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Prepare for the Sabbath

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Participants: Linda Johnson


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00:01 Eleanor?
00:02 Eleanor? There you are.
00:05 Come, girl, the tiny tots are here
00:09 and you don't want to miss worship.
00:11 Its gonna be an exiting day on the tiny tot farm.
00:20 We're tiny tots around the world
00:23 We're God's girls and boys
00:25 We live for Him around the world
00:28 We spread love and joy
00:31 We're colors of the rainbow
00:33 We're shiny bright where we go
00:36 We're tiny tots around the world
00:39 We're God's girls and boys
00:45 Mr. Wiggles, its time for worship.
00:49 There goes Eleanor for bed.
00:51 Oh, Billy Boy, you are ready for worship?
00:54 Is everyone ready for worship?
00:55 Oh, we are ready, Auntie Linda.
00:58 All right, let's ask Billy Boy
01:01 if he will ring the worship bell?
01:03 Billy Boy, you can ring the worship bell.
01:12 Worship bell so sweet
01:14 Calling us to meet
01:17 With our Best Friend, Jesus
01:20 Come and worship here
01:22 Jesus will be near
01:24 Smiling when He sees us
01:31 Oh, I love worship time.
01:33 I do too.
01:34 Me too. Me too.
01:35 And we've been talking about some wonderful things.
01:38 What have we been talking about?
01:40 Creation.
01:41 That's right, Samantha.
01:43 All that God made.
01:45 All that God made and tell me what did He make
01:48 on the seventh day?
01:50 I know.
01:51 What? Sabbath.
01:52 That's right.
01:54 He didn't create anything else like--
01:58 He ended His work, didn't He?
01:59 That's right, Sebbi.
02:01 Well, we have a special memory verse
02:03 and it's found in Exodus.
02:05 Exodus. 20, verse 8.
02:08 20, verse 8.
02:11 "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy."
02:14 "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy."
02:20 Well, six days God gave us that we can work
02:23 and we can play
02:25 and do all kinds of things like that but--
02:27 He gave us six days.
02:29 That's right, Sebbi.
02:30 But on the seventh day is a very special day
02:33 that set aside just for us
02:35 to spend time as a family with Jesus.
02:38 That's right, we don't do any work on the Sabbath.
02:41 But in order to do that
02:42 we have to do extra work on Friday.
02:45 So Friday is called-- what day is Friday called?
02:48 I know. Like what, Tory?
02:51 Preparation.
02:52 That's right.
02:54 It's called the preparation day.
02:56 So what do we do Sebbi,
02:58 to get ready on Friday for Sabbath?
02:59 Well, clean up the house.
03:01 We clean the house. Okay, let's dust.
03:04 Let's get the house all clean.
03:06 We got to dust. Okay, let's sweep.
03:08 Let's sweep the house and get it all clean.
03:11 And what else we do?
03:13 I have to clean my bedroom.
03:14 That's right.
03:16 Oh, we clean the bedroom and wash the dishes.
03:18 And do we get clean ourselves?
03:20 Yes.
03:21 Do we get nice clean clothes? I know something else we do.
03:25 What, Miss Cinda?
03:26 We cook and we make a special meal
03:30 that we can eat on the Sabbath.
03:33 Right, let's cook our food on Friday.
03:34 Okay, let's make our food and I will cook it all up.
03:38 Oh, and on Sabbath the food is even better, isn't it?
03:41 Because on Friday we make extra special stuff
03:44 for Sabbath because it's a special day.
03:46 It's a celebration of Jesus who created
03:51 all the wonderful things for us.
03:53 So it's like a big celebration day, isn't it?
03:55 I know another thing we do.
03:58 We get all our special Sabbath clothes ready.
04:03 Don't you get your like,
04:04 your nice dress to wear to church
04:07 and your nice pants and shirt to wear to church?
04:11 And you shine your shoes up and you get all things
04:17 all special just to wear to church.
04:20 Because we want to look our best for Jesus, don't we.
04:23 We don't dress sloppy for church, do we?
04:26 No.
04:27 Do we get our yard work all done too?
04:30 Yes.
04:31 Do we pull weeds on Sabbath?
04:34 No, but do we do it on Friday the preparation day?
04:36 Yes.
04:38 Yes, we pull the weeds out of the garden.
04:40 Can you pull them?
04:41 Pull the weeds out of the garden.
04:43 We work really hard.
04:44 And you know, even Farmer Manny,
04:46 he cleans up the barn to get it all ready for Sabbath.
04:50 On Friday he cleans up the barn
04:53 and gets it looking nice just for the Sabbath.
04:58 That's right, so that we are ready.
05:00 So when it comes time for Sabbath
05:02 we are all ready to worship Him.
05:05 Let's ask Jesus to help us
05:06 always be ready for the Sabbath.
05:09 Sebbi, can you pray for us
05:11 and then Tory, well, you have a prayer?
05:13 Let's close our eyes and fold our hands.
05:15 Dear, Jesus.
05:17 Thank You for this day,
05:18 thank You that what all You created
05:23 the little animals and the big animals
05:26 including Mr. Wiggles and Billy Boy.
05:30 In Jesus name, amen.
05:32 Dear, Jesus.
05:33 Please help us to be ready for the Sabbath
05:39 and be ready so we can go to,
05:43 go to Jesus house and to His name, amen.
05:46 Amen.
05:49 Oh, I love the Sabbath.
05:50 I do too. Me too.
05:52 It's my favorite day.
05:53 I love Jesus.
05:56 Me too.
06:03 Kids, what has Aunt Linda been talking to you about today?
06:07 Getting ready for the Sabbath.
06:10 That's right.
06:11 I'm so glad you remembered.
06:13 And what day was the Sabbath created on?
06:17 The seventh day.
06:19 And God rested from all His work
06:21 after He worked so hard all week
06:24 creating all of our little world for us
06:27 and on the sixth day
06:28 is when we are getting ready for the Sabbath.
06:31 And Miss Cinda, I can see that
06:32 you must be doing something to get ready for the Sabbath.
06:35 I'm because, you know what,
06:37 on Sabbath afternoons we like to do something special.
06:42 So we do have something special for you all.
06:46 We are gonna go on a picnic.
06:48 Who wants to go on a picnic?
06:50 Yeah.
06:52 So I thought today what we will do
06:55 is we will get all the food ready for our picnic.
06:59 Miss Cinda has a big picnic basket
07:02 and we'll put everything in our picnic basket
07:04 and then on Sabbath we will go on a picnic.
07:07 We will be all ready.
07:08 Yeah!
07:10 And we could even have Miss Jeanie come with us.
07:13 Oh, that's-- we do it on our Nature Walk.
07:15 Miss Jeanie will take us on the Nature Walk.
07:18 Okay, I'm gonna give you each some bread.
07:20 You can choose which bread you want.
07:22 You want the round bread or this kind of bread,
07:25 the loaf bread?
07:26 This kind, okay. We will give you two pieces.
07:28 What would you like? Now, Nalani, take two.
07:31 Oh, okay. What would you like?
07:33 This one.
07:34 Okay, take two.
07:36 Ted? There you go.
07:38 Aunt Linda, you want to pass it over here?
07:39 I do.
07:41 What kind of bread would you like?
07:42 Novolia, you want this kind?
07:44 And you--
07:45 Leslie, want's want the round one.
07:47 Well, I think I'll make Miss Jeanie
07:49 and I a sandwich too.
07:50 Oh, that's a good idea.
07:51 Maybe I'll do two round ones for us.
07:53 That's a good idea.
07:54 Okay, you each have some peanut butter
07:56 so open your bread up
07:58 and make your sandwich of peanut butter and jelly.
08:02 And while you are doing that
08:04 I think I'll put in our bottles of water
08:07 because you know what,
08:09 Jesus wants us to have lots of good,
08:12 fresh water doesn't He?
08:14 I'm making this out for them.
08:15 What else do you kids do to help your mommy's
08:18 and daddy's get ready for the Sabbath?
08:20 I clean up.
08:22 Well, you like to clean? Very good.
08:25 That's good.
08:26 Who else can do-- who else helps
08:27 their mom and dad in for getting ready for Sabbath?
08:31 I do.
08:32 That's good. What do you do, Leslie?
08:34 Clean my room.
08:35 You clean your room too?
08:37 Does anybody help their mommy cook
08:40 and make a special meal for Sabbath?
08:42 Me. Me.
08:43 You do. What do you help her cook?
08:47 Different things? Oh, I do too.
08:50 What's your favorite food?
08:52 Because sometimes we have our favorite food on Sabbath.
08:56 Oh, yeah. Saffron rice is my favorite.
08:58 What is your favorite?
09:00 Saffron rice.
09:01 Oh, saffron rice, that sounds good too.
09:03 Oh, yes.
09:06 I bet you kids are very good helping.
09:10 Who helps their dad get the yard ready?
09:14 Because the house should look--
09:15 the yard and the house should look nice.
09:17 Do you help, Les?
09:19 Anola, what do you do to help?
09:21 I wash the dishes.
09:28 That's good.
09:29 Oh, that's good Anola. Do you help?
09:31 When you finish with your sandwich
09:33 you can put it in your bag and then Miss Cinda
09:36 will write your name on the bag and will put your,
09:38 will put your sandwich right here
09:40 and then we will put your name on it.
09:41 And you want you can use
09:43 your spoon for the jelly if you want.
09:44 Here's the spoon that will help you.
09:46 Anybody ready for the bag? Pardon.
09:49 What kinds of jelly?
09:51 Oh, that on is strawberry, that one grape,
09:56 and then there is raspberry I think.
10:00 You want the strawberry.
10:01 Thank you Miss Cinda, this looks so good.
10:05 And then you can put your baggy now if you're done.
10:08 Let me put your sandwich here and let's give you some grapes.
10:13 You can put some grapes in a bag, okay.
10:14 What would you like? You ready for a bag?
10:16 I'm sorry for reaching across to.
10:17 Okay, there you go.
10:18 I need a napkin.
10:20 All right, I will get you a napkin.
10:21 You know, I love Fridays because I know that
10:24 the Sabbath is coming the very next day.
10:26 Oh, I love Sabbath. And its--
10:28 And then you can just close the bag.
10:30 I need a spoon.
10:31 And then a spoon.
10:33 Can you help with me?
10:34 Yes. Yes.
10:36 You kids, I bet you are very good help at home
10:40 because you know why I know,
10:42 because you are very good help here in the kitchen with me.
10:45 Oh, yes, they are the best help.
10:47 Who has fun in the kitchen?
10:49 Me. I do.
10:50 Oh, I-- Anytime--
10:52 Oh, let me get you a bag.
10:53 You know what,
10:54 anytime you can be in the kitchen its fun.
11:05 Boys and girls, I want to thank you so much
11:07 for coming out here and helping Farmer Manny
11:10 get the farm prepared for the Sabbath.
11:12 You are welcome.
11:14 Farmer Manny, you are welcome.
11:15 You know, the Sabbath is such a very special time.
11:18 After six days of working hard on the farm
11:20 it's nice to be able to rest on the Sabbath.
11:24 Yes. To spend time with Jesus.
11:26 Oh, that's my favorite time.
11:27 I like to go to church.
11:29 You like to go to church?
11:30 That is for--
11:32 I like to cleaning the kitchen and doing all that.
11:35 Yeah, that's right.
11:36 I like going to Sabbath.
11:38 Me too.
11:39 You know, on the Sabbath God when He created the world
11:42 on the seventh day He said, it is all so good,
11:46 now let's spend time together and worship.
11:49 Don't you guys like to worship?
11:51 Yes. Yes.
11:53 Oh, its wonderful.
11:55 Now I see that you are attending the garden--
11:56 I like to, I like to vacuum the living room.
12:00 You do.
12:01 You know what I like to do is pick fresh vegetables
12:04 from the garden to serve them up for Sabbath lunch.
12:07 And now I pick flowers.
12:10 You do.
12:11 And they could decorate the table on Sabbath, right.
12:15 Oh, you boys and girls, that's very special.
12:19 What else do you do on the Sabbath?
12:22 We spend time and take naps.
12:26 Hey.
12:27 You know what Jesus said about the Sabbath?
12:29 It's also good time to help those who need help, right.
12:32 Yeah.
12:34 That's right, Farmer Manny.
12:36 We do good on the Sabbath.
12:39 And also we sing praises to Jesus--
12:42 Oh, that's one of my favorite parts.
12:43 On the Sabbath.
12:45 That's right.
12:46 Oh, good job. Good job.
12:49 Oh, I can't wait.
12:51 You know, the Sabbath is gonna be so special
12:53 after we work so hard during the week.
12:55 Oh, I can't wait to spend time together with you guys.
13:00 Oh, that's right.
13:02 Oh, yes, yes, yes. There we go.
13:04 Farmer Manny, do you want me to fill the--
13:08 Its Friday help isn't it? You have the stool over there.
13:09 There you go. Good.
13:14 All right, beautiful. Good job.
13:16 Good job, everybody. You are good workers.
13:19 Oh, yes.
13:20 You know, this makes me so happy.
13:23 I just want to sing our song.
13:29 I like to go to the barn where the cows moo, moo
13:33 I like to go to the barn where the ducks quack, quack
13:37 I like to go to the barn, I like to go to the barn
13:41 I like to go to the barn and learn of Jesus
13:48 Oh, thank you for the help. You guys are very special.
13:52 Oh, we are glad to help.
13:54 Now we can bring in the Sabbath
13:56 and rest and enjoy God's company.
14:08 There is another piece right there.
14:10 Miss Sharon, is there anything else I can do?
14:11 Would you like to dust the dust for me?
14:13 Oh, sure. I will be glad to.
14:16 Got it. Little bit more.
14:19 All right, good job. There is a little bit more.
14:25 Some have been left.
14:26 Don't forget the plants over here.
14:27 Little bit over here.
14:29 And there are some on the table too.
14:31 You are a big helper.
14:33 Oh, we got little bit right there.
14:35 This is so nice, thank you.
14:37 All right, and a little bit more.
14:38 Oh, look at there is one right there.
14:40 You are good workers.
14:42 All the dirt picked up.
14:43 Oh, the floor is looking so good.
14:47 There is another piece. Hi, honey.
14:48 Well, I got the wood that you needed.
14:50 How great.
14:51 I know how you like to be warm.
14:52 I sure do.
14:54 There's a little piece over here.
14:55 Let's see if we can get this.
14:57 What's going on here?
14:58 Oh, the tiny tots all came to help me clean the house.
15:01 Doesn't it look great?
15:02 It sure does.
15:04 I won't think it will ever seen it look better.
15:05 That is gone, all right.
15:07 I like working on Friday. It's over here now.
15:09 We always should.
15:11 Why is that?
15:13 Because we need to get ready for the Sabbath.
15:16 Yes. The Sabbath?
15:18 What is the Sabbath?
15:20 Well, why don't we sit down
15:21 and we can share with you what the Sabbath is?
15:23 Yeah, we will sit down.
15:24 Put your cleaning things away and tell me about the Sabbath.
15:29 You put it over the wood there.
15:31 Let me move this over here. You want to sit right there?
15:35 The Sabbath is the very best week,
15:39 the day of the week, isn't it?
15:41 Yes.
15:42 What day did God make set aside for Sabbath?
15:47 Is it the seventh day? Yes.
15:49 Let's sing that song,
15:50 "One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six for us" okay.
15:53 One, two, three, four, five, six for us
15:58 One, two, three, four, five, six for us
16:03 One, two, three, four, five, six for us
16:07 The seventh is for Jesus
16:14 And Jesus set aside the seventh day.
16:16 So on Friday we get ready for Sabbath
16:19 so we can have a special day all day on the seventh day.
16:24 And we sing and I think Tory,
16:26 you have a song for them, don't you?
16:28 Yes. All right.
16:30 The name of it is called--
16:32 I mean, happy Sabbath, Sabbath is a happy day,
16:37 is that the name of it?
16:38 Yes. All right,
16:40 sing it.
16:41 Sabbath is a happy day Happy day Happy day
16:46 Sabbath is a happy day
16:50 I love every Sabbath
16:53 I do too. I love every Sabbath.
16:57 I love Jesus. I like the Sabbath too.
16:59 I do too.
17:01 Tim, you have a song, don't you?
17:03 All right, let's hear your song.
17:04 When the sun goes down on Friday its Sabbath
17:11 It's Sabbath
17:14 When the sun goes down on Friday
17:18 It's the holy Sabbath day
17:23 And the sun goes down on Friday night
17:26 and when it sets on Sabbath that's the end of the Sabbath.
17:29 Then we start a new week.
17:31 Oh, wow, that's interesting.
17:33 Yes.
17:34 And Jesus wants us to seek His ways first
17:37 and you have a song Kailey about that.
17:40 Don't you "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God."
17:42 Can you sing that one?
17:44 All right.
17:46 Seek ye first the Kingdom of God
17:49 And His righteousness
17:52 And all these things will be added unto you
17:56 Allelu, Alleluia
18:00 That was nice.
18:03 And oh, Jesus does want us to seek Him first.
18:06 So when we keep the Sabbath we honor Him
18:08 because He is the one that created it.
18:10 And you go to church on Sabbath.
18:12 That's right.
18:13 We go to church and we go to Sabbath school
18:16 and we learn more about Jesus, don't we?
18:18 First kids go to Sabbath school then church.
18:22 That's right.
18:23 We all go to Sabbath school and church.
18:26 Well, Tabitha, would you have a special prayer for us?
18:28 Sure.
18:29 About thanking Jesus for the Sabbath.
18:31 Let's close our eyes.
18:34 Dear, Jesus.
18:35 Thank You that You-- thank You for the Sabbath
18:39 and that we can remember that
18:44 You are Creator in learning, amen.
18:47 Amen.
18:49 Well, we were so thankful that
18:51 we got to come over today and help you.
18:54 Thank you so much. You are welcome.
18:55 And thanks for telling us about the Sabbath.
18:57 You are welcome.
18:59 And maybe sometime we could share some more with you.
19:01 We always love to share.
19:02 We would love that.
19:03 Yes. All right.
19:05 Well, kids, let's go.
19:06 We've got few things left to on the time, okay.
19:08 Bye-bye. Bye, God bless you.
19:09 Thank you for helping us today.
19:11 Yes. That was very nice.
19:13 And Auntie Linda,
19:14 we really do want you to come back
19:16 and tell us more about the Sabbath.
19:18 We will. That will be--
19:19 Bye-bye. Bye.
19:21 Bye-bye.
19:27 Shall we go for a walk today?
19:32 A walk today A walk today
19:36 Shall we go for a walk today
19:40 To see what God has given?
19:45 You guys, let rake it into a pile
19:47 and then we will put in the wheelbarrow.
19:49 Yes.
19:51 Now I stay out of the-- you can't get in the middle.
19:55 Eleanor is trying to help too.
19:57 All right.
19:58 Oh, good job.
20:00 All right, make it into a big pile
20:03 so that you can jump in.
20:04 No. I'm just--
20:06 That would be fun, wouldn't it?
20:07 If we could jump it would be very fun.
20:09 We are preparing for the Sabbath, Tabitha.
20:12 We are getting everything ready inside
20:14 and out so that it looks really nice for Sabbath.
20:17 Yes.
20:18 And we are gonna put it in the wheelbarrow
20:20 and clean it all up and then we are gonna take it
20:22 and feed it to the animals.
20:24 How could we kind of clean up?
20:27 We are just gonna pick it up with our sticks
20:29 or with our hands and put it in the wheelbarrow.
20:31 Well, we can do that.
20:32 Yeah. Yeah, like that.
20:35 We will put it all in there
20:36 and then the animals can eat it.
20:38 How can they eat it?
20:39 They eat it with their mouth
20:40 just like we eat food, its food for them.
20:43 Can you think us some animals that like to eat grass?
20:45 Horses.
20:47 Yes. Horses like grass.
20:48 Cow. Cows, ponies.
20:50 What else?
20:52 Can you think of something else?
20:53 How about goats?
20:55 Yeah.
20:56 Goats and rabbits.
20:59 That's good, can you put it in the wheelbarrow?
21:01 We've almost got it full. Look at that.
21:04 Good job, kids.
21:05 We are gonna be all ready for Sabbath.
21:08 Yes. Won't that be wonderful?
21:10 Goats like to eat it.
21:11 I got some grass.
21:12 What else can we think of?
21:14 Anybody can think of anything else?
21:16 Well, I don't like to eat grass.
21:18 Donkeys? Donkey's do.
21:19 Sheep? Yes, sheep.
21:21 You guys are doing really good.
21:22 I don't like to eat it either, you know.
21:25 I like to eat good food.
21:26 And what day did God create food on?
21:29 The third day.
21:30 That's right.
21:31 Third day He made food for us too.
21:33 That's right. Good job, Christian.
21:35 That's very good. All right.
21:36 I'm so glad that
21:38 God made all the wonderful great outdoors for us to enjoy.
21:41 Me too.
21:44 I got some more.
21:46 Oh, you guys are doing so good.
21:48 Can we help you wheel it?
21:50 Yeah.
21:51 Can you guys, help wheel it?
21:53 Yeah. All right.
21:54 And the little animals will be so happy.
21:58 All right, can we pick it up?
22:00 One, two, oh wonderful.
22:03 You guys are such good helpers.
22:05 Come on, Eleanor.
22:13 Oh, it was so nice.
22:15 All the tiny tots helped me in the kitchen today.
22:18 And guess what?
22:19 I'm already for the Sabbath now.
22:21 We like to have. We like to have.
22:23 That's right.
22:25 And you helped me at the barn as well
22:27 to get ready for the Sabbath.
22:28 Thank you. That was fun, Farmer Manny.
22:30 And boys and girls, who do you--
22:32 Who else do you make happy when you help?
22:35 Jesus.
22:37 Jesus.
22:39 Do you remember
22:40 where our memory verse is found?
22:43 Exodus.
22:44 Exodus.
22:46 20, verse 8. 20, verse 8.
22:50 All right, "Remember the Sabbath day"
22:53 "Remember the Sabbath day"
22:56 "to keep it holy."
22:57 "to keep it holy."
23:00 That's where is it found?
23:02 Exodus 20:8.
23:06 Very good.
23:08 Well, what day do we get ready for the Sabbath on?
23:11 Friday.
23:13 Friday.
23:15 We are gonna sing a song to help remind us.
23:17 So we are gonna pretend we are scrubbing floors
23:20 and dusting and getting ready.
23:22 That is preparation day.
23:25 That's right, Sebbi.
23:27 We get ready for the Sabbath
23:31 On Friday, on Friday
23:35 We get ready for the Sabbath
23:40 Friday is a busy day
23:44 Let's sing it again and we will just pretend
23:46 we are making a cake
23:47 and we are just whipping up the batter okay.
23:49 All right.
23:51 We get ready for the Sabbath
23:55 On Friday, on Friday
23:59 We get ready for the Sabbath
24:03 Friday is a busy day
24:08 And we sweep the floor
24:10 because we are such good little helpers.
24:12 We are gonna saying we are little helpers
24:14 and we are gonna sweep the floor.
24:16 Can you sweep the flour?
24:17 Stand up though.
24:19 Carter, oh, you-- Carter is moping the floor.
24:20 All right. All right, let's go.
24:23 We are little helpers, helpers, helpers
24:30 We are little helpers helping all the day
24:36 Let's sing one more time and everybody sing really loud.
24:39 We are little helpers, helpers, helpers
24:46 We are little helpers, helping all the day
24:52 Yeah.
24:54 Good job.
24:55 Good. Helpers.
24:57 You guys are good helpers. Come sit down.
25:00 All right. Well, let's--
25:02 There is another important thing that
25:04 we want to get ready for.
25:05 When we get ready we get the house clean
25:07 and the food cooked
25:09 but we want our heart's right too.
25:10 Don't we? Oh, yes, we do.
25:12 So we ask Jesus to forgive us for our sins
25:16 and help us to be good so that when Sabbath comes
25:19 on Friday night we are all ready.
25:20 So let's sing "Into My Heart."
25:24 Into my heart, into my heart
25:32 Come into my heart
25:36 Lord Jesus
25:40 Come in today
25:44 Come in to stay
25:49 Come into my heart
25:53 Lord Jesus
25:59 All right, we are gonna talk to Jesus right now
26:01 and Farmer Manny, would help out prayer?
26:03 I would love to.
26:05 All right, let's kneel down and sing our prayer song.
26:08 I will bend my knees
26:12 I will fold my hands
26:17 I will bow my head
26:21 I will close my eyes
26:25 And very, very quiet be
26:31 While the prayer is said
26:35 Dear, Jesus.
26:36 You gave us the special day of the Sabbath
26:39 and Lord, we want to thank You for it.
26:41 But Jesus, teach us how to get ready for it
26:43 and prepared and clean up our houses
26:45 and just get everything ready to go
26:47 so that when the Sabbath comes we can worship You,
26:50 we can be together and be blessed.
26:52 In Jesus name, amen.
26:55 Amen.
26:58 Oh, that's Mr. Rooster. Mr. Rooster.
27:00 That's right.
27:06 Our time together is over
27:09 So we will have to go
27:12 Goodbye, goodbye
27:15 Remember God loves you
27:18 Goodbye, goodbye
27:21 Remember God loves you
27:26 Goodbye!
27:33 We're tiny tots around the world
27:36 We're God's girls and boys
27:39 We live for Him around the world
27:41 We spread love and joy
27:44 We're colors of the rainbow
27:47 We're shiny bright where we go
27:49 We're tiny tots around the world
27:52 We're God's girls and boys


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