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The Anatomy of Peace

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Participants: Pastor John Lomacang


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00:31 I'd like to invite you to pray with me right now.
00:35 The message, the anatomy of peace.
00:38 Let us pray.
00:40 Loving Father in heaven, this is the opportunity,
00:42 Lord, for Your Spirit to speak to our hearts,
00:45 give us ears to hear,
00:48 in Jesus' name, amen.
00:53 The scripture reading for this morning
00:54 is 2 Chronicles 14:2.
00:57 2 Chronicles 14:2,
01:00 it's a very short scripture, but it is power packed.
01:03 It explains the secret
01:07 I believe
01:09 to having a peaceful relationship with God.
01:12 2 Chronicles 14:2 and the Bible says
01:15 in a very short way that we can read this together.
01:18 Let us do so.
01:19 The Bible says, "Asa..." Together,
01:23 "Asa did what was good and right
01:26 in the eyes of the Lord."
01:31 Praise the Lord.
01:34 When I was growing up,
01:37 periodically mama used to say to me,
01:38 "God's watching you."
01:41 And that term used to send shrills through me
01:44 because I didn't really know God for myself,
01:47 and I used to think that God was this big guy somewhere
01:49 that just cannot wait
01:51 to whack me or to push me into the line.
01:55 And then I grew up
01:56 and I heard the phrase on several occasions,
01:59 Big Brother is watching you.
02:02 And I thought,
02:04 "Well, let me look into this Big Brother phrase
02:07 and actually what it means, and where it came from."
02:10 And as one that likes to pull in
02:12 really good stories,
02:14 I want you to walk with me through this whole phrase,
02:17 this idea that God is watching us,
02:19 God is upset with us,
02:21 God is keeping track of everything we do.
02:25 And I believe that when we see God in the right light,
02:29 we would have less fear and more adoration and praise.
02:34 Now I did my homework in
02:36 to discover the phrase Big Brother.
02:38 It seems to be a term that just refuses to die.
02:43 From generation to generation it rises to the surface
02:46 through the interpretive minds of musicians, movie producers,
02:51 songwriters, sitcom writers,
02:55 slogans.
02:57 We've seen them on billboards,
02:59 we've heard them on television programs,
03:02 but I decided where,
03:03 I like to find out where something came from.
03:06 So I'm going to share with you, this morning just walk with me
03:08 through some of the research
03:10 to understand the phrase Big Brother
03:12 in context to our Heavenly Brother who is Jesus.
03:17 According to the record
03:19 Big Brother is a fictional character
03:21 and symbol in George Orwell's novel
03:24 entitled Nineteen Eighty-Four.
03:27 He is allegedly a leader or symbolic figurehead
03:30 of a fictional place called Oceana.
03:34 It is a totalitarian state where the ruling party
03:38 wields total power over its inhabitants,
03:41 Big Brother.
03:43 However,
03:44 according to other sources there is much speculation
03:48 as to the origin of the phrase.
03:50 For example
03:52 in the essay section of his novel 1985,
03:56 Anthony Burgess states
03:58 that Orwell got the idea for the name Big Brother
04:02 from an advertising billboard
04:04 for educational correspondence
04:07 from a company called The Bennett's
04:10 that existed during World War II.
04:14 Burgess suggests that Orwell got the idea
04:17 from a billboard that simply talked
04:18 about educational supplies,
04:20 what the educational system wanted to do for young people.
04:24 The original poster showed
04:26 a man by the name of J.M. Bennett,
04:29 a kindly looking old man offering guidance and support
04:34 to would be students with the phrase,
04:37 "Let me be your father" attached.
04:42 But according to Burgess when J.M. Bennett died,
04:45 his son took over the company,
04:47 and the poster was replaced
04:49 with a picture of a son
04:51 who instead of being kind and compassionate,
04:54 the poster showed an imposing stern son
04:58 in contrast to a kind father with the phrase,
05:02 "Let me be your big brother."
05:05 That's where they suggest the phrase came from,
05:07 "Let me be your big brother."
05:08 But to go a little deeper,
05:10 in the society of George Orwell,
05:12 he describes that every citizen
05:15 and we know this in modern times every citizen
05:18 is under constant surveillance by authorities.
05:22 And in his world, you can see in the movie
05:25 large screens placed at locations around the town
05:30 with a large face of Big Brother
05:31 watching its citizens as they walk the streets,
05:34 as they shop,
05:35 as they do their day-to-day business.
05:37 They call them telescreens.
05:40 People constantly being watched
05:43 and they had under the caption,
05:45 "Big Brother is watching you."
05:48 In the modern culture,
05:50 the term Big Brother
05:51 has transitioned into a synonym
05:55 for the abusive government.
05:57 Today we say Big Brother is watching you,
05:59 I know people that would not use their iPads
06:01 unless they put a piece of tape
06:04 over the camera.
06:06 Don't raise your hand if you're one of those.
06:08 But I've seen people at 3ABN,
06:09 open their computers and there's a piece of tape
06:11 over the camera.
06:13 There are some people that buy iPhones
06:14 and they put tape because they have been told
06:17 in some of these smart televisions
06:19 that they can turn the camera on or off at their whim,
06:21 Big Brother is watching you
06:24 everywhere.
06:27 The government is looking at the things that we do
06:30 in our day-to-day lives so people suggests.
06:34 When my wife and I were in London,
06:36 we noticed that London is the one city in the world
06:38 that is laced with CCD-TVs.
06:41 In other words, cameras watching everything,
06:43 intersection, how you drive,
06:45 and they have in their system in London
06:48 a warning on the GPS
06:51 or the tracking device in your car,
06:54 it will let you know where the next camera is
06:56 so by the time you get there,
06:58 you've slowed down to the legal speed.
07:00 But in our world today,
07:02 the term Big Brother has quite an implication.
07:05 Musicians in our world today like David Bowie and Kanye West
07:09 have both produced songs entitled Big Brother.
07:12 I also discovered that
07:13 in some of the movies we watch
07:14 like as far back as the Andy Griffin Show,
07:17 and CSI Miami,
07:19 in the show Glee they use the phrase Big Brother.
07:22 It seems to be a phrase that refuses to go away.
07:25 And so when we think about Big Brother
07:28 and all the information that is being gathered on us,
07:32 the thought came to my mind,
07:35 if man with his empire of spying devices
07:39 is gathering information on every click,
07:43 on every website we visit on all of our daily activity,
07:47 the phone calls we make,
07:52 the places we travel,
07:53 as we go into Best Buy or into the mall.
07:55 If we are all being continually watched,
07:59 and man is collecting this information,
08:01 how much more does God know about us.
08:07 Now let me go ahead and frighten you
08:08 before I give you comfort.
08:11 Go with me in your Bible to the Book of Hebrews 4.
08:14 Hebrews 4, let's look together at verse 13.
08:17 It is really sobering when you think about the fact
08:21 that all of our activity is monitored by God,
08:25 it is seen by God,
08:27 there is nothing hidden from the eyes of God.
08:31 Notice the writer of Hebrews suggests this, Hebrews 4:13.
08:37 And the Bible tells us,
08:39 "There is no creature hidden..."
08:43 How many creatures?
08:45 None of us hidden from His sight...
08:47 "But all things are naked and open to the eyes of Him
08:52 to whom we must give account."
08:54 When we go to the airport, thankfully my wife and I
08:57 have what's called TSA,
09:00 and for those of you that travel,
09:01 you know what that is.
09:03 We have a TSA pass which means when we go to the airport,
09:07 we don't have to go through those big machines
09:09 where they say put your hands up,
09:10 take everything out of your pocket,
09:11 and they scan you, and the beep goes off.
09:15 I remember before I got my TSA pass
09:16 they would have signs and they'd say,
09:20 "Do you have metal in your head?"
09:22 And I say, "I don't."
09:23 But there'd be a yellow dot and I say,
09:25 "Why is that dot showing up on my brain?"
09:27 These are the cameras picking up something,
09:29 they're looking not only on our outside,
09:31 but they're scanning our insides,
09:34 and they said, "Well, let us know right now
09:35 if there's any metal in your body,
09:37 any metal in your head."
09:38 We're being surveyed internally and externally.
09:42 So is it not a sobering thought,
09:43 Terry, to think that there is nothing hidden
09:46 from the eyes of God?
09:49 And He is the one to whom we must all give an account.
09:54 Let that revolutionize the way you live this week.
10:00 But as that scripture finds fertile soil,
10:04 as was my experience, it tends to plant seeds of fear
10:09 rather than praise and admiration about God.
10:12 So before I dive into the heart of the message,
10:14 let me begin by
10:16 letting you know one of the reasons
10:17 why we have fear when we read scriptures
10:19 like that is because rebellion changes the way
10:22 we perceived God.
10:25 I mean, children will say "My parents are mean."
10:27 When somebody would say,
10:29 "Well, your parents are nice..."
10:30 Rebellion changes the way that we see God,
10:33 but allow me to begin my message by giving you
10:37 an accurate assessment of almighty God.
10:41 Go with me to Psalms 103:8-14.
10:43 Come on now, turn there quickly.
10:45 Want to hear those Bibles turning,
10:47 don't rely on the screen.
10:49 You might want to outline
10:50 or highlight this in your Bible.
10:53 Psalm
10:55 103 and let's look at verse 8-14.
11:01 And the reason why the scripture
11:02 is so necessary at this point is
11:04 because we're going to get into
11:05 some amazing understandings of God and how He works.
11:08 And why it is important to live our lives
11:10 in the side of God now
11:11 because one day we will be living our lives
11:14 in the physical literal side of almighty God.
11:17 But notice the accurate assessment
11:19 of who God is.
11:20 David the Psalmist says in verse 8,
11:22 "The Lord is merciful and..." What?
11:24 "Gracious.
11:25 Slow to..." What?
11:27 "Anger and abounding in..." What?
11:29 "Mercy.
11:30 He will not always strive with us,
11:33 nor will he keep His anger forever."
11:36 Amen, somebody?
11:37 Because sometimes I've been told
11:39 when I was being raised,
11:40 "God is angry with you, go to your room."
11:43 And I'm thinking, "How long is God going to get angry?"
11:44 Until I grew up,
11:46 I understand that God is not this guy
11:47 that's always angry.
11:48 Can you imagine if God was angry by what we do?
11:51 Will God ever be happy?
11:54 And so many people get turned off to God
11:55 because they think,
11:57 "He's this angry guy that's got divine binoculars,
11:59 and he can't wait..."
12:01 Ha!
12:02 But the Bible says,
12:03 "He will not keep His anger forever."
12:05 And then verse 10, this is the hallelujah verse.
12:09 "He has not dealt with us according to our sins,
12:14 nor punished us according to our iniquities."
12:17 Somebody said, "If you get in trouble,
12:19 put your life in God's hands."
12:21 Your parents might beat the life out of you,
12:23 but God will keep the life in you.
12:24 Amen, somebody?
12:26 For He says, "For as high,
12:28 for as the heavens are high above the earth,
12:31 so great is His mercy toward those who fear Him."
12:34 That's not afraid but honor, adore, worship Him.
12:38 "As far as the east is from the west..."
12:40 My favorite text,
12:42 "So far has He removed our transgressions from us."
12:46 You know I wish, when I read that text,
12:48 I wish people were at least half
12:50 as nice as God.
12:52 Amen?
12:53 But we live among a society where people
12:55 like to remind others of our sin
12:57 to make them feel good about themselves,
12:59 but look at the next verse.
13:01 "As a father pities his children,
13:04 so the Lord pities those who do..." What?
13:07 "Fear Him, for He knows our frame,
13:10 He remembers that we are dust."
13:15 Is that a beautiful picture of God?
13:19 And I would suggest one of the most damaging lies
13:21 that have ever been told about God
13:24 is that He is exacting,
13:25 that He is judgmental,
13:27 and that He rejoices in our punishment.
13:29 I mean, think about that,
13:30 where else can you find the platform
13:33 for the doctrine of eternal torment?
13:35 Where else can you find support
13:37 for fire and brimstone preaching?
13:39 And I was raised,
13:41 I was raised in an Adventist Church,
13:43 but if the preacher didn't tell you off,
13:45 you didn't feel like you went to church.
13:46 Amen, Pastor CA.
13:48 "You all ain't anything, but a bunch of heathens.
13:51 All you'll help him."
13:53 I mean, they try to frighten Jesus in you,
13:56 when in fact all they did was push us away further from God.
14:00 But when you know that God is not the kind of God
14:02 that's gonna beat you up
14:03 even though He knows you have sinned.
14:06 What did He say to the woman caught in adultery?
14:09 He said, "Neither do I condemn thee."
14:12 But He didn't cradle the sin.
14:15 He said, "Go and sin no more."
14:22 And John 3:17, this is just a credit.
14:25 "For God sent not His Son into the world
14:27 to condemn the world,
14:29 but that the world through Him might be saved."
14:31 He didn't come to condemn us,
14:34 He came to condemn sin.
14:38 And like a toothache,
14:39 don't connect the person with the toothache,
14:41 because that will mean
14:42 the only way to get rid of the toothache
14:46 is give it to the person.
14:48 Praise God, our tooth is separate from us,
14:51 although a part of us.
14:57 But when we read about God's love...
15:00 And you know, the older I get,
15:01 I don't know if this is something
15:03 about the age, Pastor CA,
15:04 or those of you that are getting older,
15:06 there's something about getting older
15:09 that helps us to see God in a more loving light
15:15 than when we were young people.
15:17 And I think a lot of it had to do
15:19 with the way we were raised,
15:21 or the church we went to,
15:22 or the people we were associated with,
15:24 or judgmental pastors, or hardheaded deacons,
15:27 or judgmental deaconesses,
15:29 or elders that always wag their finger in your face,
15:32 but as we get older and we read God's love letter...
15:36 I mean, look at these scriptures very quickly,
15:38 1 John 4:19,
15:40 I praise the Lord for our audio visual team,
15:41 it says, "We love Him because He" what?
15:45 "First loved us."
15:48 That means when you know somebody loves you,
15:51 then it will activate a new love for that individual.
15:54 He doesn't tolerate us, He loves us, and Jeremiah says,
15:58 "With an everlasting love,
15:59 therefore with loving-kindness He draws us."
16:03 And he knows our sin.
16:05 I mean, if anybody knows our sin,
16:07 God does.
16:08 Here's another one, John 15:13,
16:10 "Greater love has no one than this,
16:13 than to lay down one's life for his friends."
16:16 Did Jesus lay down His life for us?
16:18 Yes or no?
16:20 And that was not just love but that was great love.
16:23 And here's one more which is one of my favorites,
16:26 I've said that so many times,
16:27 I have so many favorite scriptures
16:29 so just give me some license, 1 John 4:18, here it is,
16:34 "There is no fear in" what?
16:37 "Love, but perfect love casts out" what?
16:42 "Fear, because fear involves torment.
16:46 But he who fears has not been made perfect in love."
16:51 When your relationship with God
16:52 is a fear relationship, you don't know God.
16:54 I mean, you cannot know somebody who is as loving
16:57 and compassionate and long suffering,
16:59 you cannot know Him and fear Him,
17:03 and even further than that,
17:04 you can't know God
17:06 and pray like God doesn't want to bless you.
17:09 You can't know God and not know that
17:11 that He wants the best for His children.
17:17 You cannot know God and think
17:19 that He doesn't want to hear my prayer.
17:21 As a father pities his children,
17:24 so the Lord pities those who fear Him,
17:29 so you got to understand where this fear came from.
17:31 Timothy makes it clear, 2 Timothy 1:7 makes it clear
17:35 that this fear is not from God.
17:37 If we live in fear, we are not living in God.
17:39 Notice what He says,
17:41 "For God has not given us a spirit of" what,
17:44 church?
17:45 "God has not given us a spirit of fear."
17:47 So the question is where did it come from?
17:50 What did he give us?
17:51 Together.
17:53 "But of power and of love and of a" what kind of mind?
17:57 "Sound mind."
17:58 So when you are living in fear, you've got to know right away,
18:02 God has not put that spirit on you,
18:06 doesn't come from God.
18:08 When people come to church...
18:13 When we are afraid to pray,
18:16 when we are afraid to talk to God,
18:20 that fear has come from someplace else,
18:22 it hasn't come from God.
18:24 And, you know, let me also add this component,
18:26 the reason why this sermon is so important to me
18:28 is because we've got to be people to let others know
18:31 that it's not fearful to come,
18:33 to worship the God we serve.
18:37 If they know that God is the God of love...
18:41 He doesn't excuse sin.
18:44 Let me not make this sermon sound unbalance.
18:47 He does not excuse sin, but He does not deal with us
18:51 according to our sin.
18:54 He doesn't overlook our sin,
18:56 He's a Holy God.
19:01 But, you know, is what we need
19:02 more than condemnation is forgiveness.
19:08 To understand the anatomy of peace,
19:11 let's examine the anatomy of fear.
19:13 Genesis 3:6, 7.
19:15 Look at this.
19:17 Genesis 3:6, 7,
19:19 let's go there.
19:21 To understand where the peace comes from
19:24 or how the peace got robbed,
19:25 let's examine the anatomy of fear.
19:28 The context is,
19:31 Eve is in the garden having a discussion
19:34 with a fallen angel named Lucifer,
19:36 transitioning into the name Satan,
19:39 and so she's at a tree that God told her not to go to,
19:42 and the conversation ensues as recorded.
19:45 "So when the woman saw
19:46 that the tree was good for food,
19:48 that it was pleasant to the" what?
19:50 "Eyes.
19:51 A tree desirable to make one wise,
19:54 she took of its fruit and ate.
19:58 She also gave to her husband with her, and he ate."
20:03 I want you to get this
20:04 because we're talking about eyes in the sermon.
20:06 "The eyes of both of them were opened,
20:09 and they knew that they were naked,
20:12 they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves coverings."
20:16 They lost the covering of God and they tried to provide
20:19 a substitute covering.
20:21 Let me make it clear.
20:22 There's no better covering than the covering of Jesus.
20:25 You want to be saved, you want to be blessed?
20:27 Let the covering of Jesus be your covering.
20:33 When you examine what happened here,
20:35 Adam placed greater weight
20:39 on what seemed right in their eyes.
20:41 Adam and Eve, it wasn't just Eve,
20:43 Adam and Eve placed greater weight,
20:46 follow me carefully, to what they felt was right
20:50 in their sight than what was right according to God's Word.
20:57 In other words, they said what we see
20:59 doesn't look as bad as what God made it out to be.
21:03 That's why when our sight clashes with God's Word,
21:06 we are on the wrong path.
21:13 We can't trust our sight.
21:15 We cannot trust what we see, whether it's good or bad.
21:19 In so many instances
21:22 our perception of what we see is skewed
21:26 because we don't see like God sees.
21:32 And so what looks good is sometimes bad,
21:35 what looks bad is sometimes good,
21:41 but look at Genesis 3:9, 10,
21:44 as the story continues.
21:46 They got on...
21:47 They made the wrong choice based on
21:48 what they felt was right, according to their own sight,
21:50 and then look at this.
21:52 Fear was born.
21:55 Then the Lord God called to Adam and said to him,
21:57 "Where are you?"
21:58 God wasn't asking for GPS coordinates,
22:00 He was asking for confession.
22:02 So he said, "I heard Your voice in the garden,
22:05 and I was afraid because
22:09 I was naked, and I hid myself."
22:12 When a person is fearful, it often results
22:16 in a person hiding from God.
22:19 You know, when you don't see people,
22:22 when people are locked into the closet of their own decisions,
22:25 into the world of their own choices,
22:27 into the scenario of their own fear,
22:29 when they are locked into this place
22:30 that they cannot seem to get out,
22:32 it's often because
22:33 they have stepped in the direction
22:36 opposite to God's leading, but I need to say this,
22:39 what's beautiful about this verse is God
22:42 didn't wait for Adam to go looking for Him.
22:45 God came looking for Adam.
22:48 That's the true picture of how God is.
22:50 He doesn't wait for us to come looking for Him,
22:51 He goes looking for us.
22:53 That's why Oswald Chambers, one of my favorite devotions...
22:57 If you want to be revolutionized,
22:59 get Oswald Chambers' devotions, powerful.
23:01 He said, "The remarkable thing about God
23:04 is that when you fear God, you fear nothing else,
23:08 whereas, if you do not fear God,
23:10 you fear everything else.
23:12 "When you fear God, you don't fear anything else,
23:16 but when you do not fear God, you fear everything else.
23:21 And Satan was successful in leading our parents to believe
23:26 that they needed to see
23:27 more than God was willing to show them.
23:31 In other words, he said, "If you settle for what God
23:33 is telling you is right,
23:35 then you would miss what I want to show you.
23:37 If you let me work on your eyes,
23:40 I will show you more than God is willing to let you see."
23:43 Young folk, let me give you a point of caution here.
23:50 People will approach you and say, "Have you ever seen?
23:54 Have you ever done that?" "Oh, no.
23:56 My parents told me not to do that."
23:58 "Oh, well, really, that's your parents
24:01 but if you let me show you..."
24:05 Let me tell you, if your parents told you it's not good,
24:09 listen to the advice of the experienced
24:13 because it is the same cunning words
24:15 that Satan used on deceiving Eve
24:18 and Adam acquiesce into the deception already completed,
24:22 but he had a choice.
24:24 He did not have to lean, he had a choice,
24:27 but he allowed his eyes to see
24:29 what God never intended for him to see,
24:32 and he let all of us down the path of fear.
24:36 Look at Genesis 3:5,
24:38 which I left for the latter part,
24:41 the anatomy, the lie of the devil,
24:44 "For God knows that in the day
24:46 you eat of it your eyes will be" what?
24:48 "Opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil."
24:54 From that day unto this,
24:57 Mike, we have ventured into places
24:59 that God never intended for us to go, and we've seen things
25:03 that God never intended for us to see.
25:06 I mean, I can tell you now,
25:09 there're some things in my mind I wish I never saw.
25:11 Can I get a witness?
25:14 There're some places I've been I wish I've never gone
25:16 because the one thing about the human mind is it holds on,
25:19 it banks these things, and it holds them
25:22 for those very moments
25:26 when the scenario of the present reminds us of
25:29 a situation of the past, they come back to our mind
25:32 in vivid 4K high definition like it just happened.
25:41 But here's my point, if God has not revealed it,
25:44 leave it alone.
25:45 Can I get an amen?
25:46 Here's the evidence of it, Deuteronomy 29:29,
25:50 look there with me.
25:53 And by the way, I haven't even gotten to Asaph,
25:54 but I'm going to end on time today.
25:57 I know with no amens, it's all right.
26:01 Deuteronomy 29:29,
26:02 leave the things that God has not revealed to you alone.
26:08 Moses tells us, "The secret things belong to the Lord
26:13 our God, but those things which are revealed belong to us
26:18 and to our children forever,
26:20 that we may do all the words of this law."
26:23 In other words, when God reveals it, it's safe.
26:27 But when God keeps it secret, don't go digging for it
26:33 'cause often we find what we wish we never did.
26:36 They eyes of them both were opened,
26:38 and I can tell you when Eve was finally laid to rest,
26:42 I'm sure Adam wished he had never
26:45 made the decision he made.
26:48 I don't know how Eve died, the Bible doesn't tell us,
26:50 we have no record of that, but if Eve began to slip away
26:53 in the manifestation of some disease
26:55 that has now been introduced into sin,
26:57 I can imagine Adam by her bedside saying,
26:59 "Eve, hold on."
27:01 And she says, "I can't."
27:03 And she could trace that very moment
27:07 back to ignoring God's subtle voice,
27:12 "In the day you eat thereof, you will surely die."
27:17 The first funeral was Adam's son, and I could imagine,
27:20 I don't know how many other children he had,
27:22 but somewhere along the way, he had to lay his wife to rest.
27:25 In all 930 years that Adam lived
27:29 were years of stress,
27:34 where he thought on many occasions,
27:36 "If I'd only allowed God's sight to be sufficient for me."
27:45 You see, a Christian that insists on walking by sight
27:49 is really not a Christian.
27:51 For the Bible says, "We walk by faith, and not by sight."
27:56 This is where the Lord revealed to me
27:58 one of the dangers of being a Christian for a long time.
28:00 And I'll say that again,
28:01 this is where the Lord revealed to me
28:03 one of the dangers of being a Christian for a long time.
28:05 Last night when we were sitting down
28:06 with Dr. Salta and Victoria...
28:10 I said, "I want to share this with you."
28:12 She said, "No, wait till tomorrow."
28:14 So here it is Dr. Salta. Those of you...
28:16 This is a conversation between me and Dr. Salta,
28:18 you can listen in.
28:20 This is powerful.
28:22 And I want to preface it once again by saying,
28:23 God revealed to me
28:25 that one of the dangers of being a...
28:27 There's a danger in being a Christian for a long time.
28:31 And you know what that danger is?
28:32 We get used to trusting our sight.
28:39 Knowledge increases but wisdom belongs only to God.
28:46 What we don't realize is there are certain conditions
28:51 that don't manifest themselves until we are older,
28:54 and I want you to listen with Q-tipped clean ears,
28:59 it's called age-related macular degeneration.
29:04 Let me quote The Medical Association,
29:09 "Age-related macular degeneration.
29:12 More than 10 million people in the United States
29:15 are affected by this condition.
29:18 In fact, it is a leading cause of blindness
29:21 in people over age 65.
29:26 Age-related macular degeneration is a condition
29:29 that affects the center of the retina, called the macular.
29:34 The macular is the part of the eye responsible
29:38 for our most acute vision
29:43 which we use when reading,
29:46 driving, performing other activities,"
29:49 get this, "that require fine, sharp,
29:53 or straight ahead vision."
29:56 So when the macular begins to degenerate,
29:59 we don't have sharp,
30:03 fine, straight ahead vision.
30:06 We start looking in different directions
30:09 because the macular is beginning to degenerate.
30:14 Are you ready?
30:15 I'd like to suggest that when we don't
30:17 keep our relationship with God fresh,
30:20 our ability to see sin is also affected.
30:27 The longer, hear me carefully,
30:29 the longer we practice religion without Jesus,
30:32 the more in danger we are in thinking
30:35 that our eyesight is reliable.
30:40 Let me get deeper into the cause.
30:43 "Age-related macular degeneration have symptoms.
30:46 Here's some of the symptoms.
30:48 What you see, according to the AMA,
30:51 what you see begins to appear blurry or hazy."
30:55 Spiritual application,
30:57 teachings that used to be clear clear,
31:00 now that you're older now appear difficult to understand.
31:04 Blurry and hazy.
31:06 "I don't believe in the sanctuary anymore
31:09 'cause I'm smarter now.
31:11 I got more knowledge now.
31:12 When I was young, I was gullible,
31:16 but now that I got more information,
31:18 what used to be clear to me is blurry
31:20 and hazy 'cause I got new vision out."
31:23 When, in fact, you're suffering from degenerated vision.
31:27 Truth never changes, can I get an amen?
31:29 But when you begin looking at things
31:31 that are blurry and hazy,
31:33 what used to be clear looks indistinguishable.
31:39 Another condition about age-related
31:41 macular degeneration, this says,
31:43 "You need brighter light when you are reading."
31:45 Whoa, you need brighter light, come on.
31:48 You need brighter light,
31:50 which means you cannot keep reading material
31:53 that leads you into dark places.
31:55 You need to read with brighter lights.
31:59 David prayed, "Open my eyes that I may behold
32:02 wonderful things out of your law"
32:05 The word of God is a lamp to our feet,
32:07 a light to our path.
32:08 Amen?
32:10 Don't read materials
32:11 from people that produce dark things
32:14 and expect to find bright light there.
32:19 If you've been around long enough,
32:21 you know that the one thing that
32:23 the Adventist message has is enemies,
32:26 enemies of the sanctuary message,
32:29 the health message, the Sabbath message,
32:32 and the list goes on and on and on.
32:34 And these are people that claim
32:35 to have been a part of us at one time,
32:38 but they begin to produce material
32:40 that brings in dark thoughts and dark ideas.
32:44 The evidence of the fact that
32:46 we are being degenerated in our eyesight
32:48 for spiritual things is that we start reading things
32:51 that need brighter light
32:53 to differentiate truth from error.
32:56 We also say, "That as the disease advances,
33:00 there may be dark or blank spots in the vision."
33:04 When it begins to advance,
33:06 there may be dark or blank spots in the vision.
33:09 In other words, what you used to see, you no longer see.
33:12 In other words, you can no longer discern between
33:14 what is right and what is wrong because the dark spots
33:18 and the blank areas now blocked what used to be clear.
33:21 And let me tell you something, that's what sin does.
33:24 It blocks what used to be clear.
33:28 And one of the sign that's really amazing to me
33:34 is one of the other signs of AMD is visual distortion.
33:39 "Straight lines appear wavy."
33:42 That was amazing to me.
33:44 Straight lines, all of a sudden,
33:46 appear wavy because your vision begins to degenerate.
33:49 In other words, straight truth seems to be crooked now,
33:53 straight truth seems to be defective now,
33:56 straight truth seems to be unreliable now.
33:59 Come on, Bishop, give me an amen.
34:01 So when you get older, be careful
34:07 to prevent your spiritual walk with God from degenerating.
34:12 Spiritual age-related macular degeneration is responsible
34:16 for accommodating worldly practices
34:19 and beliefs into the church.
34:21 I mean, think about what's happening in our church.
34:24 Think about what's happening.
34:25 Controversies over scripturally
34:28 appointed gender-specific roles.
34:31 Recently, I entertained a thought that...
34:33 I was trying to figure out...
34:34 And I'm not going to tell you which side I'm on
34:36 but that's not the point of this next comment,
34:39 but we have been fighting, for the last 30 years,
34:42 over women's roles in America.
34:44 Anybody old enough to remember the women's lib?
34:46 Come on. Remember women's lib?
34:49 And I'm not saying that
34:50 you should not be given equal pay
34:52 for equal work, that's not what I'm talking about.
34:53 But there seems to be an agenda that, one time,
34:57 only the world was pushing it
35:00 but now the church is pushing it,
35:05 these gender-specific issues.
35:06 And I thought about
35:08 where it could possibly have come from?
35:09 And my mind was led back, as I was discussing,
35:11 my mid was led back to the idea that ever since
35:14 Eve strayed from Adam's sight,
35:19 women have become uncomfortable
35:22 being subject to godly male authority.
35:26 Think about that.
35:28 What else could be behind this push, this hard push,
35:31 to begin to accept things that are not scripturally based?
35:35 When we see things that are not scripturally based,
35:38 and ignore the Bible, and use voting
35:42 to put it into play rather than the authority of God's Word,
35:46 there's got to be some spiritual macular degeneration.
35:52 Seeing things that are not supported by God's Word,
35:56 but you insist on putting it into play anyway,
35:58 overwriting it, and saying,
36:01 "Adam, what do you think about the tree?
36:02 Well, Eve, what do you think?
36:04 Well, I know what God says,
36:05 but let's go ahead and have a fruit.
36:08 Let's vote. Two to one.
36:10 Eve in favor, Adam in favor" Satan says, "I'm in favor."
36:15 "Okay, God, three to one."
36:16 And we vote and that's what we are today.
36:19 Spiritual macular degeneration.
36:22 And I would suggest it also affects the belief that,
36:26 "I'm not done yet."
36:27 As some of us get older, there is degeneration
36:31 in other areas of our lives that affects the way we see
36:34 the things that are necessary for us.
36:36 For example, some people believe that regular prayer
36:39 and Bible study is no longer necessary.
36:42 "It was necessary when I was young
36:44 and excited about my baptism,
36:45 it was necessary when I first joined a church.
36:47 I was excited about carrying my Bible,
36:49 showing up at prayer meeting,
36:50 being on time for Sabbath school,
36:52 being there for evangelism, volunteering for positions.
36:54 But now that I'm older,
36:58 I've already been there, done that."
37:00 Somebody is spiritually degenerated.
37:03 Come on, help me out.
37:05 Age-related macular degeneration
37:07 in the spiritual areas is
37:09 when we think that service to God,
37:11 with full dedication, is optional.
37:13 There are people today that when you ask them to serve
37:16 in the office, in the church to serve God, not serve men,
37:19 but to serve God, they say, "I don't feel like it.
37:26 I've done this for a long time; it's my chance to rest."
37:29 No, when you die, it'll be your chance to rest.
37:35 Read Samuel, the Lord...
37:39 Come on, his mother's name?
37:41 Hannah.
37:43 Hannah said, "I'm going to dedicate Samuel
37:45 to the work of the Lord as long as he lives."
37:48 Not as long as he wants to.
37:51 Now we got people that serve 'cause they feel like it.
37:54 They are the people that are degenerated in the areas of...
37:56 They think if they work for God,
37:58 that how they treat people don't matter.
38:02 And these are folk that are...
38:05 They didn't just join the church,
38:06 they've been here a long time.
38:08 But as I said, there're certain conditions
38:10 that don't manifest themselves until you get older,
38:18 that's why doing what is right in our sight
38:20 is the prelude to defeat.
38:24 The blessings of God will slip away
38:26 when we feel that our sight is reliable.
38:29 That's why we have to pray the prayer that David prayed.
38:31 Go with me to Psalm 139.
38:33 This is my prayer, I've been praying it more
38:36 'cause you know what?
38:38 I'm going to be one year older tomorrow.
38:41 You figure it out,
38:44 not going to tell you my age.
38:46 But I'll be one year older tomorrow
38:49 and there's nothing that...
38:50 Jim, there's nothing more important,
38:52 and I know you feel the same way.
38:54 There's nothing more important to me than when Jesus comes,
38:58 my name is on His list for eternal security.
39:05 So how am I going to be sure that I'm there?
39:08 Here's the prayer of David,
39:09 shows that our sight is not reliable, we are biased,
39:11 we cannot examine ourselves.
39:13 David prayed the payer,
39:14 "Search me, O God, and know my heart.
39:17 Try me, and know my thoughts and my anxieties."
39:21 And I like this verse 24, "And see"
39:23 Let Him do the examining,
39:25 "And see if there is any wicked way" where?
39:29 "In me, and then lead me in the way everlasting."
39:34 Lord, you do the searching 'cause, I mean, like right now
39:37 I've been comparing myself with other members.
39:40 So there's certain things I can't see.
39:42 And that's part of the problem of being an Adventist,
39:47 or Christian, in any denomination
39:49 for a long time.
39:50 We call them church fathers or church mothers
39:52 whereas one pastor said, he said,
39:54 "That lady has been in the church so long,
39:56 every time she comes to church, she says,
39:57 'I've been in the way for 40 years.'
39:58 " He said, "You have been in the way.
40:00 You've been in everybody's way."
40:03 And there's some people
40:04 that think they are so experienced
40:06 in ecclesiastical obiter dictum...
40:07 Can I borrow the term?
40:10 That they are hindrance
40:12 to those who will need to look to
40:13 an experienced Christian and say,
40:15 "That's who I want to be able to be like."
40:20 And so there's no excuse for being a Christian
40:22 a long time and still being mean,
40:25 there's no excuse for saying
40:26 you've been in second and third generation.
40:28 Don't boast about what you've been
40:30 unless you're like Jesus.
40:37 Why should we let the Lord search us?
40:39 1 Samuel 16:7,
40:43 "For the Lord does not see as man sees,
40:46 for man looks at the" what?
40:48 "Outward appearance,
40:51 but the Lord looks at the" what?
40:53 "Heart."
40:56 So often we have misunderstood things
40:59 because we think that somebody don't want to talk to us,
41:02 and we were sure they saw us, and we know they avoided us
41:08 'cause we see on the outward appearance.
41:13 That's why one of the churches I was in few years ago...
41:18 Few years ago, more like, 15 years ago,
41:21 before I came here.
41:23 I had a Sabbath school class that was a long way
41:25 down the hallway, from my office to the church.
41:27 And I would be, after Sabbath school,
41:29 instead of
41:30 coming down the steps and go around the back,
41:31 like I do here with less interruption,
41:34 I had to go through the whole crowd of people,
41:35 and our church would be jam-packed,
41:38 people in the foyer and, you know.
41:41 And it's like I'm wearing an orange jumpsuit,
41:43 everybody sees me but I don't see everybody.
41:47 And people used to complain "Pastor,
41:48 you ignored me last Sabbath.
41:50 I tried to get to you, you ignored me."
41:52 And so I had to build in this safety net.
41:55 I said, "If you think I ignored you, tell my wife.
42:00 And she'll remind me not to ignore you next week.
42:03 If there's an announcement you need to get to me
42:05 between Sabbath school and church,
42:06 make sure she gets it
42:08 'cause while I'm trying to figure out
42:10 which lane to swim in,
42:12 she has a little bit more time to take that down
42:15 and I will be glad to talk to you."
42:18 But so often, we look with human eyes
42:23 and we do what's right in our sight rather than
42:26 what's right in the sight of the Lord.
42:28 But I'm going to give you some good news
42:29 about age-related macular degeneration.
42:32 There' some good news about it, and the good news is,
42:34 according to the AMA that
42:37 "Age-related macular degeneration is a condition
42:40 that should be monitored closely."
42:44 Now watch this.
42:45 When things begin to appear wavy,
42:47 when the dark spots begin to show up,
42:51 when you begin to have difficulties seeing
42:54 like you used to, start monitoring it.
42:58 And according to the quote
43:00 as I share with you from the AMA,
43:02 "Some changes in your
43:03 age-related macular degeneration
43:06 may only be detected by an eye care professional."
43:10 You can't detect it.
43:12 "So it is important to keep your eye doctor appointments
43:16 as directed."
43:21 You can't detect your degeneration
43:23 unless you come to prayer meeting.
43:27 'Cause what you got on Sabbath, ain't going to keep you
43:30 till next Sabbath.
43:32 And if you don't pick up your Bible,
43:34 you're getting that much more blind by the moment.
43:37 Everything else is coming in, messing with your sight.
43:40 You think that what you hear
43:41 this morning is going to keep you till next Sabbath,
43:43 if you eat one meal today,
43:46 wait till next Sabbath and eat another,
43:47 then wait till the next Sabbath and eat another.
43:49 In a matter of four weeks,
43:51 you will be the most emaciated
43:52 tired Christian walk on the earth.
43:56 You got to monitor that.
43:58 We cannot monitor ourselves, and you cannot trust yourself.
44:01 You got to go to the professionals, the Holy Spirit.
44:04 You got to go to the professionals, the Word of God.
44:06 You got to read God's diagnosis about you,
44:10 and He says in Psalms 119:105,
44:12 "Your word is a lamp to our feet
44:16 and a light to our path."
44:17 Can we say amen to that?
44:18 "Your word is a lamp to our feet."
44:20 God's Word is a what? Lamp.
44:22 You can't trust in your own sight.
44:24 His word is a lamp to our feet and the light to our path.
44:26 If you don't study your Bible,
44:27 you don't have a good flashlight.
44:31 I mean, really, think about it.
44:32 How many of you ever had the lights go off?
44:34 In Thompsonville, that's not unusual.
44:35 The lights just go off for no reason.
44:38 Do you ever hear all the stuff in your house just reset?
44:43 Every time the power go off, my emergency radio comes on.
44:46 Temperature's going to be 65 degrees,
44:48 you probably got up, oh, the auto power just went off
44:50 'cause I always mute it unless it's an emergency.
44:53 And where we live, the power can go off at any moment.
44:55 Let me suggest you, if you're not connected to God,
44:58 the power can go off at any moment.
45:02 So you can't trust in, "Everything looks just fine."
45:08 You got to keep your vision sharp, Bob.
45:11 Right?
45:13 And only God's Word can do that.
45:16 So when you want to ask the question, "Well, how?
45:19 Pastor John, how are we going to prevent
45:22 age-related spiritual macular degeneration?"
45:26 Let God's Word...
45:27 Listen to this quotation from the book,
45:29 "A Call to Stand Apart" a devotion by Ellen White,
45:32 page 69, paragraph 2.
45:34 It's not difficult to have good vision,
45:37 it's not difficult to know what to do in the sight of God,
45:40 but you have to have a guide.
45:42 Here's what she says,
45:45 "There is nothing more calculated..."
45:48 More what? Calculated.
45:50 "To energize the mind and strengthen the intellect
45:55 than the study of the Word of God."
45:58 Nothing, the commentaries ain't sufficient.
46:02 Oswald Chambers, Ellen White, all the theological books
46:06 are not sufficient because there is only one living Word.
46:11 "Nothing more calculated."
46:13 Ellen White is saying that
46:15 so she's not even putting her writings above the Bible.
46:17 There're some people that are Ellen White professionals,
46:21 but she said, "No, our creed is the Bible and the Bible only."
46:26 She goes on to say, "No other book is so potent
46:31 to elevate the thoughts, to give vigor to the faculties,
46:35 as the broad, ennobling truths of the Bible."
46:41 You want to have a powerful life?
46:42 Pick your Bible up and read it.
46:44 And all of a sudden,
46:45 a dead moment can become an exciting moment.
46:46 My wife and I do that all the time.
46:48 We're going through the Book of 1 Samuel now.
46:50 And you know what?
46:52 The Bible will beat you up and then straighten you up.
46:56 Ain't I right?
46:57 You read a story in the Bible and say, "Oh no.
47:00 That reminds me of me."
47:02 And, you know, when you know when you've found a story?
47:04 When you're quiet.
47:06 Even the on person says,
47:07 you get quite when you read the text,
47:08 you kind of read it with a low volume
47:11 'cause God is saying, "Terry, reminds you of anybody?"
47:16 Am I right? That's what the Bible do...
47:18 It doesn't let you off the hook.
47:19 It's dramatic.
47:21 You want to find drama?
47:22 Read the Bible.
47:23 You want to find intrigue?
47:25 Read the Bible.
47:26 You want to find mystery,
47:28 if you like war, read the Bible.
47:33 It's got everything that the movie producers
47:37 are trying to duplicate in a factitious setting.
47:42 It's all in there, but you'll never know until you read it.
47:45 Young people, you'll never know how exciting this book is
47:49 until you get out of Facebook and face this book.
47:54 Amen?
47:55 That's why the devil creates those distractions.
47:58 You're reading it...
47:59 You're sending a text rather than reading a text.
48:05 Let God's Word be the text that controls your life,
48:09 young people.
48:11 Be the young people...
48:12 I'm always excited when I see young people
48:14 that are excited about Jesus.
48:16 They're not afraid to tell people about Jesus.
48:20 And so when you think about that,
48:22 she finishes the quotation by saying
48:25 not only is no other book
48:27 so potent to elevate the thoughts,
48:28 to give vigor to the faculties, as the broad,
48:29 ennobling truths of the Bible, but she says,
48:31 "If God's Word were studied as it should be,
48:36 men would have a breadth of mind,
48:38 a nobility of character, and a stability of purpose
48:42 that are rarely seen in these times."
48:46 Stable folk, stable people.
48:49 Storms are raging, they say,
48:51 "It's all right, it's going to pass over."
48:54 Now go with me to 2 Chronicles 14,
48:57 as I wind up my sermon.
48:58 2 Chronicles 14:2-6,
49:00 we're going to go back to the scripture reading,
49:02 and we're going to see what happens
49:04 in a life that is guided by God's sight.
49:09 And I will suggest you there, you cannot make any changes
49:12 in your life until your sight is guided by God's sight.
49:16 You will never even see the need to make changes.
49:19 When you read this story, what you need to do is
49:22 read a few chapters back or three or four chapters back,
49:25 and you'll discover that the battles of the kings,
49:28 of the leaders in Judah, and in Israel,
49:30 there was one battle after the other after the other,
49:32 defeat after defeat after defeat.
49:35 But all of the sudden,
49:37 when Abijah rested with his fathers,
49:39 Asa, his son, reigned in his place,
49:42 and Asa did what the preceding kings refused to do,
49:46 that is, to trust the sight of God over his own sight.
49:50 Look at what 2 Chronicles 14:2 points out.
49:53 And I want you to see this after Asa did what was right,
49:56 notice the changes he made in his kingdom
49:58 because God was guiding his sight.
50:00 I preface this by saying,
50:01 you cannot make any changes in your life
50:03 until God is leading your sight.
50:07 Verse 2," Asa did what was good
50:09 and right in the eyes of the Lord his God."
50:13 There was nobody else between him and his God.
50:16 And look at what he did, the changes.
50:18 We need to make changes in our lives,
50:20 but we cannot make those changes
50:21 if we're trusting in our eyesight.
50:23 It says, "For he removed the altars of the foreign God's..."
50:26 I'm sure we have foreign gods in our own lives,
50:29 but you can't move those altars
50:31 unless God is guiding your sight.
50:32 Unless God shows you that this altar is foreign,
50:35 it doesn't belong there.
50:36 What you're watching, what you're practicing,
50:38 what you're doing doesn't belong there.
50:42 "He removed the altars of the foreign gods
50:44 and the high places, he broke down the sacred pillars..."
50:47 Not sacred to God but sacred to the false gods.
50:51 "He cut down the wooden images"
50:53 that they worshipped in place of the true God.
50:55 "He commanded Judah to seek the Lord."
50:58 Listen to your pastor.
50:59 I'm commanding our church to seek the Lord.
51:06 "God of their fathers, and to observe the law
51:08 and the commandments.
51:10 He also removed the high places..."
51:12 Spiritual wickedness in high places.
51:16 "And the incense altars from all the cities of Judah..."
51:18 He cleaned up the town.
51:22 "And the kingdom was quiet under him."
51:24 You want peace in your life?
51:27 Let God guide your eyes
51:29 and He'll show you the changes that need to be made.
51:33 "And he built fortified cities in Judah..."
51:35 He strengthened the cities.
51:38 "For the land had rest..."
51:39 For the land had what? Rest.
51:41 Anybody here need rest? You need rest?
51:45 Come unto me, all who are weary and heavy laden,
51:47 I will give you rest."
51:50 And I like this part, "He had no war in those years,
51:55 because the Lord had given him rest."
52:00 How did the Lord give him rest?
52:01 'Cause he did what was right in God's sight.
52:04 He did what was right in God's sight.
52:08 Now let me also take it at the next level.
52:11 The anatomy of peace is doing right in God's sight
52:14 but it comes with an extra blessing.
52:16 Now not only do we want rest,
52:17 but some of us have wars in our lives
52:19 that have not yet been settled.
52:21 Go with me to Proverbs 16:7.
52:23 Proverbs 16:7, let's look at that.
52:25 Proverbs 16:7.
52:28 Look at that, this is powerful.
52:30 God not only will give you peace in your days,
52:33 but He wants to do something else.
52:35 When I read this text,
52:36 and I start living in harmony with it,
52:38 I started noticing... Let me testify.
52:40 I started noticing that folk that didn't like me,
52:43 all of a sudden started talking to me.
52:46 And I would bring them...
52:48 I'd come home to my wife and say,
52:49 "Guess who was talking to me today?"
52:50 She said, "No!
52:53 What happened?"
52:55 "I don't know."
52:57 But then the Lord sent me the text.
52:58 Here it is.
53:00 Are you ready for it?
53:01 "When a man's ways please the Lord,
53:04 He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him."
53:09 Amen?
53:10 You know why so many of us are still battling?
53:12 'Cause our ways are not pleasing to God.
53:19 We don't live a life pleasing to God.
53:21 But it even goes further,
53:23 the anatomy of peace is not only the promise
53:25 of your battles being fought and finding peace,
53:28 but it's also the anatomy of blessings.
53:30 It gets better.
53:31 1 John 3:22.
53:34 Alice, could you come and play softly for me.
53:37 1 John 3:22.
53:41 Look at this. It gets...
53:42 When you let God guide you,
53:44 He will not only give you peace and settle the wars,
53:47 He'll fight your battles,
53:48 He'll make your enemies at peace with you, and then...
53:51 This is where so many of us live,
53:53 but I want to tell you, the secret is in this verse.
53:57 1 John 3:22, "And whatever we ask
54:01 we receive from Him..."
54:03 Whatever we what? Ask.
54:05 We receive from where?
54:06 Him, not from everybody else.
54:09 He'll move on the hearts of people
54:11 when you're living right in His sight.
54:13 He'll say to people...
54:15 Somebody will call you and bless you and you say,
54:19 "Where'd that come from?"
54:21 Somebody will say, "I want to do this for you" And you say,
54:24 "Why did they think about us?"
54:26 Somebody will say, "I want to take you somewhere with...
54:28 And all your expenses are covered."
54:31 "Why'd you think about us?"
54:34 I told you, my wife and I had entered 2017 in our Bibles
54:37 and on our knees, and God revealed to us in Isaiah 60,
54:41 "You will have double honor
54:43 but you got to live right in my sight."
54:45 And my wife and I have come to the place,
54:47 we're so excited about what God is doing,
54:49 we don't want to do wrong in God's sight.
54:51 Look at the blessing, "And whatever we ask
54:55 we receive from Him because we keep His commandments..."
54:59 Come on, commandment keepers.
55:00 "And do those things
55:04 that are pleasing in His sight."
55:08 "We talk about keeping the commandments," He say,
55:09 "What are you doing when nobody else is around?
55:12 Who are you when you ain't at church?
55:15 Who are you when you're driving to the store?
55:17 Who are you when you're walking in a mall?
55:20 Who are you when you're visiting with people
55:21 that are not Christians?
55:23 Who are you?"
55:25 See, how we live in private
55:27 and how we live in public are the seeds of blessings.
55:30 I'm going to just throw this one and I think
55:31 there's extra credit, but Matthew 6:6, hear it,
55:35 "Your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly."
55:41 Ain't that a blessing, Rosemary?
55:43 He sees you in secret, Gary, but He rewards you in openly.
55:46 You see, if we plan to live in the kingdom of holiness,
55:53 do you hear me? If we plan...
55:55 If you plan on living in the kingdom of holiness,
55:58 now is a good time to start.
56:03 You're not going to get righteous
56:04 when you step into heaven.
56:07 He that is just, let him be just still.
56:09 He that is holy, let him be what?
56:11 Holy still.
56:12 It is good to get used to living holy lives now.
56:20 How do you do it?
56:22 By inviting Jesus in by constant prayer,
56:25 by reading your Bibles, by practicing His Word.
56:29 We experience deliverance from wars, we find peace,
56:34 we get what we ask for if it's in harmony with God's will.
56:38 And the reality is, Big Brother is watching us.
56:42 Not to condemn us, but to bless us and bring us peace.
56:47 After all, Jesus is the prince of peace.
56:54 Now I end with this verse,
56:57 2 Chronicles 16:9, just a portion of it.
57:01 2 Chronicles 69, I'll just read it and you're hearing,
57:05 "For the eyes of the Lord..."
57:07 You see, Asa did what was right in the eyes of the Lord.
57:09 "For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro
57:14 throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong
57:18 in behalf of those
57:20 whose heart is loyal to Him."
57:26 Do you got somebody loyal?
57:29 You won't be afraid to give him the keys to the business.
57:32 If you have somebody who is loyal,
57:33 you won't be afraid to say, "Make this deposit for me."
57:36 Am I right?
57:37 If you have somebody who is loyal,
57:40 you won't be afraid to put your life in his or her hand.
57:44 If we're loyal to God, He will fix the broken things
57:47 of our world, put us in His will,
57:50 and bless us, quiet our wars,
57:53 give us peace, and get us ready for eternity.
58:00 My appeal is simple, is there somebody today, by standing,
58:04 you're saying, "I want to experience the anatomy of peace
58:09 and blessings."
58:10 Is there somebody here today?
58:13 It may sound hard, but all you got to do
58:17 is do what's right in the sight of the Lord.
58:23 Loving Father in heaven, bless Your people.
58:27 Give us spiritual discernment
58:29 to do what is right in Your sight.
58:31 Not what seems right, not what appears right,
58:34 because what appears right to us
58:37 could lead us to the way of death.
58:38 Bless our hearts, and our minds, our bodies,
58:40 our hands, our relationships with one another.
58:44 Bless our worship in our homes with our family, our children.
58:47 Help us to guide them, not in the areas of comfort,
58:50 but in the areas of holy living
58:52 and they will then find comfort living a holy life.
58:57 May Your people of this earth
58:59 prepare for the kingdom of peace
59:02 and may You be the Lord that guides us all the way.
59:05 In Jesus name we pray, and everyone said amen.
59:09 Amen.


Revised 2018-07-16