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00:02 Eleanor, Eleanor.
00:05 There you are, come, girl.
00:08 The Tiny Tots are here and you don't want to miss worship.
00:12 It's gonna be an exciting day on the Tiny Tot farm.
00:21 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:24 We're God's girls and boys
00:26 We live for him around the world
00:29 We spread love and joy
00:32 Like colors of the rainbow
00:34 We're shining like the rainbow
00:37 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:40 We're God's girls and boys
00:45 Eleanor and Mr. Wiggles are ready for worship.
00:49 Oh, I think we are too.
00:51 I think, Billy Boy is too.
00:52 Let's ask him to ring the worship bell.
00:55 Billy Boy, you can ring the worship bell.
01:01 Oh, I love this song. I do too.
01:06 Worship bell so sweet Calling us to meet
01:10 With our best friend Jesus
01:14 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
01:18 Smiling when He sees us.
01:26 Oh, I have a special memory verse
01:29 and it's in the Holy Bible and its Isaiah--
01:34 The what? Isaiah.
01:36 Isaiah. 41--
01:39 41-- 10--
01:42 41:10-- Very good.
01:45 And we are going to talk about a special country,
01:50 so think about this verse when you think about it, okay.
01:56 Fear not-- Fear not--
01:59 For I am with thee. For I am with thee.
02:02 That's right. For I am with thee.
02:05 There is a country that had a bad, bad earthquake.
02:11 Oh. I don't like earthquakes.
02:14 You don't like them? No, I don't either.
02:16 Do you know, David?
02:17 I know where he's from. Where?
02:19 India. No.
02:21 Guess again. Good guess though.
02:23 It starts with 'H.'
02:27 Haiti. That's right. That's right.
02:32 Oh, I am gonna tell you about a little boy
02:34 and his name was Pear.
02:36 And one day he was eating his breakfast.
02:38 Can you eat your breakfast?
02:41 And he was eating his banana.
02:43 Oh, I like bananas.
02:45 And all of a sudden there was a big--
02:49 the house started shaking, really hard,
02:52 it just shook and shook and shook.
02:53 Oh, Eleanor-- You shook Eleanor off the couch.
02:56 I know. I know it.
03:02 And so I will just let Eleanor go in the other room, okay.
03:07 She can still hear us.
03:08 And so then after that stuff started falling off the walls
03:12 and the pictures went crashing. Oh.
03:15 And then the roof fell in and the walls caved in.
03:20 And little Pear all of a sudden
03:23 after a while it became very quite
03:25 and then he heard another rumbling and shaking
03:28 and then it came quite and he said,
03:30 help, help, but nobody came.
03:35 And he said help, help and all that day
03:39 he said help, help, but nobody came.
03:42 One day went by, two days went by,
03:46 three days went by, four, five,
03:48 six, seven, eight, nine, ten
03:51 and he just prayed and prayed and he said,
03:54 dear Jesus, please be with me, please, help me, Jesus,
03:57 I am scared and eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen.
04:03 He was all by himself in the crumbled down house.
04:07 But he knew that Jesus was with him.
04:10 He didn't have any parents?
04:12 He didn't know where they were.
04:14 He didn't know where his mom and dad was.
04:17 And then he heard some men and he heard some--
04:21 they are moving something outside
04:23 and he said help, help. He was very weak.
04:27 And the men outside said, oh, I hear something
04:29 and so quickly they started taking the rocks out.
04:32 Can you help me? Let's help, get the little boy out.
04:34 Take the rocks out.
04:36 Oh, and they started moving things around
04:39 and there was the little boy and they lifted him up
04:43 and they carried him and you know,
04:47 they took him to the hospital and gave him some food
04:50 and he was alright. Oh!
04:53 And Jesus had taken care of the little boy.
04:57 And you know, when we have Jesus,
04:59 we don't have to be afraid, do we?
05:02 And Eleanor didn't have to be afraid either.
05:04 That's right, Miss Cinda.
05:07 You just scared that little boy. Yeah, that's right.
05:10 She was scared of that, but she thought
05:11 we were having an earthquake here.
05:13 That's right.
05:15 Well, Lesley, would you have a special prayer for us.
05:19 Okay, let's all fold our hands and close our eyes.
05:25 Dear Jesus, I'm not afraid when You're with me.
05:30 I love you, Jesus, amen. Amen.
05:43 Oh, there you go.
05:45 I think your hands are all washed and dried
05:47 and your hands are all washed and dried.
05:49 And your's too. Okay, Noah.
05:51 Who can tell me why is it important to clean our hands?
05:55 Because we work with food.
05:57 Very good, Mathew.
05:59 Anytime you work with food, you need to make sure
06:01 your hands are clean, don't we?
06:03 And today, you get to help me make some bread.
06:11 I'm gonna give you, you each your own dough,
06:13 so take some flour.
06:15 Aunty Linda can help you, Mathew and Noah.
06:17 I can do it on my own.
06:18 Well, put some flour down here,
06:20 just put it in your hand and just sprinkle a little bit.
06:22 Spread it all around. And just a little bit.
06:24 Oh, it's soft. Okay, sprinkle it all around.
06:26 It's soft, isn't it?
06:27 And put a little flour down and you need this.
06:31 And I'm gonna give you each some dough
06:33 and you can shape it into loaves, okay.
06:36 But you need to knead it first.
06:39 Do you know how to knead bread?
06:40 Yes, me.
06:42 Has anybody ever helped to make bread before?
06:45 I only play with dough sometimes.
06:46 Well, let me help you-- let me show you
06:48 how to knead some dough.
06:51 And Lesley, I will give you a little bit more, okay.
06:54 There is Noah's. Here Lesley, here's how you knead dough.
06:57 You kind of press it and then go like this and then push.
07:02 And then you turn it and then you push.
07:05 And then you turn it and then you push.
07:09 Can you try that? See if you can do that?
07:12 Can you do that, Elizabeth?
07:13 Did you see what I did? Can you do it?
07:15 Can you do it just like Miss Cinda did?
07:18 Oh, that's right.
07:20 Oh, you guys are doing so good.
07:24 Do you know what... I'm making all this bread for?
07:28 I'm gonna give it to each one of you.
07:33 Can I take one to our neighbor too?
07:35 Yes, you may, Auntie Linda. And all of our neighbors--
07:41 Who is our neighbor?
07:44 Oh, don't you remember Mrs. Zella and Mr. Vince?
07:48 Oh, yes. And we're gonna go and see them.
07:50 That's right.
07:51 And they love our homemade bread.
07:54 So I was so excited you all were gonna help me today,
07:58 because this is a big job, isn't it?
08:02 And you know, Jesus is happy when we go
08:06 to other people and cheer them up, isn't it?
08:10 It's fun to share too. It is.
08:12 Who likes to go visit other people?
08:14 Me. You fold it.
08:17 And do you-- when you go visit them,
08:19 do you sing songs for them and maybe tell them about Jesus?
08:23 It used to be sticky, but now its not.
08:26 That's because the flour... and the flour makes it,
08:30 so it's soft and smooth and not sticky anymore.
08:33 I just put my hand in it and it was soft.
08:37 Was it?
08:38 And you can shape it into a little loaf
08:40 and then you can put it in your loaf can.
08:41 We can bake it with this stuff. And then--
08:43 well, Miss Cinda is gonna bake it and then--
08:47 Can we just bake?
08:48 Well, we need to make a little loaf for our loaf pan.
08:51 And then I'm gonna bake it and when it's cool,
08:55 after it comes out of the oven,
08:56 then I'll put it in that pretty bag,
08:58 so that we can take it to our neighbors, okay.
09:01 Does that sound like fun? Yeah.
09:03 Uh-huh. That will be fun.
09:06 How are you doing, Noah? Is that fun?
09:11 Yes. It's fun to bake, isn't it?
09:15 She's doing a good job.
09:16 Oh, you're doing a very good job.
09:19 And you keep kneading your dough
09:21 till it gets real soft and smooth.
09:24 It already is wide.
09:25 Yours is and then you can shape it into a loaf.
09:30 See how you can take--
09:31 you can pick it up and you can kind of form it into a loaf
09:34 that will fit right into your pan.
09:36 And I've already oiled your pan so that--
09:39 'cause you always want to oil your pan,
09:41 so the bread doesn't stick to it.
09:43 We can shape it into a loaf--
09:45 Do you like bread?
09:46 Yeah. Whoa!
09:49 You know, it smells so good when it's baking.
09:52 Who like sandwiches? Me.
09:54 I love those. Oh, I do too.
09:56 I like peanut butter and jelly.
09:58 You do? I like peanut butter and jelly too.
10:04 Oh, who likes-- I like peanut butter honey.
10:07 Oh, that sounds good too.
10:10 I like cheese sandwich with--and pickles.
10:13 Oh, wow! That's how guess.
10:16 I even eat with my oat meal.
10:21 I like being in the kitchen, this is fun.
10:24 Oh, who likes being in the kitchen?
10:26 Me. Me.
10:28 Anytime you can be in the kitchen, its fun.
10:39 Farmer Mannie asked us to be very quite
10:43 'cause he has a special surprise, okay.
10:45 So let's go very quiet and sit down.
10:50 Tiny tots, come on in.
10:53 Okay, go and sit down, very quietly.
10:57 How are you? All right.
11:00 I'm so glad you guys are here. Sit down here, Lesley.
11:05 Did we come in quite for you?
11:06 Oh, you guys are-- you already are farmers.
11:09 You know how to deal with animals.
11:11 Can I introduce you to a friend of mine
11:13 by the name of the Girdy.
11:15 Girdy. Yeah.
11:17 Can you tell me what kind of animal this is?
11:19 A goat. Yes.
11:20 But it's actually a special goat too.
11:22 It is a pygmy goat.
11:25 Is that why it had short legs?
11:27 Yes. Did you notice the short legs?
11:30 It has a bit of a big body, but short legs.
11:33 And you know what? Girdy was out in the field
11:35 and she loves to take care of weeds
11:39 and things that grow on the fence,
11:42 so that we don't have to take care of that--
11:44 Girdy is actually one of God's natural cleaners of the fields.
11:49 Hi, Girdy.
11:52 Isn't-- do you guys like the horns?
11:54 Isn't a neat horn?
11:56 How come it's like green on the side?
11:58 Good question.
12:00 It's green because Girdy will rub against the saplings,
12:03 the little trees coming up, the young trees.
12:06 And you can tell that because you can see
12:08 the color green right there.
12:11 Hi, Girdy. Yeah.
12:13 Now, there you go. See, she is nice.
12:16 You just have to pet her really sweetly.
12:20 Macy, do you want to pet Girdy?
12:22 Come Macy. Yeah, you can pet her.
12:24 You like that now.
12:25 Macy, come over here just right here, there you go.
12:28 Oh, that might scare us, so come right over here, sweetie.
12:30 Oh, God. There you go, honey.
12:32 We're trying to do it good, Farmer Mannie.
12:34 Oh, you're doing a good job, keep doing it, Macy.
12:37 There you just soften like that, no we don't.
12:41 Isn't that nice? Did you want to pet Girdy?
12:44 Do you want to pet Girdy? No. It's very smooth.
12:45 Yeah, that's very smooth because it keeps growing out.
12:48 Isn't that neat? Yes.
12:50 And you know what-- you know what Girdy eats?
12:52 What? Oh, she'll eat almost anything.
12:55 Come over here, Brian. Come over here.
12:57 We don't want to scare Girdy.
12:58 Yeah, we don't want to scare her. Thanks Buddy.
13:00 And you know, she loves to be brushed.
13:03 Would one of you guys like to brush her?
13:04 Me. Me. Okay, you know what?
13:06 How about Macy first and then Lesley and then Brian.
13:12 Look, I want to take too. Come here.
13:13 You're gonna take-- that's right.
13:16 So what I want you to do is come over here
13:18 and take the brush and right here, softly.
13:23 That makes Jesus happy when we take good care of our animals.
13:27 He sure. Thus--
13:29 And it's God's animal. Yes, she is.
13:33 There you go, Buddy. Oh, thank you, Macy.
13:36 That makes Jesus happy when we share it too.
13:38 God loves animals, all the animals.
13:43 That's right. That's right. Come here, Papa.
13:45 That's right. Oh, no don't, come over here.
13:47 You don't want to scare her, no, no, no.
13:49 There you go.
13:51 And you know what? You guys are right.
13:53 God created animals for us to take care of.
13:56 That's right. And to feed and to be nice too.
14:02 And Noah, would you like to brush Girdy?
14:05 All right. Auntie Linda will help you.
14:08 Oh, thank you, Brian, you are a good helper too.
14:11 Yes. All right.
14:13 We'll come over here and we'll brush her.
14:16 Oh, there you go, honey, good job.
14:21 I wonder if that makes Girdy hungry.
14:23 I think it does.
14:26 That was good. I too like it.
14:29 Good job, honey.
14:31 Do you guys know that Girdy is 8-years-old?
14:34 8-years-old? Yeah.
14:36 And after-- we visit with her.
14:39 I'm gonna take this leash off
14:40 and let her go back on to the field.
14:42 Eight. 8-years-old.
14:43 That's right. That's right.
14:47 Girdy probably can't wait. Does she get to eat something?
14:50 She does get to eat something. And you know what?
14:52 Look, look, look this.
14:54 We had the food right here.
14:55 You guys want to help me feed her?
14:57 Yeah. Yeah.
14:58 Oh, neat, here you go.
15:00 Lesley, put it right through her mouth.
15:04 Oh, one at a time, there we go.
15:06 Oh, she's gonna love you guys.
15:09 Okay, Macy. Yeah, she is, look at that.
15:12 Oh, she's gonna love you guys.
15:14 Let's see, Macy. Now, there you go.
15:18 All right. That makes me so happy.
15:20 I just want to sing our song.
15:21 Yes, let's sing our song.
15:28 I like to go to the farm Where the cows mow, mow
15:32 I like to go to the farm Where the ducks quack, quack
15:36 I like to go to the farm I like to go to the farm
15:40 I like to go to the farm And learn of Jesus.
15:47 That was awesome. Girdy, ask him--
15:50 Thank you, Farmer Mannie.
15:53 Yeah, thanks for coming and visiting Girdy.
15:55 Okay, let's go out very quietly.
15:57 All right. We'll see you guys later.
16:01 Bye, Brian. Let's go out very quietly, okay.
16:03 Bye. Bye.
16:04 Yeah. Come on let's go out quietly.
16:07 Bye. Good luck, bye.
16:14 Dear honey, there is no more good news in the morning paper.
16:19 I understand, honey. I understand.
16:22 But look at the window.
16:24 Look, look honey, there is some good news, the tiny tots.
16:27 I see the tiny tots.
16:28 All right, here they come, tiny tots coming.
16:30 Oh, the tiny tots are on their way.
16:32 Oh, yes it is the tiny tots.
16:34 Hey, tiny tots, come on in, come on in.
16:36 How you're doing?
16:38 Oh, well, we brought you something special today.
16:42 Oh, you brought me something special.
16:43 We made bread in Miss Cinda's kitchen.
16:46 Thank you very much. Thank you, thank you.
16:48 Ooh, and it smells so good.
16:50 Yes, it is good.
16:52 I'm sure Miss Cinda always messes, make good bread.
16:55 All right. Oh.
16:57 Well, we have brought you some good news today.
17:01 It's good to hear
17:02 because there's none in the paper anymore.
17:04 Well, our good news is found in Isaiah 41:10.
17:09 "Fear not, for I am with you."
17:14 Let's say it together. "Fear not, for I am with you."
17:22 That is a comfort to know. Yes.
17:24 Well, Brian,
17:26 do you have a special song in Spanish to sing.
17:29 Yes. All right.
17:31 [Singing in Spanish language].
17:50 Oh, that was good. Good, good.
17:54 The song is about soldiers for Jesus
17:56 right, Brian? Yes.
17:58 Oh, and I want to be a soldier for Jesus, do you?
18:01 Oh, I do. Yes.
18:03 Well, Jonah, would you have a special prayer for us.
18:06 Yes. Let's close our eyes and fold our hands.
18:10 Dear Jesus, thank you for my mommy and daddy, amen.
18:17 Amen.
18:19 And I'm thankful for mommies and daddies.
18:21 Yes, I am too. Oh, God bless you.
18:24 God bless you. Okay. Come here, sweetie.
18:27 Can you just say good-bye? Oh.
18:29 Bye-bye. All right. Come on, let's go.
18:34 Bye. Bye-bye.
18:36 Bye-bye, tiny tots. Come again, bye-bye.
18:39 Love you. Bye-bye.
18:51 Shall we go for a walk today
18:55 And see what God has given
18:59 It's a beautiful day. It is.
19:03 It is so pretty and we are so blessed
19:05 that God gave us the sun
19:08 and a little bit of breeze maybe a little what--
19:10 breeze would be nice and this beautiful water.
19:15 We are out here, you know, when we're in the boat,
19:17 we have to be super duper safe,
19:19 don't we? Yes.
19:20 We wear our life jackets
19:22 and they protect us if we fall in the water,
19:26 then we'll float and we sit still in the boat
19:29 we don't wiggle around, we don't run around,
19:32 we don't lean over the side 'cause if we do what happens?
19:36 We fall in. That's right.
19:38 Oh, the boat will tip over and we will all fall in.
19:43 I know, and then our boat would be upside down.
19:45 But Miss Jeannie, we can sit in the boat and enjoy the water.
19:49 Yes, we can. And watch for a fish and--
19:52 Where's the fish? Oh, it's so nice.
19:54 The fish bite me. This is called an oar.
19:57 And this is how we make the boat go.
20:00 And you are doing Noelia a wonderful job. Thank you.
20:04 You push to the back of the boat to make it go forward
20:07 and if you want to go backward you push to the back of the--
20:10 I mean to the front of the boat.
20:11 It's just backwards to the way it should be.
20:14 Isn't that funny? Yeah.
20:16 Noelia. Yeah.
20:17 Can Leslie get the turn please.
20:19 Yes. Okay, we'll turn to Jonah.
20:21 Yes, you're gonna turn to.
20:23 Very good, you are doing so good.
20:26 That's making the boat go forward, very good.
20:28 And you have to hold on to it with two hands
20:30 because then it falls in the water.
20:32 We won't have a way to go anywhere.
20:33 We'll just have to go where the wind blows us, won't we?
20:36 Yeah. Jesus was on a boat too.
20:40 You're right, He was on a boat.
20:42 He must have like to being out too. Yes.
20:45 Can Jonah have a turn now? All right.
20:48 Thank you. It's so nice to share.
20:50 Yes. That makes Jesus so happy.
20:52 Jesus loves it when we share. Yeah.
20:54 I just put my hands in the water,
20:56 it's freezing out there. Jonah, will you--
20:59 Yeah, use two hands so we don't drop the oar
21:01 because then we are gonna be stranded.
21:04 Then we'll be in trouble, won't we?
21:05 I think Eleanor likes it out here too?
21:07 Oh, Eleanor does. You love it, don't you?
21:11 Noelia, he's done, you want it back?
21:14 Thank you. All right.
21:15 Oh, I'm just so glad that Jesus made
21:18 all these wonderful things for us to enjoy.
21:21 Me too.
21:24 More hard, push, push hard.
21:28 Oh, here we go. Yes, you may, Lesley.
21:31 Oh, you're gonna take turn, that's wonderful.
21:41 It's been such a happy day today.
21:43 Oh, it has. Yes, it has.
21:45 That's fun too.
21:47 Yes, it is fun on the Tiny Tot farm.
21:50 And Eleanor, I think you've had a good day too.
21:53 She's all wore out.
21:55 And she is sleeping. That's right.
21:58 Oh, while she is sleeping,
22:00 we'll just practice our memory verse again.
22:02 Okay. Isaiah 41:10.
22:05 Isaiah 41:10.
22:09 Fear not-- Fear not--
22:12 For I am with you. For I am with you.
22:15 And, you know, Jesus will always be with us.
22:19 And we can always just whisper a little prayer
22:22 and He hears us right away. That's right.
22:25 We're gonna sing that, okay.
22:28 Whisper a prayer in the morning
22:35 Whisper a prayer at noon
22:42 Whisper a prayer in the evening
22:48 To keep your heart in tune
22:55 Beautiful.
22:56 And you know the more we talk to Jesus,
22:59 we get closer and closer to Him.
23:02 And someday, He's gonna come and take us home
23:04 and we can get on that Bible train to heaven.
23:07 Oh, I know this song.
23:08 You know this song? I know this song.
23:10 Oh, see if you can sing it with me.
23:12 We can all be engineers.
23:14 I'm already. Oh, my--
23:15 Wait, wait, wait, I got it. We got to get ready.
23:18 Look, look, Jonah, I got it. Okay.
23:22 Oh, Michael, you want to be an engineer too? Okay.
23:25 All right, we can all be engineers.
23:27 Get ready. All right.
23:29 Here comes the Bible Train, coming round the bend
23:35 Toot, toot!
23:36 I know the engineer He's my special Friend.
23:42 Toot, toot!
23:43 Destination heaven with stops along the way.
23:51 All aboard! We are leaving!
23:54 So get on board today
23:58 Chug, chug, chug, chug
24:00 Choo, choo, choo, choo
24:01 Chug, chug, chug, chug
24:02 Choo, choo, choo, choo
24:04 Here comes the Bible Train, chugging round the bend
24:07 Toot, Toot!
24:08 I know the engineer He's my special Friend.
24:12 Toot, Toot!
24:13 Destination heaven with stops along the way.
24:18 All aboard! We are leaving!
24:20 So get on board today
24:24 Chug, chug, chug, chug
24:27 Choo, choo, choo, choo
24:29 Chug, chug, chug, chug, choo
24:38 That was fun. I thought that was going up to heaven.
24:43 I like that song. Eleanor didn't get one either.
24:47 Eleanor didn't get a hat, did she?
24:49 But we will crush, didn't we?
24:51 Oh Eleanor, did you like that?
24:53 Well, you know soon and very soon
24:55 Jesus is gonna come to take us home.
24:57 Oh, yes.
24:59 And do you know how He's really gonna come and take us home?
25:01 In a cloud. That's right, Lesley.
25:05 A big cloud and who's gonna be on the cloud?
25:07 Jesus. And who else?
25:10 Lots and lots of angels. Angels.
25:11 The angels, it's right.
25:14 And we're gonna get to ride on the cloud to heaven,
25:16 won't that be fun?
25:18 Oh, I can't wait. I can't wait.
25:19 Can't catch when you fall on the cloud.
25:23 It won't hurt us, really? It won't hurt us.
25:25 Yeah, 'cause it will hurt your back with that.
25:29 No. Not when we go to heaven.
25:32 Let's sing it "Soon and very soon."
25:35 Soon and very soon We are going to see the King
25:43 Soon and very soon We are going to see the King
25:51 Soon and very soon We are going to see the King
25:58 Hallelujah, hallelujah
26:02 We're going to see the King
26:06 I can't wait for that day.
26:09 That's going to be so much fun.
26:11 Eleanor likes that song.
26:13 And I like that song too. I do too.
26:16 And I'm getting excited to see Jesus. Are you excited?
26:20 Yes. And all the angels.
26:22 Well, let's stay in touch with Jesus always, okay.
26:25 And one way we can do that is by prayer.
26:26 So let's kneel down and Farmer Mannie,
26:29 will you have our prayer? I would love to, Auntie Linda.
26:32 I will bend my knees
26:37 I will fold my hands
26:42 I will bow my head
26:46 I will close my eyes
26:51 And very, very quiet be
26:57 While the prayer is said
27:02 Jesus, we thank You for this day.
27:04 And we thank You that we have the hope of heaven
27:07 that one day very soon we will be able
27:09 to be together with You in the clouds of glory forever.
27:13 Let it be able to all of us go to heaven
27:16 together in the name of Jesus we pray,
27:18 amen. Amen.
27:21 Mr. Rooster says it's time to say goodbye.
27:24 Goodbye. Goodbye.
27:25 Good bye, my friends. Bye.
27:34 Our time together is over So we will have to go
27:40 Goodbye, goodbye Remember God loves you
27:46 Goodbye, goodbye Remember God loves you
27:54 Goodbye.


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