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God Created Food

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00:01 Eleanor? Eleanor?
00:04 There you are. Come, girl.
00:07 The tiny tots are here
00:09 and you don't want to miss worship.
00:11 Its gonna be an exiting day on the Tiny Tot farm.
00:20 We're tiny tots Around the world
00:23 We're God's girls and boys
00:26 We live for Him Around the world
00:28 We spread Love and joy
00:31 We're colors Of the rainbow
00:33 We're shiny bright Where we go
00:36 We're tiny tots Around the world
00:39 We're God's girls and boys
00:45 It's a wonderful day today. Oh, it sure is.
00:48 And I'm ready for worship.
00:49 Are you ready for worship? Yes.
00:53 Billy Boy, are you ready for worship?
00:56 Oh, I think Billy Boy is ready for worship too.
00:59 Let's ask him if he'll ring the worship bell.
01:02 Billy Boy, you can ring the worship bell.
01:11 Worship bell so sweet
01:13 Calling us to meet
01:15 With our best friend Jesus
01:19 Come and worship here
01:21 Jesus will be near
01:23 Smiling when He sees us
01:29 I love to make Jesus happy.
01:31 Oh, I do too. I do too.
01:33 You like to make Him happy too?
01:35 What are some ways that we can make Jesus happy?
01:37 I'll be kind to my sisters. That's very good.
01:42 We can be kind to our friends.
01:44 And how about when we obey our mommy's and daddy's?
01:47 Oh, I think that makes Him really happy when we obey.
01:50 And pray. And we pray.
01:52 And I know another one.
01:55 How about when we're kind to our pets like--
01:58 well, everybody's being kind to Mr. Wiggles.
02:01 Yes, we want to always be kind to our pets
02:04 because that's being like Jesus because He's kind, isn't he?
02:09 Well, we have been talking about
02:11 something very special this week.
02:13 What do you think it is? The creation.
02:16 That's right.
02:17 We've been talking about all the things
02:19 that God has made.
02:20 Oh, and I love talking about creation.
02:23 I love hearing about it.
02:25 And all the wonderful things Jesus made for us.
02:30 We talked about that on the third day
02:32 that He made land and He made flowers and trees
02:38 and He made something else that-- sometimes I get hungry.
02:43 Food. That's right.
02:46 Well, we're gonna say our memory verse right now.
02:49 Do you remember where it's found?
02:51 Genesis 1:11. Genesis 1:11.
02:55 Very good.
02:57 "Then God said." "Then God said."
03:01 "Let the earth bring forth fruit"
03:04 "Let the earth bring forth fruit"
03:07 "According to its kind." "According to its kind."
03:13 Samuel, would you tell us about that,
03:16 how God created all our wonderful food?
03:19 He made food on the third day and He made trees
03:23 and He just said it and it was so.
03:26 And there was apple trees, orange trees.
03:29 I love oranges.
03:31 Me too. Me too.
03:32 And there was also maple trees
03:35 which go in pancakes, maple syrup.
03:38 Is that true, maple syrup.
03:41 And you know what, I love avocado trees.
03:44 Me too. And lemon trees.
03:47 I like apple trees. Apples.
03:48 I love daffodil trees.
03:50 Oh, I do too. I like peaches.
03:53 Peaches. I like apricots.
03:55 Did God make grapes too? Yes.
03:58 Yes, well, did He just make one color of grapes?
04:01 No.
04:02 Purple, green, and all kinds.
04:06 Red. Red grapes.
04:09 Are they sweet?
04:10 They are sweet grapes. Pink.
04:12 You do? Yeah, pink.
04:15 There is no pink grape.
04:16 What about cherries?
04:17 Did God create cherries too? Yes.
04:19 Red cherries. Yes.
04:22 I love cherries.
04:24 You love cherries? I do too.
04:25 And peaches. And peaches.
04:27 Yes.
04:28 Well, did He just make fruit? No.
04:31 He made other food.
04:33 Like what? I know, I know.
04:36 Grains and corn and like other all grains
04:39 that is healthy for us.
04:41 And what? Strawberries.
04:44 He made corn and-- Cucumber.
04:51 carrots and all that kind of stuff.
04:55 Cucumbers and tomatoes and onions.
04:57 And olives.
04:59 The grass and the trees and stuff.
05:03 What? He made the land.
05:06 That's right. That's-- yes.
05:08 Without that how would some of the food grow?
05:10 What's your favorite food, Faith?
05:13 Grapes. Grapes.
05:15 Do you like bananas? Oh.
05:18 Now I think that we have a lot to be thankful for.
05:23 Let's stop right now and thank Jesus for our food.
05:26 I have a fruit that is big.
05:29 What? A watermelon.
05:32 Oh, that is good.
05:34 Samuel, would you have a special prayer for us
05:37 right now that we can thank God for the food?
05:39 I'm eating watermelon tonight.
05:41 Okay. Come on let's pray.
05:42 Hold our hands and close our eyes.
05:45 Dear Lord, thank You for the food,
05:47 thank You for the strawberries
05:49 and the land and corn and every kind of food, amen.
05:55 Amen. Amen.
05:58 I love Jesus.
05:59 I'm glad He created all these things for us.
06:02 And you know what?
06:03 I'm thankful that Jesus loves us.
06:07 Me too. Yes, me too.
06:17 I was wanting to do something special
06:19 when I heard what Auntie Linda was talking about today.
06:23 I know she was talking about
06:25 all the special fruits and vegetables
06:27 that Jesus made us.
06:29 Who likes fruits?
06:31 Oh! And I like vegetables too.
06:34 Oh.
06:36 Tim, what's your favorite fruit?
06:38 Strawberries and oranges.
06:42 Oh, you like strawberries. Oh, and oranges.
06:45 Novolia, what's your favorite.
06:47 Strawberries and blueberries.
06:50 Leslie, what's your favorite? Oranges.
06:54 Oranges.
06:57 Tory, what's your favorite? Strawberries and blueberries.
07:04 And Allan, what's your favorite?
07:06 Bananas and pineapple.
07:10 We've got all of it here. That's all right.
07:13 Okay, I have a question for you.
07:15 Now if we're making fruit bowls--
07:20 oh, all you have is a plate
07:21 where do you think your bowl is gonna be?
07:24 Oh, I got a surprise. Guess what?
07:27 You are gonna have orange bowls.
07:29 Oh. How neat!
07:32 Isn't that nice?
07:33 Look, we took a orange
07:35 and took everything outside, inside out and look what--
07:42 you're gonna put all your fruit in that.
07:45 Now what you're gonna do is you can take a bowl
07:47 that's near you and just scoop fruit in it
07:50 and when you get your bowl full then you can start eating it.
07:53 Yahoo...
07:54 Does that some fun?
07:55 Do you want your banana in there?
07:57 Okay, choose some fruit near you.
07:59 There's some oranges for you.
08:01 Oh, you know, fruit is really, really healthy for you too.
08:07 And you know, here's a banana
08:09 because you can peel your banana
08:10 and you each have knifes that you can cut.
08:13 You can also use the knife
08:14 to cut the tops of the strawberries off, okay.
08:17 So you can just use that for that, okay.
08:20 This one for you. Thank you.
08:22 Oh, you know, I should get you each a napkin.
08:24 Now put the bananas in there. Oh, let's see.
08:27 All right. There you go.
08:29 There is a napkin for you. Good job.
08:32 Would you like some blueberries in there?
08:34 Oh, let's give everybody a napkin.
08:38 Here, Tory, let's put one here and--
08:42 Oh, I love blueberries. Oh, its so--
08:46 And they are so good for us.
08:48 You know, look and see all the beautiful,
08:52 beautiful colors.
08:54 You want some blueberries. Want me to sprinkle some?
08:56 Are they good, Tim? Yes.
08:59 Very good?
09:03 Oh, very good, Leslie. Press hard.
09:05 You want blueberries in yours?
09:07 Want me to help you? Oh, good you got it.
09:10 No blueberries? No.
09:12 Okay.
09:14 You two are good too. You want some oranges?
09:16 Did you ever think that an orange
09:18 could be used as a bowl?
09:20 Wow.
09:22 Aren't they good? You want this one?
09:25 You can, you can teach your mommy's a surprise.
09:30 You could make her one of these.
09:32 What do you think?
09:36 Because I think you guys do a good job in the kitchen.
09:40 Who likes to be in the kitchen? I do.
09:43 Oh, I love it in the kitchen and you know what,
09:48 I think it's more fun
09:49 when all of you come in the kitchen with me.
09:52 Did you know that? Oh, yes.
09:54 We love to be in the kitchen with you Ms. Cinda.
09:57 I love having you come to the kitchen.
10:00 You know what, anytime you can be in the kitchen.
10:03 It's fun.
10:12 Farmer Manny.
10:13 Hey, boys and girls, I'm glad you came.
10:16 I have a surprise for you. Come.
10:18 We love surprises. They are baby bunnies.
10:22 That's right. I like how they look.
10:25 They are very, very small and very young.
10:28 You know, we can't touch them because they are too little
10:29 but do you like to touch some big ones?
10:31 Yes!
10:33 Eliah, let's go touch some big bunnies.
10:36 Wow. Hey!
10:39 Oh, they're so cute too.
10:40 Aren't they cute? Yes.
10:42 Oh, thank you Eliah, let's put them right here.
10:45 Can I get my little white one?
10:47 Yeah, yeah.
10:48 If you guys sit down very quietly
10:50 I'll get you the quiet ones, okay.
10:52 Here we go. I'll hold that one.
10:54 And okay, Eli, you want that one?
10:55 Okay, let's put that one right here.
10:56 Can I get my white one?
10:58 Yeah, you want to come and get him?
11:00 There we go. You pick him like that.
11:02 And I will come and get the mommy
11:04 brining her over here.
11:06 Hey, what do bunnies like to eat?
11:09 Carrots! Yes, they do.
11:12 It is eating. Yes, eating it, isn't it?
11:15 Would you like me to help?
11:16 Watch your fingers so he doesn't get your fingers.
11:18 What else do bunnies like to eat?
11:20 Tori, can I have the carrots? They like vegetables.
11:23 They do. They like to eat.
11:25 What else do they like to eat, boys and girls?
11:28 Lettuce. Lettuce, correct.
11:30 You know, God is such-- oh, yeah.
11:33 God is such a wonderful God. Vegetables.
11:35 Vegetables because God gave bunnies
11:38 and you and I such wonderful foods to eat.
11:41 Didn't He?
11:42 What day did God create food on?
11:45 The third day. The third!
11:47 That's right. That's third day.
11:49 All right, exactly.
11:51 Oh, the bunnies must be so happy
11:53 that you guys are here to feed them.
11:55 Here we go. Oh, yes.
11:58 Mine's not eating anything.
12:00 Oh, you know, because some may be hungry,
12:01 some may not.
12:02 It depends. Because mine's hungry.
12:04 Yeah. There you go.
12:05 Watch your fingers. I have.
12:07 Watch your fingers.
12:08 Oh, you guys are doing such a good job.
12:10 He is eating. Hey, look.
12:12 You know, boys and girls, I think my bunnies like you.
12:16 Come on, bunny, I have a story to tell you.
12:18 Oh, share with us.
12:19 Well, one day we had a bunnies coming in our backyard
12:23 and then they left into the trees
12:26 and then some more came
12:28 and they hopped with their friends.
12:31 They did?
12:33 I think bunnies like to hop with their friends.
12:35 They do.
12:36 Actually their rear feet are very strong.
12:39 They're made for hopping.
12:41 You notice how the front feet are smaller.
12:43 Look at the little paw. He eat my--
12:46 No, I didn't. Oh, yeah.
12:48 Oh, yeah.
12:50 You guys are doing a great job.
12:52 Let's get that one.
12:53 Yeah, there you go. You want another carrot?
12:56 Oh, man, thank you for helping me, boys and girls.
12:59 Good job. Let's sing our song.
13:02 Oh, the song?
13:04 Wonder if the bunnies would like to sing the song?
13:05 I think they would like to sing.
13:12 I like to go to the farm Where the cows moo, moo
13:16 I like to go to the farm Where the ducks quack, quack
13:20 I like to go to the farm I like to go to the farm
13:24 I like to go to the farm And learn of Jesus
13:31 Well, thank you for showing us the bunnies.
13:33 Can you tell Farmer Manny thank you?
13:36 Thank you! You are welcome.
13:37 All right, let's put our bunnies
13:38 back in their little house.
13:40 Thank you for visiting. Bye.
13:43 Bye. Bye.
13:44 Bye. Bye, bunny.
13:46 They are so awesome!
13:56 Jesus loves the little children.
14:00 You certainly are enjoying this babysitting.
14:03 Yeah, and I think you are too. This is sleepy.
14:05 Wake up little, April.
14:08 I'm so glad that our daughter decided to go shopping
14:12 and leave her with us for the day.
14:14 Maybe Auntie Linda and the tiny tots will come
14:17 and we can show her off to them.
14:20 I hate to see her--
14:21 Someone's at the door, let me see who it is.
14:25 Maybe it's the tiny tots.
14:27 Hi!
14:29 Hi, how are you doing?
14:32 Oh! Look what we have here?
14:34 You got to play that violin for us and the baby.
14:38 Oh, how precious. Oh, she's so beautiful.
14:40 Yes.
14:43 This is our first little granddaughter, little April.
14:45 That's your granddaughter? Hi, April.
14:50 She is good to us. Oh, she's so cute.
14:52 You like her? Isn't she precious?
14:54 Oh, she is so sweet. That's April.
14:58 Do you think April would like music?
15:00 I think she does. I was just singing to her.
15:03 Oh!
15:04 Well, we have a tablet that has a song.
15:07 Would you sing it for April? Sure.
15:09 All right, she's got a song for you, sweetie.
15:11 We'll put your violin down here, yeah.
15:14 Fruits and veggies Good for you
15:17 You have some And I will too
15:21 Fruits and veggies In your tum, tum, tum
15:24 Fruits and veggies Yum, yum, yum
15:29 Orange carrots Green beans
15:31 Red apples Good for you
15:33 Yellows squash And purple plums
15:35 Fruits and veggies Yum, yum, yum
15:37 Fruits and veggies Good for you
15:40 You have some And I will too
15:42 Fruits and veggies In your tum, tum, tum
15:44 Fruits and veggies Yum, yum, yum
15:46 Good for your eyes
15:47 Good for your skin
15:49 Let those fruits And veggies in
15:51 Orange carrots Green beans
15:53 Red apples Good for you
15:55 Yellows squash And purple plums
15:57 Fruits and veggies Yum, yum, yum
15:59 Fruits and veggies Good for you
16:02 You have some And I will too
16:04 Fruits and veggies In your tum, tum, tum
16:06 Fruits and veggies Yum, yum, yum
16:08 Fruits and veggies Yum, yum, yum
16:11 Yum, yum. Oh, that a was good song.
16:12 I think April liked that too. That was great.
16:15 And they are yum, yum.
16:17 I love all the fruits and veggies
16:19 that God made for us.
16:20 So do I. I love fruits and veggies.
16:23 I do too. Well, Anna has a special song.
16:26 She's been working on her violin.
16:28 Would you like to hear that? I was hoping she'd play that.
16:32 Yes, can you play? Yes, that would be great.
16:35 Yeah, you need a little room here, don't you?
16:37 All, right, that's good you can stand right by Tim then.
16:43 Okay, April.
17:22 You are getting better all the time.
17:25 Yes, thank you, Anna.
17:28 That is kind of-- I got song.
17:29 You have a song you want to sing?
17:32 All right, I guess Tim has a song too.
17:35 Okay, Tim.
17:37 Peas and carrots Broccoli
17:41 Vegetables are Good for me
17:46 In my snack And in my lunch
17:50 Vegetables are Great to munch.
17:54 Peas and carrots Broccoli
17:58 Vegetables are Good for me
18:03 Oh, wonderful. Great singing.
18:06 You're making me hungry with all those.
18:08 You like that songs? Fruit and vegetables songs.
18:10 Mr. Billy, what's your favorite vegetable?
18:14 Zucchini. Zucchini.
18:17 Mine is strawberry. You like fruit.
18:21 Mine's is strawberry too.
18:23 You like strawberries too?
18:27 Well, I love all the fruits and veggies that God has made.
18:29 He is so good to us, isn't He? Won't you love that?
18:33 Let's thank Him for all that He has done for us.
18:36 And would it be all right, if we had a prayer?
18:39 Yes, it would. Sure.
18:40 Yes, please. All right.
18:41 Well, let's fold our hands and close our eyes.
18:43 And Sebbie, would you pray? Sure.
18:45 Dear Jesus, thank You for this day,
18:48 thank you that you gave us a wonderful day.
18:51 Thank you for our new neighbors,
18:53 in Your name, amen.
18:55 Amen. Amen.
18:57 Well, we have to get back to the Tiny Tot farm
19:00 but thank you for sharing your little granddaughter with us.
19:03 It was our pleasure. It was our pleasure.
19:04 That was a treat to see her, wasn't it?
19:07 Yes. Bye, April.
19:09 Bye. Bye.
19:10 Bye-bye. Oh, she is so sweet.
19:13 Oh, thank you Mr. Billy and Miss. Sharon.
19:16 Bye. Bye.
19:23 Shall we go For a walk today?
19:27 A walk today
19:29 A walk today
19:31 Shall we go for a walk today To see what God has given?
19:38 Go very, very quiet. Be very quiet.
19:43 See there are some baby birds. Just wait.
19:47 They are-- they are baby turkeys.
19:49 Looks at that they are baby wild turkeys.
19:51 And they are eating. I know.
19:54 I bet their mommy is not far away.
19:56 She is probably very close. Leslie, don't get too close.
20:00 Can I have one? Can I hold one?
20:03 Well, we're not supposed to hold too many wild animals.
20:05 You can touch them. See -- Can I hold one?
20:08 Okay, well, let's squat down and wait here
20:10 and we don't them--
20:12 So you found these the other day Ms. Jamie?
20:13 I did.
20:14 I found these the other day and I have this--
20:16 They are very tame. They are.
20:19 I saw these the other day
20:20 and I was hoping that they were here
20:22 and that's why I have this bird--
20:23 this baby bird food because I wanted to bring them.
20:25 Okay, now put them down
20:26 because we don't want to run them all over, everywhere.
20:30 Okay. He is running.
20:31 Yeah, he is running away isn't he?
20:33 Do it easy, don't pluck him.
20:36 Christiana, do you want to see them?
20:38 Here. Got him.
20:41 You got the-- hold his wings.
20:42 No, no, no, no, no, not like that.
20:44 You have to hold his wings first.
20:45 He is back of you. He is screeching.
20:47 You have to hold his wings down.
20:48 Is he screeching? So he is not upset, okay.
20:51 All right.
20:52 Oh, Ms. Jamie, I love the way God made these little ones.
20:57 Okay, guys, let's not chase them anymore,
20:58 that's enough, okay.
21:00 What? Yeah, okay.
21:02 Because they are gonna--
21:03 their mommy is gonna come and get after us.
21:05 Yeah.
21:06 Okay, let's make him just go back up here and eat, okay.
21:10 Let's put him up there so they can eat.
21:13 Kind of rounding. Here.
21:14 There you go. You can come to eat.
21:16 They are hungry. Are you hungry?
21:20 Put them down they are hungry. Let's watch them.
21:24 Tim, just get back a little bit.
21:26 Let's watch him.
21:27 Aren't they cute? I'm holding one.
21:31 I know, very good.
21:33 Good job. Good job, Carter.
21:35 Okay, now let's just sit back
21:36 and watch them for a little bit, okay.
21:38 Oh, that is so cute. I know.
21:40 Aren't they adorable? Yes.
21:43 They're hungry, look at that.
21:44 Look at he is bouncing his head.
21:47 When they are born they don't have wings.
21:49 They have wings but they don't have feathers.
21:51 These guys have feathers now
21:53 and as they get their heads don't have too many feathers
21:56 but as they grow their feathers come in.
21:58 Isn't that neat? Oh, yeah.
21:59 It is so amazing the way God made them.
22:02 Oh, He made them special.
22:03 He did and at night they get up with their mommy
22:06 and they get underneath her, up in here wings
22:08 and she protects them that way.
22:09 Oh, your mommy and daddy's protect you too.
22:12 Don't they?
22:14 And who else protects us? God does.
22:17 God does. Yes, he does.
22:19 I am so glad that God gave us
22:22 all the wonderful things outside for us to enjoy.
22:25 Me too.
22:33 Auntie Linda, I know that memory verse
22:36 its found in Genesis 1:11.
22:39 That's right, Sebbie, good job.
22:43 Let's all say it our memory verse together.
22:45 I'll say it and then you repeat it after me.
22:48 "Then God said." "Then God said."
22:51 "Let the earth bring forth fruit."
22:53 "Let the earth bring forth fruit."
22:56 "According to its kind." "According to its kind."
23:01 Genesis 1:11. Genesis 1:11.
23:05 Very good, I'm so proud of all of you.
23:09 What did God make on the third day?
23:11 Trees.
23:13 Trees. Yes.
23:14 Apple trees. Yes, apple trees.
23:18 And food and grass and mountains and tress.
23:20 And we are gonna talk about food today.
23:23 Do you like to eat? Yes!
23:27 I like to eat too. It's yummy.
23:29 It is yummy. I like to pick an apple and--
23:33 Orange. Oh, and it taste so good.
23:35 Well, let's sing a song about that.
23:37 I like to eat an apple.
23:39 I like to eat an apple Picked from the apple tree
23:46 Dear Jesus sends The Sun and rain
23:50 To make them Grow for me
23:53 Now I want to hear you really sing it.
23:56 I like to eat an apple Picked from the apple tree
24:03 Dear Jesus sends The Sun and rain
24:07 To make them grow for me
24:11 What else do you like to eat? I like to eat pears.
24:15 Pears? Banana.
24:16 Banana.
24:18 All right, we'll sing about pears
24:19 and then we'll sing about bananas.
24:22 I like to eat a pear Picked from the pear tree
24:29 Dear Jesus sends The Sun and rain
24:32 To make them grow for me
24:36 All right, bananas.
24:38 I like to eat a banana Picked from the banana tree
24:45 Dear Jesus sends The Sun and rain
24:49 To make them grow for me
24:52 How big can you grow? Yeah!
24:57 You can grow really big. Tori got taller than me.
25:01 Aren't you-- she did.
25:02 Aren't you glad that God made our wonderful world?
25:07 We're gonna sing about that now.
25:11 God made A wonderful world
25:15 God made A wonderful world
25:20 He made all the fruit
25:22 He made all the food
25:25 God made A wonderful world
25:28 All right, let's sing it again.
25:30 God made A wonderful world
25:35 God made A wonderful world
25:39 He made all the fruit
25:42 He made all the food
25:44 God made A wonderful world
25:48 I'm so glad. Are you glad today?
25:51 Yes. Oh, very glad.
25:52 I'm glad today. Are you glad too?
25:54 I'm glad God made us all the wonderful things.
25:57 Let's sing we're glad today and let's clap our hands.
26:00 Can you clap your hands?
26:02 We're glad today We're glad today
26:07 For our food We're glad today
26:11 Thank you God in heaven
26:16 Let's sing how loud we can sing it this time.
26:19 We're glad today We're glad today
26:24 For our food We're glad today
26:28 Thank you God in heaven
26:34 Let's kneel down and thank Jesus
26:36 and we'll sing out prayer song.
26:38 Be very quiet. Be very quiet.
26:41 Isaac, kneel down.
26:43 I will bend my knees I will fold my hands
26:51 I will bow my head I will close my eyes
26:58 And very, very quiet be
27:04 While the prayer is said
27:08 Dear Jesus, we're glad today
27:11 that You did make so many wonderful things for us
27:14 but most of all we are so happy that You love us.
27:18 We love You too, Jesus. Amen.
27:21 Amen. Amen.
27:24 That's Mr. Rooster.
27:26 We've had a good day today. Haven't we?
27:34 Our time together Is over
27:37 So we will have to go
27:40 Goodbye, goodbye
27:43 Remember God loves you
27:46 Goodbye, goodbye
27:50 Remember God loves you
27:54 Goodbye!
28:02 We're tiny tots Around the world
28:04 We're God's girls and boys
28:07 We live for Him Around the world
28:10 We spread Love and joy
28:12 We're colors Of the rainbow
28:15 We're shiny bright Where we go
28:17 We're tiny tots Around the world
28:20 We're God's girls and boys


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