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Let There Be Light

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Participants: Linda Johnson (Host)


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00:01 Eleanor? Eleanor?
00:04 There you are. Come, girl.
00:07 The Tiny Tots are here
00:09 and you don't want to miss worship.
00:11 It's gonna be an exiting day on the Tiny Tot farm.
00:20 We're tiny tots around the world
00:23 We're God's girls and boys
00:25 We live for Him around the world
00:28 We spread love and joy Like colors of the rainbow
00:33 We're shiny bright where we go
00:36 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:38 We're God's girls and boys
00:45 Are you ready for worship? Yes!
00:50 And Eleanor is ready. She jumped up in her chair.
00:53 She loves worship.
00:54 Mr. Wiggles, are you ready for worship?
00:57 I think so.
00:58 Let's ask Billy Boy to ring the worship bell.
01:01 Billy Boy, you can ring our worship bell.
01:07 We all sing together, okay.
01:11 Worship Bell so sweet Calling us to meet
01:15 With our best friend, Jesus
01:19 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
01:23 Smiling when He sees us
01:28 And He will be smiling.
01:30 Do you know what we're gonna talk about today?
01:34 I think I know.
01:36 We're gonna talk about God's little world.
01:40 Oh, I love the story of creation.
01:43 It's-- Me too.
01:44 Isn't it a wonderful story? Yes.
01:46 Samuel, would you hand me my Bible please?
01:50 Our memory verse is found in Genesis 1:1.
01:55 Do you know what it says in Genesis 1:1?
01:58 "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."
02:04 Very good.
02:07 Samuel, do you know what God created
02:10 on this very special day?
02:12 He created light. He created light.
02:15 Can you tell us something about it?
02:17 Well, at first there was nothing in the world, then--
02:22 Do you mean it was really dark?
02:25 If you close-- if you close your eyes
02:27 you can't see anything.
02:28 Let's close our eyes. Let's close our eyes and see.
02:30 What do you see?
02:31 Nothing. Nothing.
02:32 Nothing! You're right.
02:35 That's how it was in the beginning.
02:37 In the beginning there was nothing
02:39 until God created light.
02:42 And how did He create it?
02:44 He just said and it was done.
02:47 That's right.
02:49 Isn't that amazing how our world was nothing
02:52 and then God said, let there be a light
02:55 and so there was day and then there was night
02:59 and before it was just all dark.
03:01 I think our God is a great big wonderful God, don't you?
03:05 Yes.
03:07 Do you have anything else you want to share with us, Samuel?
03:09 I think God is awesome. I do too.
03:14 He's very powerful, isn't He?
03:16 Yeah. Yes.
03:18 And you know what?
03:20 I know God loves us a lot
03:22 because that's why He created this world for us.
03:25 Yes. Because He loves us.
03:29 What do you like to do in the day time?
03:31 I like to play in the garden.
03:33 The garden? What do you like to do, Lesley?
03:36 Play in the back. Play in the backyard.
03:39 Backyard? What do you like to do, Noah?
03:41 Play in park. You like to play in the park!
03:44 Well, you know what?
03:45 Eleanor and I like to go for a walk.
03:48 You like to go for a walk, Eleanor?
03:50 What do you like to do? I like to pray.
03:53 Samuel likes to pray. Oh, Samuel.
03:55 That's a good idea.
03:57 Sam, would you have a special prayer for us?
04:00 All right, let's fold our hands and close our eyes.
04:03 Dear Heavenly Father, thank you
04:05 for creating this wonderful world
04:07 and thank you for creating all these wonderful animals
04:11 especially Eleanor, amen.
04:12 Amen!
04:15 I'm so glad God made our little world.
04:18 I am too.
04:27 Who remembers the Bible verse,
04:29 Aunty Linda has been teaching us today?
04:31 I do! I do! I do!
04:34 You all do? Okay.
04:36 Well, then here is a question.
04:39 Where is it found?
04:41 Genesis 1:1. Very good!
04:44 Do you think you can all say it together?
04:46 Yes, yes. Okay, let me hear you.
04:48 "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."
04:53 You do know it. I'm so proud of you.
04:57 That's right. So let's do a little review.
05:00 What did God create on the first day?
05:04 The heavens and the light. The heavens.
05:06 And yes, see that's right.
05:08 And He made-- Light.
05:10 That's right. It's very good, Savvy.
05:13 I memorize that for my Sabbath school.
05:15 That's very good.
05:17 Yes, it is. Okay.
05:18 So you know what I was thinking?
05:20 What could I do in the kitchen today
05:22 that would help you remember that God created the light?
05:27 So you know what I came up with?
05:29 What? Light catchers.
05:32 Oh! That's what I'm calling now.
05:35 So each of you can choose one.
05:37 Is this one you're gonna choose, Novella?
05:40 Yes. You can choose--
05:42 You guys each choose one and you know what?
05:44 Just like Jesus light shines through us
05:47 and when Jesus light shines through us, what happens?
05:52 We become...
05:53 Like Him. Like Jesus.
05:55 Kind and loving and good and we share.
05:58 That's right.
06:00 Well, when the light shines through these,
06:01 they are gonna be beautiful.
06:03 So I've given you some colors
06:05 and I've given you little eye droppers.
06:08 So you're gonna take these droppers
06:10 and you will dip it in the paint
06:11 and then you just kind of squeeze the color
06:13 wherever you wanted to go.
06:15 And then when you want to change your color,
06:16 you just take it.
06:18 Can you show me? Take it.
06:19 Okay, now squeeze some water in it,
06:22 now lift it up, lift it way a high.
06:24 Oh, drop it out.
06:25 That, kids, is how you clean your dropper
06:27 when you go between the different paint colors, okay?
06:30 That looks fun.
06:32 Okay, open your paints and you can start.
06:36 Oh, who has their favorite color?
06:40 Purple. Purple?
06:41 What's your favor-- Oh, Savvy.
06:42 And red.
06:43 Oh, you like all the colors, Savvy.
06:46 Novella, what's your favorite color?
06:48 White. White?
06:49 Oh! Nice and clean.
06:52 Patty, what's your favorite color?
06:54 Orange, blue, brown and black.
06:56 Oh, you've a lot of favorites too.
06:59 Laya, what's your favorite color?
07:01 Pink, purple, red, yellow and brown.
07:05 Oh, you all have lots of favorite colors.
07:08 That's right.
07:09 Oh, oh, Aunt Linda, I have a really good idea!
07:14 What?
07:16 How about if you and I make one for our neighbors,
07:19 and then when you go visit the neighbors
07:21 you can take it to them.
07:22 Oh, that would be awesome. Okay, choose one.
07:24 What would they like? You think a butterfly.
07:26 Kids, which one do you think the neighbors would like?
07:28 A duck or a kitty? Teddy.
07:31 Like Butterfly, they would like.
07:33 The butterfly? All right.
07:35 Let's do the butterfly.
07:37 Oh, who likes coming in the kitchen?
07:40 I do. Me!
07:41 I do.
07:43 Now remember, anytime you can go in the kitchen, it's fun.
07:58 Where is that light? I need my light in the barn.
08:02 Oh, man, where is this light?
08:05 I really need it.
08:07 Oh, oh, there it is. Oh, let's see.
08:10 There it is. There it is.
08:12 Oh, come on, you can come on.
08:15 Yeah, there is the light! Oh, wonderful.
08:17 Farmer Manny. Hey, boys and girls.
08:20 I'm so glad you guys are here. Oh.
08:25 You know what I'm doing? What?
08:27 I'm trying to figure out how to turn the lights on.
08:29 Without light we can't really operate a farm.
08:32 That's right.
08:33 You need to see to take care of the animals.
08:35 That's exactly right.
08:37 You know, God gave us light
08:39 and when He created the world
08:40 He made so that we could see well.
08:43 Aunty Linda is talking about light.
08:45 Oh, really, Aunty Linda?
08:46 We're talking about our creation
08:48 and how on the first day God made light.
08:52 Everything was dark and then He made light.
08:54 Oh!
08:55 So I think light is very important
08:56 because God made it first.
08:57 It is, isn't it?
08:59 And there's so many sources of light.
09:00 Have you guys seen one of these or maybe
09:02 what Elia is playing with here?
09:03 Look at that. Yeah.
09:05 Would you like to see this? Oh, let's see.
09:08 Can I see? Yeah.
09:09 What do you have? I mean, look at that.
09:10 Oh, let's put it on you. I got some neat colors.
09:13 Here's light of all different colors you have.
09:15 Wow, you can see a lot with this.
09:17 There you go. Oh, look at Lesley, it's red.
09:22 That's a special light.
09:23 How about you Zen, Lesley, look at your light.
09:24 Is this the light, Farmer Manny?
09:26 Oh, you know that is so interesting.
09:29 I'm glad you saw this.
09:31 This is-- it'sactually a light.
09:34 It's an old light that we used to use it years ago
09:38 that it's run by kerosene.
09:40 Yeah, you can see. Isn't that neat?
09:42 Oh, Elia, come out here so we can see.
09:45 Do you know why God has given us light?
09:49 Yeah. Because so we can see.
09:51 It's so very important.
09:52 Now at night, do we have light at night?
09:54 No. No.
09:56 Unless we have a flashlight or a lantern.
09:59 But wait a minute-- Or if the moon comes out.
10:01 Yes, Aunty Linda. And stars.
10:03 And the stars as well.
10:04 Those are the other lights that God gave us.
10:07 You can use this.
10:08 You can turn it on and then you can use it like that.
10:10 So you can see on the ground.
10:12 That's right. That's right.
10:13 To see where you're working. And you know what?
10:15 At night when I come and check on the animals,
10:18 if there's a storm coming and it's very dark,
10:20 maybe the power goes out, I'll use one of those
10:23 flashlights to come and make sure that all the chickens
10:25 and our horses-- everything is okay.
10:29 What do you think? Cool.
10:31 Isn't that neat? I think that's so special.
10:34 It just makes me want to sing. Oh, yes.
10:41 I like to go to the barn Where the cows moo moo
10:45 I like to go to the barn Where the ducks quack quack
10:49 I like to go to the barn I like to go to the barn
10:53 I like to go to the barn And learn of Jesus
10:59 Well, thank you, Farmer Manny.
11:01 Can you give him back his lights?
11:03 Bye. We need to go now.
11:04 Thank you. Thank you.
11:06 Have a good day.
11:07 Thank you and you have a good day too, Farmer Manny.
11:09 There you go. Thank you.
11:11 All right. All right, let's go.
11:13 See you guys later.
11:14 Thank you, Savvy. Thank you, Savvy.
11:16 Take care. God bless you. Bye!
11:26 This is the last one.
11:28 And it goes right here and we're all done unpacking.
11:33 And I am tired. Pretty tiring job.
11:37 Someone's at the door.
11:39 I wonder who it could be? Who is it?
11:42 Hi, I'm Aunty Linda from the Tiny Tot Farm.
11:45 And we're the tiny tots.
11:48 We saw the barn down the road.
11:50 Come on in.
11:51 We wonder what that was all about.
11:53 Find a seat.
11:54 We just moved in and have finished packing, unpacking.
11:57 Well, we want to welcome you to the neighborhood.
11:59 We're so excited that you're here.
12:01 Well, thank you.
12:02 We saw your moving truck move in.
12:05 You got a violin? Can you play that?
12:06 Yeah.
12:07 Here, you want to sit on my lap?
12:09 What's your name? Maya.
12:11 Maya, pretty name.
12:13 And who is everybody? All right.
12:15 What's your name? My name is Tori.
12:17 What's your name?
12:18 My name is Mr. Billy and this is Miss Sharon.
12:21 Hi. Hi.
12:22 We're so glad to meet you.
12:24 Well, should we introduce the rest of the tiny tots?
12:27 Yes. And my name is Naomi.
12:29 And this is-- can you tell them your name?
12:32 What's you name? This is Loren.
12:35 And I'm Novella.
12:37 And this is Maya, I remember.
12:40 And I'm Ted. Okay, that's nice.
12:43 We're so happy to see all of you.
12:46 I think, Toy, you have something special for them?
12:50 It's a gift for you. Well, thank you.
12:53 It's a butterfly suncatcher.
12:55 We can put this in our garden.
12:56 Isn't it beautiful? It really is.
12:58 I like those colors.
13:00 Well, I know something else beautiful.
13:02 These three girls are gonna have a song.
13:04 Can you sing a song?
13:06 Naomi, you can help them sing.
13:07 Okay, let's sing.
13:09 Jesus loves me This I know
13:14 For the Bible tells me so
13:19 Little ones to Him belong
13:24 They are weak, but He is strong
13:28 Yes, Jesus loves me
13:34 Yes, Jesus loves me
13:38 Yes, Jesus loves me
13:42 The Bible tells me so
13:47 That was beautiful. Thank you.
13:48 I got that song on my violin.
13:50 You do? Really?
13:51 Would you play it for us? Yes.
13:53 All right.
14:46 Ted has been practicing. That's beautiful.
14:48 Thank you, Ted Thank you. Thank you.
14:50 Is that a piano? Yes, we have a piano.
14:52 I'm trying to learn how to play it.
14:53 But do you know how to play it? Yes.
14:55 You can? Well, let's hear it.
14:58 All right.
14:59 What do you gonna play, Naomi?
15:02 Have Thine own way. All right.
15:04 That's what we want, Jesus to do,
15:05 have His own way in our lives.
15:07 That's right.
15:11 She's really good.
15:14 Let me see how you do that.
15:44 That was beautiful.
15:46 Can you teach me how to do that?
15:47 Okay. Mr. Billy is gonna play.
15:49 So you put your pinky on the low part,
15:54 you put on the C and then your other hand,
15:58 this, on the high part, you put on the E.
16:00 You mean the keys have letters? Yes.
16:03 Wow. I might have to take more than one lesson.
16:10 Can you play it again for me? Okay.
16:12 Oh, yeah. One and two and three.
16:21 Three, one, two, three.
16:25 One, two, three, one--
16:28 You have to know how to count too?
16:31 To know the beats.
16:33 And know the beats? Hm-mmm.
16:34 This sounds like it's gonna be harder than I thought.
16:39 Continue.
16:42 I don't know what it was.
16:46 Can I just play it for you? Just play it for me.
16:48 Okay. I'll try to catch on.
16:51 I'll start over.
17:24 Look at that.
17:46 Terrific. That was beautiful.
17:49 Thank you, Naomi. Thank you.
17:51 You're welcome. Ye, can we clap?
17:52 Miss Sharon, these tiny tots are so talented.
17:57 Well, we love to share.
17:59 All around the neighborhood we love to share.
18:02 That kind of reminds me of a song, of verse 2 a song.
18:05 What song is that? Jesus loves you?
18:10 Yes, He does love you but I don't think that was a song.
18:13 Look, he's got his finger up. What song would that be?
18:16 This little light of mine. That's right.
18:18 Little light of mine, right.
18:20 All right. We sing it together.
18:22 Can we sing that together? Yes.
18:24 All right. All right.
18:25 This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine
18:32 This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine
18:38 Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine
18:43 This is what you guys do.
18:45 All around the neighborhood I'm gonna let it shine
18:52 All around the neighborhood I'm gonna let it shine
18:57 Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine
19:02 And we won't let Satan blow it out.
19:06 We won't let Satan blow it out I'm gonna let it shine
19:12 We won't let Satan blow it out I'm gonna let it shine
19:18 Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine
19:22 Let it shine till Jesus comes
19:25 Let it shine till Jesus comes I'm gonna let it shine
19:31 Let it shine till Jesus comes I'm gonna let it shine
19:36 Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine
19:41 Would it be all right if we pray with you?
19:44 Certainly, we love to pray.
19:45 All right, let's fold our hand and close your eyes
19:47 and Tori, would you pray?
19:49 Yeah.
19:50 Dear Jesus, thank you that we have our new neighbors
19:54 and we love them and we love You too, amen.
19:58 Amen. Amen!
20:00 We do love you already and we'll be excited,
20:04 can we come in and see you again?
20:05 We love that. Wonderful.
20:07 All right. Can you say goodbye?
20:09 Bye. Bye-bye.
20:11 Bye-bye. Bye.
20:12 God bless you. God bless you.
20:14 All right, kids, can you say, we'll see you later.
20:18 We'll see you later. See you later.
20:21 All right. Bye.
20:24 Bye-bye. Bye.
20:25 See you again real soon, tiny tots.
20:31 Shall we go for a walk today?
20:35 A walk today, a walk today
20:40 Shall we go for a walk today?
20:44 To see what God has given
20:48 Genie, I love being outside with you on the lake.
20:51 I love it out here too.
20:53 Do you guys like it? Yes!
20:55 What did you find? Say what you can find.
20:58 I can find in.
21:00 Well, put your net down and see what you can find.
21:01 I'm sure if you will find. Oh, look, over there, guys.
21:05 Look on our lily pads. Oh, there's a frog.
21:08 It's frog.
21:11 He's little. I know he's very little.
21:14 He's probably lucky he's sitting on that lily pad
21:16 because then he can rest.
21:19 Yeah.
21:20 But it was hard for him to jump up on that lily pad,
21:22 do you think?
21:23 Yeah. Yes.
21:24 Me too. It is just so nice out here.
21:27 Oh, look up there on the bank.
21:29 There's a turtle.
21:31 Can you see that turtle up there?
21:32 Oh, he's so cute. I know.
21:35 God just has so many things out here for us to look at.
21:39 I love all the things that God's created for us.
21:41 Can you think of some of the things
21:43 that God's created that live in the water?
21:45 Fish. Fish, that's right.
21:48 What else? Sharks.
21:50 We have sharks but not this kind of water.
21:52 Not this kind of water, in the ocean though.
21:54 That's a good guess. Whales.
21:56 Whales in the ocean.
21:58 What about snake sometimes?
22:03 Sometimes. Rhinoceroses.
22:05 Sometimes. Let's hope not.
22:07 Not in here though.
22:10 Look, there's moss growing down there.
22:12 Look at all that seaweed, that grows in there, doesn't it?
22:15 Oh, yeah, can you find some, Savvy?
22:18 Oh, what do you got? Oh, look at the seaweed.
22:21 Oh, that seaweed. Yes.
22:24 Do you know that, that makes a nest for the little--
22:26 a home and a place to hide for the fish?
22:28 Yeah.
22:29 Oh, what do you have in your net?
22:32 Look. Aw, green stuff, huh.
22:38 Moss. Look, moss.
22:40 Yeah. Ah, look at, anybody.
22:42 Enoch, Savvy.
22:43 There's some bubbles, I wonder where they came from.
22:45 Do you think there was a fish down there that we can't see?
22:47 You know, Miss Genie, God made not only the fish
22:51 and everything but like you said,
22:53 He made provision for them to be able to have nest
22:56 and how to-- the material to built in with.
22:59 He did, that is just so wonderful.
23:02 He is just always thinking about His creations.
23:05 And we get to enjoy it all. Yes, we do.
23:08 I just love to spend the day out here.
23:11 It's just so nice-- It's so peaceful.
23:12 It is. It's peaceful, it's nice.
23:15 I'm just so glad that God made all the great outdoors
23:19 for us to enjoy.
23:20 Me too!
23:22 Yeah, is it caught? There's a big one Savvy.
23:26 See if you can get that big one.
23:34 Do you know where our memory verse is found?
23:37 Genesis 1:1. That's right.
23:40 Now let's say it together.
23:42 "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."
23:48 Genesis 1:1. I like that.
23:53 What was created on the first day?
23:55 Light. Light, that's right.
23:57 And we're gonna sing about God's light
23:58 that come on our faces when we smile
24:01 that we can share its light.
24:02 I love this song. Get your lights.
24:03 Hey, get your lights. Get your light.
24:05 This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine
24:11 This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine
24:16 Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine
24:21 Hide it under a bushel? No
24:24 I'm gonna let it shine.
24:27 Hide it under a bushel? No
24:30 I'm gonna let it shine
24:32 Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine
24:36 Let it shine till Jesus comes
24:38 Let it shine till Jesus comes I'm gonna let it shine
24:44 Let it shine till Jesus comes I'm gonna let it shine
24:49 Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine
24:54 Oh, that song makes me happy.
24:56 Me too. Okay.
24:59 I have a song. You have a song Miss Cinda.
25:01 Let's see if you guys can guess it.
25:02 I'm gonna give you a hint.
25:05 She's sleeping. Okay.
25:07 That's right.
25:09 What is it? What song it might be--
25:11 Rise and shine. That's right.
25:15 All right, let's sing that one. And we'll sing it to twice.
25:19 Okay.
25:24 Rise and shine Shine like this
25:28 Rise and Shine
25:31 The light of the Lord
25:35 Is yours and mine
25:40 Throughout the day we love the mankind
25:47 It's up to us to
25:52 Rise and Shine
25:57 Oh, you know what?
25:58 The part I love is the rising and shining in the morning
26:00 is when the sun comes out and it's fresh.
26:03 I love that morning. Oh, I too.
26:06 Lovely morning light says, God made me.
26:09 Yes.
26:10 Lovely morning light says God made me
26:14 All the colors you can see
26:19 Lovely morning light says
26:22 God made me on the first day
26:30 Oh, let's thank Jesus for all that He does for us.
26:35 Havana, would you pray for us this time?
26:37 And let's kneel down, okay.
26:41 I will bend my knees
26:46 I will fold my hands
26:50 I will bow my head
26:55 I will close my eyes
26:59 And very, very quiet be
27:04 While the prayer is said
27:11 Jesus, thank you for the song in Jesus' name, amen.
27:17 Amen.
27:21 That's Mr. Rooster.
27:23 And that's all the time we have for today.
27:31 Our time together is over So we will have to go
27:37 Good bye, good bye Remember God loves you
27:43 Good bye, good bye Remember God loves you
27:51 Good bye.
27:58 We're tiny tots around the world
28:01 We're God's girls and boys
28:03 We live for Him around the world
28:06 We spread love and joy Like colors of the rainbow
28:11 We're shiny bright where we go
28:14 We're Tiny Tots around the world
28:16 We're God's girls and boys


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