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00:02 Eleanor, Eleanor, there you are, come, girl.
00:08 The Tiny Tots are here.
00:10 And you don't want to miss worship.
00:12 It's gonna be an exciting day on the Tiny Tot farm.
00:21 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 We're God's girls and boys
00:26 We live for him around the world
00:29 We spread love and joy Like colors of the rainbow
00:34 We're shining like the rainbow
00:37 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:39 We're God's girls and boys
00:46 Oh, I think Mr. Wiggles said, "It's time for worship."
00:52 Mr. Wiggles is right.
00:53 It's time to sing our worship song.
00:56 So let's ask Billy Boy to ring the bell, okay.
01:00 Okay.
01:01 Billy boy, you can ring the worship bell.
01:06 And we get to sing our song.
01:08 I like this song. Me too.
01:11 Worship bell so sweet Calling us to meet
01:15 With our best friend Jesus Come and worship here
01:21 Jesus will be near Smiling when He sees us
01:29 I love worship. Oh, I do too.
01:33 I too. You like worship too?
01:36 Me too. Oh, me too.
01:39 I do too. You like it too.
01:41 Well, I have a special Bible verse
01:45 and where is it found? In the Holy Bible.
01:48 In the Holy Bible. And it's Psalms--
01:52 Psalms. Psalms.
01:54 145. 145.
01:58 Verse 9. Verse 9.
02:01 "The Lord is good to all." "The Lord is good to all."
02:08 Just like, we're good to Mr. Wiggles.
02:12 And Eleanor. That's right.
02:15 And Billy Boy. That's right.
02:16 Billy Boy. I think Billy Boy.
02:20 Billy Boy. That's right.
02:22 That's right. Like Piggies and Billy Boy.
02:24 We need to take care of our animals
02:25 and the Lord takes care of the animals too,
02:28 like He takes care of us. Eleanor.
02:30 Yes. And the Billy Boy.
02:32 Yes. That's right.
02:34 And the giraffe.
02:35 Oh, I think--I think Jesus takes care of the giraffe.
02:38 Jesus loves everyone
02:40 and He treats everybody the same.
02:43 Well, I'm thinking a very-- of a very special country,
02:47 and it starts with C. Ooh, let's guess.
02:50 And they have lots of good maple syrup there.
02:55 I like maple syrup on my pancake.
02:59 On your pancake. Oh, I do too, Lesley.
03:01 Yeah, that's good.
03:05 Well, can you think of the country?
03:06 Okay, can you guys guess the country?
03:08 Hmm, does it start with the C?
03:11 Yes. Oh, I think I know.
03:14 What is it?
03:16 Can--who knows, Emma, do you know?
03:19 Kansas. No, Cana...
03:23 Kennedy. Canada.
03:25 That's right, Canada.
03:28 Well, I'm gonna tell you about a little boy
03:31 that moved to Canada and he was a little Chinese boy
03:35 and he was gonna go to kindergarten for the first time.
03:39 Do you get scared when you're gonna go
03:40 somewhere for the first time? No.
03:42 You don't? No, because Jesus is with us.
03:46 That's right. That's right, Lesley.
03:47 But this little Chinese boy named Ling,
03:50 he didn't know Jesus. So he didn't know that.
03:54 And so he went to the kindergarten class
03:56 and he walked in.
03:58 As the kids just stood back there and they looked at him
04:01 'cause they thought, "Hmm, I don't know him."
04:04 And so he walked over and he said,
04:06 "Can I play with some of your toys?"
04:08 And they said, "No."
04:11 That was mean. Yeah, that was very nice.
04:14 That was not very nice. No.
04:16 And so he went over to some other boys and girls
04:19 and he went to reach for a truck and they said,
04:21 "No, you can't play with that truck."
04:25 I would've shared with him.
04:26 Little Ling just started to cry and the teacher turned around
04:30 and she said, "What's the matter?"
04:32 And he said, "They said, I can't play."
04:35 And the teacher stoop down
04:37 and she looked at the children and she said, "You know,
04:41 Jesus wants us to be good to everyone."
04:45 And that means that we would share
04:46 our trucks and our toys.
04:48 And little Ling watched and the little children looked
04:52 and one little boy picked up the truck
04:55 and he handed it to Ling.
04:56 And he said, "Here, you can play with the truck."
05:00 And another little boy brought a train over
05:03 and he brought it to him and he said,
05:05 "You can play with the train." Oh.
05:07 And the teacher went like this, she said, "Yeah.
05:11 That makes Jesus so happy."
05:15 And at the end of the day,
05:17 Ling thought that that was the best school
05:20 he'd ever been to and he loved all the boys and girls
05:23 and some of them even shared
05:25 a peanut butter sandwich with him.
05:28 Oh! And he was so happy.
05:31 I like peanut butter sandwich too.
05:34 I like it. I do too.
05:36 I like a tiny, tiny pieces and squares.
05:39 You do?
05:42 And he went back and he said, "Mommy, mommy, I love school.
05:48 And you know what? I learn to love this Jesus.
05:52 Can we learn more about Jesus?"
05:55 And mommy said, "Jesus?
05:57 Well, I will ask the teacher about Jesus,
05:59 so we can get to know Jesus too."
06:03 And, you know, when we're good to everyone
06:05 then that does tell them about Jesus,
06:08 because Jesus is good to everyone.
06:10 And when we share, it makes Jesus happy.
06:14 That's right. That's right, Lesley, it does.
06:16 It does.
06:18 Who wants to try and share-- who is gonna try
06:20 and share their toys?
06:21 Me. You're gonna try and share?
06:23 Yes. I always share. I don't even forget.
06:27 Oh, that makes Jesus happy.
06:31 Emma, would you have a special prayer
06:34 and ask Jesus to help us all we speak good?
06:38 Yes. Okay.
06:39 Let's fold our hands and close our eyes.
06:43 Dear, Jesus, thank you so much on this blessed day.
06:46 Please, help us to have the things,
06:50 help us to be good to Your things like You maybe.
06:54 We love You, Jesus, amen.
06:55 Amen.
07:05 Maple syrup. Are we having pancakes?
07:09 Yes, Lesley, we are. Who likes pancakes?
07:13 Me. Oh, I love pancakes.
07:17 Who could help me mix up our pancakes?
07:20 Me.
07:22 Oh, I'm so glad that you all came to help me
07:25 because this is the big job.
07:27 Oh, this is the big job.
07:29 So let's see, how about Jonah and Faith,
07:33 you both put my flour in the bowl.
07:37 Can you both help? Okay, put it in.
07:40 Oh, put all of it in. Can you do that, Jonah?
07:43 That's a big job. Oh, let me help.
07:46 Oh, oh good, Jonah. Oh, yeah!
07:50 Okay, and let's see Noah,
07:54 she can put our baking powder in.
07:56 You want to put the baking powder in?
07:58 Can you do that? Dump it in.
08:02 Oh, she is gonna mix it up.
08:04 She is gonna-- and mix it up for us.
08:06 All right, good job. Okay.
08:08 And, Lesley, would you like to put our oil in?
08:12 Oh, cute. Good job, Lesley.
08:16 Now let's see, how about Noah put our vanilla in?
08:22 Put little bit in here. Put little bit in here.
08:27 Okay, there. Now you can put that in.
08:30 Put that in. Good.
08:32 Good job. Okay, and Faith and Jonah,
08:34 can you put in some of our soy milk
08:37 both of you together and don't--
08:39 you don't have to put it all in,
08:40 just put about half of it in, okay.
08:44 Oh. Oh, put little bit more.
08:48 Okay, now let's see. Let's--we'll let you two start--
08:53 Would you like to start? Yes.
08:55 You can stir it up. So if you can mix it up for me.
08:58 Oh, good job, Faith. And you know what?
09:03 We never worry about messes because it's fun to clean up
09:06 the mess, isn't it? Yes.
09:08 Okay, let's let Lesley have a turn.
09:12 Whoa, good job, Lesley. It is making mess.
09:16 And--yeah. Good job.
09:17 Okay, Jonah, it's your turn. And--
09:22 You want a little more?
09:23 Yep Auntie Linda can pour in a little bit more milk for you.
09:26 Okay, Jonah, stir it up.
09:28 Oh, big muscles, big muscles, Jonah.
09:33 Big muscles.
09:35 Oh, these are gonna be yummy pancakes
09:39 'cause I have such good helpers.
09:42 We might need all of that milk, Auntie Linda.
09:44 Good job. Okay, now it's Noah's turn.
09:50 Okay, you want to stir it?
09:54 Oh, good, Noah.
09:57 Do you have mommy at home?
09:59 Yeah. You do. Yes.
10:01 Oh, how about if we move her plate
10:03 and let you-- and Noah,
10:05 we can just put that right there.
10:06 Now you can stir it. Can you stir it?
10:09 Oh, big muscles. Good job.
10:11 Oh, good job. Big muscles, Noah.
10:13 Yeah! Is it fun to cook? Yes.
10:18 Okay, Lesley, you want another turn?
10:22 Okay. Big muscle.
10:26 Muscles, that's right and Noah, big muscles.
10:30 Oh look at-- Does Lesley have big muscles?
10:33 He does. Yes.
10:34 Oh, good job, Lesley.
10:36 Okay, let's see how bigger muscles Faith has.
10:39 We'll move her plate out too.
10:41 Oh, Faithy, big muscles. I hold the bowl for you, okay.
10:47 Yes. Oh, good job, good job.
10:53 Okay, let's let Jonah have another turn.
10:56 We'll move--good job, Jonah. Okay, well, let's see.
10:59 Jonah, can you-- oh, that's bad.
11:01 They are gonna be hungry after doing all this.
11:03 Help him. Let's help him, guys.
11:04 Big muscle, oh, big muscles. Ooh, oh, yes big muscles.
11:12 Faith's gonna help you, Jonah. Oh, good job.
11:16 Good job. Okay, I tell you what.
11:18 How about Miss Cinda finish stirring and you all--
11:21 I've already made some pancakes
11:23 and you can have some and I'll stir this
11:26 a little bit later and I'll cook these.
11:28 Do you like pancakes? Yeah.
11:30 There is a pancake for Lesley and a pancake for Faith.
11:38 Jonah, you want to take a pancake?
11:39 And Noah gets a pancake.
11:44 And then we can put maple syrup.
11:46 Who wants maple syrup on the pancake?
11:48 Me. I want to put in all myself.
11:49 Oh, you want to put it on yourself?
11:51 Okay, be very careful.
11:55 Good job. You want to put some on?
11:58 You can flip that, that's good, that's yummy.
12:01 Me too. Okay, Faith.
12:03 I wasn't watching that. I think hers got to be sweet.
12:06 Faith, you like-- you like it?
12:08 All right, you want me to cut it for you?
12:10 Okay. I'll cut it on my own.
12:12 Look, kids, you can cut it like this.
12:14 You hold and put the fork in your pancake
12:17 and that'll hold your pancake still
12:19 and then you can cut it. Isn't that easy?
12:22 See, how easy I'm cutting it. Okay, Faith.
12:26 And Faith's ready to eat hers. Okay.
12:28 There you go, Faith, you can eat yours.
12:31 Okay, you want me to help you.
12:33 Go like this, we'll show you. Go like this.
12:36 You hold it with your fork, put your knife in this hand
12:40 and hold it with this hand and then you can see,
12:42 you can cut like that. Now you can eat some.
12:43 Isn't that good?
12:45 It's fun in the kitchen, Miss Cinda.
12:47 Oh, I'm so glad you guys have liking it today.
12:52 It's always fun, isn't it?
12:54 I'm so glad you all came to the kitchen today.
12:57 What good helpers you are. Who had fun today?
13:01 Me. I had.
13:03 It's always fun when you come to the kitchen.
13:14 I am so glad that you guys came to visit me today
13:17 and to help out.
13:18 We love helping you in the garden.
13:22 It is so much fun. Yes.
13:25 And do you know what we're planting in the garden today?
13:28 Onion. Yes.
13:30 Now look, guys,
13:31 there is all sorts of different kinds of onions.
13:34 For example, there is the white onion,
13:36 there is red onion, there is yellow onion.
13:41 Oh, they're pretty. Aren't they pretty?
13:44 Jesus made lots of pretty colors.
13:46 Oh, Jesus loves variety. Can we put them in there?
13:50 You know, what we're gonna do.
13:51 I'm gonna let you put it in your own pot,
13:53 so you can take it home. Oh, yeah.
13:57 It's awesome. Yes.
13:58 Here, Lesley, one for you. And then we can watch it grow.
14:02 And let me show how-- before I give it to you,
14:04 I'm gonna show you how to do it first.
14:06 I take an onion, I put it inside,
14:09 I get a shovel of dirt, I pour the dirt in the pot
14:14 and then we water it, okay. So let me give it you.
14:18 What color would you like, Kathleen?
14:20 Wait, till you get your dirt in.
14:21 You want white, red, or yellow?
14:24 I want white. Okay, here you go, sweetheart,
14:26 you take the dirt and put it inside.
14:28 There you go. Okay.
14:30 How about you, sweetheart? I want that.
14:32 You want that one. Okay, here you go.
14:33 And, Kathleen, you can put your little thing,
14:35 put it right--put it right here in the garden.
14:37 And go back by Auntie Linda, you can do it there.
14:40 How about you, Buddy?
14:42 What color would you like? What would you like?
14:43 Oh, okay, you can, but first let's put your dirt in.
14:46 Put some dirt in there. I like that one.
14:47 That one the red onion.
14:49 See, isn't that really nice that red onion?
14:52 Oh, it's pretty. And I got to tell you guys.
14:54 Can we put it down?
14:56 You can put it down, but it's very important
14:59 when we plant it. You see, look at the onion.
15:01 This is the bottom of the onion.
15:04 See, and this is the top of the onion, see.
15:08 It's really important that when you plant the onion
15:12 that the bottom goes down and the top goes up, okay.
15:16 So here you go, Buddy.
15:18 Here is your onion and plant it the right way.
15:20 Boom. Okay, who else needs an onion?
15:23 Oh, perfect. Who else needs a pot?
15:26 There you go, Faith, that's yours, sweetheart.
15:27 You two will have to share that one.
15:29 Yeah, sharing is really nice. They will share the water.
15:32 All right. Here we go.
15:34 You guys are really good in everything.
15:36 Okay, good. Let me take that.
15:38 You guys are doing a good job.
15:41 You are farmers, just like Farmer Mannie.
15:43 Can you put in some here? Put some more dirt in it.
15:46 Wonderful.
15:48 Okay, let's put that here, okay.
15:49 Can you put some dirt in? I don't.
15:51 I don't-- You know what?
15:53 In the farm, we get dirty and that's okay.
15:55 There you go.
15:57 Hey, tiny tots, if you want to put it in the garden
15:59 you want to plant some in the garden too.
16:01 Yes. Okay, but you're okay.
16:05 When we planted in the garden,
16:06 remember we take the onion, the top part up, make a hole,
16:11 put it in the hole and then cover it up with dirt
16:15 and water it.
16:17 Then the sun shines on it and it helps it grow.
16:21 That makes me so happy. I just want to sing our song.
16:25 Yes, let's sing.
16:28 Let's sing the song.
16:30 I like to go to the farm Where the cows moo, moo
16:34 I like to go to the farm Where the ducks quack, quack
16:39 I like to go to the farm I like to go to the farm
16:42 I like to go to the farm And learn of Jesus.
16:49 Thank-- She's getting wet.
16:50 Oh, you did get little wet.
16:52 Well, Farmer Mannie, thank you so much for teaching us
16:56 how to plant onions today.
16:58 I love being at the farm.
17:07 Oh, Vince honey, I've decided to make you some sleepers.
17:11 Really? Yes.
17:13 What color would you like? I'll get blue myself.
17:15 Oh, wonderful. You're so good to me.
17:18 Oh, yes that's because I love you, honey.
17:20 Oh, that's a knock, honey, that's a knock.
17:22 The tiny tots. Yes.
17:29 It is the tiny tots. Hey, tiny tots,
17:30 come on in, come on in.
17:32 We were having a race to see who can get here first.
17:35 Thank you. Hello, tiny tots.
17:38 They were so excited. Oh, it's so good to see you.
17:42 Yes, it's good that you all come to see us.
17:45 Well, we were just thought
17:47 you might like to hear our Bible verse.
17:49 Sure, would. Oh, yes.
17:51 All right. You can help me?
17:53 All right, it's Psalms 145. Psalms 145.
18:00 145 verse 9. 145 verse 9.
18:06 "The Lord is good to all."
18:10 "The Lord is good to all."
18:14 Is that? That's right.
18:17 He is and He takes good care of us and He loves us.
18:21 I got song for you. You have something?
18:24 All right, what do you have?
18:27 Jesus loves the little children
18:30 All the children of the world Red and yellow,
18:34 black and white.
18:36 They're precious in His sight Jesus
18:39 loves the little children of the world
18:43 He does love all the children.
18:45 Thank you, Faith.
18:47 Lesley, would you sing a special song
18:49 for Mrs. Zella and Mr. Vince?
18:51 Sure. All right.
18:53 My Lord is my Shepherd I'll walk with Him always
18:58 He leads by still waters
19:01 I'll walk with Him always, always, always
19:07 I'll walk with Him always, always, always
19:13 I'll walk with Him always
19:17 I want to walk with Jesus always too.
19:21 Oh, that would you too? Oh, yes.
19:24 We love Jesus, don't we?
19:26 Oh, Lilly Beth, would you have a special prayer for us?
19:30 Let's close our eyes.
19:33 Dear, Jesus, thank you for the angels.
19:36 Amen. Amen.
19:40 Oh, it's been so good to see you again.
19:43 We too. You have to be here.
19:44 And God bless you. Have a good day.
19:46 Bye-bye. Bye-bye.
19:48 Come on, Faith, can you say goodbye?
19:49 Bye-bye. Faith, can you say, bye-bye?
19:51 Bye-bye. Bye-bye.
19:53 We love you all. We love you too.
20:03 Shall we go for a walk today
20:07 To see what God has given
20:11 You guys, that was a very bad storm in here, wasn't it?
20:15 Eleanor still upset because of the storm.
20:18 I hear a crying. You know what though?
20:21 It still a little bit kind of cool out here
20:25 and it's very windy. The wind is still blowing,
20:27 but it's nice even now to go for a walk,
20:29 there is no telling what we'll see.
20:31 We don't need to be afraid of storms either
20:34 because Jesus is with us. That's right.
20:37 Did anybody see any damage from the storm?
20:40 I found the-- Oh, okay.
20:43 Did you see that branch back there,
20:45 looks like it got broken to storm, see it.
20:48 And I saw some trees go down, Miss Jeannie.
20:50 Oh, yeah. It is so powerful.
20:52 It can blow the trees completely down.
20:55 You guys. What?
20:56 I can see something that got blown down.
20:59 Stay here 'cause it's-- I have to pick it up
21:01 so we don't accidentally step on it.
21:02 Eleanor, we see something.
21:04 Oh, just look at the surprise. Oh!
21:09 It's something else that the storm blew down.
21:13 Look its eggs. Oh, they're so cute.
21:17 They must have been up in the nest.
21:20 Can I take one? Carefully, very carefully, okay.
21:23 They must have been in the nest and the wind blew them out.
21:27 Careful with them or they will break.
21:28 I think a chicken here.
21:30 You think there is a chicken there?
21:31 I don't know there might be. Oh, they're so cute.
21:36 We'll have to put them back
21:37 where the mommy can take care of them,
21:39 but see this one when it fell out of the tree,
21:41 it got broke. Sometimes that happens.
21:44 But we'll put them back out in the wild and then maybe
21:47 the mommy will come take care of them, okay.
21:50 You think they'll be big birds or little birds?
21:52 Big birds. You think they'll be big?
21:54 No, that'll be little birds.
21:55 See their little legs that'll be little birds.
21:57 What color are the eggs? White, white.
22:00 Very good, you're right. I think they came from a dove.
22:04 Doves aren't very big birds, they're kind of little birds.
22:07 I think they're big. You think they're big?
22:08 You think they're big?
22:10 Well, I'm gonna go put them over by that tree
22:14 and then we'll go on and see what else
22:15 we can see on our nature walk.
22:17 How that sounds? Oh, yes.
22:20 She is putting them by the tree, closer.
22:23 Easy for the mommy to see them.
22:25 All right. What else we can see?
22:29 Oh, yes. Eleanor see some things.
22:31 Eleanor is ready to go. Oh, yeah, Eleanor is ready.
22:35 I'm so glad that we have this great outdoor
22:39 to go walking through and look at.
22:41 God gave us so many wonderful things
22:43 even if it's little. It's still wonderful.
22:55 Let's say our memory verse again.
22:57 Oh, I love learning memory verses.
22:59 I do too, Miss Cinda. Psalms 145:9.
23:04 Psalms 145:9. "The Lord is good to all."
23:10 "The Lord is good to all."
23:13 So, how is Jesus good to you?
23:16 By giving me parents and a warm house.
23:19 Oh, that's right, Robert. And friends too, right?
23:22 That's right, Farmer Mannie.
23:24 And how is He good to you, Noelia?
23:27 By giving me some pets. Oh, yeah.
23:31 We love pets, don't we? Huh, Eleanor.
23:34 Jesus gave us Eleanor and Billy Boy and Mr. Wiggles.
23:39 That's right. That's right.
23:40 Ashlynn, how is the Lord good to you?
23:43 By giving us good food like strawberries.
23:45 Oh, yummy. Yeah!
23:47 Oh, yummy. Strawberries.
23:49 Isn't He a wonderful Jesus? Oh, let's sing that.
23:54 Jesus made my hands, so they could clap for joy
24:00 Jesus made my arms,
24:01 So they could hold the toy Jesus made my feet,
24:06 So they could walk like this
24:10 Isn't He a wonderful Jesus?
24:16 Oh, let's do that again. All right, Farmer Mannie.
24:20 Jesus made my hands, so they could clap for joy
24:25 Jesus made my arms,
24:27 So they could hold the toy Jesus made my feet,
24:33 So they could walk like this
24:36 Isn't He a wonderful Jesus?
24:43 I think everybody ought to know Jesus.
24:45 Oh, let's sing that song. All right.
24:48 Everybody ought to know
24:52 Everybody ought to know
24:56 Everybody ought to know
25:01 Who Jesus is
25:05 Everybody ought to know
25:09 Everybody ought to know
25:13 Everybody ought to know
25:17 Who Jesus is
25:23 I'm just wondering, how is everybody gonna know
25:26 who Jesus is?
25:28 We can tell them how good God He is.
25:30 Oh!
25:32 Do you think each one of you could tell somebody
25:34 how good God He is? Yes.
25:36 Let's sing that song and that will remind us
25:38 to tell others about Jesus.
25:40 Okay.
25:41 God is so good
25:47 God is so good
25:52 God is so good
25:57 He's so good to me
26:03 I love Him so
26:04 I love Him so
26:10 I love Him so
26:16 I love Him so
26:20 He's so good to me
26:27 And He is good to us.
26:29 Oh, yeah. Let's talk to Jesus right now.
26:31 Let's talk to Jesus.
26:33 And, Farmer Mannie, would you have prayer for us?
26:34 I would love to--
26:36 I will bend my knees
26:41 I will fold my hands
26:46 I will bow my head
26:50 I will fold my hands
26:55 And very, very quiet be
27:01 While the prayer is said
27:06 Dear, Jesus, we thank you so much for being so good.
27:11 You are good with all the wonderful things
27:13 that You give us family, and friends, and pets.
27:16 We thank You in the name of Jesus we pray, amen.
27:19 Amen. Amen.
27:22 Oh, Mr. Rooster said that it's time to say goodbye.
27:27 Goodbye.
27:35 Our time together is over
27:38 So we will have to go
27:41 Goodbye, goodbye
27:44 Remember God loves you
27:46 Goodbye, goodbye
27:50 Remember God loves you
27:54 Goodbye.


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