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Participants: Pr. John Lomacang


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00:30 The Prosperity Gospel.
00:33 This morning if you have your Bibles,
00:34 open with me to Job chapter 42
00:37 and we are going to read together verse 10.
00:41 Job Chapter 42.
00:47 And we are going to read verse 10.
00:51 "And the Lord restored Job's losses,
00:55 when he prayed for his friends.
00:58 Indeed the Lord gave Job
01:01 twice as much as he had before."
01:05 So this morning while the focus is gonna be on Job,
01:08 I'm not gonna walk through the life of Job,
01:10 many of you already know that Job had his entire life
01:13 turn upside-down, his family was obliterated,
01:17 his cattle was stolen.
01:20 The only one left alive was his wife
01:22 who later tried to convince him to curse God and die.
01:28 And he was covered from head to food in boils,
01:30 even cursing the day that he was born
01:32 but he never blamed God for it.
01:36 Yet the moral of the story is
01:37 in the entire Book of Job 42 chapters
01:40 or surrounding this one man's battle in the deepest,
01:44 darkest recesses of his life.
01:47 He's trying to figure out how to get answers from God,
01:50 wondering why these trials come.
01:52 Sometimes God doesn't send us a prior notice
01:54 before these trials arrive,
01:55 sometimes they arrive unnoticed to us but known to God
01:59 and the beauty of it is,
02:00 God never allows any trial to come
02:03 that He knows will crush His children.
02:07 He measures His trials,
02:10 He measures the trials.
02:14 He will not allow us to be tested and tempted
02:17 beyond which we are able, He measures them,
02:20 but it is up to us to turn to Him at that moment
02:23 to find the deliverance
02:25 that we could only find in Christ.
02:29 But this morning what we are going to do
02:30 is walkthrough what I referred to as the prosperity gospel
02:34 summarized in a single text.
02:36 In your Bibles this morning
02:38 go with me to 2 Chronicles 7:14,
02:41 2 Chronicles 7:14,
02:45 look at that with me.
02:47 And we're gonna walk through the eight conditions
02:51 that are listed in this verse.
02:52 I remember back in 2001, September 11th, 2001,
02:57 when this attack came to the World Trade Centers
02:59 in New York City downtown.
03:00 My sister worked for the fire department
03:02 at that time.
03:04 She still works for the fire department
03:05 but also with the police department.
03:07 And I remember trying to get through to her
03:10 only to find out that communication to New York City
03:13 and to much of the surrounding downtown area
03:16 and much of New York
03:17 that is to Manhattan had been completely severed
03:21 because the towers on the top
03:22 of the World Trade Center came down
03:24 when the World Trade Center came down.
03:27 I tried incessantly to try to get through to her
03:30 and eventually I did when her line switched
03:32 to another tower to be able to get through.
03:35 But the good news is today,
03:36 there is no down tower in heaven.
03:40 When we call God, our prayers are going to get through.
03:46 There is no demolition taking place
03:48 between the prayers that the saints offer
03:51 and God's ability to hear those prayers.
03:54 There is an unbroken line
03:55 carrying between earth and heaven and when we call,
03:58 our loving heavenly Father hears our prayers.
04:02 But there are conditions, there are conditions.
04:07 One of the most quoted verses in the Bible
04:10 have outlined the eight most important components of prayer.
04:13 Let's look at 2 Chronicles 7:14.
04:16 "If My people who are called by My name
04:21 will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face,
04:28 and turn from their wicked ways,
04:31 then I will hear from heaven,
04:34 and will forgive their sin and heal their land."
04:40 One of the most quoted verses on prayer
04:43 taken from the dedication of the Temple of Solomon,
04:48 but this is somewhat of a...
04:50 It has become somewhat of a, the Lord is my shepherd or
04:54 our Father which art in heaven.
04:55 It hasn't really been a verse that has been analyzed
04:58 the way that it should be.
05:00 You know, we say, John 3:16,
05:01 "For God so loved the world we have,
05:03 the wages of sin is death."
05:04 You know,
05:05 sin is the transgression of the law.
05:07 These are verses that we sometimes spit out
05:08 but we don't pause to inform ourselves
05:11 and to absorb what they really mean.
05:14 But this verse contains eight significant components
05:18 in the Christian's life on how we can come away
05:21 with a successful prayer life.
05:25 The eight that we're gonna cover this morning is,
05:28 first of all, God, God,
05:31 if my people,
05:33 God is the central focus of this verse.
05:37 Secondly, and the focus of the verse is, God's people,
05:40 if my people.
05:42 Third, God's name.
05:45 Fourth, man's will.
05:47 There is something we must do in order to unlock the promises
05:51 that God wants to extent to us.
05:53 You know, when you think that there is nothing you can do,
05:55 there is nothing we can do to enhance our salvation,
05:57 but there is something we can do to have
05:59 a great saving relationship with Jesus, amen?
06:03 But there is nothing we can do.
06:04 If somebody says, what can you do to be saved.
06:06 You've got to accept the gift of salvation.
06:09 But when it comes to walking the Christian life,
06:11 when it comes to the journey,
06:13 there is something that we must do to unlock
06:15 heaven's storehouse
06:18 to unhindered the blessings that God wants to send to us,
06:23 to unchain those things
06:24 that are otherwise chained and undelivered
06:29 because we haven't fulfilled our responsibility in our part
06:32 of the, of the bargain
06:33 if I could use that word loosely,
06:35 because there is no real bargain with God.
06:37 You're either living according to God's conditions
06:40 and He's blessing us
06:41 or we're not living according to God's conditions,
06:43 His conditions and He's not blessing us.
06:45 There are conditions, God, God's people, God's name,
06:49 man's will and then,
06:51 the fifth thing, God's conditions.
06:53 In the same way parents have conditions for their children,
06:56 God has conditions for His children.
07:01 When we live up to the conditions
07:03 by His strength, then God's response,
07:06 God's redemption and finally God's restoration.
07:10 And what we need in 2017
07:12 is God's redemption and God's restorations,
07:15 and so we're gonna begin from one and go through eight
07:18 and understands how, how do we get redemption,
07:21 how do we enjoy restoration in the power
07:27 and the presence of God?
07:29 I said it this morning, I said this, this morning
07:32 during the announcements, but remember this again,
07:35 if, if we want God to hear us when we speak,
07:42 we've got to be willing to hear God when He speaks.
07:46 Amen. Amen.
07:52 One of the key components in having
07:54 a very affective prayer life is the study of God's word.
07:59 Is what church?
08:01 The study of God's word.
08:03 I have, I've had a Bible for sometime,
08:07 I have lot of Bibles and you could go to my house
08:09 and see them in the different Bible cases.
08:12 And you can go back and see how torn and tattered they are
08:14 from all the wear and tear,
08:15 I had the Bible that I had when I traveled all the time
08:18 with the Heritage Singers,
08:19 that Bible was given to me by my wife's aunt.
08:22 She is now, recently she's passed away
08:25 a number of years ago but you could see
08:27 all the markings and highlights in that Bible.
08:30 Then I replaced it with another one
08:31 but before that Bible,
08:33 I had a Bible in New York City, a prison ministry Bible
08:36 that I would go from
08:38 Sabbath School to prison ministry
08:40 throughout all the different jails in New York City,
08:42 Rikers Island,
08:43 the Brooklyn House of Detention,
08:45 the Queens Facility,
08:47 we'll go from Sabbath to Sabbath
08:48 through different facilities kind of like our people,
08:50 I wouldn't stay in church,
08:52 I would rather go to the prisons and minister
08:55 to other people, I have that Bible.
08:57 It had no concordance, it had just Genesis
08:59 all the way to Revelation.
09:01 And I look at that Bible and unfortunately
09:04 Louise, water stained it, and some of the markings
09:09 that I put on my marker
09:11 they had just kind of roll-off some of those pages.
09:14 And then I have a Bible after that,
09:17 that is so beautifully marked the one I had the longest.
09:23 That I recently decided
09:24 I'm gonna replace that one with this one
09:26 because the cover is falling apart,
09:28 the pages starting to get wrinkled in the back,
09:30 and I've turned the pages so much,
09:32 I'm afraid for them they start breaking.
09:34 But I want to let you know how hard it was
09:37 to lay that Bible down and leave it at home.
09:41 Anybody know what I'm talking about?
09:43 When you got a Bible that you have tuned
09:45 and you worked that thing
09:46 and the pages are now no longer sticking
09:49 and you can just turn because you know where it is.
09:54 That Bible became my sword.
09:57 And I put that Bible on my shelf
09:58 and I look at it everyday.
10:00 That was the Bible that I had, I remember years ago,
10:04 one of my other Bibles I remember
10:05 being in the Heritage Singers
10:06 and we had a concert at the church
10:08 on a Sunday afternoon
10:10 and I remember sharing with people after the concert
10:12 in that Bible in the church,
10:14 we loaded all the equipment in the bus
10:17 and everything was done.
10:20 And when the bus pulled away I said, "Wait, wait, wait,
10:22 where is my Bible?
10:24 Where is my Bible?
10:26 And I remembered I left it in this music room
10:28 in that big huge church
10:31 and I ran to every door I could to get in that church.
10:34 We made phone calls to the people
10:37 that took you to the plane, nobody would answer.
10:40 And Mack said, "John, we've got to leave."
10:42 I said, but my Bible's in there.
10:45 He said, "We've got to leave, we've got a concert.
10:46 I said, "My Bible's in there."
10:49 And I want to tell you,
10:51 I was sour for the next three days
10:54 until Federal Express delivered my Bible.
10:58 And I think to myself,
10:59 what would happen if you didn't have your Bible,
11:01 how would it affect your life?
11:04 There are people that come to church
11:05 and we have Bibles in the, in the courtroom
11:08 and on the shelf that people come and they leave,
11:10 they don't even know they're missing.
11:12 How close are you to your Bible?
11:15 Because let me make this very clear,
11:17 without a constant connection to your Bible,
11:19 it is not possible,
11:21 it is not possible to claim promises
11:25 that you don't even know were there.
11:28 You got to read those things.
11:31 And so when my wife and I have started to do
11:33 for this new year.
11:34 She said, "John, use your new Remnant Study Bible
11:37 so that we could be on the same page.
11:39 It has the Ellen White's notes in it
11:41 and, and all the wonderful commentaries throughout
11:43 and we've been reading our Bible every day.
11:46 We don't let our emotions cancel our Bible readings.
11:52 Because you gonna wake up in the morning
11:53 and don't feel like reading your Bible.
11:55 But if you don't feel like reading,
11:57 what in essence you are saying is,
11:58 "I don't want to hear God talk to me."
12:01 And we don't consciously say that,
12:03 but this is the way that God speaks to us through His word.
12:10 But later on during the day, we want to ask God something,
12:12 God said, "Wait a minute, wait a minute,
12:14 wait a minute, wait a minute.
12:15 I wanted to talk to you this morning,
12:16 you didn't want to hear anything that I wanted to say,
12:18 so why should I hear what you say?
12:21 Let me encourage you church members,
12:23 brothers and sisters in Christ,
12:24 those may be watching the program,
12:28 get into a relationship with God
12:30 by getting into a relationship with His word.
12:35 That's where the connection begins.
12:37 You'll only know what's in the store when you go there.
12:40 You can order something from Walmart or from Macy's
12:43 or from any of these major stores
12:44 unless you know what's there.
12:46 You got to go to God's word to know what's there.
12:50 God's word has to be in your home and in your heart.
12:56 But you'll find that through prayer
12:58 our lives become this constant connection with God.
13:03 Let's go to Matthew 6:9 and notice
13:06 how prayer always begins.
13:08 You got to learn how to begin
13:10 the first condition of answered prayer,
13:13 the first condition of prosperity and prayer
13:16 as you got to know who you're talking to.
13:19 Matthew 6:9, when Jesus taught His disciples to pray,
13:22 He said to them,
13:24 listen to this, He said to them,
13:26 "After this manner..."
13:27 And now I'm reading the King James Version
13:29 on this one.`
13:30 He says, "After this manner therefore pray ye..."
13:35 And what are the two words that He said after that?
13:39 "Our Father which art, where, in heaven..."
13:42 And what did He say, "Hallowed be thy name."
13:46 Now let me pause and say something there
13:48 because in this modern society,
13:51 some people today don't honor God's name.
13:55 I saw a post on Facebook where somebody said,
13:58 "God is my homie."
14:00 And that really made my skin crawl.
14:02 God ain't our homie,
14:03 God is our heavenly, holy Father.
14:05 Not our homie, He's not my boy.
14:12 Don't bring God down to an earthly level
14:16 when He's trying to bring us up to a heavenly level.
14:19 Our Father which art in heaven
14:21 the place where He abides His throne,
14:23 the place where He wants to communicate to us.
14:25 Don't bring Him down and don't take His name
14:29 and shrivel it down to some modern vernacular
14:32 of society's twisted ideas of God.
14:34 I kind of got of off the modern track
14:36 when they started calling people dog,
14:39 and I know it's not dog, it's dawg
14:41 but ain't nobody dawg, come on somebody.
14:44 But there was a time when you call somebody a dog,
14:46 it was an insult.
14:47 But you know, something is wrong when they call you dog
14:49 and you think, hey, that's cool, I'm your dog,
14:51 you're my dog.
14:52 I'm not your dog, you're not my dog.
14:54 We are brothers and sisters in Jesus.
14:55 Can you say amen? Amen.
14:57 But that's what society does,
14:59 it chisels away at the beauty and the holiness of God.
15:03 When you go to the White House,
15:04 when you go to special Black Tie Dinners,
15:08 you don't walk in in jeans, like,
15:11 where is my plate of food, y'all getting my food.
15:14 That was a part of Jesus tax
15:16 just in case you didn't get that.
15:18 You don't come to God that way.
15:20 You approach the throne of God with the sense of humility,
15:26 with the sense of all.
15:27 I remember once on a plane ride,
15:31 I was coming back...
15:33 Oh, I was going down to Florida,
15:34 I was on the plane ride.
15:36 And I was sitting next to a young lady
15:37 who was a medical student
15:39 and we got into an early conversation, you know,
15:42 we're gonna be on the flight for two and half hours
15:44 sitting next to somebody, at least say hello.
15:48 So uncomfortable and you goes,
15:49 both are sitting and looking straight.
15:52 I always have to say hello, anybody else?
15:55 Got to say something.
15:57 And if there is a last ones to come and sit down,
15:59 I'd say welcome to my neighborhood.
16:02 We always do that.
16:04 But as we begun to talk,
16:06 then I got into reading my Bible,
16:10 and on that seat next to the window
16:13 God took me to a place that I hadn't been frequently.
16:18 I got so filled with the sense of God's eternal power.
16:24 It began to absorb me to the point
16:27 where I had to turn my face to the window
16:29 because I didn't want this young lady to see the tears
16:32 streaming down my eyes
16:35 and I didn't want that experience to end.
16:39 I was so in God's presence on that plane.
16:43 And when I got to Florida to try to explain it to,
16:45 to my wife and to her family, and to her brother,
16:48 I couldn't recapture that, I said,
16:50 "Have you ever been in a place
16:51 where you just don't want to leave?
16:53 I saw, I said, I saw the Lord sitting there.
16:57 I saw Him sitting there and He invited me to come in
16:59 and, and the door close behind us
17:02 and He turned the light on just for He and I to communicate."
17:05 I said, "Honey, it was so, I can't explain it."
17:10 That's the kind of connection
17:12 we need to have with God everyday.
17:13 Such as closeness that when we, when we leave His presence,
17:17 we don't want to leave but we got to go to work.
17:20 Got to eat something.
17:23 We have responsibilities to perform
17:26 but we should be so connected to God.
17:28 Look at Hebrews 4:16,
17:30 "Let us therefore come," how?
17:33 "Boldly."
17:34 In another words, what is being illustrated is run to me,
17:38 "Come boldly before the throne of grace
17:41 that we may obtain," what?
17:43 "Mercy and find grace to help in time of need."
17:46 How often do you need mercy?
17:48 You know, the person that's guilty
17:50 doesn't ask for justice.
17:51 The person that's guilty ask for mercy.
17:54 Throw yourself on the mercy of the court.
17:56 I've done that a few times for speeding.
18:04 But I'm not gonna tell you about those instances.
18:08 But I'm gonna tell you about the time
18:09 that I parked in the handicap spot.
18:14 I just picked my mother from the hospital before she,
18:17 my mother, my natural mom, she was taking chemotherapy.
18:20 And she didn't have a good day and I therefore took her
18:23 through a therapy and brought it back and,
18:26 and I think that was the situation
18:28 but she was in the hospital I know that
18:29 and I took her out of the hospital,
18:32 we were living in California at the time.
18:33 And she had a prescription that had to fulfilled
18:36 before she went home, had to fill this prescription.
18:39 And she said, "Get me as close to the, to the door as you can,
18:43 but I didn't have a handicap sticker on my car."
18:46 And I parked it right in handicap
18:47 and I was walking my mother and holding her up
18:50 and I took her to the pharmacy counter
18:52 and when I went out there was a police lady
18:56 writing me a ticket and I said, "Officer..."
19:02 I did it so respectfully,
19:03 "Officer, my mom just got out of the hospital,
19:08 I know, I'm not supposed to park here
19:09 but I was trying to get her to the pharmacy counter
19:11 without, you know, making it difficult for her."
19:13 She said, "Tell that to the judge."
19:18 I was glad to tell it to that judge.
19:20 So I went to court,
19:24 stood before the judge and he said,
19:25 "And what are you here for?"
19:27 I said, "I got to dock it, I understand you were parked
19:29 in the handicap spot, what's your story?"
19:32 I said, "Your honor, I share with him the story,
19:34 I said, and I said, and the police officer said,
19:36 tell it to that judge."
19:38 I said, "So, your honor, I'm telling you,
19:39 you're the judge, I'm telling you the story."
19:41 He said, "If you can prove that your mother was just released
19:44 from the hospital on that day, I'll drop the ticket."
19:47 Man, I ran out of the court so fast.
19:50 Went to that hospital, got that discharged slip
19:52 and went back to the court,
19:54 gave it to the court clerk and she said, dismissed.
19:56 You know, that's when, when you know,
19:58 when you know that you're,
20:00 that the judge wants to release the fears in your life,
20:05 you can run to his throne and find mercy
20:08 and grace to help in time of need, amen?
20:11 So when the Bible says, come boldly,
20:14 it means approach God with confidence.
20:16 It doesn't mean come to God, cocky,
20:17 hey, Lord, I'm here, what's up?
20:19 It means come humbly before the Lord.
20:22 Do you know that the name of God is so holy
20:26 that when the Bible writer scribed His name,
20:28 they will put down the quill and pick up another quill
20:33 just to write His name and if they mess it up,
20:35 they didn't erased, they didn't have any whiteout,
20:38 they would take that whole page and tear it up
20:40 and start all over again,
20:42 that's how holy the name of God was,
20:43 they wouldn't even use the same quill
20:45 to write the rest of the passage,
20:46 they would pick up one just to write his name
20:49 and put that down and continue to write.
20:51 So when you pray,
20:52 understand that you're praying to a Holy God.
20:59 You're not making... you're not sending a text.
21:03 You're praying to a Holy God.
21:05 He hears our prayers, He wants to fulfill our needs,
21:09 but there is something else.
21:11 While we can approach God anytime we want to,
21:14 we cannot approach God anyhow that we want to.
21:19 Look at Psalms 95:6.
21:21 Psalms 95:6.
21:28 Come to Him any time.
21:31 And when I say,
21:34 we cannot approach God anyhow we want to.
21:37 I'm not talking about clean up your life
21:39 before you come to God
21:40 because you can't clean up your life
21:42 until you come to God.
21:43 I'm not talking about, okay,
21:44 wait, Lord, I have to put on a good suit to come to you.
21:46 No, come as you are but don't come arrogantly.
21:50 Don't come with pride and self-aggrandizement
21:54 which means pumping your self up
21:56 that you're doing Him a favor by coming to Him.
21:58 Look at what David the Psalmist says
22:00 should be our attitude when we come to God.
22:03 Psalm 95:6, he says,
22:05 "O come, let us do" what?
22:07 "worship and" what?
22:09 "bow down: let us kneel before the Lord our God,
22:16 our maker."
22:18 The song is in my head.
22:20 Come let us worship Him,
22:22 let us kneel before the Lord, our maker.
22:24 When you come to God, if,
22:26 if the opportunity presents itself, kneel before God.
22:32 Daniel kneeled and prayed three times a day.
22:35 The Apostle Paul bowed his knees
22:37 when he prayed.
22:38 The disciples kneeled when they prayed.
22:41 Even Jesus kneeled down when He prayed to His Father.
22:46 There is a saying that goes this way,
22:47 "A Christian must get on his knees
22:50 before he can get on his feet."
22:53 Got to get on your knees before you can get on your feet.
22:56 I saw the story once and I wondered
22:58 because everyday I feed the birds,
22:59 my wife and I, we feed the birds.
23:01 We, you know, we're gonna put our,
23:02 we're gonna put our birds in our taxes.
23:05 We feed the birds. Anybody else feeds the birds?
23:07 I love to feed the birds.
23:09 Sometimes I'm eating dinner and the bird is out there
23:11 and he's kind of going like this, like, I'm here,
23:14 I'm here and I get up my wife says, "Eat you dinner first."
23:19 I said, "But, honey, I can't eat, he is hungry."
23:22 So I get up and I scoop up some black oil seeds
23:25 and then the,
23:28 the other mix with the seeds without the corn,
23:30 they don't like corn a lot in Southern Illinois.
23:33 They always leave it
23:34 so I don't, I get the one without corn.
23:35 And I go put it on the shelf right there
23:38 and they all show up.
23:40 Right now the blue jays are storming it.
23:43 The blue jays are dive bombing,
23:46 they're coming in gross of six and seven
23:48 and one day there was nine out there.
23:50 And the cardinals are there and all the little brown birds.
23:54 There were so many birds this morning
23:56 that our squirrel was standing there fearful for his life.
23:59 He's like, he wasn't moving, he was on the lower shelf,
24:04 he said, "Wait till they clear the ledge before I go up there,
24:07 I could be pecked to death.
24:09 At least that's what he looked like he was thinking.
24:12 But, but I register about a bird
24:14 and I thought we've got some terrible storms sometimes
24:17 that come through Southern Illinois.
24:19 Where did these birds go?
24:21 Where did these birds go
24:23 when the winds are 60, 70, 80 miles an hour?
24:26 And I read a story, and I read a story that blew me away.
24:31 You see in the storm at night
24:33 when the birds as small as they are,
24:38 this is where we should get a bird brain.
24:41 We should pray, Lord, give me a bird brain
24:44 for this following story.
24:46 The birds when they, when they perched themselves
24:49 to sleep at night, they, you see they stand straight
24:52 during the day, look carefully their legs are not bent.
24:56 But when they sleep at night,
24:57 they bend their knees and it locks their claws.
25:02 It's like a vice lock.
25:04 When they bend their knees,
25:06 God designed it so their claws go and lock.
25:09 So the wind can't blow and they're saying,
25:12 I'll be here in the morning,
25:13 I'm just gonna keep my knees bent.
25:15 I would suggest to you,
25:17 if you hope to make it to the next morning
25:18 when the winds of your life are whipping up,
25:20 you have to bend your knees.
25:22 The birds make it through the storms of life
25:25 because they bend their knees and that little tiny bird
25:27 that couldn't weigh more than what a, what?
25:31 Wouldn't be nowhere near a pound, few ounces,
25:34 grams in some cases, they're so tiny.
25:37 They lock their knees
25:38 and the storms as angry as they get,
25:41 that bird says, I'll be here when you're done.
25:45 If we hope to make it through life,
25:47 we've got to keep our knees bowed before the Lord.
25:51 And another person said,
25:52 "A lot of kneeling keeps us in good standing before God."
25:56 Learn how to kneel down, kneel down.
26:01 You see, the beauty of God is it begins with God
26:04 but God quickly transitions from Himself to His people.
26:08 Look at Isaiah 59:1.
26:13 "Behold, the Lord's hand is not shortened,
26:17 that it cannot save, nor his ear heavy,
26:21 that it cannot hear."
26:25 God could hear the prayers of the best saint.
26:30 And God could hear the prayers of the worst sinner.
26:34 His ears are not heavy that He cannot hear.
26:44 You got to back up sometimes,
26:45 I have this astronomy program on my iPad.
26:48 I've shown some of you, I love astronomy,
26:51 not astrology, astronomy.
26:53 I love to sit there and look at the planets,
26:56 it's called redshift.
26:57 If you're an iPad person or whatever,
26:59 it's just so, it takes me out of my...
27:02 it takes me out of my thinking on big
27:04 to remembering I'm small place.
27:09 And I would sit down and talk about
27:10 how far the star is from that star,
27:13 and my wife and I were talking about this, and I said,
27:15 "Honey, look at the star, I'm gonna speed it up."
27:18 She said, "Well, how far is it?"
27:20 I said, "Let's think of it this way.
27:22 To get to it from where we are,
27:25 it will take us 375 years at the speed of light.
27:31 She said, "We ain't going there."
27:34 I hate to say, we're not gonna get there,
27:37 not in this life.
27:39 Yet God in His love for us,
27:42 one day we're gonna have access to everything
27:45 we don't have access to now.
27:47 "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard,
27:50 neither have entered into the heart of man,
27:52 the things that God prepares for those that love Him."
27:54 So God is gonna make all this playground available to us
27:57 because He loves us.
27:59 He hears our prayers.
28:00 Acts 2:21, "And it shall come to pass
28:05 that whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved."
28:10 The name of the Lord shall be saved.
28:13 I'm gonna rifle through these.
28:15 The name of the Lord,
28:17 if you call on the name of the Lord,
28:19 you shall be saved.
28:20 When you go through your phone
28:24 and you're trying to contact someone.
28:26 Do you have a contact list, anybody?
28:28 Amen.
28:29 We all have a contact list.
28:31 We take that contact list out and we got the contacts
28:33 and we just scroll through them as fast as we could,
28:37 trying to find a person's name.
28:39 You know, the beautify of it is when you, when you call God
28:41 you don't have to scroll through anything,
28:43 you just have to say Lord Jesus.
28:46 Hear my prayer, and He hear.
28:47 Whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.
28:51 And let me, let me add another component here.
28:53 Sometimes we think that, well, I can't talk to God
28:55 because I'm a terrible sinner, I did something awful.
28:57 You know what?
28:59 That's when He wants you to talk to Him.
29:01 The devil sometimes makes us feel so unworthy.
29:05 He says,
29:06 think about you just did and you want to talk to God,
29:10 but that's the whole reason why God send Jesus.
29:14 He didn't send Jesus to clean sinners.
29:17 He said to the Jews,
29:18 if you knew that you were a slave,
29:20 then you would know you need to be set free,
29:22 but since you don't know that you're a slave,
29:24 I've come to seek and to save those who are lost.
29:28 He didn't come to,
29:30 He didn't come to tuxedo and gown wearing Christians.
29:35 He came to those who knows that we have a need of Him.
29:40 Whoever calls on Him shall be saved.
29:43 John 7:37, I'll read this and you're hearing,
29:46 "If anyone thirst..." If how many?
29:49 "Any one thirst, let him come to me and drink."
29:53 If anyone thirst.
29:55 You can beat me to the next text, John 6:37.
29:58 Look at this one.
30:00 John 6:37,
30:04 "All that the Father gives me will come to me,
30:08 and the one who comes to me, I will by no means" what?
30:13 "Cast out."
30:14 Lord doesn't say, get out of here.
30:16 Don't come here. He wants us to come.
30:18 He wants us to come,
30:19 tattered and torn and disappointed and broken.
30:23 Filled with heartache and despair and suffering,
30:25 He wants us to come in our moments of success,
30:27 in our moments of joy.
30:29 He doesn't want us just to come because things are going bad.
30:31 How many of you keep in touch with friends
30:33 just when things go bad?
30:34 I'm always suspect,
30:36 when people only call me when things go bad.
30:40 Have you ever noticed that? I know exactly who it is.
30:45 And you see the number.
30:47 You ever said that,
30:48 you don't have... don't raise your hand.
30:51 They only call me when they want something.
30:55 I don't want my Father to say that.
30:57 Amen?
30:59 Because folk that know that you call them only
31:01 when you want something,
31:03 the conversation gets superficial
31:06 at the very beginning.
31:07 Yeah, and yeah, you are waiting for the question.
31:11 You are waiting for them to ask you.
31:14 And if they don't, you hang up the phone and say,
31:16 do you know what?
31:18 Unbelievable, they didn't ask me for anything
31:22 which means the conversation is not done yet.
31:25 They try to soften you up before they bring it on.
31:29 We don't need to have that kind of relationship with God.
31:33 We've got to know, we can come to Him as we are, and He says,
31:35 if you come I will, I will not turn you away.
31:39 God does not turn His back
31:41 on the heart that seeks salvation.
31:43 Any one of us can place the phone call
31:47 and God will answer that.
31:49 2 Chronicles 16:9,
31:52 God's people,
31:54 you see when your name is in God's contact list,
31:57 He takes it to another level
32:00 when He gets a call from His children.
32:02 I'm so glad to know that we know that,
32:04 He has inscribed our name on the palm of His hand.
32:08 He has inscribed our name on the palm of His hand,
32:12 so when we call Him, we know we are on that contact list.
32:16 But look at what He promised us to do.
32:18 2 Chronicles 16:9,
32:22 "For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout"
32:26 how much of the earth?
32:28 "The whole earth,
32:30 to show Himself strong on behalf of those,"
32:34 who do what?
32:36 Whose heart is loyal to Him."
32:41 Whose heart is loyal to Him.
32:43 Let me put this in the proper package.
32:46 Whether you are loyal to God or not,
32:49 He want you to call on Him.
32:53 But if you want to see God's hand
32:54 move in a powerful way,
32:57 show your loyalty to Him.
32:59 He'll show Himself strong
33:02 in behalf of those whose hearts are loyal to Him.
33:06 He'll deliver you, whatever the situation,
33:08 but if you really want to see God move and do things
33:12 that you thought were unimaginable,
33:15 that could not have possibly even done,
33:17 just be loyal to Him.
33:19 And you see God moving away, just like parents,
33:22 when they know they have a child
33:24 that they can trust,
33:25 they say he is okay, I can give him the car keys.
33:29 I know that he is going where he said he is going to go
33:31 or she is going exactly
33:32 where she said she is going to go.
33:34 I know that she is there, just like my sister.
33:37 She has a daughter and a granddaughter.
33:41 And she put this tracking device
33:43 on my grand niece's phone,
33:45 or her granddaughters, and she said to her,
33:49 now when you go to school, if that device tells me,
33:54 you are any place but school, I'm gonna find you.
34:00 When that device tells me you left school
34:02 and you're on your way to work and you're at any place
34:04 but work, I'm gonna find you.
34:06 You got to know my sister
34:07 to know that you don't want her to find you.
34:11 She is a New Yorker.
34:14 Born and raise,
34:15 works for the police department and fire department.
34:17 One day my niece, my grand niece's mother
34:21 got out of herself and said to my sister,
34:23 "If you touch me, I'm gonna call the police."
34:25 She said, "Oh, let me save you the time,
34:28 I'm gonna touch you and I'll call the police."
34:32 Old fashion stuff, you know, but they are doing fine now.
34:37 You see the Lord shows Himself strong.
34:39 Why does He do that?
34:41 Proverbs 18:10, "Why does He do that?"
34:44 Look at why? Look at why?
34:47 Our heavenly Father loves us so much.
34:49 I got to speed up.
34:50 Our heavenly Father loves us so much,
34:53 the Lord tells us in Proverbs 18:10,
34:55 "The name of the Lord is a..." What?
35:00 "Strong tower, the righteous runneth into and is safe."
35:05 You want to know about the strong tower,
35:06 read the Book of Numbers.
35:08 The Book of Numbers, you know,
35:10 Numbers could make your head spin
35:11 with all the sacrifices and all that stuff,
35:15 but they build a certain number of strong towers,
35:18 these are called cities of refuge
35:20 that had to be certain distances
35:22 from every tribe of the children of Israel,
35:24 so that if anybody was in a transgression
35:26 or made a mistake
35:27 or did something that injured someone
35:29 and their lives were being sort,
35:31 they had to make that road clear,
35:33 had to have no pebbles, no rocks
35:35 nothing that the person who is guilty
35:37 could stumble over.
35:39 It had to be straight and direct to the strong tower,
35:42 to the city of refuge.
35:45 And when that person ran in, the Bible says, they are safe.
35:47 Why?
35:49 Because the high priest met them there.
35:52 And as long as the high priest live,
35:55 that person was saved.
35:59 How long was our high priest gonna live?
36:00 Somebody tell me?
36:02 He ever liveth to make intercession for us,
36:04 so, we could daily run in by prayer.
36:07 We could daily run in by prayer and know this, Psalm 37:25,
36:11 "We could know this, this is a promise.
36:15 This is a promise."
36:18 Psalm 37:25.
36:21 And this is definitely a King James Version text,
36:24 I've always heard it that way, and I love it that way.
36:26 I chose not to change it, but look at what it says,
36:29 "I have been young..."
36:31 Come on somebody? "And now I am what?
36:34 "Old yet, I have not seen the righteous" what?
36:39 "Forsaken, nor his seed" what?
36:42 Begging bread." Amen.
36:46 When we put God first, He will not put us last.
36:51 When we stand up for Jesus, He'll stand up for us.
36:55 When we walk in the light,
36:56 He'll never leave us in the dark.
36:58 He says, I've never seen the righteous forsaken.
37:02 And so sometimes the world makes you think that,
37:04 if you go the way of the world
37:06 you'd be famous, you'd be popular,
37:07 you don't have to worry about it.
37:09 Everybody will adore you and admonish you,
37:12 but the Bible says, the way of the transgressor
37:14 is hard, you know why?
37:15 Because our lives in the hand of God
37:18 is a life that has a guarantee.
37:21 Wouldn't you like to have somebody
37:23 as a friend that has no credit limit?
37:32 It's a good place to say amen.
37:35 Wouldn't you like somebody that nobody is gonna mess with?
37:42 Wouldn't you like somebody, Bob,
37:44 that could deliver you from any situation.
37:47 Okay.
37:52 Would you like somebody in your life
37:53 that loves you no matter what?
38:00 And will call and will answer.
38:06 Every time you call, He'll answer.
38:13 And I want to tell you
38:15 my mind is too finite to really tell you
38:16 the real truth about God.
38:18 When we get to heaven, we'll see so much
38:21 more than our minds could even ever grasp.
38:24 He'll say, John one day you said,
38:28 before I call, before you call, I will answer.
38:32 Let me show you how it works.
38:36 Wouldn't you want to be
38:37 in the laboratory of God one day, Louis.
38:39 Let me show you how it works. Let's pause for a moment.
38:44 If all of sudden come on those who have cell phones raise it.
38:48 I know you have it, come on just place your cell phone.
38:53 I did this experiment at Sunnydale Academy.
38:57 I said to the young kids, I'm only gonna say this once.
39:00 I'm gonna give you my phone number
39:02 once I said this to the young people,
39:03 and I said the first one to text me,
39:06 see the day before I told them I had a $100 bill in my pocket,
39:10 the next day I said
39:11 the first one that texts me gets the money in my pocket.
39:15 But I'm only gonna say my phone number once.
39:18 You could hear a bird change his mind.
39:23 I didn't repeat it, my phone exploded, all I would,
39:26 ding, ding, ding, ding, bye, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm.
39:33 The place exploded with messages
39:36 and they were just on their edge...
39:42 who sent it first,
39:43 who was the first one to get it in there.
39:45 I said I'll tell you at the end of the meeting.
39:46 Oh!
39:49 Tell us now, we want to know.
39:52 I'll tell you at the end of the meeting.
39:55 God is so sovereign. You know what he did that day?
39:59 Now I told them I had a $100 in my pocket the day before,
40:02 but I didn't tell them
40:04 I was gonna give them $100 a day after.
40:06 I said whatever is in my pocket you'll get.
40:08 Well I had a $20.
40:10 But if you're in academy, $20 is lot of money, amen.
40:13 Come on amen.
40:15 If somebody just says, here is 20 bucks to academy student,
40:18 yeah, it's a lot of money.
40:19 That was a lot of money to college students
40:21 back in my day,
40:23 but so,
40:24 I mentioned the young man's name
40:27 and the place erupted.
40:31 I mean, the girls started standing up
40:33 and they were clapping and stamping
40:35 at the same time, I said what's up with this guy,
40:38 and he came up the shy little guy.
40:43 Came up to the front
40:45 and everybody stood and cheer for him.
40:46 You know what?
40:47 I didn't know this, but God worked it out.
40:50 That, that was one of the kids in the academy
40:53 that nobody would talk to.
40:55 That people would leave out of the lot of the events.
41:00 That was probably the last to be considered for anything.
41:04 And the girls had a soft spot for him
41:07 because they always wanted
41:08 "I will use a alias name, they always wanted Johnny to
41:11 kind of make it to be the guy that people would like.
41:14 And that day he came up front, and I gave him the money...
41:25 I just had it in my hand.
41:30 I gave him the money and his head was down,
41:33 I gave him the money, his head stood up and he went,
41:36 and all of his friends erupted because they realized,
41:41 you may not pay attention to Johnny,
41:44 but the Lord wants to give us gifts,
41:47 when everybody else wants to leave us out.
41:49 When we put Him first, He will not leave us last.
41:52 Amen church? God is a good God.
41:55 And sometimes we don't understand that
41:56 because we think that well, you know,
41:58 we haven't really been all He wants us to be.
42:01 Even so,
42:03 He loves us
42:04 with an everlasting love.
42:10 That's the kind of God we have,
42:13 God, His people and His name.
42:17 But let's spend a few minutes on the conditions
42:19 before I close, John 14:15.
42:22 John 14:15.
42:32 I'm still getting phone calls from car dealers,
42:37 they keep telling me my warrant is about to expire.
42:41 You notice that, anybody else getting those phone calls.
42:43 Everybody wants to sell your warranty
42:46 because 2017 is coming.
42:48 I'm getting phone calls on my cell phone,
42:50 I can't stop all the marketers from calling my cell phone
42:53 800 this, 888 that, 866.
42:57 I'm getting to a place
42:58 where I don't want to pick my cell phone up anymore,
42:59 and my home phone said how do you stop them,
43:01 there was a time you could,
43:02 but they found a way around that.
43:05 We'd like to consolidate your debt for 2017,
43:07 if you have credit card.
43:10 Did you know your warranty is about to expire?
43:15 And I said, I already got the extended warranty.
43:17 Sir, sorry, we'll take you off our list.
43:19 They never took me off the list,
43:20 they keep calling me.
43:23 Here is my point.
43:26 Everything comes with a warranty
43:28 whether one year, two years, six months, four years
43:31 whatever the case may be.
43:32 And somebody knows that they'll service our vehicles
43:36 as long as we stay in harmony
43:38 with what the warranty outlines as the parameters of operation.
43:43 Well, once you go beyond the parameters of operation
43:46 and you damage the device, the company says,
43:49 we are not gonna cover it because you did this.
43:56 How many of us know
44:01 that the Lord wants to impart to us,
44:05 the person of the Holy Spirit,
44:10 who will lead us and guide us into all truth,
44:12 who will give us knowledge and wisdom,
44:14 who'll workout the work of God in our lives through the frail,
44:18 through this frail human flesh.
44:20 But he says, I'm concerned about whether or not
44:24 you really want me to give you the Holy Spirit,
44:26 so got to put a test.
44:28 John 14:15-16. Look at this.
44:31 John 14:15-16.
44:33 The text says, and we all notice together, let's read it,
44:36 "If you love me do..." What?
44:37 "Keep my commandments." That is not the whole text.
44:41 Because it didn't end,
44:43 it starts with the next word and what does it say,
44:46 "And I will pray the Father,
44:49 and He will give you another..." what?
44:51 Another helper, another comforter
44:52 that He may abide with you for..." how long?
44:55 Forever."
44:57 So now you wonder
44:58 how is God gonna work out His plan in our lives.
45:00 How is He gonna do this and never stop it,
45:02 because the Holy Spirit,
45:04 he wants to put the Spirit of God in your life,
45:06 my life, his life, her life.
45:08 And let you know that what you can't do,
45:10 the Spirit of God can do through you.
45:14 You shall receive power
45:16 when the Holy Ghost has come upon you,
45:18 but there is a condition.
45:21 The apostles said this in the Book of Acts,
45:23 I think Acts 5:29, it says,
45:25 "And we are His witnesses and so also are those
45:29 whom God has given His spirit to those who obey Him."
45:33 The Lord does not make that kind of power available to us
45:38 if we're not willing to be obedient.
45:41 If you love me do what?
45:43 And then if you're willing to do that,
45:45 and I'll provide you the strength to do that,
45:47 I'll impart to you the Holy Spirit
45:50 and he'll be able to do in you
45:51 what you never thought was possible.
45:54 The beautiful thing is God doesn't want us to fail.
45:57 But He knows that sometimes we will.
45:59 Go to Luke 22:31-32.
46:02 You see why we pray to God, what encourages me is that
46:07 not only are we praying to the Lord,
46:09 but do you know, can I say this,
46:11 Jesus is praying for us.
46:15 Isn't that wonderful?
46:16 Can you imagine His prayer list?
46:19 Can you imagine heaven's prayers list?
46:25 I'm at lost for words,
46:27 I can't imagine heaven's prayer list.
46:29 Got to pray for Bob, Louis.
46:31 The list goes on and on, he says, and he just...
46:38 Let me read where I could explain,
46:40 Luke 22:31-32.
46:43 Luke 22:31-32,
46:46 And the Lord said, "Simon, Simon."
46:48 Let's put up the names in there,
46:50 Will, Will, Gary, Gary,
46:55 Jay, Jay.
46:56 The Lord said to Jay, Jay, Jay.
47:00 Indeed, Satan has asked for you.
47:04 I don't want to go past that.
47:06 Do you know Ozzie,
47:09 that there are days that devil asks for you.
47:20 Peter should have said, what did you say, Lord,
47:22 who asked for me?
47:25 The devil asked for you. Satan has asked for you.
47:32 I don't know what day of this week
47:34 or if it was in the past or if it's coming up
47:36 but there is gonna be a day,
47:39 that like Job, the devil is gonna say,
47:44 I know you are the guy, I got to go through.
47:45 Can you give me Bob today?
47:56 When that conversation came up
47:57 and Job was the subject of conversation.
48:02 The Lord said, okay, I'll tell you what?
48:05 Sure, you could do anything you want to him,
48:08 just don't take his life.
48:14 And you know what he did?
48:17 Took all of his wealth, all of his possessions,
48:19 all of his family, all of his children.
48:23 And when you read the story, it was relentless.
48:26 While one servant was telling him what happened
48:28 and another servant came and he said,
48:29 while he was speaking another servant came,
48:31 while he was speaking
48:32 and they outlined the whole life
48:33 and Job tore us got on
48:35 and put on sackcloth and ashes
48:36 in for the remainder of his trial.
48:40 It all started because Satan ask for Job and he said,
48:45 he is only serving you because you are good to him.
48:55 He said, "Satan has asked for you,
48:56 that he may sift you as wheat."
49:00 I don't want to ask for any, any hands because I know
49:03 that everyone of us at one point or another
49:06 felt like wheat.
49:08 Come on, amen somebody.
49:09 And the devil was sifting us.
49:12 I remember the days when
49:13 rest of it would come to church,
49:14 wondering whether or not she is gonna make it
49:16 through this next trying therapy.
49:18 Her body could hardly handle it.
49:22 And she was so in love with this church,
49:23 she came with masks on
49:25 so that we wouldn't get her sick,
49:26 but she was here, look at her now.
49:30 And the stories can go on and on.
49:32 This congregation is filled with old stories,
49:34 we all know each other's war stories
49:36 and there are more coming.
49:38 A loss of a job, a loss of a loved one.
49:42 An illness that we cannot control and we ask why?
49:45 Because the devil asks for you, that he may sift you.
49:53 But I'm so glad that's not the last verse.
49:56 Verse 32, "But I have prayed. But I have prayed.
50:00 But I have prayed for you.
50:02 Oh heavenly Father, thank you for praying for me,
50:05 that your faith should not fail."
50:09 Because sometimes do you feel like
50:10 your faith is about to fail,
50:13 and he says, "In one you have returned,
50:15 or one you are converted.
50:16 One you have returned to me, strengthen your brethren."
50:20 The Lord cannot use us to strengthen anyone
50:23 until our connection with God is strong.
50:28 I'm gonna all the way to the end of the sermon,
50:32 so I'm looking at my time.
50:34 And I want you go to Job 42:10, this whole topic of Job,
50:39 we're gonna share some more of this during the week so,
50:41 you're gonna get the rest of this.
50:43 This entire topic of Job, was that the Lord
50:47 allowed the devil to come into his life
50:49 to torment him at the level
50:51 that has not been matched by anybody's sins.
51:03 And you ought to take the time to sometimes read Job,
51:05 all those moments where Job, even when Job's friends came by
51:09 and sat and looked at him for three days,
51:11 not knowing what to say
51:12 and then they opened their mouth and they said,
51:14 well, you had to do something to get like this.
51:25 But what happened?
51:27 What happened that led to Job's restoration?
51:30 What happened that Job's restoration was granted by God.
51:36 The Bible says in verse 10 of Job 42.
51:40 "And the Lord restored Job's losses."
51:46 Now the losses were many, family, cattle, sheep,
51:50 reputation, standing in the community,
51:54 everything that he had lost,
51:56 the Lord restored Job's losses
52:01 when he prayed for his friends.
52:11 Somewhere along the way
52:13 we have to stop thinking about ourselves all the time.
52:20 So much of Job's lament was what did I do,
52:23 Lord I curse today, I was born.
52:25 Why am I going thorough this,
52:26 although he didn't charged God foolishly,
52:28 it took him a long time
52:31 to get the focus off of himself,
52:33 scraping his sores.
52:35 The oozing of the sores, the discomfort of the humility
52:41 and sheer embarrassment of a man so wealthy,
52:44 reduced to next to nothing, nobody wants to see Job,
52:48 and he has three friends
52:49 that really, didn't really give him a whole lot of hope.
52:53 And Lord said, Job, you need to pray for them.
52:58 And when he prayed for them,
52:59 the Lord restored everything he had and the Bible says,
53:03 "Indeed the Lord gave Job..." What?
53:06 "Twice as much as he had before."
53:10 I want to insert this
53:12 for the mothers and for the families.
53:14 You know somebody once said to me
53:16 when we talked about this, they said pastor,
53:20 Job lost all of his children, his sons and his daughters,
53:22 lost his cattle, lost his land, lost everything.
53:26 And even though God doubled by giving him more children,
53:29 more daughters, more sons
53:33 and you just, we just started Job's lesson.
53:36 They said, I am sure,
53:38 that with all the restoration that God blessed Job with,
53:41 I am sure Job lamented for the remainder of his life,
53:45 the loss of his children.
53:51 That's why this week
53:52 we're gonna talk about intercessory prayer.
53:55 Where are your children?
53:58 Where are your loved ones?
54:01 May be God is waiting for us
54:05 to stop praying for our own needs
54:08 and start praying for the needs of others.
54:10 Get outside of ourselves.
54:13 May be that's what God wants us to do
54:15 in order for us to experience the prosperity gospel.
54:20 Not things but relationships.
54:23 All those broken relationships and lastly,
54:26 I'm gonna read this quotation.
54:30 The book that we're gonna be using,
54:31 this comes from
54:34 page 8 and paragraph 4 says,
54:36 "Prayer is the opening of the heart
54:39 to God as to a friend."
54:41 Somebody said, could you pray for me,
54:43 I said, you know, you can pray to God.
54:44 He said, but I don't know how to pray.
54:45 Do it like this. Father, Lord, I need help.
54:50 He understands that.
54:51 You don't have to get trained to pray,
54:54 but the Lord wants to teach us sometimes how to pray,
54:57 so that we can have a prayer life that's empowered,
55:00 not, if you need help,
55:02 you don't, you're hanging of off cliff,
55:04 you don't say could I get a phone book.
55:07 You think could somebody help me
55:09 and God will hear that.
55:13 It continues not that it is necessary
55:17 in order to make known to God what we are.
55:20 That's opening our heart,
55:22 but in order to enable us to receive him,
55:24 prayer does not bring God down to us,
55:27 prayer brings us up to Him.
55:32 2017 we need to go in a different direction, up.
55:36 And my last quote, The Great Controversy 525,
55:40 "God will do things for us when we pray,
55:43 that He will not do if we do not pray."
55:49 We often say, you know I needed help.
55:52 You never asked me though.
55:55 Ask and it shall be given. Seek and you will.
56:00 Knock on the door will be opened.
56:03 I want us to sing the song.
56:06 Come up, Terra.
56:08 And I want to close our service a little differently today.
56:13 If you know that there is a need in your life,
56:17 I don't want you to tell me that need,
56:19 I don't want you to tell the person next to you
56:21 but if you want to begin today by saying,
56:25 you know Lord, okay,
56:30 I want to begin to reorder my steps and say father,
56:33 I want to have a genuine operative prayer life.
56:36 Today there is a chorus, 671.
56:42 It's just a chorus, there is only one verse,
56:44 it's not a whole lot but if today,
56:46 there is something in your heart,
56:47 in your life that you want to bring
56:49 before the Lord in prayer,
56:50 we're gonna sing this song as Terra plays softly.


Revised 2017-02-21