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Little Animals

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Participants: Linda Johnson


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00:01 Eleanor? Eleanor? There you are. Come, girl.
00:07 The tiny tots are here
00:09 and you don't want to miss worship.
00:12 Its gonna be an exiting day on the tiny tot farm.
00:20 We're tiny tots around the world
00:23 We're God's girls and boys
00:26 We live for Him around the world
00:28 We spread love and joy
00:31 We're colors of the rainbow
00:34 We're shiny bright where we go
00:36 We're tiny tots around the world
00:39 We're God's girls and boys
00:45 There goes Eleanor. She is ready for worship.
00:48 Are you ready for worship?
00:50 Yes.
00:52 Mr. Wiggles is ready too.
00:54 Oh, Mr. Wiggles, you are ready for worship?
00:57 Yes, he is.
00:58 Billy Boy, are you ready for worship?
01:01 Oh, I think Billy Boy is ready.
01:03 Let's ask him if he will ring our bell for us.
01:05 Billy Boy, you can ring the worship bell.
01:11 Oh boy, off to song.
01:12 I do too. Me too.
01:14 Me too. Me too.
01:15 Me too.
01:16 Worship Bell so sweet
01:17 Calling us to meet
01:19 With our Best Friend, Jesus
01:23 Come and worship here
01:25 Jesus will be near
01:27 Smiling when He sees us
01:33 I think He smiles when we learn our memory verses too.
01:36 I know He does.
01:38 Our memory verse is found in Genesis 1:24.
01:43 Genesis 1:24.
01:46 "And God said,"
01:48 "And God said,"
01:50 "Let the earth bring forth living creatures"
01:53 "Let the earth bring forth living creatures"
01:58 "according to their kinds"
02:00 "according to their kinds"
02:03 "and it was so."
02:05 "and it was so."
02:08 When God says something it happens. Doesn't it?
02:12 Yes, it does.
02:13 Do you remember what He made on the fourth day?
02:17 Me!
02:19 Sun, moon and stars.
02:21 That's what you are gonna say, Sebbi?
02:22 No.
02:23 That's right, the sun, moon and stars.
02:25 What did He make--
02:26 No, that was, that was on the first day.
02:28 No, that's the fourth day.
02:29 And what did He make on the second day?
02:33 Air. Air.
02:34 That's right. Very good, gentleman.
02:35 What about the third day?
02:36 He made--
02:38 He made the fruit and the trees and the land.
02:40 And the land. That's right.
02:42 And make cheese.
02:44 What did He make on the first day?
02:46 Air. Air.
02:47 But that was the--
02:48 Night. Nice.
02:50 Very good. He made the night and the day.
02:52 See, I told you it was on the first day.
02:54 So what did He make on the fifth day?
02:56 He make animals
02:58 that were in the sea and on land.
03:00 He made fish. And what about the sky?
03:03 Birds. Birds.
03:05 Birds.
03:06 That's laughing turtles.
03:09 Baby crabs.
03:11 Baby boy.
03:12 So what you think God made on the sixth day?
03:16 What did He make on the sixth day, Sebbi?
03:17 All the animals.
03:19 He made all the animals and God said
03:22 let there be animals and it was so.
03:25 And God made so many animals.
03:28 We are gonna talk about the little animals
03:30 that God made on the sixth day.
03:33 Can you think of a little animal?
03:34 I have a little animal he is hyper.
03:37 He is?
03:38 What kind? What kind is it?
03:41 His name is puppy too.
03:43 Oh, is it a puppy?
03:45 And he is hyper.
03:47 Every day.
03:50 Okay.
03:51 And God made the bunny rabbits just like Mr. Wiggles.
03:53 Did He make pigs?
03:54 Yes. And I have a little puppy.
03:56 You have a puppy?
03:57 He is very small.
03:59 He made parks.
04:01 Did He make cows?
04:03 Yes. Yes.
04:04 And what up climbs up in trees that He made?
04:06 Monkeys. Monkeys.
04:08 Monkeys.
04:09 And sometimes he likes me and sometimes he doesn't.
04:13 Your little puppy?
04:14 And then he bites.
04:15 Oh, dear.
04:17 Is it hard? No, just a little bites.
04:20 He has small teeth.
04:22 Okay, so he is just playing.
04:25 And his teeth are growing.
04:27 Oh.
04:28 I can think of a little animal
04:30 that God made that likes to eat nuts.
04:33 Squirrels!
04:34 That's right squirrels and chipmunks.
04:37 Can you think of some other small animals?
04:39 And He--
04:40 Hedgehogs. Hedgehogs!
04:42 He comes, when I went out and he chased the baby.
04:46 Your doggy?
04:48 And one time I was in the-- sitting down on the desk
04:52 and my doggy walked up the stairs.
04:56 Oh.
04:57 I'm thinking of another animal. Faith, can you guess?
05:02 Mouse.
05:03 No, not a mouse. Tory, can you guess?
05:06 Skunk.
05:08 Yes, it was the skunk. That was skunk.
05:09 They are gonna-- skunk.
05:16 And what about the stink bug?
05:18 Those are bugs.
05:19 We have a lot to be thankful for.
05:22 Sebbi, would you have a prayer and thank Jesus
05:25 for all the little animals that He made for us?
05:27 And then Samuel, would you have a prayer too?
05:30 Hey, let's close our eyes, hold our hands.
05:34 Dear, Jesus.
05:35 Thank You for this day.
05:37 Helps us--
05:39 thank You for the animals you made for us to enjoy
05:42 and help us have a good day
05:48 including Mr. Wiggles and Billy Boy.
05:50 In Jesus name, amen.
05:52 Amen.
05:54 Dear, Lord. Thank You for this day.
05:55 Thank You for all the things You do for us.
05:57 Thank You for creating animals and that we can play with them,
06:02 and Mr. Wiggles and Billy Boy
06:04 and other animals that other children have.
06:08 And in Jesus name we pray, amen.
06:11 Amen.
06:12 I'm so thankful for everything Jesus does for us.
06:16 I love Jesus.
06:17 Oh, Jesus is wonderful.
06:27 Okay, let's race to the kitchen.
06:30 Wow!
06:32 I think we are tired.
06:34 Yes, I think so.
06:37 Some of us tired.
06:38 You think-- that was fun, wasn't it?
06:44 Yeah. That was fun.
06:45 Miss Cinda has something fun planned for you all.
06:49 You know, Aunt Linda has been talking about
06:51 animals this week, hasn't she?
06:53 And what day were they created on?
06:54 In the fifth.
06:56 The sixth day.
06:57 And actually we are talking about
06:58 the little animals today.
07:00 Even though all the animals were made on the sixth day.
07:02 Oh.
07:04 So Miss Cinda has made some special cookie dough.
07:09 Yeah!
07:12 You all are gonna get to--
07:13 What are the raisins for?
07:18 They are for eyes and nose.
07:20 What? They are for the nose and the eyes.
07:23 That's right.
07:24 Yes, you are right.
07:25 That's right.
07:26 That's right.
07:28 So I'm gonna give you each some special cookie dough
07:32 and first let's pick out the cookie cutter.
07:34 So I'm gonna hold them up
07:36 and you guys see if you want one.
07:37 I want the--
07:38 I want the bear.
07:39 A kitty, make it one as kitty.
07:40 I want the rabbit. I want the bear.
07:42 I want the rabbit.
07:43 Okay, you can have a bear. Here's a doggy.
07:45 I want. You want a doggy?
07:46 And--
07:47 Oh, here's another doggy.
07:48 Okay, Lena wants.
07:49 And here's a duck. Here's a duck.
07:52 Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack.
07:54 I think we all--
07:55 And who wants the duck?
07:57 Give me the duck. Oh, okay.
07:58 Someone wants the duck.
08:00 Who wants the fish?
08:01 Is this a cat?
08:03 And a fish isn't even a animal.
08:05 No. Oh, yeah.
08:07 What day was the fish created on?
08:08 I don't know. Five.
08:09 The fifth day, that's right.
08:10 Let's see I threw that in just to throw you off.
08:15 Okay, did everybody get one?
08:16 Everybody got a couple of them?
08:17 Can I take two? You can, sure.
08:19 Laya, would you like two? I have a bunny rabbit.
08:22 You want the bunny rabbit or a doggy?
08:23 I want bunny rabbit.
08:25 Okay. Oh, you know, what,
08:26 let's let Laya have a bunny rabbit
08:27 because you have two and she doesn't.
08:29 How about that? Two. Two. Two.
08:30 Okay.
08:31 That's a two half way around. I'm sorry.
08:34 Okay, I'm--
08:35 She can cut one and then share one with other.
08:36 I'm gonna give you each some cookie dough
08:38 and I want you to form it into a ball
08:42 and then I want you to roll it out, okay.
08:43 Okay.
08:45 All right, that sounds fun.
08:46 With your hands in the bowl?
08:47 Yes, you may.
08:48 That's why we washed our hands before we came in.
08:51 Because we wanted you to have clean hands.
08:53 There you go. All right.
08:55 Let me give you a little bit more, Laya.
08:57 Roll it into a ball.
08:58 Roll it into a ball.
09:00 There you go, Meghan.
09:01 Thank you.
09:02 You are welcome.
09:05 Does it feel squishy?
09:06 Yes. Yes.
09:08 Okay, now after I roll it I will--
09:11 And then Miss Cinda has a cookie sheet
09:13 and you can put it on the cookie sheet
09:15 when you finish
09:16 and then I will bake them for you
09:18 and you can take then home and have them for supper.
09:21 How about that?
09:22 Yeah. Yeah.
09:25 Samantha, let me push this.
09:26 Okay.
09:27 So tell me kids, what is the small animal
09:31 and what--
09:32 what would you think as the small animal.
09:34 A puppy. Rabbit.
09:36 A rabbit. A puppy.
09:38 We have a puppy.
09:39 You do.
09:40 Yeah, we have a puppy that got about this big.
09:45 We had a puppy that was about, you know, tall and best dog.
09:52 Oh, wow.
09:53 Let me see--
09:54 And that's good but they are not adjustable.
09:56 They have their animal family, though they have big family.
09:59 Max, he is a terrier.
10:01 Oh, my, that's big.
10:04 He is probably down till there.
10:06 Oh, probably those, a small one.
10:07 Yeah, that looks good. Doesn't it the center one?
10:10 Yes, that's perfect.
10:11 Now you can roll it out, Samantha.
10:13 And let's see--
10:14 what else would be a small animal?
10:16 Do you think a squirrel would be a small animal?
10:19 And chipmunks.
10:20 And chipmunks.
10:21 But chipmunks fights.
10:23 Oh, yeah.
10:24 I think squirrel might bite you too
10:26 if they were not tamed.
10:27 But do you know that
10:28 when we get to heaven squirrels won't bite
10:30 and chipmunks don't bite?
10:31 Yeah.
10:32 Isn't that good and nice? I'm excited about that.
10:34 Yeah, and they re not tamed
10:36 because it's just a whole new world
10:40 that is just right again.
10:43 In heaven we'll have a whole new world
10:46 and they will all be tamed. Won't they?
10:48 Well, I can't wait for heaven.
10:50 Oh, yeah. There you go.
10:52 You can make a big teddy bear. That right.
10:54 Now you can put mouth on it.
10:55 What kind of small animals do you like?
10:57 Oh, he took my teddy bear too.
10:58 Oh, that is your teddy bear.
11:00 Oh!
11:01 What about kitty cats?
11:03 Does anybody have a kitty cat?
11:05 I used to but it died.
11:07 Oh, yeah.
11:08 But it won't in heaven. Isn't it?
11:09 When we get to heaven our animals won't die.
11:12 Well, one in the wild but we made friend to it
11:15 and the other one we found a little kitten.
11:18 Oh, that's nice that you made friends with.
11:21 That's right.
11:23 Yeah.
11:24 And, you know,
11:28 I had a kitten but we went there
11:33 and it was too early
11:35 so it just ran off and found a different home.
11:38 Oh! Sometimes they do that, don't they?
11:42 Yeah, because they want--
11:44 and it was a right for him because--
11:46 I made a bit squishy.
11:48 Oh, I'm so glad you guys came to the kitchen today.
11:52 Me too.
11:53 You like coming to the kitchen?
11:55 Yes. Yes.
11:56 It's always fun to be in the kitchen, isn't it?
12:00 Yes.
12:08 They are so cute.
12:10 Well, aren't they, Farmer Manny?
12:12 They are baby geese or also known as God wings.
12:16 Do they swim?
12:17 Not yet.
12:18 You see the fur on their bodies is not feathers yet
12:22 but the feathers will come in
12:23 and when the feathers come in they have an oil on them.
12:26 So right now when they swim
12:27 they had to rub up against their mommies
12:30 and the oil will help them to float.
12:32 Oh, wow.
12:33 Isn't that neat? Yeah.
12:35 Would you like to feed them?
12:36 Yes.
12:37 Where is the mommy?
12:39 Oh, their mommy right now?
12:40 Oh, she is outside having, having some fun,
12:43 taking care of the making sure everything is okay.
12:47 Oh. Oh, they are hungry.
12:51 Eating by my hand.
12:52 How does it feel?
12:54 Kind of funny.
12:55 Kind of funny.
12:56 Do you know that our God,
12:58 our Father God He created little animals
13:00 that He takes care of them?
13:02 He provides everything for them
13:05 like oil like the mommies provide them to food.
13:09 Can you imagine God feeding us from His hands?
13:12 Oh, God is so good to give you so many wonderful creatures.
13:17 I love all the things He has made the animals
13:21 and everything God has made is very good.
13:25 That's right. Do you see their beaks?
13:27 Yes.
13:28 Do you know the difference between
13:30 the goose and a chicken?
13:32 Yeah, the chicken they are pointed.
13:34 That's right and the goose is more rounded.
13:38 What did they say, Framer Manny?
13:40 Oh, they say-- what do they say?
13:42 Pee, pee,
13:43 pee that's a little word pee, pee, pee.
13:45 What they say when they are older?
13:46 What do you think kids?
13:48 They say, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack,.
13:53 Father Manny, do these like us to sing a song?
13:55 They say-- that's right,
13:57 but they say when they are older,
13:59 Farmer Manny was asking us a question.
14:00 They say-- Was that right?
14:04 That's right.
14:06 Yeah.
14:07 All right, let's sing our song.
14:13 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo, moo
14:17 I like to go to the farm where the ducks quack, quack
14:21 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm
14:25 I like to go to the farm and learn of Jesus
14:31 Thank you, Farmer Manny.
14:32 You are welcome. Thank you for feeding them.
14:34 Bye-bye, Farmer Manny. Good bye.
14:37 Hey, see you guys later. Time to say goodbye.
14:39 Bye, Farmer Manny.
14:42 Bye.
14:43 Good bye.
14:44 See you later. Oh, where are you going?
14:47 Okay, I got them. Thank you.
14:57 Well, the dishes are all put away.
14:59 Is there anything else I could do for you?
15:01 Yes, we have.
15:03 Could you remove the blanket from my foot?
15:05 That weight up for the blanket
15:07 is kind of hurting this sprained ankle.
15:09 Well, how is that?
15:10 That's much better.
15:12 The tiny tots are supposed to come today,
15:15 this probably them right now.
15:16 Oh, that would be great.
15:18 Hi. Well, hi.
15:19 How are you doing? Man, its good to see you.
15:23 Come on in.
15:25 Come on in. Oh!
15:26 That so brightened my day.
15:27 What happened?
15:30 Oh, I sprained my foot when I was out in the garden.
15:33 But I will be just fine. Come on in and sit down.
15:37 I got a song for you.
15:38 Oh, that would be nice. What's it about?
15:41 It's called Naomi and my little sister is Ted.
15:45 And one day Naomi, that's why I like this song.
15:48 Okay, go right ahead.
15:49 Naomi
15:53 Naomi
15:56 Where are you going this wonderful day?
16:00 Where You go, I'll go
16:03 Where You stay, I'll stay
16:07 And your people be, my people
16:09 And your God will be my God
16:13 Naomi
16:16 Naomi
16:19 Where are you going this wonderful day?
16:22 Oh, beautiful.
16:24 I heard that one before.
16:25 And I love that Bible story.
16:27 It is. It's a beautiful one.
16:30 Well, I got a song too.
16:32 Do you? Oh, Yeah?
16:35 It's called "Rich are the moments of blessing."
16:38 Okay.
16:40 Rich are the moments of blessing
16:45 Jesus my Savior bestows
16:51 Pure is the well of salvation
16:57 Fresh from His mercies that flows
17:01 Ever He walketh beside me
17:07 Brightly His sunshine I'll be
17:14 Spreading a beautiful rainbow
17:20 Over the valley of tears
17:25 Oh, that was beautiful.
17:26 We have Jesus, we are rich.
17:28 That's right.
17:29 Yes. Yes.
17:31 Thank you, Anna.
17:32 I feel better already.
17:34 Well, we have something else
17:36 to help you feel better, Miss Sharon.
17:39 Kyle, can you sing a song
17:41 and help Miss Sharon feel better?
17:43 Okay.
17:51 Look at me
17:52 Look at me
17:54 I'm just a kangaroo
17:57 I hop, I hop, I hop, I hop
18:00 For God created me
18:03 Look at me
18:04 Look at me
18:05 I'm just a walking duck
18:10 I walk, I walk, I walk, I walk
18:13 For God created me
18:16 Look at me
18:17 Look at me
18:18 I'm just a flying bird
18:20 I fly, I fly, I fly, I fly
18:22 For God created me
18:25 Yeah, good job.
18:27 He did create us. Didn't He?
18:30 And I love how Jesus made each one of us
18:33 so different and yet everyone is so special.
18:36 Yes.
18:37 Isn't that awesome.
18:40 Wow, Mr. Billy, what is your favorite animal?
18:45 The lion.
18:46 The lion.
18:47 The cheetah.
18:48 The cheetah. Oh, Sebbi likes cheetahs.
18:52 What do you like, Naomi?
18:57 I don't know yet.
18:58 I like monkeys.
19:01 Can you make the monkey sound?
19:08 Well, children we probably should go now
19:11 because Miss Sharon needs her rest.
19:13 Can I have a prayer for you, Miss Sharon?
19:16 Oh, yes, Sebbi.
19:17 That would be nice. Let's close our eyes.
19:20 Dear, Jesus.
19:21 Thank You for this day and how Miss Sharon's foot heal
19:26 and in your name, amen.
19:29 Amen.
19:30 Thank you, Sebbi.
19:32 Well, we hope you get better.
19:33 Thank you. Bye.
19:35 We love you, Miss Sharon.
19:38 We love you all too.
19:39 Thanks for coming. God bless you.
19:41 Bye-bye. Take good care.
19:43 Thank you, bye-bye.
19:44 Bye.
19:46 Hurry back.
19:51 Shall we go for a walk today?
19:56 A walk today
19:58 A walk today
20:00 Shall we go for a walk today to see what God has given?
20:09 Oh, that's Miss Jeanie.
20:11 I wonder what she has for us.
20:12 Come over and stand by Auntie Linda.
20:14 What is in the back?
20:15 Come over by Auntie Linda.
20:16 Hi, guys.
20:17 Miss Jeanie, can we come over there?
20:19 Yes, you can.
20:20 I have a surprise. All right.
20:21 What is it?
20:23 You be very quite and come climb slow.
20:24 Okay, boys, we let you up in the back.
20:26 All right.
20:27 Don't get close to the corner.
20:28 Okay, get up in there. Good job.
20:31 That way you can see.
20:33 I will sit in back?
20:34 Sure. All right, you can get up too.
20:37 I want these up too.
20:39 There you go. All right.
20:41 Can I? Yes, you may.
20:42 Sit way back.
20:43 Let me get her up there.
20:44 Let me--
20:46 all right,
20:47 sit way back away from her, okay.
20:49 Get way back from that corner,
20:51 you can sit right here but put your hands away.
20:53 Can I hold you?
20:54 Okay, you can stand by Auntie Linda.
20:55 All right. Okay, all right.
20:58 Sebbie, watch your hand.
20:59 Would you stand right by Aunta Linda well,
21:00 All right, now see, she is gonna look at you guys.
21:04 Do you know what she is?
21:05 Raccoon. That's right,
21:06 she is a raccoon and it's a girl.
21:09 Is it a baby? You are okay.
21:11 No. She is not a baby.
21:12 She is--
21:13 she is maybe a year or so old.
21:15 Okay, let's sit very quiet.
21:18 What do we do when someone's talking?
21:20 We are really quiet, aren't we?
21:22 And we also don't want to scare the raccoon.
21:24 Right.
21:26 See we don't want to scare her because she is a wild animal.
21:29 You never ever get by wild animals.
21:32 But she was eating eggs in my henhouse.
21:36 Oh.
21:38 So I had to catch her
21:41 and I'm going to take her to a lady called rehab lady.
21:43 How did you catch it?
21:45 I caught her in a live trap.
21:46 It got two doors that close when they go in.
21:50 And we are going to take her to the rehab lady
21:52 and that's a lady who takes the animal.
21:54 There must be bushy she trying to bite you?
21:57 She would, yes.
21:58 But we kind of dumped her from one cage to the other.
22:00 We didn't take her out and handle her.
22:02 You should never handle a wild animal.
22:04 But we are going to take her to the rehab lady.
22:07 The rehab lady knows where can check her up
22:10 and see if she is okay and then she can take her
22:12 and release her.
22:13 She studies the right places to release them
22:15 where they are needed so that there is not too many of them.
22:18 That sounds like a good idea. Doesn't it?
22:20 I'm glad in heaven that we will be able
22:22 to touch them and play with them
22:24 and we can be as loud as we want to
22:26 because they won't be afraid. Will they?
22:28 No.
22:29 You guys look at, loot at her face.
22:31 What does it look like?
22:32 She looks like she has goggles on.
22:34 Goggles, yeah.
22:35 She looks like a--
22:37 Like a burglar, like a bandit, yeah.
22:39 She looks like she has a mask on.
22:40 She does. That's right.
22:41 She has black around her eyes like a mask.
22:43 Oh, she is gonna reach out
22:45 if you like, you guys have shoes.
22:46 Oh, she likes the yellow.
22:48 Yep. She likes the yellow.
22:52 Put your shoes over here
22:53 and see it shall still go with them.
22:55 I don't know.
22:56 Well, she still look at them?
22:57 She does. She likes that color.
22:58 Doesn't she? Oh, she likes yellow.
23:00 Okay, be careful though.
23:01 Don't get too close to.
23:03 Be careful because she-- don't get too close
23:05 because remember I said she is a wild animal.
23:07 That's a little bit too close.
23:08 Could you little bit-- yeah a little bit.
23:10 That's right. There you go.
23:12 Because not only will you scare her
23:14 but she might hurt you.
23:15 You know, I'm just so glad
23:17 that God made all the wonderful things
23:19 outside for us to enjoy.
23:21 Me too.
23:22 Me too.
23:32 Auntie Linda, Auntie Linda, I have a puppy at home.
23:35 Oh, that is a wonderful thing to have.
23:38 What's his name, Leslie?
23:39 Simon.
23:40 Simon?
23:42 Does anyone have a kitty at home?
23:44 You do? Tory, what's you kitty's name.
23:46 Actually I have two.
23:47 Two, all right.
23:49 I have Pepper and Snicker.
23:52 Oh. And Isaac, what is your kitty's name?
23:56 Park and Yellow.
23:59 Do you help take care of your kitty?
24:02 Awesome.
24:03 I help take care of my doggy too.
24:05 You do. Well, that makes Jesus glad.
24:08 That's right.
24:09 Jesus wants us to take good care of our pets.
24:11 Doesn't He? That's right.
24:13 Well, Anda, sixth day God made?
24:18 What did He? Animals.
24:19 Animals.
24:20 And human beings.
24:22 And that's right.
24:23 And today we are talking about the animals.
24:25 Our memory verse is Genesis 1:24.
24:29 Genesis 1:24.
24:32 "And God said,"
24:33 "And God said,"
24:35 "Let the earth"
24:37 "Let the earth"
24:38 "bring forth"
24:39 "bring forth"
24:41 "the living creatures"
24:42 "the living creatures"
24:44 "according"
24:46 "according"
24:47 "to its kinds."
24:49 "to its kinds."
24:51 Jesus made animals because He loves us
24:54 and He wanted us to have nice animals to play with
24:58 and He wants us to be kind to them too.
25:00 So we are gonna sing about being kind to our kitties.
25:02 All right.
25:04 I will be kind to my kitties each day
25:08 It makes Jesus glad
25:11 It makes Jesus glad
25:14 I will be kind to my kitties each day
25:19 For this makes feel Jesus glad
25:24 And Jesus wants us to be kind to our bunnies too, doesn't He?
25:27 We are gonna sing a song about bunnies.
25:29 Oh, I like this pointing bunny rabbit.
25:30 Put you bunny. Put your bunny.
25:32 You got your bunnies? Okay.
25:33 The long ears.
25:34 Did your bunny?
25:36 Okay. Okay.
25:37 Mother bunny rabbit says, God made me
25:42 He made all my family
25:47 Mother bunny rabbit says, God made me
25:51 On the sixth day
25:56 And He made little lambies too.
25:58 So we will pretend our arms are lambies
26:00 and we will pet them, okay.
26:02 Woolly, woolly lamb
26:05 Woolly, woolly lamb
26:08 Jesus made you soft and woolly
26:13 Woolly, woolly lamb
26:15 Woolly, woolly lamb
26:18 Jesus made you soft and woolly
26:25 Let's thank Jesus for the animals.
26:27 And Isaac, will you pray for us.
26:30 Okay, let's kneel down being quietly.
26:31 We are gonna sing our song.
26:34 I will bend my knees
26:38 I will fold my hands
26:42 I will bow my head
26:46 I will close my eyes
26:50 And very, very quiet be
26:55 while the prayer is said
26:59 Dear, Jesus.
27:01 Thank you for making my pet happy, amen.
27:06 Amen.
27:10 Oh, Mr. Rooster says that's the end of our day.
27:13 Oh, that was fun today.
27:21 Our time together is over
27:24 So we will have to go
27:27 Goodbye, goodbye
27:30 Remember God loves you
27:33 Goodbye, goodbye
27:36 Remember God loves you
27:40 Goodbye!
27:48 We're tiny tots around the world
27:50 We're God's girls and boys
27:53 We live for Him around the world
27:56 We spread love and joy
27:58 We're colors of the rainbow
28:01 We're shiny bright where we go
28:04 We're tiny tots around the world
28:06 We're God's girls and boys


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