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God Created Flowers

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00:01 Eleanor? Eleanor?
00:04 There you are. Come, girl.
00:07 The tiny tots are here
00:09 and you don't want to miss worship.
00:12 Its gonna be an exiting day on the tiny tot farm.
00:20 We're tiny tots around the world
00:23 We're God's girls and boys
00:26 We live for Him around the world
00:28 We spread love and joy
00:31 We're colors of the rainbow
00:33 We're shiny bright where we go
00:36 We're tiny tots around the world
00:39 We're God's girls and boys
00:46 I love all the things that God's made up there.
00:49 Flowers and trees and-- are you ready for worship?
00:53 Yes! We love worship.
00:56 I love worship too.
00:58 Billy Boy, are you ready for worship?
00:59 Do you like worship? Oh, Billy Boy does.
01:06 Oh, somebody's at the door, wonder who can it be.
01:09 Hello, Cinda. Oh, hello.
01:11 I have a gift for you. Its Nadia and Sophia.
01:13 Hello, Nadia. Hello, Sophia.
01:16 Thank you so much.
01:18 Would you stay for worship?
01:19 Sure. We would like to.
01:20 Oh, you will love it. Oh, come in.
01:22 We love worship.
01:24 Don't we kids? Yes!
01:26 And its time to ask Billy Boy to ring that worship bell.
01:29 So let's ask him.
01:31 Billy Boy, you can ring the worship bell.
01:37 We might be singing a song too.
01:41 Worship Bell so sweet
01:43 Calling us to meet
01:45 With our Best Friend, Jesus
01:49 Come and worship here
01:51 Jesus will be near
01:53 Smiling when He sees us
01:59 Jesus is smiling when He sees us at worship.
02:03 Oh, Nadia, I'm so glad that you and Sophia came today
02:07 because Aunt Linda is talking about creation.
02:12 Oh, wow. Yes.
02:13 Let's start out by with our memory verse, okay?
02:17 Genesis 1:12, 13.
02:21 Genesis 1:12, 13.
02:25 "And God saw that it was good." "And God saw that it was good."
02:31 "And the evening and the morning"
02:33 "And the evening and the morning"
02:36 "were the third day." "were the third day."
02:41 God made lots of wonderful things.
02:43 And on the first day what did He make?
02:46 Light.
02:47 He made the day time and the night time.
02:49 What did He make on the second day?
02:52 Air.
02:54 What's in the sky?
02:56 Clouds. Fluffy clouds.
02:57 That's right, fluffy clouds.
02:59 Now He made something special on the third day.
03:03 Flowers. Flowers.
03:05 Yeah, good. Right.
03:06 Oh, and I love flowers.
03:08 Thank you for the flowers.
03:10 This was the good day to bring them.
03:12 You are welcome.
03:13 That's what we are talking about.
03:15 And God loves flowers.
03:17 He knew that we would love flowers too
03:20 and He wanted to put lots of color on the earth.
03:24 What colors do you like? Purple, pink and blue.
03:27 Purple, pink and blue. Green.
03:29 You like green. Oh, I do too.
03:31 Jonah likes green. I like pink, brown and bluish.
03:36 Leslie, oh, those are pretty colors too.
03:39 And Noah, what you like? Red, green and blue.
03:43 Novolia, what do you like? Purple, pink and blue.
03:46 What's some other colors that God made?
03:48 Well, yellow.
03:50 Red. Red.
03:53 Miss. Nadia is from Russia.
03:56 Do you have lots of flowers in Russia?
03:58 We have a lot of flowers
03:59 and my favorite flower is daisy.
04:01 Oh, I like Daisy.
04:03 Oh, when said let there be flowers
04:07 there were flowers and He say that it was very, very good.
04:12 What are some of your favorite flowers?
04:14 Dandelion. You like dandelion.
04:17 I like roses. Roses.
04:20 I like wild Phlox. I too.
04:24 And our sis's? Oh, they are those--
04:26 Our sis's, they look like little baby daffodils.
04:31 Kind of.
04:32 I love all the different kinds of things that God made for us.
04:36 Novolia, what's your favorite flower?
04:38 Daffodils. Oh, they are beautiful.
04:41 I like Dandelions. And they are beautiful too.
04:44 And I'm so thankful that Jesus made
04:46 all the wonderful things for us to enjoy.
04:49 Let's bow our heads and thank Him.
04:51 Leslie, would you have a special prayer
04:53 thanking Jesus for the special flowers
04:55 He made for us?
04:56 Yes.
04:58 Dear Jesus, thank You for all the precious flowers
05:02 You made for us and thank You that you are our God, amen.
05:06 Amen.
05:08 I love Jesus. I do too.
05:18 Miss. Cinda, what are we doing today?
05:20 Oh, Tabitha, I'm so glad you asked me.
05:23 I was so excited when I heard Aunt Linda
05:27 talking about flowers because I love flowers.
05:32 I love flowers too. Who loves flowers?
05:34 Miss. Linda, I know flower that a food of whenever I want to.
05:40 Do you know the name of it? No.
05:43 We'll have to find the name of it.
05:46 Oh, yeah.
05:48 I know the flowers you are talking about.
05:51 What's that one? I think it was Daisy's.
05:57 Oh, well, I don't know what she is talking about
06:01 but I have a fun cracked with flowers for you today.
06:05 Hey!
06:07 I'm allergic to some kind of flower
06:11 which is those tall pink flowers.
06:13 You are allergic?
06:14 Did you get a rash and it scratches?
06:17 No. No, what happens?
06:20 It's just that I don't like them.
06:24 Well, that's a good thing to have allergy.
06:26 Do you sneeze?
06:28 No. No.
06:29 You just don't like them, okay.
06:31 Okay, everybody gets a little flower pot
06:34 and Miss. Cinda has taken-- this is called--
06:36 anyone know what this is called?
06:38 Sandpaper? No, not sandpaper but it is--
06:40 Foam. That's a good guess, Debbie.
06:42 It is-- its called floral sponge
06:45 and see you can put stuff in it
06:49 and so you can push down and push stuff in it.
06:51 So I have cut you each a piece and I want you to take it
06:56 and put it in your pot like this
06:58 and push it down just a little bit.
07:01 And then I'm gonna give you each a piece of moss
07:05 and put some moss on top and you kind of curve it
07:07 around to fit on your pot, okay.
07:10 See look Miss. Cinda will show you.
07:11 Kind of go like-- see how I set it in the pot.
07:14 Isn't that cool?
07:16 That's moss and thank you, Aunt Linda.
07:19 And did you get some, Ted?
07:21 Okay, and then I'm gonna let you
07:24 each choose a color of a pencil.
07:27 Push it in. Go like that.
07:30 Okay. Okay, there you go.
07:33 Tabitha, Samantha, what would you like?
07:38 Its a hard decision because you like all kinds.
07:41 Okay, Laine, what kind? What color?
07:46 Oh, there you go. Now Ted's got one.
07:49 You know, Miss. Cinda, why I--
07:50 one reason I like flowers so much
07:52 because I like to pick some, take them to neighbor
07:56 and then watch them smile.
07:58 Oh, you know, what, I let give you mine
08:01 and you can take it to the neighbor today.
08:03 All right.
08:04 Okay, I think I'm gonna choose green.
08:07 Okay, everybody choose a flower.
08:09 We're gonna let this side choose first this time.
08:11 Can I have a green pencil?
08:13 Oh, sure. I'll get you.
08:15 Here you can take mine. Oh, there you go.
08:19 Seve, what flower would you like?
08:21 You can have pink.
08:22 And then peel the-- there's a little sticky on the back
08:25 but peel the little-- peel the little label off.
08:27 Here's you want-- what color do you want flower?
08:30 Pink.
08:31 Is there a little sticky right there?
08:33 See, pull that little paper off
08:35 and then stick it on the top of your pencil like this.
08:38 Like on the eraser? Yep, stick it on the eraser.
08:42 I think I'm gonna do for our neighbor,
08:44 I think I'm gonna do pink.
08:46 Oh, ready, push it. And go like this.
08:51 And stick there on the top
08:55 and then push it really gently down into your foam.
08:58 Can you push it down into the foam?
09:01 Let me help you. See, isn't that pretty, look.
09:04 Oh, that is really pretty. Very good.
09:08 Now push it into your foam.
09:11 Now that's a easy way to make a flower, isn't it?
09:13 Isn't that pretty?
09:15 Well, you know what,
09:16 and if your flower doesn't stick good
09:18 we can get some glue for you, okay.
09:21 There you go. See my flower.
09:23 Oh, I love it.
09:25 If you are gonna plant flowers
09:28 what flower would you plant, Seve?
09:31 I know, it wouldn't be daisies.
09:36 Dandelions. You plant dandelions.
09:39 Well, you know what, I think dandelions are pretty.
09:41 I probably would do I could pick them
09:44 and throw the seeds off.
09:47 You like that.
09:48 Oh, those are dandelion crops. Oh, that's right.
09:52 Now, Laine, what would you plant?
09:54 What kind of flower? How about a rose?
09:58 Do you like roses? Or a big sunflower.
10:02 That's what my brother would plant.
10:04 He would.
10:05 He's always planting them each summer.
10:07 Oh, I like sunflowers seeds too.
10:10 Samantha, what flower would you plant?
10:14 I will probably plant lily of the valley.
10:18 Lily of the valley and it smells good.
10:19 Tabitha, what would you plant?
10:20 We have wild rose in the backyard
10:22 by our pool side and it smells so good.
10:26 I love them too. I would plant lilacs and--
10:30 I was just gonna say lilacs. I love lilacs.
10:35 You know, I love it
10:36 when you kids come to the kitchen
10:38 because you know what, anytime you can be in the kitchen.
10:42 I love cooking in the kitchen
10:43 every time I go in the kitchen.
10:44 I know because anytime its fun to be in the kitchen.
10:56 Auntie Linda, this is great because you are telling about
10:59 something very special today, aren't you?
11:01 I was talking about how God created our world
11:04 and He made something special on the third day.
11:06 Flowers! That's right.
11:09 Oh, that is so exciting
11:10 because we have flowers today to plant.
11:13 Would you help me to plant them?
11:14 Yes. Okay.
11:16 Everybody has a shovel and the buckets?
11:21 This is how you plant the flowers.
11:22 You take some dirt and you will take some dirt
11:26 and you put it into the bucket halfway.
11:30 Let's see.
11:31 You want a bucket? So cute.
11:32 Okay, keep going. All right.
11:35 You didn't have a bucket.
11:36 Thank you. Good job.
11:37 You're-- don't fill it all the way
11:39 yet, you want to go halfway like mine.
11:43 Okay, you got it.
11:44 Like this. Yeah.
11:45 Okay, yes, you got it. You got it, good job.
11:48 Okay, looks like all of you have it.
11:50 Now that you have it halfway would you come over here?
11:55 We're gonna take a flower and you get to take these home.
11:59 Can I get a pink? Would you like the pink?
12:01 Yes, sure we have yellow flower.
12:04 Who would like yellow flower? Oh, here you go.
12:07 Who would like a purple flower? Me.
12:11 Okay, here we go purple flower.
12:14 And what you do with the flower--
12:15 Oh, that ready, Farmer Manny. Oh, they are beautiful.
12:19 What I love that God-- You can put some flowers.
12:22 May I have one of that?
12:24 Yes, you may. There you go.
12:25 We have to water these every day.
12:27 There you go.
12:29 You know, what, you want to put some water in them.
12:31 That's right.
12:32 You know, I love our God--
12:34 there you go you put them and they will grow quickly.
12:36 Can I have a purple one?
12:37 Yeah, you may have a purple one.
12:38 Here we gonna see if we can find that purple one
12:40 and what you do is that you will put it in here.
12:42 Let me take that out
12:43 and now you want to fill it up with dirt.
12:47 Now you can fill the rest of that tub up with dirt.
12:49 Who doesn't have any flowers?
12:50 Everybody? I don't.
12:51 Oh, what color would you like? That one.
12:54 All right, that's a good one. Oh, that's beautiful.
12:58 You know, I love Auntie Linda is that God is so creative.
13:01 He created so many wonderful colors.
13:04 Would you like to put more dirt?
13:06 Now that you have a flower
13:08 you put it on top of the dirt that you already have
13:11 and then you fill the rest up with dirt like this.
13:14 Oh, you are doing a good job.
13:16 All of you guys are really, really good.
13:18 I know, yes. Here we go.
13:22 All right, keep it up.
13:24 You're doing great. Oh, yes.
13:27 You want to put dirt around the flower not on top of it.
13:30 Farmer Manny, if we get it on it
13:33 do we just push it up into the tin.
13:35 Yeah, you can brush it off.
13:39 Do you help your mommy's or daddy's plant at the home.
13:42 Yeah. Yeah.
13:43 What happens if the flowers die?
13:46 You know, sometimes they do die,
13:49 we can put it back in the garden
13:50 and it can be compost or fertilizer.
13:54 Here we go.
13:55 Now when you guys are done and your pots look like this
14:00 we need to water them, don't we?
14:02 Yes.
14:03 Okay, let's see. Are you done?
14:06 Hey, Jonah, you look like you are done.
14:08 Let's get some of the water. All right.
14:11 Here's some water, farmer Manny.
14:12 Here we go, here's some water.
14:15 We got a little bit more water. This one for you.
14:16 And you water a little bit of them.
14:18 Can water the flowers.
14:20 Can water the flowers. Thank you, Auntie Linda.
14:21 Would you like that one?
14:22 There you go. Okay.
14:25 Farmer Manny, this looks like its done.
14:28 Let's see. Oh, good job.
14:30 You have that green-- good job.
14:33 And do you guys want to see how I water the plants?
14:36 You take a little bit of water and you just spray it over.
14:40 You don't need much at first see.
14:43 Just to wet the top.
14:45 Isn't that great? That makes me so happy.
14:47 I just want to sing our song. Oh, yeah, let's sing.
14:54 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo, moo
14:58 I like to go to the farm where the ducks quack, quack
15:02 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm
15:06 I like to go to the farm and learn of Jesus
15:12 Oh, thank you, Farmer Manny. You are welcome.
15:15 So we can take these with? You can.
15:18 All right, let's take our plants.
15:20 Are you ready to go? Yes.
15:21 Don't forget to water them and give them good sun, okay.
15:24 We will.
15:26 Beautiful. Oh, you did a good job.
15:28 Have a great day. All right.
15:37 This is your best batch yet.
15:39 Well, you can have that one
15:41 but I don't want you eating all of these.
15:44 Auntie Linda called and she said that
15:46 she is brining the tiny tots over
15:47 so I made these especially for them.
15:50 Okay, I'll save them for them.
15:52 I love it when they visit
15:53 and come and play their instruments
15:54 and sing their songs.
15:56 That just bites my day. Oh, I think that's them now.
16:03 Hello. Hi!
16:05 And we waited, we are waiting for you.
16:08 What you got there?
16:09 A violin, I want to play a song for you.
16:12 That will be great. Come on in and sit down.
16:18 You have something? Yeah.
16:19 Oh, for me? For you, Miss Sharon.
16:21 Thank you, Tori.
16:23 Yes, Tori made this
16:25 in the kitchen with Miss. Cinda.
16:27 Oh, wow.
16:29 And what have been talking about today?
16:32 Flowers. Flowers.
16:34 And God made them on what day?
16:36 The third day.
16:39 Our hymn and Jesus our creator.
16:42 Well, we have a song about-- not a song
16:44 but you guys have a poem, don't you, about baby Jesus.
16:48 All right, can you stand up and sing it right here, or say.
16:52 There you go.
16:54 Clop, clop, clop went the donkey's feet
16:58 Clop, clop, clop down the stoney street
17:03 Knock, knock, knock went Joseph at the door
17:07 No, no, no, there's no room for no more
17:11 Nod, nod, nod went Mary's head
17:14 She was so tired, and she needed a bed
17:17 Wait, wait, wait, the innkeeper said
17:21 You can use my stable for a bed
17:27 Oh, that's good. Wow.
17:29 This is about Joseph and Mary. That's about Joseph and Mary.
17:33 Well, I'm so thankful
17:35 that Jesus made all the little children.
17:38 He loves the children so much.
17:41 And you have a special Ted, don't you about
17:44 how Jesus loves the little children.
17:46 Can you play it?
18:30 Jesus does love the little children.
18:33 Doesn't He? And I hope the big ones too.
18:35 Yes, He loves the big-- does Jesus love the big, kids?
18:38 Yes. Yes, He loves the big kids.
18:42 Well, Naomi, you been working on a song
18:44 for Mr. Billy and Miss. Sharon.
18:47 Would you play it for them?
18:48 Okay. Oh, great.
18:50 I wonder what she is gonna play for us.
18:52 Let's see. It's going to be good.
19:21 That was beautiful.
19:23 Thank you. We will pray, right.
19:25 We all need prayer
19:26 and I'm gonna have to take those lessons.
19:29 That's right.
19:30 Thank you, Naomi, that was special.
19:33 Yes, very. Thank you.
19:36 Well, we have had so much fun coming over to see you.
19:40 We've had so much enjoyment having you come.
19:45 Can you kids tell her some of the fun things
19:47 that you like to do?
19:49 Do you like to pick flowers? Yes.
19:53 My mom loves flowers. Loves flowers.
19:56 Yeah, I like to pick them for her.
19:58 Oh, well, let's thank Jesus for the flowers.
20:00 Naomi, will you thank Jesus for giving us
20:03 so many wonderful things?
20:04 Let's close our eyes.
20:06 Dear Heavenly Father,
20:08 thank You for letting us have wonderful thing grant to us.
20:12 Thank You for letting us have good neighbors
20:16 and thank You for making flowers and beautiful things.
20:21 In Jesus name we pray, amen. Amen.
20:25 Well, we are gonna have to go.
20:27 Oh, before you go
20:28 I have a special treat for the children.
20:31 I have a treat. A treat.
20:33 Yes, would you like a treat?
20:35 Yes. All right.
20:36 I'll bring them right over.
20:38 Oh, we get a treat.
20:40 Do you like treats? Yeah.
20:44 Oh, look.
20:50 Shall we go for a walk today?
20:54 A walk today
20:56 A walk today
20:58 Shall we go for a walk today
21:02 to see what God has given?
21:08 You guys, when I was here earlier
21:10 now I found a field full of flowers
21:13 that are so pretty.
21:14 Like is this the thing? It is.
21:16 Aren't they beautiful?
21:18 You guys can pick one flower and then we'll stay--
21:22 then the next people who come along can pick a flower too.
21:24 They there will be lot for everybody.
21:25 This is so pretty.
21:26 Oh, do they smell good? Yeah.
21:29 Aren't they pretty? Look at all the colors.
21:30 Oh, wow.
21:32 Who made the flowers? Jesus.
21:35 Right. Jesus made them.
21:37 And on what day did He make the flowers?
21:40 The third day. That's right, the third day.
21:43 Oh, look what color is that?
21:44 Isaiah, did you find a pretty flower?
21:46 White.
21:47 And what's color is in the middle?
21:49 Yellow.
21:50 Yeah, isn't that pretty? Does it smell good?
21:53 I gonna give it to my mommy.
21:54 You're gonna give it to your mommy?
21:56 Oh, it does smell good. I like that.
21:58 Tori, what are you gonna do? Oh, that's wonderful.
22:01 What color is that one? Oh, I love it.
22:03 White, yes.
22:04 Oh, yes it does smell good.
22:06 I'm so glad Jesus made little flowers for us.
22:08 Look at the colors in your one.
22:10 Look at that there is yellow and orange and red.
22:12 I want to take it home. Yes, you can take to home.
22:15 They are so pretty. Oh, they are nice.
22:18 You can too.
22:19 You got that one, there's some more of them too.
22:21 Who you're gonna give it to?
22:23 Are you gonna keep in your flowers
22:24 or you're gonna give it to somebody?
22:25 I'm gonna give mine to momma.
22:27 Oh, I'm sure she will be very happy.
22:29 Oh, yes.
22:31 It makes Jesus happy when we enjoy them, doesn't it?
22:35 And my dad has just brought it for my momma.
22:37 Wonderful, what a good idea. That's good.
22:39 Does it smell? That's good.
22:41 Look at, this is so many
22:43 God put all of these out for us to enjoy, didn't He?
22:46 He is so good to make so many pretty flowers for us.
22:49 He is just wonderful.
22:51 We are so blessed because of Him.
22:53 Yeah. Look at that.
22:55 Oh, Eleanor, you're smelling flowers?
22:56 Oh, that's beautiful.
22:58 Who is that for? I don't know.
23:02 You gonna give it to somebody
23:03 or you gonna put it in your house?
23:05 I don't know. Yeah, that's very pretty.
23:08 What color is that? Okay.
23:09 Smell it. Yeah, yellow.
23:12 And there is another one.
23:13 There are some pretty ones there too.
23:14 Is that where you picked yours?
23:16 Yep, you're right there is a purple one.
23:18 How pretty. This one smells like mint.
23:20 Oh, you guys, I'm so glad that God made all the big,
23:24 wide, great outdoors for us to enjoy.
23:27 Yes. Me too.
23:35 Auntie Linda, Auntie Linda,
23:37 I know where my memory verse is from.
23:39 You do. Where?
23:41 Genesis 1:12, 13.
23:44 That's right, Genesis 1:12, 13.
23:47 Well, Auntie Linda will say it and you say it after me, okay.
23:51 "And God saw that it was good."
23:54 "And God saw that it was good."
23:57 "So the evening and the morning"
23:59 "So the evening and the morning"
24:02 "were the third day." "were the third day."
24:06 So God made land on the third day
24:08 and He made mountains, and He made trees.
24:11 What else did He make? Flowers.
24:15 Oh, I love flowers. I do too.
24:18 Oh, they are so pretty. They are very pretty.
24:21 Let's sing about the flowers that they are gently nodding.
24:24 But when I pick a flower it dies.
24:27 Yes, but not in heaven.
24:28 Some day soon we are gonna go to heaven
24:30 and flower will never die.
24:32 Can we say, yeah? Yeah!
24:36 All right, the flowers are gently nodding.
24:39 The flowers are gently nodding
24:43 Nodding, nodding
24:46 The flowers are gently nodding
24:50 Showing God great love
24:54 All right, let's sing it again.
24:56 The flowers are gently nodding
25:00 Nodding, nodding
25:03 The flowers are gently nodding
25:07 Showing God great love
25:10 Can we make flowers? No.
25:13 Not real ones we can do paper ones but not real ones.
25:16 But who can make flowers? Jesus.
25:19 That's right, Jesus can. Right, Jesus can.
25:23 Oh, who can make a flower?
25:26 I'm sure I can't, can you?
25:30 Oh, who can make a flower?
25:34 No one but God, it's true!
25:38 Wow, sing it again. Oh, that's so true.
25:40 Oh, who can make a flower?
25:43 I'm sure I can't, can you?
25:47 Oh, who can make a flower?
25:50 No one but God, it's true!
25:55 Who makes flowers grow in our garden?
25:57 Jesus.
25:58 Yes, right let's sing about that.
26:00 I like that.
26:02 God makes flowers grow in my garden,
26:07 He loves me
26:11 God makes flowers grow in my garden,
26:16 I love Him
26:21 And I love Jesus so much, don't you?
26:24 Yes. I do.
26:25 We're gonna kneel down and have prayer
26:27 and Farmer Manny, would you have our prayer today?
26:29 I will love to do.
26:30 All right, let's sing our prayer song.
26:33 I will bend my knees,
26:38 I will fold my hands
26:42 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes
26:50 And very, very quite be
26:55 while the prayer is said
26:59 Dear Jesus, we thank You for coloring the earth
27:03 with such beautiful flowers.
27:05 And Lord, we pray that we may always enjoy them
27:07 and as we do that we may remember that You love us
27:10 because you are our heavenly Father Creator.
27:13 In Jesus name, amen. Amen.
27:20 Whose that? Mr. Rooster.
27:22 That's all the time we have for today.
27:24 Wasn't it a fun day? Yes.
27:33 Our time together is over
27:36 So we will have to go
27:39 Goodbye, goodbye
27:42 Remember God loves you
27:45 Goodbye, goodbye
27:48 Remember God loves you
27:53 Goodbye!
28:00 We're tiny tots around the world
28:03 We're God's girls and boys
28:06 We live for Him around the world
28:08 We spread love and joy
28:11 We're colors of the rainbow
28:13 We're shiny bright where we go
28:16 We're tiny tots around the world
28:19 We're God's girls and boys


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