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00:01 Eleanor?
00:02 Eleanor?
00:04 There you are.
00:05 Come, girl, the tiny tots are here
00:09 and you don't want to miss worship.
00:11 It's gonna be an exciting day on the Tiny Tot Farm.
00:20 We're tiny tots around the world
00:23 We're God's girls and boys
00:26 We live for Him around the world
00:28 We spread love and joy
00:31 Like colors of the rainbow
00:33 We're shining like the rainbow
00:36 We're tiny tots around the world
00:39 We're God's girls and boys
00:44 You all happy today?
00:46 Well, what are you happy about?
00:48 It's worship time.
00:50 Oh, that makes me happy.
00:52 I love worship.
00:53 Me too.
00:55 Billy Boy, do you like worship?
00:57 You like worship?
00:58 We all like worship.
01:00 Let's ask Billy Boy if he could ring the worship bell, okay?
01:03 Billy Boy, you can ring the worship bell.
01:14 Worship bell so sweet
01:16 Calling us to meet
01:18 With our best friend, Jesus
01:22 Come and worship here
01:24 Jesus will be near
01:26 Smiling when He sees us
01:31 And you know, Mr. Wiggles loves worship too.
01:34 Oh, Mr. Wiggles, we love you.
01:37 And Eleanor loves worship, she went running into her bed.
01:42 Yes, Eleanor loves worship.
01:45 And I think she likes memory verse time too.
01:49 Do you know where our memory verse found?
01:52 Genesis.
01:53 Genesis.
01:55 One.
01:56 One.
01:57 Eighteen and nineteen.
01:58 Eighteen and nineteen.
02:01 "And God saw that it was good."
02:04 "And God saw that it was good."
02:08 "So the evening and the morning."
02:11 "So the evening and the morning."
02:14 "Were the fourth day."
02:16 "Were the fourth day."
02:19 That's right.
02:20 God did some wonderful things on the fourth day.
02:24 And we're going to talk about one of them.
02:27 Now let me give you an idea, if you can think about
02:29 what I am talking about.
02:31 One time I was walking along in the woods
02:35 and it was very dark and I couldn't see.
02:39 And I was trying to get home.
02:42 And all of a sudden I bumped up against a tree
02:45 and I got back and I said, oh, that's not it.
02:47 So I got back on the path and I was feeling my way
02:50 and it wasn't long where I went right through there
02:54 and a beam of light came down on my path
02:58 and I looked up and there was something big
03:01 in the sky that was all lit up at night
03:05 and it was putting light on my path.
03:07 And then all I had to do was follow the light
03:10 and it led me right home.
03:12 The moon!
03:13 That's right. That's right, Tabitha.
03:16 God is a great Creator and He knew that we needed
03:20 something at night so that we would be able to see better
03:24 and so He made the moon.
03:27 And the stars that twinkles.
03:31 That's right, and He made the sun and so many things.
03:34 But He made the moon very, very special.
03:39 Have any of you looked up and seen the moon
03:42 and it was big and round?
03:44 Yeah. I seen one before.
03:48 You did? The big round one.
03:51 Well, I also seen the shape one like this.
03:54 Yeah, it's right.
03:55 Sometimes there's just a little bid of a shape of the moon
03:59 and it's not quite as bright outside
04:01 but it's still very pretty, isn't it?
04:03 Sometimes you see half of it.
04:05 A half a moon. Sometimes you see half a moon.
04:07 That's right. That's right.
04:09 But God is the one that created
04:11 all these wonderful things for us.
04:15 I love Jesus.
04:17 I do too.
04:19 Let's thank Jesus right now
04:21 for all the things He's done for us.
04:24 And Noah, would you have prayer for us?
04:26 Yes.
04:27 Let's bow our heads and close our eyes.
04:30 Dear Jesus, please, thank you for making the sun
04:34 and please of everything to be on way, amen.
04:38 Amen.
04:40 Jesus is a wonderful Creator, isn't He?
04:44 Oh, He sure is.
04:54 Miss Cinda, it's so dark in here!
04:58 It is.
04:59 You noticed.
05:01 We noticed.
05:02 I wondered if you noticed.
05:04 Well, Auntie Linda's been talking to you about night,
05:09 hasn't she?
05:10 And what does Jesus give us to brighten up our night.
05:14 The sun, moon and stars.
05:16 That's right.
05:17 And what day did He created those on?
05:19 Four. That's right, the fourth day.
05:21 And you know, we don't have the sun and the moon
05:24 and the stars here in the house.
05:26 Miss Cinda just walks over here,
05:28 flips the switch and look.
05:32 It reminds me of the sunshine in the day time.
05:34 Me too. That's right.
05:37 And you know what I also wanted you to remember,
05:40 is how Jesus takes care of us.
05:42 He gives us the light in the day
05:44 and He gives us a little bit of light at night.
05:47 So we're gonna have a little bit of light at night.
05:51 This is a night light and you're gonna take
05:56 and color a piece of paper.
05:58 Oh, that looks like fun.
05:59 And it's got moon on it
06:00 and then you can just slide it in here
06:02 and you can have your own night light.
06:04 Who likes that? Me.
06:06 Yes? Okay.
06:08 Get your magic markers out and you can start coloring
06:11 and you can draw some stars in there if you want.
06:15 And that way you can have stars twinkling
06:20 in your night light too.
06:22 Who likes to count the stars at night?
06:24 Me.
06:25 I tired but they are so many, I cannot count them all.
06:30 Who falls asleep when they count the stars?
06:33 Me. You do?
06:35 Because they are so-- Sometimes when we're camping,
06:38 we lay on our sleeping bags and we just look at the stars
06:42 and then you're just counting and all of a sudden
06:45 the next thing you know the sun's out,
06:47 and you fell asleep.
06:49 Oh, Larry, you're drawing some lots of stars.
06:52 You're doing a very good job.
06:55 Look at that.
06:58 You like to draw stars?
06:59 I love how they twinkle at night.
07:00 You did good.
07:03 Me too. Do you?
07:06 Well, I love to take walks when there is a full moon.
07:10 Have you ever seen when the moon is big and round?
07:12 Yeah.
07:14 It looks like a big white ball in the sky.
07:16 And then it lights up everything around
07:18 and you can take walks.
07:19 It looks like a fireball.
07:21 You think it looks like a fireball?
07:22 Yeah.
07:23 I saw that and it looks like a fireball.
07:26 Oh. Did you like it?
07:28 Yeah.
07:29 Yeah, do you think there's ever been anybody
07:31 that walked on the moon?
07:33 No.
07:34 Yes. Yes!
07:37 You can't walk on the moon.
07:39 What do you call people that go up there and walk on the moon?
07:41 Astronauts. Very good, Tim.
07:43 Very good.
07:45 And how do they get up there?
07:46 Rocket.
07:48 A big spaceship, don't they. That's right.
07:51 Or a rocket. Or rocket.
07:53 Someday we're going to get up there too
07:55 because we'll get to get on a big cloud
07:58 and ride that cloud with Jesus to heaven.
08:00 Won't that be fun?
08:01 Yeah. Yeah.
08:03 And then we're going to see lots of bright lights.
08:05 That's right.
08:07 Oh, I love the moon and stars.
08:10 And then we can go visit the other planets.
08:13 Yeah, we can go to visit other planets.
08:17 And you think they will be surprised to see us?
08:19 Yeah.
08:21 Yeah, I'll be surprised to see them too
08:23 because they're going to have lots of things on their planet.
08:26 Isn't that gonna be fun?
08:27 Yeah.
08:29 Wow.
08:30 Miss Cinda, this is fun.
08:32 You like it?
08:33 I do too.
08:35 Oh, I am glad, Tim.
08:37 What are you coloring, Mr. Noah?
08:42 I am coloring like a round shape?
08:45 Oh, that's pretty.
08:47 She wants to make a border on her's.
08:48 Oh, that's nice.
08:49 Are you gonna put some stars in there to twinkle?
08:53 You are.
08:54 How many stars do you think you'll put on there?
08:55 Four. Oh, four?
08:57 That's a good number because that's the fourth day
09:00 when He made it.
09:01 How about yourself, are you drawing stars?
09:05 Look at Laya's stars. She's got lots of stars.
09:09 She sure does.
09:11 Kids, I love it when you come to the kitchen.
09:14 We always have so much fun, don't we?
09:16 Yeah!
09:19 Anytime you could be in the kitchen, its fun.
09:22 Okay, I need your help now. Okay.
09:31 Farmer Manny! We're here.
09:34 Hey, kids. Welcome. Welcome back.
09:36 Thank you for coming.
09:40 I got to ask you guys a question.
09:42 Come, come sit over here.
09:43 There we go, sit over here.
09:44 There's my girl. There we are.
09:46 How many of you don't sleep at night?
09:50 No. You don't sleep?
09:52 You don't?
09:53 How many of you have to go to the bed really late?
09:55 Oh.
09:57 How many of you love to sleep at night?
09:58 I love to sleep. I love too.
10:00 All of us. That's right.
10:02 I have a surprise for you.
10:04 Oh, I love surprises.
10:06 You know, God created a really neat animal
10:10 and I have it right here.
10:12 Would you like to see him?
10:13 Yeah. Okay.
10:15 But you have to be very quiet.
10:17 Okay. We can be quiet, can't we?
10:18 Okay, because he can get scared with a lot of noise.
10:23 Don't want to scare him.
10:25 Let's see. There we go.
10:27 A kitty cat? Okay, there we go.
10:31 Oh-oh. Oh.
10:33 Do you know what that is?
10:36 A possum?
10:37 That's right, it's a possum.
10:40 You know, one of our neighbors found him and he's a rescue--
10:43 he's a rescue.
10:45 Don't-- you can touch him.
10:47 You know what, let's come over here if you want to touch him.
10:49 We can't get close on his face.
10:50 And don't get in front of him.
10:52 Stand on the side of him. There we go.
10:54 Come over here. Come over here.
10:55 One of our neighbors they kind of seen--
10:57 found him and he's a rescue and he lives with our neighbor.
11:00 And as soon as we help him get where he needs to be
11:04 and nice and healthy,
11:05 we're going to let him go back out in the wild.
11:09 You can-- we do one hand at a time.
11:10 He may get too scare with too many people.
11:13 Do you know what he's called?
11:15 A possum. That's right.
11:17 And he likes to stay awake at night.
11:20 Oh, I like to sleep at night.
11:23 Me too.
11:24 He has a really neat tail and his tail--
11:29 he's actually called the yard angel.
11:31 Do you know why he would be called the yard angel?
11:34 No. No.
11:36 He's called yard angel because at night he cleans your yard.
11:41 How does he do that, Farmer Manny?
11:43 Well, he will eat anything that's in your yard
11:46 like fallen fruits or any garbage that you'd have.
11:50 That's' why it's very important that you put your garbage
11:52 in your trash can.
11:54 Does he eat bugs?
11:55 He eats bugs and birds and anything else, he loves to eat.
12:00 Oh, my.
12:01 Do you see the tail?
12:03 Isn't that neat?
12:05 Oh, that tail almost looks like a snake.
12:07 It does, doesn't it?
12:08 And he grabs things with the tail
12:10 and he runs back to wherever he lives.
12:13 He can even I think hang with the tail.
12:16 That must be one strong tail.
12:18 It sure is.
12:19 Does he sleep at day time?
12:24 Yes, he does. That's a great question.
12:27 That's' why he's awake at night.
12:30 Oh, so he gets to sleep in the day time?
12:33 Yep. He's beautiful.
12:34 He is.
12:35 You know what, every animal that God has created
12:38 is beautiful, isn't it?
12:40 Yeah. Like lion.
12:42 That's right, a lion is beautiful, right?
12:45 Has anybody not petted him yet?
12:47 I want everybody be able to feel him.
12:50 I petted him.
12:51 I petted him.
12:52 What does he feel like, Noah?
12:54 He feels like soft.
12:56 Soft?
12:57 He does, doesn't he? Do you see his ears?
13:00 Look at his ears.
13:01 Do you think he likes us to sing to him?
13:03 Oh, I think he would.
13:05 I think he loves our song.
13:07 Oh, I think so.
13:09 Well, let's sing it.
13:16 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo, moo
13:20 I like to go to the farm where the ducks quack, quack
13:24 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm
13:28 I like to go to the farm and learn of Jesus
13:34 Well, thank you, Farmer Manny.
13:37 Thank you for showing us the possum.
13:39 He's really cute, isn't he?
13:41 Yeah. Well, we have to go.
13:42 Well, thanks for passing by.
13:44 We'll see you.
13:46 Bye. Bye.
13:47 Bye, boys and girls. Bye.
13:49 Isn't that neat?
13:59 Honey, look, who I found when I was out walking today?
14:01 The Tinny Tots!
14:04 Oh, it's so nice to see you again.
14:07 I'm glad you came to visit.
14:09 Just good to see you, Miss Sharon.
14:11 And you. Can I sit on your lap?
14:12 Sure, you can sit on my lap.
14:14 Oh, I bet you guys have some nice music for us again?
14:19 Well, we do.
14:20 Ann has been working on a piece on the piano.
14:22 She just learned it.
14:25 Will you play it for us?
14:26 Sure. Okay.
14:28 I just love it how they work so hard to learn music.
14:32 Yes. All right.
14:33 I think that makes Jesus happy.
14:35 I think it does too.
14:36 We're glad we have that piano there, you know.
15:18 Thank you. Oh, very nice.
15:20 It's very nice. Very good.
15:23 Well-- I learned it all by myself.
15:25 Oh, good.
15:27 You taught that to yourself?
15:29 Maybe there's so for Mr. Billy.
15:31 May be.
15:33 Does anyone else have a song?
15:36 You do, Maya and Sebbie?
15:39 All right. Oh, good.
15:43 You can just stay right there. That's okay.
15:45 You can sit down.
15:46 Right by Sebbie.
15:47 Sing your song.
15:49 He's got the whole world in His hands
15:53 He's got the whole world in His hands
15:58 He's got the whole world in His hands
16:02 He's got the whole world in his hands
16:05 He's got the little tiny babies in His hands
16:09 He's got the little tiny babies in His hands
16:14 He's got the little tiny babies in His hands
16:18 He's got the whole world in His hands
16:22 Wonderful.
16:24 I love it how Jesus takes care of us.
16:27 Well, Marian has a song for us now.
16:30 Can you sing your song?
16:32 All right.
16:34 You can sit here.
16:36 Behold what manner of love The Father has given unto us
16:41 Behold what manner of love The Father has given unto us
16:46 That we should be called the sons of God
16:50 That we should be called the sons of God
16:55 Behold what manner of love The Father has given unto us
16:59 Behold what manner of love The Father has given unto us
17:05 Thank you so much.
17:07 That's terrific. That was good.
17:09 I have a song, I want to play it on violin.
17:11 You have a song for us too?
17:13 Oh, all right. I love the violin.
17:16 Thank you, Naomi.
17:19 This is a great treat.
18:21 Thank you.
18:23 Thank you.
18:24 Well, would it be all right
18:25 if we had a prayer and thank Jesus?
18:27 Yes. Yes. Let's fold our hands.
18:29 Tory, would you pray?
18:31 Dear Jesus, thank You that we can visit our neighbors
18:35 and thank You for them and that You that we can go and have fun
18:39 with them in Jesus, amen.
18:41 Amen.
18:43 Oh, it's always so good to see you.
18:46 And you can come on and walks anytime, Mr. Billy.
18:49 Can you kids say, goodbye?
18:50 I might go next time.
18:52 Oh, we love to have you, Miss Sharon.
18:55 Bye. Thank you.
18:56 Bye-bye. God bless you.
18:58 I enjoyed it. God bless you.
18:59 Thank you.
19:00 You all are such a blessing, every time you come.
19:04 You are a blessing to us.
19:05 Thank you. Bye.
19:07 Bye-bye. Bye-bye.
19:08 Oh, aren't they sweet? Yes, they are.
19:14 Shall we go for a walk today?
19:18 A walk today A walk today
19:22 Shall we go for a walk today
19:26 To see what God has given?
19:32 Miss Gene, Miss. Gene, I caught one.
19:35 I caught one. One you get.
19:36 I got them yet, I'll get it.
19:38 Look at, I got-- we got one.
19:40 Oh, wow, what a big fish.
19:43 Awesome. All right.
19:45 Look.
19:46 Looks like everybody's got one here.
19:48 Oh, you have a little blue gill.
19:50 Isn't he pretty? Yes.
19:52 Look, he's got all kinds of colors.
19:55 And you have a bass.
19:57 Oh, okay, don't pull it anymore, we got him.
19:59 Look at him.
20:00 Isn't he pretty? All right.
20:02 Isn't it so nice out here?
20:04 It is beautiful out here.
20:10 Isaiah, did you get one?
20:12 Isaiah, do you need help? Can you pull it in?
20:14 You want Miss Gene help you?
20:16 Can you pull him towards Miss Gene?
20:19 There you go.
20:20 Now we got them. You got a big mouth bass too.
20:23 Look at that. Oh, look!
20:26 Look at the difference between the two fish.
20:32 Wow!
20:34 I know.
20:35 Look-- yeah, a lot bigger and look how pretty
20:38 this one is though.
20:40 This one's pretty.
20:41 This one's pretty too. They are both pretty.
20:43 Yes, they are both pretty, but this one has more color.
20:45 See the yellow one has belly.
20:48 See the blue one next to his mouth.
20:51 Isn't that pretty? Yeah.
20:53 Oh.
20:54 It's just wonderful all the things
20:57 that God made for us, isn't it?
20:59 Yeah.
21:00 Let's see if I can get him off the hook.
21:02 Miss Gene, does-- do people like to go fishing at night?
21:05 Yes, people do like to go fishing at night
21:08 especially if it's hot.
21:10 That way, you know the sun is keeping us very warm today.
21:13 Well, if its gets really hot then they can go fishing
21:15 at night and it's not as hot.
21:17 Because what is up in the sky that give light so you can see?
21:21 The moon!
21:23 The moon, you're right.
21:25 It makes light on the water and then that's probably
21:27 how they can fish.
21:28 Yes.
21:29 Yeah, they can see and they can fish
21:32 and that's just works out wonderful.
21:34 Can I hold my fish? Sure, you can hold him.
21:36 You have to be careful holding like this,
21:37 so the fins don't get you, okay.
21:39 Got him? Kind of hold him back.
21:41 Does it feel slippery?
21:42 He's slippery, isn't he?
21:44 Do you guys want to touch him?
21:46 All right. You want to touch him?
21:48 It's kind of slippery, isn't he?
21:51 He is! Yes, it's hard to hold on to.
21:54 We'll have to get him off the hook in a minute.
21:55 When we get him off the hooks we're gonna throw him back in.
21:57 Yes. Yeah.
21:59 And then catch him again?
22:01 Yeah, we can. Sometimes it happens.
22:03 Oh, that was really excited.
22:04 Safe, you can catch something with the net, Tabitha.
22:06 Okay. All right.
22:07 There's a net right behind you, Isaiah.
22:10 I want a net. Yes.
22:11 You want a net? Okay. Here's a net.
22:12 Everybody get's a net.
22:14 All right, see if you can catch a little fish with that?
22:17 Because God made all kinds of fish.
22:20 He did.
22:22 And you know I'm just so glad that God made rather
22:26 wonderful great outdoors for us to enjoy.
22:28 Me too!
22:30 We're being out here.
22:40 You guys, last night I heard something outside.
22:45 And I thought I better go outside and see
22:48 and I couldn't find my flashlight
22:52 and I opened the door and guess what?
22:55 I could see!
22:57 I know.
22:58 I know. I know.
23:00 Right, that's right.
23:02 You guys, I looked up in the sky, it was this big!
23:09 Guess what?
23:10 Did you see all the way to the barn?
23:11 I could. Wow.
23:12 It was so bright.
23:13 Do you know what a moon is called
23:16 that's real big like that?
23:18 Full moon.
23:19 It was a full moon, that's right.
23:21 Who seen a full moon?
23:23 Me. I have.
23:25 Aren't they pretty? Who made the full moon?
23:28 Jesus! That's right.
23:31 The ones that-- I, not like the full moon.
23:35 Those are called crescent moons.
23:37 That's right.
23:38 That's right.
23:40 They are half moons.
23:41 Well, we're talking about how God created the moon.
23:45 And last night I saw the crescent moon too.
23:49 You did?
23:51 And I-- we saw and it was very beautiful.
23:56 It is beautiful.
23:58 What day that God make the moon on?
24:00 Fourth day! Fourth day!
24:01 The fourth day.
24:03 Let's see our memory verse.
24:04 Aunty Linda will say it and you say it after me.
24:06 Genesis 1:18, 19.
24:09 Genesis 1:18, 19.
24:13 "And God thought that it was good."
24:15 "And God thought that it was good."
24:18 "So that evening and the morning."
24:20 "So that evening and the morning."
24:22 "Were the fourth day."
24:24 "Were the fourth day."
24:27 That's right.
24:29 And you know Jesus gives us angels
24:31 to watch over us at night.
24:33 Jesus gives us angels to watch over us at night.
24:37 He will every night.
24:38 And we're gonna sing a song about that.
24:41 All night, all day
24:46 Angels watching over me, my Lord
24:51 All night, all day
24:56 Angels watching over me
25:00 Let's sing that one again.
25:02 All night, all day
25:06 Angels watching over me, my Lord
25:12 All night, all day
25:16 Angels watching over me
25:22 That makes me so glad.
25:23 I'm glad that God gave us angels
25:25 and I'm glad He gave us the moon.
25:27 I am too.
25:28 We're gonna sing, "We're Glad Today."
25:31 We're glad today
25:33 We're glad today
25:36 For the moon we're glad today
25:40 Thank you, God in heaven
25:45 All right, let's sing it really loud.
25:47 "We're Glad Today."
25:48 We're glad today
25:51 We're glad today
25:53 For the moon we're glad today
25:58 Thank you, God in heaven
26:03 You are glad.
26:05 Oh, who can make a moonbeam?
26:07 I can't. I can't.
26:08 Can you? Let's sing that.
26:11 Oh, who can make a moonbeam?
26:15 I'm sure I can't, can you?
26:18 Oh, who can make a moonbeam?
26:22 No one but God is true
26:27 All right, we're gonna have our prayer song now.
26:30 So let's kneel down and we want to be very, very quiet
26:34 when we talk to Jesus, okay?
26:36 Kneel down.
26:37 I will bend my knees
26:40 I will fold my hands
26:44 I will bow my head
26:48 I will close my eyes
26:52 And very, very quiet be
26:56 While the prayer is said
27:01 Dear Jesus, thank You so much for creating the moon
27:06 that shines so bright in the sky.
27:08 And thank You, for creating the angels for us
27:12 that we can have, everyone of us can have
27:14 angels watching over us all the time.
27:17 We love You Jesus.
27:19 Amen.
27:20 Amen.
27:23 That's Mr. Rooster. He says, it's time to go.
27:26 Yep. Wasn't it fun today?
27:28 Yeah.
27:35 Our time together is over
27:38 So we will have to go
27:41 Goodbye, goodbye
27:44 Remember God loves you
27:47 Goodbye, goodbye
27:50 Remember God loves you
27:55 Goodbye!
28:02 We're tiny tots around the world
28:05 We're God's girls and boys
28:08 We live for Him around the world
28:10 We spread love and joy
28:13 We're colors of the rainbow
28:15 We're shiny bright where we go
28:18 We're tiny tots around the world
28:21 We're God's girls and boys


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