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The Return of Elijah

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Participants: Pastor John Dinzey


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00:31 Say Amen, praise the Lord. "Amen, praise the Lord!"
00:36 It's a pleasure to be with you to speak about God's word,
00:42 and, today, we're going to be doing a Bible study,
00:46 and we're going to be mentioning some things that are
00:49 familiar to you, so I'm encouraged not to
00:52 give as much detail as one would were he in a
00:57 place or with people that are unfamiliar with some things.
01:02 So I hope you follow along, I may give you references
01:05 to look up - that we will not look up because some
01:10 of these things are familiar to you.
01:13 The message is entitled: "The Return of Elijah"
01:18 And I encourage you to either jot some things down
01:22 for reference or further study because we're going to be
01:27 looking at a lot of Scriptures.
01:28 But before we begin, I'd like to go to the Lord
01:31 in prayer once again and I'd like to invite you to
01:33 pray for yourself and for myself.
01:35 I will kneel, but you may remain seated.
01:38 Let's ask the Lord to bless us...
01:44 Our Loving Heavenly Father, How wonderful You are
01:50 to each and every one of us.
01:52 We thank You, Lord, that we can come before Your throne
01:56 of grace and we come in Jesus name...
02:00 And we pray that You will bless each and everyone here,
02:03 and all those that accompany us by internet
02:08 or some other means.
02:10 We pray, Lord, that Your Holy Spirit will help us
02:13 to understand something that we need
02:17 for this moment of our lives.
02:19 We ask You, Father, that every word will come from
02:24 Your throne of grace.
02:25 I place myself aside, Lord, and I pray
02:28 that You will speak to Your children.
02:31 In Jesus name... Amen, Amen
02:35 We are living in times when we know and understand
02:40 and sense that Jesus Christ is coming soon.
02:45 I'd like to invite you to turn in your Bibles to Malachi 4:5-6.
02:52 In Malachi 4:5-6, a prophecy is foretold concerning Jesus
02:59 and the messenger that will come before Him,
03:04 but it is also a message for us at this time because
03:10 there is to be a return of Elijah and I say so now
03:15 not an individual, but a people that identify
03:19 with the message that Elijah had to bring to the world.
03:24 Malachi 4:5: Behold I will send you Elijah the prophet.
03:30 When? Before the coming of the great and dreadful
03:35 day of the Lord and he shall turn the heart of the fathers
03:40 to the children and the heart of the children to their fathers,
03:44 Lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.
03:49 Now who is this Elijah?
03:52 Jesus said that in His time, John the Baptist was a
03:56 fulfillment of the Elijah that was to come before the
04:02 first coming of Jesus Christ, but you see, it says that
04:06 "before the dreadful day of the Lord."
04:09 This is a reference to the second coming, to the return
04:14 of Jesus Christ in great glory.
04:18 So I say to you... It is not an individual that
04:21 will show up in the last day, but a people that is
04:24 to prepare the world for the second coming of Jesus Christ.
04:29 Irony of those people here, I ask.
04:34 Let's look into some Scriptures to help us
04:37 understand the experience of God's people.
04:41 Revelation 10, in Revelation 10, we're going to look at
04:45 several verses.
04:46 Revelation 10, and if you found it, say Amen.
04:52 Praise the Lord, we begin to read...
05:12 Praise the Lord.
05:13 Now if you look at the words in Revelation 10:1,
05:17 you might recognize some words that identify this messenger
05:24 as Jesus Christ.
05:28 It may be confusing to some that the word "angel" is used,
05:31 but continue listening and you will understand.
05:34 In Revelation 10:2, the Bible says...
05:46 Question... If a book is said to be opened,
05:50 isn't it, at one time, that it was to be closed? Yes
05:55 The book is said to be opened upon this time in Revelation 10,
06:00 and the little book, if you look into the Bible,
06:05 the Holy Scriptures, you can start scratching books
06:09 off that are large and you come
06:11 with a list of books that are small, considered small,
06:16 and when you see that this book is said to be open,
06:20 you must understand that at one time it was said to be closed.
06:23 If you look at the Bible, there's only one little book
06:28 that was said to be closed or sealed
06:31 until the time of the end.
06:34 Anyone know what that book was? Daniel.
06:38 So you see, there are some things that are familiar to you
06:41 that we're not going to dwell too much upon.
06:43 So this little book that this messenger has
06:46 is the book of Daniel.
06:48 It is said to be open because the time reference here
06:51 is that the time would come when God's children will be
06:55 looking into the book of Daniel and God would be helping them
06:59 to understand that book.
07:01 Now something interesting happens
07:04 as the message continues in Revelation 10...
07:09 I'm sorry, I need to mention also a reference in verse 2
07:14 is that also he had his right foot upon the sea
07:17 and his left foot upon the earth and that means that this
07:21 messenger has authority over land and sea.
07:28 Remember the words of Jesus, "All power is given unto Me
07:32 in heaven and in earth," so this is another reference
07:36 that helps us to understand that this messenger
07:39 is none other than Jesus Christ.
07:42 Verse 3: And he cried with a loud voice...
07:45 Why do people speak in loud voices?
07:46 Because they want to be heard.
08:28 Again, this angel that has his foot on the sea
08:31 and his foot upon the earth, he has a message
08:33 for the whole world and this should help us to understand
08:40 that is a message that needs to be heard by the whole world.
08:43 What else needs to be heard by the whole world?
08:45 The everlasting gospel.
08:50 An interesting thing that happens is that
08:53 the end of verse 6 says that there should be time no longer.
08:59 This is not a reference to the end of time,
09:03 but a reference to the prophetic times where you count
09:09 a day for a year - will no longer be applicable
09:13 to the time during the experience described
09:17 in Revelation 10.
09:19 Now John, speaking there with the angel,
09:23 is going to be asked to go through an experience...
09:26 something bitter, something sweet.
09:29 There are several prophets in the Bible that have to
09:32 do things that would be like an experience that would
09:36 happen to God's children.
09:37 You may think of Jeremiah, you may think of Isaiah,
09:41 you may think of Ezekiel, they were asked to do things
09:45 to tell about the experience that was
09:48 coming for God's people.
09:50 Ezekiel was asked to lie down on one side,
09:53 then lie down on another.
09:55 Talking about the experience, Isaiah was asked to put a
09:58 yoke around his neck - talking about the experience
10:01 that the people of God would go
10:02 in the time of the future for them.
10:05 So here, this angel, let's continue reading in verse 7...
10:50 So this, John, was supposed to experience something sweet
10:58 and then bitter.
11:01 He was going to go through an experience that the
11:03 people of God were going to go through in the future.
11:07 What experience was that?
11:08 Revelation chapter 10 is talking to us about the experience
11:13 that God's children went through during the time of 1840s
11:18 when they began to open the book of Daniel and one of them
11:23 that you are familiar with, William Miller, reading
11:28 the prophecies of Daniel read that unto 2,300 days
11:32 equal to years, 2,300 years, then shall the what be cleansed?
11:38 THE SANCTUARY will be cleansed.
11:39 They understood, those people in those days, that the sanctuary
11:44 was the earth, but the Bible does not say that.
11:46 It was a misconception of the time that the earth was a
11:50 sanctuary.
11:52 So what were those people, during those times, thinking?
11:56 They thought that Jesus Christ was coming soon,
12:00 and as they looked at the prophecy of the 2,300 years,
12:06 and they searched and understood
12:09 that this prophecy would begin in 457 B.C.,
12:14 and that it would extend to the fall of October 22, 1844...
12:21 They believed that Jesus Christ was coming on October 22, 1844.
12:29 At first, they thought 1843, but as they looked at the
12:32 prophecies and as they looked at feast, they understood
12:35 October 22, 1844.
12:37 Question: Right now, would it be sweet to you
12:42 to know that Jesus Christ is coming at the end of next week?
12:49 OH, it would be sweet!
12:51 Our pains and struggles would be over.
12:53 Gone would be disease and suffering;
12:57 gone would be death; gone would be debts.
13:00 Anybody have debts here?
13:02 A few of you - at least one.
13:06 They would be gone!
13:08 No more suffering and it would be sweet to know
13:12 that Jesus is coming next week.
13:16 Now we have no prophecies that say that,
13:18 but it was sweet to them to believe and understand
13:20 that Jesus Christ is coming.
13:22 They looked at the numbers, 457 B.C. ends in
13:28 October 22, 1844, Jesus Christ is coming - they thought.
13:33 And it was a SWEET experience to think, only a few more
13:37 days and Jesus Christ will come!
13:41 But you see, that was sweet, what was bitter that John
13:45 went through as he ate the book, was that Jesus
13:50 Christ did not come as they thought and they were
13:54 confused about that.
13:56 Some of them were shaken, some of them left the faith,
14:01 but some continued studying the Scriptures and found
14:06 that the event that was to take place was not the
14:08 second coming of Jesus Christ, but that Jesus was going
14:12 from the Holy Place to the Most Holy Place in heaven.
14:15 If you understand that, please raise your hand.
14:17 Praise the Lord - see I don't have to dwell too much on that
14:21 because you understand these things.
14:23 And concerning the eating of the little book
14:28 there are several Scriptures that help you with that,
14:30 we don't have to look it up, but you can see in
14:34 Jeremiah 15:16, he says, "I found the words of
14:38 the Lord and I ate them and they were sweet."
14:41 And some people still use the reference - not many young
14:45 people, I think... They say, "Hey, did you like
14:48 that book that you were reading?"
14:49 "Oh, yes, I ate it up."
14:52 So this eating, and when you eat something, don't you look at it?
14:56 Don't you examine it to see if it's good?
14:59 To see if it's rotten, to see it's worthy to eat?
15:02 So the eating is an experience of looking, understanding
15:07 what you're eating and tasting as well.
15:10 And so, brothers and sisters, this is a symbol of what
15:14 John was going through signaling what the people of
15:19 God would go through.
15:20 Now let's continue reading in Revelation 10
15:22 because we have much to cover.
15:24 In Revelation 10:10-11, the Bible says the following...
15:56 There are two things I want to say about this, three maybe.
15:58 "He said, "You must prophesy again."
16:02 So you see, when it says that time should be no longer,
16:05 And he said, "to have to prophesy again,"
16:09 you understand it doesn't mean the end of time,
16:13 it means the end of counting day for a year.
16:17 The prophetic day for a year was coming to an end
16:19 during the time of the experience of the people of
16:22 God during the 1840s.
16:24 No more prophetic one day for a year after 1844.
16:29 That's what the message is.
16:31 And notice that these people were coming out of an
16:39 experience - the church was said to be going through an
16:44 experience in the wilderness and we'll look at that in a moment.
16:47 The church was in hiding in the wilderness,
16:50 and because they were hiding in the wilderness,
16:54 they could not preach before nations and kings
16:57 during the 1,260 years.
17:01 They were preaching one on one.
17:03 They were preaching to homes, but the time would come
17:07 when they would preach before multitudes of people...
17:11 Praise the Lord.
17:12 Why? Because the time of probation was still open.
17:17 So this "time will be no longer" is a time of prophetic time
17:22 ending not the end of time for the inhabitants of the earth.
17:28 If you understand that, say "Amen."
17:29 Amen! Praise the Lord!
17:31 Now let's move to Revelation 12.
17:33 There are several verses we need to look at there...
17:36 Just a few pages over and if you found Revelation 12:10,
17:40 please say, "Amen." Great!
17:42 We have at least 2 witnesses, we start and it says...
18:06 Question: When could it be said that "Now is come salvation?"
18:14 Two times... When Jesus dies on the cross,
18:24 the promise is fulfilled that was promised in Genesis...
18:29 That there would come a seed of a woman which would crush
18:34 the serpent's head and it was a promise until Jesus did what?
18:39 Died on the cross - it was fulfilled.
18:43 So then it could be proclaimed, "Now is come salvation,"
18:47 it is secured by the death of Jesus Christ.
18:51 So when it says, "Now is come salvation,"
18:55 it is a declaration of the victory of Jesus on the cross.
19:00 Look at the next verse:
19:15 And I will say to you, just in passing,
19:17 that it says that, "The devil is cast down and he could
19:23 no longer accuse day and night because at the cross
19:27 the opportunity He had to go before God and accuse
19:30 the brethren day and night was over
19:33 because Jesus died on the cross.
19:36 And no longer did He have a voice that needed to be heard
19:41 because God proved that God is love and that He was
19:45 willing to sacrifice to save His children. Amen to that.
19:52 Verse 12, Revelation 12:12: "Therefore rejoice
19:56 ye heavens... Why is heaven rejoicing?
19:59 Because Jesus was victorious and Satan lost.
20:15 Because he knows that he has but a short time.
20:20 He doesn't think he has a short time, he KNOWS
20:24 that he has a short time.
20:26 And I say, "Praise the Lord."
20:27 But at the same time we say, "Woe to the inhabitants
20:31 of the earth," we need to be concerned, we need to be wide
20:35 awake because "Satan is as a roaring lion seeking whom
20:39 he may devour."
20:45 And I've asked this question in many, many places in the U.S.,
20:47 Central America, South America, and nobody raises
20:50 their hand on this question.
20:52 Let's see if somebody here raises their question.
20:56 When you think about Satan looking and roaring about
21:00 seeking whom he may devour, this is the question I ask...
21:03 "How many want to be devoured by Satan?"
21:05 Praise the Lord! Nobody here!
21:08 So this must mean you prefer Jesus Christ. Amen to that.
21:13 Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life,
21:17 and in Him is found salvation
21:19 FREE to all who want salvation. Praise the Lord for that!
21:26 Notice - Revelation 12:13... "And when the dragon saw
21:33 that he was cast onto the earth, he sat down and read a book...
21:38 What did he do? He persecuted the woman
21:41 which brought forth the Man-child."
21:45 This has reference to the earlier verses of
21:47 Revelation chapter 12.
21:48 He PERSECUTED the woman!
21:50 Question: What is the symbol of a woman in Bible prophecy?
21:53 A church!
21:55 See, I don't have to dwell on that.
21:56 I don't have to give you Scriptures that bring that out.
22:01 So the woman is the church and the dragon, that is the devil
22:06 working through people, persecuted the woman
22:11 which brought forth the Man-child.
22:13 In Revelation 12:14, the Bible says: "And to the
22:17 woman were given two wings of a great eagle
22:21 that she might fly into the wilderness into HER place...
22:26 She has a place there reserved by God.
22:29 ...where she is nourished for a time, times and half a time,
22:36 from the face of the serpent."
22:41 Question: Why is the woman fleeing into the wilderness?
22:49 Didn't Jesus say, "Go ye into all the world
22:54 and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name
22:57 of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Ghost?"
22:59 Go preach to ALL the world.
23:02 Why is the church going into the wilderness?
23:07 Because persecution had come and because of the
23:11 activity of the persecution and the activities
23:15 of the devil that we're going to read a verse that
23:18 helps you to understand that.
23:20 The woman needed to hide for a while.
23:23 By the way, brothers and sisters
23:25 it's time to come out of hiding.
23:27 It's time to preach the gospel to every nation,
23:31 kindred and tongue and people.
23:33 It's time to come out of hiding and let your light
23:36 so shine before men that they may see your good
23:39 works and glorify your God which is in heaven.
23:43 It's time to come out of hiding.
23:45 It's time to allow Jesus to speak through you
23:48 so that Jesus can be desired by others.
23:55 Amen? Let's go then to the time, times and half a time.
24:02 What is this time, times and half of times?
24:05 This is talking about prophetic time.
24:07 This is still within the timeframe of prophetic time
24:12 because when you're reading Revelation, you have to
24:16 understand that something is discussed and it takes it to a
24:21 certain amount of time, but then you keep reading
24:24 and it takes you back a little further...
24:26 That's why when you get to Revelation 10,
24:28 and then you go to Revelation 12,
24:30 you will notice that it talks about a great war in heaven.
24:34 When did that take place? Way, way back...
24:37 And I would say to you - before Adam and Eve were created.
24:41 If you understand that, say, Amen. Praise the Lord.
24:46 So then, brothers and sisters, we are now at times,
24:49 times and half of times, how much time is that?
24:53 A "time" is considered a day, "times"- two days,
24:56 "half a times" is what? Half a day.
24:59 Prophetic time - a day for a year.
25:02 So we're actually talking here about 1,260 years,
25:09 1,260 years.
25:12 How do we get 1,260 years out of 3-1/2 years?
25:18 You have to reckon it according to the Jewish time.
25:24 Their year was only 360 days long.
25:29 So that's how you get 1,260 years.
25:35 We now think a year is how long? 365 and a little bit...
25:42 And so, 1,260 years, interestingly enough,
25:48 this timeframe of 1,260 years
25:51 is mentioned several times in the Bible.
25:54 It is an important time to understand that God's people
25:59 were going to be persecuted for 1,260 years.
26:02 In Daniel 7:25, you will see this mentioned again,
26:06 and it is mentioned in different ways, times, times,
26:11 and the dividing of time; times, times and half a time,
26:15 and when you get to Revelation 12:6,
26:17 it says, "1,260 years," some of you have "3 score"
26:25 in your Bibles...
26:26 So it is also mentioned as 42 months in Revelation 11:2-3,
26:31 and also in Revelation 13:5 1,260 years...
26:39 some of you are familiar with that.
26:40 We understand that this began in the year 538 B.C.,
26:49 538 A.D. - I'm sorry, I know the meaning,
26:54 after the birth of Christ... 538 extending to
26:59 the year 1798- - 1,260 years.
27:07 ... 538 to 1798 during the time when there
27:13 was persecution among God's people led by the church
27:21 that was visible during that time which was the
27:24 Roman Catholic Church - we don't have time to dwell on that,
27:28 but that's what history shows.
27:31 If you understand that, say Amen. "Amen."
27:34 Interestingly enough, it is after 1798- you see that
27:40 the Bible begins to be printed in mass quantities.
27:45 See because, during the 1,260 years, there were limited
27:49 copies of the Bible.
27:51 The Bible was actually suppressed - people were told,
27:53 "Don't read it, you won't understand it;
27:55 only the priest can help you understand this.
27:58 Don't read it, you'll get confused."
28:00 So these 1,260 years reveal a time of dark times,
28:07 dark ages, persecution.
28:10 And the church was said to be in the wilderness.
28:13 Now let's continue reading as we look into Revelation 12,
28:20 and we are now going to finish reading 15, 16 and 17.
28:27 Let's go to verse 15- if you found it, say Amen.
28:29 Are you there? Are you there? Amen!
28:40 What is this "water" that the woman will be carried away with?
28:44 False doctrines and to protect the church,
28:49 God's people that were in the wilderness,
28:53 from false doctrines, they had to go into hiding...
28:58 so they're not swept away by false doctrines.
29:03 And so the Lord blessed and protected the church,
29:07 and the church was not swept away by the flood... Why?
29:11 Because it says in verse 16...
29:21 Praise the Lord!
29:24 Now brothers and sisters, the woman is said to be where?
29:27 In the WILDERNESS.
29:29 Wilderness is a place that is desolate,
29:32 very few people if any.
29:37 Another word in Greek is a "desert place."
29:41 Actually in the Spanish translation
29:43 it uses "desert place."
29:47 So that's where the church was.
29:49 In contrast to where the woman, that is considered the whore
29:56 or a woman that is corrupt where she is...
30:01 Let's look at that in Revelation 17:15,
30:07 very close to where you are now, so it shouldn't
30:09 take you long to find it and if you found it say "Amen."
30:12 In Revelation 17:15, the Bible says...
30:25 So you see, the woman - the true church was in the wilderness,
30:29 but the visible church - that is a corrupt church was said to be
30:33 among the multitudes of people.
30:38 Interesting contrast, but again, the woman after 1798
30:44 was supposed to come out hiding and come out again to what?
30:49 To preach unto them that dwell on the earth.
30:53 So you should see God's people begin to preach the gospel
30:57 in a much more powerful way after 1798.
31:03 Let's finish Revelation 12:17...
31:10 If you found it, say "Amen." Amen!
31:13 "And the dragon - who is that? The devil.
31:26 Praise the Lord.
31:28 I remember one time when I worked in a bank,
31:30 a young man came to me because we would talk about
31:33 spiritual things from time to time, and he said to me,
31:36 "John, I found the true church."
31:39 I said, "Praise the Lord, how did you find it?"
31:43 "The true church has the title the "Church of God on it."
31:51 And I said, "I'm really sorry, but that's not the correct
31:55 way to find the true church, God's true followers
31:58 because any group can say, "The Church of God"
32:01 on the outside of their church.
32:04 This is not to put down those that use the word,
32:07 "Church of God," but that's not
32:08 the way you find the true church.
32:10 How do you find the true church?
32:12 Look at Revelation 12- Who is the dragon,
32:15 the devil, persecuting?
32:17 Those that keep the commandments of God and have the
32:21 testimony of Jesus Christ.
32:24 So those are the true followers of God.
32:27 Those are the ones that Satan is most ardently persecuting.
32:32 He is more active in trying to destroy them than the others
32:37 that don't have the characteristics described
32:41 in Revelation 12:17.
32:43 And if you take a look and research the churches
32:48 that identify with "keep the commandments of God,"
32:51 the list of hundreds will dwindle down to a very few.
32:58 And then you ask, "Do you keep ALL Ten Commandments?"
33:02 And the list gets what? Smaller, much smaller.
33:09 So if you want to know how to find the true church,
33:12 look at Revelation 12.
33:14 But there's also another characteristic mentioned
33:18 in Revelation 12:17 which is...
33:20 "And they have the testimony of Jesus Christ."
33:23 What is the "testimony of Jesus Christ?"
33:25 Some of you already know where this is and we are now
33:28 going to Revelation 19:10.
33:30 Revelation 19:10 for those that have not read it.
33:35 The Bible is wonderful in its way that it interprets itself.
33:40 Revelation 19:10 says... "And I
33:42 fell at His feet to worship Him."
33:45 That is the messenger that was before him.
33:47 "And he said unto me, see thou do it not,
33:50 I am thy fellow servant, and of thy brethren that have the
33:54 testimony of Jesus."
33:56 Isn't it wonderful now he tells us what that is.
33:59 "Worship God for the testimony of Jesus is the
34:02 spirit of prophecy."
34:05 What is the "testimony of Jesus?"
34:07 What does the church that follows Jesus...
34:12 the people that follows Jesus have?
34:14 The testimony of Jesus Christ is the spirit of prophecy.
34:19 Now I'll stop right here and say that some people think that
34:22 Ellen G. White IS the spirit of prophecy.
34:26 Ellen G. White is NOT the spirit of prophecy.
34:30 She had the gift of the spirit of prophecy which is
34:35 the Holy Spirit.
34:37 See, "I am thy fellow servant and of them that have the
34:40 spirit of prophecy."
34:43 So the children of God that were to prophesy again
34:47 were to receive the prophetic gift among their midst again.
34:52 Praise the Lord... Because in Revelation 10,
34:54 we read that you must prophesy again before kings
34:58 and peoples and multitudes. Praise the Lord!
35:01 If you're following me so far, say "Amen." Amen.
35:04 If you're confused, raise your hand?
35:07 Well praise the Lord, we're all on the same page.
35:10 Let's go to a new reading then in Revelation and we now move
35:14 to Revelation 14- we're taking a large picture today
35:19 to help you understand that the people that identify with
35:23 Elijah must wake up and fulfill, that which is prophesied
35:29 to prepare the world for the second coming of Jesus Christ.
35:33 Are you in Revelation 14? Let's begin in verse 6...
35:49 Do you hear an echo of Revelation 10?
35:52 That he must prophesy again to multitudes and the gospel
35:56 has to go to all the world, every nation, kindred,
36:02 and tongue and people.
36:05 Question... Who is flying in the midst of heaven? An angel.
36:12 Question... Did God tell the angels to preach the gospel
36:18 to every nation, kindred, tongue and people?
36:19 In Matthew 28, it reveals what?
36:22 That He's talking to His disciples and He said,
36:25 "Go ye into all the world."
36:28 So this angel, in Revelation 14, is a symbol of the people
36:33 that must do this because it is people that have been
36:37 given the privilege to preach the gospel to the world,
36:40 not the angels, and I will say to you,
36:43 that if the angles were given the mission to preach the gospel
36:47 to the world, that would have been done a long time ago!
36:53 But it has been given to us and some people are still
36:57 in the wilderness - they are hiding not coming out
36:59 to let their light so shine before men that they
37:02 may see their good works.
37:04 I remember a young man in our Sabbath School class
37:07 when I was a young man and he had left the church for a while,
37:12 and now was back and he said something that in my youth
37:15 I had done in a public school.
37:18 He said that...I'm ashamed to admit it - what I used to do...
37:23 See in public school, it's not the same as a Christian school,
37:28 and he said that sometimes when he had to pray for his lunch,
37:32 he made it look like he had something in his eye and he
37:36 would be scratching his eyes, but he was actually praying,
37:40 and I had done that - something similar.
37:43 I said, "Oh Lord, forgive me," in public school.
37:48 I don't know what you've done to hide that you are
37:52 a Christian, and instead of letting your light so shine,
37:56 that if it were a little light, you would have done this,
37:59 or put it under your clothing so nobody would see that
38:01 you are a Christian...
38:04 But it is time to let your light so shine that they may see
38:09 your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.
38:13 So this angel is a messenger, that's what the word
38:18 "angel" means here in Revelation 14.
38:21 It is "angelos" - messenger.
38:25 This is the same word in Greek used in a very well-known
38:31 passage by you.
38:33 Let's go to Mark for a moment, keep your finger there in
38:36 Revelation 14.
38:39 Let's go to Mark 1, I hear some pages turning.
38:46 Some of you have a digital device and you can get there
38:49 maybe quicker, maybe not.
38:51 Mark 1- if you found it, say Amen.
38:53 Notice the words, we're going to read Mark 1:2-3, it says...
39:09 This word "messenger" is angelos the same word used
39:14 in Revelation 14:6.
39:17 So you see, not every time that it says "angel," it is an angel.
39:20 So this angel, this messenger in Revelation 14
39:24 is not angels flying in the midst of heaven, they are us!
39:29 We are to bring a message from heaven to the world.
39:37 Why is the angel said to be flying?
39:41 Because it is not a work that should be done in idleness.
39:47 He is flying because it has to be done swiftly,
39:51 and he has to bring this to every nation, kindred, tongue
39:54 and people... swiftly the work must be done.
39:59 That's why the angel is said to be flying.
40:01 I was going to read this later, but let me squeeze it in now...
40:05 There is an interesting quote by "Sister Ellen G. White,"
40:10 and let me see if I can find... here it is!
40:14 Testimonies to the Church, vol. 5, p. 754,
40:19 it says the following... "The bright light going among
40:24 the living creatures (in Ezekiel)...I'll start again.
40:39 Praise the Lord!
40:41 So how fast is lightning?
40:43 It is the speed of light! Fast!
40:48 In the blink of an eye, a light that you turn on reaches
40:52 into the heavens.
40:56 So with the swiftness of lightning, full of the
40:58 Holy Spirit, we can bring the gospel to the whole world.
41:02 I was going to say this later, but I'll say it now
41:05 because it fits.
41:06 Brothers and sisters, the gospel is being preached
41:10 at the speed of light.
41:12 Have you ever heard of
41:13 "Three Angels Broadcasting Network"
41:17 It is at the speed of light that the signals leave this place,
41:21 and go up to satellites at the speed of light,
41:25 and come down to the earth by the time you finish
41:28 blinking your eyes...
41:30 And the gospel is reaching millions of people,
41:35 we'll come back to that in a moment.
41:37 So brothers and sisters, the messenger in Revelation 14
41:41 is you and I cooperating with the Lord to bring
41:45 the everlasting gospel to the whole world.
41:48 Get on board, get out of the wilderness and come to Jesus,
41:52 and allow Him to use you because the time has come
41:55 that the world should know that Jesus Christ is coming soon.
42:01 Let's go to Revelation 14:7...
42:04 "Saying with a loud voice... Not a whisper...
42:18 Praise the Lord.
42:19 I told you that Elijah would come in the end of time
42:26 to help prepare the world for the
42:28 second coming of Jesus Christ.
42:30 And if we, the people that are to be Elijah, God's children
42:35 in the end of time, if we are to be as Elijah,
42:38 we must live as Elijah did and as John the Baptist did.
42:43 Didn't they eat differently?
42:47 I hear no whispers.
42:49 They ate different - their diet was different.
42:54 They preached a message from heaven, so we are
42:58 the same work that John the Baptist did to prepare
43:03 the way of the Lord, we must prepare the way of
43:06 the Lord for the second coming of Jesus Christ.
43:11 So we must be different than the world.
43:15 We can live in the world, but not love the world
43:18 because this place is not our final home
43:22 in its present condition.
43:24 Jesus Christ is coming soon and if you're not aware of it,
43:29 take a look around, see the signs...
43:33 Jesus Christ is coming soon.
43:35 Now what is this "fear God?"
43:37 We know that we are to reverence God and have respect
43:42 for God and I'll tell you, unfortunately,
43:45 there has been a lot of disrespect for God
43:48 in churches, in schools, in society - God's name is
43:53 used in vain on a daily basis, who knows how many
43:56 hundreds of thousands of times.
43:58 But, let it not come from a Christian's lips
44:02 to use God's name in vain.
44:03 Brothers and sisters, I take you to the Bible
44:07 to speak to us what is the fear of the Lord.
44:11 Proverbs 8:13- What is fear God?
44:15 Proverbs 8:13... If you're ready say "Amen."
44:30 So while "fear God" means to reverence Him,
44:33 it also means to hate evil.
44:37 So this angel, this messenger is saying, "Fear God,"
44:41 in other words, "hate evil."
44:43 How in the world can we corrupt human beings learn
44:48 to hate evil?
44:50 The easy answer is... by coming to Jesus,
44:54 by looking at Jesus daily and understanding that He
44:58 died for us and He is in heaven ministering in our behalf.
45:02 But let's go to Psalms 34 that helps
45:05 us further understand this.
45:06 Psalms 34- not very far from where you are.
45:10 Psalms 34 where you began reading in verse 9,
45:15 if you're ready say "Amen."
45:16 Amen! The Bible says...
45:40 Amen.
45:41 Didn't Jesus say: "Come unto Me and learn of Me for I am
45:49 meek and lowly of heart."
45:50 I say to you that Jesus wants us to come so that He can
45:55 teach us to hate evil.
45:59 I'll ask two questions...
46:01 I hope you're awake to answer correctly.
46:07 If you're ready, say "Amen."
46:09 How many of you love evil? Raise your hand.
46:14 Praise the Lord!
46:16 How many, if you don't hate evil, want to learn how?
46:23 Maybe you didn't hear me right, ha ha...
46:25 How many, if you don't hate evil now, want to learn how?
46:29 Would you raise your hand?
46:32 You have to come to Jesus.
46:34 If you're not sure, come to Jesus anyway.
46:38 If you want to learn to hate evil,
46:40 God invites us to come to Him,
46:42 so that we may learn to hate evil.
46:44 How do we learn to hate evil?
46:46 By spending time with Jesus.
46:48 And so when we go to Revelation 14:7...
46:52 "Saying with a loud voice, fear God and give glory to Him,
46:57 Don't have time to explain it... That means to glorify Him
47:00 in the way that He should be gloried,
47:01 but it also means to characterize God.
47:05 God is love... So characterize God.
47:09 For the hour of His judgment is come and worship Him
47:12 that made heaven and earth, and the sea
47:14 and the fountains of waters." Amen.
47:17 Let's put this together...
47:19 Revelation 10- We talked about the experience that God's
47:23 people will go through during the time of the 1840s.
47:25 Sweet but bitter, but then they were to prophesy again
47:30 before nations and kings.
47:32 So the prophetic gift would come again.
47:34 The church was hiding for 1,260 years,
47:37 but will surface again after 1798.
47:39 Question: Did we see the church surface after 1798?
47:44 Do we have a church that meets the characteristics of
47:49 Revelation 12- that keep the commandments of God
47:53 and have the faith of Jesus? YES we do!
47:56 If you understand that, say "Amen."
47:58 I believe that's the Seventh-day Adventist Church
48:01 primarily, but Jesus said, "Other sheep I have that are
48:07 not of this fold."
48:10 So there are a lot of God's children out there.
48:14 That's why when you read Revelation 18,
48:18 you hear the message, "Come out of her my people."
48:23 God's children are everywhere.
48:26 And I'll say to you... Please remember that there are
48:31 wheat among the tares, so not everyone that saith
48:35 unto Me, Lord, Lord - there may be sheep
48:42 and there may be wolves among the sheep.
48:45 So we have to be wide awake because Satan is seeking...
48:50 trying to find different ways to deceive us and if we keep our
48:54 eyes on Jesus, we will not be deceived. Praise the Lord.
48:58 Let's finish reading... Revelation 14:8 and then 9-12.
49:13 God's people have to preach this message with the power
49:17 and anointing of the Holy Spirit.
49:54 Brothers and sisters, this is the message
49:58 that has to be preached.
49:59 And you see, the Bible is so wonderful - it tells you
50:03 the description and the danger that those people are in
50:07 that worship the beast and his image.
50:08 And then, Revelation 14:12 concludes by showing you
50:14 a difference between those that worship the beast
50:17 and his image and receive their mark and those that don't.
50:20 Who are they? Let's look at Revelation 14:12.
50:32 While the world wants to do away with the Ten Commandments,
50:37 God is saying, "My children are those that keep
50:41 the Commandments.
50:44 You remember the scene?
50:46 Jesus said that in the last days many will come
50:51 to Him and say, "Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name?
50:55 And in your name cast out devils and done many
50:59 wonderful works?"
51:01 What does Jesus say to them?
51:02 "Depart from me you workers of? Iniquity.
51:08 So God's children must keep the Commandments - all Ten.
51:14 And follow Jesus with all their hearts.
51:17 Why? Because they're God's children.
51:20 Because they want to identify with God's universe
51:24 to love the Lord their God with all their heart,
51:27 all their mind and all their strength and to love their
51:29 neighbor as themselves.
51:32 Brothers and sisters, the Lord is calling us
51:35 to do what Elijah did.
51:38 I read to you Malachi 4:5-6 again...
52:02 Brothers and sisters, the Bible says and this gospel
52:06 of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world for a witness
52:10 unto all nations and then the end will what? Come.
52:14 The gospel must be preached in all the world.
52:17 And while we have "Three Angels Broadcasting Network"
52:21 preaching the gospel to all the world,
52:23 this is to be accompanied by us talking to people
52:27 that we meet!
52:28 It is wonderful today you can send people stuff
52:31 through the mail, "snail mail" as you call it.
52:35 And even, electronically, you can put stuff on the internet
52:39 and preach the gospel that way.
52:40 We used to have a sign in the lobby at 3ABN, it said,
52:44 "Preach the gospel and, if necessary, use words."
52:52 Brothers and sisters, God is using 3ABN in a
52:55 mighty way.
52:56 I rejoice with this experience I had.
53:00 It was about 5:37 p.m., working at 3ABN in the
53:05 Pastoral Ministries Department and I was supposed to leave
53:08 at 5:30 and people linger around 3ABN...
53:11 for some reason - they love 3ABN...
53:13 working, trying to get the job done, but it was 5:37,
53:17 Idalia was not working at that time and I had a date
53:21 with Idalia... Husbands, how many know
53:24 that if you have a date with your wife,
53:25 you should be on time, 6 of you!
53:28 The rest of you are in trouble. Laughter
53:32 So I had this date and the phone was ringing...
53:35 At 3ABN phone calls come for prayer; they want you to
53:40 explain a Bible verse or they have a Bible question,
53:43 but sometimes you get people on suicide - considering suicide
53:47 and they call 3ABN.
53:49 So most of the people in the pastoral staff were gone,
53:52 there was only one person left Joe O'Brien.
53:58 And I looked across my office and he was already on the phone,
54:00 and I said, "If I don't take this call, it may go to
54:03 voicemail and it might be a person on the verge of suicide,"
54:06 so I took the call... it was a wrestle - oh, should I go
54:10 or should I stay - should I go, so I took the call.
54:13 "Yes, this is John Dinzey, may I help you?"
54:15 And the person said, "I am calling to congratulate you."
54:21 That was a voice of a woman and I thought
54:23 it's a woman from the church.
54:24 She's calling to congratulate us for preaching the gospel!
54:28 To my surprise, when she said,
54:32 "I'm calling to congratulate you." I said, "Praise the Lord."
54:34 And she said, "I am an atheist."
54:38 Now wait a minute, something is not right here.
54:41 She's calling a Christian television station,
54:44 but she said she's an atheist calling to congratulate us.
54:48 I listened and she said, "I've been watching you for
54:50 3 weeks and I've noticed that you follow the Bible closer than
54:56 any other religious group."
55:00 I was stunned, I didn't know what to say.
55:02 All I could say was, "Praise the Lord,"
55:07 and she said, "Well I don't know about that,
55:09 but that's all I called to say, and she said, "Keep it up."
55:14 I said, "Praise the Lord."
55:16 When she hung up the phone, I almost jumped high
55:19 enough to hit the ceiling.
55:21 You see because even atheists know when you're preaching
55:24 the gospel - when you're preaching the word of God,
55:29 and there are people coming to Jesus from all over the world.
55:33 I've met candidates for presidents that are
55:36 watching 3ABN; I've heard of mayors
55:39 in cities watching 3ABN.
55:44 I could tell you stories about a cable general manager
55:48 of a cable station reluctant to put 3ABN on,
55:53 but when she finally did, her life was transformed
55:57 and became a Seventh-day Adventist.
55:59 I could tell you story after story,
56:01 but this is one story that...
56:05 See, there are certain people that you can talk to
56:08 and they'll say, "I don't want to hear it."
56:09 They won't even open the door, but 3ABN goes in
56:13 and they can't say a word, they can't argue with you.
56:16 The only thing they can do is change the
56:18 channel or turn off the T.V.
56:19 This man said, "For over 28 years I preached against
56:28 the Seventh-day Adventist Church and against Ellen G. White,
56:33 and I started watching 3ABN Latino to find more things
56:38 against the Seventh-day Adventists, and this man said,
56:43 "And I'm happy to say that this is the third Sabbath
56:47 that I am a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church."
56:51 He describes that he said he began to make copies
56:54 of sermons by "Stephen Bohr, Mark Finley," and others,
56:59 he said he had hundreds of hours of sermons and the Lord
57:03 convinced him in his own house of the truth presented
57:08 on 3ABN.
57:10 God is doing great and mighty things.
57:12 Have you ever heard of "TMI?" "Total member involvement"
57:17 Recently - Let me, I have to get the number...
57:20 I forget the last 3 numbers... 98,298 people were baptized
57:27 in Rwanda... Praise the Lord!
57:30 I've been to a stadium filled with about 60,000 people
57:36 coming to hear the preaching of the gospel;
57:40 27,100 people were baptized that week.
57:45 See, God is doing great and mighty things,
57:48 and we need to participate in some way to bring
57:52 the gospel to others.
57:57 Would you do it?
57:59 Jesus is calling His people to awake and do the first works,
58:04 to awake and bring the gospel to others.
58:07 To give your heart completely to Him that He may use you
58:10 to bring somebody else to Jesus.
58:13 Question... Are all of your friends Christians,
58:17 all of your neighbors Christians?
58:19 Can you pass by somewhere
58:22 and know that they are not Christians?
58:23 Can you go to Wal-Mart and say,
58:25 "All these people are Christians?"
58:26 The work is not done folks.
58:29 Let us get ready for Jesus to come.
58:32 Let us get ready for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit
58:36 because He's coming soon.


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