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God Created Land & Sea

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Participants: Linda Johnson (Host)


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00:01 Eleanor? Eleanor?
00:04 There you are. Come, girl.
00:07 The tiny tots are here
00:09 and you don't want to miss worship.
00:11 It's gonna be an exiting day on the Tiny Tot Farm.
00:20 We're tiny tots around the world
00:23 We're God's girls and boys
00:25 We live for Him around the world
00:28 We spread love and joy
00:31 We're colors of the rainbow
00:33 We're shiny bright where we go
00:36 We're tiny tots around the world
00:39 We're God's girls and boys
00:44 I'm excited. It's worship time.
00:47 Are you ready for worship? Yes!
00:50 Let's ask Billy Boy
00:52 if he will ring the worship bell, okay.
00:54 Billy Boy, you can ring that worship bell.
01:04 Worship bell so sweet
01:06 Calling us to meet
01:08 With our best friend, Jesus
01:12 Come and worship here
01:14 Jesus will be near
01:16 Smiling when He sees us
01:22 Oh, I love coming to worship
01:24 and hearing about all the things.
01:26 that God has done for us.
01:27 And we're gonna talk about God's little world.
01:31 And what He created on the third day.
01:34 Do you know what our memory verse is?
01:37 Genesis 1:9.
01:41 "And God said, 'Let the let dry land appear'
01:47 and it was so."
01:51 So what did God make on the third day?
01:54 Samuel, do you know?
01:56 He made, he made mountains
01:58 and He made land and He made trees.
02:01 He made all kinds of flowers to blossoms.
02:06 Oh, I love flowers.
02:08 What kind of trees do you think He made?
02:11 He made apple trees. Orange trees.
02:13 Cherry trees. Cherry trees.
02:16 Oh, did He make the cedar tree? Yeah.
02:18 And the maple with all the pretty leaves.
02:22 And a lemon tree.
02:23 And the lemon. Oh.
02:25 And the sour lemon tree. Lemons are sour.
02:29 Are they? And apple.
02:31 I thought that had a steam way.
02:33 You did!
02:34 Well, we'll talk about God creating the steam ways too.
02:38 Well, what He planted in that land?
02:40 What kind of food did He make in the land?
02:42 Potatoes. Potatoes.
02:44 Tomatoes. Tomatoes.
02:47 Carrots. Corn.
02:48 Corn? Watermelons.
02:50 What kind, Savvy? Green beans?
02:55 Corn. Green carrots.
02:59 All kinds. Lettuce.
03:01 Lettuce, that's right. Cabbage.
03:04 Broccoli. Broccoli.
03:06 And watermelon. Watermelon?
03:09 And-- Brussels sprouts.
03:12 And apples. And grapes.
03:15 And apricots. That's right.
03:17 And, Samuel, how did God create this?
03:20 Did He just go and make a tree and form it up?
03:23 No. No?
03:24 How did He create it? He set it and itself.
03:27 Like how? What did He do?
03:29 He just said let the dry land appear and so--
03:34 So God just said,
03:35 let there be a tree and there was a tree?
03:40 God is powerful, isn't He?
03:43 He didn't even have tools and anything like we do.
03:46 We have to use stuff. Season stuff.
03:50 Yeah. Yeah.
03:52 But not God because God is great,
03:55 big and powerful, isn't He?
03:58 I can just say, let there be a tree.
04:03 And there's a tree.
04:04 And there's a tree. That's right.
04:07 Well, let's thank our great big God for all the things
04:11 that He made for us on the third day.
04:13 Tabitha, will you have a prayer for us?
04:16 Let's fold our hands and close our eyes.
04:20 Dear Jesus, I love the beautiful world You made.
04:24 I love you do Jesus so much, amen.
04:27 Amen. I love Jesus too.
04:31 And I love having worship
04:33 where we can tell Jesus that we love Him.
04:36 That's right.
04:47 Who can tell me what Aunt Linda has been talking about today?
04:50 Mountains.
04:51 Dirt. And trees.
04:54 Oh, dirt, yeah. They know the dirt.
05:00 And why is she been talking about that?
05:04 Because God made dirt. That's right.
05:06 Yes, He made our little world and on what day
05:09 did He make the mountains and the trees and the dirt?
05:12 Third day.
05:13 That's right it's the third day.
05:16 So I wanted you to remember what God created.
05:20 So today I thought we play in dirt.
05:24 Well, kind of. I like to play in the dirt.
05:28 Who likes to play in the dirt? Me.
05:30 And the sand. I love to play in sand.
05:32 Oh. Me too.
05:34 Well, today we're going to play kind of a play with our food.
05:40 Sometimes that's fun isn't it? It's fun.
05:45 So I have some cookie crumbs here
05:48 and some gram cracker crumbs here,
05:50 so we can pretend this is sand.
05:52 And doesn't that look like dirt?
05:54 Does that look like dirt to you all?
05:55 Yeah. No.
05:57 No? Does it smell like dirt?
05:59 No. No.
06:01 What do you think?
06:04 No? No?
06:06 Do you want to smell?
06:08 No, it doesn't but it's gonna be fun.
06:10 And you got some pudding.
06:12 And so we have some healthy pudding for you.
06:15 Oh, what is this, Miss Cinda? Oh, another question.
06:20 What lives in the dirt? Worms.
06:22 Well, Miss Cinda got you also little wiggling worms.
06:27 Do you think this one wiggles? No.
06:32 We all know that we shouldn't eat worms, right?
06:34 Yeah.
06:35 So these are just fun little fruit juice worms
06:39 so that just to be-- just to have fun.
06:43 So you're gonna each have a bucket.
06:45 Let's take-- give you guys each of little pale
06:49 and then you're gonna take and put some--
06:52 you can put cookie crumbs or gram cracker crumbs
06:54 for sand or for dirt.
06:56 Put that in first
06:58 and you can do both if you want.
07:01 And then you put some pudding in
07:02 and then little more crumbs and a little more pudding
07:05 and then what goes on top?
07:07 Worms. Oh.
07:10 You could even make your little wiggling worm
07:12 wiggled down inside your pot.
07:14 That will be fun, won't it?
07:16 Who likes to go outside and plant in the dirt?
07:19 Me.
07:20 What do you plant, Megan? I like to plant carrots.
07:24 Oh, and I like to eat carrots.
07:27 What's the favorite kind of tree?
07:29 As God made trees on the third day.
07:31 I like peaches.
07:32 You like peach trees? I like apple trees.
07:35 You like apple trees? Oh, and I like the apple too.
07:37 I like banana tree.
07:38 What do you like, Honey? Oh, you like banana trees?
07:42 I like maple trees. Me too.
07:44 And why do you think I'd like a maple tree?
07:48 Who can guess? Because they have maple syrup.
07:52 That's right.
07:53 Megan, you're smart. And it's good too.
07:59 Oh, and who likes to actually plant something?
08:02 Me.
08:04 What? And you plant carrots.
08:05 What do you plant, Lesley? Tomatoes.
08:08 Oh, I live tomatoes.
08:09 Does anybody else-- does anybody else
08:11 ever helped to plant a garden?
08:13 I have.
08:14 Have you? No?
08:16 Have you, Tori?
08:18 Have you helped to plant--
08:19 Have you helped to plant a flower?
08:21 I already plant banana. Yes.
08:24 We can plant flowers too. That's fun.
08:26 Did you know that there's also animals
08:28 that live in, in the dirt?
08:30 Yeah. Yeah.
08:31 Animals and bugs and lots of God's creatures.
08:39 There's some people too that live in mud houses
08:42 and they stay nice and warm in them.
08:44 That's right.
08:46 Aunty Linda is right about that.
08:48 Would you like to taste your now?
08:49 You can take a spoon out. Do you want to worm in this?
08:52 And you can actually eat yours if you want.
08:55 You want to try yours, Tori? Just pick one up.
08:57 There you go. Yeah.
08:59 Lesley, you can try yours when you're done too.
09:02 You can go ahead and try it. Tell us if it's good.
09:05 Is it good? Like really good?
09:10 Oh.
09:15 You like yours? Oh, Lesley likes it.
09:18 Did you try yours, Megan?
09:20 It is like chocolate. It does.
09:24 Well, you know what?
09:25 Who likes coming in the kitchen?
09:27 I do. I do.
09:29 And whenever your mommy or daddy says,
09:31 would you help me in the kitchen?
09:33 Who's gonna come running? Me.
09:35 Me. Me.
09:36 Because it's fun to be in the kitchen.
09:39 It is fun.
09:48 Farmer Manny, we're here.
09:50 Hi, boys and girls, welcome back to the farm.
09:54 Hey, can I ask you guys a question?
09:56 Come on, come on, come have a seat.
09:57 I love coming to the farm? Me too.
10:00 Really? Oh, I love you guys too.
10:04 What did God create on the third day?
10:07 Trees. That's right.
10:08 And what animals like to live on trees.
10:11 Squirrels. Squirrels.
10:13 Yes. You got it.
10:14 Can I show you a squirrel?
10:16 I got something here. I love surprises.
10:18 Step in here that Farmer Manny can sit there.
10:22 I want you to meet two babies
10:25 that I found near a fallen tree.
10:28 Jonah, could you help me and grab that over there,
10:31 so we can lay him on top.
10:33 Oh, Lesley is gonna help too. Wonderful.
10:36 Thank you, Lesley, good boy.
10:38 That makes Jesus happy when we're helpers.
10:40 It does. Oh, we need helpers.
10:42 Thank you, gentlemen. You guys are awesome.
10:45 Okay.
10:48 You know, these are little babies.
10:49 Oh, you got to see them.
10:51 Aren't they cute? Yeah.
10:54 And you know, I don't know what happened to their mommies
10:57 but we're-- I'm taking care of them now
11:00 because they can't really survive by themselves.
11:04 Do you know what they like to eat right now?
11:06 Squirrels. No, they like milk.
11:09 They are like babies so they have milk, right?
11:11 Exactly.
11:12 We don't give them all the nuts that they like to eat just yet.
11:15 We've to take care of them.
11:16 Oh, look he-- they love to climb.
11:17 Do they like little pieces of fruit?
11:19 That's right fruit and veggies. He likes to climb.
11:22 Oh, he wants to go all over the place.
11:23 Maybe he things you're a nice tree.
11:25 Yeah, I think he does.
11:28 No, the God made him to be able to climb.
11:30 You see how his claws are on my shirt.
11:33 See that.
11:35 Have you guys ever seen the squirrels climb?
11:37 Yes. I saw one.
11:40 I saw one in Tennessee in my backyard.
11:45 And guess what? What?
11:46 It was standing on my back porch.
11:50 Wow. They do that.
11:52 Farmer Manny? Yes.
11:54 We go to this-- It's like a camp.
11:58 So I was at the farming camp and they're like,
12:03 they are like classes for each kid.
12:05 Right, there's an age thing, so it was seven to ten
12:10 but I was just peeking in there
12:13 and while I was there there's a girl
12:17 she found this squirrel, she had it in here coat pocket.
12:21 It was so adorable.
12:23 Oh, really? A red squirrel.
12:25 A red squirrel.
12:26 Oh, you know, they come all different sorts of color.
12:29 They are brown, red. There's even black squirrels.
12:32 But can I ask you, boys and girls, a question?
12:35 What happens if you find
12:36 a little baby squirrel on the ground?
12:39 You go tell your momma and daddy.
12:41 Yes, that's exactly right. That's right.
12:44 You tell your parents or an adult
12:46 because little squirrels you shouldn't--
12:49 touch them or pick them up
12:50 because they can be sick and they can make you sick too.
12:53 So the best way to help them like God wants us
12:55 to help our creatures is to call an adult.
12:59 They can take care of them. And we could sing to them.
13:01 Would they like to hear our song?
13:02 Oh, I think they would love that.
13:04 All right.
13:07 I like to go to the barn with the cows, moo, moo
13:12 I like to go to the barn where the ducks quack, quack
13:16 I like to go to the barn, I like to go to the barn
13:20 I like to go to the barn and learn of Jesus
13:26 Well, thank you, Farmer Manny.
13:28 This was wonderful, wasn't it?
13:31 Okay, can we tell Farmer Manny good bye?
13:32 We have to go. Bye.
13:34 Bye. Good bye, squirrels.
13:36 Good bye. Thanks for visiting.
13:38 Bye, you're gonna take care. Thank you.
13:39 Come on, boys.
13:52 I thought when I bought this that,
13:54 I'll be able to teach myself how to play it.
13:57 I may sing grace songs sweet.
14:02 I think you need to take lessons.
14:05 I bought this piano, I can afford less.
14:09 Yeah. Yeah.
14:10 That is a lesson in impulse buying.
14:13 Someone's at the door. Oh, I think somebody is here.
14:15 Maybe it's the tiny tots. They came last week.
14:18 I hope they didn't hear me practicing.
14:20 Hello.
14:22 Wow, it's the tiny tots. So good to see you.
14:25 Good to see you. Come on, yeah.
14:26 Come on, yes. Hi, Mr. Belly.
14:28 Hi, how are you? We're so glad you came back.
14:31 Come and sit on my lap. No, that's it.
14:34 I think we'll sit right here.
14:35 All right. Right there.
14:37 There then, we're all comfortable.
14:39 Oh, it's been such a beautiful day
14:41 and we just thought we've got to go see our new neighbors.
14:44 Oh, we're so glad you did.
14:46 It's fun being here. It is.
14:48 Well, we have a surprise for you too.
14:53 We have Callie and Marion with us
14:56 and can you tell them where you live?
15:02 In the Philippines. In the Philippines.
15:05 Yes. Wow.
15:06 They are long ways from home.
15:07 They are long ways and they wanted to come
15:10 and be a part of Tiny Tots and come and visit you.
15:13 Oh, we're so glad.
15:15 Are you gonna sing for us or something?
15:17 Can you sing for them now? All right, go ahead, girls.
15:21 The world may try to satisfy
15:27 That longing in your soul
15:32 You may search the wide world over
15:37 But you'll be just as before
15:42 You'll never find true satisfaction
15:47 Until you've found the Lord
15:51 For only Jesus can satisfy your soul
16:00 Oh, wonderful. Amen.
16:03 It's true, only Jesus can make us happy.
16:06 That's right. Yeah.
16:07 Well, did we hear you playing the piano,
16:10 was it when we came up?
16:13 It could have been.
16:15 Well, Anna is leaning to play the piano too
16:18 and she taught herself how to play a song
16:22 and she even put a music.
16:23 Well, you put words to the song, didn't you?
16:26 Could you sing and play for us?
16:27 And you maybe need to take piano lessons.
16:30 I think you're right. I was saying that too.
16:42 One little candle shining for thee
16:49 Shining for thee
16:52 Shining for thee
16:55 One little candle shining for thee
17:01 Shining for thee
17:04 Shining for thee
17:07 Very good. Yes.
17:09 She can play with both hands.
17:12 Was there more to that song or you haven't learned it yet?
17:16 I only learned the first part.
17:18 You only learned the first part.
17:19 Well, maybe sometime you can come
17:21 and sing it again for them and play.
17:24 Would you like that?
17:25 Maybe-- maybe you could do piano lessons.
17:29 See, I think they aren't to something.
17:34 Well, Savvy, would you have a special prayer for us?
17:38 Sure. All right.
17:41 Dear Jesus, thank You for this day.
17:44 Thank You that you gave us a wonderful day.
17:47 Thank You that we have new neighbors in your name, amen.
17:51 Amen.
17:53 We've just enjoyed so much.
17:56 The times of coming over here and seeing you
17:59 and so glad you both have moved here.
18:02 We're too. It's fun.
18:04 I love it here. Me too.
18:06 Well, thank you. We like it too.
18:07 You know, you make it so nice when you come in.
18:09 There's that, we don't know a lot of people
18:11 yet, but we really enjoy you all.
18:15 Well, we'll have to introduce you sometime
18:17 to all the animals at the farm.
18:20 Oh, that would be great. I love farm animals.
18:23 Well, we have lots of different animals
18:26 and Farmer Manny would even like
18:28 to have you come and visit.
18:30 And Miss Cinda makes some pretty good things
18:34 in the kitchen.
18:35 Maybe sometime we can make them something's.
18:38 Would you like that? Yeah.
18:40 Yeah, we'll talk to Miss Cinda about that.
18:43 Well, we have to go now
18:44 and it would be all right if we come again?
18:47 Yes, yes, yes. Sure.
18:48 All right.
18:49 Well, we love you guys and we'll see you again.
18:52 Please can you say good bye.
18:53 Bye-bye. Bye.
18:55 Have a good day. God bless you.
18:58 Bye.
18:59 Bye. Bye.
19:05 Shall we go for a walk today?
19:09 A walk today, a walk today
19:13 Shall we go for a walk today?
19:17 To see what God has given
19:22 Oh, you guys are doing such a great job, raking.
19:25 We love helping, don't we?
19:27 I'm so glad. Yes.
19:29 When you get it, all we got of the way.
19:32 We'll plant a tree.
19:33 Oh, what kind of tree do you think she's gonna plant?
19:36 A peach tree.
19:37 Apple tree. An apple tree?
19:39 Is that a peach or an apple tree?
19:41 It's not a peach or an apple tree.
19:43 Pineapple tree. A pineapple tree?
19:44 No, pineapples I don't think grow on trees.
19:46 I think they grow on a plant. Yeah.
19:48 Well, that's a good guess though.
19:49 It was. It was a good one.
19:51 How about pecans? Yeah.
19:54 Who likes pecans? I do.
19:57 All right. All right.
19:58 Okay, let's see. All right.
19:59 Let's come over here
20:00 so Miss Jeannie has room for her.
20:01 Yeah, let's go.
20:03 You guys break it all over there.
20:05 Here, let's put it right over here.
20:07 Its all-- All right, I'll help to.
20:08 Its all clear right there.
20:09 Let's put it right there.
20:10 Good job. All right.
20:12 Break all the little bits.
20:14 Okay, that's good. All right.
20:15 Hey, who likes pecans? Me.
20:18 You want popcorn? Oh.
20:21 Here, let me-- let me put your rake over here, sweetie.
20:24 You want, Lesley? No, thank you.
20:25 There, there we don't need them anymore.
20:27 You want one. Yes, one.
20:29 Oh, you drop here.
20:30 I'll give you another one, here.
20:31 The birdies can eat that one or the squirrels--
20:33 Do you want one? No.
20:34 Okay. No?
20:35 You want one, babe? Here you go.
20:37 All right, look at that.
20:38 Isn't that wonderful that God gave us a tree
20:42 and it also gives us fruit
20:44 and it gives the squirrel's food,
20:46 the animal's food and a place for nest
20:49 so that they will have a home?
20:51 Okay, let's get this--
20:52 I'm so glad Jesus made the trees.
20:54 I am too.
20:55 He made us so many wonderful things.
20:56 Will you hold this please? I will.
20:58 And let me dig this hole right here
20:59 and we'll get that in the ground.
21:00 Stand right here honey, so we can see her watch it.
21:04 Oh, yeah, we can see her do it, yes.
21:06 We get it all out of here.
21:08 Oh, that's a-- you're making a deep hole.
21:10 I've to make a deep hole
21:12 because we've to put all the roots down in the dirt
21:16 so that they can eat and the tree can grow.
21:19 And as it grows the roots go
21:20 even further down in the ground.
21:23 Isn't that wonderful that God made them that way?
21:25 I'm glad Jesus made the dirt.
21:27 Oh, there's a worm. Oh, there was a worm.
21:30 Yep. Oh, look at that.
21:32 Okay, maybe that hole is big enough now.
21:34 Let's get the tree and put it in there.
21:38 All right. Lay that down.
21:40 Don't anybody step on--
21:41 Oh, thank you, guys, for being such good helpers.
21:44 It's really heavy isn't it? Yeah.
21:47 Okay, we got to dump it out here.
21:50 See the roots are coming out of the bottom even.
21:54 Yeah. Wow.
21:55 You see the roots?
21:57 Yeah. Oh, wow.
21:58 The roots go down in the ground
22:00 and that's where it gets all the good stuff
22:02 for the tree to grow.
22:03 All right.
22:07 Look at that. There's a shell.
22:09 Oh, wow, that is nice, Miss. Jeannie.
22:11 There's nut in there? There was a nut in there.
22:14 There used to be a nut in there.
22:16 Look, this one kind of rotted
22:18 and from that nut there was in here,
22:20 we could get food and we could get more trees.
22:23 I love pecan.
22:24 Do you? So I.
22:26 Me too. That's awesome.
22:28 I'm just so glad that God gave us
22:31 all these wonderful things to enjoy outside.
22:34 Me too. Me too.
22:42 Aunty Linda,
22:43 what was the memory verse again, I forgot.
22:46 Well, that's okay, Lesley.
22:48 We can practice it right now.
22:51 And it's good to practice.
22:52 That's right.
22:53 Genesis 1:9. Genesis 1:9.
22:57 "Then God said" "Then God said"
23:01 "Let the dry land appear" "Let the dry land appear"
23:05 "And it was so." "And it was so."
23:08 So what did God create on the third day?
23:11 Trees. Trees.
23:14 Mountains. And that trees were singing.
23:16 He created flowers. Yes.
23:18 Flowers? A dry land.
23:20 Yeah, it's right and mountains.
23:22 That's right. He made a plant.
23:25 That He made food too?
23:26 Yes. Yep.
23:28 You guys, I have a song that I love to sing.
23:29 "The trees are gently swaying."
23:32 How did you know that's the song I like to sing?
23:36 You must like to sing it too. I like it too.
23:40 The trees are gently swaying, swaying, swaying
23:46 The trees are gently swaying, showing God's great love
23:53 Let's do that one more time. Okay.
23:55 The trees are gently swaying, swaying, swaying
24:02 The trees are gently swaying, showing God's great love
24:09 Oh, that's great.
24:11 You know, I'm so glad because at the farm
24:13 we've wonderful trees and mountains.
24:16 We've all these really good things
24:17 that we're glad for it.
24:18 Let's, why don't we sing that song.
24:20 I love that song. Oh, I like that too.
24:23 We're glad today, we're glad today
24:27 For the land we're glad today
24:31 Thank you, God in heaven
24:36 We're glad today, we're glad today
24:41 For the trees we're glad today
24:44 Thank you, God in heaven
24:50 We're glad today, we're glad today
24:54 For the mountains we're glad today
24:59 Thank you, God in heaven
25:04 All right.
25:05 I do love that song. Yeah, me too.
25:07 And I love how God made our great big wonderful world.
25:12 Let's sing about that. Okay.
25:15 God made our wonderful world
25:19 God made our wonderful world
25:24 He made all the trees
25:26 He made all the flowers
25:28 God made our wonderful world
25:33 Let's sing that one again. Yes.
25:35 God made our wonderful world
25:40 God made our wonderful world
25:44 He made all the trees
25:47 He made all the flowers
25:49 God made our wonderful world
25:55 And He is an awesome God. He does so many things for us.
25:59 I just love Him so much.
26:01 I do too. I do too.
26:03 And you know Jesus loves it when we sing.
26:06 Did you know that it makes Jesus happy
26:08 when He hears all of you singing?
26:11 I think the angels like to sing with us.
26:13 I think so too. I think so too.
26:16 They have got to up in heaven singing,
26:17 enjoying with us with a beautiful,
26:19 and joy choir.
26:20 That's right. I love Jesus.
26:23 Do you love Jesus? Yes.
26:25 Aren't you glad He made the land
26:28 and the trees and the mountains
26:29 and all the things for us to enjoy?
26:31 Yes. Well, let's thank Him.
26:33 And Loreal, can you have a special prayer for us.
26:36 Okay, we're gonna sing our prayer song.
26:39 Let's pray.
26:41 I will bend my knees
26:46 I will fold my hands
26:50 I will bow my head
26:54 I will close my eyes
26:58 And very, very quiet be
27:04 while the prayer is said
27:10 Dear Jesus, thank You for the waters.
27:13 Thank You for the land. Thank You for the trees.
27:17 Thank You for the whole world.
27:19 Thank You that You made us, amen.
27:21 Amen.
27:24 Oh, that's Mr. Rooster he says
27:26 that's all the time we have for today.
27:28 Boys and girls, wasn't it a wonderful day?
27:30 Yeah.
27:37 Our time together is over so we will have to go
27:43 Good bye, good bye, remember God loves you
27:49 Good bye, good bye, remember God loves you
27:56 Good bye.
28:03 We're tiny tots around the world
28:06 We're God's girls and boys
28:08 We live for Him around the world
28:11 We spread love and joy
28:13 We're colors of the rainbow
28:16 We're shiny bright where we go
28:19 We're tiny tots around the world
28:21 We're God's girls and boys


Revised 2015-01-15