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The Most Expensive Journey Part 2

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Participants: Pr. John Lomacang


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00:30 This morning I want to invite you to first of all
00:33 go with me to the book of John, John 19 and we're going to
00:41 look at a short verse, verse 17...
01:05 Let us pray...
01:08 Lord, This morning I invite Your
01:13 Holy Spirit to take over.
01:18 As I was reading and studying for this message and reading
01:22 Your word and just filling my mind with what You have
01:27 given to me, Lord, it became overwhelming to think
01:32 that You would love us so much that You would be willing
01:39 to go to the place called, "Golgotha" to redeem
01:45 sinners like us, and so this morning, Lord,
01:49 it is with a humble heart that I ask for Your Spirit
01:52 to use me one more time to lift Jesus up,
01:57 that our hearts may be changed.
02:00 We pray, Lord, that we don't just hear this message,
02:05 but that we receive it and that Golgotha and the power
02:11 released there, that the resurrected Christ
02:15 may be invited into us to put self on the cross
02:22 to allow Jesus Christ to be seen in us.
02:27 We pray that as we follow Jesus to the grave,
02:31 that self will be buried and we will be able to come
02:36 forth today and walk in the newness of life...
02:41 And so, Lord, now take this message and take this servant
02:47 and do what Thou wilt for Your name's honor and glory... Amen
02:57 "The Most Expensive Journey" "The Most Expensive Journey"
03:02 If you were here last week, you had followed the life of a
03:08 man who made many attempts to free himself
03:15 from the responsibility of being guilty of the crucifixion
03:18 and the condemnation of Jesus.
03:22 But Pilate's attempt to recuse himself became the act
03:26 to accuse himself.
03:29 He had the authority to release Jesus, but he chose
03:33 to give that choice to the Jews.
03:36 Pilate condemned himself when he said, "I am innocent
03:39 of the blood of Jesus."
03:43 When you have the right to do right and choose not
03:47 to exercise the right to do right,
03:49 you are guilty of doing wrong.
03:51 All that is needed for evil to prevail is for those that
03:56 know to do good... to do nothing.
03:59 Pilate threw back into the minds of the Jews- the choice
04:04 "He is your God, you decide His fate."
04:09 Unfortunately, shamelessly, the nation that once
04:14 shined with the glory of God, now proclaimed their allegiance
04:19 with the kingdom of darkness.
04:22 And when you think about this very unfolding saga,
04:25 the people to whom God trusted, a truth for the world
04:33 became a coalition on the side of the enemy to proclaim
04:37 the death of Jesus.
04:39 In John 19:14-15, we read these sad words of eternal
04:45 condemnation. The Bible says...
05:16 These words condemned the nation of the Jews
05:21 to a life - although externally successful,
05:26 spiritually deprived.
05:30 A nation that sealed its fate with the proclamation
05:35 of these words, "We have no king but Caesar."
05:43 The people said, "His blood be on us and on our children."
05:48 And the servant of the Lord said in "Desire of Ages," p.739,
05:52 she said, "And as you look at the history of the
05:55 Jewish Nation, these words become so reminiscent of the
05:59 fulfillment of that decision to to put His blood on them
06:03 and on their children."
06:05 For the Bible says, "Terribly has it been manifested
06:09 in the condition of the Jewish Nation for 1,800 years."
06:18 In other words, when you look at what they could have been,
06:20 and what they became, God said they could have
06:22 become so much more.
06:24 Sometimes we connect financial success with spiritual success.
06:28 The Jews are very financially successful,
06:31 but spiritual success is altogether something different.
06:34 They call down on themselves the judgments of God
06:37 and God's servant said, "Terribly will that prayer
06:40 be fulfilled in the great judgment day."
06:44 Those who mocked and smote Him will be there.
06:47 The priests and rulers will behold again the scene
06:51 in the judgment hall.
06:52 Lord have mercy when they come forth
06:54 in the second resurrection; when they come forth
06:57 in a special resurrection... they're going to see Jesus,
07:01 but not the way they saw him before. Can you say Amen?
07:04 Not bound, not an arrested, not an incarcerated Lord,
07:08 they're going to see a RISEN Lord, a glorified Lord!
07:13 She goes on to say, "Every circumstance will appear before
07:18 them as if written in letters of fire - than those who
07:23 who prayed "His blood be on us and on our children,"
07:26 will receive the answer to their prayers."
07:31 Revelation 1:7, we are told there's not only going to be a
07:35 resurrection, but there is a special resurrection.
07:37 You see, when they condemned Jesus, they forced Him to tell
07:42 them who He is - He said, "I am who You say I am,
07:45 and you will see Me again."
07:47 And the Revelator, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit
07:50 said, in Revelation 1:7...
08:01 His accusers will be there.
08:03 In the first resurrection, His condemners will be there.
08:06 Those who smote Him will be there.
08:07 The Jewish priests and leaders will be there.
08:10 The Roman soldiers that bound Him to the cross will be there.
08:14 Pilate will be there.
08:16 All those who said, "Crucify Him, crucify Him" will be there.
08:20 And for a brief moment, they will know that this is
08:24 the first resurrection ONLY to have the words of Christ
08:28 confirmed in the condemnation of their hearing...
08:32 This is He who you thought was dead, but behold,
08:36 He is alive forevermore.
08:38 And the Bible says, "And all the tribes of the earth
08:40 will mourn because of Him."
08:43 Those who made their decision not to stand with Jesus...
08:47 Brothers and sisters, this is the hour, this is the time
08:52 to make up our minds.
08:53 Complacent as we may be, as the message goes forth,
08:57 you know there's a battle going on here...
09:00 Every Sabbath when the message goes forth,
09:02 There's a battle, there are those in their own hearts
09:05 and in their own minds, determined to follow the path
09:09 of those who choose not to let Jesus be seen.
09:13 They too must realize that even though they don't proclaim
09:17 with their lips, "Crucify Him," they proclaim it
09:19 with their lives, "Crucify Him."
09:22 When we choose not to let the Lord's glory
09:25 and joy and strength and righteousness be seen,
09:29 when we choose to hold on those things that bring
09:34 no freedom to our hearts, we stand with those who say,
09:37 "Crucify Him, crucify Him."
09:40 Then they took Jesus... they took Jesus and they
09:44 whipped Him with a cat-o'- nine tails.
09:46 A number of years ago, about 15 years ago,
09:48 I began to study, from a medical point-of-view what happened
09:51 to Jesus and I was so glad that God took me back to that.
09:58 Even this morning when I was putting the final touches on my
10:02 sermon, I was sitting on the edge of my bed and tears
10:04 were coming down my face, my hand vibrated as I
10:08 was just typing on my iPad... the last few words,
10:11 I was so consumed and so held captive by the reality
10:15 that MY sin caused them to beat Jesus the way they did...
10:20 Not just the Jews, not just the Romans, our sin.
10:23 Come on... Our sin.
10:27 It's so easy to pass it off on the Jews -
10:29 that they crucified Him, but it was OUR sin.
10:32 It was our decision and as long as we hold on
10:35 to hearts that are refusing to receive the forgiveness
10:38 of Christ, we stand with them and we will be there
10:41 in that special resurrection.
10:42 Some of us in the second resurrection,
10:44 but this is the moment, this is the HOUR
10:47 that God gives to every one of us.
10:49 Then they whipped Jesus, they gave Him all the
10:52 energies of hell to perform the persecution
10:55 and the prosecution of Jesus.
10:57 They whipped Him with the cat-o'- nine tails.
10:58 This was a leather-braided whip with glass and nails
11:04 sewn into its leather, and as they whipped Jesus,
11:07 they pulled it so that they could tear His skin.
11:13 His skin was torn for my sin and for your sin,
11:16 not just for the Jews, not just for the Romans.
11:20 Then they crowned Jesus, they braided a crown of thorns,
11:24 and then plunged this crown into an innocent brow
11:28 on an innocent head and they took pleasure in seeing the
11:31 blood run freely from the brow of One who was innocent.
11:38 They did this because of My sin and because of Your sin.
11:44 And then sinful saliva stained the back of the spotless
11:47 Lamb of God - they spat on Him.
11:49 Lord have mercy - to see Him again after carrying out
11:53 such vicious acts.
11:55 They ripped His bloodstained garment from the back
11:57 that bore their sins.
11:59 They thought that they nailed Him to the cross,
12:01 but what they did not know, it was His love that
12:04 voluntarily went to the cross for you and for me!
12:12 In the moment of His greatest thirst, He cried,
12:15 "I thirst, I thirst," and they gave Him
12:18 sour vinegar and wine to drink and He refused it
12:22 because He knew that their end would be bitter
12:25 than His moment.
12:27 They gambled for His robe, but they rejected the
12:32 free gift of His grace.
12:34 They will be there in that special resurrection.
12:39 A Roman soldier tried to gain, by chance, he gambled
12:43 for the robe of Jesus.
12:45 He tried to gain, by chance, what Jesus came to give by gift,
12:49 and no amount of money could substitute
12:52 for the gift of eternal life.
12:53 HE will be THERE in that special resurrection,
12:57 but praise God, at the moment that Jesus hung on the cross,
13:01 there was a Roman Centurion whose eyes caught
13:04 the Son of God and he proclaimed above the
13:07 cheering crowd with all the energy that he had,
13:14 God found in that crowd a convert.
13:17 At the moment of His death, He was still saving individuals
13:19 while His blood dripped on the ground on the hill of Golgotha
13:22 people were still being saved.
13:25 Oh how wonderful to know that even when it looked like
13:28 Jesus has come to the end of His rope,
13:30 there's rope that never has any end to it.
13:33 So come with me to the scene of a vicious crime...
13:37 Stand with me at the intersection of what was
13:39 and what will be.
13:41 Pause for a moment and inhale the scene - like blackened soot
13:46 escaping the furnace - the mouth of an angry furnace
13:49 the finality of death paints the night air.
13:52 Listen carefully and you will hear a cacophony of demons
13:56 rejoicing - the restless clamor of satanic praise
14:00 collides with their discordant racket of hellborn dissonants.
14:04 They're rejoicing now.
14:06 They believe that they have accomplished their design,
14:08 but the orchestrators say, themselves, of this symphony
14:11 of death - He stands erect, proudly leading
14:15 his rebellious minions in the chorus, and hear me carefully,
14:18 of a temporary victory, but Jesus will come forth
14:22 for you see it is true...
14:24 You CANNOT keep a good Man down!
14:27 And from the cross, Jesus proclaimed those
14:30 seven last words... "Father forgive them
14:33 for they know not what they do."
14:36 Then He looked at Mary... "Woman, behold thy Son."
14:40 He looked at John... "Behold thy mother."
14:42 He provided for His mother even at the moment of His death.
14:49 He said, "I thirst."
14:50 Then He said, "My God, My God, why has Thou forsaken Me?"
14:54 "Into Thy hand, I commend My Spirit,"
14:57 and He bowed His head and He said, "It is finished."
15:04 "It is finished."
15:07 You see, when He said, "It is finished,"
15:08 Satan heard "I am finished," for Satan had known
15:12 that this is the moment he was trying to prevent Jesus from...
15:16 He did everything he could to PREVENT Jesus from
15:19 accomplishing what he knew would be the plan of salvation.
15:23 This is no normal death.
15:24 This is not another death.
15:26 This is not just ANY death.
15:28 This was the DEATH that would buy our LIVES.
15:32 This was the Head that went down so that one day
15:35 our head can come up.
15:37 This was the tomb that was closed so that one day
15:40 Jesus can open it and give us freedom.
15:43 This was no ordinary death.
15:44 He was not an accused that was found guilty...
15:47 This was the INNOCENT LAMB that bought our freedom.
15:51 Thank you Lord, this morning we can stand
15:54 here in the midst of a contemporary world,
15:57 and know that we can find freedom today in Jesus. Amen!
16:00 Ellen White said, "Christ did not yield up His life
16:03 until He had accomplished the work which He had come to do,
16:08 and with His parting breath, He exclaimed, "It is finished."
16:12 The battle had been won.
16:14 His right hand and His holy arm had gotten Him the victory.
16:18 And as a conqueror, He planted His banner
16:21 on that eternal height on the hill of Golgotha,
16:24 on a cross that looked as though it was an end,
16:26 to heaven, it was the flag of victory!
16:30 This was the banner proclaiming that Jesus had accomplished
16:34 His purpose.
16:35 Was there no joy among the angels? Yes there was joy
16:39 among the angels, for you see,
16:41 the angels, not understanding the plan of salvation,
16:44 they tried to PREVENT Jesus at His trying moments...
16:47 They said, "Lord, we can free You," but He said, "Stand back,
16:52 this is the moment I was born for, this is MY hour,
16:55 I've come to free My children. STAND BACK."
16:59 At the command of the Most High God,
17:02 they could have decimated the Roman Army,
17:04 but it was not for the decimation of the
17:06 Roman Army, but to even extend salvation to them!
17:10 And He found one convert on the hill called Golgotha,
17:14 a Roman Centurion will come forth in the first resurrection
17:18 to see the Lord that he participated in crucifying.
17:21 That is baffling to me!
17:24 He participated in the crucifixion,
17:26 but he found redemption!
17:27 That's the kind of God we serve. What do ya say?
17:31 Ellen White says, "All heaven triumphed
17:33 in the Savior's victory.
17:35 Satan was defeated and he knew that his kingdom was lost!
17:41 That's what this morning is all about.
17:42 He knew his kingdom was lost.
17:44 The chief priest and Pharisees accomplished their
17:47 evil desires and yet in the recesses of their minds,
17:51 there was something about the name "Jesus"
17:53 that refused to release them from their fears.
17:57 What is it about this Man, unable to dismiss the
18:00 possibility of His divinity, they devised a plan...
18:03 Look what is stated in Matthew 27:62-64...
18:06 They devised the plan in the event that He is divine,
18:10 let's try to find another way to keep Him in that tomb.
18:14 The Bible says... in verse 62 of Matthew 27...
18:31 Lord have mercy!
18:52 But I want to say today, the divinity of His life led
18:54 them to question the permanence of His death.
18:57 The divinity of His life, the spotlessness of the Lamb
19:00 led them to question whether or not
19:03 He is going to stay in there.
19:04 You see, when you're pure, you will come out!
19:06 And I can almost hear the Jewish contingencies
19:09 say to Pilate, "In the event that He is the Christ,
19:12 we need to make sure He's not going to come out.
19:15 If He is the Christ, we need to do all in our power
19:19 with the cooperation of hell to keep him behind that stone."
19:23 You see, Satan said, "Shut Him up,
19:25 but what they did not know that in less than 72 hours,
19:27 the Father would say, "Get Him up."
19:31 There's a difference between "shut him up" and "get him up."
19:33 Pilate's hands were washed, but his heart was troubled.
19:36 He says in verse 65, "Pilate said to them,"
19:39 "Pilate said to them, "You have a guard, go your way.
19:44 Make it as secure as you know how."
19:46 "So they went and made the tomb secure,
19:49 sealing the stone and setting the guard."
19:52 An act of futility is what you just read about.
19:56 You cannot glue Jesus in!
19:58 You can't cement Him in.
20:00 Come on you sleeping saints, listen to the message.
20:02 Some of you are under Satan's spell even right now.
20:05 Can't even stay awake to hear about your redemption.
20:09 Keep your eyes open.
20:10 Keep your ears open.
20:12 Listen to the story of your redemption and my redemption.
20:14 The tomb had been sealed, the Roman centurions
20:18 manned their post.
20:20 Deceived by the darkness of understanding
20:22 the betrayers of Christ, were willingly ignorant of
20:24 the fact that by the death of Jesus, the plan of
20:27 salvation was accomplished.
20:29 Satan thought that Jesus was assassinated but heaven knew
20:33 that Jesus would be vindicated. Amen!
20:36 This was the moment He came for.
20:38 The redemptive promise, though 4,000 years delayed
20:42 could not be denied... for you see,
20:43 outside of the gates of man's perfection,
20:46 Jesus declared, in Genesis 3:15...
20:58 Satan only bruised the heel of our Savior,?
21:02 but thank God, He bruised the head of the serpent.
21:05 If you want to kill somebody, you step on their head.
21:08 You want to wound somebody, you step on their heels.
21:11 He only wounded our Lord, but Jesus made sure
21:15 that this was the battle that would remind the devil again
21:20 that there could only be one victor in battle.
21:22 He beat him in heaven... thank the Lord for that!
21:25 He beat him at the cross and there's going to be one
21:27 more hurrah - that's why the devil has come down with
21:29 great wrath - knowing he has but a short time. Amen!
21:33 A short time!
21:37 I want you to know today that His death was not
21:39 orchestrated by hell.
21:41 His death was ordained by heaven.
21:43 The Lamb slain from the foundation of the world...
21:48 Jesus, himself, said, "No one takes My life from Me,
21:51 but I lay it down of myself.
21:53 I have power to lay it down and I have power to take it again.
21:57 This command, He said, I have received
22:00 from my Father. John 10:18
22:03 How could you take the life of One who is Life?
22:07 "I Am, I Am"
22:10 "In Him was life, the Bible says and the life
22:14 was the light of men."
22:15 Ellen White says, "In Christ is life, original, unborrowed,
22:20 and underived."
22:21 A few months ago, I had to cut somebody off of Facebook.
22:25 Some twisted person down in Australia.
22:29 Every Friday evening, he got on the internet
22:31 denying the divinity of Jesus, and I hit him back with
22:36 Scriptures - I wanted to be a zealot of Jesus.
22:38 I'd do anything to defend the righteousness of Jesus.
22:40 So he kept saying to me...
22:42 "He cannot be... He had to be created somewhere in eternity."
22:46 I said, "Well, if He was created, He could not be
22:48 the Creator."
22:50 Nothing was made that was not made by Him."
22:53 He kept arguing back and forth.
22:57 He got so upset that he tried to mar my character.
23:02 Began to put on Facebook... "You know some is wrong
23:05 at 3ABN when even Pastor John denies the divinity of Jesus."
23:10 And people began to send me emails and call me from
23:13 different places of the world.
23:15 And they said, "Pastor, we know that's not true because
23:17 when we hear your messages, you uplift Jesus.
23:19 You know He is the divine One."
23:21 But that's how the devil is, that's what he does.
23:26 When Jesus came, He came to be what He was not,
23:30 so that one day, we can be what we could not be.
23:34 The Bible says, "He made Him who knew no sin
23:36 to be sin for us, that we might become
23:39 the righteousness of God in Him."
23:41 Satan thought that Jesus had been brought down,
23:44 but heaven knew that Jesus had to be lifted up.
23:48 "If I am lifted up from the earth,
23:49 I draw all men unto me."
23:52 You see, the secret of bringing people to Christ
23:55 is not the ability to preach, but the responsibility of
24:00 lifting Jesus up.
24:02 Too often we preach things that don't lift Jesus up.
24:06 The science of salvation is lifting Jesus up.
24:09 When He is lifted up, He said,
24:11 "I will draw all men unto myself."
24:13 You don't need craft, you don't need skill,
24:16 you don't need art, you don't need education...
24:18 You just need a tongue to lift Jesus up. Amen!
24:22 "If I am lifted up," He said, "I will draw..."
24:24 not your education, not your degrees,
24:27 not your skill, not your eloquence,
24:30 not your ability to speak, but to lift Him up.
24:34 From the lowest to the highest, if we lift Him up,
24:37 "He will draw all men unto Himself." Can you say, Amen?
24:41 It's easy to blame the Jews,
24:43 but Isaiah 53:5 says, listen carefully...
24:57 And by His stripes... TOGETHER.. WE are healed. WE are healed!
25:05 I tell you brethren...
25:06 His betrayer should have known better.
25:08 The Lord says, "It's better that they had
25:12 not been born." Mark 14:21...
25:31 It would have been better for Pilate not to be born.
25:33 It would have been better for Judas NOT to be born.
25:36 For those that called Him and chose Barabbas in His place,
25:41 it would have been better for them NOT to have been born.
25:44 But somebody had to betray Him...
25:47 The reality of it is, if we don't live the righteous
25:50 life that He calls us to live, we betray Him day-by-day.
25:56 Yes, we have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God,
26:01 but when God extends to us the opportunity to ask for
26:04 forgiveness and to be forgiven, then we are CALLED to go
26:11 forth and proclaim, not only by our lips,
26:15 but through our lives, the wonderful grace of God,
26:18 the transforming power of God, the freedom we find in Jesus.
26:25 There ought to be a difference between the joy of
26:30 the world and the joy of the kingdom.
26:32 The joy of the kingdom should never end!
26:35 They get excited in the world about things that are temporal,
26:37 things that money can buy, but we will get
26:40 excited about things that only Jesus can buy. Amen!
26:43 Our salvation... Amen somebody? Amen!
26:45 The news of the death of Jesus was echoed through the
26:48 limitless regions of unfallen worlds.
26:50 You see, when Jesus bowed His head in death...
26:53 Go to Revelation 12:10... When Jesus bowed His
26:56 head in death, these were the words that were proclaimed
26:59 and all the unfallen worlds heard the proclamation
27:04 of this innocent tongue.
27:06 Listen to the words of John the revelator - Revelation 12:10.
27:10 The Bible says...
27:18 Come on, let's read this together...
27:33 Day and night has been - what?
27:35 Has been cast down. Can you say, Amen?
27:38 See, what you don't understand...
27:39 It was not until Jesus died and rose again - that the plan of
27:45 salvation was secure.
27:46 If the devil could have kept Him from dying,
27:49 and giving His life as an innocent lamb,
27:52 the plan of salvation would have been defeated.
27:55 He couldn't defeat Him there.
27:56 The next plan was to keep Him in the tomb.
27:58 If he could have kept Him in the tomb, the plan of
28:00 salvation would still have been defeated...
28:02 But every step of the way, when Divinity plans,
28:06 Divinity's plan will always come to fruition
28:10 for God is always greater than
28:12 the enemy that stands against Him.
28:14 All the worlds heard echoing throughout the
28:17 kingdom of heaven, throughout all the limitless
28:19 worlds - "Now has come salvation and strength,"
28:22 and they must have been rejoicing because...
28:25 You see, Satan got kicked out because of sin,
28:28 and I could imagine they said,
28:29 "Are you letting THOSE sinners into heaven?"
28:32 Come on now... You gonna let them into heaven,
28:34 those liars, those murderers, those adulterers,
28:38 those thieves, those conniving...
28:40 You gonna let them in heaven?
28:42 The Lord Jesus said, "No, I'm not done yet."
28:45 You see, the plan of salvation takes us from where we were
28:48 to where we are going to be.
28:50 It takes a sinner, makes him a saint!
28:52 It takes a lie and makes him honest.
28:54 It takes a man who is lost to make him saved.
28:57 It takes somebody you could not trust
29:02 and know that you can trust him in Jesus.
29:05 It takes a person who knew no light...
29:08 to again know no darkness.
29:11 It takes a person from hopelessness to joy.
29:14 Jesus came not to save good folk,
29:17 he came to save folk like us. Amen!
29:21 You see, the plan of salvation can DO something for you
29:25 if you know you need to be saved, but if you are
29:27 already righteous, this sermon ain't for you.
29:29 If you are already locked in and sealed,
29:31 and you don't have no sin, this sermon ain't for you.
29:34 You can go ahead and sleep.
29:35 But if you know you're a sinner, like I know I'm a sinner,
29:38 this sermon is for you.
29:39 The Bread of Life was broken for me.
29:42 The blood of the covenant was poured out for me!
29:45 The Passover Lamb was slain;
29:47 the price of redemption was paid for ME! Amen!
29:51 You could join me if you're a sinner...
29:53 it was paid for ME! Amen!
29:56 And now Jesus laid in His tomb;
29:58 at last Jesus is at rest.
30:03 A long day of shame and torture is finally come to an end.
30:10 The son of God lay in the tranquility of Joseph's tomb,
30:14 His work completed; His hands - as the servant
30:19 of the Lord says, "Folded on His chest in peace."
30:24 The last rays of the setting sun fade on the quiet horizon
30:29 which not too long before that
30:30 was a hill of jarring and mocking...
30:34 And the dust of Golgotha is now settled
30:37 with the dried blood of the Savior still on the ground.
30:41 The darkness of the night cast its shadow of doubt
30:47 over all creation.
30:49 But I need to say, in the lyrics of a song writer
30:54 many years ago, "what a difference a day makes..."
30:57 Twenty-four short hours, it is amazing how
31:01 the rising sun can chase away the darkness.
31:03 ALL of a sudden, the Jewish leaders begin to remember
31:07 the declaration of Divinity, John 2:18-19...
31:11 Listen to what happens...
31:13 Attempting to trap Jesus, the Jews asked this question...
31:16 And they remembered as the sun began to rise,
31:20 on the third day, they remembered the words of Jesus...
31:35 They thought He meant a stone wall - no He meant a flesh wall.
31:40 They thought He meant a building put together by clay,
31:42 no - a building put together by the Father.
31:45 "A body Thou hast prepared for Me."
31:47 When Jesus came into the frailty of a young woman,
31:50 Mary became all of a sudden a temporary reactor for the
31:54 nuclear device of heaven.
31:56 She had more power in her than all the bombs in China,
32:01 and Korea and the United States put together.
32:05 Jesus could have annihilated humanity had He come
32:08 to this earth without clothing Himself in humanity.
32:13 But now the day is coming, the sun is rising and slowly
32:17 but surely, slowly but surely, the doubt in the minds of the
32:21 Jewish leaders are still there and Ellen White says
32:23 in "Desire of Ages," p.780, listen to the words
32:26 of inspiration - she says, "The night of the first day
32:29 of the week had worn slowly away.
32:32 The darkest hour just before daybreak had come.
32:36 Christ was still a prisoner in His narrow tomb.
32:40 The great stone was in its place.
32:42 The Roman seal was unbroken.
32:44 The Roman guards were keeping their watch,
32:47 and there were unseen watches,
32:51 angels that never left the scene.
32:54 The angels that were with Jesus at His birth were still there.
32:57 The angels that were assigned to Jesus to walk with Him
33:01 through His life, they never left His side.
33:04 You see, a King always has His guards with Him.
33:07 They were unseen watchers.
33:10 Hosts of evil angels were also gathered about the place."
33:14 And she goes on to say... "Had it been possible,
33:17 the prince of darkness, with his apostate army,
33:20 would have kept forever sealed the tomb of the Son of God."
33:25 But I want to say this today, even in death Jesus had
33:28 secret serve protection. Come on, say "Amen."
33:32 She says in "Desire of Ages," p.779...
33:34 "A heavenly host surrounded the sepulcher,
33:38 angels that excel in strength were guarding the tomb,
33:40 and waiting to welcome the Prince of Life."
33:44 You see, Operation Countdown was about to become
33:48 Operation Recovery. Amen!
33:51 They counted down the hours of His death,
33:54 but they were standing guard, waiting for the Father
33:57 to give them the word to go get His Son...
34:00 And like a polished Stealth Bomber,
34:03 the Angel Gabriel positioned his majestic frame
34:08 on the launch pad of the Holy City...
34:10 And the Father said to Gabriel, "Go get My Son!"
34:14 This fully armored warrior tucks his wings as he leans his
34:18 frame over the portals of heaven,
34:19 and the constellations of earth move aside as Gabriel,
34:24 and now in full flight, comes to deliver the message...
34:28 "It's time to get UP!
34:30 The Bible says in Matthew 28...
34:41 AMEN!
34:42 "Brave soldiers," Ellen White says that had never been
34:45 afraid of human power are now captive,
34:48 taken without sword or spear.
34:50 The face they look upon is not the face of a mortal warrior,
34:54 it is the face of the mightiest of the Lord's host.
34:56 This messenger is he who fills the position
35:00 from which Satan fell.
35:02 It is he, who on the hills of Bethlehem, proclaimed
35:05 Christ's birth - the earth trembled at His approach.
35:09 The host of darkness flee and as he rolls away the stone,
35:13 heaven seems to come down to earth
35:16 His countenance, the Bible says, was like lightning.
35:20 His clothes as white as snow and the guards shook
35:23 for fear of Him and became like dead men!
35:26 Ellen White said, "The guards stayed alive long enough
35:29 to see the stone rolled away, long enough to see the angel,
35:32 and they began to flee, but they lost strength
35:34 in their running and just fell to the ground
35:36 in utter exasperation - we could not get away from the power
35:40 of divinity.
35:42 Clothe with the splendor of God, this angel left
35:45 the heavenly courts - the bright beams of God's glory
35:48 went before Him and illuminated His pathway."
35:51 Somebody saw a shooting star, did not know it was Gabriel.
35:56 Somebody said, "Those planets are moving tonight,"
35:58 did not know it was Gabriel.
35:59 The planets move, let us make
36:01 way so that he can go get our Redeemer.
36:04 Ellen White said, "The soldiers see him removing the stone
36:08 as he would a pebble and they hear him cry,
36:12 "Son of God, come forth, thy Father calleth Thee."
36:17 Jesus comes forth and victoriously proclaims...
36:20 ... through time and eternity He stands erect and He says,
36:24 "I am the resurrection and the life."
36:28 The trembling Roman soldiers wipe their eyes
36:30 in astonishment; the demonic forces are pushed
36:33 pushed back by heaven's finest warrior."
36:35 I must go back to "The Desire of Ages," come with me, p.780.
36:40 "Christ came forth from the tomb."
36:44 "Christ came forth from the TOMB!"
36:47 I wanna say it again, "Christ came forth from the tomb
36:50 glorified and the Roman guard beheld Him.
36:54 Their eyes were riveted upon the face of Him whom they
36:57 had so recently mocked and derided.
37:01 In His glorious being, they beheld the prisoner whom they
37:04 had seen in the judgment hall, the One for whom they had
37:07 plaited a crown of thorns.
37:10 This was the One who had stood unresisting before Pilate
37:14 and Herod, His form lacerated by the cruel scourge.
37:18 This was He who had been nailed to the cross,"
37:21 but the servant of God says, ... oh hear me church,
37:24 "Mountains piled upon mountains over the sepulcher could not
37:28 have prevented Him from coming forth." AMEN!
37:33 Put Mt. Everest over there and try to stop Him.
37:35 Put Mt. Vesuvius, put Mt. Kilimanjaro...
37:38 You can put them all together and Jesus would have
37:40 burst through forth victoriously over every one of them.
37:44 But I want to say to you today, the life of Jesus was not just
37:48 substitutionary, but provisionary.
37:51 Provisionary means - water flowed from His side
37:54 to wash away OUR guilt.
37:55 Blood flowed from HIS side to cleanse us from OUR sin.
37:59 He died of a broken heart that He might mend OUR broken hearts.
38:03 He was pierced so that we might be made whole,
38:06 that's provisionary.
38:08 But it was also substitutionary, He came down so that
38:11 one day, we can go up!
38:13 He walked our road so that one day, we can walk His road.
38:16 He was arrested so that we could be set free - come on church!
38:20 He was declared guilty so that we could be declared INNOCENT!
38:24 He was condemned so that we could be pardoned.
38:27 He was treated as a criminal that we might be
38:30 treated as royalty. Amen!
38:32 He was stripped so that we can be covered.
38:35 The blood of His robe was upon HIM so that His
38:40 spotless robe could be upon us. Amen!
38:43 Jesus wore our thorns so that one day we could wear His crown.
38:47 He suffered the shame of OUR death
38:49 so that we can share the glory of HIS life.
38:53 You see, let me make it clear today as I close...
38:55 The Rose of Sharon would bud again.
38:59 The Oil of Gladness would flow again.
39:02 The line of the tribe of Judah would roar again.
39:07 The power of sin would forever be broken.
39:12 The voice that cried from the cross...
39:17 The voice that cried from the cross - "It is finished,"
39:20 was heard among the dead.
39:23 It pierced the walls of the sepulcher and summoned
39:27 the sleepers to arise.
39:29 Oh, I want to hear you today...
39:30 "Thus it will be when the voice of Christ shall be heard
39:34 from heaven when He comes again.
39:36 You see, for the Bible says, "The Lord Himself shall descend
39:40 from heaven with a shout with the voice of the archangel
39:43 with the trumpet call of God and the dead in Christ
39:45 will rise first!"
39:47 Today, I know for sure my mother is going to rise.
39:52 The mother that gave me life is going to rise.
39:55 The mother that raised me to know Jesus is going to rise.
39:58 My friends are going to rise.
40:01 You got somebody laying in the tomb, they're going to rise.
40:03 The Lord Himself, He's not sending anybody...
40:06 He's coming for us Himself.
40:09 He's getting my mansion and your mansion together today.
40:12 The servant of the Lord says, "The voice that cried
40:17 "It is finished," was heard among the dead."
40:19 It pierced the walls of the sepulcher
40:21 and some of the sleepers to arise.
40:24 Thus it will be when the voice of Christ shall be heard
40:28 from heaven again.
40:30 That voice will penetrate the graves and unbar the tombs...
40:35 can you say Amen?
40:38 God is going to roll away tombstones in New York,
40:41 and in Alabama, and in Mississippi, and in Florida,
40:45 and in Washington D.C.
40:47 God is going to roll away tombstones in Thompsonville,
40:49 and in Chicago.
40:51 God is going to look for His saints wherever they are,
40:54 and call them forth from their sleeping graves.
40:58 To God be the glory!
41:00 That voice will penetrate the graves and unbar the tombs,
41:04 and the dead in Christ shall rise.
41:07 God's servant said, "At the Savior's resurrection
41:10 a few graves were open, but at His second coming,
41:14 "All the precious dead shall hear his voice,
41:17 and shall come forth to glorious immortal life."
41:22 The same power that raised Christ from the dead
41:25 will raise His church and glorify it with Him
41:28 above all principalities, above all powers,
41:32 above every name that is named not only in this world,
41:36 but also in the world to come, and then we will begin
41:42 the most expensive journey to our heavenly home
41:48 then the King will say to those on His right hand...
41:51 "Come ye blessed of my Father."
41:54 You want to be there? Amen!
41:55 "Come ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom
42:00 prepared for you from the foundation of the world."
42:05 Now I envision one day... heaven will take out
42:09 the final checklists to make sure that the plan of
42:14 salvation has been completely exonerated and ratified,
42:20 and the questions will echo throughout the
42:22 portals of eternity as Jesus is approaching the New Jerusalem
42:26 with His saints clothed in immortal glory.
42:31 Somebody is going to ask the question,
42:33 "What about the plan of salvation?"
42:34 and Jesus is going to say, "It is finished."
42:37 What about the battle against Satan and his angels?
42:39 Jesus is going to say, "It is finished."
42:42 What about the redemption of humanity?
42:43 "It is finished."
42:45 What about the resurrection of the righteous?
42:47 "It is finished."
42:48 What about the end of pain and suffering?"
42:50 "It is finished."
42:52 What about victory over sin? "It is finished."
42:56 What about victory over death? "It is finished."
43:00 Oh brothers and sisters, one day it will be said,
43:03 "It is finished, the battle is over."
43:06 "It is finished, there will be no more war."
43:09 "It is finished, the end of the conflict - it is finished."
43:13 And Jesus Christ is Lord!
43:16 Today, I want to give God the glory as I sing
43:18 this closing song - if you want to be in that redeemed number,
43:22 if you want to be in that redeemed host today,
43:24 and God is saying to your heart today,
43:26 "I wanna be in that host when Jesus comes..."
43:30 As I sing this song, I just want you to stand in
43:33 testimony to the glory of God in your life...
43:36 to the glory of God as He reveals Himself through you.
43:40 One day the most expensive journey bought and
43:45 purchased by the blood of Jesus will be ours to enjoy today
43:50 as I sing this song - make your decision to be in that
43:54 redeemed host.
44:19 On that line stands an old rugged cross.
44:28 On that cross a battle is raging
44:35 for the gain of man's soul or it's loss.
44:45 On one side march the forces of evil,
44:53 all the demons and devils,
45:01 On the other, the angels of glory
45:10 As they meet on Golgotha's Hill,
45:18 And the earth shakes with the force of the conflict,
45:27 As the sun refuses to shine,
45:36 For there hangs God's Son in the balance,
45:44 And then through the darkness He cried...
45:53 It is finished, the battle is over.
46:01 It is finished, they'll be no more war.
46:10 It is finished, it's the end of the conflict.
46:17 It is finished, and my Jesus is Lord.
46:29 Yet in my heart, a battle still rages,
46:41 Not all the prisoners of war have come home.
46:50 There are battles of my own making,
46:59 For I didn't know that the war had been won.
47:07 Then I heard that that the King of the Ages
47:16 Had fought for my battles for me,
47:24 And now the victory was mine for the claiming,
47:33 And now praise His name I am free.
47:42 It is finished, the battle is over.
47:49 It is finished, there will be no more war.
47:59 It is finished, it's the end of the conflict.
48:06 It is finished, and my Jesus is Lord.
48:21 It is finished, and my Jesus is Lord.
48:37 Father in Heaven, Lord, we stand this morning
48:42 we stand this morning because Christ, the Lord,
48:48 is risen today.
48:53 There's no tomb that holds His marred frame.
48:59 He is risen never to die again.
49:04 Never to face the cruel scourging and mocking
49:10 and derision for our sin, He is risen today.
49:14 And because He is risen, we can be risen.
49:18 Oh Lord Jesus, help us rise above our selfish hearts.
49:23 Help us to know it's not about us, it's about You.
49:29 Bring to us the freedom of our minds and of our lives.
49:34 Some of us hold on to sin as though it's a trophy.
49:39 It's about us - it's not about You.
49:42 Today the message of freedom
49:45 echoes from the portals of eternity.
49:46 Today the blood of Jesus is still efficacious to change us,
49:50 to deliver us, to make us whole, to make us free...
49:54 But when it's about us, we stay bound in darkness
50:02 in the shroud of our own self-justification.
50:07 But Lord, today, break us that it may no longer be about us,
50:12 but about Jesus - for one day, there will only be two camps,
50:20 the redeemed and the lost.
50:22 And Father, You've made every provision
50:24 for the most expensive purchase and the most extensive journey.
50:30 And so Lord, come today through Your Holy Spirit and break
50:34 those who are bound.
50:35 Break those who refuse to be set free.
50:41 Break the chains of those who, although forgiveness
50:46 is extended, create their own chains as a testament
50:51 to their selfish altars.
50:53 Break we pray, in this congregation, those who for
50:57 whatever reason have found no reason to say,
50:59 "He is my King, He is my Lord, He is my soon coming Savior."
51:09 For one day, Lord, this moment will be replaced with the
51:11 most glorious - the proclamation of the voice
51:14 of our Lord.
51:16 And so Father, save us all for we cannot save ourselves.
51:20 Change us because we cannot change ourselves.
51:23 Break through our recalcitrant wall of constant
51:27 me-ness and I-ness.
51:34 Break down our own altars we have built to ourselves.
51:40 Lord, I pray that today You'll break the altars of those
51:43 who are sinless among us who feel that they are righteous,
51:47 that they have nothing to be free from.
51:53 Break those today who feel guiltless.
51:56 Break those today who feel that the cross is for sinners,
52:00 but not for me.
52:08 And where there's no liberty, Lord, extend that today
52:14 so that when the final voice calls the sleeping saints
52:20 to rise with the living saints, none of us will look at that
52:24 moment with regret in our hearts
52:26 for we too will have found freedom.
52:30 And so, Lord, we are going to sing today for Your glory.
52:33 We're going to sing today for Your honor,
52:36 but even more than singing, we're going to live
52:38 for Your glory and live for Your honor.
52:42 We're going to proclaim as the tomb could not hold You
52:45 down - Lord, bring us out of our tombs today.
52:49 Bring us out of our place where we have become
52:51 comfortable with our own death.
52:55 Roll away our stones, send an angel to deliver us
53:00 that we may know the power of Your resurrection.
53:04 And many others come to know about You through us,
53:07 that the kingdom may be furnished with souls
53:12 redeemed by Your precious blood.
53:16 So hear this prayer, Father, and accomplish Your work
53:20 in every one of our lives.
53:23 In Jesus name I pray... Amen


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