh. Yeah, they do.
12:12 And you take good care of their mom.
12:14 And I take good care of their mom. I have to.
12:16 And you know, that makes me,
12:18 not only Farmer Manny, but shepherd Manny.
12:21 A shepherd takes care of a flock of sheep.
12:23 Woo. Yes.
12:26 You know, oh, this is awesome.
12:28 Do you know who is the Master Shepherd?
12:32 I know. Who?
12:34 Jesus. Yes.
12:36 And the Bible says that Jesus has lambs.
12:40 Kids, do you know who Jesus lambs are?
12:43 No. No.
12:45 Take a guess, take a wild guess.
12:48 Let me give you a hint.
12:49 There is 4--no, no there is 6 of us here right now.
12:54 We are Jesus little lambs. Yes.
12:58 You are Jesus lambs, you are Jesus' lambs,
13:01 and we are all Jesus' lambs.
13:03 Oh, she wants to go out and play.
13:06 And, you know, we actually can't have them out too long,
13:09 because they have to get back to their mommy
13:11 and keep drinking milk.
13:13 Oh, yes.
13:15 And they are--they just can't wait to get back to mom.
13:18 But let me tell you without us taking care of them
13:23 they would have a lot of trouble,
13:24 but the mom does a good job too.
13:26 Oh.
13:28 That's so nice for you to show us
13:30 your special little lambs.
13:32 Yes. Oh, I'm so glad that you guys came to see them.
13:35 And they're so soft. Aren't they soft?
13:38 Oh, look at Jonah, he is looking at you.
13:41 Do you guys know that they stay warm?
13:44 They don't need jackets and coats like we do.
13:47 Jesus gave them a natural coat.
13:50 Feel it, feel it again. Feel how nice it feels.
13:53 Do you wear coats outside, Jonah?
13:55 You do. You do.
13:57 Yeah. His mommy takes good care of him too.
14:00 How about you, Caitlin, does your mommy take care of you?
14:03 Me too. You too, you too.
14:05 Brian, too. Yes.
14:07 Oh, yes. And you know what?
14:09 Jesus gave these lambs a great coats, great coats
14:14 'cause Jesus even takes care of the most littlest of us.
14:18 I love Jesus.
14:20 Oh, do you guys, love Jesus? Yes.
14:23 Oh, I love Jesus so very much.
14:26 In fact, I love Him so much it just makes me want to sing.
14:29 Yes, let's sing.
14:34 I like to go to the farm Where the cows moo, moo
14:39 I like to go to the farm Where the ducks quack, quack
14:43 I like to go to the farm I like to go to the farm
14:47 I like to go to the farm And learn of Jesus
14:53 Oh, that's wonderful. Oh, and this has been so fun.
14:57 Thank you, Farmer Manny,
15:00 for showing us the beautiful lambs.
15:02 I'm so glad you guys came by and help me with them. Yes.
15:07 Well, we have to go now. Yes.
15:09 Okay, well, I will see you guys again.
15:12 Here let me take this little one.
15:14 Come here, little lamb. Oh.
15:15 Come here. Can you tell him good bye?
15:18 Good bye. Say, good bye, little lamb.
15:20 Bye-bye. Bye little lamb.
15:23 Okay. Good bye.
15:24 Okay. Good bye.
15:26 All right, guys, thanks for coming--
15:27 Bye, bye. Wasn't that nice?
15:29 We'll see you.
15:37 Vince, Vince, look who is here.
15:40 Oh, the Tiny Tots. Tiny Tots.
15:42 Hi, Mr. Vince. Tiny Tots.
15:44 How do you guys, doing?
15:47 We had fun helping Miss Stella water the flowers. Yes.
15:52 Yes, it was fun and we were practicing our memory verse,
15:54 and she thought you might like to hear it.
15:56 I surely would. Okay.
15:58 Let's say our memory verse, it's found in the Holy Bible,
16:02 Isaiah 40:11,
16:06 "He shall gather the lambs with His arms."
16:12 And I love how Jesus loves us. Yes.
16:15 And Faith has a special song about
16:18 Jesus loves me right now, don't you, Faith? Okay.
16:23 Jesus loves me this I know
16:27 For the Bible tells me so
16:31 Little ones to Him belong
16:36 They are weak but He is strong
16:40 Yes, Jesus loves me Yes, Jesus loves me
16:47 Yes, Jesus loves me The Bible tells me so
16:54 Yes, Jesus does love us. Yes.
16:58 And Caitlin and Brian have a special song
17:03 in Spanish to sing for us.
17:05 Don't you? Yes.
17:07 Yes.
17:09 [Singing in foreign language]
17:44 Oh God, that was really good.
17:49 I would like to learn Spanish someday. Oh, I would too.
17:52 Well, would it be all right if we had a special prayer?
17:54 Sure. Yes.
17:56 Okay, Auntie Linda is gonna pray.
17:57 Let's fold our hands and close our eyes.
18:00 Dear Jesus, thank You so much
18:03 that You take such good care of us.
18:06 Thank You, for being our good Shepherd too.
18:09 We love You Jesus. Amen. Amen.
18:14 Well, we have to go now and maybe we can help you
18:16 water flowers again sometime. That would be wonderful.
18:19 All right, can you say good bye?
18:21 Bye-bye. Bye-bye Tiny Tots.
18:23 Love you, Tiny Tots. Good bye. Bye-bye.
18:36 Shall we go for a walk today
18:40 To see what God has given
18:45 You know what? What?
18:47 Even though the Sun's not here,
18:50 it's so nice today for a nature walk.
18:52 Look what I found? What did you find?
18:55 Oh, there are sticks everywhere.
18:58 I think that storm knock them down.
18:59 I think it did too. Oh, Eleanor wants to help.
19:02 Do you know what it good-- you know what?
19:04 When we go for a nature walk,
19:05 sometimes it's really good to have a walking stick. Yeah.
19:09 Can you guys find a walking stick
19:11 for yourself in all these?
19:13 I found one right here for me.
19:14 You found one. Is that the right size?
19:16 I found one right here.
19:18 You think maybe you need a shorter one
19:19 or you like that one? I like this one.
19:21 Oh, let's see, you see--
19:22 I'm pretending to be Uncle Donny like this.
19:25 Oh, okay. That look nice one, right?
19:27 You think that one is good.
19:29 Okay, well, let's put it like this and see.
19:31 Is that work? No.
19:32 Well, while they're doing that,
19:34 Miss Jeanie, maybe we can clean up some of this mess.
19:36 I think that would be a good idea
19:38 if we can put all the rest of them in a pile
19:40 and then I'll get the Kubota
19:42 and I can pick them up in the Kubota and take them away
19:45 and then this place will be clean.
19:46 Okay, Eleanor. Well, Eleanor wants that one.
19:47 The storm really knocked a lot of stuff down, didn't it?
19:50 All right, let's put it in a pile.
19:52 Oh, that's a very good walking stick. Yeah.
19:55 Faith, you want a walking stick. Yeah.
19:58 You do, okay. How about is this look good?
20:02 You want to take that one.
20:03 That one should be your walking stick.
20:04 Can I hold it? All right.
20:06 And then these ones that aren't good,
20:07 we'll put over here. All right.
20:09 And I'll come get them later with the Kubota
20:11 and move them away.
20:12 Maybe we'll pick a pile at the farm.
20:14 Are we gonna make it boat?
20:16 Oh, we're gonna make it, what? A boat.
20:18 No, we're not gonna make a boat but we're gonna make a pile--
20:20 By the time they pretend to do stuff like that. Yeah.
20:23 You know what?
20:24 Maybe we pile all this up, we'll take it back to the farm
20:27 and maybe we'll have a barn fire.
20:29 Yeah, that sounds like fun.
20:31 That's sounds like fun, good. Yeah.
20:34 Here's some more, Faith.
20:36 Can you throw one on? Good job.
20:37 Jesus likes it when we pick up this--
20:39 and keep His, keep the world nice and clean.
20:41 Yeah, that was interesting isn't it?
20:44 Leslie, there is some more sticks over there.
20:46 Hey, let's go pick them up. Oh, come on, Eleanor.
20:50 We're doing good work, aren't we?
20:51 Oh, yes, here's--
20:53 oh, Faith, you got one too. We're getting good exercise.
20:54 Oh, I love to be helpers. I like helpers.
20:58 I like being good helpers and just like Leslie said,
21:01 "We're getting good exercise." Yes, that's right.
21:04 Me too. Oh, and look how big this--
21:06 Yes, lots of fresh air, look how big this one's--
21:08 oops, I broke this one.
21:10 That one would be a good walking stick for somebody.
21:11 Hey, Faith, here's another one.
21:13 This is tall one.
21:15 That one is, that one is very tall.
21:18 I see...that one is tall. A big key.
21:22 Oh, that's a big one, Faith.
21:25 This is really a good walking stick.
21:27 I think this will be my walking stick.
21:29 This is-- it can be mine.
21:30 That one gonna be yours, all right.
21:31 Oh, Jonah, you are a good helper. Yeah.
21:35 It goes to the pile. Okay, put it in the pile.
21:37 Well, now we'll have walking sticks
21:39 and we can keep walking. That's right.
21:40 Did you all get your walking sticks?
21:42 You guys get a walking stick? Yeah, I need one too.
21:45 You need one too. Okay. I got one.
21:46 Okay, all right.
21:47 How about his one? Isn't that good?
21:49 Look at this one. That's a very good one.
21:51 I think it's broken. You think that one's broke.
21:52 Well, I think they're pretty much all broken, but--
21:55 How about I pick this one? Pick that one?
21:57 Okay, I can, we get it out of the pile, hold on.
22:00 Very good.
22:02 Oh, I wonder what else we're gonna find along our way.
22:04 I don't know, but I'm so glad God gave us
22:06 all these wonderful things out here to enjoy.
22:08 Oh, me too.
22:10 You don't like that one, you want another one. Yeah.
22:12 You want mine? Yeah.
22:14 Okay, you take that one I take this one.
22:15 All right, come on, let's go. Okay, let's finish our work.
22:17 Eleanor is ready.
22:18 Come on let's go see what we can find.
22:27 We've been talking about all the lambs in New Zealand.
22:31 Oh, and they're so soft and woolly.
22:33 Aren't they soft and woolly? Aren't they?
22:36 And we have a Bible verse about that.
22:39 And it's found in Isaiah 40:11. Isaiah 40:11.
22:45 "He will gather the lambs with His arms."
22:49 "He will gather the lambs with His arms."
22:54 Jesus loves the soft and woolly lambs
22:56 and we have a song,
22:57 we're gonna sing about that. Okay.
23:00 Woolly, woolly lamb Woolly, woolly lamb
23:06 Jesus made you soft and woolly
23:12 Woolly, woolly lamb Woolly, woolly lamb
23:17 Jesus made you soft and woolly
23:26 I love that.
23:29 Well, let's sing that one more time. Okay.
23:32 Woolly, woolly lamb Woolly, woolly lamb
23:38 Jesus made you soft and woolly
23:43 Woolly, woolly lamb Woolly, woolly lamb
23:49 Jesus made you soft and woolly
23:58 And when Jesus comes
24:00 we're gonna see lots of lambs in heaven.
24:03 And when He comes, He's gonna claim all of us
24:05 and we're gonna be like jewels to Jesus.
24:07 Oh, I want to sparkle and shine for Jesus. Do you?
24:10 Do you boys and girls, know how you can
24:12 sparkle and shine for Jesus? Me?
24:15 Yes, you can.
24:16 You know, how you can sparkle and shine?
24:20 You know by doing this like...
24:23 You can sparkle and shine by
24:25 when you obey your mommies and daddies.
24:27 And being kind to our brothers and our sisters
24:30 and our friends. That's right.
24:32 Did you know that that's sparkling
24:33 and shining for Jesus? Yeah.
24:35 And when you tell somebody that Jesus loves them
24:38 that sparkling and shining for Jesus, isn't it?
24:42 Let's sing a song "When He cometh." All right.
24:45 When He cometh, when He cometh
24:49 To make up His jewels
24:53 All His jewels, precious jewels
24:57 His loved and His own
25:01 Like the stars of the morning
25:05 His bright crown adorning
25:09 They shall shine in their beauty
25:14 Bright gems for His crown.
25:19 I love that song. Me too.
25:21 And someday we're gonna hear--
25:23 yeah, Belly Boy likes it too. You're right.
25:26 Eleanor likes it too. Yes, she does.
25:29 Someday we're gonna hear trumpet sounding
25:32 and Jesus is going to come.
25:34 Oh, I know a song, I know a song.
25:37 Lift up the trumpet.
25:38 Who knows that, "Lift up the trumpet?"
25:40 Me. You know that?
25:41 Okay, let's sing it.
25:43 Let's sing it really loud, okay. All right. You ready?
25:47 Lift up the trumpet, and loud let it ring
25:52 Jesus is coming again
25:57 Cheer up, ye children, be joyful and sing
26:03 Jesus is coming again
26:09 Coming again, coming again
26:14 Jesus is coming again
26:19 Oh, I can't wait for Jesus to come again.
26:21 Oh, that song reminds me of that day.
26:23 When He turn the horn, the wolves fall down.
26:28 Oh, that's right, that's what happen to Jericho,
26:31 isn't it? That's right.
26:32 It's time now to have our prayers,
26:34 so let's kneel down and Leslie,
26:36 will you have our prayer? Okay.
26:39 I will bend my knees
26:43 I will fold my hands
26:47 I will bow my head
26:51 I will close my eyes
26:55 And very, very quiet be
27:00 While the prayer is said
27:05 Dear Jesus, thanks for mom and dad and sis
27:10 to help me chant His name, amen. Amen.
27:18 Jesus loves that when we pray, doesn't He?
27:21 He does. Oh, Mr. Rooster says it's time to go.
27:25 Good bye. Bye.
27:26 Good bye. See you tomorrow.
27:35 Our time together is over So we will have to go
27:41 Good bye, good bye
27:44 Remember God loves you
27:47 Good bye, good bye Remember God loves you
27:55 Good bye.
28:02 We're Tiny Tots around the world
28:04 We're God's girls and boys
28:07 We live for Him around the world
28:10 We spread love and joy Like colors of the rainbow
28:15 We're shining like the rainbow
28:18 We're Tiny Tots around the world
28:20 We're God's girls and boys


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