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00:32 I mentioned earlier
00:34 that this message is not for the faint of heart
00:40 I have been preaching...
00:43 I remember getting an e-mail one day,
00:44 somebody said, "Well, Pastor John,
00:47 don't preach about Jesus."
00:50 Well, you can be here or not,
00:52 you couldn't be here and say that,
00:54 because somebody said,
00:55 "Man, you preach so much about Jesus,
00:58 can you give us some prophecy every now and then?"
01:01 Okay, today is your day.
01:04 You asked for it, as we say in New York,
01:08 you're gonna get it.
01:10 But I'm praying that it will be done in a way
01:12 that will honor God
01:14 because sometimes the message can be so bright,
01:18 I don't want it to burn anybody,
01:20 I want it to shine.
01:22 So I'm gonna ask you this morning...
01:25 Just before I read the scripture,
01:26 just before you read it with me,
01:28 I'm gonna ask for the Lord to guide our minds and hearts,
01:31 so that we could receive it the right way
01:33 and that I could communicate it the right way.
01:37 The message is entitled, "Distractions."
01:38 Let us read the scripture together
01:40 on the screen and I'd like you to read that
01:42 with some oomph
01:43 as we begin our message this morning.
01:47 Together, "Now learn the parable from the fig tree
01:52 when its branch has already become tender
01:56 and puts forth leaves, you know that summer is near.
02:01 So you also, when you see all these things,
02:07 know that it is near at the doors!"
02:12 Let us pray.
02:14 Loving Father in heaven,
02:17 I just want to be Your servant today.
02:19 Use my mind and my heart to speak in a way
02:24 that will glorify Jesus,
02:28 will awaken the slumbering,
02:32 will grab the unaware,
02:35 and will refocus the distracted.
02:40 In Jesus name I pray, amen.
02:45 When I read that scripture, the words of Jesus
02:47 ring with urgency
02:51 to a world that is distracted.
02:55 If you have just taken the pulse of this generation,
02:58 this generation has lost the ability to stay focused.
03:03 Everything around us is grabbing and pulling
03:06 for our attention.
03:09 Social pressures, family ties, and worldly pursuits
03:16 have absorbed the senses of our society to the point
03:22 that the eternal things have almost become unimportant.
03:28 But I think the Lord,
03:31 that even though the unimportant
03:32 and the fascinating heaven
03:33 gross the minds of the mindless.
03:35 I thank the Lord, that the words of prophecy
03:40 still have a voice.
03:44 That the words that Jesus have spoken Himself,
03:48 that the words, that the Holy Spirit
03:52 have inspired the prophets to pen,
03:55 are being fulfilled in our day, letting us know
03:58 that He that shall come, will come and will not tarry.
04:05 But there's someone else that knows
04:06 that the coming of the Lord is even at the door,
04:09 and that is the enemy.
04:11 And the enemy have souls, has devised a strategy
04:14 by which the world has become charmed,
04:18 spellbound, mesmerized, and riveted to the irrelevant.
04:23 Things that really don't matter for eternity
04:26 are getting more of our energies
04:28 than God ever intended for them to receive
04:33 and the simple things are losing their simplicity.
04:38 As I was preparing for the message,
04:41 I said to myself, "I am going to go to bed early.
04:45 I am going to go to bed early. I went to bed at 3:02.
04:50 I went to bed early."
04:52 But I don't feel like I went to bed at 3:00,
04:54 I feel like I had a 12-hour rest,
04:59 because to revisit the words of prophecy
05:01 are exhilarating and awakening and exciting.
05:07 But if you think about the simplicities of life
05:09 and I was looking through in my computer.
05:11 Thank God for the day and age of multitasking.
05:14 You can open as many windows
05:16 as your operating system can allow.
05:19 I was amazed to see that the simple things of life
05:21 are no longer simple and are also no longer safe.
05:25 Take walking, the healthiest exercise.
05:28 Through distractions, walking has become
05:32 the ever increasing means by which
05:35 pedestrians are losing their lives by the thousands.
05:40 Why? Because of distractions.
05:43 Take for example NPR News, March 30th, 2017,
05:48 and they reported: A report released today,
05:50 according to that date,
05:52 by the Governor's Highway Safety Association shows
05:56 that the number of pedestrians killed in traffic
05:59 jumped 11% last year to nearly 6,000.
06:05 That's the biggest single year increase
06:07 in pedestrian fatalities ever and the highest number
06:12 in more than two decades or more than 20 years.
06:16 I began to find out the specifics
06:18 and they point out that more than a million people,
06:22 more than how many?
06:24 More than a million people
06:27 were involved in fatal incidences
06:31 by driving while texting.
06:37 More than a million, this is not in 10 years,
06:39 this is in a year.
06:42 And they've taken the statistics.
06:43 It's an alarming thing. And you almost don't hear it.
06:45 It is almost like the phone companies say,
06:47 "Please do not put that on the news."
06:52 And then 1.6 million
06:56 have been involved in near fatal accidents
06:59 that have admittedly say, said that,
07:02 while they were driving they were trying to text
07:04 or respond to some kind of notification.
07:07 One writer said, "All you've got to do
07:09 to be able to get something accomplished
07:12 is turn the notifications on your phone off."
07:17 Anybody know what I'm talking about?
07:19 You know that ting, ting...
07:23 All these sounds that we connect,
07:24 we have a Facebook sound and an Instagram sound,
07:27 and an e-mail sound,
07:29 you know what I'm talking about?
07:30 And there's some people that...
07:31 "Hold on, hold on, wait."
07:35 And Simon Sinek even points out,
07:38 as he looks at the alluring challenges of the,
07:42 of the multimedia, he says,
07:44 "That when you sit in a meeting,
07:47 when you are waiting in the waiting room,
07:49 do something different for a change.
07:51 Put down your phone and ask the person next to you,
07:55 how are you doing?"
08:01 He said even when he goes to dinner now,
08:03 if they go in a group of four,
08:04 three of them leave their phones at home.
08:06 So they can actually have a civilized meeting.
08:09 He even suggested that when you're having a meeting,
08:11 don't even put your phone on the table,
08:13 because it suggest to some subliminal level
08:16 that you are kind of listening to the person
08:19 that's talking to you, waiting for any interruption
08:22 that could come at any moment now.
08:26 Distracted. Distracted.
08:30 Health Day, October 1, 2017, under the title:
08:34 "Most U.S. Drivers Engage in distracting Behavior,"
08:37 the poll was taken.
08:39 It says, "Despite these statistics,
08:40 more than 37% of the drivers have admitted
08:43 to sending or receiving text messages while driving
08:46 and 18% admit doing it regularly."
08:51 That's what we do, that's what we do.
08:57 If you only know how far you go in three seconds
09:00 when you're traveling 60 miles an hour,
09:02 and the question is,
09:03 who drives 60 miles an hour?
09:07 Okay, don't raise your hand. But that's...
09:11 You can go a long way in three seconds.
09:16 A deer can come out,
09:18 a pedestrian can walk in your path.
09:21 And I chose to exercise some discretion this morning
09:24 because there's some really funny videos
09:26 on Youtube about people that...
09:29 There's a lady walking in the mall,
09:30 she works in this mall every day,
09:32 that's the mall she works in.
09:35 And she's walking and she said in the news broadcast,
09:37 she actually was interviewed
09:39 after this accident, went viral.
09:42 She was interviewed and she said,
09:43 "When I got to work the next day,
09:45 all my co-workers were laughing at me
09:47 and I was embarrassed to the point of tears."
09:50 And they said, "What happened?"
09:51 She said, "Well, one of my church members
09:55 texted me while I was on my way to lunch
09:58 and I just decided to respond to the text
10:00 and ended up in the mall's water fountain."
10:04 She said, "The next thing I knew
10:06 I had pennies and quarters all over my face."
10:10 I thought I exercised discretion
10:12 not to show the video.
10:13 I didn't want to embarrass her further.
10:15 But there's another video of a lady,
10:17 just all she did was answer her phone.
10:19 And if you're in New York City,
10:21 you know, many of the stores in New York City,
10:22 the way the city is designed,
10:24 they have these things called chutes
10:25 that are ground level and they open them
10:28 and they are subterranean or they're below the ground,
10:31 if that's the word they use,
10:33 and people often get their store deliveries
10:36 as they take the goods down and below the store,
10:39 but they have to open these gates like this
10:41 and they're open like a,
10:42 you know, a door that's on the ground.
10:44 I show a picture of a lady just on a phone
10:46 and before, you know, she tumbled over
10:48 and ended up in the basement of the store.
10:51 It's funny.
10:53 But it's not funny when you see a person
10:55 fall on the tracks of an oncoming train
11:00 or you hear about a 13-year-old
11:02 that chose to consciously jump down
11:04 and get her phone and after losing her life,
11:07 her peers of equal age said,
11:10 "They would have done the same thing."
11:13 That's why I decided that a distraction occurs
11:16 when our affections and our intellect
11:19 are focused on objects and issues
11:21 of lesser value than our lives.
11:24 That's a distraction.
11:27 But the point of the transition is this.
11:31 If those are the impacts and the statistics of a world
11:34 being distracted by devices,
11:36 imagine the impact on a spiritual level
11:40 of the church being distracted by worldly devices.
11:46 Imagine the Christian that is not aware
11:49 or even tuned in to the urgency of the hour,
11:53 distracted by whatever may become
11:56 the focal fantasy of that very moment.
11:59 Ours is the culture of preoccupation,
12:02 preoccupied with insignificant issues.
12:05 We live in a society that has been sidetracked,
12:08 sidetracked by social disputes.
12:11 All you got to do is listen to the news
12:12 and people talk more about politics sometimes.
12:16 Ours is a civilization that has been diverted,
12:18 diverted by politically bigoted rhetoric.
12:22 We take sides so often, would to God that good news
12:26 traveled as fast as bad news.
12:31 Really, think about it.
12:33 Even the threads we have on our phone are often there
12:36 because we're trying to communicate something urgent
12:40 and we see the conditions of our world.
12:42 And Isaiah, the prophet, outlines with clear accuracy,
12:46 the condition of the world just before Jesus comes.
12:49 He says in Isaiah 60:2.
12:52 The Bible says, "For behold," the what?
12:55 "The darkness shall cover the earth."
12:57 And what else? "Gross darkness the people."
13:01 That's the condition of our world today.
13:03 Not only darkness in the sense of morality,
13:06 and every other avenue that has become
13:09 the pursuit of happiness.
13:11 But darkness is covering the earth,
13:13 and the people, how are they being affected?
13:15 Gross darkness.
13:18 The Bible also talks about the condition of the church.
13:21 Unfortunately Jesus describes it.
13:24 To His society, but it's also true today.
13:26 He speaks about the willingness on the part of the person
13:29 to whom He's speaking directly to ignore His words of urgency.
13:33 For He says, "For the hearts of this people have grown,"
13:35 what?
13:37 "Have grown dull.
13:38 Their ears, their ears are hard of hearing
13:42 and their eyes, they have closed,
13:46 lest they should see with their eyes
13:48 and hear with their ears,
13:51 lest they should understand with their hearts
13:54 and turn so that I should heal them."
13:58 Our nation needs healing. Can you say amen?
14:02 But you cannot be healed
14:04 if you ignore the words of Christ.
14:05 It's just not possible to be healed
14:07 by ignoring the only one that can bring healing.
14:11 We're trying to find healing in drugs
14:13 and in pharmaceuticals and in entertainment
14:15 and in some kind of external stimuli
14:18 which really does not ever bring satisfaction,
14:21 when the vacancies of our lives are filled with everything
14:24 but that which is spiritual.
14:27 And he says to the church, "They've closed their eyes."
14:29 And when you look at Christendom today,
14:31 you see in so many circles of Christendom,
14:33 regardless of the denomination and I must say,
14:36 I say this ashamedly, but even amongst us,
14:39 even our own denomination struggling over issues.
14:43 Lord, give me peace this morning
14:45 that don't impact the relevance of reaching out
14:52 to lead a soul to know who Jesus is
14:55 before the end of the world.
15:00 That's why I'm so glad to be a part of a ministry
15:01 that understands that, that there's a soul,
15:04 every waking day, every waking moment
15:06 to get a message out so somebody could find Jesus.
15:10 And even in the day of Christ,
15:11 he said to the religious leaders,
15:13 he said these words.
15:14 Matthew 16:3, he says,
15:17 "You know how to discern the face of the sky,
15:19 but you cannot..."
15:21 What's that word?
15:22 "You cannot discern the signs of the times."
15:31 I want to be a balanced individual,
15:35 a balanced Christian, a balanced preacher.
15:41 And when I was prodded by the events of this week...
15:47 J, I put on my prophesy belt,
15:52 my prophecy parachute
15:54 and I said, "Lord, push me out of the plane,
15:56 let me float to the ground on the,
15:59 on the veracity and the reliance
16:05 of Bible prophecy."
16:08 Bible prophecy, the signs of the times,
16:13 rapidly fulfilling, materializing before our eyes.
16:16 Bible prophecy is God's mile markers along the way
16:21 in our Christian journey.
16:22 And let me tell you based on the mile markers of prophecy,
16:26 the end is nearer than when we first believe.
16:32 Take, for example, the kingdoms,
16:35 the four major kingdoms of the world.
16:37 There are only four.
16:40 The Head of Gold, the kingdom of Babylon,
16:43 represented in Daniel 7 by the lion with eagle's wings
16:48 rapid, powerful, wealthy kingdom of Babylon.
16:53 It fell, as the Bible said, "it would fall, it fell."
16:57 To be followed by the Persian Empire
17:02 and then the Medo-Persian Empire
17:04 identified as the chest and arms of silver,
17:07 also the bear with three ribs in its mouth
17:10 indicating the three nations that were brought down
17:13 to materialize the reign of the Medo-Persian Empire.
17:16 But almost in the cadence of the heartbeat of God,
17:19 the Medo-Persian Empire falls to the ruthless Empire
17:22 of the Grecian army
17:24 under the leadership of Alexander the Great.
17:27 A young man that had a military prowess
17:30 that was unmatched up until his day,
17:32 but he could not control his alcoholism
17:34 which took his life in his thirties.
17:38 But there was no nation
17:39 that would mention the name Alexander
17:41 without being filled with fear.
17:43 He was able to bring down armies of thousands
17:46 with only three hundred men.
17:49 He had that ability.
17:53 But he has the transitioning point.
17:55 He was the kingdom that fell because after he died,
17:58 it was broken into four heads, a leopard with four heads
18:01 and four wings and you know very well,
18:03 you can't have four presidents and make a company successful.
18:08 They eventually imploded on themselves,
18:11 four heads and four wings.
18:16 But now we come to the most significant aspect
18:19 of the cadence of prophecy Rome,
18:21 the legs of iron.
18:24 Rome, the value decrease, but the strength increase.
18:28 The metals are getting stronger but they're losing their value,
18:31 gold, silver, bronze, but then iron legs.
18:36 And not only iron legs, what the Bible in essence
18:38 is saying to us by these images.
18:40 It is also described,
18:41 we called it the nondescript beast,
18:43 the beast with iron teeth.
18:46 Now I know what a lion looks like.
18:48 You know what a bear looks like.
18:49 We know what a leopard looks like,
18:50 but have you seen a beast
18:52 that's nondescript with iron teeth?
18:53 Thank God there are no beasts
18:55 that literally exist with iron teeth.
18:59 But the reason why the prophet uses that description
19:02 is because he's speaking about,
19:04 this beast has no earthly origin,
19:06 its origin is satanic.
19:09 And as you know the entire New Testament was written,
19:12 was written under the reign of the Roman Empire
19:14 from the very birth of Jesus,
19:17 when there was an attempt to take his life,
19:19 up until the faithful carrying out of the penning of prophecy
19:24 from that Island Prison called Patmos
19:29 where John penned the words that still brings courage
19:33 to the faithful today.
19:35 But don't miss the message.
19:38 From the rise of the Roman Empire
19:39 till the coming of Jesus,
19:40 Rome as a political and religious power
19:45 will have its feet in everything pertaining
19:48 to their fears of men until the coming of Jesus.
19:55 Regardless of the continent, Rome as a religious
20:00 and a political power, as, you know,
20:01 the rise began as pagan,
20:04 but later took on a new diversity
20:06 and the Bible tells us exactly what happened
20:08 and how this power would rise
20:10 and what influence it would have.
20:12 Daniel 2:40 the Bible says, "And the fourth kingdom
20:15 shall be as strong as iron, in as much
20:20 as iron breaks in pieces
20:23 and shatters everything...
20:28 and like iron that crushes,
20:30 that kingdom will break in pieces
20:33 and crush all the others."
20:37 And there is no kingdom that has been able to withstand
20:40 the ruthlessness, the prowess, the vindictiveness,
20:44 the laser-like concentration
20:47 of this satanically motivated power
20:49 through the auspices of the Roman Empire.
20:56 And need I say today that there is no place on earth
21:00 where the power of Rome is still not influential
21:02 through the pontiff of Rome, through the Pope of Rome.
21:05 The only religious individual that has influenced
21:10 both in politics and in religion,
21:13 and every earthly monarch,
21:15 king, government, or president, honors
21:19 and pays homage to the "Holy See."
21:23 Mistakable? Coincidental?
21:25 Absolutely not.
21:26 Prophesied by the hand of God.
21:31 But there was one problem.
21:33 There was one problem, God raised up another power.
21:38 That power that God raised up...
21:40 I'm gonna use the word here,
21:41 would postpone Rome's domination of the world.
21:45 Now the Bible said that,
21:46 "Rome will break in pieces and crush everything."
21:49 Amen?
21:50 But the Lord raised up another nation,
21:54 this United States of America that would postpone
21:59 as long as it could, as long as God intended,
22:03 the United States would postpone
22:05 Rome's domination of the world.
22:08 Postponed.
22:10 What I like about Bible prophecy
22:12 is everything moves according to God's timetable.
22:15 You can be smart but you cannot push
22:17 God's timetable other than God allows it to unfold.
22:25 He shows the end from the beginning
22:26 and from ancient times things that are not yet done
22:30 saying, "I will do all my pleasures."
22:32 So while men are scurrying to end the world or to,
22:35 or to annihilate the world through nuclear means,
22:37 God says, "Hold on. Not so fast."
22:42 Because it's happening according to God's timetable.
22:45 God raised up another nation.
22:48 God raised up another nation,
22:49 this little nation that invited,
22:51 that welcomed the pilgrims that sought freedom
22:54 from the tyranny of Rome in Europe.
22:57 On the heels of the 1,260 years
22:59 of religious tyranny and persecution,
23:01 the loss of life, the abandonment of property,
23:04 the division of homes,
23:06 the killing of countless thousands, millions
23:10 that still today echo through the,
23:12 through the halls of, of the unbelievable,
23:16 through books like Foxe's Book of Martyrs.
23:18 When you look at the ruthlessness
23:20 of the Roman Empire during the Dark Ages,
23:22 nothing could withstand her advancement.
23:24 So God said, "To protect my church."
23:27 The Bible says, "The earth opened its mouth
23:29 and helped the woman, and the woman fled
23:31 into the wilderness, a little lamb like nation."
23:33 And the Bible tells in Revelation,
23:35 how God did it.
23:37 He raised up this country to postpone
23:42 Rome's complete domination of the world.
23:45 Revelation 13:11 says,
23:47 "Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth."
23:50 Because the first one came up out of the sea,
23:52 meaning a populated area,
23:53 but this one comes up out of the earth
23:55 and had two horns like a, what?
23:58 Like a lamb and spoke like a dragon.
24:00 When the United States came into power,
24:02 the two horns represent,
24:04 that represent the United States
24:06 are the two horns on which this nation pivots,
24:11 Protestantism, the foundation of our religious system,
24:15 and Republicanism,
24:17 the foundation of our government.
24:19 We live in a Republic
24:23 that pivots on the foundation of democracy.
24:26 You see, if you look at the pyramid,
24:29 the pyramid is very fitting of how the world works.
24:33 The pyramid represents Europe, the top,
24:36 under the kings of Europe it was top down.
24:38 They made the rules and you followed it.
24:42 America became the bottom of the pyramid,
24:44 it was made by the people
24:46 and then, and then it was urged
24:49 by the leaders to support that
24:51 which the people have voted into power.
24:55 But it's beginning to be reversed
24:56 even here in America because now even though we say,
25:00 "By the people, for the people,"
25:02 it's starting to sound like it's not by the people,
25:04 it's by the government.
25:06 And under the last few administrations,
25:09 it seems like the government has been setting the agenda
25:12 rather than the people.
25:14 But the Bible says, "that's how it's gonna happen,
25:17 two horns like a lamb."
25:18 But the Bible says, "Spoke like a dragon."
25:22 How does the nation speak?
25:25 The Lord allowed
25:27 the First Amendment to guarantee
25:30 that these powers Republicanism and Protestantism co-exist
25:34 without either exercising power over the other.
25:37 Let me see that again.
25:40 The government will not exercise
25:42 power over the religion of its land
25:45 and the religion of its land
25:47 will not usurp the power of the government,
25:52 both to peacefully co-exist,
25:54 that's how this nation was established,
25:56 to prevent the tyranny of Europe
25:58 from being recreated here.
26:00 Although our forefathers were kind of nervous
26:02 and they somewhat duplicated what was happening in Rome.
26:05 They established a system whereby you had to be
26:07 a certain religion to even be involved in politics
26:10 until Roger Williams broke away from the colonists
26:13 and established the first religiously
26:16 free colony, Rhode Island.
26:19 And then eventually
26:20 when our Declaration of Independence
26:21 and our amendments were put together,
26:23 it was framed to reflect what Roger Williams
26:26 and those founding fathers later on established
26:31 as the Bill of Rights and our Constitution.
26:34 But look at the First Amendment, for example.
26:36 This was the coexisting.
26:37 Both powers, Republicanism and Protestantism examined
26:41 and included in the statement of the First Amendment.
26:45 We were told Congress shall make no, what?
26:49 No law respecting an establishment of religion
26:52 or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,
26:55 or abridging the freedom of speech,
26:59 or of the press, or the right of the people
27:03 peacefully to assemble and to petition the government
27:07 for a redress of grievances.
27:09 In other words,
27:10 "I don't like what the government's doing,"
27:12 so I want you to re-examine that,
27:14 but we are being silenced in our nation,
27:16 these things that are part of our fabric.
27:18 So what is being said here clearly is,
27:21 "Congress cannot promote one religion over the other
27:25 and Congress cannot restrict any individual's right
27:30 to practice their religion."
27:31 Amen, church.
27:33 Because if they had that power,
27:35 they could tell us when to open when to close.
27:37 That's why you have to be very, very careful
27:39 when you start accepting Government funds.
27:42 The moment they get into your pocket,
27:43 they get in your life.
27:46 But slowly but surely the church,
27:47 the church is metamorphosing gradually
27:51 and they're accepting a lot of government funds
27:53 for good reasons, to feed the poor,
27:55 to feed the hungry, to clothe the naked,
27:57 to establish housing, but when the government
28:00 starts funding the church, the church has to listen
28:04 to the government.
28:08 But let me ask a question.
28:10 And I want to read it exactly
28:11 as I wrote it down because I believe this question
28:13 had some inspiration behind it.
28:15 "Since Congress is restricted
28:17 from making laws for the church,
28:19 because in so doing they will appear
28:21 to favor one religion over the other."
28:24 Listen to the latter part of the question.
28:25 "Would Congress still be restricted from making laws
28:30 when all religions in America merge as one?"
28:37 Let me answer my own question. "No."
28:40 Because then you can make laws
28:42 that everybody collectively agree on
28:47 and nobody would be seen as favoring one over the other,
28:51 because the coalition has come together.
28:55 And there's been constant pushes
28:57 through the moral majority.
29:03 All these coalitions
29:07 have been pushed through the years
29:09 to take control
29:10 of the United States government,
29:11 until this point God has held back the winds.
29:17 God is still in control.
29:21 But this push for unity is not something
29:24 that's coincidental,
29:25 the Bible prophesied that this would occur.
29:27 Listen to Daniel 7:23.
29:31 "Thus he said: "The fourth beast,"
29:33 this is Rome,
29:34 "shall be a fourth kingdom on the earth which shall be..."
29:37 What's the next word?
29:39 "Different from all other kingdoms
29:41 and shall devour..."
29:42 How much of the earth?
29:44 "The whole earth, trample it, and break it in pieces."
29:51 And so if you think that...
29:53 If you think that because Rome right now
29:55 doesn't have a stronghold in America,
29:57 that Rome has changed, you got to take a breath.
30:02 You got to take a breath.
30:04 We've been around the world,
30:05 we've been in quite a few countries.
30:07 And we've gone to places, we say well,
30:09 "Can we go get something to eat?"
30:10 And they say, "Oh, no, it's Sunday,
30:11 everything is closed."
30:14 Even in populated tourist areas where you think
30:16 it would still be open on Sunday,
30:17 "Oh, no, it's closed."
30:19 Illinois, you cannot buy a car on Sunday.
30:21 Every State in the United States
30:23 has blue laws and every blue law
30:26 is in favor of some prohibitive exercise
30:29 on the first day of the week.
30:31 They're already there.
30:33 What if the government decides all of a sudden,
30:34 we're gonna to put these blue laws into action,
30:37 because as a nation we all need a day off,
30:41 we all need to get together.
30:42 In a nation falling apart, it's just a matter of time
30:46 before a nation that is, that is,
30:50 that is agitated by unrest and division.
30:53 It's just a matter of time before religion and politics
30:58 coalesce to bring about a reformation in a nation.
31:04 But listen to the inspired words
31:06 and I thank God for that faithful messenger
31:09 of God, Ellen White.
31:13 You would almost think that these things are written today.
31:16 But in Great Controversy, page 565, she says,
31:20 "the pacific tone of Rome in the United States
31:23 does not imply a change of heart.
31:27 She is tolerant where she is helpless,
31:32 says Bishop O'Connor.
31:35 Religious liberty is merely endured
31:37 until the opposite can be carried into effect
31:40 without peril to the Catholic world."
31:43 So if you think that, if you think that a thief
31:46 has put down his thievery
31:48 just because he's in the police station,
31:50 it's the circumstance that has restricted him,
31:53 not his character.
31:56 Any thief will behave himself in a police station, I hope,
32:01 and everybody in prison is innocent.
32:07 You'll get that on Tuesday.
32:11 But now let me quickly walk you through the cadence
32:13 of where we are, and I'm gonna carry you
32:14 through this quick,
32:16 because this push for unity is not something
32:17 that just began under Pope Francis.
32:21 But Benedict and Pope John Paul...
32:23 These last three popes, Pope John Paul II, Benedict,
32:27 and Pope Francis have taken the...
32:31 Shall I say, they have come with a forklift
32:34 to push in a great degree
32:36 because the millennial end game?
32:39 You may not have heard the term, but look it up,
32:41 the millennial end game was a push,
32:43 that by the third millennium
32:45 there will only be one world leader.
32:48 And the three competitors were Russia or the Soviet Union
32:52 that came down when Ronald Reagan
32:55 and Pope John Paul II united together
32:58 on the heels of their experience
33:00 when they both were almost assassinated
33:03 and they survived.
33:04 Somebody said they received the deadly wound
33:06 and their wounds we healed and they coalesced together,
33:08 that's not a fulfillment of Bible prophecy,
33:10 but that's how some people applied it.
33:12 They got together and decided
33:13 to bring down the walls of Eastern Europe.
33:17 Tear down those walls, and the walls came down
33:21 and nobody flinched because nobody wanted the world
33:23 to become communistic.
33:25 And when communism end we said,
33:28 "communism down, 3ABN could build in Russia."
33:32 Amen, church.
33:34 We've been in there ever since and by God's grace,
33:37 3ABN Russia is the birth child of the walls coming down,
33:41 a good thing.
33:43 But on the heels of that, an ambassador was sent
33:46 to the Vatican, not that that was the first one,
33:48 but this was the first one
33:49 that established political relations
33:54 in spite of the restriction
33:59 to prefer any one religion
34:01 over the other politically, but nobody argued with it,
34:06 because Ronald Reagan was a nice guy.
34:13 But that wasn't the beginning of,
34:14 that was not the beginning of the push.
34:16 Open your eyes, I'm gonna go very quickly.
34:19 1980, New York City, New York Post,
34:22 November 17th 1980: Pope to Jews and Protestants,
34:25 "Time to heal the scars."
34:26 When you have a wound, what's left?
34:30 A scar.
34:31 The wound was healed in 1929 through Mussolini,
34:36 but the scars were left.
34:37 Time to heal the scars, this push,
34:39 this call by Rome to Jews and Protestants.
34:42 The word Protestants was introduced there
34:45 which now seems to be a bad word.
34:49 You'll find that in just a moment.
34:50 That was the call.
34:52 November 18, 1980, New York Post:
34:55 Pope in unity offer to Lutherans.
34:57 Why Lutherans?
34:58 Because in the article
35:00 which I have on a different presentation.
35:01 In this article, Pope John Paul the II
35:03 referred to Martin Luther,
35:05 who all he did was began a move back to a,
35:08 thus saith the Lord.
35:10 He was listed as a rebel German theologian,
35:16 who caused the split?
35:18 Let me tell you something.
35:19 If I got to split to get back to truth,
35:21 I'm gonna calls the split.
35:22 Come on, somebody here.
35:24 He didn't split because he wanted to hurt anybody.
35:25 He said, "it's time to go back to a,
35:27 "Thus saith the Lord" and he began a journey.
35:30 The just shall live by faith.
35:33 The push continued for unity.
35:36 Protestants warmed to the pope's call
35:39 for Christian unity, 1981, January 21,
35:41 The New York Daily News.
35:43 I was still out in the world but I was on my way back,
35:46 but the Lord had touched the shoulders of this young man
35:49 meandering in the streets of New York City
35:51 to keep these articles, I'm so glad I did,
35:53 because you cannot find them anywhere.
35:58 "Catholics, Anglicans edging toward unity,"
36:00 March 30, 1982, all in New York, New York Post.
36:05 They don't, they don't play in the York City,
36:06 they put that stuff right in your face.
36:08 Thank the Lord they did.
36:09 That was happening in New York, but around the world
36:11 the changes and the, and the, and the welcoming in
36:14 of Catholicism was happening all over the globe.
36:18 Here's an example, the former Prime Minister of England,
36:21 Tony Blair, converts to Catholicism
36:23 as immigration means Britain is now a Catholic country.
36:28 Quickly, "Catholics and Orthodox
36:30 moving towards unity," October 12, 2007.
36:34 And then another one,
36:35 "Churches back plan to unite under the Pope."
36:38 Christian churches, non-Christian churches,
36:41 churches, churches, they just decided
36:43 he's got a great plan,
36:44 let's go ahead and back a plan to unite under him and in 1999,
36:50 Evangelicals and Catholics,
36:52 toward a common mission together,
36:54 they signed a joint agreement in 1999,
36:57 that we are now officially agreeing
37:01 on the doctrine of Justification by Faith.
37:05 You see the issue was, they say,
37:06 they say that the only issue that Martin Luther had was,
37:10 he was upset that the Catholic Church taught
37:12 salvation by works and that Christianity taught
37:16 salvation by grace through faith in Christ alone,
37:20 without works.
37:22 But as you know, we are not saved by works,
37:25 we are saved for works, amen everybody.
37:28 We're not saved to sit down.
37:29 We're saved to get busy for Christ.
37:30 Am I right, J.D?
37:32 That's what we're saved for, to do works,
37:33 but the works don't save us.
37:35 So what they did is, they...
37:36 And this is the cleverness, this is the cleverness.
37:39 So instead of saying, let's get together on Sunday
37:42 which we already have in common,
37:44 let's get together on the immortality of the soul,
37:46 which you already have in common,
37:48 and all these other doctrines that we already have in common,
37:50 let's do it in such a way that we can bridge the gap
37:53 on a broad level and include everyone else
37:56 that may not necessarily embrace our existing doctrines.
38:01 Let's get together and say, "we are saved by grace
38:06 through faith in Christ alone for good works
38:09 not by good works."
38:11 And they agreed on that in 1999 and signed a common document
38:16 and Evangelicals and Catholics consider themselves
38:20 to have started a merging,
38:24 but there were only certain signers
38:27 in this agreement and others had held out
38:30 because some of them says, "Wait a minute.
38:32 I ain't jumping on board so fast,
38:34 because I don't believe in what Rome stands for."
38:38 Rome was not satisfied
38:41 because according to the prophecy
38:42 they shall devour the whole earth
38:44 and break it in pieces.
38:46 And to the very end, the iron would be in the toes.
38:49 Iron and clay they tried to mix politically
38:52 but they couldn't do it,
38:54 so they decided to mix on social issues.
38:59 They got the attention of the evangelical world,
39:01 but to make the mix complete, they had to bring religion in.
39:05 So why not begin with the most lamb-like suggestion?
39:09 "We're saved by grace through faith, don't you agree?
39:13 Don't you agree?"
39:14 Amen, somebody?
39:16 We're not saved by our works, we're saved for works.
39:19 So they say, since Martin Luther said,
39:21 "We're saved by grace through faith alone"
39:23 and that's the foundation of his protests.
39:26 They said, "Since he only stopped
39:28 by grace through faith alone and did not include works,
39:31 they say, since Martin Luther didn't finish it,
39:36 his protest is over."
39:40 So as of 1999 they said, "We are no longer protesting,
39:43 we are together."
39:45 Follow this.
39:51 Before I read it, let me tell you something.
39:53 I thank God that He's always a step ahead of man.
39:59 The servant of the Lord, Great Controversy,
40:01 page 563, paragraph 1,
40:03 and I'm gonna show in just a moment,
40:05 I'm telling you tighten your seat belts.
40:07 Romanism is now regarded by Protestants
40:10 with far greater favor than in former years.
40:13 Is that true? Yes.
40:16 The time was when Protestants placed
40:19 a high value upon the liberty of what?
40:22 Conscience, which had been so dearly purchased,
40:26 which Rome didn't tolerate.
40:28 Your conscience was not accepted,
40:30 you either gave up your conscience
40:31 or you died by some atrocity
40:34 under the ruthless arm of Roman tyranny.
40:39 They taught their children to a poor popery
40:42 and held that to seek.
40:43 To seek harmony with Rome would be disloyalty to God,
40:48 because they had to make a decision,
40:49 either its God's word or its tradition.
40:55 But how widely different
40:57 are the sentiments now expressed?
41:00 You would think Ellen White just wrote that last week
41:04 if you're awake.
41:06 So the question is, "how can Catholics
41:08 and Evangelicals get together?"
41:09 How can they possibly...
41:11 Let me, let me make the point
41:12 which I made on Wednesday night,
41:14 "God has a timetable."
41:15 What did I just say?
41:17 That God has a timetable.
41:18 The good news is this world, this world is not gonna go
41:21 on endlessly, sin after sin after sin,
41:24 death after death after death, destruction after destruction,
41:27 calamity after calamity, it's going to come to an end,
41:30 amen, church.
41:31 Amen. God knows when.
41:33 No man knows the day nor the hour,
41:35 but the Father knows, because He's in charge.
41:39 Look at what happens.
41:40 The Lord is telling us how it's going to happen.
41:42 How are these powers that are religiously opposed
41:46 going to come together,
41:47 they're gonna find some area of agreement.
41:50 Revelation 17:13, the Bible says,
41:52 speaking of the institution of Babylon,
41:54 "These are of" what kind of mind?
41:57 "One mind, and they will give their power and authority
42:01 to the beast."
42:03 Meaning all the church leaders will give
42:05 and stand behind the Pope of Rome.
42:07 They will give their power and authority to the beast.
42:13 But the question is, why would they do that?
42:16 God is in charge.
42:18 Now let me prophesize by saying,
42:20 when the Bible says in Exodus
42:21 that God hardened Pharaoh's heart.
42:23 God did not say,
42:25 "Pharaoh, I don't want you to listen,"
42:26 but Pharaoh made up his mind not to listen.
42:28 So God kept on pouring the, the urging of God and Pharaoh,
42:32 the more God urged him to let his people go,
42:35 the more Pharaoh determined not to,
42:37 the same thing is happening in Christendom
42:39 for thousands of years, for hundreds of years,
42:41 the Lord has been trying to get Protestants
42:44 to stand on the Bible and the Bible only.
42:47 But since they have chosen not to, Thessalonians says,
42:50 "I will send them a strong delusion
42:52 that they will believe the lie."
42:54 So God is in charge. So what has He done?
42:57 tells us what happened.
43:00 "For God has" done what?
43:03 "Put it into their hearts to fulfill His purpose,
43:05 to be of one mind and to give their kingdom to the beast
43:09 until the words of God are fulfilled."
43:13 God's in charge.
43:14 He says, we've got to move this thing along.
43:16 They gonna come together, let's move it along.
43:18 They have far more in common than we do not have in common.
43:21 The unity of mind, these will have one mind.
43:25 They don't actually worship Mary,
43:27 my family is Catholic.
43:30 Just do your homework.
43:31 She's venerated.
43:35 And the issues go on and on and on and on and on,
43:37 issue after issue, after issue, but the question
43:40 you have to ask yourself, while there is a unity,
43:42 remember the toes are iron and clay.
43:46 Can iron and clay mix together, somebody tell me?
43:49 No.
43:50 The continued attempt to mix politically has failed
43:53 over and over and over and over and over.
43:57 So abandon the attempt to politically merge.
44:01 Let's go ahead and merge on the things
44:02 we hold in common.
44:06 But now we have to ask ourselves.
44:07 The question is, "Is Rome the authority
44:09 that we should follow?"
44:12 What does the Bible say?
44:14 In describing this power in Revelation 13,
44:17 we read these final words: "Now the beast which I saw
44:21 was like a leopard," He devoured that nation.
44:24 "His feet like the feet of a bear,"
44:25 devoured that nation.
44:27 "His mouth like the mouth of a lion,"
44:29 devoured that nation.
44:30 But where did Rome get its power?
44:32 "The dragon gave him his power, his throne,
44:36 and great authority."
44:38 Revelation 12:9, "The dragon is Satan himself."
44:44 Satan gave Rome its authority and its seat.
44:50 That is not the power that the Christian church
44:54 ought to coalesce with.
44:55 Amen, somebody? Amen.
44:58 But the lingering question, do God...
45:01 Does God have people in the church
45:04 that are Christians, yes or no?
45:06 Yes. Just like many of you.
45:09 Just like many of you watching,
45:10 you understood what God had revealed to you,
45:13 you understood to that particular point.
45:15 And Jesus said in John 10:16,
45:17 "Other sheep I have, that are not of this fold."
45:18 But he didn't stop there.
45:20 He said, "Them also I must bring."
45:22 So this message is a gathering message,
45:25 them also I must bring and they will hear My voice,
45:27 His word, not tradition.
45:30 And there will be one fold and how many shepherds?
45:32 One shepherd.
45:36 But here is the irony.
45:37 Protestants are abandoning their protest for Rome.
45:41 What Martin Luther began as, "Let's get back to the Bible,"
45:45 Protestants are saying, "Well, we don't have...
45:47 We have a lot in common, not everything,
45:49 but these are the big issues.
45:51 Let's unify on this,
45:53 forget about all that other stuff."
45:56 Let me tell you something.
45:57 When it is about salvation, you don't choose
46:01 what part of God's Word is important and unimportant.
46:04 Amen.
46:10 Man shall live by every word
46:12 that perceived from the mouth of God.
46:13 We don't decide what's important
46:15 and what's unimportant
46:16 by the grace of Christ in our lives.
46:18 But the first phase of abandonment came
46:21 when Protestants abandoned the truth,
46:24 so it's not unusual for them to abandon their post.
46:28 When Pope Francis was invited to speak to Congress,
46:31 I was there
46:33 under the Obama administration.
46:37 He came to America to speak to Congress
46:39 and the United Nations.
46:41 Why this country?
46:43 Because this country is the last Protestant
46:46 stronghold in the world.
46:49 And the larger...
46:50 In America, Evangelicals are larger in number
46:53 than Catholics.
46:55 So they are outnumbered.
46:56 Rome is tolerant where she is helpless.
47:00 But what's happening?
47:02 Protestants are now pushing the issue,
47:04 "Let's get together with them."
47:06 How amazing God saw this and He gave us this quote.
47:09 Listen to this.
47:11 Faith of Our Fathers, page 310, paragraph 3.
47:14 "When Protestantism shall stretch her hand
47:16 across the Gulf, to grasp the hands
47:19 of the Roman power,
47:20 when she shall reach over the abyss to clasp hands"
47:23 with what?
47:25 "Spiritualism," that satanic guidance.
47:29 "When under the influence of this three-fold union,
47:32 our country shall repudiate,
47:37 not delete or change our constitution,
47:39 shall repudiate, that means make of no effect,
47:42 every principle of it's constitution
47:46 as a Protestant and Republican Government
47:50 and shall make provision for the propagation
47:52 of papal falsehoods and delusions."
47:54 This is powerful.
47:56 "Then we may know that the time has come
47:59 for the marvelous working of Satan" And then what?
48:02 The end is near.
48:03 The end is near, brethren, feel the pulse.
48:09 If there is no more protest,
48:10 how could there be a Protestant Church.
48:13 It's not our doctrines that unify us,
48:15 it's just our faith in Jesus.
48:17 Give it on what you believe.
48:19 That is not...
48:20 That has been attempted through Promise Keepers,
48:22 all these Women of Faith movements,
48:24 all these unifying push, they've tried every way
48:27 they possibly could,
48:29 but it has not been accomplished.
48:31 Last few quotations.
48:34 "When the leading churches of the United States,
48:37 he hasn't been able to get Protestants to sign it,
48:40 that's why they are reaching out to Protestants.
48:42 When the leading churches of the United States
48:45 uniting upon such points of doctrine
48:47 as are held by them in common,
48:50 shall influence the state to enforce their decrees
48:53 to sustain their institutions, then Protestant America
48:59 will have formed an image to the Roman hierarchy
49:03 and the infliction of civil penalties
49:07 upon dissenters will inevitably results,
49:11 translated, the Dark Ages will be back to life again."
49:16 As I end, I'm just going to say this carefully.
49:21 "The Lord has shown us in His Word,
49:24 He has shown us through the events
49:28 that are unfolding around our world
49:29 and if there was ever a time that the church needs
49:34 no longer be distracted, it is now.
49:38 Amen. Amen.
49:41 The closing scripture, I would like you
49:42 to read with me together.
49:45 "Now learn the parable
49:48 from the fig tree.
49:52 When its branch has already become tender
49:55 and puts forth leaves,
49:58 you know that the summer is near.
50:03 So you also, when you see all these things..."
50:06 What?
50:08 Wars and rumors of wars, nation rising against nation,
50:12 political unrests, financial unrests,
50:15 calamity after calamity after calamity,
50:20 the fulfillment of the message of revelation
50:22 with blazing accuracy, when you see all these things,
50:29 "know that it is near at the doors!"
50:38 The closing song is one that's fitting.
50:41 I would like us to stand and sing this song out
50:43 of a sense of the realities of where we live.
50:48 In times like these,
50:52 in times like these, we need a Savior.
50:58 In times like these, we need an anchor.
51:02 Be very sure, be very sure,
51:06 your anchor holds
51:08 and grips the solid rock.
51:15 In times like these
51:19 You need a Savior
51:23 In times like these
51:27 You need an anchor
51:31 Be very sure
51:35 Be very sure
51:38 Your anchor holds
51:42 And grips the Solid Rock
51:48 This Rock is Jesus
51:53 Yes, He's the One
51:55 Raise that chorus.
51:56 This Rock is Jesus
52:00 The only One
52:04 Be very sure
52:08 Be very sure
52:12 Your anchor holds
52:16 And grips the Solid Rock
52:20 Before the second verse.
52:23 As Dinia play it softly.
52:25 This is the time to get back to the Bible.
52:27 Can you say amen?
52:29 Get back to the dedication of the call that God has placed
52:31 on our lives as a church.
52:33 No other denomination on this planet
52:37 has been given the directive
52:39 as the Seventh-day Adventist Church
52:41 has been given.
52:44 And in this hour of division and compromise,
52:49 in this hour of distraction, God is calling us
52:52 to proclaim the Three Angles' messages
52:55 and I praise God,
52:57 I want to just go ahead and say this.
52:58 Next year for camp meeting,
53:01 the Lord has placed upon the heart of administration,
53:03 Shelley Quinn,
53:05 the entire spring camp meeting next year is gonna be
53:09 all about the Three Angles' Messages.
53:12 Amen. Amen, church?
53:14 Amen.
53:15 This is not gonna be a tiptoe
53:17 through the Tulip's camp meeting.
53:20 The Mark of the Beast, the Seal of God,
53:23 the Fall of Babylon,
53:25 it's gonna come out concentrated,
53:27 lovingly concentrated because God has called us
53:31 to preach an undiluted Three Angles' Messages,
53:34 one that will counteract the counterfeit.
53:37 In an hour, where everyone is coalescing together,
53:40 God is saying, "These are the times
53:41 to get back to the word of God."
53:42 Come on say, Amen. Amen.
53:44 Be not idle, be very sure your anchor holds.
53:47 In times like these we need a Savior.
53:50 We need His word and we have seen.
53:52 What I've shown you today is not what I'm saying,
53:55 but it's what they are saying what is in their hearts,
54:00 and in their agenda, and in their minds,
54:03 and I've just given you the tip of the iceberg.
54:06 But as you've been awakened, as you've been awakened
54:10 from the slumber of distraction,
54:12 continue studying God's word
54:13 and listen carefully as God calls you
54:16 to be ready at times like these.
54:19 We're gonna sing "In Times Like These"
54:21 you need a Bible" and then the chorus
54:22 and we're gonna close with prayer.
54:24 But let me ask you the question.
54:25 Is it your desire for the Lord to wake you up
54:27 from distractions?
54:29 Come on.
54:30 If ever there was a time when the Christian world
54:33 is saying to us, "We want to come together
54:35 but for not doctrines, not the Bible,
54:38 let's just get together on faith,
54:40 unless the Lord do the works through our lives
54:42 and the way He desires, we've got to stand together."
54:45 Unity without truth is not unity
54:47 and to say that division is divisive,
54:50 is not to understand the mission of Jesus.
54:53 He said, "I came not to bring peace
54:55 but a sword.
54:57 Why?
54:58 To separate darkness from light, truth from error."
55:03 Anytime the unity that you seek is not based
55:05 on the truth of God's Word, it is not unity by any means.
55:09 But Christ, the rock first, and His word,
55:12 and together that unity will take you through eternity.
55:16 Let's sing that second stanza before we close.
55:24 In times like these
55:28 You need the Bible
55:32 In times like these
55:36 O be not idle
55:39 Be very sure
55:41 Raise that chorus together
55:43 Be very sure
55:47 Your anchor holds
55:51 And grips the Solid Rock
55:57 This Rock is Jesus
56:00 Yes, He's the One
56:04 This Rock is Jesus
56:08 The only One
56:12 Be very sure
56:16 Be very sure
56:19 Your anchor holds
56:23 And grips the Solid Rock
56:30 Father in heaven,
56:32 Lord, we thank You for revival,
56:36 for allowing these events to shake our chairs,
56:42 to shake our homes,
56:45 to re-establish an urgency in these hours of distraction.
56:51 We thank You Father, for sustaining your Word
56:53 through every anvil,
56:55 and every attempt to annihilate its content.
56:58 And in this age where doctrine is being deleted
57:02 and feeling and faith alone
57:05 and works alone are being substituted
57:07 for the truth of Your word,
57:09 Lord Jesus, help us not to compromise,
57:14 help us to be a people of a mission,
57:16 a mission not to unify with earthly powers
57:20 but to be in harmony with the only power
57:22 that matters, our Lord and Savior,
57:27 Christ Jesus and His word.
57:30 Father, as You carry Your people
57:32 through the storms that lay ahead of us,
57:34 as You carry Your church through the rock
57:37 strewn waters of persecution that lie ahead of us,
57:42 may we have such a connection to You that we fear
57:46 not the things of earth,
57:48 but that we have an allegiance to the God of Heaven.
57:52 Thank You, Lord, for opening our eyes.
57:54 Now may we go awake to proclaim lovingly
57:57 and kindly to our brothers and sisters,
58:00 those who may be in darkness that love You,
58:03 may we proclaim that when the sea of glass comes,
58:06 they will be standing a redeemed host of those
58:10 who have come out of darkness into this marvelous light.
58:15 In Jesus name, I pray.
58:19 And all of the God's people said,
58:21 amen and amen.


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