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00:01 Eleanor, Eleanor, Eleanor, there you are.
00:05 Come girl.
00:07 The tiny tots are here
00:09 and you don't want to miss worship.
00:12 It's gonna be an exciting day on a tiny tot farm.
00:20 We're tiny tots around the world
00:23 We're God's girls and boys
00:26 We live for Him around the world
00:28 We spread love and joy
00:31 Like colors of the rainbow
00:33 We're shining like the rainbow
00:36 We're tiny tots around the world
00:39 We're God's girls and boys
00:45 I am so happy today.
00:48 Well, why are you so happy?
00:50 It's worship time.
00:52 Oh, that makes me happy too.
00:55 I love worship time.
00:57 I do too.
00:58 Billy Boy, are you happy too?
01:00 I think Billy Boy is happy too.
01:02 I know he is. He's been singing.
01:04 Oh, well, let's ask him if he'll ring the worship bell.
01:07 Billy Boy, you can ring the worship bell.
01:17 Worship bells are sweet
01:19 Calling us to meet with our best friend Jesus
01:25 Come and worship here
01:27 Jesus will be near smiling
01:30 When he sees us.
01:35 Well, our memory verse is in Genesis
01:39 and do you have an idea what it might be about?
01:41 If it's in the first part of Genesis
01:44 what does that tell us in the Holy Bible?
01:46 Creation.
01:47 Creation. That's right.
01:50 We've been talking about creation
01:52 and we're gonna talk about something
01:54 that was made on the fifth day.
01:56 Let's say our memory verse, Genesis 1: 22.
02:01 Genesis 1:22,
02:04 "And God blessed him saying''
02:07 "And God blessed him saying''
02:10 "Let the birds multiply on the earth"
02:13 "Let the birds multiply on the earth."
02:18 I can't imagine what it was like
02:21 that first day when God looked out
02:23 and He saw all that He had made so far.
02:27 There was land and there was mountains
02:29 and trees and food and flowers
02:32 and He had made the sunshine
02:35 and He made the moon and the stars
02:37 on the fourth day.
02:38 But the fifth day when he said "Let there be birds."
02:45 What do you think happened?
02:47 There was birds.
02:49 And were they quiet?
02:50 Oh, no. I think there was lots of-
02:54 That's right Billy Boy.
02:57 I bet there was lots of whistling and bird tweeting.
03:01 I like the whippoorwill.
03:04 Oh, no. Is that a bobwhite.
03:06 I just love all their sounds.
03:08 The whippoorwill makes sounds too
03:09 and the chickadee goes chickadededede.
03:14 And there was a lot of action in the sky.
03:17 There were great big eagles.
03:20 Can you stretch your wings out?
03:21 They were flapping their wings.
03:24 They were flapping and flying all over
03:27 and there was all of the sudden in the trees
03:30 were full of birds.
03:31 What kind of birds do you think were in the trees?
03:33 Blue jays and cedar waxwings.
03:35 Blue jays? Cedar waxwings?
03:38 I thought they were holding a butterfly.
03:40 You do?
03:42 Well, they can flap their wings too.
03:44 I bet they was a little hummingbird
03:45 just flapping so fast.
03:48 And going backwards and all over
03:51 and there was crows.
03:53 Can you hear the crows?
03:54 What do crows say?
03:55 Caw, caw, caw, caw.
03:59 They were saying look at all the birds around
04:02 and what does the owl?
04:04 Hoot. Hoot.
04:07 Yes, they were owls
04:09 and there was all kinds of birds
04:11 and they were making lots and lots of noise
04:14 and I could picture Jesus just standing there
04:17 and smiling at all the birds flying in the sky
04:21 and the ones in the trees
04:23 and they were some in the ground.
04:24 But I think that there were some birds somewhere else.
04:29 Where do you think?
04:32 Something that goes quack, quack, quack, quack.
04:34 A duck.
04:37 And there was lots of splashing in the water too.
04:41 And there was all kinds of activity going around
04:45 and God looked and he saw everything He had made
04:49 and what did He say?
04:50 That was good It was good.
04:54 And we know it was very good.
04:57 Oh, let's thank Jesus for every thing
05:00 that He's given us.
05:02 Who would like to have our prayer?
05:04 Me.
05:05 You would like to? All right.
05:07 And Tabitha would like too so can you have a short prayer?
05:10 Samantha, and then we'll have Tabitha have a short prayer.
05:13 Let's bow our heads and close our eyes.
05:16 "Dear heavenly Father, you said that You'll be with us
05:20 every single day and every single moment.
05:23 We know that You love us so
05:24 we just want to come closer to you.
05:27 Thank you that You made
05:29 all these wonderful birds and rabbits
05:31 and all of these wonderful creatures for us to play with.
05:34 Amen." Amen.
05:36 "Dear Jesus, thank You
05:38 that You made the birds and cedar waxwings
05:41 and big other birds and thank you
05:46 that You made the sun as well, in His name, amen."
05:49 Amen.
05:51 What a wonderful God we have.
05:53 Yes, we do.
05:54 I love Him.
05:56 I do too.
06:04 I love to hear Billy Boy sing.
06:07 And he whistles like this.
06:12 He does.
06:13 Billy Boy does and it's beautiful.
06:16 Isn't it? I have an idea.
06:19 How would you all like to make Billy Boy a treat?
06:23 Who wants to make a treat?
06:24 Yes, I would too. Me!
06:26 And you can actually make it and you can take it outside
06:31 and may be on the nature walk and you can give it
06:34 to the birdies on the nature walk.
06:36 What do you think?
06:38 Yeah. Okay, come to the table.
06:42 We'll make this for the birdies.
06:44 Do you know what day Billy Boy was made on?
06:47 The fifth day.
06:48 That's right, the fifth day.
06:51 Okay. Here's what you do.
06:53 Did you know that birdies love bread and peanut butter?
06:56 Who likes bread and peanut butter?
06:58 I do.
06:59 Did you know that birdies like it?
07:01 Do you like it Sabbie?
07:02 I like peanut butter and honey sandwiches.
07:05 Oh. You do?
07:06 That sounds good.
07:07 I like peanut butter and honey and jelly in sandwiches.
07:10 Oh, wow.
07:12 And sometimes I even have it with no peanut butter
07:15 and just honey and jelly.
07:16 Oh, wow.
07:18 That sounds like a sweet sandwich.
07:19 Well, I'm gonna give you--
07:21 Did you know birds love bread,
07:23 so I'm gonna give you each two pieces of bread
07:25 and I want you to spread peanut butter on it.
07:28 All over? All over it.
07:31 And, Linda, can you give Tory and Sabbie some bread?
07:32 Yes, I'll be glad to.
07:34 And then did you know that birds also love
07:38 banana chips and raisins?
07:40 Wow.
07:42 Who likes banana chips?
07:44 Me.
07:45 Yes, and who likes raisins?
07:47 Yes, I like raisins. You do too Tory?
07:51 So do I.
07:52 I can't spread this.
07:54 Do you want me to help you, Tim?
07:55 Yeah. Okay, here.
07:57 Let's go like this.
07:58 Do you help your moms at home make sandwiches?
08:00 Yeah.
08:01 You do? Huh-huh.
08:02 Sometimes. Sometimes.
08:04 See how I did.
08:05 Like this.
08:07 There you go.
08:08 Now try that-- that might be easier.
08:10 Hold-- you can hold your bread too.
08:12 We want you two share too.
08:13 And then the bread doesn't slide.
08:15 Do you like birdies?
08:17 Yes.
08:18 What's your favorite kind of bird?
08:20 Uh, owls!
08:22 Oh!
08:24 Oh, I like owls too. Who knows what an owl says?
08:26 Hoot, hoot, hoot.
08:32 Sabbie, what's your favorite kind of bird?
08:35 An eagle.
08:36 Oh, I like eagles too.
08:39 Yes, they can fly high.
08:40 What's your favorite-
08:42 They are big birds. Yes, they are.
08:44 What's your favorite, Tim?
08:45 Humming.
08:46 A humming bird.
08:49 I like them too. They are so tiny and cute.
08:53 Tory, what's your favorite?
08:54 I like how they can fly backwards.
08:55 Oh, yes.
08:57 I've seen one fly backwards and upside down.
08:59 You have?
09:00 Me, too.
09:02 Tory, what's your favorite kind of bird?
09:04 Cedar waxwing.
09:05 Oh, cedar waxwing.
09:08 Wow, I like those too.
09:10 Say why?
09:11 I like the chickadees because they go chickadeededede.
09:17 Tabitha, what's your favorite?
09:19 My favorite is a cedar waxwing.
09:22 You like those too? Huh-huh.
09:24 Okay, if you have enough peanut butter on,
09:26 put some raisins and some banana chips in the middle.
09:29 I'm gonna put some of the raisins
09:30 in the middle too.
09:31 I want enough butter.
09:33 I still see white, white spots.
09:35 Oh.
09:37 Yeah, you got to get it all covered, huh?
09:40 Okay, do you want to put some raisins in the middle?
09:42 Not yet. Not yet.
09:44 Well, we want to make sure
09:45 those birds get plenty of peanut butter?
09:48 You can take these outside and set him down
09:50 and see if the birds come and eat 'em.
09:53 Or we can throw at them- we can- one time,
09:58 a duck bit my hand.
10:01 Oh, my, a duck did?
10:03 We don't want to get close to ducks.
10:06 We'll just throw the bread.
10:07 Don't let them bit of our hands.
10:09 We'll take a whole slice in.
10:11 Okay, you want me to put few raisins in the middle
10:14 for yours?
10:15 Here, put a few raisins,
10:16 that's probably enough banana chips.
10:18 Let's put a few raisins. Spread 'em around.
10:19 Okay, now what you do is put this bread on top.
10:23 Put this on top.
10:24 I need more raisins.
10:26 Well, I don't know if you're gonna be able to
10:27 seal your bread so okay, that's enough.
10:30 Okay, put- now put this on top...
10:35 like this.
10:36 Now what you do- Good job.
10:39 Do you want some bananas?
10:40 Okay, now what you do, kids,
10:42 do you see what Miss Cinda is doing?
10:44 You take your fingers and press all the way around
10:47 because you want to-- you want to press that
10:51 and seal all those banana chips and raisins in, okay?
10:54 Oh, wow.
10:56 Press it really good, all the way around.
10:58 Good job. Including in the middle?
11:00 No, you don't need to press it in the middle.
11:02 I just pressed in the middle.
11:04 'Cause see now, look, it'll stay together
11:07 and then you can go take this,
11:09 you could either hang it somewhere
11:11 or you can just set it down.
11:12 We want to press just a little bit more.
11:15 Yours is ready to press.
11:18 And then we can go outside and feed 'em to the birds.
11:21 We can swirl them. Press.
11:23 Well, but they might come apart if you throw 'em.
11:25 It's okay. Oh.
11:28 So different birds can have different parts.
11:32 That's right.
11:33 I 'm so glad you guys came into help me today
11:36 and you know what?
11:37 Billy Boy is gonna be glad too because we need to give
11:40 one of these to Billy Boy, huh.
11:42 He'll like that.
11:43 Who like coming into the kitchen?
11:45 I do. Me.
11:47 Any time you can be in the kitchen.
11:50 It's fun.
11:59 He is beautiful. Isn't he?
12:02 What is it?
12:03 He is a peacock.
12:05 Wow.
12:06 That's right.
12:07 You know on the fifth day of creation,
12:09 God created birds just like the peacock or the chicken
12:13 and God put all these incredible colors on his body.
12:18 Can I have some corn to feed him?
12:20 Oh, did you hear that?
12:22 You want to feed him.
12:23 Go ahead and we can feed him some corn.
12:24 He's saying yes. God made me.
12:27 Do you see his beautiful colors?
12:29 He is a boy.
12:31 Usually the boy peacocks have these wonderful colors
12:35 and these great feathers and by the age of two-oh,
12:39 there- you guys are doing a good job.
12:41 By the age of two
12:42 then the feathers grow these eyes
12:45 and do you, tiny tots know
12:46 why they have these incredible feathers?
12:49 No. Why Farmer Manny?
12:51 Because the daddy peacocks protect the mommies
12:56 and the babies.
12:57 Isn't that great?
12:58 Let's let him come and eat that first.
13:00 Yeah. Yup!
13:02 Do you know what color the mommy peacocks are?
13:05 The mommy peacocks are usually brown or a little uh,
13:09 a little yellow.
13:11 Oh, there we go. All right!
13:13 Yeah, all you guys really love him to feed him.
13:17 Oh, wow, now look at-- look at him.
13:21 Do you see how he's looking around?
13:22 Mmm.
13:23 Yeah, every once in a while he fans his feathers and so he-
13:28 yup there you go.
13:30 And he hums like a popcorn.
13:32 He does. Doesn't he?
13:34 I think he's calling somebody
13:36 or he's trying to tell us something.
13:37 What do you think?
13:38 I think he's looking for friend.
13:41 I think you're right. Yeah.
13:44 Hey, Mr. Peacock.
13:46 Isn't he beautiful? You're beautiful.
13:49 You know he has some feathers right underneath
13:52 that large tail that when they move the tail expands
13:57 and everybody knows that he is there.
14:00 Wow.
14:02 Isn't that beautiful? You know God is so creative.
14:04 Isn't our Lord and Creator very creative?
14:08 Oh, neat.
14:10 And he's looking like are they- is it safe to come and-
14:14 but in heaven when we see peacocks
14:16 they won't be worrying about that.
14:18 They won't be afraid.
14:20 Oh, they won't.
14:21 Can you imagine-- That's right.
14:24 And can you imagine in heaven the peacock will fan
14:27 his beautiful tail just for Jesus, right?
14:29 Oh, yes.
14:32 Maybe we should feed the chickens over there.
14:36 The chickens, they'll come in some time and get some too.
14:39 That's right. They will.
14:42 Hi, Mr. Peacock.
14:44 Yup!
14:46 Did you know Jesus made you?
14:48 Yup!
14:49 He's looking all around.
14:51 He's wondering-
14:52 Do you think he'd like to hear a song?
14:53 He might like to hear our song. Let's sing it for him okay?
14:56 Oh, yes.
14:57 All right!
15:01 I'd like to go to the barn Where the cows mow, mow
15:06 I'd like to go to the barn Where ducks quack, quack
15:10 I'd like to go to the barn I'd like to go to the barn
15:14 I'd like to go to the barn and learn of Jesus
15:20 Wow, this was great.
15:22 He would have heard it. That's right.
15:25 He heard the song, didn't he?
15:26 That's right.
15:28 I saw he had a piece of corn in his mouth.
15:30 He did? Oh, yes.
15:32 Did you guys enjoy him and his beautiful colors?
15:35 He has corn in his mouth right now.
15:38 And who made him?
15:40 God. That's right.
15:42 Isn't God creative and wonderful?
15:44 Yes, I love Him. Oh, me too.
15:47 Thank you so much Farmer Manny.
15:49 I love coming to the barn.
15:51 Me too!
15:52 Can you tell Farmer Manny thank you?
15:54 Thank you.
15:56 Now we're gonna go out really quiet
15:57 so we won't scare him.
15:58 Okay. Bye guys. See you later.
16:01 Bye-bye.
16:10 Honey, this magazine has a lot of neat stuff
16:14 that we could do in our garden.
16:15 I think that you got to look at this.
16:18 This has a lot too.
16:19 I really like that-edible stuff.
16:22 Well, we can do that kind-
16:24 Oh, somebody's at the door. You're gonna get it?
16:26 I'll get it. I'll go too.
16:28 I bet it's the tiny tots.
16:31 I hope it's them.
16:34 Hi!
16:35 Hello, come on in. Give me a hug.
16:38 Hi, Mr. Billy and Ms. Sharon.
16:40 Come on in. You wanna sing.
16:41 How are you?
16:44 Oh, they have been excited about today
16:47 because they have some specials for you.
16:49 Oh, great, great, great.
16:51 Let's move this. Yeah, oh, good-
16:53 Put that there. All right.
16:54 She's strong.
16:56 Tory, tell them what you're gonna sing.
16:59 I'll sing "Every body ought to know."
17:02 Oh, I like that.
17:03 Okay.
17:04 Everybody ought to know Everybody ought to know
17:10 Everybody ought to know
17:13 Who Jesus is
17:17 Everybody ought to know Everybody ought to know
17:22 Everybody ought to know Everybody ought to know
17:26 Everybody ought to know
17:29 Who Jesus is Who Jesus is
17:33 Very good.
17:35 He's the lily of the valley
17:42 He's the bright and morning star
17:48 He's the fairest of ten thousand
17:54 Everybody ought to know
18:01 I think everybody ought to know Jesus.
18:03 Yes. Yeah.
18:05 I have a song to play on piano.
18:07 Oh, you're gonna play on the piano again for us?
18:09 Wonderful! What are you gonna play?
18:11 "Jesus loves me"
18:13 Oh, I love that song.
18:14 I love that one. Me too.
18:17 I 'm so glad Naomi had learnt to play that.
18:20 You're playing very well. We'd really like to hear you.
18:58 Beautiful!
19:00 Naomi, could you play that one more time
19:01 and we could sing along.
19:02 We'll sing too.
19:04 All right!
19:05 I'll come along.
19:08 Jesus loves me this I know
19:12 For the Bible tells me so
19:16 Little ones to Him belong
19:20 They are weak but He is strong
19:24 Yes, Jesus loves me
19:28 Yes, Jesus loves me
19:31 Yes, Jesus loves me
19:35 The Bible tells me so
19:38 Thank you. Very good.
19:40 Beautiful.
19:41 I think we had one more special.
19:44 Anna, do you have a song?
19:46 Yes, Aunty Linda.
19:48 Tell me the story of Jesus
19:53 Write on my heart every word
19:57 Tell me the story most precious
20:02 Sweetest that ever was heard
20:06 Oh, that is so good. Beautiful.
20:09 Would it be all right if we had prayer?
20:11 Yes.
20:12 All right Sabbie, would you pray for us?
20:14 Sure. Close our eyes.
20:16 "Dear Jesus, thank you for this day.
20:19 Thank You that You gave us a new day,
20:24 and thank You, we like the things that You made
20:29 and thank You in Your name, amen."
20:31 Amen.
20:33 We do like the things that Jesus made for us.
20:36 Yes.
20:37 Well, it's been fun today being here.
20:39 We always enjoy your visits.
20:41 But we have lots to do so we better get going.
20:44 Okay. Say good bye.
20:45 Bye, bye, bye
20:47 God bless you. God bless you.
20:49 Come back again very soon. All right, God bless you.
20:55 Shall we go for a walk today
20:59 A walk today A walk today
21:03 Shall we go for a walk today
21:07 To see what God has given.
21:12 Ms. Jeanie, Ms. Jeanie, there's a bird.
21:15 Oh, I see it.
21:17 Look at that, isn't it pretty?
21:19 Oh, yes, it is pretty. Wow.
21:23 God made such beautiful birds.
21:26 And I love looking at them.
21:28 I see one over there too.
21:30 Where Ms. Jeanie?
21:31 Oh, okay on that branch.
21:33 Okay. Yes.
21:35 Isn't that pretty?
21:36 He's also pretty color of blue.
21:39 What's your favorite bird? Bald eagle.
21:41 A bald eagle, what color is it?
21:43 I like a blue jay. Brown and white.
21:44 You like a blue jay?
21:45 Do you like blue jay? Blue jays are pretty.
21:48 What's your favorite?
21:49 Uh, an eagle.
21:52 An eagle? Yes.
21:54 Oh.
21:55 What's your favorite, Leslie?
21:56 A red bird. A red bird.
21:58 Mmm, I like red bird. The cardinal.
21:59 The cardinal. I like the chickadees.
22:02 I do too. Those are very pretty.
22:03 And say chickadedededede.
22:07 Yeah, they do.
22:09 They are cute.
22:10 What about the bird at night?
22:12 The owl.
22:14 Yes. That's right.
22:16 And there's one that goes whippoorwill, whippoorwill
22:20 and he doesn't stop.
22:22 He just keeps doing it and doing it.
22:24 He want you to know he's there.
22:25 That's right.
22:27 I just saw other thing.
22:28 There's a bird. Do you think he falls asleep?
22:30 Where?
22:31 Oh, I can see.
22:34 Did you see him Emma?
22:36 Look over there with your binoculars.
22:37 It's too shiny. It's too shiny.
22:39 Try one more time with your binoculars
22:41 see what you see.
22:42 Oh, it's still sitting there on that branch.
22:44 Yeah.
22:45 Oh, look there's a little bitty nest over there.
22:49 Wow.
22:50 Must be a hummingbird's nest.
22:51 May be. Do you think there's eggs in it?
22:53 Yeah.
22:55 Uh, too bad our binoculars can't let us see that.
22:57 I love it when the babies- I wish they can.
22:59 Born in the spring.
23:01 I do to. They are so cute
23:03 Cute.
23:04 And they open their mouth
23:05 and what do they want their mom to feed 'em?
23:07 Food.
23:09 Worms. Ewww.
23:11 I don't want any worms.
23:12 I'm glad I don't have to eat them.
23:14 I'm glad God made
23:15 all the different types of birds for us.
23:17 I am too. He made so many.
23:19 He so good to have figure that one-
23:20 Over there! There's one bird.
23:23 Oh, look at it go. Oh, there's another one.
23:25 Oh, look at them. There he go.
23:29 Yes.
23:30 He was going very fast. I know.
23:33 Did you see that? Wow.
23:36 Sails very fast. Oh, yes.
23:38 There is a butterfly.
23:40 Oh, yeah.
23:41 God is a wonderful creator.
23:43 Yeah, He is. Beautiful things.
23:46 You know, I'm so glad that God made the great outdoors
23:50 for us to enjoy.
23:51 Me too.
23:53 It's gorgeous out here.
24:00 This morning when I woke up,
24:03 I heard someone singing really loud.
24:06 Billy Boy!
24:08 Yeah.
24:10 It was Billy Boy and he was out, he was so happy,
24:13 he was just chirping and chirping
24:15 and then I opened the door
24:17 and then I heard lots of singing outside.
24:20 There were chickadees and blue jays and cardinals
24:24 and they were singing happy songs.
24:26 Yeah.
24:27 A lot of birds.
24:29 That's right.
24:31 And do you know who created the birds?
24:33 Jesus!
24:34 That's right. Jesus created them.
24:37 And what day?
24:38 What day did God create the birds?
24:39 Fifth day. That's right.
24:42 It was on the fifth day.
24:45 Let's say our memory verse.
24:48 Genesis 1:22.
24:50 Genesis 1:22.
24:54 And God blessed them.
24:56 And God blessed them.
24:59 Saying
25:00 Saying
25:01 Let the birds multiply on the earth.
25:04 Let the birds multiply on the earth.
25:08 And now we know why we have so many birds.
25:12 Why?
25:13 Because multiplying means lots and lots.
25:16 Doesn't it? And you know what?
25:18 I love to hear the birds sing
25:20 but do you who else I'd love to hear sing.
25:25 Billy Boy.
25:26 You! All of you!
25:29 Me too. Yes.
25:30 And we're gonna sing about
25:32 "I love the chirp, chirp, chirping of the birds."
25:36 I love the chirp, chirp, chirping of the birds
25:41 I love the sweet, sweet smelling of the rose
25:46 But the thing I like the best
25:49 The very, very, best is to know that God loves me
25:55 Let's sing that one again. I like that one.
25:57 I love the chirp, chirp, chirping of the birds
26:02 I love the sweet, sweet smelling of the rose
26:06 But the thing I like the best
26:09 The very, very, best is to know that God loves me
26:16 And He does. Oh, yes, He does.
26:18 We're gonna sing "The birds are swiftly flying."
26:22 Oh, I like this one. Yup. Yup.
26:24 You ready? All right. All right.
26:25 The birds are swiftly
26:28 Flying, flying, flying
26:34 The birds are swiftly flying
26:38 Showing God's great love
26:41 Let's thank Jesus for the birds.
26:43 Oh, yes.
26:44 Can we kneel down very quietly,
26:46 fold our hands and close our eyes.
26:49 I will bend my knees
26:54 I will fold my hands
26:58 I will bow my head
27:02 I will close my eyes
27:05 And very, very quite be while the prayer is said.
27:13 Okay, Sabbie, would you pray?
27:15 Dear Jesus, thank you for this day.
27:17 Thank You for the birds that You made
27:20 and we love You, in Jesus' name amen.
27:23 Amen.
27:27 Oh. There's a rooster.
27:28 The rooster says that's all the time we have today.
27:36 Our time together is over
27:39 So we will have to go
27:42 Goodbye, goodbye
27:45 Remember God loves you
27:48 Goodbye, goodbye.
27:52 Remember God loves you
27:56 Goodbye.
28:04 We're tiny tots around the world
28:06 We're God's girls and boys
28:09 We live for him around the world
28:12 We spread love and joy
28:14 Like colors of the rainbow
28:17 We're shining like the rainbow
28:20 We're tiny tots around the world
28:22 We're God's girls and boys


Revised 2015-07-13