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God Created Air

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Participants: Linda Johnson (Host)


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00:01 Eleanor? Eleanor?
00:04 There you are. Come, girl.
00:07 The tiny tots are here
00:09 and you don't want to miss worship.
00:11 It's gonna be an exiting day on the tiny tot farm.
00:20 We're tiny tots around the world
00:23 We're God's girls and boys
00:26 We live for Him around the world
00:28 We spread love and joy
00:31 We're colors of the rainbow
00:33 We're shiny bright where we go
00:36 We're tiny tots around the world
00:39 We're God's girls and boys
00:44 Oh, it's a wonderful day.
00:47 Are you ready for worship?
00:49 Yes. I'm too.
00:51 Eleanor is ready too. She ran and got in her bed.
00:54 She loves worship time.
00:56 Billy Boy, do you like worship time?
00:58 Oh, Billy Boy is getting excited.
01:00 Shall we ask him to ring the worship bell?
01:04 Billy Boy, you can ring the worship bell.
01:13 Worship Bell so sweet
01:15 Calling us to meet
01:17 With our Best Friend, Jesus
01:21 Come and worship here
01:23 Jesus will be near
01:25 Smiling when He sees us
01:31 Do you know what I have here?
01:32 A Bible. A Holy Bible.
01:34 A Holy Bible.
01:36 Do you know that holy means
01:38 that something very, very special.
01:41 Because God tells all about God in here,
01:44 in His word to us.
01:46 Genesis 1:8.
01:47 "And God called the firmament Heaven.
01:51 And the evening and the morning
01:54 were the second day."
01:57 I love how God does everything perfectly and in order.
02:02 What would have happened
02:03 if He would have animals and no air?
02:08 They would die. They would die.
02:09 Poor little Mr. Wiggles.
02:12 What would have happened to him?
02:14 Yes, he wouldn't have been able to,
02:15 to live and God knew that.
02:18 So first of all he made light
02:21 and then there was still water,
02:24 everything was water
02:26 and so God said let there be firmament
02:30 and that meant that He divided the water,
02:32 so all of a sudden there was a sky
02:35 and there were clouds in the sky.
02:38 And do you like the clouds?
02:40 Do you like partly look clouds?
02:41 Do you like looking at the clouds?
02:42 I do.
02:44 But with the clouds and God made air
02:46 so we could breathe.
02:48 What would happen if you couldn't breathe?
02:49 Take a big breathe. Hold it.
02:57 But we can go and we can breathe, can't we?
03:00 Because God made air to the plants
03:03 and the trees and animals
03:06 and everything need air.
03:07 Yes. They do.
03:08 Yes. I can breathe.
03:11 They do. Yes, that's right.
03:13 Everything needs air.
03:14 So you see how God does everything so perfectly
03:18 and He knew just what to make on what day
03:21 and just what was needed.
03:23 I love how God does that.
03:25 I love talking about creation
03:28 because when we look at creation
03:31 and how God did everything,
03:33 we see how much God loves us.
03:36 And what a great big powerful God we serve.
03:41 God is awesome.
03:43 Well, what do you like about the sky?
03:49 Have you been in an airplane before?
03:52 Yes. I have.
03:53 You have? Pop my ears.
03:56 I'm sure it does that.
03:58 Someday we're gonna ride on a cloud to heaven with Jesus
04:02 and it won't pop our ears there
04:05 because everything will be so wonderful
04:07 with Jesus there, won't it.
04:09 I think--
04:10 I want to ride on an angel.
04:11 You want the angel? To give you a ride?
04:15 I'm sure your angel will be glad to do that for you.
04:19 I love looking up in the sky
04:21 and just watching the clouds flouting by.
04:26 I know. Droopy snow looks like clouds.
04:29 Yes, it does. Yes, it does.
04:31 What about-- what else can we see in the sky?
04:34 Birds, the sun.
04:35 Well, there was no birds created on the second day.
04:37 We can see birds now.
04:39 But what else came? Sunset.
04:41 Sunset, that's right and sunrises and--
04:45 You can't look at the sun because you will be blind.
04:47 Well, the sun wasn't created on the second day,
04:49 so we would be kind of hard to do that too, wouldn't it?
04:52 Oh, yeah.
04:53 Well, I am excited that
04:55 Jesus had a perfect plan for us,
04:58 made this world,
04:59 made it so special for each one of us to enjoy.
05:03 I love Him so much.
05:05 Let's thank Jesus for all that He has done for us.
05:08 And, Tori, could you have a prayer for us
05:10 and just thank Jesus for making the air for us
05:13 and for all the things he created, okay?
05:16 All right, let's bow our heads and close our eyes.
05:20 Dear, Heavenly Father, please help us
05:24 to have a good day today
05:26 and please help the sun to come out
05:29 and thank You for all the creation
05:31 You made for us.
05:32 In Jesus, amen. Amen.
05:34 Amen.
05:35 I love Jesus.
05:38 I love having worship
05:39 so we can spend time with Jesus.
05:42 Me too.
05:51 Miss Cinda, what are we making today?
05:53 Oh, I've a surprise.
05:56 I love surprises. It must be something to eat.
06:00 Well, I'm gonna let you guess
06:02 because Aunt Linda has been talking about the firmament
06:07 and she's been talking about big fluffy clouds.
06:10 Pancakes.
06:12 You guessed it.
06:14 That's right.
06:15 We're making pancakes 'cuase I thought well,
06:18 they kind of look like big fluffy clouds.
06:21 Oh, yes.
06:23 Oh, let's turn this down, it's steaming little bit.
06:26 Now let's do safety first okay.
06:28 This is an electric skillet, so we've to have a cord here,
06:32 so don't trip over the cord and don't touch the skillet,
06:35 okay because it's hot.
06:36 Miss Cinda doesn't even touch the skillet okay.
06:38 Not me.
06:39 Not unless I have my handy dandy pot holder here.
06:47 Hello.
06:49 I'm on your hand than its okay to touch, okay.
06:53 So see that then, then that doesn't hurt itself.
06:55 But that's a mommy's jobber, a teacher's jobber.
06:58 You let an adult-- That's Cindy's job.
07:00 An adult help you okay.
07:02 But you can help mix up the ingredients.
07:06 Hey.
07:09 Okay, let's start.
07:11 Let's see, Tim, you can dump in our flour.
07:15 Take our flour bowl and you can dump in our flour.
07:19 Drop it, all in.
07:20 Oh, good job. That's a big tub.
07:23 Okay, Miss Tabitha,
07:25 how about if you jump dump in our corn starch?
07:29 Does anyone know why I'm putting corn starch in?
07:32 Because corn starch binds it together.
07:34 We don't have to have eggs.
07:36 So it's healthier for you.
07:38 And binds means it holds it together.
07:40 Isn't that a good idea?
07:42 Now let's put some baking powder in.
07:46 And would you like to put
07:48 a little bit of sweetener in there?
07:51 That's natural sweetener.
07:53 And then would you like to put in a little bit of salt?
07:58 And would you like to put in a little bit
08:02 of another kind of sweetener?
08:03 Good job, Tabitha. And let's see.
08:08 Now, would you like to stir it up for me?
08:11 Samantha is a good stirrer. Oh, Samantha.
08:13 You help your mommy, don't you?
08:16 Do you help your mommy cook?
08:18 Okay, stir it up real good
08:20 because we want to get that all mixed up
08:23 because I don't think we want to bite
08:26 into our fluffy pancake and it all be a lump assault.
08:30 Oh! Who wants that?
08:32 Oh, my that wouldn't taste good.
08:35 Oh, that looks good.
08:36 Okay, let's see.
08:40 How about if you pour in some vanilla?
08:44 Oh, I love vanilla.
08:45 Now let's make a little round
08:46 and you can pour it right in that little hole.
08:48 And would you like to pour in a little bit of our oil?
08:52 All right. Here.
08:54 And let's let Tim gets to do the first stir.
08:58 My God, you want a little-- You can stir just a little bit.
09:01 Oh, yes, that's pretty.
09:02 Just a little bit of milk in, okay.
09:05 This is a-- Soymilk.
09:07 Is it soy milk or rice milk?
09:08 It's rice. Rice milk.
09:11 You can use soymilk too if you want, okay.
09:13 That's okay.
09:14 So you can use whatever you drink.
09:16 Okay, and let's let Tabitha have a little bit.
09:19 Can you-- let's let Tabitha stir a little bit.
09:22 There you go. You want a little bit more in?
09:25 I'll hold the bowl for you,
09:26 how about-- little bit more, Auntie Linda?
09:28 I think so.
09:30 There you go.
09:31 All right. Oh, good job, Tabitha.
09:35 Okay.
09:37 Let's pass the bowl over.
09:40 Oh, she isn't got to do it yet.
09:41 Oh, yes, you want to stir it all up?
09:44 All right.
09:46 Do you help cook at home?
09:47 You do? What do you make?
09:51 Turkey's. Turkey's.
09:52 Oh, yeah.
09:54 Who else helps in the kitchen?
09:57 What do you make?
09:58 I make bread with my momma.
10:00 Oh, bread. What do you make?
10:03 Sometimes I make skewers and sometimes
10:06 I make bread and sometimes I make collard.
10:08 I make a lot of things with my mom.
10:10 Really? You would, its fun?
10:13 Yeah.
10:14 What do you make, Tim?
10:15 I make a lot of stuff.
10:17 Like what would be a lot of stuff?
10:20 Cakes.
10:25 Do you make--
10:26 Okay, let's ask Samantha to stir.
10:28 Pancakes. You would do?
10:30 Oh, so you already have learned
10:33 how to make them?
10:35 They are fun, aren't they?
10:36 Do you make them into different shapes?
10:38 Because when you drop the batter in
10:39 and you can make different shapes if you want,
10:41 did you know that?
10:43 Yes?
10:44 You can make a kitty cat or a bunny rabbit with ears.
10:52 How's it coming? Are we almost done?
10:54 We're just about there.
10:56 Oh, it's gonna taste so yummy.
11:02 Who likes-- what do you like to put on your pancakes?
11:04 Butter. Butter, what else?
11:06 Or else putting cream butter and then salt
11:08 and then sprinkle little bit of powder sugar on it.
11:12 Oh. What do you like on yours?
11:14 Syrup. Syrup?
11:16 And strawberry down that I much love.
11:19 That's what I was gonna say.
11:21 I like strawberries on mine. What did you put on yours?
11:24 Syrup and spray whip.
11:26 Oh, you know what else I like on mine?
11:30 I like apple sauce.
11:31 Oh, you know, that's good too.
11:33 I think I like lots of things on my pancakes.
11:36 I like blue berries too.
11:37 Well, Miss Cinda, do you think we're ready?
11:39 Oh, okay. Let's see.
11:41 Tabitha, I'm gonna let you--
11:44 Oh, we got little bit on the bottom.
11:45 Are you ready for the spray? Let's spray a little bit.
11:49 You know, who knows why we're spraying our pan.
11:51 Because then it don't stick to it.
11:53 Very good.
11:56 Okay, take and--
11:58 And watch your hands
11:59 so you don't get it on that hot stuff.
12:03 There's one for you.
12:07 And, Timothy, you want to walk over here,
12:09 Timothy, in that way you can do one too.
12:12 You can put yours right up here.
12:17 Put yours right in. Oh, they are good cooks.
12:21 Oh, wow.
12:25 They are getting fluffy, aren't they?
12:28 Just now I turn it down too low.
12:30 Okay, let's, let's Samantha do one.
12:33 Very good. Okay.
12:35 That's a fluffy one, Tim.
12:37 I'll hold it to make sure you don't touch the pan.
12:39 Always be really careful,
12:41 so you don't-- you can do more then that.
12:42 You can do whole--
12:44 are you gonna make a shape?
12:49 You might want to have a little bit
12:50 more batter on that, little bit more.
12:54 I have to make a round circle
12:56 and now make a bigger circle.
12:58 Okay. Is it a surprise?
13:01 Are you gonna tell us what you're making?
13:03 I want it to be a surprise.
13:06 I love surprises.
13:08 I do too. Me too.
13:09 You do too?
13:11 Okay.
13:13 Wow, that's a big surprise.
13:14 You want to come over and make one now?
13:16 Well, come on over and walk right over here.
13:17 Okay, look down, there you go.
13:21 That looks like a snowman.
13:22 How about if I hold you up like this?
13:24 Okay.
13:25 Auntie Linda, you want to flip some, flip them.
13:28 All right.
13:29 Let me come over here and get--
13:30 You might want to turn the heat down.
13:31 I keep getting it little bit. All right.
13:34 Oh, that looks yummy.
13:36 What are you making?
13:37 There's one.
13:40 And here's another one.
13:43 Very good. You did good job.
13:47 All right, let me get in here and get this one.
13:49 I don't-- this is the surprise.
13:51 What do you think it is? A cat.
13:53 Oh, oh. Get your cat back there.
13:56 Oh, oh, oh, it might be a snowman.
13:58 It is. Oh, I get it.
14:02 I already guessed it.
14:03 You already guessed it?
14:07 Isn't it fun to be in the kitchen?
14:09 Who likes to be in the kitchen?
14:10 Me.
14:11 Oh, anytime you can be in the kitchen, its fun.
14:22 They are so cute. What kind are they?
14:25 They are turkeys. They are baby turkeys.
14:28 That's right. What?
14:30 I got a cute turkey like that in our field.
14:33 Really? And you know what?
14:35 That's what they do.
14:36 These turkey's they live out in the field
14:38 and they love to eat bugs and--
14:41 Oh!
14:42 No, no, but not to them they love it.
14:45 And every once in a while you will see them
14:47 walking on the fields that the farmer
14:49 will have fresh wheat ploughed
14:51 looking for whatever is left.
14:53 Hay.
14:54 Yeah, that's right. Aren't they beautiful?
14:58 They sound like they are screeching.
15:00 They are. That's how the babies talk.
15:02 Do you see how soft and fuzzy on the top of their heads are?
15:05 Yeah.
15:07 Look at those feathers and their feet are big.
15:09 They are so cute. Aren't they cute?
15:12 You know, our God and He create everything perfect for us.
15:16 In the week of creative, He's created light and air
15:20 and oh, then He created all the trees and the earth.
15:24 And food. And food so we can live there.
15:27 See, look at there, he's sitting on my lap.
15:30 Oh. I think he likes you, Leslie.
15:33 I'm glad that God makes everything perfectly
15:36 in order to because if He would have made
15:39 these little turkeys first,
15:40 they won't have be able to live.
15:42 That's right. He had to make air first.
15:44 Exactly. You guys share okay.
15:46 Oh, aren't they cute? Oh, that's good.
15:47 They are. He likes you.
15:50 You see the food that they are eating?
15:52 That's, that's a baby turkey food.
15:54 They can't eat corn. It's not good for them.
15:57 Right now-- I know, yeah, I know.
16:00 He wants to eat. He does.
16:03 And we-- you know, what?
16:04 We've to take care of them
16:05 until they grew up and become strong.
16:06 Can I take home?
16:07 Yes, they are so little now.
16:10 But do they get really big? They get really big.
16:13 Their color turns to black and--
16:15 They are gonna be black? Yes, they are.
16:17 I mean, turkeys are all different sorts of colors.
16:20 They will get really tall and large.
16:23 And do you know what come out of their nose?
16:26 No, what is it? You know, what it is?
16:29 No. No.
16:30 A flap of skin called a snood.
16:34 And underneath their chin
16:36 they have what we call a wattle.
16:39 Isn't that neat?
16:42 And these are the turkey's.
16:45 Let's sing our song to the little turkey's.
16:47 Yes!
16:52 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo, moo
16:57 I like to go to the farm where the ducks quack, quack
17:01 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm
17:05 I like to go to the farm and learn of Jesus
17:11 Let's tell our little friends goodbye.
17:13 Turkey's, goodbye. Bye.
17:23 Honey, this is a really great neighborhood
17:27 and I love that we've moved here.
17:29 But you know, I've been kind of lonely
17:31 and I was thinking about those tiny tots
17:33 that came to see us last week.
17:35 Wasn't that great?
17:37 It sure was.
17:38 You know, I was thinking about going on vacation
17:40 but I sure hate to miss them.
17:42 If they did show up, you know, they sing,
17:44 they play instruments, it's so much fun.
17:48 Someone's at the door right now.
17:49 I wonder who it could be.
17:51 I hope he's not a salesman.
17:55 Hi, Mr. Billy.
17:56 Oh, wow, we're just talking about you guys.
18:00 Come on in.
18:01 Yeah, we were just talking about you guys
18:02 and here you are.
18:04 We're so glad you're here, oh.
18:07 Well, we were thinking about you,
18:08 Miss Sharon and Mr. Billy.
18:09 Oh, you kept your promise.
18:11 We love to come and see you.
18:13 In fact, Naomi has been working
18:16 on something special for you.
18:18 Do you like to play for her?
18:20 All right. She's gonna play.
18:21 We're hoping somebody will play for us.
18:24 Here we go, Sweetie.
19:12 Oh, that was wonderful.
19:15 And Jesus does love us.
19:17 Yes. Yes.
19:18 Sure brighten my day.
19:20 I'm so glad you played for us.
19:22 We've been talking about creation and kids,
19:27 what did Jesus make on the second day?
19:30 Air!
19:32 And Ted and Tim have a special song
19:35 about the wind for you.
19:36 Great.
19:41 Listen to the wind
19:47 Listen to the wind
19:50 Blow in the air and blowing in the tree tops
20:00 Listen to the wind
20:03 I love that song.
20:05 It was great. Great.
20:06 Let's-- can you sing it one more time
20:08 and we'll kind of hum or sing along with you?
20:11 All right.
20:16 Listen to the wind
20:22 Listen to the wind
20:25 Blowing in the tree tops
20:28 Blowing in the tree tops
20:34 Listen to the wind
20:39 That is great.
20:40 That was really nice. I like that.
20:42 Well, Tabitha and Tori,
20:44 do you remember our memory verse?
20:45 Yes. Yes.
20:46 Okay, will you share it?
20:48 "So God called the firmament Heaven.
20:53 The evening and the morning were the second day."
20:57 Genesis 1:8.
21:01 Yes, right. That's very good.
21:04 I'm so thankful for all that God has made for us.
21:08 He's such an awesome God
21:09 and He created so many wonderful things
21:11 for us to enjoy.
21:12 I'm certainly glad God created all you tiny tots.
21:16 We just enjoy having you over so much that
21:18 I can't describe it.
21:20 We love coming.
21:23 Well, I know they brighten my day.
21:25 Well, they brightens our day too.
21:28 We just want to take time right now
21:30 if it's okay with you to just thank Jesus
21:33 for all the things He created.
21:34 Of course.
21:36 And now, Novolia,
21:37 would you have a special prayer for us?
21:38 Sure.
21:40 Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for this day
21:43 and thank You for this wonderful time
21:45 You have given us
21:46 and spending time with neighbors
21:48 and thank You for our new neighbors
21:50 and that we can enjoy time with them.
21:54 And thank You for the time we spent in Your name, amen.
22:00 Amen.
22:03 Well, we're gonna need to get going.
22:05 So we'll come back again if that's okay?
22:08 You promise? Oh, yes.
22:09 All right, we're coming don't we?
22:11 And we'll have snacks next time.
22:12 Yeah! Bye!
22:13 Bye. Thanks so much.
22:15 Bye, bye. God bless you.
22:16 Thank you for coming. God bless you.
22:18 Bye. Bye!
22:19 Shall we go for a walk today
22:24 To see what God has given?
22:28 Linda, Auntie Linda.
22:33 What do you think Miss Jeannie,
22:35 is this a good spot?
22:36 Well, I think so.
22:38 Go ahead and throw them.
22:39 All right. Oh, yes.
22:41 You will get them.
22:43 Oh, you guys are beautiful.
22:44 Oh, what makes the airplane stay in the air,
22:47 do you know?
22:49 What makes them stay up there?
22:50 The wind. Air.
22:52 That's right.
22:54 Watch this.
22:56 Who made it? Watch this.
22:57 Who made the air? Jesus.
23:00 Jesus.
23:01 Right.
23:03 Oh, they are going everywhere.
23:07 Let me see.
23:08 Oh, that was a high one, Leslie, good job.
23:12 Wow.
23:14 All right, Havana.
23:15 What else flies in the air?
23:16 Wow.
23:17 A bird. Bird?
23:18 You're right. Birds, that's right.
23:21 Yes, and what about butterflies?
23:24 Yes. Yes, butterflies too.
23:26 A bird too.
23:28 All kinds of birds.
23:30 Can you throw yours, Christiana?
23:32 Can you throw your airplane?
23:33 It's okay, Eleanor.
23:34 See if you can throw yours, Nova.
23:36 Watch mine. Wow.
23:39 The god made the air for our planes
23:41 and for us to enjoy.
23:44 Me too.
23:49 Boys and girls, do you remember
23:51 what the memory verse was that
23:52 Auntie Linda taught us?
23:53 Genesis 1:8.
23:55 That's right.
23:56 Now who can say the verse?
23:58 It's so long I can't remember it.
24:01 It is long. I will help you, all right.
24:04 I'll say the verse and then you can say it after me.
24:06 Yeah, that's a good idea. All right.
24:10 "And God called the firmament Heaven."
24:13 "And God called the firmament Heaven."
24:16 "So the evening and the morning"
24:18 "So the evening and the morning"
24:20 "Were the second day."
24:22 "Were the second day."
24:25 Do you know what God made on the second day?
24:28 The air. That's right.
24:30 The firmament, its called air isn't it?
24:32 That's right. All right.
24:33 We're gonna sing a song about who can make the wind blow?
24:36 I'm sure I can't, can you? I can't.
24:39 I love that song.
24:40 Who can make the wind blow?
24:43 I'm sure I can't, can you?
24:47 Oh, who can make the wind blow?
24:50 No one but God is true
24:54 All right, let's sing it again.
24:56 Who can make the wind blow?
24:59 I'm sure I can't, can you?
25:02 Oh, who can make the wind blow?
25:06 No wonder God is true
25:10 And God has the whole world in His hands.
25:13 I love this song. I do too.
25:16 I do too.
25:17 He's got the whole world in His hands
25:22 He's got the whole world in His hands
25:26 He's got the whole world in His hands
25:31 He's got the whole world in His hands
25:35 He's got the wind and the rain
25:36 He's got the wind and the rain in His hands
25:41 He's got the wind and the rain in His hands
25:46 He's got the wind and the rain in His hands
25:50 He's got the whole world in His hands
25:54 What else does He have in His hands?
25:56 The babies. The babies.
25:57 He's got all the tiny tots in His hands.
26:00 Us too.
26:01 That's right He has you too.
26:04 He's got the little tiny babies in His hands
26:09 He's got the little tiny babies in His hands
26:13 He's got the little tiny babies in His hands
26:18 He's got the whole world in His hands
26:23 You know, I know a song about a fleecy little cloud.
26:27 Oh, let's sing that one.
26:28 Who wants to sing that one?
26:29 I do.
26:31 Okay.
26:32 Fleecy little cloud says, God made me
26:37 High up in the air so free
26:41 Fleecy little cloud says, God made me
26:46 On the second day
26:52 I did this. You did.
26:54 Well, Isaiah, would you pray for us.
26:56 Yes. All right.
26:58 Let's kneel down. Sing our song.
27:02 I will bend my knees
27:06 I will fold my hands
27:11 I will bow my head
27:14 I will close my eyes
27:18 And very, very quite be
27:23 While the prayer is said
27:27 The Father in heaven, thank you for this day.
27:30 Thank you for all You made for us
27:33 and thank you for the nice day.
27:36 We love you Jesus, amen.
27:37 Amen.
27:40 Oh, that's all the time
27:42 we have for today, boys and girls.
27:50 Our time together is over
27:53 So we will have to go
27:56 Goodbye, goodbye
28:00 Remember God loves you
28:02 Goodbye, goodbye
28:06 Remember God loves you
28:10 Goodbye!
28:17 We're tiny tots around the world
28:20 We're God's girls and boys
28:22 We live for Him around the world
28:25 We spread love and joy
28:27 We're colors of the rainbow
28:30 We're shiny bright where we go
28:33 We're tiny tots around the world
28:36 We're God's girls and boys


Revised 2015-01-15