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00:01 Eleanor, Eleanor there you are. Come girl.
00:07 The tiny tots are here
00:09 and you don't want to miss worship.
00:12 It's going to be an exciting day
00:13 on the tiny tot forum.
00:20 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 we're God's girls and boys
00:26 We live for him around the world
00:28 we spread love and joy
00:31 like colors of the rainbow
00:33 we're shining like the rainbow
00:36 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:39 we're God's girls and boys
00:45 I am so glad its worship time, we are too.
00:50 Mr. Wiggles is ready for worship.
00:53 Mr. Wiggles you are ready? Billy boy is too.
00:56 And Billy boy is ready for worship.
00:58 Alright then let's ask Billy boy
01:00 to ring the worship bell.
01:01 Billy boy, you can ring the worship bell.
01:11 Where worship is so sweet
01:13 Calling us to meet
01:15 With our best friend Jesus
01:19 Come and worship here, Jesus will be near
01:23 Smiling when he sees us
01:29 Oh, I love God's holy word.
01:32 And, I love to sing. I do too.
01:35 We have a special memory verse.
01:37 Where is it found Aunty Linda?
01:39 It is found in Genesis 127.
01:43 Genesis 127.
01:47 God created man in his own image.
01:50 God created man in his own image.
01:54 Male and female. Male and female.
01:59 I would like to read out of that bible.
02:01 I like to learn the bible too.
02:03 About the bible
02:04 and all the things that God made.
02:06 Oh Jesus.
02:07 It makes him happy
02:08 when we like to read this holy book.
02:10 Yeah. The Bible.
02:12 In Genesis, it talks about creation.
02:17 I love reading about creation. I do too.
02:22 Do you like reading about creation?
02:23 Yes.
02:26 Well, creation is about us
02:27 and it is about Mr. Wiggles too.
02:29 Yeah.
02:31 So the first day God made light,
02:34 day and night.
02:37 And the second day...
02:38 What did he create on the second day?
02:39 Ants. Ants.
02:41 And what about the third day? Third day.
02:45 Trees, butterflies.
02:50 And flowers.
02:52 Flowers, that's right. Flower story.
02:54 And what did he make on the fourth day?
02:56 Sun, moon and stars.
02:58 That's right. Very good Megan.
02:59 What about the fifth day?
03:01 Animals, birds in the air and fish in the sea.
03:05 What about the sixth day?
03:07 All the animals. With Mr. Wiggles.
03:10 And he made something else very special.
03:13 Male and female. Adam and Eve.
03:15 Now when God made everything else,
03:17 he spoke and it was done.
03:20 But with man he did something different.
03:23 Who knows what he did?
03:25 He made Adam out of dough.
03:27 And then he breathed...
03:29 In his own image.
03:30 So he took and he formed a man in the dirt
03:35 and made arms and legs and eyes
03:39 and made the man
03:40 and then he breathed into the man.
03:43 And what happened when he breathed into him.
03:45 He came alive.
03:47 What did he name him? Adam.
03:50 Adam.
03:51 And then how did he make Eve?
03:53 He took one of Adam's ribs and made a woman.
03:58 And he made a woman. And her name was Eve...
04:02 And her name was Eve.
04:04 And God made them something very special.
04:09 He had the Garden of Eden.
04:11 And in the Garden of Eden was luscious grapes to eat.
04:16 And they had everything. Lots of fruit trees.
04:18 That's right. What else was in the garden?
04:20 It was... I know, I know. Flowers.
04:24 Yes. Lots of flowers.
04:27 I love flowers. Faith can you...
04:33 Faith can you tell us what else was in the garden?
04:37 Apple trees.
04:39 That's right. There was lots of fruit trees.
04:43 Lots of good things to make.
04:47 I love apricots,
04:49 I bet there was an apricot tree.
04:52 And when they had their supper,
04:54 they didn't make supper like we do.
04:56 They could just go and pick a fruit
04:58 from off the tree and get some grapes
05:01 cause they didn't have to have stoves
05:03 to cook their food.
05:04 Did they? They had delicious food.
05:07 God is so good.
05:09 Let's thank him,
05:11 for making all these wonderful things for us.
05:14 Megan would you have a prayer for us.
05:16 Let's close our eyes.
05:18 Dearly Father, please bless us.
05:20 Thank you for the things that you made.
05:22 And thank you for making our little world.
05:25 Thank you that we can go to heaven with you God.
05:30 Amen. Amen.
05:32 I want to go to heaven too. I do too.
05:36 I love Jesus.
05:37 Heaven is going to be a wonderful place.
05:39 Yes, it is.
05:46 Oh, we are going to have fun today.
05:50 I love fun in the kitchen.
05:53 I love having you.
05:55 Come find a place by the table.
05:57 Ooh, this looks like it's going be fun.
06:00 Oh, what has Aunty Linda
06:02 been talking to you about today?
06:04 Remember? Creation.
06:06 That's right, and what day. Sixth day...
06:09 And God created our little world, didn't he?
06:12 And what did he create on the sixth day?
06:15 People and land animals. That's right.
06:19 Well, to start off with.
06:20 I am going to give you each a little Bible.
06:23 Oh Miss Cinda,
06:24 that way they always can read in their Bible
06:27 that God created the world.
06:30 Our little world.
06:31 In how many days did God create our world?
06:34 How many days? Six days.
06:38 Oh that is awesome.
06:40 Okay, so today we are going to make some dolls.
06:45 Open your bags.
06:47 What was the first people's name in the Bible?
06:49 Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve.
06:52 So with this we are going to make Adam and then Eve.
06:55 So take out your dolls and then here is some robes,
06:58 you can put on them.
07:01 And we have some hair that you can put on them.
07:06 And we will help you stick it on.
07:11 Take your hair,
07:14 the short one for Adam and the long one for Eve.
07:17 Okay. Is this short?
07:20 Eve has the blue eyes. This is Adam.
07:25 So, you can take... here you...
07:27 see let me show you kids.
07:29 Who is Adam. You see the little velcro tabs.
07:31 You take the sticky off
07:33 the back of the velcro tab like this.
07:39 So this is Adam?
07:41 There we go.
07:42 And put the velcro right here.
07:47 And then let's take
07:49 this other piece off, like this.
07:52 And then we are going to put the hair on.
07:54 Okay.
07:59 It's too Velcroee. It's... oh I got it.
08:03 There we go kids.
08:04 Okay, now we will take the hair
08:07 and you just stick it on like this.
08:11 Now he has some hair. Put this over there.
08:15 And now you can put a robe on them.
08:17 And then you can tie.
08:19 See, we are going to put this over his head like this.
08:21 Is that Adam? This is Adam.
08:24 Awesome. There we go. Look at that.
08:28 And can you both put this over his head
08:31 and tie it and hold his arm out like that
08:36 Oh there we go.
08:41 Where... Did you guys remember,
08:43 what did God made for Adam and Eve's first home.
08:47 Does anybody know where Adam and Eve...
08:49 Which garden? Garden of Eden.
08:51 Very good.
08:54 Do you think Adam was excited when he saw the first lion?
08:58 Yes.
08:59 What do you think the lion said to him?
09:04 How are you, cause they don't bite.
09:06 Right. Yes.
09:08 Would you like me to tie that Noah?
09:11 Chuck it under his arms...
09:12 And you know when we get to heaven
09:14 the lion won't bite us.
09:16 But did you know that when Adam and Eve
09:18 were in the garden of Eden.
09:20 All the animals were their friends
09:22 and Adam named the animals.
09:25 Did you know that? Yeah.
09:27 I think that would have been fun to name an animal.
09:30 Don't you?
09:32 Who has a pet at home? I do.
09:35 Did you have fun naming your pet?
09:37 Yes.
09:39 Yes. What did you name your pet?
09:40 I forgot.
09:42 You forgot the name of your pet?
09:45 I know the name of my pet. I do too.
09:48 And we have Eleanor here on the farm, don't we?
09:51 Yeah, and we have Maxwell.
09:54 And you know we have Billy boy and we have Mr. Wiggles.
10:01 I need help with this. Okay, I will help you...
10:03 So, that would have been fun.
10:06 Okay, I will help you... I will try again...
10:08 And you know what, when we go to heaven.
10:10 We will get to meet Adam and Eve.
10:12 Did you know that?
10:13 Oh yes, I want to meet them.
10:16 I want to ask Adam,
10:18 how he picked the name Elephant for the Elephant.
10:25 Cause he looked at the animals
10:27 and he said I think I will call you a bear.
10:29 I think I will call you a lion.
10:32 Yeah.
10:35 I don't know how we got the look.
10:37 How we got the name from the look.
10:40 I don't know.
10:42 That would have been interesting.
10:46 Maybe, actually he named it...
10:49 we might not actually speak his language.
10:56 Well, we don't know, do we?
10:57 Well we can't speak the lion's language,
10:59 that's for sure.
11:00 Yeah.
11:02 Well, I am so glad you guys came to the kitchen today.
11:04 It is fun to be in the kitchen, isn't it?
11:06 Yes...
11:16 I wonder where Aunty Linda and the boys and girls are.
11:19 They should be getting here anytime.
11:21 I can't wait.
11:25 How are you? Welcome back.
11:27 We would have gotten here sooner
11:29 but we stopped to see a mom and daddy duck on the pond.
11:32 Really, oh that is-- That was really neat.
11:36 Well, I have something else to show you that's really neat.
11:39 Do you know what kind of birds these are?
11:41 Doves
11:42 Yeah, that's right. They are Doves.
11:44 And they are a family of Doves.
11:49 Yup, you have mom and dad.
11:52 They are, aren't they?
11:53 You have the baby. You see him right here.
11:56 You can tell he is a baby because of the feathers...
11:58 Is there more babies too? I see some eggs.
12:01 Those, did you see those little eggs right there?
12:03 Yeah.
12:04 They, mom and dad,
12:06 they both take turns laying on them
12:08 and keeping the eggs safe and warm so they hatch.
12:12 Really, actually mom and dad,
12:14 in this family always help together.
12:17 What do they eat?
12:18 They eat seeds and they eat little plants here and there.
12:23 They eat some really neat things
12:24 that God gave them to eat when he created them.
12:27 Do they eat corn?
12:28 They do, they love corn.
12:30 You see we have a little bit of corn
12:32 in their feed right now.
12:33 Oh, that's right. They have red eyes.
12:36 They do.
12:38 Yup, there is so many wonderful varieties.
12:41 Do you see the other baby? You see him?
12:44 Yeah.
12:45 You see how his head,
12:46 not all the feathers are grown in yet.
12:49 No.
12:50 That's right, cause he is still growing.
12:51 Just like we are.
12:53 He's just little, isn't he? Yeah.
12:55 You know, when God created us.
12:57 He created us to be part of a wonderful family.
13:00 With a mommy and a daddy
13:02 and that's just how he created the rest of the world.
13:05 All the animals have mommies and daddies
13:07 and to help each other out.
13:10 That's really special.
13:11 I love how Jesus made everything so special.
13:14 So right. Me too.
13:16 And you know why he did that? He loves us.
13:20 I love how Jesus loves us.
13:23 I love Jesus. I love Jesus too.
13:27 Me too.
13:28 And you know something else about these beautiful birds.
13:32 They make sure that their babies
13:34 are ready to go and when they are.
13:36 They let them go fly, play around and come back
13:38 and one day
13:40 the babies will have a family of their own.
13:43 Isn't that neat?
13:44 That's cool. Yup.
13:48 God makes everything perfect. Why don't we sing to the birds?
13:54 Well, that's a good idea. That's a great idea.
14:00 I like to go to the barn where the cows moo moo,
14:04 I like to go to go to the barn
14:05 where the ducks quack quack,
14:08 I like to go to the barn, I like to go to the barn,
14:11 and I like to go to the barn,
14:13 And learn of Jesus.
14:18 Well, thank you for showing us the doves.
14:21 Thank you for coming.
14:22 Can you tell Farmer Manny goodbye.
14:24 Bye, boys and girls. See you all.
14:25 Okay, we have got some other things to do.
14:27 Come on kids.
14:29 Thanks for passing by. Take care.
14:41 Okay come on, so you play here.
14:43 C, D
14:48 A, B, C ...no
14:53 C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C.
14:58 You missed something.
14:59 I missed something, and what is that?
15:01 What is this one?
15:04 C, B, A
15:10 No no, A, A, B, C, D, E,
15:14 F, B, C...
15:19 Wow, this is harder than I thought.
15:22 You are a great teacher though.
15:23 Thank you for being so patient with me.
15:25 C, D, A, B No, C, D,
15:31 C, D C, D, E, F
15:35 You got the one who is A.
15:37 G, A, B, C, D This is E.
15:40 This is A right here.
15:41 C, C, B
15:44 Let's all throw it at once and see if we can get it.
15:46 One, two, three, yay.
15:48 How is my hands position? Are my hands right?
15:51 Curve, like there is a ball under.
15:54 Can you play something for me?
16:20 Oh, we know that song. Don't we?
16:21 Yeah.
16:23 Could you play it again and we will all sing?
16:24 Yes.
16:49 Yes, Jesus tells me, bible tells me so
16:54 I like this one.
16:57 Well, I think we better head back
17:00 to the tiny tot farm.
17:02 Well, I have a song.
17:03 Oh could she sing that song for us please.
17:05 You know how we like to hear her to sing.
17:06 Well, okay.
17:08 For you Mr. Billy and Miss Sharon.
17:11 Oh thank you.
17:12 I got peace like a river, I got peace like a river
17:17 I got peace like a river in my soul
17:22 I got peace like a river, I got peace like a river
17:27 I got peace like a river in my soul
17:31 I got joy like a fountain
17:34 I got joy like a fountain
17:36 I got joy like a fountain in my soul
17:41 I got joy like a fountain, I got joy like a fountain
17:46 I got joy like a fountain in my soul
17:51 I have got love like an ocean
17:53 I have got love like an ocean
17:56 I have got love like an ocean in my soul
18:00 I have got love like an ocean, I have got love like an ocean
18:05 I have got love like an ocean in my soul
18:10 Thank you. Very good.
18:13 I have a song too.
18:14 You do, please. Well, okay.
18:18 Alright, Ted.
18:21 Jesus loves the little children,
18:26 all the children of the world.
18:29 Red and yellow, black and white,
18:32 They're all precious in His sight
18:35 Jesus was the way to children of the world.
18:40 Wow, that is great. All God's children.
18:43 He just loves children.
18:44 I hope He loves us all children.
18:46 He loves everyone. He loves us all.
18:51 Well, it's time now for us to have prayer.
18:54 Okay.
18:56 Now, Valya, will you pray? Sure.
18:58 And let's close our eyes real tight okay.
19:02 Dear heavenly father.
19:03 Thank you for the stay and thank you
19:05 that we could visit our neighbors
19:08 and thank you for the fun time we had in your name.
19:12 Amen. Amen.
19:15 And we did have a fun time.
19:17 Oh we loved it too.
19:19 We always enjoy your visits and all your music.
19:22 This time passes so fast. Okay kids.
19:25 Let's give Miss Sharon a big hug.
19:29 Oh, it was so good. Bye.
19:39 Come again, very soon.
19:45 Shall we go for a walk today
19:50 a walk today, a walk today
19:54 Shall we go for a walk today
19:59 a walk today to see what God has gifted?
20:03 Miss Jeanie.
20:07 Are you ready for a walk today? Yeah.
20:10 Alright, I brought my rabbit to go walking with us.
20:15 He and I were walking for a while.
20:17 Oh she has got a rabbit. And now he is tired.
20:22 He is a big rabbit, isn't he?
20:25 He looks like he is fat.
20:27 I know, he needs to exercise.
20:30 That's why we were going for a walk.
20:32 He needs exercise just like we need exercise.
20:34 Don't we? I need lots of exercise.
20:36 That is the way Jesus made us.
20:38 Right... He is a cute bunny.
20:40 Thank you. He is very happy.
20:42 I like him too. I do too.
20:44 He is very nice. I like him, too.
20:46 Is he nice and soft?
20:47 And another reason I need to hold him
20:49 is because Eleanor is a hunting dog.
20:51 And we don't want him and Eleanor
20:53 to get into it, do we?
20:54 No.
20:56 But in heaven we won't have to worry about that.
20:59 Animals can play together in heaven.
21:01 That's right.
21:03 We will be able to play with all the animals, wont we?
21:05 I know. Won't that be awesome?
21:10 Speaking of animals, let's see.
21:13 We were going to find a nest today.
21:15 Can you guys help? Can you anybody find a nest?
21:17 I found one.
21:19 Oh, look there is one right there.
21:21 Oh, that's right.
21:22 That looks like a nest for a bird.
21:25 I found one. Tabatha found one over there.
21:27 Another one. Oops sorry I bumped your head.
21:29 Should we see it? Oh, look at that.
21:30 Is there anything in it? No.
21:34 It could be a nest for a bunny or...
21:36 Let's go see it. He doesn't want in there.
21:38 It could be a nest for a bunny
21:40 or it could be a nest for a duck...
21:44 No, not a chicken, chicken don't nest up here
21:47 I was wrong, there could be one for a goose maybe.
21:49 Oh Miss Jeanie we found another nest.
21:52 We just found all kinds. Haven't we?
21:59 I wonder what kind of animal lives in that nest.
22:02 Maybe a duck. Yeah, maybe a duck.
22:06 Yeah, maybe a rabbit.
22:08 Maybe a rabbit might have his nest in there.
22:11 I know. You got some flowers too.
22:15 I love all the things that Jesus made for us.
22:17 Their nests are kind of like our houses.
22:19 Aren't they?
22:21 They live in their nests and we live in our houses.
22:23 I am glad God created all these things for us.
22:25 I am too... I love nature
22:28 I am so glad that God made
22:29 the wonderful outdoors for us to enjoy.
22:41 On the sixth day,
22:43 God created something really really special.
22:47 A man and a woman. That's right.
22:51 And who knows what their names were.
22:53 Adam and Eve. Yeah, that's right.
22:56 Very good.
22:57 And really what he created too, was the very first family.
23:01 We are going to read about it in our memory verse
23:04 I will say it and you say after me.
23:06 Genesis 127. Genesis 127.
23:11 God created man, in his own image.
23:17 God created man, in his own image.
23:19 Male and female. Male and female.
23:24 And we are going to sing about the family
23:26 and we are going to start out by singing with
23:27 "Jesus in the family. Happy happy home."
23:31 With Jesus in the family
23:33 Happy happy home, Happy happy home
23:38 Happy happy home, With Jesus in the family
23:43 Happy happy home, Happy happy home
23:50 With daddy in the family, Happy happy home
23:55 Happy happy home, Happy happy home
23:59 With daddy in the family, Happy happy home
24:04 Happy happy home
24:08 With mommy in the family, Happy happy home
24:13 Happy happy home, Happy happy home
24:17 With mommy in the family, Happy happy home
24:22 Happy happy home
24:27 With brother in the family, Happy happy home
24:32 Happy happy home, Happy happy home
24:36 With brother in the family, Happy happy home
24:41 Happy happy home
24:48 With sister in the family, Happy happy home
24:53 Happy happy home, Happy happy home
24:57 With sister in the family Happy happy home
25:02 Happy happy home
25:07 I am so glad that Jesus made us.
25:10 You know let's stand up and sing,
25:11 head and shoulders, knees and toes.
25:14 All right. I like this song.
25:21 Head and shoulders, knees and toes
25:24 Knees and toes, Knees and toes
25:28 Head and shoulders, knees and toes
25:32 All for Jesus. Let's sing it again.
25:38 Head and shoulders, knees and toes
25:41 Knees and toes, Knees and toes
25:45 Head and shoulders, knees and toes
25:48 All for Jesus. That was fun.
25:53 You want to sing it faster. Can you sing it faster?
25:57 Alright. Let's try it.
25:59 I can't...
26:00 Head and shoulders, knees and toes,
26:01 Knees and toes, Knees and toes.
26:03 Head and shoulders, knees and toes,
26:05 All for Jesus. Oh, that was fun.
26:11 Miss Linda, I can't do it really fast.
26:13 You can't? Alright.
26:15 That's okay. You can just have fun trying.
26:18 That's right, cause Jesus is the one
26:20 that made our arms and our legs and he made all of us.
26:23 Let's sing our prayer song.
26:25 Schilani, would you have a prayer for us.
26:28 Kneel down.
26:31 I will bend my knees
26:35 I will fold my hands
26:39 I will bow my head
26:43 I will close my eyes
26:47 And very very quietly
26:53 while our prayer is said
26:58 Dear Jesus, thank you for the mommy and daddy.
27:03 And thank you for the families. Amen.
27:06 Amen.
27:10 Oh let's go... Our part is over.
27:13 Was it fun today? Yes.
27:21 Our time together is over so we will have to go
27:27 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you
27:33 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you
27:40 Goodbye.
27:48 We're Tiny Tots around the world
27:51 we're God's girls and boys
27:53 We live for him around the world
27:56 we spread love and joy
27:58 like colors of the rainbow
28:01 we're shining like the rainbow
28:04 We're Tiny Tots around the world
28:06 we're God's girls and boys.


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