Tiny Tots for Jesus

God Made the Sabbath for Rest and to Always Remember that He is Our Creator

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Participants: Linda Johnson


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00:01 Eleanor? Eleanor?
00:04 There you are.
00:05 Come, girl, the tiny tots are here
00:09 and you don't want to miss worship.
00:12 Its gonna be an exiting day on the tiny tot farm.
00:20 We're tiny tots around the world
00:23 We're God's girls and boys
00:26 We live for Him around the world
00:28 We spread love and joy
00:31 We're colors of the rainbow
00:33 We're shiny bright where we go
00:36 We're tiny tots around the world
00:39 We're God's girls and boys
00:45 Mr. Wiggles, I love holding you.
00:48 Belly Boy, could you sing for me?
00:53 Eleanor is ready for worship, are you?
00:56 Yes!
00:58 Mr. Wiggles is ready for worship.
01:00 All right. Oh, Mr. Wiggles is ready too.
01:03 Well, I think Billy Boy is too.
01:04 Let's ask him if he will ring out worship bell.
01:06 Okay.
01:08 Billy Boy, you can ring the worship bell.
01:13 Oh, I love singing, aren't you?
01:17 Worship bell so sweet
01:19 Calling us to meet
01:21 With our Best Friend, Jesus
01:25 Come and worship here
01:27 Jesus will be near
01:29 Smiling when He sees us
01:35 Oh, I love to come and have worship with Jesus.
01:38 I do too. Me too.
01:41 I have something very special in my hands.
01:43 I know, the Holy Bible.
01:45 It's the Holy-- what makes it Holy?
01:48 Because it's the God's book.
01:51 That's right. Because it's God's word.
01:54 But we have a special memory verse today
01:57 and it's found in Genesis 2:3.
02:01 Genesis 2:3.
02:04 "God blessed the Sabbath,"
02:06 "God blessed the Sabbath," "and sanctified it."
02:11 "and sanctified it."
02:13 Do you know what sanctified means?
02:15 No.
02:16 Yes. Because He made it holy.
02:18 That's right.
02:20 That's right, Samantha. That's right.
02:22 God did something very special.
02:24 He had creation, He created on the first day,
02:28 day and night, light.
02:31 And on the second day, air--
02:34 Day and night.
02:36 And what did He do on the third day?
02:38 He made trees, flowers and food.
02:40 That's right. What about the fourth day?
02:42 Sun, moon and stars.
02:44 That's right, you are good. And the fifth day?
02:47 He made birds in the air and the fish under His feet.
02:51 That's right. And what about the sixth day?
02:54 He made all the animals.
02:57 And what else did He make?
02:58 Animals and beast.
03:00 He made Adam and Eve.
03:02 That's right. That's right, Samantha.
03:05 And then on the seventh day He did something very special.
03:09 He rested.
03:11 He rested, there was nothing more to create.
03:13 He had already created everything and He rested.
03:18 Why do you think He rested on the seventh day?
03:21 Because that was the holy day,
03:23 it's the day to worship God and have--
03:27 And we shouldn't do other stuff like you do on other days.
03:32 That's right, Sebbie. I like to take nature walks.
03:33 You like to take nature walks?
03:35 Well, He rested so that they could enjoy all the things
03:39 that He had made for them.
03:41 And so that He can spend special time with them
03:44 and He wants to do it with us, right.
03:46 He made Mr. Wiggles and Billy Boy too.
03:49 Jesus did make Billy Boy and Mr. Wiggles special.
03:53 Yes, He did.
03:55 I love how He made all His creation so special.
03:59 And what an awesome creative He is.
04:02 He gave six days, He worked
04:05 and made all kinds of things for us
04:07 but on the seventh day He set aside just a special day
04:11 so that we could just have fun enjoying
04:13 all the things He made with Him.
04:15 Isn't that wonderful?
04:17 Yes. That is special.
04:19 And what are some of the things you can do on the Sabbath day
04:23 to worship Jesus?
04:25 Go to church.
04:26 That's right.
04:28 And not work. And pray.
04:29 That's right. That's right, not work.
04:30 And pray.
04:32 Praising. And sing.
04:33 Oh, I love to sing.
04:35 There is six days of work.
04:38 That's right, and then the seventh day is the Sabbath.
04:42 And Jesus made that special
04:43 so that families can even have time together
04:46 because everyone so busy does it mom work
04:49 and daddy works sometimes, mom's working,
04:51 keeping everything is done and daddy is working hard
04:54 and you are going to school`
04:55 or you got all kinds of things to do
04:58 and you are so tired at the end of the day, right.
05:01 But on Sabbath you can look forward to it
05:03 because that's the time
05:04 when you get to do things together.
05:06 That's right, Auntie Linda.
05:08 And do you know something that I look forward to?
05:11 On Friday night when we start the Sabbath
05:16 our whole family gets together and we sing songs
05:21 and we tell stories and we pray.
05:25 Oh, I love those times. I love it.
05:27 I like to sing songs at worship.
05:30 So do I. Me too.
05:32 It makes me happy.
05:34 It makes Jesus happy.
05:36 Because when we take the Sabbath hours
05:38 and we think about Jesus
05:41 and then as we go throughout the Sabbath
05:43 we remember all the things that He has created for us
05:46 and we could say, oh, thank You Jesus, for that little turtle
05:49 and thank You for the pretty rocks
05:51 and thank You for the shells and--
05:53 And the beautiful flowers.
05:54 Yes, all the things.
05:55 And Mr. Wiggles. And Mr. Wiggles and Eleanor.
05:59 And we shouldn't do any work on the Sabbath.
06:02 That's right, because that's Jesus day.
06:04 Let's thank Jesus for the Sabbath.
06:06 Samantha, would you have a special prayer for us?
06:09 Fold your hands and close your eyes.
06:12 Dearly, Father, thank You for creating
06:14 this wonderful world for us to enjoy.
06:17 Thank You for making this special day
06:19 that we can worship You.
06:21 We need this special day to worship You.
06:24 After all this work we need this special day
06:26 to just worship You
06:28 because we can't worship you on any day that we work,
06:31 we need a certain day that we can worship You, amen.
06:35 Amen. Amen.
06:38 I love Jesus.
06:40 I'm so glad He gave us the Sabbath.
06:43 I'm too.
06:51 Oh, we are gonna have fun today.
06:54 We sure are.
06:56 I love coming to the kitchen.
06:59 Oh, and I love having you.
07:02 Today Auntie Linda has been talking about the Sabbath,
07:06 so I'm gonna help you make Sabbath books.
07:10 Yeah!
07:13 And these books are very special.
07:16 Do you know, you can take them to church with you
07:18 and you can--
07:19 We take our Bibles to church
07:21 and now we can take these with our Bibles.
07:23 That's right.
07:24 And do you know what's really special about these?
07:27 They are about creation.
07:30 Oh, look at them. Clouds.
07:32 Clouds.
07:33 Look. Oh, there is a tree.
07:36 It's all about creation.
07:39 Look, I like stars.
07:43 Does this look like fun to make?
07:45 Yes. And birdies and the animals.
07:47 And then we have the Sabbath.
07:51 Okay, I'm gonna let each of you choose--
07:54 I'll put my book here.
07:56 I'm gonna let each of you choose for--
07:57 these are for the boys, because see it has Jesus
08:00 and a boy and then Jesus and a girl.
08:04 So Tim and Sebbie and Nalani and Tory and Noah,
08:11 and we will put that
08:12 on the very last page of your book, okay.
08:16 Okay, now you find your black page,
08:21 find the black page.
08:23 Where is the black page? This.
08:24 We'll put this right here.
08:26 Oh, there it is.
08:27 And now here you have stars and suns and moons
08:33 and you can put those on this.
08:35 These already paste on here.
08:36 Oh, do they sparkle. Don't they, Sebbie?
08:40 Oh, that's pretty, Miss Cinda.
08:42 We will put like this and now take Jesus
08:43 and you can put Him on here.
08:47 You get that.
08:49 I got the spaceship.
08:50 Okay.
08:52 Take, take, there is a little sticky paper on the back.
08:56 Just pull the paper off.
08:58 You want me to help you, Sebbie?
08:59 This is fun, Miss Cinda. Oh, well, okay.
09:02 Doesn't this awesome? You like this one.
09:05 This will be fun to take to church
09:07 and you can look through it and it will be real quiet.
09:11 Oh, we have to, we need to be quiet in church.
09:14 That's right.
09:15 And then we can hear about Jesus.
09:17 Do you know Sabbath is my favorite day of the week?
09:20 Oh, me too. Me too.
09:21 Do you like Sabbath?
09:23 Yes.
09:25 Yes.
09:26 Because Sabbath we get extra time to spend with our families
09:31 and we get to go to church and Sabbath school.
09:35 Do you like going to church, Tory?
09:36 Yeah.
09:38 Yes.
09:39 And do you like going to Sabbath school?
09:41 Yeah. Yes.
09:42 What do you do in Sabbath school?
09:43 I love going to Sabbath school.
09:45 We sing songs and teach us stories.
09:47 What song do you sing?
09:49 "Jesus Loves Me." Can you sing it for me?
09:51 No.
09:55 You sing in Sabbath school, don't you?
09:58 Can anybody sing Jesus loves me?
10:00 Yes.
10:01 Sing it for me.
10:03 Jesus loves me! This I know
10:05 Can you sing with him, Tory?
10:07 For the Bible tells me so
10:11 Little ones to Him belong
10:14 Can you sing?
10:15 They are weak, but He is strong
10:19 Yes, Jesus loves me!
10:22 Yes, Jesus loves me!
10:25 Yes, Jesus loves me!
10:29 The Bible tells me so
10:32 And Jesus does love us.
10:34 He loves each one of you so much.
10:37 In fact, He loves the children so much that
10:40 He used to take them on His lap.
10:41 And when we get to heaven we can sit on Jesus lap too.
10:44 Oh.
10:46 Who wants to do that? That be fun.
10:48 Me. Yes.
10:52 Oh, we are gonna have lots of fun.
10:53 I've got lots of things for you to do with this book.
10:57 Here we go.
10:58 This will be a fun afternoon, won't it?
11:00 Yes. I love Sabbath.
11:02 Do you know what,
11:04 anytime you come to the kitchen its fun, isn't it?
11:06 Yes.
11:07 Who likes fun in the kitchen?
11:09 I do. I do.
11:10 It's fun in the kitchen.
11:20 Farmer Manny.
11:21 Hey, boys and girls.
11:23 Oh, I'm spending some time with Jesus.
11:26 Do you know what day it is?
11:27 Saturday.
11:29 That's right. It's the Sabbath.
11:30 Can I hold your kitten?
11:32 Oh, sure. Here you go, Auntie Linda.
11:33 Then I will hold this little guy.
11:35 You know, we have been talking about
11:38 how for seven days God created the heavens
11:41 and the earth and things like kittens.
11:44 But on the seventh day He rested from all His works
11:47 and we keep the Sabbath
11:49 because that's our day to remember
11:51 that God is our Creator, our Heavenly Father.
11:55 And He loves us.
11:56 Oh, He loves us.
11:58 Father Manny? Yes.
11:59 Can I play with the kitten?
12:00 Yes, you can.
12:02 You know, God made this kitty.
12:04 I love that. Oh, the kitten.
12:05 You know, even though on the farm on Sabbath we rest.
12:09 We still have to make sure that the kittens are well fed
12:13 and taking care of, because they depend on us.
12:16 That's right.
12:18 Isn't he fluffy?
12:19 And you have to feed him on Sabbath.
12:20 He still feeds of his momma.
12:23 You were reading your Bible when we came in.
12:25 I was, I was, I was.
12:27 Can I hold him?
12:28 You want to hold the kitten? Sure.
12:30 You know, and that's a good point
12:32 Auntie Linda, on the Sabbath
12:33 we don't only spend time with each other at our church
12:36 but we spend time in God's word
12:38 getting to know what God wants us to know.
12:41 Isn't he quite?
12:42 Yeah.
12:43 You see how little he is.
12:45 You know, the Sabbath is a time
12:47 for us to be together, isn't it?
12:48 Yes.
12:50 And to enjoy God's nature
12:51 and God's animals, His creation.
12:55 Can I hold him?
12:57 Yeah, you can hold them.
12:58 We will take turns okay?
13:00 That's right. Okay, turns.
13:01 Here we go. Isn't He so nice?
13:03 Jesus likes us to share.
13:04 He sure does. Oh, that is great.
13:07 That is a soft little kitty.
13:08 Farmer Manny? Yes.
13:10 One time I was holding the kitten
13:11 and he trying to crawl away on my shoulder.
13:15 He did.
13:17 You know, kittens, a lot of kittens love to be held
13:20 in or to be comforted and taking care of.
13:23 Oh that is grate anybody else wants to hold him?
13:25 Me. I will.
13:27 Okay, Noah.
13:30 Okay, let's let Ilanda, we will give it Noah.
13:32 There you go. Oh, he's got you.
13:36 Oh, look at his little claws. There we go.
13:39 You pet him like this. See, good job, Eliah.
13:42 Now let's let Noah hold him. Oh, he is gonna want to escape.
13:46 There you go.
13:48 Oh, you guys are so good to him.
13:50 He hold it.
13:51 How do we want to treat our animals?
13:53 Nice.
13:55 Nice, because God created animals.
13:57 Exactly. Oh, that is wonderful.
14:01 You know, Ron-- Can I hold him now?
14:02 You want to hold him?
14:04 There you go. You know what guys--
14:06 Eliah, can you take this little kitty
14:08 and let, and let Tabitha hold him?
14:10 Yeah, come here Eliah.
14:12 Can you carry him?
14:13 Where is the song?
14:16 Where is the song?
14:17 You want to hear the song?
14:18 All right, well, let's sing our song.
14:20 Here you go. Let sing together.
14:25 I like to go to the barn where the cows moo, moo
14:29 I like to go to the barn
14:30 where the ducks quack, quack
14:33 I like to go to the barn, I like to go to the barn
14:37 I like to go to the barn and learn of Jesus
14:43 I love learning new things about Jesus
14:45 and I'm glad He gave us the Sabbath day.
14:48 Oh, me too.
14:50 Well, let's tell the kitty and Farmer Manny goodbye.
14:53 Goodbye.
14:54 Goodbye, everybody we will see you later.
14:55 Goodbye. We got to go.
14:57 Bye, Eliah, we will see you later.
14:58 Thank you.
14:59 Bye, kitty. Bye, bye.
15:08 Is this about the time the tiny tots usually come?
15:11 I don't know if they will come today, hon.
15:13 Isn't it their Sabbath?
15:15 Well, I think it is. Maybe this is them.
15:19 I hope it is.
15:22 Happy Sabbath.
15:24 It is, hello, hello, you brought us violin.
15:27 Yes. Flowers?
15:28 For me? These are beautiful.
15:30 I'm gonna put them over on the fireplace.
15:33 Come right in.
15:34 All right.
15:35 Oh, you want to sit with Mr. Billy?
15:38 Come sit right here.
15:40 We are going on a picnic with Miss Jeanie,
15:42 do you want to come?
15:44 Oh, we can't come today
15:46 but thank you so much for inviting us.
15:49 Well, on Sabbath we do special things always
15:53 and specially in the afternoon
15:54 and we thought we go on a picnic.
15:57 So would you like to go sometime with us on Sabbath?
15:59 We sure would.
16:00 I like good food. Please invite us again.
16:02 Yes, well, we-- when we were out there
16:04 well, its really quiet and peaceful
16:06 and we can hear the wind blow through the trees
16:08 and we can see the birds
16:10 and we can see all the things that God created.
16:12 So it makes us think well, about our Creator.
16:15 And they have lots of good food to our platter.
16:17 Yes, we do.
16:19 Well, Marian, would you sing a song for them today?
16:24 Jesus, name above all names
16:29 Beautiful Savior
16:31 Glorious Lord
16:34 Emmanuel, God is with us
16:39 Blessed Redeemer, Living word
16:45 Jesus, name above all names
16:49 Beautiful Savior, glorious Lord
16:54 Emmanuel, God is with us
16:58 Blessed Redeemer, Living word
17:04 Oh, that was beautiful.
17:05 Beautiful. Thank you.
17:07 Sabbath is all about, is about Jesus
17:09 and getting to know Him better, right.
17:11 This is just a special day.
17:13 Yes, it is.
17:15 I like Sabbath more than any other day.
17:17 Well, do you girls have a song?
17:19 We do. All right, can you sing it?
17:21 Sure.
17:24 This is the day, this is the day
17:29 That the Lord has made
17:31 That the Lord has made
17:34 I will rejoice, I will rejoice
17:38 And be glad in it, and be glad in it
17:43 This is the day that the Lord has made
17:47 I will rejoice and be glad in it
17:51 This is the day, the Sabbath day
17:55 That the Lord has made
17:59 That was nice.
18:00 Blessed be, honey.
18:02 I love that song, because it does remind me about
18:04 how special the Sabbath is.
18:07 Do you have song?
18:09 You have a song?
18:10 All right, he wants to play something on his violin.
18:13 We always enjoy that.
18:55 Thank you very much.
18:57 You have practiced a lot.
18:59 He practiced a lot. Doesn't you, Ted?
19:01 I can tell.
19:03 Thank you, Ted, that was so special.
19:04 Reminds us how good God really is to us.
19:08 We just love Him so much.
19:10 Well, before we go on our picnic
19:12 could we have a prayer with you?
19:13 Oh, we would love that.
19:15 All right.
19:17 Well, is there anything special
19:18 you would like us to pray about?
19:21 Understanding.
19:22 Understanding the Sabbath?
19:24 All right, let's bow our heads and close our eyes.
19:29 Dear, Jesus,
19:30 thank You for making the Sabbath day for us
19:34 and thank You so much that we could share
19:36 some of this day with our special neighbors
19:38 Mr. Billy and Miss. Sharon.
19:41 And Lord, I just pray that You would help them
19:43 to understand more about the Sabbath
19:45 so that they can keep it holy too.
19:48 We thank You so much for hearing our prayers
19:52 and we love You, Jesus.
19:54 Amen. Amen.
19:57 Well, we had better go
19:59 Miss Jeanie is gonna be waiting for us.
20:01 Well, we are gonna be looking forward to going on a picnic.
20:03 Bye. I'm sorry we missed that.
20:05 All right. God bless you.
20:07 Bye. Bye-bye.
20:08 Keep coming.
20:09 We would have missed it if you hadn't come today.
20:11 And have a happy Sabbath.
20:13 Thank you.
20:14 Bye. Come back soon.
20:15 Yes.
20:17 Bye-bye. Bye-bye.
20:18 Oh, they are so special.
20:20 Got to want to know more about the Sabbath.
20:26 Shall we go for a walk today?
20:30 A walk today A walk today
20:35 Shall we go for a walk today
20:39 To see what God has given?
20:43 Oh, you guys, thank you so much for inviting me
20:46 out for this picnic today on Sabbath
20:48 but after we are done we go for our nature walk.
20:50 How does it sound?
20:52 Yeah!
20:54 All right.
20:55 All right, is everybody hungry?
20:57 Yes!
20:59 All right, let's be very quiet
21:01 and we are gonna ask Havana to have the blessing
21:04 and then Sebbie will have the blessing.
21:06 So fold your hands and close your eyes.
21:09 Dear, Jesus, thank You for this food.
21:11 In Jesus name, amen.
21:14 Dear, Jesus, thank You for the Sabbath day
21:17 that we have and make us to do
21:21 spend time with in Jesus, amen.
21:27 Amen.
21:30 I'm thankful too.
21:32 All right, let's pass the sandwiches around.
21:34 Who want a sandwich?
21:36 Oh, wonderful. Here we go.
21:39 And Miss Jeanie, maybe you can put a half,
21:41 give each one a half of something.
21:42 Yes, that's a good idea. Here we go.
21:44 Okay.
21:45 All right. Okay.
21:49 Okay, here you can have some grapes.
21:51 You want the lemon? Okay, you want this one?
21:53 I'm so glad Jesus made so much great food for us to enjoy.
21:58 Somebody want grapes?
21:59 I want grapes.
22:00 All right, can you pass some grapes over to, Noah?
22:03 Oh, grapes are so good.
22:04 I want grapes. I want grapes.
22:05 Tory wants so grapes.
22:07 I want some grapes.
22:08 Here you go. Yes, that's yours there.
22:12 All right. Can I have some grapes?
22:15 Yes, you can have some grapes.
22:16 Can we start eating?
22:18 Yes, we already thank Jesus for the food.
22:21 I didn't get the grapes. The grapes are right there.
22:23 I love eating outside because all in the sunshine.
22:27 You do, okay. All right.
22:28 Do you like the sunshine?
22:30 Yes!
22:31 I love the sunshine.
22:33 What else do you like about this Sabbath?
22:36 We get to worship God.
22:37 That's right. Yes, that's the best part in.
22:40 We can go to church.
22:41 Yes.
22:43 We can go to Sabbath school.
22:44 Yes, that's good too.
22:46 There is just so many wonderful things about the Sabbath.
22:50 Yeah.
22:51 Oh, I'm so glad God made it.
22:53 You are right.
22:54 Oh, Miss. Jeanie, where do you think
22:56 we will go on our walk today?
22:57 I don't know, we will just have to pick some spot.
22:59 Does anybody have a place they want to go?
23:00 I have a place.
23:01 Where do you want to go?
23:03 Over by the flowers.
23:04 Over by the flowers?
23:06 Okay, that would be a good place to go.
23:07 I have a place. Where do you do like to go?
23:09 Down by the pond.
23:11 By the pond? I like it too.
23:13 What do you hope we will see today?
23:15 A turtle.
23:16 A turtle? We might.
23:17 A bird. A butterfly.
23:19 A butterfly? All right.
23:21 Those are good things. A dragon fly.
23:22 A dragon fly? We could see all of them maybe.
23:27 That is just such good idea.
23:28 So I hope we see a great big bald eagle.
23:32 That would be awesome, wouldn't it?
23:33 Yes.
23:35 Oh, they are so pretty.
23:36 Those are the birds I like.
23:38 They are the birds you like? Yeah.
23:40 Well, you know what, I'm so glad that
23:43 God made the great wonderful outdoors for us to enjoy.
23:52 What a wonderful Sabbath day we had today.
23:56 Oh, I love Sabbath. You kids like Sabbath?
23:59 Yes!
24:02 Its lots of fun on Sabbath.
24:04 What do you like the best about Sabbath?
24:07 To pray. That we get to worship.
24:09 We get to go to church.
24:10 Oh, I love that.
24:12 Sabbath school too.
24:13 And I like to play with my friends.
24:15 Yes and we get to see family and friends.
24:18 We have picnics.
24:21 And we go for walks.
24:22 That's right. We could do that.
24:27 Well, let's say our memory verse, okay.
24:29 Genesis 2:3.
24:32 Genesis 2:3.
24:35 "God blessed the seventh day,"
24:37 "God blessed the seventh day,"
24:40 "and sanctified it."
24:42 "and sanctified it."
24:45 Auntie Linda, can we say our memory verse again?
24:48 Oh, very surely can say it again.
24:51 All right, Genesis 2:3.
24:54 Genesis 2:3.
24:56 "God blessed the seventh day,"
24:59 "God blessed the seventh day," "and sanctified it."
25:03 "and sanctified it."
25:05 Well, we are gonna sing "Sabbath is a Happy Day"
25:08 because we had such a happy day.
25:10 That's right.
25:11 Sabbath is a happy day
25:15 Happy day, happy day
25:18 Sabbath is a happy day
25:22 I love every Sabbath
25:26 Let's sing it again.
25:27 Sabbath is a happy day
25:31 Happy day, happy day
25:35 Sabbath is a happy day
25:38 I love every Sabbath
25:43 Let's sing, this is the day the Sabbath day.
25:47 This is the day, the Sabbath day
25:51 That the Lord has made
25:53 That the Lord has made
25:56 I will rejoice, I will rejoice
26:00 And be glad in it, and be glad in it
26:05 This is the day that the Lord has made
26:10 I will rejoice and be glad in it
26:14 This is the day, the Sabbath day
26:18 That the Lord has made
26:23 That was-- I like that song.
26:26 You do. I do too.
26:27 It's time for us to pray now.
26:29 We are gonna sing our prayer song
26:31 and Sebbie, will you have our prayer for us today?
26:33 Sure.
26:35 I will bend my knees
26:39 I will fold my hands
26:43 I will bow my head
26:48 I will close my eyes
26:51 And very, very quiet be
26:57 While the prayer is said
27:00 Dear, Jesus, thank You for this day.
27:03 Thank You for the wonderful Sabbath You gave us.
27:07 In Jesus name, amen.
27:10 Amen.
27:12 Well, Mr. Rooster said that's the end of our day.
27:14 Thank you, Miss Linda. Thank you.
27:22 Our time together is over
27:25 So we will have to go
27:28 Goodbye, goodbye
27:31 Remember God loves you
27:34 Goodbye, goodbye
27:37 Remember God loves you
27:41 Goodbye!
27:49 We're tiny tots around the world
27:52 We're God's girls and boys
27:54 We live for Him around the world
27:57 We spread love and joy
27:59 We're colors of the rainbow
28:02 We're shiny bright where we go
28:04 We're
28:05 We're tiny tots around the world
28:07 We're God's girls and boys


Revised 2015-08-13