Tiny Tots for Jesus

God Finished Making Our Little World

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Participants: Linda Johnson


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00:01 Eleanor? Eleanor?
00:04 There you are. Come, girl.
00:07 The tiny tots are here and you don't want to miss worship.
00:11 It's gonna be an exciting day on the tiny tot farm.
00:20 We're tiny tots around the world
00:23 We're God's girls and boys
00:25 We live for Him around the world
00:28 We spread love and joy
00:31 We're colors of the rainbow
00:33 We're shining bright where we go
00:36 We're tiny tots around the world
00:39 We're God's girls and boys
00:47 I liked your whistling.
00:50 We are just getting Billy Boy ready for worship.
00:53 Well, I'm ready for worship.
00:54 Are you ready for worship?
00:56 Yes.
00:57 Eleanor is ready too.
00:59 Well, let's ask Billy Boy if he will ring the worship bell.
01:02 Billy Boy, you can ring the worship bell.
01:07 I love singing this song.
01:08 Me too.
01:09 It's good.
01:11 Worship bell so sweet
01:13 Calling us to meet
01:15 With our Best Friend, Jesus
01:19 Come and worship here
01:21 Jesus will be near
01:23 Smiling when He sees us
01:29 Mr. Wiggles is ready for worship too.
01:31 Mr. Wiggles is too. He is.
01:35 Well, you know, we have been talking about creation
01:38 and God created a wonderful world for us
01:41 and He finished His work and when He starts something
01:45 He always finishes it.
01:47 Well, you know, something happened
01:49 to the beautiful world that God created?
01:52 Something sad happened.
01:54 What do you think happened?
01:56 Adam and Eve sinned.
01:58 They sinned.
01:59 And what is it mean to sin?
02:01 They listened to Satan.
02:04 To go against what God said.
02:06 That's right. To disobey.
02:07 To disobey God, yes.
02:10 But Jesus loved us so much that and God loved us,
02:15 our heavenly Father that He gave Jesus
02:17 His only son to come and die
02:20 that we could have eternal life
02:22 which means that we could-- He was gonna build us
02:24 a new earth, a new home and that means--
02:28 Jesus died and I can't wait.
02:29 Me too.
02:30 That means we-- He did die for us
02:33 so that we could go to heaven.
02:34 That's right.
02:35 I can't wait until heaven.
02:37 I can't either and there is a verse
02:38 that's gonna help us remember that
02:40 and it's found in Isaiah 65:17.
02:44 Isaiah 65:17.
02:48 "For, behold, I create..."
02:50 "For, behold, I create..."
02:53 "A new earth."
02:55 "A new earth."
02:58 So Jesus always finishes what He says.
03:01 When He says something
03:02 He will do it and so someday soon,
03:06 He is gonna come and take us to that new place,
03:08 that new heaven and He is gonna build a new earth for us.
03:12 And will there be any sickness in that new earth?
03:14 No.
03:17 Will anybody get mad or angry?
03:20 No.
03:21 Will we disobey God?
03:23 No.
03:24 And you know what?
03:25 The animals won't be afraid of us and they won't hurt us.
03:27 That's right.
03:29 And flowers won't die when we pick them.
03:33 Wouldn't that be wonderful?
03:35 Yeah.
03:36 Do you think the new earth will be just
03:38 as pretty as the first one He created?
03:40 Yes.
03:42 What kind of flowers do you think will be there?
03:44 Roses. Roses.
03:46 Tulips. Daffodils.
03:47 Lots of colors?
03:48 I think lilacs.
03:49 Lilacs and do you think that- Lily of the valley.
03:52 Lily of the valley.
03:53 And do you think God will put a rainbow up
03:56 so we will always remember?
03:57 Yes.
03:58 Yes, that we will always remember
04:00 that God keeps His word
04:02 and that He does what He says, right?
04:04 That's right.
04:05 That's gonna be a beautiful time and I love the rainbows
04:09 and I love all the things that God created.
04:12 You know, heaven is gonna be beautiful
04:14 because I know God loves colors.
04:18 Lots of different colors because He gave us
04:21 lots of different colors in the rainbow
04:24 and lots of different colors in the flowers and the plants.
04:28 So it's gonna be very beautiful.
04:32 And most of all, we will get
04:35 to walk in the Garden of Eden again.
04:39 Only we'll get to do it with Jesus.
04:42 Wouldn't that be fun?
04:44 Yay!
04:45 That's gonna be so fun to be able to be with Jesus
04:48 and Jesus will show us all the things He made.
04:51 Well, let's ask Jesus to help us
04:53 be ready for Him when He comes again.
04:55 And Noelia, will you have prayer and then Samuel,
04:59 well, will you have prayer too afterwards?
05:01 So let's close our eyes.
05:02 And fold our hands.
05:04 Dear Jesus, thank You for this day.
05:07 We want You to come back soon.
05:11 To You and walk on streets of gold and see all the heavens
05:18 and what You made in the Garden and how it was before.
05:23 Thank You for having a good world made
05:29 so we can go when it is prepared
05:34 and see all that You have made.
05:38 Amen.
05:40 Dear Lord, thank You for this day.
05:42 Thank You for others things you do for us.
05:44 Thank You that we will be able to go to the heaven
05:47 and that You have prepared a place for us
05:51 and that You created all these things for us.
05:55 Amen.
05:56 Amen. Amen.
05:57 I'm getting excited to see Jesus.
06:00 Oh, I'm too.
06:09 Miss Cinda, Miss Cinda, what are you making today?
06:13 Oh, you are gonna love this today.
06:17 This is so special.
06:19 This does look so good.
06:21 That reminds me of our memory verse.
06:24 Do you remember what it was?
06:26 "And God saw everything that He had made,
06:31 and it was very good."
06:36 Genesis...
06:37 Genesis 1:31.
06:40 Very good.
06:42 Well, I wanted you all to make something
06:47 that you could show your mommies
06:49 and she would look at it and go,
06:52 oh! Let me show you.
06:55 Look.
06:59 What do you think?
07:01 It looks good.
07:02 It looks very good.
07:05 It looks pretty.
07:06 Well, you all can get started.
07:09 You can get your frosting
07:10 and you can start spreading it on your cupcake
07:15 and then you got several different kinds of sprinkles
07:18 that you can use.
07:19 So you can make it really, really pretty.
07:23 Has any of you ever made anything and your mom or dad
07:27 or somebody said, it's really good?
07:30 What did you made, Megan?
07:31 I made bread and my mom and dad said it's really good.
07:35 I made something.
07:37 Oh, what did you make, Samantha?
07:39 I had made ice cream and my dad ate that every whole of it.
07:49 But I-- I think you probably
07:51 made other things that he liked.
07:53 Yeah. Did you?
07:54 Yeah.
07:56 Who else has made something?
07:58 Leslie, what did you make?
07:59 I made a cake with my mom.
08:01 And what did your mom and dad say when you finished it?
08:04 It looks so good.
08:08 Teddy, what did you make?
08:10 I made a cake with my mom for my dad's birthday
08:15 and he gave me a hug and said it was very good.
08:22 Tabitha, what have you made?
08:25 I made a cake with my mom and it was carob cake
08:29 and when it was finished my dad
08:33 and Terry and Tory said it was very yummy.
08:36 Oh.
08:38 Noelia, have you made something?
08:41 Yeah.
08:42 At my school I made an art project and I brought it home
08:47 and my mom and dad said it was very good.
08:50 Oh.
08:52 You know, it makes you feel good when you,
08:55 when you do something and your mom and dad says,
08:57 oh, that's so special, isn't it.
09:01 You know what?
09:03 I think that's what God feels when we say oh, dear Jesus,
09:08 thank You so much for creating this beautiful world for us.
09:14 Don't you think that makes God happy and Jesus happy?
09:17 Yes? Yes.
09:18 And I think the reason that He looked at it
09:20 and He saw that was very good, He did His very best
09:24 because He wanted all of us to be so happy.
09:27 That's great.
09:28 Jesus does everything so that we can be happy.
09:31 Yes, He does.
09:32 And think about it,
09:34 when you are making your special projects,
09:36 when you were baking and coloring
09:39 and making your special projects for your mom and dad.
09:42 Why were you doing it?
09:44 Because I love them.
09:46 That's right.
09:48 And were you doing it
09:50 because also could you wanted them to feel special?
09:53 Yeah.
09:54 And you love them and you want them to feel special?
09:56 Yes.
09:58 And don't you think that's how God is?
10:01 He makes all this stuff because why?
10:04 He loves us.
10:06 Yes.
10:07 You know, when you finish-- when you finish your cake,
10:10 you can either take it to your mom
10:13 if you want or you can taste a little bit of it.
10:15 Even you can even taste your frosting.
10:17 Teddy, you got a lot on your hands.
10:19 You could even taste your frosting here if you want.
10:22 Miss Cinda, do you think it would be all right
10:24 if we took this to our neighbor?
10:26 Oh, I think they would love that.
10:29 I think they would too. What do you kids think?
10:31 Do you think the neighbors
10:32 would love a little special cake?
10:33 Yes. Yeah.
10:34 Yes.
10:37 Who has fun when they come to the kitchen?
10:38 Me.
10:39 I do. I do.
10:40 I'm so glad you come to the kitchen
10:43 because you know what, anytime you can be in the kitchen what?
10:47 What does Miss Cinda say?
10:48 It is fun. It is fun.
11:00 All finished. Oh, that looks really good.
11:05 Farmer Manny!
11:06 Hey, boys and girls.
11:08 Oh, what did you make?
11:10 I made a bird house.
11:12 Isn't that great?
11:13 Yes. That looks really good.
11:17 I think some bird is gonna enjoy living in that house.
11:22 How did you make it?
11:23 Well, you know, you first have to find the wood,
11:26 then you have to measure it to the size that you want
11:30 and then you need to pick some paint
11:33 and guess what that looks like?
11:36 A barn. A barn.
11:37 That's right, it looks like my barn.
11:39 It's really nice.
11:40 Well, thank you. I'm really excited with it.
11:44 Do you know what, boys and girls,
11:46 when God made the world at the end
11:49 when He finished, you know, what He said?
11:51 What? It looks very good.
11:53 That's right. He said, oh, it's all good.
11:57 I love making things with my hands and finish them.
11:59 I like the cow on top.
12:01 You like the cow. Look it moves.
12:05 How did you paint it?
12:07 Well, I took some paint and a brush like right here
12:11 and I opened the paint up and you shake it,
12:13 shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it,
12:15 to make sure it gets mixed well.
12:16 And then you dip the brush
12:19 and you basically swipe like that.
12:22 So you did it very carefully.
12:23 Very carefully.
12:25 Because you didn't even get any paint on you
12:27 or the table or anything.
12:28 Oh, that's right.
12:29 Did it-- how did you--
12:30 did you like cutting that?
12:32 You know, we have those already and,
12:34 you know, I did have to chip 'em a little bit
12:36 and paint them before I put them on the barn.
12:39 Wow.
12:40 Wow. Wow.
12:41 That looks like a real barn.
12:43 Guess what? For the birdies it is.
12:48 Well, God made everything so good and you know
12:52 but now we have birds and now are they afraid of us?
12:56 Yes. Yeah.
12:58 But someday Jesus is gonna come in the clouds of heaven
13:02 and He is gonna take us home
13:03 and then He is gonna build a brand new earth.
13:07 Oh, yes. And it will always be good.
13:10 Very, very good.
13:12 That makes me so happy. I want to sing our song.
13:16 Me too.
13:20 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo, moo
13:24 I like to go to the farm where the ducks quack, quack
13:28 I like to go to the farm
13:31 I like to go to the farm
13:33 I like to go to the farm and learn of Jesus
13:38 Farmer Manny, can we go hang it up on a tree?
13:41 Oh, that's a great idea.
13:42 How fun. Let's go.
13:44 Yeah, follow me.
13:45 All right.
13:53 I wonder what animal they are.
13:56 He is a lion.
13:57 Are you a lion?
13:59 Tiger? No, try again, no.
14:04 A bear?
14:05 Yes.
14:06 All right, we got one.
14:10 Why aren't they making any noise, I can't tell.
14:14 A horse? A horse? Are you a tiger?
14:15 Sebbie, you are horsing?
14:17 No. You should try again.
14:18 A zebra?
14:20 No. A horse?
14:22 No. A snake.
14:23 No. Oh.
14:25 Wow.
14:26 Wow, a lamb?
14:30 She's-- Are you a bear?
14:33 Something backwards, are you a fish?
14:35 No.
14:36 Okay, make the noise
14:37 of whatever animal you are so we can--
14:39 That doesn't make a noise.
14:40 It doesn't make a noise.
14:42 Mine does either.
14:43 Yours doesn't make a noise?
14:44 I think she's--
14:46 All right.
14:48 She's a giraffe.
14:49 You guys win now tell me what you were.
14:52 Mine a scorpion.
14:55 Scorpion.
14:57 What was yours? Giraffe.
14:58 A giraffe, okay you can go sit down.
15:01 What was yours?
15:02 Mine was panther.
15:04 A panther and what was yours?
15:08 An elephant.
15:09 A hippo.
15:11 A hippo, okay.
15:13 Well, you guys got us on that one.
15:14 Well, I don't think we did too good at guessing.
15:15 No, we didn't. One is all we got.
15:17 Only got one.
15:19 Oh, well, in heaven I can't wait
15:21 because we're gonna actually get to play
15:23 with all these animals
15:24 and that is gonna be so much fun.
15:27 What?
15:28 You were the scorpion. Yeah.
15:29 And it won't hurt us really.
15:30 Don't have to be afraid.
15:31 We won't ever have to be afraid.
15:34 And my favorite thing is teddy bears, so I acted like a bear.
15:41 I like a bear.
15:42 Well do you boys have a song for us?
15:45 Right, do you have a song? What's it about?
15:47 Heaven.
15:49 Heaven, oh. Me too.
15:50 I love that. All right.
15:53 Heaven, heaven
15:56 Heaven is a happy place
16:00 Heaven, heaven
16:03 I want to go there
16:07 I want to go there too
16:09 Me too.
16:10 The best place.
16:12 Heaven is a happy place and in heaven
16:15 we can play with the animals and they will not hurt us.
16:18 I love heaven.
16:20 I love heaven too.
16:21 Do you girls know a song about that?
16:23 Yes, we do.
16:24 All right. Can we hear it?
16:25 Sure.
16:27 A wee little bear to play with
16:30 A wee little bear there be
16:33 A wee little bear in heaven
16:36 And the little bear won't hurt me
16:40 A wee little lion to play with
16:44 A wee little lion there be
16:47 A wee little lion to play with
16:50 And the little lion won't hurt me
16:54 I'm looking forward to playing with all those animals.
16:58 Even the big hippo. Even the scorpions.
17:01 Yes.
17:02 The scorpions are the scariest.
17:05 They won't, nothing will be scary in heaven.
17:08 I'm most excited that we get to live with Jesus
17:11 and that someday we can all go to heaven and live together.
17:16 And, Tabitha, I think you have a song about that?
17:19 Be happy, Be kind
17:22 Be loving, Be true
17:24 I'll meet you in heaven
17:27 And live next door to you
17:30 I want to live next door to you Mr. Billy and you Miss Sharon.
17:34 We want to live next door to you too.
17:36 Well, let's all sing that together.
17:38 Be happy, Be kind
17:41 Be loving, Be true
17:44 I'll meet you in heaven
17:47 And live next door to you
17:52 Let's pray and thank Jesus that someday soon
17:55 we can go home with Him, okay?
17:56 Oh, please.
17:57 Let's close our eyes.
18:00 Dear, Jesus, we are so thankful for the new earth
18:05 that You are creating for us and that someday soon
18:08 You are coming on the clouds of heaven to take us
18:11 all home with you.
18:13 We are excited. We just can't wait to see You.
18:16 And, Lord, we pray that You would keep each one of us
18:19 faithful in Jesus' name, amen.
18:23 Amen.
18:25 I want to thank you again
18:26 for the beautiful cake that you made for us.
18:29 You're welcome.
18:30 We made it in Miss Cinda's kitchen.
18:32 Yeah. And it was fun too.
18:33 Yeah.
18:34 Well, we better hurry, okay.
18:36 We've got some other things to do.
18:37 Bye-bye. Bye-bye.
18:38 God bless you.
18:39 We're coming. Bye-bye.
18:42 Bye.
18:49 Shall we go for a walk today
18:53 A walk today A walk today
18:57 Shall we go for a walk today
19:01 To see what God has given?
19:06 Oh, you guys are doing such a good job.
19:09 They are hard workers.
19:11 They are very hard workers.
19:12 Do you guys know what we're gonna put in here?
19:15 A tree.
19:16 No, we're gonna put a lilac bush in here.
19:20 A lilac bush is a bush that has really pretty flowers on it
19:23 and they can get really big.
19:25 Oh, you want to shovel.
19:27 Oh, you dig so hard that's okay,
19:29 we have another shovel.
19:31 Yeah, but it has flowers on it and it smells really good
19:34 and we walk passed here all the time
19:36 'cause this is one of our favorite places to walk.
19:38 So we'll be able to see and smell the flowers.
19:41 Oh, that's nice.
19:42 Isn't that wonderful?
19:44 And then it can also be a bush
19:47 that the birds can build a nest in.
19:49 Oh, that would make a good home for birds.
19:53 And it gets flowers on it and the humming birds
19:56 and the bees can come and get nectar.
19:59 What color flowers?
20:00 I think that one's gonna be purple.
20:02 I love purple lilac. I do too.
20:05 I just love purple.
20:06 That's one of my favorite colors.
20:08 Okay.
20:09 Miss Jeannie, do you like nature?
20:10 I love nature.
20:12 Nature's one of my favorite things.
20:14 I like nature. Me too.
20:15 Would you guys likely to finish it
20:17 and then we'll put it in there.
20:18 Okay. Let me finish it.
20:19 You guys did such a god job.
20:21 Now let me finish the last little bit.
20:25 It's kind--
20:26 Oh, I see.
20:29 That's okay, 'cause the water will give
20:30 the plant to drink, won't it?
20:32 Yeah.
20:33 It will get to drink right of the bed
20:34 and we won't have to do it.
20:36 Wow.
20:38 Tabitha, can you help me pull the bottom off?
20:40 Yeah. One, two, three.
20:43 Good job.
20:44 Okay.
20:45 You guys are all such good helpers.
20:46 I'm so glad you came to help me today,
20:48 Oh, we love helping, you Miss Jeanie.
20:51 Can we put the dirt back?
20:53 Let's do it guys.
20:54 Okay, you can do it.
20:55 Oh, you guys are doing such a good job
20:58 Good job. Look at that.
21:00 Let's put it.
21:02 Oh, you have good muscles.
21:04 You do. You are such good helpers.
21:06 Jesus is so happy when we help each other, isn't He?
21:09 Yeah.
21:10 It makes Him so happy.
21:12 I think He is happy when we plant plants too.
21:14 Well, does this look good?
21:16 I think it looks pretty good.
21:19 I'm so glad you guys came to help me do this.
21:22 What did Jesus say when He created our world?
21:24 Did He say it was good?
21:26 Yes.
21:28 That's right, it was very good.
21:31 This is very good.
21:32 I'm so glad that Jesus made
21:34 the great outdoors for us to enjoy.
21:39 Me too.
21:40 It's just wonderful.
21:47 Oh, I can't wait to go heaven.
21:50 Heaven's gonna be so beautiful.
21:52 Oh, me too.
21:53 So many wonderful new things and fresh.
21:57 Oh, I can't wait.
21:58 And most of all, Jesus will be there.
22:00 He could be there with us.
22:01 We can see Him face to face. That's right.
22:03 I can't wait either.
22:04 Guess what? We'll get to meet our angels.
22:08 Yay!
22:11 All right.
22:12 Let's see our memory verse,
22:14 Isaiah 65:17,
22:22 "For behold..." "For behold..."
22:25 "I create new heavens..."
22:26 "I create new heavens..."
22:28 "And a new earth."
22:30 "And a new earth."
22:33 And when we get to heaven,
22:34 Jesus is gonna get each one of us a special crown.
22:37 We're gonna sing I will wear a crown.
22:40 I will wear a crown in my Father's house
22:47 In my Father's house
22:50 In my Father's house
22:54 I will wear a crown in my Father's house
22:59 There'll be joy, joy, joy!
23:06 And we're also gonna wear a robe in our Father's house
23:08 and we're just gonna go like this,
23:10 like we have a nice robe on, okay.
23:12 I will wear a robe in my Father's house
23:19 In my Father's house
23:22 In my Father's house
23:25 I will wear a robe in my Father's house
23:31 There'll be joy, joy, joy!
23:37 You know what? It makes me so happy.
23:38 I want to go joy, joy, joy, joy.
23:44 Well, Miss Cinda, do you think
23:47 the little bears will bite in heaven?
23:49 No, they won't.
23:50 Will they boys and girls?
23:52 No, we're gonna sing a wee little bear to play with.
23:55 We get to pet snakes and birds.
23:57 Oh, you pet the snake, I'll pet the bird, okay.
24:02 A wee little bear to play with
24:05 A wee little bear to play with
24:08 A wee little bear there'll be
24:12 I'll play with the bears in heaven
24:15 And the little bears won't bite me
24:21 Well, you know, we are gonna take a trip with Jesus
24:24 and we're right now gonna take get on the Bible train.
24:27 You want to get on the Bible train?
24:29 All right.
24:30 Okay.
24:32 Chug, chug, chug, chug
24:34 Choo, choo, choo, choo
24:36 Chug, chug, chug, chug
24:37 Choo, choo, choo, choo
24:39 Here comes the Bible Train
24:43 Chugging round the bend
24:47 I know the engineer
24:51 He's my special Friend.
24:53 Toot, toot!
24:55 Destination heaven with stops along the way
25:02 All aboard! We are leaving!
25:06 So get on board today
25:10 Chug, chug, chug, chug
25:11 Choo, choo, choo, choo
25:12 Chug, chug, chug, chug
25:14 Choo, choo, choo, choo
25:15 Here comes the Bible Train
25:17 Chugging round the bend
25:18 Toot, Toot!
25:20 I know the engineer
25:22 He's my special Friend.
25:23 Toot, Toot!
25:24 Destination heaven with stops along the way
25:29 All aboard! We are leaving!
25:32 So get on board today
25:35 Chug, chug, chug, chug
25:37 Choo, choo, choo, choo
25:39 Chug, chug, chug, chug, choo
25:48 That was so much fun. I'm excited Jesus is coming.
25:50 Me too.
25:51 Let's sing soon and very soon
25:54 Soon and very soon
25:57 We are going to see the King
26:02 Soon and very soon
26:05 We are going to see the King
26:10 Soon and very soon
26:13 We are going to see the King
26:17 Hallelujah, hallelujah
26:21 We are going to see the King
26:25 Let's thank Jesus that He is coming soon.
26:28 We're gonna sing our prayer song and,
26:29 Noelia, will you have a special prayer for us?
26:32 Sure.
26:33 I will bend my knees
26:37 I will fold my hands
26:41 I will bow my head
26:46 I will close my eyes
26:49 And very, very quiet be
26:54 While the prayer is said
26:58 Dear Jesus, thank You for this day.
27:00 Thank You for this wonderful time You've given us
27:03 and thank You for that-- we're going to heaven soon
27:08 to see You in your name, amen.
27:11 Amen.
27:14 Oh, what a wonderful time it's been.
27:22 Our time together is over
27:25 So we will have to go
27:28 Goodbye, goodbye
27:31 Remember God loves you
27:34 Goodbye, goodbye
27:37 Remember God loves you
27:41 Goodbye.
27:49 We're tiny tots around the world
27:52 We're God's girls and boys
27:54 We live for Him around the world
27:57 We spread love and joy
27:59 Like colors of the rainbow
28:02 We're shining like the rainbow
28:05 We're tiny tots around the world
28:07 We're God's girls and boys


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