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Participants: Pastor John Dinzey


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00:30 It's a privilege to be with you
00:32 again to study God's word together,
00:34 and it has been a very interesting week.
00:41 We praise the Lord for His goodness and mercy,
00:43 and we want to express our thanksgiving
00:48 to the Lord for that.
00:50 We're going to study a topic that is called...
00:53 "In All the World"
00:56 And we're going to look at some Scriptures that
00:58 tell us that Jesus Christ is coming soon!
01:03 Before we begin, I'd like to go to the Lord in prayer again...
01:06 And so I will kneel and you may remain seated,
01:12 but we're going to go to the Lord in prayer
01:13 and ask Him to bless us with the message we need...
01:21 Our Loving Heavenly Father, We thank You so much, Lord,
01:26 that You are merciful and kind to each and every one of us.
01:32 Surely Your hand of mercy has been extended and it is by
01:36 grace and Your mercy that we are alive today.
01:42 We ask You, Father, that You Lord, will bless
01:45 with a message from heaven.
01:47 I place myself aside, Lord, and I ask You to bless me
01:52 with Your Holy Spirit that every word will
01:56 come from Your Throne of Grace.
01:58 And we pray for a blessing upon all
01:59 and we ask it in Jesus' name... Amen, Amen
02:05 Jesus came with a message to the world!
02:09 A message of His transforming grace!
02:14 And the name of Jesus has been heard all over the world.
02:20 They say that one time Napoleon was asked WHO is the
02:25 greatest general in the history and he said, "Jesus Christ
02:31 is the greatest general... because without an army,
02:36 He has conquered the world." Praise the Lord!
02:41 I would like to invite you to look at one of the vital
02:45 signs of the return of Jesus Christ
02:47 found in Matthew 24.
02:54 One of the vital signs that help us find a period of time
02:59 when Jesus will return and we'll talk
03:02 a little bit about that later.
03:03 But Matthew 24:14 says...
03:15 and then... what will happen? ...the end shall come.
03:21 How many long for that day when the end will come
03:24 and Jesus will return in the clouds of glory
03:27 and we will see Him face-to-face.
03:29 Would you raise your hand again?
03:31 Praise the lord - that day will come soon brothers and sisters.
03:35 This is one of the vital signs
03:38 of the second coming of Jesus Christ...
03:41 The gospel going to all the world.
03:46 I would like to tell you that it was God's intention
03:52 to bring the gospel to the world through His
03:55 chosen people - the people of Israel.
03:59 It was God's intention that THEY would carry this
04:03 message to the uttermost part of the earth.
04:07 But we know that in the New Testament it describes
04:13 the time when Jesus came and it says...
04:16 "And He came unto His own and His own received Him not...
04:22 But as many as received Him, to them gave He power
04:25 to become the sons of God."
04:31 Now, we have to understand that the Jews had a role
04:36 to play in the spreading of the truth of God.
04:41 I invite you to turn in your Bibles to the book of Romans,
04:44 Romans 3 and we're going to read two verses there
04:51 that help us understand one of the roles that the
04:57 people of Israel had in spreading the truth of God.
05:03 If you found it, say Amen.
05:21 They had the great privilege to receive the oracles of God.
05:27 Profit after profit came with a message to the people
05:31 of Israel and a message for us!
05:35 To them were committed the Holy Scriptures in what we
05:40 know of as the "Old Testament."
05:43 And I tell you that the Jews had a part in spreading
05:48 the gospel to the world, not the whole nation,
05:52 but many Jews did.
05:55 For this, I invite you to consider how much work
06:00 they actually were doing.
06:02 Let's go to Matthew 23:15, they spread the word of God,
06:08 but, unfortunately, by the time that Jesus Christ came,
06:14 corruption was growing more and more and it was spreading
06:19 even to the leadership of the clergy - even the
06:24 Scribes and the Pharisees and in Matthew 23:15,
06:29 it gives you an idea of how zealous they were to bring
06:34 the message to those that were not even Jews.
06:38 Notice verse 15, Matthew 23:15...
07:00 So in other words, they did bring the message to the world,
07:06 some of the message.
07:09 Now it is interesting to note that the truth of God
07:15 was spreading to the world.
07:17 God used circumstances in the world and things that
07:23 happened to the Jews, persecution that happened
07:27 even among the Jews... so that the Jews would leave
07:29 that area and go to another area to spread the news of God,
07:36 the real God, the Creator God that it is not unto idols
07:40 that you are to follow...
07:42 You're not to follow idols and sacrifice to God,
07:44 you are to follow the Creator God and Mrs. White
07:49 said they encompassed sea and land.
07:50 They didn't limit themselves to just land.
07:52 They went sea and land.
07:56 So they did part of the work of bringing the knowledge of
07:59 God to the world.
08:02 I told you that God uses circumstances, situations,
08:07 and things to spread the gospel to the world.
08:10 After Jesus was crucified, a turning point occurred
08:18 on the day of Pentecost.
08:21 I would like to invite you to go to your Bibles
08:22 in the book of Acts, the book of Acts,
08:25 in the book of Acts 2, we are going to read
08:28 verses 1 through 4.
08:31 Book of Acts 2:1-4, we have several Scriptures
08:34 to go through - if you found it say Amen.
09:15 A supernatural thing took place, a miracle took place
09:18 for a reason.
09:21 It was not for a testimony of those that were in the room,
09:26 but for those that were outside of the upper room.
09:29 So they went outside and began to speak the language
09:35 as the Holy Spirit gave them utterance...
09:38 And the results are presented to us
09:42 in Acts 2:5-11, follow me there...
09:59 God used the situation.
10:12 Behold, are not all these which speak Galileans?
10:16 In other words, they should not be speaking
10:18 the language we are hearing, they're Galileans.
10:55 Amen!
10:57 So God uses opportunities.
11:00 There were multitudes that had come for Pentecost time.
11:05 What did they hear? The gospel.
11:08 What did they do?
11:10 After things were done, they went back to
11:12 their nations and they did what?
11:16 They spread the news of the gospel.
11:20 You see, the gospel has to go to all the world,
11:22 and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached
11:25 in all the world for a witness unto all nations and then
11:29 the end shall come.
11:32 So the Jews had a part in bringing the gospel to
11:36 the world.
11:39 In Acts 1- turn the page, Acts 1 notice verse 8.
11:47 You may remember that Jesus told His disciples
11:54 when He first sent them out, just go to the lost
11:58 sheep of the house of Israel.
12:00 Don't go anywhere else, but go to the lost
12:03 sheep of the house of Israel.
12:05 But in Acts 1, Jesus begins to tell them something different.
12:11 The same thing is Matthew 28, but let's look at Acts 1.
12:15 Notice verse 8...
12:21 We just talked about the Holy Spirit descending upon them.
12:36 We read in Acts 2- where were they then?
12:39 In Jerusalem.
12:42 But the time was coming when they were supposed to go to
12:45 Judea, Samaria and unto the uttermost part of the earth.
12:50 They were to leave their home, their land and go
12:54 find the people that need the Lord and that's the whole world.
13:01 Do people need the Lord today?
13:04 Would you say Amen if that's true?
13:05 "Amen," people need the Lord today,
13:07 and I think there are people that need the Lord here.
13:10 How many people here need the Lord?
13:12 Praise the Lord... I also need the Lord.
13:16 And brothers and sisters, God, throughout history,
13:21 you can look at events, situations and history,
13:25 and you will see God removing obstacles so that the gospel
13:30 can go forward.
13:31 Removing obstacles so the gospel can go forward.
13:34 We'll talk about some of those in a moment.
13:36 But, let's move now to Acts 5:28-29,
13:44 remember He came unto His own and His own received Him not.
13:47 Many did, but the majority did not.
13:50 In Acts 5, you see a time when the disciples were taken captive
13:58 by the leaders of Israel to question them because after
14:04 Jesus died, they thought the people of Israel - the leaders,
14:10 we've killed the leader, they're going to go
14:12 scattered as sheep.
14:13 In fact, when the leaders came to take Jesus at the
14:16 Garden of Gethsemane, what did the disciples do?
14:20 Everybody ran - so for them it's over.
14:25 We got the Guy, we've got the leader - it's over.
14:28 But little did they know, they should have known,
14:32 that something would happen just as Jesus said...
14:38 "I will be crucified and on the third day, I will arise again."
14:46 Praise the Lord!
14:48 So they took the disciples captive and in Acts 5,
14:54 notice what happens in verse 28...
14:58 Talking to the disciples saying...
15:19 We'll stop at verse 28 a moment.
15:21 They had what?
15:23 Filled Jerusalem with the doctrine.
15:26 Everybody in Jerusalem knew about Jesus. Praise the Lord!
15:31 Now verse 29 says...
15:44 Brothers and sisters, what Peter said has been repeated
15:50 by others throughout history.
15:54 When they were told, "Don't do this anymore,"
15:57 and they put people in jail and out they were again
16:01 preaching the gospel.
16:02 And you remember, if you read in the verses before,
16:08 they had put the disciples in prison.
16:12 You see, they tried to STOP the gospel from spreading.
16:15 They put the disciples in prison.
16:17 And as you read in Acts 5, you will notice that an angel
16:22 came and did what?
16:25 Delivered them from prison.
16:27 And what did the angel say to them to do?
16:30 "Go out and preach the gospel."
16:34 Now somebody might say, "Wow, they just put us
16:38 in jail for doing this thing, go out there again?"
16:45 Did they fear?
16:47 See, when God is with you, you don't need to fear.
16:51 When you love Jesus, the Bible says,
16:54 "Perfect love casts out fear."
16:57 When you love Jesus, you know you are
16:59 under His care and so an angel, a miracle happened
17:07 and delivered them from death,
17:08 delivered them from the hands of the people.
17:12 And when they said, "Go get those men, we want to
17:14 question them," they went there...
17:16 "We can't find them, they're not there."
17:18 "What do you mean, they're not there?"
17:20 "Didn't you put them there?"
17:21 "Yes, they're not there anymore."
17:23 And they found them outside preaching.
17:25 And they brought them again and this is
17:27 what we're reading about now.
17:29 But notice now in verses 38-39...
18:02 I'm going to add a few verses here
18:04 that I didn't put in the notes.
18:07 In Acts 5:40...
18:48 Would you say Amen to that?
18:49 And because they did not cease, you have the gospel today.
18:55 Because they did not stop, you have the gospel today.
18:59 Because they chose to obey God rather than men,
19:02 you have the gospel today.
19:07 You see, throughout different times of history,
19:10 Satan has tried to kill off the light of the gospel,
19:14 but God intervenes.
19:17 God does something to prevent the gospel
19:20 from being completely snuffed out.
19:23 And during the Dark Ages, horrendous crimes
19:27 were committed against God's children.
19:30 Some suffered burnings, some were fed to beasts,
19:40 and when you read the book, "The Great Controversy,"
19:43 there's an interesting statement there...
19:46 It said, "This is strange, it's like the blood of these
19:51 people is like seed that keeps sprouting." Praise the Lord!
19:57 So God has made it, as some people say, "His business
20:03 to make sure the gospel message is alive." Why?
20:06 Because this is not of men, this is of God.
20:11 The gospel has to go to all the world.
20:13 The world needs to know that there IS a Savior,
20:17 and His name is Jesus Christ.
20:20 I would like to bring you to another sign of the return
20:24 of Jesus Christ.
20:27 And this is, what I believe, is the first time
20:31 that a statement is made concerning the period of time
20:38 when Jesus will return in the clouds of glory.
20:43 It's in the book of Daniel.
20:46 Let's go to Daniel 2, in Daniel 2,
20:50 we're going to read verses 42 through 44.
20:53 Daniel 2:42-44... Daniel 2:42-44...
21:01 If you found it, say Amen. Amen!
21:05 Let's read...
21:14 We're talking about the statue that Nebuchadnezzar saw.
21:18 So the toes are part of iron and part of clay.
21:32 Even as iron is mixed with clay and in the days
21:37 of these kings - shall the God of heaven...
21:40 What's He gonna do?
21:58 Praise the Lord!
21:59 We're talking about the Kingdom of God
22:01 reigning for ever and ever.
22:04 You see, God gave Nebuchadnezzar a view of what was coming
22:10 in the world throughout the end of time.
22:13 He didn't know what it meant, but God used His servant,
22:17 Daniel, to let King Nebuchadnezzar know that
22:21 there's a God in heaven.
22:24 You see, God used the four world kingdoms to bring the
22:29 knowledge of God and to bring the knowledge of the truth
22:33 to the world.
22:36 The first kingdom was what?
22:39 I think the people left me here, are they all gone?
22:43 The first kingdom was what? Babylon!
22:46 Thank you very much... some of them came back!
22:48 Babylon! And it is interesting what happens in Babylon...
22:55 In Daniel 3, we have a time when King Nebuchadnezzar
22:59 decides to make an image and command people
23:06 to worship that image.
23:08 But there were some individuals that knew that it is God
23:11 that should be worshipped and not men, nor statues.
23:17 So let's go to Daniel 3:28-29, Daniel 3:28-29
23:24 beginning in verse 28, the Bible says...
23:49 Therefore, I make a decree that every people and every.. what?
23:58 nation and language which speak anything amiss against
24:03 the God of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.
24:05 shall be cut in pieces and their houses shall be made a
24:08 dunghill because there IS no other God
24:11 that can deliver after this sort.
24:14 Praise the Lord!
24:16 So what do you see here?
24:18 The kingdom of Babylon was a world kingdom,
24:22 it dominated the then known world that was at their reach.
24:28 Dominated! And that decree about the
24:32 LIVING God went to all the nations... Praise the Lord!
24:39 You see, God used even these world kingdoms
24:45 to spread the news of the truth and the living God.
24:51 Can you think of another one?
24:55 You have the Meds and the Persians,
24:56 but I want to talk about Greece.
25:00 Does anybody remember the name "Alexander the Great?"
25:05 What language did Alexander the Great speak?
25:11 Greek - that's right.
25:13 This is the kingdom of Greece, the third world kingdom,
25:18 and history reveals that Alexander the Great,
25:22 as a young man, was an incredible commanding general.
25:28 And very quickly, he dominated the then known world
25:33 reaching far, far, far - even unto Africa they say.
25:40 So where they went, they brought knowledge of the
25:43 Greek language and the Greek culture.
25:48 An interesting thing happens in those days when a nation
25:52 was overcome by another nation, they lost faith in their God.
26:00 You see it time after time in the Old Testament
26:03 because they thought their God could deliver them
26:06 from the other nations... they were idols,
26:11 they couldn't do anything.
26:12 But they said, "Our god will deliver us from
26:14 the other nation and when that nation was defeated,
26:19 the nation that was victorious would say, "Our god
26:22 is greater than your god."
26:24 So when Greece went all over the place conquering kingdoms,
26:30 they lost faith in their gods and then the Greek
26:35 language began to spread and something happens
26:41 with 70 scholars of the Jews.
26:46 They decide to translate - what? The Scriptures into the
26:53 Greek language.
26:55 And if it's in the Greek language, it could go
27:00 wherever Greek is spoken. Praise the Lord!
27:04 So they translated the five books of Moses,
27:09 and, praise the Lord, because of this, it is evidence
27:14 of the - what's the word I'm looking for,
27:20 I'm wrestling with two languages you know...
27:23 How close or how exact the translation you have today is
27:30 of the Old Testament.
27:32 You see, God has preserved the Scriptures because the world
27:36 needs a knowledge of God, because the Scriptures are
27:39 able to make us wise unto salvation.
27:43 So the Greek language spread through the world.
27:47 Then along came the Romans in the second century
27:52 before Christ - the who? The Romans.
27:57 The Romans reigned longer than any of the other kingdoms,
28:02 and they too spread the Greek language.
28:07 Not only did the Romans do this, but they also did something
28:14 that helped the spreading of the gospel.
28:19 One of the things the Romans did in order to facilitate
28:22 their conquering of the world and being able to get
28:24 from one place to another quickly was build roads.
28:28 Roads that spread for thousands of miles - so if they
28:32 heard of a nation that was beginning to rebel against them,
28:36 they quickly would dispatch soldiers that would travel
28:39 quickly through the roads they have made to put an end
28:42 to the rebellion in that country.
28:47 You see the progress and advance of civilization provides
28:52 for the progress and advance of the gospel.
28:56 So the disciples, the apostles used these roads to travel
28:59 from one city to another, from one country to another
29:03 to bring the good news of salvation to every nation
29:07 they could reach. Praise the Lord!
29:11 But you see, God is removing obstacles,
29:14 and God is opening doors for the gospel to reach
29:17 every nation, kindred and tongue and people. Amen!
29:26 God also uses laws.
29:29 You see, God uses laws.
29:33 You see, in every country, I would
29:36 say to you, God has people.
29:38 They may not be Christians, but they hold to principles
29:44 that identify with God and His laws.
29:49 That's why today, you can go down a list of nation
29:54 after nation and there is religious liberty
29:58 practically all over the world, all over the world.
30:05 Praise the Lord!
30:09 This allows for the gospel to spread.
30:12 Let me mention a good law...
30:16 During the times of the Romans, it was not lawful
30:21 for anyone to put a Roman to death and the Jews
30:26 were upset with Paul.
30:27 He was going all over the place preaching the gospel,
30:31 so they wanted to take him and kill him,
30:35 they tried several times.
30:39 And it was because Paul was a Roman citizen
30:43 that they could not do it.
30:47 The laws protected Paul, just as the laws
30:52 protect your right to practice any religion that you desire.
30:58 Is there religious liberty in the U.S.?
31:00 Thank God for that.
31:03 You see that provides for the spreading of the gospel.
31:08 But let's talk about some instruments that God has
31:12 for spreading the gospel...
31:17 Up until about the 1800s, people could travel
31:22 no faster than the people traveled in the time of Abraham.
31:27 How did Abraham travel?
31:28 How did the people of those days travel?
31:30 By foot, by some animal, camel, a donkey, a horse,
31:37 that's how they could get along.
31:39 It took a long time to get to places, long time,
31:44 and yet, those means were used
31:47 to bring the gospel to other people.
31:49 Jesus walked from place to place bringing the gospel to people,
31:54 from village to village preaching the gospel to people.
31:59 But you see, as time gets closer to the end,
32:02 there must be a means to get to places
32:06 faster than ever before.
32:09 So even when you look at... I talked about
32:14 land transportation, even when you look at
32:16 transportation by sea, for a long time people
32:19 depended on muscle power in the water to get to places,
32:25 and the wind, but eventually they invented engines.
32:30 And they could put them in ships and get to places faster.
32:34 Praise the Lord.
32:36 So missionaries sometimes traveled to other
32:39 distant lands - it look months, months to get there - months!
32:45 But they went and they sacrificed and they went to
32:48 China, and they went to India, Africa, missionaries have
32:52 been sent all over the world.
32:54 People that love the Lord deprive themselves of luxuries
32:59 deprive themselves of food and deprive themselves
33:03 of things that you may have in this country
33:05 that are not available in that country.
33:09 Idalia and I and some of the 3ABN Latino staff
33:11 have been to some other countries and we've seen
33:14 some very rough places - people that don't have electricity
33:22 inside their homes.
33:24 We had the privilege to go to some place in Mexico,
33:27 it was just about 5 to 7 years ago - a pastor took us
33:32 in a little plane and we went to this place that was
33:35 on top of mountains and there the - I'm sorry I don't know
33:40 what they call them in English, the Huichol Indians,
33:45 it was his mission to preach the gospel to those Indians.
33:49 There was no other religious group there.
33:52 It was only the Seventh-day Adventist pastor.
33:55 Praise the Lord.
33:57 The only way to get there quickly was by plane.
34:03 If you wanted to go there by some animal,
34:06 it would take you days even in today's modern time
34:10 because you have to go on some animal.
34:13 If you wanted to venture out on a vehicle, it would be rough,
34:17 rough terrain and it took you days to get there as well.
34:20 By plane, we got there quickly and he has a church there.
34:27 Praise the Lord.
34:31 Because the gospel has to go to all peoples.
34:35 Let's talk about some inventions...
34:39 It has been made possible to identify where people are
34:45 by the use of planes and satellites.
34:48 They know where the people are - that's why you have
34:52 maps today to identify every country, every little tribe
34:58 they know where they are.
35:01 And I praise the Lord that the Bible has been translated to
35:04 nearly every language in the world...
35:06 would you say Amen to that? Why?
35:10 Because Jesus Christ is coming soon and the gospel
35:14 has to get to the whole world.
35:16 And I want to tell you that besides travel by sea,
35:21 eventually they had engines and eventually the invention
35:29 of motor vehicles came along...
35:31 I read an article where they were rejoicing that
35:34 vehicles, cars, could travel one mile an hour...
35:39 No sorry, it was a mile a minute, a mile a minute.
35:46 But today, cars travel over a 100 miles a minute.
35:55 How many people here have traveled over
35:57 100 miles per hour? Laughter...
36:02 A few dare not raise their hands,
36:04 but I know there are more of you.
36:06 You see, with cars, you can get to places quickly.
36:10 In less than a week, you can go anywhere in the U.S.,
36:14 perhaps even, I don't know how long it takes to go from
36:18 one end of the U.S. to the other, but you can get quickly
36:21 to places. Praise the Lord!
36:25 So that allows for the gospel to get to places quickly
36:29 because Jesus Christ is coming soon.
36:32 But if you want to get even quicker to places,
36:35 what do you do?
36:37 You get on a plane.
36:40 While a car may take days, you may take an hour or two
36:43 to get there and I say that helps the spreading
36:48 of the gospel.
36:50 Now let's talk about some obstacles that have
36:56 prevented the gospel from getting out.
37:01 Before I talk about them, I want to remind you
37:04 that in Revelation 7, it talks about four angels,
37:11 and what are these angels doing, they're holding the winds
37:15 from blowing on the earth which is strife and wars.
37:21 Praise God for those angels!
37:25 You see, today, if you go all over the world,
37:28 you live in relative peace.
37:30 Pretty much, you can go anywhere...
37:33 With your U.S. passport, you can practically get to
37:37 any country without a visa.
37:39 There are a few that require a visa, but you can go in,
37:43 do whatever you need to do and get out easily,
37:48 business people do it all the time.
37:51 3ABN - some were 3ABN personnel,
37:53 they do it with some degree of frequency.
37:56 This allows for the preaching of the gospel...
38:00 Would you say Amen to that?
38:03 I'm trying to help you see that we don't have much time
38:07 people to bring the gospel to the world.
38:10 The world needs to know about Jesus.
38:13 Let's talk about some obstacles...
38:17 One of the obstacles that I would like to mention
38:20 is communism - it was an obstacle to the preaching
38:24 of the gospel.
38:26 And so, in Romania, there was a man by the name of
38:30 Nicolae Ceausescu, the leader of the Communist Party
38:36 and a dictator in Romania for many years...
38:40 Do you know that if you went to Romania during
38:43 his dictatorship, before you get in, they ask you
38:47 this question... "Do you have any Bibles?"
38:50 If you had any, you couldn't come in with them.
38:54 You had to leave them on the other side.
38:59 But you see, God has to remove obstacles
39:02 so the gospel can be preached.
39:04 Yet during the time of Nicolae there were,
39:07 during the time of Ceausescu, there were Christians,
39:11 but they were suppressed!
39:13 Do you know what they taught the children to say
39:16 in the school? "What's the name of your mother?"
39:19 "Ceausescu"
39:20 "Your father's name?" "Ceausescu"
39:24 "What's the name of your God?" "Ceausescu"
39:27 That's what the children were taught and many went to
39:31 prison for believing in God, so question...
39:35 Was than an obstacle to preaching the gospel?
39:38 Yes... So God had to remove that obstacle and I tell you
39:43 that that obstacle was removed.
39:46 You see, in December of 1989, that obstacle was removed.
39:55 The people were upset, they couldn't tolerate anymore
39:59 the sufferings.
40:01 Do you know what a multitude of people were chanting
40:04 in front of the palace? His palace was enormous!
40:08 We believe in God! We believe in God!
40:11 We believe in God! Praise the Lord.
40:16 A mob of people overran the palace, captured Ceausescu,
40:21 and on December 25, 1989, Ceausescu was put to death.
40:27 Freedom to preach the gospel happened in Romania.
40:33 Obstacle removed.
40:35 A man heard that it was over and he said,
40:39 "Oh, this is great, now I can bring Bibles with freedom
40:43 to Romania."
40:44 So he packed his car FULL of Bibles and he said,
40:48 "I'm going to bring these Bibles,"
40:50 and he just drove and drove.
40:52 They say he drove nearly 300 miles into Romania;
40:56 didn't know where to go, didn't know where to stop.
40:59 But he stopped at a little city and he said he found somebody...
41:03 "Excuse me, is there a church nearby?"
41:07 "Oh yes! Just go down the street,
41:09 turn right and it's right there."
41:11 He went there and they just happen to be having a
41:15 church service during that time and he sat in the back.
41:18 Interestingly enough, the pastor was preaching...
41:21 "Brothers and sisters, we need to study God's word,
41:24 we need to pray more, you need to open your Bibles
41:29 and read the Scriptures."
41:31 And after doing that for several minutes, somebody said,
41:34 "Pastor, we love to read the Bible, but not all of us
41:37 have Bibles! We need Bibles!"
41:40 "Yes, I know - perhaps now that communism is dead,
41:45 we can get Bibles in here."
41:48 And the man in the back raised his hand, "I have Bibles
41:50 for everybody in here, there're in my car!"
41:54 Praise the Lord and everyone that needed a Bible there
41:58 received a Bible.
41:59 You see, obstacles are being removed
42:02 for the gospel to go places.
42:04 I heard that when Danny was talking, in different places,
42:11 about preaching the gospel and that God told him that he
42:14 should build a television station to bring the
42:17 "undiluted Three Angels Messages to the whole world,"
42:20 then somebody said, "Oh that's great, it's wonderful
42:24 that you want to do that, but how are you going
42:27 to get into Russia with the Iron Curtain?"
42:31 That was back then... Danny said these wise words,
42:35 "I don't know, that's not my problem, that's God's problem."
42:43 Did anybody go to war with Russia?
42:46 Anybody here went to the Russian and U.S. war? There was none!
42:52 And praise the Lord, communism went down.
42:55 The Iron Curtain went down without a fight, without a war.
42:59 Why? Because God is removing obstacles
43:03 for the gospel to be preached in liberty and if you've been
43:06 watching 3ABN for a while, you know that
43:11 miracles took place!
43:13 And we have video tapes when Pastor John Carter
43:16 invited Three Angels Broadcasting Network to go to
43:19 Russia to record the series in "Nizhny Novgorod, Russia."
43:24 By the way, they are celebrating 20 years...
43:30 Two-thousand, I remember, 2,521 people were baptized,
43:37 and I remember the words that May Chung came back with.
43:42 You see, she was there with her little camera,
43:44 and May Chung had this ability to bring
43:47 back video that was very shaky.
43:50 And she was there with her little camera when the doors
43:55 were closed of the palace of sports in Nizhny,
43:57 and the doors were closed and the people were outside
44:03 wanting to get in.
44:04 Wouldn't it be wonderful if in every church there were
44:07 people outside wanting to get in,
44:10 but they shut the doors because no more people could come in.
44:14 They had every seat accounted for,
44:18 but yet, the people wanted to come in.
44:20 And there was one man that May Chung said,
44:22 "What is that man, there, saying?"
44:24 An elderly man... "What is he saying?"
44:26 And the translator listened and he said,
44:30 "This man is saying, "We have waited for 72 years to hear
44:36 the preaching of God's word, let us in." Praise the Lord!
44:43 And you know what? Many of them did get in.
44:47 You see, when people want to do something,
44:50 they find A? WAY!
44:53 People went around to the back of the building,
44:57 and there was a window broken.
44:58 I don't know if they broke it, but they went in through a
45:00 broken window, into the basement and went
45:04 to find a place to sit - there were no
45:07 seats so they were standing.
45:08 So every night for several days, they were saying,
45:12 "Well what are all these people doing standing?"
45:16 Because they went through the basement and they came in
45:18 because they wanted to hear God's word, being preached.
45:22 Praise the Lord.
45:23 And that gave birth, as you know, to Three Angels
45:28 Broadcasting Network in Russia and over 2 radio
45:32 and T.V. stations, 3ABN Russia is preaching
45:37 the everlasting gospel in RUSSIA!
45:40 So what's the answer to the question?
45:42 How are you going to get into Russia? We don't know.
45:46 That's not our problem, that's God's problem.
45:49 And for any obstacle remaining, we may not know the answers,
45:52 but God does because Jesus Christ is coming soon.
45:58 Obstacles are being removed, so when you talk about
46:01 internet and we'll talk about that in a moment...
46:03 we're talking about God removing obstacles and having
46:07 instruments to preach the gospel in the world.
46:10 You already know some of them.
46:11 The printed page... when did that come into being?
46:15 It was in the 1440s.
46:16 The printed page came into existence and you could
46:21 then print the Bible and the Bible began to be printed
46:23 in the 1400s. Praise the Lord!
46:26 So instead of hand-written Bibles that took long,
46:29 long periods of time, now you can print them faster!
46:32 And Idalia and I had the privilege to go to
46:34 "Remnant Publications" and they told us that in less than
46:39 5 minutes, you can print a whole Bible.
46:43 Wow! Praise the Lord!
46:45 So I tell you, as far as literature is concerned,
46:48 one of the instruments that God has for preaching
46:50 the gospel... millions and millions of pieces of literature
46:55 have been distributed all over the world in practically every
46:59 language and dialect in the world.
47:02 You think of "Remnant Publications," you can think
47:04 of James Rafferty and Ty Gibson...
47:08 what's the name of that ministry?
47:10 "Light Bearers," they have printed millions of pieces
47:12 of literature and taken them in different languages
47:15 to the world.
47:17 Talking about the printed page, I remember receiving
47:20 a call long ago at 3ABN and a man was saying...
47:24 "I thank the Lord that even though I left the church
47:28 many years ago, I found a book that helped me to realize
47:32 I need to come back to Jesus... on a beach,
47:36 one of Danny's books and I think it was the book...
47:39 "Does God Love Sinners forever?"
47:43 I named another book, do you remember it?
47:47 Perhaps you went out into the street to distribute this book?
47:50 "The Ten Commandments Twice Removed"
47:54 And I don't remember how many ministers of other denominations
47:58 have accepted the Sabbath, but it's over 30 ministers
48:01 from other denominations that have accepted the Sabbath
48:03 after reading that book and some have read it several times.
48:09 Jesus Christ can come very, very soon.
48:13 We can make this happen very soon with the power of the Lord.
48:19 So brothers and sisters, I say to you - what needs to be done?
48:26 You see, there's one more instrument, powerful,
48:31 to preach the gospel and that is - you.
48:36 That is YOU and the testimony that God has given you
48:40 to help someone else come to Jesus.
48:44 And today, you don't even have to leave your house
48:47 and you can preach the gospel.
48:49 You can use telephones, you can use the internet,
48:52 you can make copies of sermons, copies of pamphlets,
48:55 send pamphlets from your house.
48:57 You can go online and order a book and send it to people.
49:01 There are many ways to preach the gospel
49:04 even without leaving your house...
49:06 So what do we need to do?
49:09 Let us cooperate with Jesus that this may happen.
49:13 I invite you to go to Matthew 9:35...
49:26 Jesus left us an example that we should do all that is
49:30 in our part to do to bring the gospel to other people.
49:33 Jesus did all that was in His power to do to bring
49:37 the gospel to other people.
49:39 And we, by the grace of God and through the Holy Spirit
49:43 can bring the gospel to someone else.
49:47 Let's go to verses 36 and 37...
50:11 Amen.
50:13 This prayer needs to be answered today.
50:20 We need laborers... people that will say,
50:24 "Here I am, Lord, - what do You want me to do?"
50:27 "Send an email..." "Yes, Lord."
50:29 "Do a phone call..." "Yes, Lord."
50:31 "Put something on the internet..." "Yes, Lord."
50:34 "Go to someone's house..." "Yes, Lord."
50:37 Because what God asks you to do,
50:40 He will give you the power to do.
50:42 I have some bad news for you...
50:48 I heard this last week and I said, "Idalia, we need
50:50 to share this."
50:52 And it goes like this... I know that all of you will be
50:55 saddened to learn this week of the death of one of our
50:59 most valuable acquaintances, the name of that person is
51:06 "someone else."
51:09 You see, someone's passing creates a vacancy that
51:13 will be difficult to fill.
51:15 Our friend had been with us for many years,
51:18 and for every one of those years, "someone else" did more
51:24 than the normal person's share of the work.
51:26 Whenever leadership was called for, this wonderful
51:30 individual "someone else" was looked to for inspiration
51:36 as well as the results.
51:38 Whenever there was a job to do, a problem to tackle,
51:41 a meeting to attend, one name was on everyone's lips...
51:45 "Let someone else do it," everybody would say.
51:49 It was common knowledge that whenever the need arose,
51:53 "someone else" was one of the biggest contributors of time
51:58 spirit, self and resources.
51:59 Whatever the shortfall, everyone assumed that
52:02 "someone else" would make up the difference.
52:05 "Someone else" was an extraordinary person,
52:10 almost superhuman, but a person can
52:13 only do so much.
52:15 Were the truth known, everyone expected too much
52:19 of "someone else."
52:22 "Someone else" set a wonderful example for us to follow,
52:27 but now "someone else" is gone.
52:32 So who is going to do all the things that we expected
52:36 "someone else" to do?
52:40 We can't depend on "someone else" anymore,
52:43 so who will take "someone else's" place?
52:51 By God's grace - I want to be one of those people
52:56 that take "someone else's" place.
52:58 Anybody else here want to say to the Lord,
53:01 "Lord, I want to do more for Jesus than ever before.
53:06 I want to follow Him with all of my heart.
53:08 I want to let the light so shine that they may see my
53:13 good works and glorify God in heaven.
53:17 So I read to you now from Romans 13...
53:20 Let's begin reading in verse 10...
53:32 People need to see the love of Jesus in our words,
53:37 and in our actions.
53:40 Verse 11...
54:02 That is the day of Jesus Christ.
54:13 Brothers and sisters, it is time for God's children
54:20 to put the love of the world aside, the lust of the flesh,
54:26 the pride of life, the love of gain,
54:29 the pride, the arrogancy, the selfishness,
54:35 the criticizing of others, the lies, or whatever may be
54:42 the obstacle that's keeping you from fulfilling
54:46 that which God knows He can do through you.
54:52 It's time to put those things aside and by the grace of Jesus,
54:59 do what He wants you to do.
55:02 So brothers and sisters, let me finish reading...
55:06 Verse 13...
55:29 Amen...
55:30 So simple question for you today is...
55:35 Would you stand today, if you want to do as it is
55:40 written here - put on the Lord Jesus Christ.
55:46 Would you put on the Lord Jesus Christ?
55:49 Would you say to Jesus, "Here I am Lord, take my heart,
55:52 make me what You want me to be, use me how You want to use me."
55:57 Praise the Lord for these decisions.
56:00 I stand with you and I praise the Lord for this opportunity
56:06 to see you say to Jesus, "Here I am, Lord."
56:14 I ask one more question...
56:18 How many of you are willing to say to the Lord,
56:21 "Lord, help me in somehow or some way reach at least
56:27 one for Jesus this year."
56:29 Would you raise your hand? Praise the Lord!
56:31 It could be through passing a pamphlet, sharing some
56:34 good news in some way through some of the means
56:37 or instruments we have mentioned.
56:39 Would you raise your hand again if it's true? Praise the Lord,
56:42 praise the Lord.
56:44 Let's go to the Lord in prayer...
56:45 If it is possible for you, I invite you to kneel...
56:51 Our Loving Heavenly Father, We thank you, Lord, that we can
56:56 look in the Scriptures, look in history,
57:00 look around the world and see that Jesus Christ
57:04 is coming soon.
57:06 That we can see that the gospel work can be done
57:09 in a short time.
57:11 Help us to be among those that answers the call of Jesus,
57:16 the prayer of Jesus - that there are more laborers in the field.
57:20 We thank You, Lord, for everyone that has raised their hands.
57:25 We pray, Lord, that according to what they have signaled
57:30 by raising their hands, that You will help them
57:35 to understand what they can do to help someone else
57:39 give their heart to Jesus.
57:41 We thank You, Heavenly Father, that by Your grace,
57:46 we can put on the Lord Jesus Christ,
57:49 and we thank You for the sacrifice on the Cross
57:53 that has made it possible for us to be saved by grace
57:59 through faith and that not of ourselves because
58:03 it is Your gift to us.
58:05 We thank You for hearing us and we pray for Your name
58:09 to be glorified in us.
58:11 In Jesus' Holy and blessed name... Amen, Amen


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