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00:02 Eleanor. Eleanor.
00:05 There you are. Come, girl.
00:08 The tiny tots are here.
00:10 And you don't want to miss worship.
00:12 It's going to be an exciting day on the Tiny Tot farm.
00:21 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:24 We're God's girls and boys
00:27 We live for Him around the world
00:29 We spread love and joy
00:32 Like colors of the rainbow
00:34 We're shining bright where we go
00:37 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:40 We're God's girls and boys
00:44 Eleanor is ready for worship.
00:48 Mr. Wiggles is ready for worship too, isn't he?
00:52 Well, then let's ask Billy Boy
00:54 if he will ring the worship bell.
00:55 Billy Boy, you can ring the worship bell.
00:59 Oh, I love to sing.
01:01 Oh, I do too.
01:05 Worship bell so sweet Calling us to meet
01:09 With our best friend Jesus Come and worship here
01:15 Jesus will be near Smiling when He sees us.
01:23 I always smile when I sing that song.
01:26 Oh, me too. I love that song.
01:29 Me too. Me too.
01:32 I have a special book here.
01:35 The Holy Bible. The Holy Bible.
01:38 That's right. Very good.
01:41 And I have a text and it's found in Exodus--
01:44 Exodus-- Exodus--
01:45 23. 23.
01:49 20. 20.
01:51 Behold-- Behold--
01:54 I send an angle-- I send an angle--
01:57 Before you. Before you.
02:00 To keep you in the way. To keep you in the way.
02:05 Well, Eleanor.
02:08 Well, I guess she wants to go and get a drink in the kitchen.
02:10 I think she does. Okay.
02:13 Well, I'm thinking of a very special country
02:17 that starts with the 'P.'
02:21 What country starts with the 'P'? What?
02:27 Oh, let's you give them another hint.
02:29 Puerto Rico What? Puerto Rico.
02:34 Was that a good hint? Yes.
02:38 And there's a lots of boys and girls that live there.
02:42 And they love Jesus
02:45 and there's lots of boys and girls there,
02:46 that they don't even know about Jesus.
02:49 Oh, that's sad. They never heard.
02:51 And I'm gonna tell you a story
02:53 about a family, the Gonzalez Family.
02:56 Well, the Gonzalez Family were having worship
02:59 and father was doing the last part of this,
03:02 he said, "And dear Jesus,
03:04 please have the angels watch over us, amen."
03:07 And then he said, "Okay, boys--"
03:10 and he had three sons
03:11 and he said, "We are going to go up,
03:14 a little ways to pass the village to our garden spot
03:18 where we are gonna dig some potatoes.
03:20 And the boys said-- I like potatoes.
03:23 You do? You do.
03:24 I do too, Lesley.
03:26 I do too. I do too.
03:28 You like-- You like potatoes.
03:30 Well, they were going up there
03:32 but momma said, "Oh, no, are you sure you should go
03:36 because you know, ever since we became Christians
03:40 the people up there said that live by our garden spot said,
03:45 we're just gonna do mean things to you
03:48 and it might not be safe.
03:50 And father said, "Its okay, Jesus will send His angel,
03:54 we ask the angles to be with us."
03:56 So they went up there
03:58 and they started digging up the potatoes.
04:02 They were digging them up.
04:05 And then Momma came up after while
04:09 and she gave them some lunch.
04:10 So they ate their lunch.
04:12 That was so good.
04:14 And then they piled up the potatoes
04:16 and they head at home.
04:17 And they went to the market.
04:19 And then the next day while they went back
04:23 to the market again to sell some more potatoes
04:25 and there was a man that came up to father and he said,
04:29 where do you keep all those guards?
04:32 And father said, "What guards?"
04:35 Those men that were protecting you,
04:38 they were big men and they scared us.
04:41 And father said no, just me and my sons.
04:44 Oh, no. We saw the men.
04:47 And we came up with our guns and knives
04:50 and we were gonna hurt you
04:51 but we saw the men and we ran away.
04:56 Then father knew Jesus has sent the angels
05:00 to protect them and take care of them.
05:03 And he said, "Oh, the great God in heaven
05:07 sent angels and they protected us."
05:10 And the man looked at him and he said,
05:13 I want to know about this great God in heaven.
05:16 And so father said,
05:18 "You come to our house tonight for worship
05:21 and I will tell you about the great God in heaven
05:23 that sends angels to watch over them."
05:25 And so he said, "Can I bring my friends too?"
05:28 And he said, "Yes, you can bring all your friends.
05:31 And they came and they learned to sing,
05:33 Jesus loves me this I know.
05:35 Do you know that song?
05:37 For the Bible tells me so. That's right.
05:40 And those men were learning about Jesus
05:43 and learning to love Jesus.
05:45 Oh, wasn't that a nice story? That's a nice story.
05:49 And you know I'm so glad
05:51 that Jesus sends the angels to protect us.
05:54 Yes, He does.
05:56 And you know, some day when we get to heaven,
05:59 we'll get to meet our angels.
06:02 Did you know that? Aren't they white?
06:04 Yes. Yes.
06:05 Well, let's fold our hands and close our eyes
06:07 and we're gonna ask-- we are gonna ask Miss Cinda,
06:10 if she will have a special prayer for us, okay.
06:14 Dear Jesus, Thank you so much
06:18 for sending the angels to protect us.
06:21 We love you Jesus, in Jesus' name, amen. Amen.
06:36 Miss. Cinda, this soup is good.
06:39 Ooh.
06:41 You are a good cook. Thank you, Lesley.
06:45 Oh, she is a good cook.
06:47 Well, who likes to try new foods?
06:49 Me. I do.
06:51 Oh, I'm so glad
06:53 because I have something really new for you to try.
06:58 This is something that the kids in Puerto Rico love to eat.
07:03 Oh.
07:04 So I'm gonna-- Auntie Linda,
07:06 if you can give Emma and Faith some rice.
07:09 Okay.
07:10 And what they love rice
07:13 and then on top of rice they like--
07:17 Beans. Beans.
07:21 And so Auntie Linda you can put some beans on the rice.
07:25 Would you like some beans?
07:26 Here you go, Jenniah.
07:28 And then they like to sprinkle a little bit--
07:32 I want mine --
07:34 I want my rice, I want my beans on my rice.
07:39 You want it on your rice, okay.
07:41 Well, that's how they like it too, just like that.
07:44 So Emma doesn't want hers on it?
07:47 No. Okay.
07:48 Yeah, Emma likes hers on the side
07:50 And then they like to sprinkle
07:52 a little salt and season salt on there.
07:55 Well, let Auntie Linda help you.
07:57 Just take a little bit. I can do it on my own.
07:59 Okay, you may. You take a little bit.
08:02 Here we'll go just a-- And here's it,
08:05 you can put little bit beans on.
08:08 And then-- Yeah, just a tiny bit.
08:10 Just a little bit. They like to put on--
08:13 I want to put on mine--
08:15 This one, this is season salt.
08:17 And that's carrots and celery and onions
08:20 they like to put that on their rice too.
08:23 You want a little of this kind.
08:24 And who likes carrots? I do.
08:28 Oh, who else likes carrots?
08:31 Yeah, I thought you did.
08:33 I think you got almost enough.
08:35 There we go.
08:36 Here, would you like to sprinkle a little salt?
08:38 Just that's a season salt, just sprinkle a little bit.
08:42 You want some carrot.
08:43 You want to sprinkle a little bit of season salt on yours?
08:45 Just a pinch, just a pinch, that's real salt.
08:48 Just a pinch, you don't want a lot.
08:51 There you go. Okay.
08:55 Who knows-- you want to put some carrots on yours?
08:58 Who knows what this is?
09:02 I'm gonna put it on the beans.
09:05 You could. Who knows what this is?
09:08 They like to put green olives on theirs.
09:11 Oh, is it good Emma?
09:17 Okay, now you guys can try it.
09:19 Try yours. Oh, I think that's plenty.
09:24 There you go, Lesley.
09:27 Okay, you all can try it.
09:29 And tell me what you think.
09:31 Tell me if you like it.
09:33 Emma, what do you think?
09:37 Is it good? Mmm.
09:40 What you think? Is it Yummy?
09:43 Oh, Lesley, is that good?
09:48 Oh, I'm so glad you like it.
09:52 Maybe someday you'll get to go to Puerto Rico
09:58 and then you can try some over there.
10:01 I like to go to Puerto Rico someday.
10:04 Who would like to go? Me, I already went.
10:07 You did? When I was born.
10:10 Oh, wow. Wow.
10:13 Well-- Yes, you may.
10:15 Well, someday I want to go and you know what?
10:21 Maybe you could get your mommies
10:24 to help you make some of this at home.
10:27 Tell her you want some rice and beans at home.
10:31 And you can add some other vegetables to it
10:33 if you would like, can't you Auntie Linda?
10:35 Yeah, you can make it different every time.
10:38 That's right.
10:39 Because lots of kids eat it different ways.
10:43 I'm so glad that you all came to the kitchen today.
10:46 Who is glad they came to the kitchen?
10:48 Me. I am.
10:50 I like being in the kitchen.
10:52 Oh, and I love having you because it's--
10:57 I like having fun in the kitchen.
10:59 You do.
11:01 It's always fun in the kitchen, isn't it?
11:13 Yeh! Oh!
11:15 That was so much fun tiny tots out. All right.
11:19 You want to come, Kremlin, let's go.
11:20 Okay, here we go, Lesley.
11:23 You guys are really good, oh that's wonderful.
11:26 Oh, that was fun Farmer Manny.
11:28 Guess what we are going to do now,
11:29 we're gonna keep using the wheelbarrow.
11:31 We are? Yeah.
11:32 You guys have to--
11:34 I need your help to load some hay to feed the farm.
11:35 Oh, I can help. Are you strong?
11:37 Yes, I am. Oh.
11:39 Do you guys know what this is? Hay.
11:41 That's right, that's hay.
11:42 Do you know what this is over here?
11:44 Hay. Hay.
11:46 No. that's actually straw.
11:48 Straw. Yeah.
11:50 And there is a bit of a difference.
11:51 For example if you look back here, turn around.
11:54 If you look here this is dry grass.
11:58 And in the fall we'll cut it
12:00 and then we put it through a machine
12:02 and then the machine ties it up.
12:04 This is straw. Yeah.
12:05 And we'll need your help for today
12:07 is to take put it on the wheelbarrow
12:09 and then throw it in the barn.
12:11 Oh, I can help. Can you help?
12:13 All right, let's cut the string, there we go.
12:16 Whenever we are working with the knife,
12:18 we've to be very careful.
12:20 Okay, we gonna put that in there.
12:21 So then we just fill up the wheelbarrow?
12:22 Yes, help me fill up the wheelbarrow, if you could.
12:25 Take the hay in hand and put it in the wheelbarrow.
12:26 Do you know what these are?
12:28 These are called flakes.
12:30 I can carry it. Yeah.
12:31 Can you guys say that, flakes.
12:33 Flakes. That's right.
12:35 You want to put some hay in the wheelbarrow.
12:37 There you go put in there.
12:38 Put it in the wheelbarrow there, just like that.
12:40 I got it. You got it.
12:41 Thank you, sweetheart. Let's put that over here.
12:43 All right. Yeah, that's a flake.
12:45 Good job. Oh, good job Faith.
12:49 Yeah, it falls apart, doesn't it?
12:50 Go ahead and bring it over sweetheart.
12:52 Okay, that would be enough.
12:55 Okay.
12:56 Wow, you guys are such wonderful helpers. Wow.
12:58 Okay, follow me into the barn.
13:01 We are going this way.
13:03 And we have some race that I want you to get it now.
13:07 All right. This is going to be fun.
13:09 All right. Oh, wow.
13:11 This is what I will need from you guys, okay.
13:13 To take the hay from the wheelbarrow
13:16 and throw it over there. Ready?
13:18 All right, we can help.
13:19 You can do it like this, just like that,
13:21 get a bunch of it and you can throw away.
13:25 Little bunch of it. Yep, there we go.
13:27 Help get this over here, Bella.
13:29 I got it, I got it.
13:31 Lot of work. You got it?
13:32 Okay. I got it.
13:34 You can get it with your hands, there you go, Lesley.
13:35 Okay. Good job.
13:36 Oh, you got it. Okay.
13:38 Oh, that's a strong boy.
13:40 Wow, that is strong.
13:41 Here Auntie Linda can get it over this part.
13:43 There are some thorns in there. There you go.
13:44 I will give you some without the thorns, okay.
13:46 There we go. You guys are doing a good job.
13:49 Wow, good job.
13:51 Wow! Yeah!
13:53 Oh, man, I am so-- All right.
13:55 Thank you so much for coming and help me.
13:57 Here some more Faith, here some more.
13:59 Can I have some more?
14:00 Oh! Wow!
14:08 You guys were fast. Oh, you guys do work fast.
14:11 Wow! You got it?
14:13 Can you help me, Lesley,
14:14 this one's a little bit heavy pretty one.
14:15 Oh, wow did you get something, Noah?
14:17 Okay, all right. All right.
14:20 Get some out of there, can you get it out?
14:22 That's how we do it in the farm.
14:24 Oh, okay.
14:26 Looks like we're done, let's go outside.
14:27 All right, let's go out.
14:29 Come on. We will go and help him.
14:30 I was trying to get this stuff out of there.
14:32 Okay. 'Cause I have to.
14:35 'Cause they're not going inside.
14:40 Thank you guys. Over here.
14:42 You tiny tots are such good helpers.
14:45 It was fun.
14:47 Can you help me load up this wheelbarrow again,
14:49 so that we can do it again.
14:51 Yeah. Oh, yes, we can.
14:53 And you know what, let's sing while we work.
14:55 Oh, that's wonderful. All right.
15:01 I like to go to the farm Where the cows mow, mow
15:05 I like to go to the farm Where the ducks quack, quack
15:09 I like to go to the farm I like to go to the farm
15:13 I like to go to the farm And learn of Jesus.
15:19 Oh, that was so much fun.
15:22 Well, we have to be going Farmer Manny.
15:24 Okay. So we'll see you.
15:26 Oh, thank you for coming, thank you for the help.
15:28 Okay, come on kids, let's go.
15:31 Oh, good job, Faith, come on, let's go.
15:34 Bye. Bye.
15:45 Oh, honey is anything that I can get for you?
15:48 I'm all right. To feel better.
15:49 Honey, you could have been killed.
15:51 I know, the big truck just didn't stop and hit me.
15:54 Oh, that's the tiny tots.
15:56 They will make you feel better, honey.
15:57 I'm sure they will.
15:59 Let's get the door open
16:01 It is the tiny tots. Hi.
16:03 The tiny tots, the tiny tots. Hi.
16:07 It's good to see you.
16:08 I have an accident.
16:10 You see, he had an accident.
16:11 Big truck didn't stop, try and hit me.
16:13 How? How?
16:15 What did the truck look like?
16:18 It was a Big 18 wheeler.
16:21 How big were the wheels?
16:23 Very big. Very big?
16:26 Yes, very big.
16:27 We are sorry to hear that, Mr. Vince.
16:30 Thank you. Sorry about your arm.
16:32 Ah, thank you very much.
16:34 Did you think God sent His angels
16:36 and speak in to that?
16:38 Do we have a Bible verse about this?
16:40 We do Sammy. We were just going on for it.
16:45 Exodus 23:20. Exodus 23:20.
16:53 Behold I send an angel--
16:55 Behold I send an angel--
16:58 Before you-- Before you--
17:00 To keep you in the way--
17:02 To keep you in the way--
17:04 Behold, I send an angel before you,
17:07 to keep you in the way.
17:09 Behold, I send an angel before you,
17:12 to keep you in the way.
17:14 Do you think that angel kept Mr. Vince
17:17 from getting hurt really bad?
17:18 Yeah. Yes.
17:20 And speaking to that, I have a song about this too.
17:24 You have a song?
17:25 Okay Sammy, you want to sing.
17:26 Look at Mr. Vince and sing your song. Okay.
17:30 Jesus sent the angels, angels, angels
17:34 Jesus sent the angels to watch us while we were playing
17:39 Jesus sent the angels, angels, angels
17:42 Jesus sent the angels to watch me while I'm sleeping
17:48 Jesus sent the angels, angels, angels
17:51 Jesus sent the angels because He really loves me
17:56 Oh, thank you Sammy, very nice.
17:58 Yes, thank you Sammy. Yes.
18:01 Well, Lesley has a song to sing for us
18:03 about our great and mighty God.
18:05 What a mighty God we have.
18:07 What a mighty God we serve
18:09 What a mighty God we serve
18:12 The angels bow before Him
18:14 Heaven and earth adore Him
18:16 What a mighty God we serve
18:20 He is the King of kings
18:23 He is the Lord of lords
18:27 His name is Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, oh!
18:34 Yeh! Very good.
18:36 Very good, Leslie, thank you.
18:39 And Lilly, would you have a special prayer for Mr. Vince?
18:43 Let's fold our hands.
18:44 Dear Jesus, help Mr. Vince's arm to get better, amen.
18:51 Amen. Amen.
18:53 Bye. Bye-bye.
18:54 Mr. Vince and Miss. Zella.
18:56 Bye, tiny tots. Thank you so much.
18:58 We'll be praying for you, Mr. Vince. Okay.
19:02 We'll be praying for you, Mr. Vince.
19:04 All right I appreciate it. Bye-bye.
19:06 All right, thank you.
19:08 Bye-bye. Bye-bye.
19:10 We love you. God bless you.
19:21 Shall we go for a walk today?
19:25 And see what God has given.
19:29 It's beautiful. You know what?
19:31 This looks like a good spot to play ball.
19:34 Oh, yeah. Yeah.
19:37 Does anybody know why I brought the ball?
19:39 No, why? So we can play kick ball.
19:42 Okay, can you stand over here?
19:44 Oh, let's watch them play kick ball.
19:45 Emma, you stand right here.
19:47 Come on Eleanor, we'll watch.
19:49 You can move this way just a little bit.
19:51 Okay and Faith, come stand right here.
19:55 Well, okay, you can stand across from Sophia.
19:58 Okay, you can stand right here.
20:00 Come on. We'll pet Eleanor right here.
20:02 Okay, good job.
20:03 All right, now you know what we're gonna do?
20:05 What? I'm gonna put the ball down.
20:07 And you're gonna--
20:09 Sophia is gonna take it to Shafia,
20:11 and then you're gonna kick it back
20:12 and then give it to Faith and Faith can kick it to Dan.
20:15 All right. Can you kick it?
20:17 Kick it easy. Oh, all right.
20:20 Now kick it. Go ahead.
20:22 Faith, can you get it?
20:24 Oh, that went really far, didn't it?
20:27 Let's try, okay, ready Faith.
20:29 Can we stand this way so that you're facing them?
20:31 Can you kick it over to him easy?
20:33 Go Faith. Yeah.
20:34 Yeah. Yeah.
20:36 Okay, kick it back over here.
20:37 Can you kick it over here?
20:39 Oh, well done Daniel, that's the way to kick it.
20:42 Okay, kick it easy.
20:45 Yeah, Sophia.
20:47 Okay, kick it back. Kick it to Faith.
20:49 Easy though, oh.
20:52 Good thing it's a soft ball.
20:55 Ready Faith? Ready?
20:59 Can you kick it?
21:00 Wow. Wow, yeah.
21:02 Now kick it back over here.
21:04 Oh, yeah. Daniel.
21:06 Little bit harder.
21:07 Good job. Okay.
21:10 All right, good job.
21:12 Now kick it back over there.
21:15 We get lots of exercises this way, don't we?
21:18 And exercises is good for us Miss Jeanie.
21:20 That was-- oh.
21:22 Exercise is wonderful.
21:25 That's what God wants us to do, exercise.
21:28 We can get lots of fresh air, it's healthy.
21:31 And we're doing team work and playing.
21:33 I think it's Faith's turn.
21:35 Kick, can you kick it?
21:37 Oh, yes.
21:38 Kick it over there.
21:40 Kick it over there.
21:42 Can you kick it?
21:44 Oh, little bit harder.
21:47 Little bit hard. Oh, good job.
21:49 Okay, kick it over here.
21:52 Oh, good job.
21:56 Good one, Daniel.
21:59 Maybe you we're not quite too hard.
22:01 Kick it to Faith. No, no, not--
22:04 That one went really far.
22:06 You're getting lots of exercise still, Miss Jeanie.
22:09 I know, I'm getting lots of exercise.
22:12 Okay, Faith can you kick it over there?
22:17 Kick it hard. Good job.
22:19 Okay, kick it back over here.
22:25 Eleanor, probably likes to play ball too.
22:28 Do you like to play, Eleanor?
22:30 But he needs a big-- a smaller ball?
22:33 You guys need to move a little bit further apart.
22:36 There you go.
22:37 Watch out don't kick those Gazelle.
22:40 All right.
22:43 Kick it over there. Okay, kick it to Faith.
22:47 You're ready, Faith?
22:49 You know what? Oh, wow.
22:51 I am so glad that God gave us exercise
22:54 and the great outside,
22:55 everything it's so wonderful we can enjoy all of it.
23:01 Okay, kick it easy.
23:03 Do we just stay here
23:04 and play kick ball for little while longer?
23:06 Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
23:09 Okay, Faith, can you kick it over there?
23:17 Let's say our memory verse together. Okay.
23:20 Exodus 23:20.
23:23 Exodus 23:20.
23:27 "Behold, I send an Angel before you."
23:30 "Behold, I send an Angel before you."
23:33 "To keep you in the way."
23:36 "To keep you in the way."
23:39 Oh, I love that.
23:41 Boys and girls does any one know
23:42 what it means to keep you in the way?
23:45 I do. What?
23:47 That means, where ever we are,
23:50 and whatever we do angels are watching over us.
23:53 That's right, Natalie. That's right.
23:58 And we have a song about that,
23:59 "All night, all day angels watching over us."
24:02 Miss. Cinda, will you teach us the motions?
24:04 Okay.
24:06 Let's go. All night.
24:08 This is the sun going down.
24:10 And all day, this is the sun going up.
24:12 So I will do it with Leslie. Okay.
24:14 All night, all day
24:20 Angels watching over me, my Lord
24:26 All night, all day
24:32 Angels watching over me.
24:39 I knew this song.
24:41 You knew that song, aha?
24:44 We're gonna sing a song about the mercies of the Lord.
24:48 Oh, I love this song.
24:50 He just blesses us with so many special angels
24:53 and goodness and kindness.
24:55 I think I can sing this song really good.
24:58 Let's see how loud you can sing, okay.
25:00 Who can sing this song good with me?
25:01 I do. Me.
25:03 Okay. Okay.
25:04 I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever
25:09 I will sing, I will sing
25:14 I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever
25:18 I will sing of the mercies of the Lord
25:23 Let's sing it again.
25:24 I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever
25:29 I will sing, I will sing
25:34 I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever
25:39 I love that song. I do too.
25:45 And some day we're gonna get to live in heaven.
25:48 Let's sing a song about that.
25:51 Be happy Be kind
25:56 Be loving Be true
26:00 I'll meet you in heaven
26:04 And live next door to you
26:10 Let's sing it again, okay.
26:12 Be happy Be kind
26:16 Be loving Be true
26:20 I'll meet you in heaven
26:24 And live next door to you
26:28 Oh, let's talk to Jesus, okay.
26:32 Natalie, will you have prayer for us?
26:35 I will bend my knees
26:39 I will fold my hands
26:43 I will bow my hand
26:47 I will close my eyes
26:51 And very, very quiet be
26:56 While the prayer is said
27:01 Dear Jesus, thank You
27:03 for sending angels to watch over us.
27:06 We love You Jesus.
27:07 Amen. Amen.
27:12 God is so good.
27:14 And I love that He sends angels and He protects us.
27:18 And takes care of us.
27:19 Oh, Mr. Rooster says it's time for us to go.
27:23 Good bye. Good bye.
27:33 Our time together is over so we will have to go
27:39 Goodbye, goodbye, remember God loves you
27:45 Goodbye, goodbye, remember God loves you
27:52 Goodbye. Goodbye.


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