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00:01 Eleanor? Eleanor? There you are. Come, girl.
00:07 The tiny tots are here
00:09 and you don't want to miss worship.
00:12 It's gonna be an exciting day on the Tiny Tot Farm.
00:20 We're tiny tots around the world
00:23 We're God's girls and boys
00:26 We live for Him around the world
00:28 We spread love and joy
00:31 We're colors of the rainbow
00:34 We're shining bright where we go
00:36 We're tiny tots around the world
00:39 We're God's girls and boys
00:45 I'm so excited, it's worship time.
00:48 Are you ready for worship?
00:49 Yes.
00:51 Billy Boy, are you ready for worship?
00:55 I think Billy Boy's ready.
00:56 Shall we ask him if he'll ring the worship bell?
00:58 Billy Boy, you can ring the worship bell.
01:08 Worship bell so sweet
01:10 Calling us to meet
01:12 With our Best Friend, Jesus
01:16 Come and worship here
01:18 Jesus will be near
01:20 Smiling when He sees us
01:27 Where do you think our memory verse is found today?
01:30 - I know. - I know.
01:32 I know, I know, I know.
01:33 Very good.
01:35 Genesis 1:12.
01:39 Genesis 1:20.
01:40 Good, Sebby. Then God said,
01:44 "Let the waters abound with an abundance
01:49 of living creatures."
01:52 That's a whole lot of big words, Aunty Linda.
01:55 That is a lot of big words.
01:57 Well, God had made light
01:59 and day and He'd made trees and mountains.
02:02 And he even had land
02:04 and they were food growing in the land.
02:06 The potatoes and tomatoes
02:08 and corn and all kind of things.
02:11 - And tomatoes. - And tomatoes.
02:14 But the water was very still,
02:17 nothing was moving in the water.
02:19 There was nothing there
02:21 and God said, let there be fish, kaboom!
02:27 All of a sudden a great, big whale
02:30 shot up out of the water and it went so splash.
02:32 Can you say splash?
02:34 Splash.
02:36 And the dolphins were just playing.
02:38 And then the little fishy he started jumping
02:40 and swimming in the water.
02:41 Swimming. Can you do that?
02:44 Yes, they were swimming in the water
02:46 and God was smiling because the fish were happy
02:49 and all of the big fish were going up and down
02:52 and there's a lot of noise
02:54 and there was lots of fun going on in the waters.
02:57 I like fish.
02:58 Do you like fish? What kind of fish do you like?
03:01 I like tuna fish.
03:03 You like the tuna fish?
03:05 And I like goldfish.
03:06 You like goldfish?
03:07 I like sharks.
03:08 Sharks! But they didn't bite--
03:11 I like dolphins.
03:12 Dolphins? Yes, they're fun, aren't they?
03:15 Which one do you like, Jonah?
03:19 I like sharks.
03:20 You like sharks too?
03:22 Oh.
03:24 Samuel, what kind of fish do you like?
03:25 Aunty Linda.
03:27 Well, what do you like it, Noah?
03:29 I like dolphins.
03:31 Do you like dolphins? What?
03:33 I got to be by a shark, there's just a glass, shark,
03:37 and the other side of the shark was me.
03:41 There was just a glass between you?
03:43 Well, when God created the world,
03:45 sharks didn't bite.
03:47 And so you could just be right up by 'em.
03:50 God made so many wonderful things
03:53 for us to enjoy in the water.
03:56 And can you think of other things
03:57 that might be in the water?
04:00 I know something that's really pretty.
04:03 And it's kind of like something that
04:08 twinkles in the sky at night.
04:10 Stars.
04:11 Yes, starfish.
04:13 Has anybodyever seen a starfish?
04:15 Yes.
04:16 Aren't they pretty?
04:17 And what about the creatures that walk really slow.
04:20 Turtles.
04:21 Yes, turtles. There were turtles.
04:25 What, Samantha?
04:26 I got to pet a stingray.
04:27 Oh, that's right. There are stingrays.
04:30 Was it fun? What did it feel like?
04:33 It felt like rubbles.
04:36 And on the shore there was little ones
04:38 that went ribbit, ribbit, ribbit.
04:40 - What was that? - Frogs!
04:41 Frogs.
04:43 Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit.
04:45 That's right, Sebby.
04:46 So now there was lots of wonderful things
04:50 for us to enjoy.
04:51 I like two kinds of fish, sharks and the blue whale,
04:59 those are very big.
05:00 They are very big.
05:03 Well, I'm so glad that God made the fish.
05:05 Jonah, would you thank Jesus
05:07 for making all the fish for us to enjoy?
05:10 Let's bow our heads and close our eyes.
05:14 Dear God,
05:15 thank you for the big sharks and the fish, amen.
05:21 Amen.
05:23 I'm thankful too for all that Jesus has made for us.
05:26 I love Jesus.
05:28 I do too.
05:37 Miss Cinda, what are we doing today?
05:41 You guys are gonna love this.
05:44 I was so excited for you to come.
05:47 This is gonna be awesome.
05:49 What is Aunt Linda been talking about today?
05:51 - Fish. - Fish.
05:52 Little fish. Oh, go like this.
05:54 Can you go like this and make a fish?
05:57 Oh, we're make a fish bowl.
06:02 Oh.
06:03 So you guys get to choose your favorite color rock.
06:06 And what day was the fish made on?
06:09 Fifth day.
06:10 That's right, the fifth day.
06:12 Hey, take your favorite color rocks
06:14 and you put it in your bowl.
06:19 You want that color?
06:20 That's pretty.
06:22 Are you mixing all the colors?
06:24 What color would you like? Okay. Here.
06:29 Let me take this a little bit. I'll make it easy for you.
06:33 - There you go. -You want some beads?
06:34 You can do that too, Noah, if you want.
06:37 No, I want to mix stuff.
06:39 Oh, you want me to help you? We'll make it easy.
06:42 You want some of those? Okay.
06:44 How about that, you want some more?
06:51 Okay.
06:52 And then you want to take a tree?
06:54 You can choose a tree to stick down in the middle.
06:57 You can put some more in.
06:58 Oh, look. Tory, you want a tree?
07:01 Yeah.
07:02 Here, Tim, you can take a tree.
07:04 Always a big, big--
07:06 Oops, I got to get it on to a rock.
07:09 That was your tree.
07:10 And then we'll get some water and guess what? What?
07:13 Then Cinda has another surprise for you.
07:17 Another surprise?
07:19 You know what? It is...
07:22 Oh, somebody's at the door.
07:24 Who? Who might be at the door?
07:28 - Hi. - Hi.
07:29 Miss Jeanie.
07:31 I have exactly what you guys needed to surprise--
07:36 Thank you, Miss Jeanie. Look!
07:38 Fish!
07:39 That's right. I do, I have the fish.
07:42 Let me see if I can find a clear bowl we can pour it in.
07:44 Oh, yeah, we'll pour him slowly in.
07:45 Here's a clear bowl.
07:47 Let's put the bowl right in the middle.
07:48 All right.
07:49 Look, kids.
07:51 We got to pour them carefully
07:52 and slowly because no one will hurt him.
07:56 God made him just like He made us
07:57 and we don't want to hurt him,
07:59 we want to do it real kind of easy.
08:01 Oh, there goes one there's another one.
08:03 I don't think they want to come out.
08:05 Can you see.
08:06 Look at all of them.
08:08 Oh, they are so pretty.
08:12 Isn't that neat?
08:14 But they're all different.
08:15 They're different colors, They are different sizes.
08:18 God made them all different, like he made us all different.
08:21 Who wants to take a goldfish home with them?
08:24 Me! All right.
08:25 Let me put some water in your bowl.
08:28 Oh, you guys did such a good job with your bowls.
08:30 Didn't they? Yes.
08:32 They made it pretty.
08:33 The fist are gonna be so happy with their new homes.
08:36 Oh, Miss Jeanie, thank you so much.
08:39 These were just what I was wanting.
08:43 I'm so glad I could find them.
08:45 Was it hard to catch them?
08:47 No, I had somebody else catch them.
08:51 Well, that's good. Are you gonna pour them in?
08:54 We got it from somebody else. We made it easy.
08:58 I might have fallen in the pond trying to catching them.
09:00 Oh, no, you know, I would like to see now.
09:02 Who would like to see Miss Jeanie fall in the pond?
09:05 Me!
09:07 Doesn't want to see me fall in the pond.
09:08 Well, when it's the hot day, I like to fall in the pond.
09:11 Yeah. Yeah, I like too.
09:14 It's hot enough right now, I don't think.
09:16 Okay. Okay.
09:20 Oh, dear, wait a minute.
09:22 How are we gonna get the fish out?
09:24 I thought of that too. I brought a net.
09:27 Oh!
09:30 How's that?
09:31 Is that good? Okay.
09:33 How many-- Are you both getting two?
09:34 Everybody's getting two or what are we doing?
09:36 Let's try to do two each. We could name our fish too.
09:41 Well, it might be kind of hard to--
09:42 What's a good name for a fish?
09:44 Just catch one and then--
09:45 Fishy. Fishy?
09:46 I think you're right. Just catch one and then see.
09:48 Teddy?
09:49 And, Noah, what are you gonna name your fish?
09:51 Oh, they keep getting out, don't they?
09:54 Let's see. Say, come here, fishes.
09:57 There's one.
10:01 He doesn't want to flip out.
10:03 Oh, there you got a fish.
10:04 They didn't want to go in,
10:05 and then they don't want to come out.
10:06 Oh! He's so cute!
10:07 Do you think he likes his new home?
10:08 I hope so.
10:10 They must be hungry. I bet they are.
10:12 Oh! And you know what?
10:13 Miss Cinda thought of that.
10:15 I have fish food.
10:17 Oh, wonderful. That's awesome.
10:19 Here, just take a little piece and put it in your--
10:21 Sprinkle it in.
10:23 I might think that's--
10:25 There, there's your fish food.
10:27 Too stinky? What, the food?
10:28 You're getting the fish?
10:29 Just hold it in your hand.
10:31 I got two on that one. I got two on that one.
10:35 I love that God made us fish
10:38 and so many wonderful things to enjoy.
10:40 I know, it's wonderful, isn't it?
10:42 Miss Jeanie, I'm so glad you came to the kitchen.
10:45 Kids-- Me too!
10:46 So am I. Who has fun in the kitchen?
10:48 I do!
10:50 Anytime we come in the kitchen it's fun.
10:52 I need one more fish.
11:01 Oh, I love those big fish. They're so beautiful.
11:05 Aren't they great?
11:06 They're a largemouth bass.
11:09 And a friend of mine dropped them off
11:11 because we're gonna put 'em into the pond out back.
11:14 Oh, I think they'll be happier there.
11:17 They look pretty.
11:18 Don't they? Yeah.
11:20 What colors do you see on them?
11:22 I see yellow, white and grey.
11:26 I see pink.
11:28 There's a little bit of pink.
11:29 There's a little bit of everything, isn't there?
11:30 Yeah.
11:32 And what day of the week did God create fish?
11:34 Do you guys remember?
11:35 The fifth day.
11:36 That's right. That's right.
11:39 And they are beautiful fish.
11:41 If you ever were to touch them, you know how they feel?
11:45 Little scaly and a little slimy as well
11:50 because they have a special protection
11:52 that God gives them,
11:53 a little oily protection since they live in the water.
11:55 What are those little poky things on top?
11:58 Good question.
12:00 Well, those are fins.
12:04 And the fins help them to navigate in the water.
12:06 And you ask how they breathe?
12:09 Yeah. How do you think they--
12:10 I know. Yes.
12:12 When they suck in the water,
12:13 their gills and all the water go out
12:17 and the air going to the body.
12:19 That's right. Good.
12:21 They breathe through not their mouth or their nose,
12:24 they breathe in through their gills
12:26 which are right here.
12:28 The gills are right in the side.
12:29 See, and you're right, the water goes in,
12:31 they take the oxygen out of the water
12:34 and that's how they get to breathe in the water.
12:36 Is it safe to touch them?
12:38 It is safe to touch them. Would you like to touch them?
12:41 Do we have to be careful anytime?
12:43 We really do because the fins on top
12:45 are a little sharp.
12:47 So what we can do is, we can touch them on this side,
12:51 right here on the fin.
12:52 But not on the top?
12:54 Not on the top, no, let's not do that.
12:55 Who would like to touch them first?
12:57 Me.
12:58 Okay. You know what.
12:59 Why don't you come and touch them first?
13:00 Let me come over here.
13:03 All right. Can I pick 'em up?
13:05 Oh, no, let's leave them in there.
13:06 They're happy right now. Would you like to--
13:08 And he may start to swim if you touch them.
13:10 And if he does you can just take your hand
13:11 out of the water.
13:12 All right, come on.
13:14 Isn't that great?
13:16 Go for it.
13:18 You can touch aside.
13:19 Oh.
13:21 What does he feel like?
13:22 Feel gooey.
13:23 It does. Doesn't it?
13:26 You want to touch him next?
13:27 And then me.
13:29 Yeah, and then you.
13:34 There we go.
13:36 Isn't that cool. It's kind of slimy.
13:38 It does, doesn't it? Who's next?
13:39 Who wants to touch him next?
13:41 Come on, you can touch him next.
13:45 Catch him over and come over here by far.
13:47 You know, come over here because that's where he's at.
13:48 There you go, buddy.
13:51 It's slimy.
13:53 And if-- when they-- oh, isn't that neat?
13:56 Who's next? Who wants to touch him next?
13:57 Okay, let's--
14:03 Isn't that great?
14:05 Eli would you like to touch him next?
14:06 No. No.
14:07 Would you like to touch him next?
14:09 Well, Tory's, is gonna touch him.
14:11 All right, Tory.
14:13 How does that feel? Good.
14:15 Doesn't that feel great?
14:17 And if you notice,
14:19 sometimes his fins will go backwards,
14:23 but you shouldn't ever go this way
14:25 because that way they'll be sharp,
14:27 only this way.
14:28 Isn't that beautiful?
14:29 Didn't God created a wonderful looking fish?
14:33 Yeah!
14:34 Do you think they'd like it if we sang to them?
14:37 Oh, I think they'd love it.
14:39 You want me to touch him.
14:40 Well, we can sing our song and I'll--
14:42 Oh, that'll be great, Aunty Linda.
14:48 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo, moo
14:52 I like to go to the farm where the ducks quack, quack
14:56 I like to go to the farm
14:58 I like to go to the farm
15:00 I like to go to the farm and learn of Jesus
15:07 Thank you, Farmer Manny.
15:09 You're welcome.
15:10 You tell Farmer Manny goodbye.
15:12 Bye. Bye, kids.
15:13 Let's go. Bye-bye.
15:15 You're great today. Come on.
15:18 All right.
15:25 Honey, don't forget that the electric bill is due.
15:28 And I was wondering if we could donate
15:30 to the Tiny Tots.
15:31 I love those kids.
15:33 Looks like we'll be able to donate this month.
15:35 You know, they usually show up about this time.
15:39 Maybe that's them now.
15:43 Hello. Hi!
15:44 Hi, how are you doing? Hi, kids.
15:46 Hi, Miss Sharon.
15:47 Hi. How are you?
15:48 How are you doing, miss?
15:50 I'm good. Come on in.
15:51 Have you planted any flowers?
15:54 Yes, I have and you know what else I did?
15:57 It's going good.
15:58 I put the suncatcher in the garden too.
16:02 Oh! Yeah, he gave up.
16:05 Any what? In your garden.
16:08 A fruit in the garden? Oh, we've had trees for years.
16:11 I've been pruning them and-- No, not trees, fruit.
16:15 Like strawberries, there are blueberries.
16:18 Oh, we've got all of that. It will be coming in.
16:20 And hopefully you guys could come back and eat some with us.
16:22 Oh, I would like that, wouldn't you?
16:24 And maybe Sharon will make some cakes.
16:26 Well, does anybody have a song for us?
16:29 I do. You do?
16:30 All right, can you sing it for Mr. Billy and Miss Sharon?
16:33 Sweet Jesus, Sweet Jesus
16:37 What a wonder you are
16:40 You are brighter than the morning star
16:46 You are fairer, much fairer
16:50 Than the lilies that grows by the wayside
16:53 Precious, more precious than gold
16:59 I live for Jesus, day after day
17:05 I live for Jesus, then come what may
17:12 The Holy Spirit, I will obey
17:18 I live for Jesus, day after day
17:24 That's what I want to do.
17:25 That was great. Thank you. That's a good song. Thank you.
17:28 I want to live for Jesus every moment of my life.
17:31 Me too.
17:32 I love Jesus more then anything.
17:35 Oh. Well, I do too. Me too.
17:39 How about you? Do you love Jesus?
17:41 Yes. Yes.
17:42 Yeah. I think you love Jesus.
17:44 Can you sing him a song about that?
17:46 Yeah. All right.
17:49 Who's the king of the jungle? Who's the king of the sea?
17:55 Who's the king of the universe?
17:58 The jungle and the sea?
18:01 I'll tell you, J-E-S-U-S, yes!
18:06 He's the king of me
18:09 He's the king of the universe
18:14 The jungle and the sea
18:17 I'll tell you, J-E-S-U-S, yes!
18:21 He's the king of me
18:25 He's the king of the universe
18:28 The jungle and the sea
18:31 That's awesome.
18:33 I know that Jesus is the King. Thank you, boys.
18:38 That's nice. So this was the--
18:41 What was that? Monkey or a gorilla.
18:43 Okay. That was neat.
18:46 And how made them? Jesus.
18:49 Jesus. That was J-E-S-U-S.
18:52 That's right. And what day did He make them?
18:55 He made it on the sixth day. On the sixth day.
18:57 And the fish is in the water that went wow, wow, wow,
19:02 was made on the fifth day.
19:04 That's right.
19:06 Well, Mary Anne has a song for you now.
19:08 You sing your song.
19:10 God made the sun and moon and stars
19:13 He made the flowers too
19:17 He made the birds that fly so high
19:20 Just for me and you
19:23 God made the cows that say moo, moo
19:26 He made the kitties too meow, meow
19:30 He made the whales that swim so deep
19:33 Just for you and me
19:37 Yes. That is awesome.
19:41 Well, Naomi-- Well, Naomi has a violin,
19:45 can a play a little piece?
20:13 Very good. Such a talented bunch.
20:16 Yeah, they are.
20:17 I think I know that song. It was twinkle twinkle.
20:21 Yeah, I think it was too.
20:22 Would it be all right if we had prayer
20:24 because we have to hurry
20:26 and go back to the Tiny Tot Farm
20:27 and we'd like to pray before we go.
20:29 By all means.
20:30 All right, let's close our eyes.
20:33 Dear Jesus, you are so wonderful
20:36 and so good and kind to us.
20:39 Thank you for everything You do for us
20:41 and all the things You made for us.
20:44 We love you, amen. Amen.
20:52 Shall we go for a walk today
20:56 A walk today A walk today
21:00 Shall we go for a walk today
21:04 To see what God has given
21:09 Miss Jeanie, Miss Jeanie, I caught some.
21:12 Did you really?
21:13 Oh, let me see. Me too.
21:15 Oh, everybody caught one.
21:17 Awesome!
21:18 Let's see. Can I hold one?
21:20 You want to hold one?
21:21 You think you want to take it out and try and hold it?
21:24 Sometimes it's slippery.
21:27 Oh, op, that one jumped in. Look at its tail wiggling.
21:30 Don't squeeze it too hard now. Oh, here's the wiggling one.
21:31 You want to hold the wiggly one?
21:33 Oh, wow.
21:35 Aren't they pretty? What color are they?
21:37 What color? What color you think that is?
21:40 It looks like silver.
21:42 And green, I think silver. This one's a dead one.
21:44 No, he's all right.
21:46 They're pretty, Miss Jeanie. He's just resting, he's scared.
21:48 Let's put them in the water that she caught.
21:50 Yeah, they like to be in the water.
21:51 You want to put one more in the water?
21:53 Here you go, Miss Jeanie. Can I put one in the water?
21:55 He wants to put one more back. Oh, thank you.
21:57 Okay. Put one more back in the water.
21:59 And then we'll put them in the bucket.
22:00 Let's put them in the bucket.
22:01 Can I put two? No, just put one.
22:04 You're gonna put them in there? Okay, here we go.
22:05 All right, let's put them in the bucket
22:07 and then we'll try and catch some more.
22:09 I'm surprised nobody caught a seaweed.
22:10 Aren't the special? They are.
22:13 Here, Miss Jeanie, Carter, got some.
22:16 All right. Hang on just a second.
22:18 They don't want to come out of there.
22:20 What do you think of that, Carter?
22:21 That one kind of seaweed? Who made that little fishy?
22:25 Here you go, we'll trade. Who made the fishy?
22:27 God. God made the fishy.
22:30 Oh, I'm so glad He did.
22:32 I'm so glad He made all these things for us.
22:34 This is awesome. Here's this one back.
22:38 Here's your back.
22:39 We've got some more fish in here.
22:41 Oh, okay.
22:42 All right. Are you guys having fun?
22:44 Yes!
22:45 You girls can dump yours in here if you want.
22:48 There you go. Can you dump 'em in there?
22:49 Can I put mine in?
22:50 I want to see-- Yeah!
22:52 One got away, let me catch.
22:54 I dropped two of them, didn't I?
22:56 I just love being outside in the water.
22:58 I did too.
22:59 Yeah, you got some seaweed too?
23:01 That's so they can hide in it, huh.
23:03 Put your fish net--
23:05 Yeah, let's dump them in there.
23:08 Oh, there you go.
23:10 I'll think I'll get that seaweed out,
23:12 don't you think so?
23:13 Yeah. Yeah.
23:14 We'll get that out and throw it in the water.
23:17 See what else you can catch?
23:18 Maybe you can catch some more of that seaweed.
23:21 You think you can catch some more seaweed?
23:24 Look, you know what?
23:25 That seaweed, they hide in there,
23:26 that's like a home and a hiding place for them.
23:28 All right.
23:31 Are you? Yes.
23:34 Just don't feel too deep so that we don't want to dump
23:36 the boat over doing.
23:38 I do not want to go in that seaweed.
23:40 Oh, no, that's why in the boat we wear lifejackets.
23:44 That's very right.
23:45 Because Jesus wants us to be careful.
23:47 Yes, and He wants us to be safe. That's right.
23:50 I am so glad that Jesus made all this wonderful stuff
23:54 for us to enjoy outdoors.
23:56 Me too.
24:02 You know, boys and girls, in the back of my farm
24:05 I have a pond and it has fish in it.
24:07 And you know what they do, they look like this.
24:12 Yeah. Can you do it?
24:15 Oh, you guys are very good.
24:17 You're very good. Who made the fishes?
24:20 Jesus!
24:22 And what day did He make it on?
24:25 The fifth day.
24:27 Hey, let's see our memory verse. Genesis 1:20.
24:31 Genesis 1:20.
24:34 God said...
24:35 God said...
24:37 "Let the waters abound...
24:39 "Let the waters abound...
24:41 With an abundance...
24:42 With an abundance...
24:44 Of living creatures."
24:46 Of living creatures."
24:49 We're gonna sing a song that has about a fishy in it.
24:52 But if I were a butterfly. Oh, I like this.
24:55 If I were a butterfly
24:59 I'd thank you Lord for giving me wings
25:03 If I were a robin in a tree
25:07 I'd thank you Lord that I could sing
25:11 And if I were a fish in the sea
25:15 I'd wiggle my tail and I'd giggle with glee
25:19 But I just thank you Father for making me, me
25:23 Who? Me Who? Me, me, me, me
25:27 Well, He gave me a heart
25:29 And he gave his smile
25:31 He gave me Jesus and he made His child
25:35 But I just thank you Father for making me, me
25:40 Who? Me Who? Me, me, me, me
25:45 We're gonna sing another song about fishy.
25:47 Fishy, fishy swim in the water.
25:48 Can you make your fishy swim in the water?
25:50 You make your fish? Okay.
25:53 Fishy, fishy, swim in the water
25:57 Fishy, fishy, swishy, swish
26:01 God made fishy swim in the water
26:06 Fishy, fishy, swishy, swish
26:11 We're glad today for fishy. Let's sing about that.
26:14 Oh, yes.
26:16 We're glad today,
26:18 we're glad today for the fishes we're glad today
26:25 Thank you God in heaven
26:34 Look at the babies clapping her hands.
26:36 She's happy about-- Yes, she's happy.
26:39 Well, we're gonna talk to Jesus
26:41 and we're going to thank Him for the fishes
26:44 and would you have our prayer, Leia?
26:46 Leia, would you have our prayer.
26:47 Okay, let's kneel down and sing our song.
26:50 I will bend my knees
26:55 I will fold my hands
26:59 I will bow my head
27:03 I will close my eyes
27:07 And very, very quiet be
27:12 While the prayer is said
27:16 Heavenly Father, thank you for the fishes
27:22 and I love them and I love You too, amen.
27:26 Amen.
27:29 Oh, Mr. Rooster says our day is over.
27:37 Our time together is over
27:40 So we will have to go
27:43 Goodbye, goodbye
27:46 Remember God loves you
27:49 Goodbye, goodbye
27:52 Remember God loves you
27:57 Goodbye!
28:04 We're tiny tots around the world
28:07 We're God's girls and boys
28:09 We live for Him around the world
28:12 We spread love and joy
28:14 Like colors of the rainbow
28:17 We're shining like the rainbow
28:20 We're tiny tots around the world
28:22 We're God's girls and boys


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