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God Created the Sun, Moon, and Stars

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Participants: Linda Johnson (Host)


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00:01 Eleanor? Eleanor?
00:03 There you are. Come, girl.
00:07 The tiny tots are here
00:09 and you don't want to miss worship.
00:11 It's gonna be an exciting day on the tiny tot farm.
00:20 We're tiny tots Around the world
00:23 We're God's girls and boys
00:25 We live for Him Around the world
00:28 We spread love and joy
00:31 Like colors of the rainbow
00:33 We're shining like the rainbow
00:36 We're tiny tots Around the world
00:39 We're God's girls and boys
00:46 I love worship time.
00:50 We love worship, too.
00:53 Mr. Wiggles, do you like worship?
00:56 Mr. Wiggles says he likes worship, too.
01:00 Well, let's ask Billy boy,
01:01 if he'll ring the worship bell for us, okay?
01:04 Billy boy, you can ring the worship bell.
01:14 Worship bell so sweet
01:16 Calling us to meet
01:18 With our best friend, Jesus
01:22 Come and worship here
01:24 Jesus will be near
01:26 Smiling when He sees us
01:31 We've been talking each day about
01:34 how God made our little world.
01:37 And our memory verse,
01:39 do you remember what our memory verse is?
01:40 I do. What?
01:42 Genesis 1:14.
01:45 Then God said, let there be lights in the heavens.
01:52 I wonder what day do you think--
01:57 what day are we talking about?
01:58 Fourth day.
01:59 The fourth day. That's right.
02:02 And what did God make on the fourth day?
02:05 He made light. Sun, moon and the stars.
02:07 He made light.
02:08 And what light did he make?
02:10 The sun. The sun.
02:11 And the moon.
02:13 Yes, can you tell us about the sun?
02:14 And the stars. That's right.
02:17 God made a bright light on the fourth day.
02:20 He made a bright light,
02:22 well, when He created everything else.
02:26 It was kind of dark so He had to put a light there.
02:31 And it was so-- it's so bright,
02:34 you can look outside and you can see it right now.
02:36 It's so bright that when you look,
02:39 you can't even look at it.
02:41 It's too bright to look at. That's right.
02:42 And that's why we wear sunglasses to protect our eyes.
02:45 Huh?
02:47 That's right.
02:48 Well, on the first day God made light but it's--
02:50 Have you ever been outside when it was light,
02:52 it was daytime but there was no sunshine?
02:54 Uh-huh.
02:56 Yes.
02:57 But when the sun comes out you walk out and go,
03:01 "Wow, that's bright!"
03:03 You walk out and you go,
03:04 "Oh, where's my sunglasses 'cause it's so bright."
03:11 And there are lots of things
03:13 that we can do to enjoy the sun, right?
03:16 What do you do that you like to enjoy the sun?
03:19 I like to take a nap outside.
03:21 You like to take a nap outside.
03:24 Yeah, the sun feels nice
03:25 and warm underneath a shade tree.
03:26 We can have picnics.
03:28 You can have picnics. That's right.
03:30 What else can we do in the sunshine?
03:32 You can have picnics while wearing sunglasses.
03:36 That's right.
03:37 You can go swimming at the beach.
03:39 You can go swimming at the beach.
03:41 Or you can-- Yes.
03:42 Do you think that trees and the grass
03:45 and the flowers like the sunshine?
03:47 Yes.
03:48 They do, don't they?
03:50 And there are some flowers that they just turn
03:52 their little faces right up into the sun.
03:55 And what about the birds,
03:57 do you think they like the sunshine?
03:58 Uh-huh. Yes.
04:00 Did you ever have a plant
04:02 or your mom or dad have a plant in a window,
04:05 and the leaves of that plant turned towards the sunlight?
04:09 I have.
04:11 Have you?
04:12 And so what does your mommy do?
04:14 She keeps turning the plants
04:15 so the leaves will go another way,
04:18 so that they'll stay nice and straight.
04:21 I planted it. That's great.
04:22 Plants turn towards the sunlight.
04:24 Don't they?
04:25 And we need the sunshine, too,
04:26 because it gives us vitamin D and our bodies need that.
04:30 It helps keeps us healthy.
04:31 That's right.
04:32 So God did so many wonderful things
04:35 in giving us this sunshine.
04:37 I am so thankful that Jesus made the sunshine.
04:40 I just love it.
04:42 When I go outside and see the sunshine it makes me happy.
04:46 Me too.
04:48 Megan, can you have a prayer and tell Jesus
04:51 how thankful we are for the sunshine?
04:53 Uh-huh.
04:54 Let's fold our hands and close our eyes.
04:57 Dear heavenly Father, please bless us,
04:59 help that we'll be safe today.
05:01 Thank you that you made sun, moon and stars
05:04 and thank you that you blessed us
05:06 with the sun to keep us warm and happy.
05:09 Thank you for all the things you made, amen.
05:12 Amen. Amen.
05:14 I love Jesus.
05:15 I do too. I do too.
05:25 Miss Cinda, what are we doing today?
05:30 You are all gonna love this.
05:35 You know, Aunt Linda's--
05:37 Well, you know what?
05:39 What has Aunt Linda been talking to you about?
05:42 Creation.
05:43 That's right. God created our little world.
05:45 And what did he make on the fourth day?
05:48 Sun, moon and stars.
05:49 That's right and today we're talking about the sun.
05:52 And you know what, just like--
05:54 What is the sun? Does the sun make you cold?
05:57 No.
05:58 The moon makes you cold.
06:01 Yes, it can.
06:03 Well, I wanted you--
06:06 to remind you that the sun keeps you warm.
06:08 So look what we're gonna do.
06:10 Some of you have sun, moon and stars,
06:12 and we're gonna make blankets, 'cause blankets keep us warm.
06:16 Now I've started by tying some knots for each of you.
06:20 And let me show you how to tie these knots.
06:22 'Cause see, I've taken two pieces of fabric
06:25 and put 'em together.
06:27 So you're gonna see there's a yellow fabric
06:31 and then your fabric with your design on it.
06:33 And you're gonna take it like this.
06:35 Take it like this.
06:36 And I want you to tie a knot.
06:38 One knot and then tie two knots.
06:42 Okay?
06:43 Tie one more. I don't understand.
06:46 Oh, how about if I help you?
06:49 Would that be good?
06:51 Okay, Sevie.
06:53 Come here, Megan, let me help Sevie.
06:55 Okay, Sevie, look.
06:57 See how you have your fabrics.
06:59 See we've got two pieces of fabric here.
07:02 Let's find your fabric. That's the problem.
07:04 There we go.
07:05 Some of them are already done.
07:06 See there.
07:08 See how you have a yellow piece.
07:10 See boys and girls, if you don't--
07:11 you can listen to what I'm saying, too.
07:13 Yellow piece, now look, you can go like this.
07:16 See how I'm tucking it under like that and pull,
07:22 and then tuck under and pull.
07:28 Now you try one, Miss Cinda will help you.
07:30 How you guys doing? Now tie it one more time.
07:31 Good. Oh.
07:33 I see you have lizards
07:35 and they like the sun, too, Miss Cinda.
07:38 Did you all know that?
07:39 That lizards, when the sun comes out lizards like to go
07:43 slide out on a rock and they lay on the rock
07:47 and let the sun just shine down on them.
07:51 Very good. That's great.
07:52 That's perfect. Now tie one more.
07:55 Now tie it again.
07:56 You did what?
07:58 I went to the zoo and when they had the--
08:04 Good job. Tie this one.
08:06 Desert thing open and saw the lizards,
08:09 and he just came right out in the sun--
08:13 the lightest part and he got real warm.
08:17 That's what they do. That's right.
08:20 And they love-- Snakes like sun, too.
08:24 Did you know that?
08:25 Yeah.
08:26 Oh, they slide right out on a rock
08:30 and then they just lay there, and let the sun warm them up.
08:35 Sometimes who likes to go and play in the sun?
08:38 I do.
08:39 Sometimes, I like, too. It's fun.
08:42 And it's so hot. I play soccer in the sun.
08:43 You do? That's fun, too.
08:46 Sometimes it's so hot, we have to put sunscreen on,
08:49 to protect ourselves in the sun.
08:50 Oh, we went to a baseball game once, it was hot.
08:55 Was it? Whoa.
08:57 And I like going swimming when it's--
09:04 When it's hot? Yes.
09:06 Sometimes the sun gets too hot. Huh?
09:10 You have to get sunscreen on.
09:12 Oh, that's important, isn't it? Here, Sevie, let me help you.
09:14 And if you are swimming
09:16 you have to put on water proof sunscreen.
09:18 I did this one.
09:19 Now let me see you do this one.
09:22 Tie that one. Oh, isn't this fun?
09:25 Yes. Under the yellow one?
09:27 Uh-huh.
09:28 Yeah, you're doing good.
09:29 Perfect. Now take it like this and tuck it in there.
09:33 Tuck it right in there. See.
09:36 Now, yeah, tuck it in and then pull.
09:40 This is easy.
09:42 Oh, try again. Let's try one more time.
09:44 Go like this, now tuck it under,
09:48 now grab it, right up there grab it.
09:50 Now pull.
09:51 Both of them? You pull them both.
09:53 Yay, that's awesome!
09:54 Miss Cinda.
09:55 What?
09:56 I got where you had started.
09:57 Oh, good. You're working fast.
10:02 I love it when you guys come in the kitchen with me.
10:05 We love it, too.
10:07 You do? Oh, it's fun, isn't it?
10:10 Mm-hmm. Yeah.
10:11 Anytime you can be in the kitchen, it's fun.
10:14 It is. Yeah.
10:23 Okay, kids, are you ready?
10:26 Yes!
10:28 I have a surprise for you.
10:31 A surprise!
10:32 What lives in a farm and a barn?
10:35 Bunnies.
10:36 Oh-oh.
10:38 And requires warmth of its mommy.
10:40 Close.
10:42 And sometimes when the mommy's not around,
10:43 we get a light like this.
10:45 What do you think?
10:46 Chickens.
10:47 Yes! Let me bring them out for you.
10:49 Oh, I love baby chickens.
10:54 Would you like to see the chickies?
10:56 Yes.
10:57 Look at the chicks. Oh, wow.
10:58 I wonder if, Linda, you can help us.
11:00 I can help.
11:01 All right, I want us--
11:02 Aww. Look at them.
11:03 You know what, everybody gets to hold some of these chickies.
11:06 Look at them.
11:08 You know when the chicks are born,
11:10 they have this really fuzzy little hair
11:13 but as they get older--
11:14 Aww, they are so cute. Very careful.
11:17 Oh, there we go. Their feathers come in.
11:19 You want to hold one?
11:20 There you go. Oh.
11:23 You know these chickens, they love to eat.
11:26 I want a white one, too.
11:28 They love to eat, but when they're babies,
11:31 they have to have rocks inside,
11:33 they eat the rocks and the rocks grind the food.
11:37 So when they're babies they don't have those rocks.
11:38 So we give them special baby food just like this.
11:41 You want to hold the baby food?
11:42 There you go.
11:44 That's what it looks like.
11:45 See, you want to hold some of the baby food?
11:47 Isn't that neat?
11:48 Aww, how sweet.
11:49 And you-- what you do,
11:50 you just throw it out there.
11:52 Just throw it like that. There you go.
11:53 There you go.
11:54 Hey, let's see if it can eat out of your hand.
11:56 Oh, that is great. You guys are doing a great job.
11:59 There you go. There you go, Eli.
12:01 There you go.
12:02 Can it out of our hands?
12:03 Yeah, it can eat out of your hand.
12:05 Oh, this is great.
12:06 It tickles.
12:07 It does, doesn't it?
12:09 Farmer Manny, these little chicks
12:10 like the sun that Jesus made for them.
12:13 Absolutely. They love the warmth.
12:16 The warmth is very important for the chicks
12:18 because without the warmth, oh, they would get cold.
12:22 And it is like the sun that God made for all of us
12:25 to be warm and happy.
12:27 There you go. All right. See.
12:31 It's eating.
12:32 Yeah. Oh, they loved to be held.
12:34 Everybody loves warmth and love.
12:38 Just like God created our sun,
12:40 God is our ultimate warmth and love.
12:42 There you go.
12:44 They're tickling me.
12:45 They tickle. Aren't they sweet?
12:49 Hey, we have some more in here.
12:51 Who doesn't have a chick?
12:52 I don't.
12:53 You notice all the beautiful colors.
12:55 They-- You have some chicks that are yellow.
12:57 You have some chicks that are caramel color.
13:00 You want the yellow one? Okay, here.
13:02 You want to hold that one? There you go.
13:06 See. All right, let's see.
13:08 Here we go.
13:09 Oh, look at this one.
13:10 This one has a beautiful dark color.
13:12 Eli, would you like to hold him?
13:14 There we go. All right.
13:17 Hey, we have one more.
13:19 We can't leave him alone. Oh, here we go.
13:23 Isn't he beautiful? Look at that little brown.
13:25 Oh, I love how Jesus made these special little babies.
13:30 Me too, Aunty Linda.
13:32 You know, and their beaks, they have a beak tooth
13:35 that one there and the egg, they use to crack the egg.
13:38 And they go all around the egg and they break through
13:41 and that's how they come out.
13:43 See, isn't that neat?
13:45 They're so sweet.
13:47 You want some feed? Sure, here you go, Eli.
13:49 Who made the baby chicks?
13:50 Yeah.
13:51 Yes, Jesus made them.
13:54 Let's get you some feed.
13:55 Aunty Linda, would you think
13:57 that chicks would like to hear our song?
14:00 Yes. Do you think they'd like to hear our song?
14:02 Yes!
14:08 I like to go to the barn Where the cows moo, moo
14:12 I like to go to the barn Where the ducks quack, quack
14:16 I like to go to the barn, I like to go to the barn
14:20 I like to go to the barn And learn of Jesus
14:26 Thank you, Farmer Manny.
14:27 This was so wonderful to see all these little baby chicks.
14:31 And, you know, talking about the baby chicks,
14:33 we better get them under their warm light again.
14:36 All right, we'll put them back in here.
14:38 Put them gently. Aww.
14:41 Very gentle.
14:42 Hi, babies.
14:44 This one's asleep.
14:45 Aww, it went to sleep. Aww.
14:50 Mine was asleep the whole time we were--
14:52 It was. Awesome.
14:54 All right.
15:04 There I just changed your bandage
15:06 and put a nice fresh one on it.
15:08 And I think that will help you to feel better.
15:10 But I'm also gonna go in the kitchen
15:12 and make you a nice big glass of lemonade.
15:15 Somebody's at the door. Wonder who that could be.
15:19 Miss Sharon, we heard about Mr. Billy. Is he okay?
15:23 Yes, he was in a car accident.
15:25 But the doctor said he will be just fine. Come on in.
15:28 What happened, Mr. Billy?
15:31 I can't remember.
15:33 He must have had a concussion.
15:35 I think he did.
15:36 Well, we made something for you in Miss Cinda's kitchen today
15:39 and this will make you feel all warm and snugly.
15:41 Thank you.
15:42 And also help you know how much we love you.
15:44 Thank you.
15:45 Oh, it's really pretty, dear.
15:46 It's nice.
15:47 Lizards, just what you like.
15:51 Is there anything we can do that would cheer you up?
15:54 I think that if you have songs, like you usually do
15:58 when you come, then maybe that would help.
16:01 Boys, could you sing a song?
16:04 All right.
16:05 Ted and Tim have a song for you.
16:07 Why don't you go stand right in front of Mr. Billy?
16:10 All right.
16:12 All creatures great and small
16:15 The Lord God made them all
16:19 All creatures great and small
16:23 The Lord God made them
16:27 From the slippery, scaly fishes
16:29 Through the deep diving wells
16:32 The fast fury foxes going real
16:38 To the sweet songbirds singing To the eagle soaring high
16:44 The Lord God made them all.
16:50 Jesus loves the little children
16:55 All the children of the world
16:59 Red and yellow, black and white
17:02 They are precious in His sight
17:05 The Lord God made us all
17:10 Wow. Very good.
17:11 Very good.
17:13 I do feel better.
17:15 He did make us all.
17:16 Well, Tabitha, maybe you can help him feel even better
17:19 'cause I think you have a song, too, don't you?
17:21 I do.
17:22 All right.
17:23 In the beginning God made the seas
17:26 And the forest Filled with trees
17:29 He built the mountains Up so high
17:32 At the very top He placed the sky
17:36 God's fingerprints Are everywhere
17:39 Just to show How much He cares
17:42 In between He had loads of fun
17:44 He made the hippo That weighs a ton.
17:48 Hip-hip-hip-hippopotamus
17:51 Hip-hip-hooray God made all of us
17:54 Hip-hip-hip-hippopotamus
17:57 Hip-hip-hooray God made all of us
18:02 Wow.
18:03 God did make us all.
18:04 Did you like that, honey?
18:05 Yes, I did.
18:06 It sounds like the hippo's larger than I am.
18:09 Of course they are.
18:11 You think they are.
18:13 Well, Kayley--
18:14 He's only as tall as his foot.
18:16 Yeah. Kayley has a song for you, too.
18:19 Can you sing one for Mr. Billy?
18:22 All right.
18:25 Go ahead.
18:26 When I look into Your holiness
18:29 When I gaze Into Your loveliness
18:32 When all things that surround Become shadows
18:34 In the light of You
18:37 I worship You
18:40 I worship You
18:44 The reason I live Is to worship You
18:50 When I've found the joy Of reaching Your heart
18:53 When my will becomes Enthroned in Your love
18:56 When all things that surround Become shadows
18:58 In the light of You
19:01 I worship You
19:04 I worship You
19:07 The reason I live Is to worship You
19:13 Oh, beautiful.
19:15 That is a good reason to live, isn't it?
19:17 To worship Him.
19:18 To worship Him.
19:20 Well, I think it's about time for us to go.
19:25 But before we do, do you think
19:27 we could have prayer for Mr. Billy?
19:29 Always. Always.
19:30 All right. Tabitha, will you have prayer?
19:32 Sure.
19:33 Let's fold our hands and close our eyes.
19:36 Dear Jesus, thank you that we have new neighbors.
19:39 Thank you that--
19:41 Please help Billy to feel better.
19:43 Thank you that we brought him something.
19:46 In Jesus' name, amen.
19:48 Amen.
19:49 It's always fun to bring somebody something.
19:52 And I hope next time we come you'll be all better.
19:55 Me too.
19:56 And we'll both enjoy that blanket they made.
20:00 Can you tell Mr. Billy goodbye?
20:02 Goodbye.
20:03 Goodbye, Mr. Billy.
20:04 Take care. Bye.
20:05 Come back soon. God bless you.
20:07 God bless you. Thank you so much.
20:09 You're welcome.
20:11 Thank you for coming.
20:13 It was our pleasure. Bye.
20:15 Bye.
20:20 Shall we go for a walk today?
20:24 A walk today
20:26 A walk today
20:29 Shall we go for a walk today
20:33 To see what God has given?
20:38 Oh, Miss Ginny, I love looking at the pretty colors.
20:42 Oh, so do I.
20:45 Aren't they beautiful?
20:46 What are these?
20:47 Those are called sun catchers. Do you know why?
20:49 No.
20:50 Because-- Because they catch the sun.
20:53 You are right.
20:54 The sunlight comes through and it catches them.
20:56 And it brings out all the pretty colors.
20:59 Oh, what colors are there?
21:01 Blue.
21:02 Green. Yellow.
21:04 Brown.
21:05 Yeah.
21:06 I got orange.
21:08 Red. Pink.
21:09 Aren't they pretty? That's right.
21:11 And who made the sun for us?
21:15 God did. Jesus.
21:16 And what day did he create it?
21:18 The fourth day.
21:20 What day?
21:22 The fourth day.
21:24 All right.
21:25 So we can always remember the sun is a gift to us.
21:29 And can--
21:30 When Jesus comes in our heart does he light us up, too?
21:33 Yes!
21:37 That's right.
21:38 And we can let Jesus come into our hearts,
21:40 and then will we be kind to others?
21:43 Yes!
21:45 We will be kind to others when the sun comes
21:48 in our heart of Jesus love, right?
21:50 Yes. Yes.
21:52 Oh, I love looking at this.
21:54 These are so pretty.
21:56 Oh, do you want to hold it up high, Sevie?
21:58 The sun makes us warm and makes the plants grow.
22:02 God had all kinds of plants for the sun, didn't He?
22:04 Oh, yes.
22:06 Well, let's see if we can get-- Oh, there is a--
22:08 there, the sun's coming down even more.
22:10 They're shinning through more.
22:11 Yes.
22:13 Oh, it's so bright. I think Eleanor likes it.
22:15 I think she does, too.
22:16 Eleanor likes to be outside in the sun.
22:19 That is nice.
22:21 I'm so glad that we can go for walks, Miss Ginny.
22:24 I am too.
22:25 I am so glad that God gave us the wonderful sun.
22:29 Me too.
22:39 Did you guys see the sun today? It is so bright.
22:43 Yes.
22:44 You know, it was so bright.
22:46 When I went outside, I was like, oh,
22:51 and I had to find my sunglasses and put my sunglasses on.
22:54 Me too.
22:55 I like the sun.
22:56 I do too.
22:57 I love how it sparkles on the water
23:00 and makes so many different colors.
23:02 It makes us so warm.
23:04 It does, doesn't it?
23:05 You know, Jesus wants us to shine bright for him, too,
23:08 by wearing bright smiles.
23:11 And we can reflect the sunshine, too.
23:13 And, you know, Aunty Linda,
23:15 our memory verse today was about the sun.
23:17 That is right.
23:19 Who created the sun?
23:20 Jesus.
23:21 And on what day did God create the sun?
23:23 The fourth day.
23:25 The fourth day.
23:27 Well, let's say our memory verse, Genesis 1:14.
23:30 Genesis 1:14.
23:33 Then God said,
23:37 "Let there be lights in the heavens."
23:42 Oh, Jesus wants us to shine for him.
23:44 Let's sing "Jesus wants me to be a sunbeam."
23:48 Jesus wants me for a sunbeam
23:52 To shine for Him each day
23:56 In every way try to please Him
24:00 At home, at school, at play
24:04 Sing out.
24:05 A sunbeam, a sunbeam
24:09 Jesus wants me for a sunbeam
24:13 A sunbeam, a sunbeam
24:18 I'll be a sunbeam for Him
24:22 Let's be sunbeams again and sing it again, okay?
24:25 Let's sing with all our hearts.
24:27 Jesus wants me for a sunbeam
24:31 To shine for Him each day
24:35 In every way try to please Him
24:39 At home, at school, at play
24:44 A sunbeam, a sunbeam
24:48 Jesus wants me for a sunbeam
24:52 A sunbeam, a sunbeam
24:57 I'll be a sunbeam for Him
25:02 Do you guys know that when you smile
25:06 that's like a sunbeam on your face?
25:08 That's right.
25:10 And that makes Jesus happy,
25:12 and I love to make Jesus happy.
25:14 Do you like to make Jesus happy?
25:16 Yes.
25:18 We're gonna sing a song about the sun.
25:20 And God said the sun should shine
25:22 and the rain should fall and the flowers should grow.
25:25 We're gonna make our flowers grow really tall, okay?
25:27 Okay.
25:28 And God said
25:30 The sun should shine
25:33 The rain should fall
25:35 The flowers should grow
25:37 And God said
25:39 The birds should sing
25:41 And it was so was so
25:45 Very good, let's start that again.
25:48 And God said
25:50 The sun should shine
25:52 The rain should fall
25:54 The flowers should grow
25:57 And God said
25:59 The birds should sing
26:01 And it was so was so
26:05 Oh, who can make the sunshine?
26:08 I can't.
26:09 And you, can you?
26:11 No.
26:12 Oh, who can make the sunshine?
26:16 I'm sure I can't, can you?
26:20 Oh, who can make the sunshine?
26:23 No one but God, it's true
26:27 Sing it one more time.
26:28 Oh, who can make the sunshine?
26:32 I'm sure I can't, can you?
26:35 Oh, who can make the sunshine?
26:39 No one but God, it's true
26:43 And we're gonna kneel now and sing our prayer song,
26:45 so let's be quiet.
26:46 And Tabitha is going to have our prayer.
26:50 I will bend my knees
26:54 I will fold my hands
26:58 I will bow my head
27:01 I will close my eyes
27:05 And very, very quiet be
27:09 While the prayer is said
27:13 Dear Jesus, thank you that you came here today for us.
27:18 Thank you that you made the sunshine.
27:20 In Jesus' name, amen.
27:21 Amen.
27:24 Oh, that's Mr. Rooster,
27:26 and we've had a fun day today, haven't we?
27:29 Yeah.
27:36 Our time together is over
27:39 So we will have to go
27:42 Goodbye, goodbye
27:45 Remember God loves you
27:48 Goodbye, goodbye
27:51 Remember God loves you
27:56 Goodbye.
28:04 We're tiny tots Around the world
28:06 We're God's girls and boys
28:09 We live for Him Around the world
28:12 We spread love and joy
28:14 Like colors of the rainbow
28:17 We're shining like the rainbow
28:19 We're tiny tots Around the world
28:22 We're God's girls and boys


Revised 2015-06-22