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Big Animals

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00:01 Eleanor? Eleanor?
00:04 There you are. Come, girl.
00:07 The tiny tots are here
00:09 and you don't want to miss worship.
00:11 Its gonna be an exiting day on the tiny tot farm.
00:20 We're tiny tots around the world
00:23 We're God's girls and boys
00:26 We live for Him around the world
00:28 We spread love and joy
00:31 We're colors of the rainbow
00:33 We're shiny bright where we go
00:36 We're tiny tots around the world
00:39 We're God's girls and boys
00:45 I'm ready for worship.
00:47 We are ready for worship too.
00:50 Billy Boy is too.
00:52 Billy Boy, you are read for worship?
00:54 It says Mr. Wiggles. Hi, Mir. Wiggles.
00:56 And Eleanor is ready too.
00:58 Well, let's ask Billy Boy
00:59 if he will ring the worship bell.
01:01 Billy Boy, you can ring the worship bell.
01:06 Oh, I love to sing.
01:07 I love to sing too.
01:10 Worship Bell so sweet
01:12 Calling us to meet
01:14 With our Best Friend, Jesus
01:18 Come and worship here
01:20 Jesus will be near
01:22 Smiling when He sees us
01:27 And I love to make Jesus smile.
01:30 I do too.
01:31 And you know what, singing makes me smile.
01:34 Me too.
01:35 Me too. It makes me happy.
01:37 Well, I have a very special book in my lap.
01:41 What do you think it is?
01:42 The holy Bible.
01:43 It's the holy Bible.
01:45 And I love it
01:46 because there are so many wonderful things
01:48 that Jesus tells us.
01:49 Our memory verse is found in...
01:52 Genesis 1:25.
01:56 Very good.
01:58 "And God made the beast of the earth."
02:01 "And God made the beast of the earth."
02:05 Now what do you think a beast is?
02:07 It's a big animal.
02:09 That's right. That's right, Samantha.
02:11 Big and giant.
02:14 It's a big animal.
02:15 Well, we have talked about some of the things
02:17 that God made on the sixth day
02:19 and He made small animals and He made big animals.
02:23 The big animals are as big as this building.
02:26 You think so?
02:27 Who can name a big animal?
02:31 A horse.
02:32 What Sam, a horse?
02:34 An elephant.
02:35 A gorilla. A hippopotamus.
02:37 A hippopotamus.
02:38 A monkey.
02:41 That's right.
02:43 A lion.
02:45 Lions are big.
02:47 Tiger.
02:49 Tiger!
02:50 A leopard.
02:51 Oh, wow, leopards are fast. A bull calf.
02:54 A bull calf, that's right.
02:55 Giraffe.
02:56 Giraffes have tall,
02:59 they have long necks, don't they?
03:01 A panther. A panther.
03:03 A bear. Zebra.
03:05 Oh, zebras. A bear.
03:06 A bear, that's right.
03:08 Novolia, you said a bear too.
03:09 What about polar bears?
03:11 Oh, yes.
03:12 They live in Artic.
03:15 That's right.
03:16 You know, one time I was walking in the woods
03:19 and I was-- and we decided to have a picnic
03:22 and we put our stuff and all the sudden
03:25 this grey, big bear came out of the woods
03:31 and we looked and we looked at our sandwiches
03:34 and the bear went--
03:38 and dump the sandwiches and we ran.
03:41 And the bear picked up our sandwiches and went...
03:47 Well, you know what, Miss Cinda,
03:49 when God created the animals they weren't like that.
03:52 They were kind to each other
03:54 and a little lamb could crawl up
03:56 right next to a lion and it wouldn't even get hurt
04:01 because they didn't bite
04:02 and you didn't have to be afraid of them
04:04 and they didn't steal food
04:06 because God made everything perfect
04:09 in the beginning.
04:10 What happened to animals starting biting?
04:13 You remember what happened?
04:14 Why did the animals get mean?
04:17 Because they--
04:20 Because of Adam and Eve.
04:21 That's right, Samuel.
04:23 And we are gonna talk about
04:25 when God created people some other too.
04:28 But I'm so grateful that--
04:30 I want to save an animal but it's not true.
04:33 It's not true. You can tell me later, okay.
04:35 Okay, Sebbie.
04:37 I have a story.
04:39 You have a story?
04:40 I was at Miss Jeanie's one day this Saturday
04:44 and I was and I got to stand by the horse.
04:48 You did.
04:49 And Miss Jeanie will show us lots of nice things on nature
04:53 when we go on our Nature Walk.
04:55 Miss Cinda,
04:57 when I was at this horse we got my eldest sister,
05:02 they had a horse there.
05:04 On the way out I got to see this horse,
05:07 this woman while training it
05:09 and it was backing in their rear end.
05:14 Well, Jesus made all these animal for us
05:17 because He loves us
05:19 and He wanted us to have them to play with
05:22 and to have them for friends.
05:24 And Jesus is so good to us. Let's thank Jesus right now.
05:28 Okay, Samuel, would have a payer for us
05:30 just thanking Jesus for all the big animals
05:32 that He made for us?
05:34 Yes. Dear, Lord.
05:36 Thank for all the big animals, thank for a hippopotamus,
05:40 the giraffe, the zebras, the monkeys
05:45 and every one else
05:47 and creating Mr. Wiggles and Billy Boy, amen.
05:52 Amen.
05:54 I'm so glad God created animals.
05:56 Oh, me too. I love Jesus.
05:59 I do too.
06:08 Oh, we are gonna have fun in the kitchen today.
06:11 Wow, that looks like fun. What are we doing today?
06:14 What is that? It looks like clouds.
06:16 It does kind of look like cloud.
06:19 Doesn't it? Big, fluffy clouds.
06:21 Well, what has Aunt Linda been telling you about today?
06:25 Big animals. Big animals.
06:27 Big animals.
06:29 So you-- we are gonna do today,
06:31 we are gonna make neck pillow.
06:34 So when you are traveling you go like this
06:37 and then if you fall asleep you are gonna just go--
06:47 Doesn't that look like fun? That looks like fun.
06:49 Oh, we are losing our clouds.
06:52 Okay, hop up here Samantha,
06:54 now what we are gonna do is there is a little opening
06:58 and I want you to stuff
06:59 all this filling in your openings.
07:01 You can have a real soft cloud.
07:04 Okay. Okay.
07:06 Here you go, here' some more.
07:10 Stuff it in.
07:12 Stuff it in.
07:13 Oh, let me help you right here, right here.
07:16 There you go. Stuff through the hole.
07:18 Thank you for helping me again.
07:21 There we go.
07:22 I love animals.
07:24 I do too.
07:26 So tell me kids what's your favorite big animal?
07:31 Jaws.
07:32 Oh, that's a big one.
07:33 A horse. Horse, I like horses.
07:36 How about you, Nalanie?
07:38 A dog.
07:39 A dog. A big dog.
07:41 Well, I like dolphins too.
07:43 You do, that's not big.
07:45 Well, yes, that is a big animal.
07:48 I like dolphins. You are, Samantha.
07:50 Oh, Laya, how-- what big animal do you like?
07:55 I love elephant.
07:57 Oh, now that's a big elephant.
07:59 You know what, I got to ride on an elephant.
08:04 Me too. I did.
08:05 Did you? It was fun, wasn't it?
08:07 I got to ride on the baby one.
08:11 I've never been on an elephant
08:12 but in heaven I'm gonna ride an elephant.
08:15 Who can guess I got to ride on another big animal
08:20 and it kind of had a hump back and it--
08:23 A camel. A camel.
08:25 Yes.
08:26 I rode a camel too.
08:28 Wow. That's awesome.
08:31 Tabitha, what is your favorite big animal?
08:35 A bear.
08:36 You like your bear.
08:39 What about a lion?
08:41 What do the lion say?
08:46 Well, what do the bear say after lion says that?
08:54 There is one, stick it that.
08:55 I've seen lion-- bear go...
09:00 You have?
09:01 Do you know what,
09:02 one time I was up in the mountains
09:04 having a picnic and a bear came in,
09:07 chased me away from my picnic basket.
09:10 He said that was good food and I wanted to eat it.
09:13 He did.
09:14 And I didn't stay and save my sandwich.
09:18 I ran.
09:20 Well, if you stayed and grabbed your sandwich?
09:22 No.
09:23 No, I let Mr. Bear have the sandwich.
09:26 I would do. I like he would jump.
09:31 I didn't want them to eat me too.
09:33 I just wanted them to eat the sandwich.
09:37 Do you know in heaven we won't have to worry about
09:40 running away from the bears?
09:41 No. No.
09:43 The animals won't be afraid of us
09:46 and they won't hurt us.
09:47 Will they? No.
09:49 Oh, you guys are doing such a good job.
09:51 Boy, you are gonna love this
09:54 when you are riding in the car.
09:55 Aren't you? Yeah.
09:57 You all remember
09:59 that Jesus has big animals for us to enjoy.
10:05 And you know what else you can remember?
10:08 You can remember that
10:09 when you are in the kitchen its fun, isn't it?
10:12 Yes.
10:15 Anytime you can be in the kitchen.
10:17 It's fun. That's right.
10:26 Farmer Manny.
10:28 Hey, kids.
10:30 Oh, I'm glad you are here.
10:31 We've been excited to come to the barn.
10:33 Oh, me too and you are here in the nick of time.
10:35 What you are doing?
10:36 I'm gonna put actually pick some corm from the field.
10:39 I love. Wow, it is fun.
10:41 Hi. I got my puppy.
10:43 Hey, Taylor. Show us your puppy, Taylor.
10:45 What's his name?
10:46 Ronan. Ronan.
10:48 And he is a German shepherd, lab mix and when he is--
10:52 That's a big puppy. That is a big puppy.
10:54 You know, Auntie Linda, that reminds me of
10:57 when God created the larger animals in creation.
11:02 And so he is a German shepherd mix?
11:04 German shepherd, lab mix.
11:06 Wow.
11:07 I got him. I got him.
11:09 And he plays tough of war.
11:11 I was gonna ask you if he plays.
11:12 Sebbi, you are good with animals.
11:15 Can you show us how he plays tough of war?
11:17 He may not be in the mood but we can try.
11:19 If you kids can hold on to that end.
11:22 Come on, Roman. Catch it.
11:26 Get that.
11:33 He is not in the mood. Oh.
11:35 His ears are up,
11:36 what does that mean when his ears are up?
11:37 He is listening. Oh, he is listening?
11:39 Now, you know, we are not on a farm,
11:42 do you think that he is looking for something?
11:43 He is probably looking
11:45 and curious about other animals on the farm.
11:47 Awesome.
11:48 So he likes other animals? Yes.
11:50 He is interested in anything that moves.
11:52 Okay, that's great.
11:54 Wow.
11:56 Did you know Jesus made you?
11:57 What day did Jesus make the doggy's on?
12:00 The sixth day.
12:02 He is trying to get your feather, isn't it?
12:04 He like that feather.
12:06 Look at this.
12:09 And you know, they are talking about Spanish.
12:10 How do you say the word dog in Spanish?
12:14 Perro. Perro.
12:16 Can you guys say perro?
12:17 Perro.
12:19 Oh, that is a good job.
12:22 It sounds like berro.
12:24 It does, doesn't it?
12:25 He like stinky dog bed.
12:32 I'm sure he does.
12:33 Say, Taylor, would you guys like to some
12:37 to help me pick corn on the field?
12:39 Yes.
12:41 All right, bring them with me.
12:42 Yes, do you think before we go that
12:44 we could sing the doggy our song.
12:46 That will be great. Let's do that.
12:52 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo, moo
12:56 I like to go to the farm where the ducks quack, quack
13:00 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm
13:04 I like to go to the farm and learn of Jesus
13:10 Let's go to the corn field now.
13:12 Let's go. All right.
13:14 How fun is that? Come on, let's go.
13:24 Look Miss Sharon,
13:25 when as I was getting wood today
13:27 I found the tiny tots.
13:28 They helped me get wood.
13:30 Oh, thank you. Put it right there, boys.
13:32 We love helping.
13:34 Yes, and we appreciate that. We are now getting big.
13:37 They are great helpers. We are big and strong.
13:39 Yes, you are.
13:40 When you help each other then it makes God happy.
13:43 That's right. It sure does.
13:46 We are here to serve.
13:47 You have nice, some nice songs for us today?
13:50 Yes. Very good.
13:53 You have a song, Tim?
13:54 You want to sing yours? All right.
13:57 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth,
14:02 they say
14:04 He turned on the light in the middle of the darkness
14:08 and back was very first day
14:11 On the very second day He put in the firmament
14:16 for just for you and me
14:20 Just for us He did it.
14:21 That is awesome. I have a song for you.
14:24 You have a song too?
14:25 You want to play something on your violin?
14:27 Okay. All right.
15:28 Thank you.
15:29 That was beautiful. Very good.
15:30 You are getting so good at that.
15:32 I have a song.
15:34 You have a song? What is it?
15:35 It's "My God So Great."
15:37 Can we sing it with you? It's one of my favorites.
15:39 Okay. All right.
15:41 My God is so great So strong and so mighty
15:45 There's nothing my God cannot do for you
15:48 My God is so great So strong and so mighty
15:52 There's nothing my God cannot do for you
15:56 The mountains are His The rivers are His
15:59 The stars are His handiwork, too
16:03 My God is so great So strong and so mighty
16:07 There's nothing my God cannot do for you
16:11 Oh, I love that song.
16:15 Yeah, that was good.
16:17 I have a song.
16:18 Oh, you do. What is it?
16:20 It's called "Lion cubs and wooly lambs."
16:22 Can we sing along?
16:23 Sure. Okay.
16:25 Lion cubs and wooly lambs and big fat fuzzy bears
16:32 Roly, poly elephants sleeping with the haze
16:37 Monkeys climbing tall giraffes and tickling their ribs
16:43 Heaven is a happy place and heaven is for kids
16:49 Can we do it one more time?
16:50 Sure.
16:52 Lion cubs and wooly lambs and big fat fuzzy bears
16:58 Roly, poly elephants sleeping with the haze
17:04 Monkeys climbing tall giraffes and tickling their ribs
17:10 Heaven is a happy place and heaven is for kids
17:16 What about us big kids? Yes, you are kids.
17:19 I'm happy about that.
17:22 I'm excited that Jesus is coming some day
17:25 to take us home.
17:27 I want to go home to heaven, don't you?
17:29 Yes. We do.
17:31 All right,
17:32 well, you know, we probably should be getting back
17:34 to the tiny tot farm now.
17:36 Can I pray?
17:37 Oh, would you? Is that all right?
17:39 Yeah. Yes, it is.
17:40 All right, let's close our eyes.
17:45 Dear, Jesus.
17:47 Please be with all of us
17:49 and please help us
17:54 to be good for You, amen.
17:58 Amen.
17:59 Well, we always want to be good for Jesus.
18:01 That's right.
18:02 Well, thank you so much for having us today.
18:05 Yes. Bye.
18:06 I'm glad that you got to help me with the wood.
18:07 Bye.
18:08 I'm glad to get the help too.
18:10 Bye.
18:11 Thanks for coming. Come again soon.
18:13 Bye. Bye.
18:15 I miss you, bye.
18:17 We love it too. God bless you.
18:19 Thank you. God bless you too.
18:22 Bye-bye. Bye-bye.
18:24 Aren't they so sweet? I just love their visits.
18:28 Feel down after having a visit like that.
18:30 That is the truth.
18:35 Shall we go for a walk today?
18:39 A walk today
18:41 A walk today
18:43 Shall we go for a walk today
18:47 to see what God has given?
18:52 You guys, you know what?
18:55 There is a surprise in the sand.
18:58 What is it?
18:59 You'll have to see. Did around--
19:01 I found one.
19:02 That's right, the shells.
19:05 I found one.
19:07 Yeah. I found one.
19:08 I found one. Oh, are they good.
19:09 I found one. I found one.
19:11 Everybody have. And every--
19:13 I found one.
19:14 I found one. I found one.
19:15 Very good. Leslie, you find some?
19:18 Yeah, you did.
19:20 I found one.
19:21 Okay, well, after you find some--
19:22 Havana?
19:23 So go over and show Leslie what you found.
19:25 Right, yeah.
19:27 Now have you find them?
19:28 I found them. Good.
19:30 Let's make big animals out of the sand
19:33 and maybe you could use your shells
19:34 for eyes or tail or something.
19:36 What day did God create animals on?
19:38 I found two. The sixth day.
19:41 Oh, watch the children here.
19:43 I found one.
19:44 Did you? All right.
19:46 I got one.
19:47 What day did they say?
19:49 What day did God make animals?
19:51 The sixth day.
19:53 That's right.
19:54 Who can make a big animal?
19:57 Me.
19:58 All right, let's see you make a big animal.
20:04 Oh, what did you find? You have a shell.
20:08 Look, good job.
20:11 I found one, Miss Jeanie. You did.
20:13 Maybe you can use those when you make your animal.
20:15 They could be eyes or a tail or nose.
20:18 There another little shell. Found another shell.
20:21 That's mine.
20:22 Oh, yeah.
20:24 I need to find one.
20:25 You didn't find one yet?
20:27 Oh, he founded tiny one.
20:29 Oh, you have some? Yeah.
20:31 And one for the eyes.
20:33 We all make it.
20:34 Use one of the big ones for the eyes.
20:35 What kind of animal are you making?
20:37 I found one. Here's some.
20:38 Here's some you can use for eyes.
20:41 Okay, take them over by Leslie and you can show him.
20:44 Yeah, go over there and show what you can make.
20:46 Where is Leslie? Right here.
20:48 Right there.
20:49 He is right next to you. Yeah.
20:51 I did now did--
20:53 Can you scoot?
20:54 Scoot next to him and you guys see
20:56 what kind of animal you can make.
20:58 Who is making an animal?
21:00 I am.
21:02 All right, let's make a big one.
21:06 Like a bears head.
21:08 Let's see. Can you make something?
21:11 Okay, I want to see an animal.
21:17 Oh, very good.
21:19 This is head.
21:22 That's his head?
21:23 Okay.
21:26 Take hers.
21:27 Look, you guys are doing such a good job.
21:29 All right.
21:30 Do you think Jesus had this much problems
21:33 making animals?
21:35 I don't think so either. No.
21:37 He is in your way. Easy.
21:39 All right, let me see if we can move him over.
21:41 Okay. Come here, sweetie.
21:44 Don't argue about it.
21:45 Well, Novolia needs a little bit more room.
21:48 Oh, good.
21:49 I see, that this eye look, see.
21:51 There they went.
21:53 Oh, wow.
21:56 This is fun, Miss Jeanie. I love to play in the sand.
21:59 I like to go to beach and play in the sand.
22:00 Who else likes to go to the beach
22:01 and play in the sand?
22:02 Me! Me!
22:05 Do you know who made the sand for us?
22:08 Jesus. Right.
22:11 He made us so many wonderful things, didn't He?
22:14 Oh-oh, I found one.
22:15 You did?
22:16 Look, what color that one is.
22:18 I know when we get to heaven
22:20 Jesus will play in the sand with us, won't He?
22:23 Yes, He will. It all be fun.
22:25 I'm so glad that Jesus made all the stuff for us,
22:29 all the great outdoors for us to enjoy.
22:32 And me too.
22:42 Boys and girls, what has four legs,
22:44 is hairy and goes like this...
22:47 A horse.
22:49 That's right.
22:50 That's when we do that--
22:52 Yep.
22:53 And you know, at the farm
22:54 we have a lot of big animals like horses
22:56 and cows and donkeys.
22:57 Donkeys.
22:58 And boys and girls,
22:59 who makes the animals on the farm?
23:02 Jesus. That's right.
23:04 And on what day did Jesus make them?
23:06 The sixth day.
23:08 That's right, the sixth day.
23:10 We are gonna say our memory verse.
23:12 It's found in Genesis 1:25.
23:17 Genesis 1:25.
23:21 "God made"
23:22 "God made"
23:23 "the beast of the earth."
23:25 "the beast of the earth."
23:27 Do you know what a beast is?
23:29 A big animal. That's right.
23:31 That's right.
23:32 And we are gonna sing a song about a big animal.
23:34 We are gonna start off by singing a song
23:36 about an elephant.
23:37 Animals, animals and we are gonna sing that.
23:40 Now the very end
23:41 they don't know really what we are singing about.
23:43 Till very end we are gonna make the elephant.
23:45 Okay, you ready. Yeah.
23:47 Animals, animals Jesus made the animals
23:52 Great big animals, little tiny animals
23:57 Animals, animals Jesus made the animals
24:02 Here is an animal that I know
24:08 Here's our elephants.
24:09 Okay, what work it will do next?
24:12 How about--
24:14 What must we do next?
24:15 A cheetah. A cheetah.
24:17 Okay, at the very end
24:18 we will make our cheetahs run fast, okay.
24:21 Animals, animals Jesus made the animals
24:26 Great big animals, little tiny animals
24:31 Animals, animals Jesus made the animals
24:36 Here is an animal that I know
24:41 Can make your cheetahs run fast.
24:46 All right, shall we sing about our bear this time?
24:49 Yeah. Yes.
24:51 Animals, animals Jesus made the animals
24:56 Great big animals, little tiny animals
25:02 Animals, animals Jesus made the animals
25:07 Here is an animal that I know
25:16 Okay.
25:17 Shall we sing about a monkey?
25:19 Yes. Oh, yeah.
25:21 Animals, animals Jesus made the animals
25:26 Great big animals, little tiny animals
25:31 Animals, animals Jesus made the animals
25:37 Here is an animal that I know
25:44 Jesus made all the animals because He loves us.
25:48 Let's just sing the chorus of, "Yes, Jesus Loves Me." Okay?
25:53 Yes, Jesus Loves Me
25:58 Yes, Jesus Loves Me
26:03 Yes, Jesus Loves Me
26:07 The Bible tells me so
26:13 Oh.
26:14 It's time to thank Jesus. Oh, let's do that.
26:16 Let's kneel down and sing our prayer song
26:18 and Havana, will you pray for us?
26:20 Yes. Okay.
26:22 I will bend my knees
26:26 I will fold my hands
26:30 I will bow my head
26:35 I will close my eyes
26:39 And very, very quiet be
26:44 while the prayer is said
26:48 Dear, Jesus. Thank You for this day.
26:51 Please for our-- keep it safe.
26:53 Thank You for animals.
26:56 Thank You for like house and horses and all the animals,
27:00 Jesus, amen.
27:04 Amen. Amen.
27:07 That's Mr. Rooster.
27:09 It was a fun day today wasn't it?
27:11 It sure was. It was a fun day.
27:13 We do have fun. We do have fun.
27:21 Our time together is over So we will have to go
27:27 Goodbye, goodbye
27:30 Remember God loves you
27:33 Goodbye, goodbye
27:36 Remember God loves you
27:40 Goodbye!
27:48 We're tiny tots around the world
27:51 We're God's girls and boys
27:53 We live for Him around the world
27:56 We spread love and joy
27:58 We're colors of the rainbow
28:01 We're shiny bright where we go
28:04 We're tiny tots around the world
28:06 We're God's girls and boys


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