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00:01 Eleanor? Eleanor?
00:03 There you are. Come, girl.
00:07 The tiny tots are here
00:09 and you don't want to miss worship.
00:11 It's gonna be an exciting day on the tiny tot farm.
00:20 We're tiny tots around the world
00:23 We're God's girls and boys
00:25 We live for Him around the world
00:28 We spread love and joy
00:31 We're colors of the rainbow
00:33 We're shining bright where we go
00:36 We're tiny tots around the world
00:39 We're God's girls and boys
00:45 I'm so glad, it's worship time. Oh, I'm too.
00:49 I love worship time, it's so fun.
00:51 It is. Isn't it?
00:53 I love worship time too. I love to petting the rabbit.
00:55 You like Mr. Wiggles.
00:57 You know, Mr. Wiggles loves this worship too.
01:00 Doesn't he? Yes.
01:02 Billy Boy likes it too. Okay.
01:05 Billy Boy likes worship too. Yeah.
01:07 I think we can ask him right now
01:09 that he would ring the bell for us.
01:11 Billy Boy, you can ring the worship bell.
01:20 Worship bell so sweet
01:22 Calling us to meet
01:24 With our Best Friend, Jesus
01:28 Come and worship here
01:30 Jesus will be near
01:32 Smiling when He sees us
01:38 Oh, Jesus is so wonderful and good to us.
01:42 Did you know that He created our world for us?
01:47 And everything in it? Yes.
01:49 We talked about this last week.
01:51 Yes. Yes, we have.
01:53 And we have a memory verse for this week
01:56 and we have one actually for today
01:58 and it's Genesis 1:18, 19.
02:02 Genesis 1:18-19.
02:08 "God made the stars also."
02:12 "God made the stars also."
02:18 Well, on the fourth day
02:19 we've already talked this week about
02:21 how He made the sun and He made the moon
02:25 but He made something else very special on the fourth day.
02:28 The stars.
02:29 Oh, and they just go twinkle, twinkle, twinkle.
02:33 Stars!
02:35 I love watching the falling star.
02:37 Well, I never had before. I love seeing dippers.
02:40 Dippers? I've seen a falling star.
02:44 You did. I've seen a fireball.
02:46 You did? Wow.
02:47 I think there's a lot of pretty things
02:49 that God put in the heavens for us.
02:51 Samuel, can you tell us something about it?
02:55 He made stars twinkle. Stars are very, very big.
03:00 Stars are up and there is moon
03:04 and there is even planets like
03:06 Mars, Jupiter and dippers and stars.
03:12 And God made those all.
03:13 And there is something in Mars that's called the Mars car.
03:18 Oh, you think so. It is--
03:21 Sometimes people says the moon is made out of cheese.
03:25 But Jesus didn't make the moon out of cheese.
03:28 Did He? No.
03:31 How did God make the moon?
03:33 Did He just have to take some material
03:36 and try to pat it together and stick it up in the sky?
03:40 No! I know what He did.
03:42 He just said it and it was there.
03:46 Wow! That's right, Sebbie.
03:48 That's right. God's word is powerful.
03:52 Now I could say Ms. Cinda, let's put a sun up in the sky.
03:58 Would there be a sun, another sun in the sky?
04:01 No. No.
04:03 I can't say let there be a rug and there is a rug.
04:05 Can I? No.
04:07 There's already a rug. That's right.
04:11 But God said, let there be stars
04:15 and there was stars.
04:18 And then He said, there be the moon and there was a moon.
04:25 Yes, He did that too. That's right.
04:28 God is a great big powerful God and He is the only one
04:33 that created all the things in our world.
04:35 He is the only Creator.
04:37 I'm glad that God made our earth
04:41 and I like that to read about it in God holy Bible.
04:46 That's right.
04:47 We can read about it in God's holy Bible
04:50 and this is a very special book.
04:52 That's right, Megan. Yes.
04:53 Megan, would you have a special prayer for us
04:56 and just thank Jesus for all the wonderful things
04:58 He created for us?
05:00 Let's bow our heads. My hand hurts.
05:01 Your hand hurts? This finger.
05:02 Oh, we're sorry, okay. Just a minute, okay.
05:05 Close your eyes and hold your hands.
05:08 Dear my Father, thank You that You could
05:11 and create the stars and thank and the moon and sun.
05:16 Thank You for all the things that You created
05:18 and thank You for all the people
05:22 that You made, amen.
05:24 Amen. I love Jesus.
05:28 And you know what? I know Jesus loves us.
05:32 He does.
05:41 Ms. Cinda, what are we making today?
05:45 Oh, are you guys excited to be in the kitchen?
05:49 Yes!
05:50 Well, I'm excited you are here.
05:53 Come get at the table,
05:54 look what I have planned for you today.
05:59 Oh!
06:01 We are gonna make cookies. Yeah!
06:07 Ms. Cinda, that's why I had you all wash your hands
06:11 because Ms. Cinda has already made up some dough
06:14 and I'm gonna give you each some dough
06:16 and then I've given you some cookie cutters.
06:20 What do the cookie cutters-- what are they shape like?
06:23 Stars.
06:24 Now, why would I give you star cookies for this?
06:28 Because we are learning about creation
06:30 and today we are learning about the fourth day
06:33 and on the fourth day He made the sun, moon and stars.
06:36 That's very good, Sameera. That's very good.
06:39 That's exactly why I did that. So let me get--
06:43 And I like learning about the creation.
06:47 You do. I do too.
06:48 I'm so glad Ted, because you know what,
06:51 I love learning about it too.
06:53 Now I will give you guys each some dough and you can--
06:57 That's a lot of dough.
06:58 Kind of make it little bit into a ball
07:01 and then you are gonna roll it out into a--
07:05 into your-- roll it not real flat
07:08 but you want to roll it a little thinner
07:11 and then you can press your cookie cutter in it.
07:15 Oh, I love cookies.
07:19 Oh, who likes cookies? Me.
07:22 Oh.
07:24 I love being in the kitchen because I just think its fun.
07:29 You can create all kinds of things, can't you?
07:32 Yeah. And I love stars.
07:34 I love watching them twinkle at night
07:37 and I look up and I think about some day Jesus is gonna come
07:42 and we are gonna get to ride on that cloud to heaven.
07:44 It's going to be so fun.
07:45 Ms. Cinda, I have never seen a falling star
07:49 but I want to some day.
07:51 You do? You want to see it?
07:52 I have seen a falling star before.
07:54 You have? Wow.
07:57 That's pretty cool, isn't it? Yes.
07:59 I love seeing a falling star.
08:02 You put-- oh, look, very good.
08:04 You can-- let me move my rolling pan
08:07 and you can put it on a cookie--
08:09 you could put it on this cookie sheet
08:11 and then Ms. Cinda will bake them for you.
08:13 How about that? Oh, you are almost ready.
08:17 There you-- I think-- oh, Ernie,
08:19 I think you can press a star in yours.
08:21 All right, let's see if you can do it.
08:22 I think you are ready? All right.
08:24 Let's see, press it and-- good job.
08:27 Now I think you can get another one there.
08:31 Good job, Leslie. There you go.
08:32 Can you push it out a little bit?
08:33 See if you can pull it out and put it on the tray.
08:36 There-- just do this one. Pull it out.
08:38 Good job. Now put it on the tray.
08:41 Oh, look. I help my grandma.
08:44 Yeah, just set it on the tray.
08:45 At Christmas time I help her make anise cookies.
08:49 Oh. Wow!
08:51 Is that fun? That sounds good.
08:53 Well, now you can press another one.
08:55 Do you make them into shapes?
08:57 What kind of shapes do you make them into?
08:58 We make, we do like snowman and stuff like that,
09:04 Christmas stuff.
09:06 But I had a turkey for Thanksgiving.
09:10 Me too.
09:12 See, Jesus made the turkeys.
09:13 That's right. Yeah.
09:14 Okay. You take put some here.
09:16 Oh, Leslie, you got some nice stars.
09:19 Yes, isn't that a nice star?
09:21 How did you guys there is something out
09:23 that's a star that Ms. Cinda saw
09:28 when I was swimming.
09:30 Do you know I saw a star in the water?
09:32 Sun. Sun.
09:34 No.
09:35 Do you know there is something called--
09:36 The water sparkle. No.
09:38 Do you know that there is something called a starfish?
09:41 Yes.
09:42 Has anybody seen a starfish? No.
09:45 Yeah. At a picture.
09:47 Oh, you can just use another one
09:49 and I will wash this one.
09:50 We'll wash that one later. I think I saw starfish.
09:53 A starfish?
09:55 Actually, I mean, they look just like a star.
09:58 They are really pretty. I like starfish.
10:01 Oh, good.
10:02 Good job.
10:04 And you know what else I like?
10:05 I like it when you all come to the kitchen.
10:07 Who likes coming to the kitchen?
10:09 I do.
10:11 Anytime you can come into the kitchen it's fun, isn't it?
10:24 Farmer Manny.
10:25 Hey, boys and girls, how are you?
10:29 Hey, I want to introduce you to my friend.
10:31 Friend. Frog.
10:32 It's a frog.
10:33 What kind of frog can you guess?
10:34 Oh, that's so cute. A bullfrog.
10:36 It's a bullfrog. Isn't he big?
10:38 Yeah.
10:40 He loves-- you know what,
10:41 he loves to stay awake at night and croak.
10:43 Is it?
10:45 You know, he has little itsy-bitsy teeth
10:48 that he may use to catch bugs with,
10:50 because his tongue goes out and brings it back in.
10:53 So he had teeth for eating them at least.
10:56 Wow.
10:57 Oh, yes. Eat at same time.
10:59 Wow. They are all worth.
11:00 Oh, wow. And I need to touch it.
11:04 Do you want to touch it? Yes.
11:06 Oh, let's see, let's see how he feels.
11:10 What do you think?
11:11 You want to touch him? No.
11:13 Let's see who else wants to touch him.
11:15 Sebbie likes to. Sebbie, you want to touch him?
11:16 Let's-- all right, there you go.
11:19 How does it feel?
11:23 Greasy.
11:24 He feels greasy.
11:25 Is that nice? You like him?
11:28 He doesn't feel greasy, what's he feel like?
11:33 You know, that's just-- he loves the water.
11:36 He needs to stay moist every once in a while but--
11:38 Can I touch him? You want to touch him?
11:40 Sure. Sure.
11:43 You know, guys remember that God made the stars, right.
11:49 Do you think he likes the stars?
11:51 Oh, the neat thing is that he doesn't only likes the stars
11:53 he loves to come out and croak,
11:55 croak, croak at the stars at night.
11:58 Rabbit touch them?
11:59 Rabbit. Yeah, rabbit.
12:02 Yeah, you want to touch him?
12:05 Do you know that--
12:08 do you know that in the island of Puerto Rico
12:10 there is a frog called Coqui
12:12 and at night it says coqui, coqui.
12:15 It says like that.
12:17 What do you think he will like to hear our song?
12:20 Oh, I think he would.
12:22 I think he would sometime.
12:27 I like to go to the barn where the cows moo, moo
12:31 I like to go to the barn where the ducks quack, quack
12:35 I like to go to the barn I like to go to the barn
12:39 I like to go to the barn and learn of Jesus
12:45 He felt kind of funny when I touched him.
12:47 Did-- didn't he.
12:49 Oh, I never touched a frog like that.
12:51 All sort of-- yeah, there you go, there you go.
12:54 Oh!
12:57 Doesn't God bring us such beautiful creatures at night?
13:00 Oh, yes.
13:02 Sure does.
13:03 And He helps eat the bugs.
13:05 He helps eat the bugs and yeah just flies
13:08 and all sorts of stuff like that.
13:10 Oh, he is cute, isn't it?
13:11 Aren't you glad God made the bullfrogs?
13:14 Yes.
13:16 Can you tell Mr. Bullfrog goodbye?
13:18 Bye.
13:20 Up there he is.
13:21 Oh, there he is again.
13:22 He is saying goodbye to you guys.
13:24 He's saying goodbye. Tell Farmer Manny goodbye.
13:25 Bye. Bye.
13:26 Thank you, Farmer Manny.
13:28 You are welcome, Aunt Linda. Thank you.
13:30 We'll see you later. Bye-bye.
13:32 Yes. Yeah.
13:41 Honey, could you put these away for me,
13:42 the tiny tots are coming soon.
13:44 I want to finish cleaning up.
13:45 Okay.
13:47 Oh, they are here already. I can hardly wait.
13:50 That's good.
13:52 Hello. Hi!
13:55 Come on in. I'm so glad to see you.
13:57 Good to see you. Come on in.
13:59 It's so fun being here. You brought your violin.
14:03 Oh, yes.
14:04 It's fun being here to sing to you guys.
14:06 Can I sit right here by you?
14:08 It's good to have you sing
14:09 and play the violin and play the piano.
14:11 We just enjoy all of that so much.
14:13 Well, speaking of piano--
14:15 I have a song on the piano that I want to play it for you
14:18 and it's called "This is the Day."
14:20 Okay, great. Go right over then.
14:22 I love that song. Yes, it's a beautiful song.
14:25 Yeah, it just makes me want to clap my hands.
14:28 Well, clap right along if you want to.
14:30 All right.
15:10 Yeah. That was great.
15:12 Great.
15:14 I really enjoyed that.
15:16 Well, does someone else have a special?
15:18 Yeah and it's called "When He Cometh."
15:22 "When He Cometh."
15:23 I used to sing that when I was a little girl.
15:27 Can we sing it with you while you play?
15:29 Yeah.
15:32 When He cometh
15:34 when He cometh
15:36 To make up His jewels
15:41 All His jewels, precious jewels
15:45 His loved and His own
15:50 Like the stars of the morning
15:55 His brightness adorning
16:00 They shall shine in their beauty
16:04 Bright gems for His crown
16:10 I'm excited that Jesus is coming soon.
16:13 Yes, isn't He? Very soon.
16:14 He is coming. I love Jesus.
16:16 I do too.
16:17 Who loves Jesus? I love Jesus.
16:21 I love Jesus.
16:22 Kelly has a song for you.
16:25 Can you sing the song?
16:27 You can stand right here. Oh, you wanted to sit, okay.
16:31 In His Time in His Time
16:38 He makes all things beautiful in His time
16:45 Lord, please show me every day
16:48 As You're teaching me Your way
16:51 That You do just what You say
16:54 In Your time
16:58 In Your time
16:59 I want Jesus to show me the way too.
17:02 Oh, me too.
17:03 Well, do we have any other songs?
17:05 I do.
17:06 Oh, can you sing it for us?
17:08 Sure.
17:10 Jesus love is bubbling over
17:13 Jesus love is bubbling over
17:16 Jesus love is bubbling over
17:19 Hallelujah "Oo" love is a-bubbling over
17:25 "Oo" love is a-bubbling over
17:28 "Oo" love is a-bubbling over
17:31 Hallelujah "Oo" "ah" is a bubbling over
17:37 "Oo" "ah" is a bubbling over
17:40 "Oo" "ah" is a bubbling over
17:42 Hallelujah "Oo" "ah" "shhhh" over
17:48 "Oo" "ah" "shhhh" over
17:50 "Oo" "ah" "shhhh" over
17:53 Hallelujah "Oo" "ah" "shhhh" "weee"
17:58 "Oo" "ah" "shhhh" "weee"
18:01 "Oo" "ah" "shhhh" "weee"
18:03 Hallelujah
18:06 Oh, that was cute.
18:08 I like those action songs.
18:10 Would it be all right if we prayed with you?
18:11 Yeah. Yes.
18:13 Tam, would, you have a special prayer?
18:15 Oh, good. Let's close our eyes.
18:18 Dear Jesus, thank You for neighbors,
18:21 thank You for this day, amen.
18:25 Amen. Amen.
18:27 Well, we better go.
18:29 Good bye.
18:30 Bye. Bye.
18:32 Seems like you just got here.
18:34 Bye.
18:35 See you next time. God bless you.
18:41 Shall we go for a walk today?
18:46 A walk today a walk today
18:50 Shall we go for a walk today
18:54 to see what God has given?
18:59 Oh, that was so much fun.
19:01 Yeah, that was fun.
19:03 Oh, and catching those frogs was fun too.
19:06 Yes, it was.
19:10 Let me get you pulled up in here.
19:12 All right.
19:14 When we get up in here, we caught those frogs,
19:17 we'll just turn to move some here.
19:18 Guys, come on.
19:21 Yes.
19:23 Yeah, well, you have to ask your mommy
19:25 but if your mommy says its okay,
19:26 it will be just fine with me.
19:28 Okay, you want to tell your mom?
19:29 Come one, guys, let's get out. We are here.
19:30 Can we hold them?
19:31 Well, let's get out first and then we will look at them.
19:34 Okay. Okay.
19:35 Can we hold them when we get up here?
19:37 Well, get up here
19:38 and we will hold them once we get out.
19:40 Got it? Yes.
19:41 Okay. Okay.
19:44 All right, come on. Good job.
19:46 You guys are doing such a great job.
19:48 Good job.
19:52 The boat's running away. That was fun.
19:55 All right, let's pull it up in there.
19:57 All right.
19:58 So it doesn't leave without us.
20:00 Yeah, we don't want that. Pull little back in here.
20:02 All right. Oh!
20:05 And who has got the frogs. Let's look at them.
20:08 Oh, look...
20:11 they are really pretty, aren't they?
20:14 There is both on at each other.
20:17 They are, they are jumping around on each other.
20:19 Pick them up gently, please.
20:21 Oh, they are so cute. They are.
20:24 Yeah, don't squeeze them too tight.
20:25 You have to do it very gently.
20:27 But they are little, aren't they?
20:29 They are. They are very tiny.
20:30 Holding on to the bucket.
20:32 Oh, no. There he went.
20:34 He is over there.
20:37 Good job, Sebbie.
20:38 Hold them on to the bucket, good job.
20:39 Good job.
20:41 You have to hold them, you have to hold them tight
20:43 but not too tight,
20:44 because you don't want to hurt them.
20:50 They all think this is a swimming pool
20:52 and they are on the diving board.
20:54 They swim really good, don't they?
20:56 Look at them kick their legs. Yeah.
20:58 Hold them gently. Yeah, don't crush him.
21:01 See his eyes?
21:04 Those are itsy-bitsy--
21:06 Itsy-bitsy eyes.
21:07 He does, doesn't he?
21:08 Tiny eyes and Jesus has made him.
21:11 I know Jesus makes so many wonderful things.
21:18 Okay, let's get them in here.
21:20 Oh, no.
21:21 Oh!
21:24 And that's a very weird thing. Look at them.
21:27 It's very, very-- Awesome.
21:30 I got him. Don't squeeze him too hard.
21:32 It's funny how their,
21:34 their little back legs push so hard so--
21:36 they push so they can jump
21:38 and then they could swim fast and good swimmers too.
21:41 Okay, let's put them back here.
21:42 Oh, there it goes. There it goes.
21:44 All right, there you go, good job.
21:46 He is just sitting there, isn't he?
21:49 Did they jump? Yep.
21:53 I love how God made
21:54 all these beautiful creatures for us to enjoy.
21:57 And I think it's wonderful
21:59 that they can swim in the water
22:01 and be on the land too.
22:02 What do you think they eat?
22:05 I think so. I think maybe bugs and rat.
22:08 Oh, just pull them over to the water so they--
22:10 You know, they eat bugs?
22:11 They stick their long tongue there
22:12 and they catch them.
22:13 I think you are right. Yeah.
22:15 That's a good thing.
22:16 We don't like bugs a whole lot, do we?
22:19 She is sitting on my finger. Yes, he is.
22:22 Oh, look he can hang up to wall.
22:24 I'll put them climbing up the wall.
22:26 Look at those guys.
22:27 They are very good climbers, aren't they?
22:29 They are good climbers.
22:30 Don't squeeze him too hard, okay.
22:32 Oh, I love.
22:34 What is he doing here?
22:36 His mouth has sort of coming up,
22:38 yeah, maybe he is gonna rib it.
22:39 I'm so glad that God made
22:42 all these wonderful outdoor things for us to do.
22:45 Oh, me too.
22:54 Boys and girls, the other night
22:56 well, I was attending to some chickens.
22:58 I looked up in the sky
22:59 and saw all these twinkling lights.
23:01 Stars!
23:02 Yes, lots and lots of them.
23:05 Who can count how many stars are there in sky?
23:07 Not me. I can't count.
23:10 I know someone who knows how many stars there are.
23:13 Jesus. Jesus.
23:14 Yeah, that's right.
23:15 Who made the stars? God!
23:18 That's right. Jesus made them.
23:21 And what day did He make them?
23:22 The fourth day. That's right.
23:25 That's right. That's right.
23:27 Well, our memory verse is about stars today.
23:29 All right. "God made stars also."
23:32 That is right, Timothy. That's right.
23:35 So we are gonna all say it together.
23:36 Auntie Linda will say it and then you say it.
23:38 Genesis 1:16. Genesis 1:16.
23:43 "God made the stars also."
23:45 "God made the stars also."
23:48 Very good.
23:49 He made the stars
23:50 because our God is so big and so great.
23:53 And we are gonna sing a song about that.
23:56 My God is so great
23:59 So strong and so mighty!
24:01 There's nothing my God cannot do!
24:05 For you my God is so great
24:09 So strong and so mighty!
24:11 There's nothing my God cannot do!
24:14 For you the mountains are His,
24:18 The rivers are His
24:20 The stars are His handiwork too
24:25 My God is so great
24:27 So strong and so mighty!
24:30 There's nothing my God cannot do!
24:33 For you
24:35 That was fun. That was fun.
24:38 Well, let sing it one more time
24:40 while we are sitting down, okay.
24:42 My God is so great
24:45 So strong and so mighty!
24:47 There's nothing my God cannot do!
24:51 For you
24:52 My God is so great
24:55 So strong and so mighty!
24:57 There's nothing my God cannot do!
25:00 For you
25:02 The mountains are His, the rivers are His
25:06 The stars are His handiwork too
25:11 My God is so great
25:14 So strong and so mighty!
25:16 There's nothing my God cannot do!
25:19 For you
25:22 God made our wonderful world
25:25 and we are gonna sing about that.
25:26 I like that one. I do too.
25:29 God made our wonderful world
25:34 God made our wonderful world
25:39 He made the stars bright
25:41 He made the daylight
25:44 God made our wonderful world
25:48 And He made the twinkling stars
25:49 and we are gonna sing about that.
25:51 Oh, let's do that.
25:53 Twinkle, twinkle, little star
25:57 God has made you what you are!
26:01 Up above the world so high
26:06 Like a diamond in the sky
26:10 Twinkle, twinkle, little star
26:14 God has made you what you are!
26:20 It's time for prayer, I knew it.
26:21 Time for prayer,
26:22 that's because you are gonna have prayer for us today.
26:24 Aren't you Timothy, would you have prayer?
26:26 I love to. All right, let's kneel down.
26:29 We'll take turns. We'll take turns.
26:31 Let's kneel down and be very quiet.
26:33 We're gonna talk to Jesus.
26:35 I will bend my knees
26:40 I will fold my hands
26:44 I will bow my head
26:48 I will close my eyes
26:52 And very, very quiet be
26:57 While the prayer is said
27:02 Dear Jesus,
27:05 thank You for the stars and we love the stars.
27:10 We love you, Jesus.
27:11 Amen. Amen.
27:15 Heavenly Father,
27:18 thank You for the stars and we love You, Jesus.
27:23 Amen. Amen.
27:27 Oh, Mr. Rooster said that's the end of the day.
27:37 Our time together is over
27:40 So we will have to go
27:43 Goodbye, goodbye
27:46 Remember God loves you
27:49 Goodbye, goodbye
27:52 Remember God loves you
27:57 Goodbye!
28:04 We're tiny tots around the world
28:07 We're God's girls and boys
28:10 We live for Him around the world
28:12 We spread love and joy
28:15 We're colors of the rainbow
28:17 We're shining bright where we go
28:20 We're tiny tots around the world
28:23 We're God's girls and boys


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