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00:01 Music...
00:32 We are going to study God's Word together
00:35 and I would like to encourage you
00:37 to pray for me and for yourselves.
00:38 I am going to kneel and ask for the Lord to bless us
00:42 and I would ask you to pray for yourself and for me...
00:46 for myself... let us pray together.
00:48 Kneeling.
00:52 "Our loving heavenly Father,
00:55 we thank you that whenever we call upon you
01:00 you listen to our prayers.
01:02 We thank you Lord
01:04 that you are more concerned for us
01:07 than we are for ourselves.
01:09 In this moment Lord, we approach your throne of grace
01:13 in Jesus' name
01:14 and we pray that you will bless each and every one of us
01:18 for whether we know it or not,
01:22 we desperately need your help
01:26 and so, Father,
01:28 we pray for your Holy Spirit to be poured out.
01:30 I place myself in your hands
01:32 that every word will come from your throne of grace
01:36 pause
01:38 and we pray a blessing upon all
01:39 and we ask it in Jesus' name, amen... amen. "
01:44 Pause.
01:47 We live in this world
01:48 and this is a world of trial and tribulation.
01:54 Pause.
01:56 This is not the world that God had intended for His children
02:01 for He made a perfect world...
02:04 a world where there would be no trouble...
02:06 no concern about somebody pressing a button in one place
02:11 sending a missile to where you are
02:14 and destroying you and everyone around
02:16 and man has done terrible things to cause destruction
02:21 and we live in times when we need Jesus
02:26 and we know that He is coming soon.
02:30 Many things tell us that Jesus Christ is coming soon.
02:35 if you believe that, would you raise your hand?
02:37 Amen.
02:38 The Lord is good.
02:40 So, I have some questions for you.
02:42 What is your highest hope?
02:44 How do you define success?
02:46 When will you know and be satisfied
02:50 that your dreams have come true.
02:53 What will let you know
02:55 I have reached the highest
02:59 happiness I could upon this world.
03:02 You see, these are questions
03:05 that even though people don't always express them...
03:10 in their heart they want to be happy.
03:13 In their heart, they want peace.
03:16 They want to be happy
03:19 and so, we are trained in this world to go to school,
03:23 get a good job
03:26 and make as much money as you can
03:31 so you can get that dream life to have what you need
03:36 and take vacations whenever you want to.
03:39 This is the world that we live in.
03:44 Pause.
03:46 Unfortunately, there are things against us
03:49 and that is competition.
03:52 Others want the same job you want
03:54 and there are also things that hinder us
03:59 because the devil is roaming around
04:02 seeking whom he may devour
04:04 and if he can fool you
04:06 into going into what people call "the rat race"
04:10 and I don't know if anyone here has been in the rat race,
04:13 has anybody been in the rat race here?
04:15 The rat race...
04:17 trying to get as much as you can,
04:19 as quick as you can
04:20 and be happy
04:22 pause
04:24 but God has a better way for us
04:28 and His way is a way of salvation...
04:33 a way of happiness and peace
04:35 and so, I bring you to a time when Adam and Eve...
04:41 it was their joy to have communion with God.
04:46 They experienced true happiness for a while.
04:51 We do not know how long it was
04:53 that Adam and Eve enjoyed the joys of purity and holiness
04:59 going through the garden that God created,
05:02 seeing all the beautiful things that He had done
05:04 without any trouble...
05:07 without the devil being on their track
05:09 until one day, as we know,
05:12 Satan came disguised as a serpent,
05:15 tempted Adam and Eve
05:17 and they fell into sin
05:19 and after sin, it was not a joy to search for the Lord,
05:25 they felt... they lost something
05:30 that there was a struggle to regain
05:33 that communion with God... that fullness of joy...
05:37 because sin had entered into their lives
05:39 and so,
05:44 God is seeking to draw each one of us to Himself
05:48 and there were some who came close to the Lord.
05:52 You may remember Enoch.
05:53 The Bible mentions Enoch, the Bible mentions Moses
05:57 and others who followed the Lord
05:59 and I want to talk to you
06:01 about the words found in Psalm 16 verse 11.
06:09 Psalm 16 verse 11...
06:11 if you join me in Psalm 16 verse 11,
06:14 you will find some wonderful words and they are these,
06:20 "You will show me the path of life;
06:24 In Your presence is fullness of... "
06:28 what? "joy;
06:30 At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore. "
06:34 You see, there were individuals that we read about in the Bible
06:40 that found the fullness of joy...
06:42 that it wasn't in the rat race of their day,
06:46 it was being in the presence of the Lord
06:50 and they knew they could walk with Jesus.
06:55 The Bible tells us... there was one individual
06:57 that walked with Jesus
07:00 and he was not.
07:01 Let's go to Genesis chapter 5, verse 22 to 24.
07:06 In Genesis chapter 5 verses 22 to 24,
07:10 pause
07:13 and I think most of you know who this individual was.
07:16 If you found Genesis chapter 5, please say, "Amen. "
07:19 Okay, let us read it together.
07:22 "After he begot Methuselah,
07:25 Enoch walked with God three hundred years,
07:29 and had sons and daughters.
07:31 So all the days of Enoch were
07:32 three hundred and sixty-five years.
07:35 And Enoch walked with God;
07:39 and he was not, for God took him. "
07:42 Enoch walked with God.
07:45 He had fullness of joy in walking with God
07:51 and Enoch was so close to God
07:54 that the time came when the Lord said,
07:56 "Enoch, you are ready to enter into the kingdom of heaven"
08:02 and so it was that God took him.
08:07 Marvelous... and you know, the day will come
08:10 when the same thing will be for us
08:12 if we walk in the presence of the Lord,
08:16 the Lord will come and take us with Him, amen.
08:20 Now, there were some as I mentioned
08:23 you can read about Noah, Job, Abraham, Isaac,
08:27 Jacob, Joseph, Samuel, David, Daniel
08:29 and the list will go on
08:31 that trusted in the Lord... followed the Lord...
08:35 and served Him... served Him with all their hearts.
08:40 They didn't have some of the things that we have today.
08:44 We... today... can carry a Bible wherever we go.
08:50 I am happy to have many Bibles on my phone
08:54 and many wonderful books
08:57 that help me to stay in contact with the Lord
08:59 and so, they did not have a Bible in their pocket.
09:04 There were scrolls in those days...
09:06 eventually there were scrolls
09:08 but they knew they could have communion with God
09:12 in talking to the Lord.
09:13 We can talk to the Lord throughout the day.
09:16 Yes there are times and seasons
09:19 when we need to go to the Lord and pray...
09:23 kneeling and pouring out our souls unto Him,
09:27 pleading before Him,
09:28 asking Him to be with us
09:30 and you will find that in the presence of the Lord
09:33 there is... what? Fullness of joy...
09:36 there is fullness of joy
09:39 and some of us here... if not all...
09:42 have experienced a time when you were reading the Scriptures...
09:45 when you were praying...
09:47 and you were drawn close to the Lord
09:49 and there's this wonderful presence...
09:53 a sweet abiding of the Lord Jesus Christ
09:56 and you don't want to leave that moment
10:00 and so, there's one individual that really is amazing to me
10:08 pause
10:10 and this individual is called Job.
10:13 Pause.
10:14 Now, I don't know if you can compare your experience
10:17 to Job's experience but he went through a lot.
10:20 How many here would like to go through what Job went through?
10:24 Pause.
10:26 Wow! Job went through a horrible, horrible experience,
10:30 pause
10:32 I was... we were talking to some...
10:33 to someone this week
10:35 and we were taking about these boils that get on people,
10:39 Job had these... I think they were boils,
10:42 does anybody here had a boil before?
10:45 pause
10:46 they're painful things...
10:48 was a painful? It was painful...
10:50 Samuel and others in Pohnpei
10:53 for some reason...
10:55 I don't know if it was the atmosphere...
10:57 the temperature... I don't know what it is
10:59 many in the groups were getting boils.
11:02 Samuel showed us... he had one in his leg...
11:04 painful...
11:05 and Job was covered with whatever it was
11:09 and the Bible says that he would even grab things
11:13 to scrape his skin.
11:15 Friends came to visit Job and they looked upon Him
11:20 and he looked so horrible...
11:22 that he was in such pain and agony
11:25 that they stood and sat there speechless
11:29 for several days
11:30 because his suffering was so great.
11:33 But this Job... walked so close to the Lord...
11:40 that even though he had lost practically everything he had,
11:45 he still praised the Lord.
11:48 Would you say, "Amen" to that?
11:50 Audience: Amen.
11:51 And there is a Scripture
11:54 that is amazing... and is of comfort to God's children.
11:59 I would like to point you to Job chapter 13,
12:02 Job 13 and verse 15.
12:06 It's very simple, if I start reading it,
12:09 you may be able to quote the rest of it
12:12 and Job chapter 13 verse 15 says the following words,
12:18 "Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.
12:24 Even so, I will defend my own ways before Him. "
12:28 Though He slay me,
12:30 yet will I trust Him
12:32 and you know, it's amazing to me...
12:34 it has happened to me also.
12:36 That some suffering has come into my life
12:39 and I said, "Phew, this is... this is hard
12:42 are others going through what I am going through?"
12:45 Then you start looking around wondering if...
12:48 "Is this fair what I am going through?"
12:51 Pause...
12:53 And then I look back and say,
12:55 "What in the world was I thinking?"
12:57 When you think about Job...
12:59 when you think about others that suffered great horrible things
13:04 and I looked at my things and they were so small in comparison
13:08 you feel ashamed to think,
13:10 "Lord, are you... are you with me
13:12 are you helping me, are you...
13:14 where are you Lord?"
13:15 Pause.
13:17 But God wants us to know that whatever we go through,
13:22 He is with us.
13:24 That whatever suffering we encounter,
13:28 God is with us
13:31 but in this world, Jesus said,
13:33 "We will suffer tribulation
13:36 but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world"
13:41 and because He has overcome the world,
13:43 there is hope for us
13:46 that nothing, nor no one,
13:49 not even the devil and all his demons can take away from us
13:54 hope in Jesus... hope in salvation...
13:59 hope in eternal life...
14:01 hope in a life where there will be no sickness,
14:04 suffering nor pain,
14:05 and this is what God wants us to understand
14:08 that in Him there is fullness of joy
14:12 and I encourage you to follow Jesus with all your heart...
14:17 with all your heart...
14:19 and so, one of the things that these people did
14:22 was pray...
14:24 pray when you're happy...
14:26 pray when you're sad...
14:28 pray... pray... pray...
14:31 Paul said, "Pray without ceasing"
14:35 now he wasn't saying that
14:37 you are on your knees all the time with your eyes closed
14:40 but you can have a prayer in your heart
14:42 and you're in communion with the Lord.
14:44 Pause.
14:45 The devil wants to take peace from you,
14:48 the devil wants to take hope from you,
14:50 the devil wants to take that fullness of joy from you
14:56 and prayer is one of the keys of staying with the Lord,
15:02 keeping your eyes on the Lord
15:03 and walking with Him,
15:05 memorizing Scripture
15:07 and rehearsing them in your mind
15:09 as you go throughout the day
15:11 you are in communion with the Lord
15:13 and in the presence of the Lord there is fullness of joy.
15:18 Pause.
15:19 You know in the book "Steps to Christ"
15:21 I am going to paraphrase what it says,
15:25 it says, "The darkness of the evil one
15:29 enclose those who neglect to pray. "
15:34 Wow! Scary isn't it?
15:37 If we neglect to pray,
15:39 that's an invitation for the devil to come to our side
15:45 and bring darkness upon us,
15:48 so, is it important to pray?
15:51 Yes! Paul knew it
15:53 and that's why he said, "Pray without ceasing. "
15:56 Pause.
15:57 We desperately need to be in connection with the Lord.
16:03 Pause.
16:05 I would like to ask you to join me in Isaiah chapter 57...
16:08 Isaiah chapter 57...
16:10 let's read a few verses in Isaiah 57
16:14 beginning in verse 19,
16:17 Isaiah 57 verse 19,
16:19 if you have found it, I hear some pages turning,
16:22 Isaiah 57 beginning in verse 19,
16:24 if you found it say, "Amen"
16:26 notice what the Bible says, "I create the fruit of the lips:
16:30 Peace, peace to him who is afar off
16:34 and to him who is near, Says the Lord,
16:37 'And I will heal him. '
16:39 But the wicked are like the troubled sea,
16:44 When it cannot rest,
16:47 Whose waters cast up mire and dirt.
16:50 'There is no peace,'
16:53 Says my God, 'for the wicked. '"
16:57 That's the life of the wicked.
17:01 They may have pleasure... a little bit here and there
17:05 because they spend their money on this or they do that...
17:08 they think they found some joy.
17:11 But you know all the joys of this world
17:16 are temporary...
17:19 they end... and then they go down
17:21 and the Bible says that the wicked are like the sea.
17:25 Have you ever stopped to look at the sea?
17:26 I like to go and look at the sea sometimes.
17:29 Of course, we can't find it in this area...
17:32 Audience: Laughter...
17:35 but I'd like to go when we get to travel
17:37 to one of these places where you can go close
17:39 to where there's this large body of water,
17:41 pause
17:42 and you can watch the sea and it is constantly moving,
17:45 the wicked are like the troubled sea...
17:47 cannot rest...
17:49 and you see,
17:51 we cannot find true rest until we open our hearts to Jesus.
17:57 Pause.
18:00 He brings serenity... He brings peace to our hearts.
18:04 Pause.
18:06 There is a painting, I think it's still there at 3ABN
18:08 pause
18:10 you may have seen it where there's...
18:12 the artist tried to paint this storm of wind...
18:16 the waves are roaring...
18:18 and there is a group of people in a boat
18:22 and Jesus is at the wheel
18:27 and the people close to Jesus
18:30 have this look of peace in their hearts... in their faces...
18:34 pause...
18:36 and that's what it is.
18:38 If you face storms in life,
18:40 with Jesus, you could have peace
18:43 and you can have fullness of joy.
18:45 If you're going through a difficult time,
18:49 it's meant to be difficult.
18:52 It can cause you pain, it can cause you grief,
18:56 it can cause you even to doubt,
19:01 but never lose your connection with Jesus.
19:07 Pause.
19:09 Keep looking unto Jesus
19:13 because He is the way out, the truth and the life.
19:19 Satan would love to throw more upon us
19:22 than we can handle
19:24 but thanks be to God that He puts a limit on the devil
19:29 pause
19:31 he restrains the devil
19:33 from doing things to us that he will love to do.
19:36 Pause.
19:38 I don't know what it would have done to you
19:40 if Jesus had come to you
19:42 and told you what Jesus told Peter.
19:45 I don't know if you would have had chill bumps
19:48 if Jesus would tell you,
19:51 "Simon, the devil has sought to have you
19:55 that he may sift you as wheat. "
19:58 What would it do to you if Jesus did that.
20:01 The devil is asking for you... to sift you as wheat.
20:04 Pause.
20:07 Would you be scared?
20:08 Pause.
20:10 But would you take courage in the following words of Jesus
20:14 "But I have prayed for you that your faith fail not. "
20:18 Pause.
20:21 Our hope is Jesus
20:23 and I encourage you to stay close to Him.
20:26 Jesus wants to give us rest,
20:29 the wicked are like the troubled sea,
20:31 there is no peace for the wicked.
20:33 I'd like you to consider the words of Jesus
20:35 and his invitation to those that were around him
20:38 in those days when He walked among men,
20:42 suffering as others suffered in His time.
20:47 In Matthew chapter 11, verses 28 to 30,
20:52 Jesus makes the invitation to those that were around Him
20:55 and to us today.
20:57 In Matthew 11 verse 28 to 30,
21:00 Jesus says, "Come to Me,
21:03 all you who labor and are heavy laden,
21:06 and I will give you rest.
21:08 Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me,
21:12 for I am gentle and lowly in heart,
21:15 and you will find rest for your souls.
21:18 For My yoke is easy and My burden is light. "
21:23 Praise the Lord.
21:25 "Come to Me... and I will give you rest. "
21:30 So, if the wicked are out there,
21:32 Jesus says... He can give them rest
21:35 but they have to separate themselves from the evil things
21:41 by asking Jesus to rescue them from the hands of the devil.
21:47 Jesus wants to give you rest
21:50 and if you're in here today
21:53 and you don't feel you have that rest...
21:55 that joy...
21:57 Jesus wants to give it to you today
22:00 and I encourage you to open your heart to receive it.
22:03 Let's go to Jeremiah... Jeremiah chapter 9.
22:08 In Jeremiah chapter 9, God has a message for us.
22:13 You may want to write some of these down,
22:16 Jeremiah chapter 9 verses 23 and 24
22:22 Jeremiah 9:23 and 24, the Bible says,
22:27 "But let him who glories glory in this,
22:32 That he understands and knows Me,
22:35 That I am the Lord, exercising lovingkindness,
22:39 judgment and righteousness in the earth.
22:43 For in these I delight, says the Lord. "
22:48 Amen.
22:49 Pause.
22:51 What is the Lord? He exercises loving kindness,
22:55 judgment, righteousness in this world.
22:58 Pause.
23:00 In Psalm 34, the Bible says,
23:03 "Oh taste and see that the Lord is good. "
23:09 You see, God wants to do you good.
23:14 He wants you to be happy,
23:17 He wants you to have fullness of joy.
23:20 The devil wants to take that away from you
23:23 and the best thing we could do
23:25 is to turn our backs on the devil
23:27 and the works of the devil
23:29 and follow Jesus with all of our hearts.
23:32 I encourage you to stay close to Jesus.
23:35 The Lord delights in blessing His children
23:38 and as you come to the Lord in prayer,
23:41 bring your concerns... your petitions before Him.
23:45 I rejoice to see people coming to the Lord in prayer
23:48 and many of you come during the congregational prayer
23:51 to present your petitions before the Lord
23:54 and I'm going to ask this question,
23:56 many of you have been coming Sabbath after Sabbath,
23:58 week after week, asking the Lord to bless you.
24:02 You've been doing it for several years.
24:05 How many of you have had God answer your prayers
24:10 would you raise your hand?
24:11 Praise the Lord.
24:13 How many of you say, "The Lord is good. "
24:17 Praise God.
24:19 God is good to every one of us, amen and amen to that.
24:24 I would like to take you to Mark chapter 12.
24:27 In Mark chapter 12, we have some individuals
24:30 that...
24:34 went before the Lord.
24:36 You see, God wants us to consider Him as our Father
24:42 how did Jesus say was the model prayer?
24:45 How does He begin?
24:46 "Our Father which art in heaven. "
24:50 He wants us to form this relationship with Him
24:53 so that we know we're not just a number,
24:57 so that we know we're not just a face in the crowd
25:01 you see, God knows each and every one of us by name...
25:05 knows more about us than we know about ourselves.
25:08 Pause.
25:10 In Mark chapter 12, verse 28,
25:13 if you found this, say, "Amen. "
25:16 Amen.
25:17 "Then one of the scribes came,
25:19 and having heard them reasoning together,
25:22 perceiving that He... " that is Jesus...
25:25 "had answered them well, asked Him,
25:27 'Which is the first commandment of all?'"
25:30 Verse 29, Jesus answered him,
25:33 "The first of all the commandments is:
25:36 'Hear, O Israel, the LORD our God,
25:39 the LORD is one.
25:41 And you shall love the LORD your God
25:44 with all your heart, with all your soul,
25:46 with all your mind, and with all your strength. '
25:49 this is the first commandment. "
25:52 And Jesus went further
25:54 because the man just asked for the first commandment,
25:56 Jesus went further and said, "And the second like it is this:
26:00 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself. '
26:05 There is no other commandment greater than these.
26:08 So the scribe said to Him, 'Well said, Teacher,
26:12 You have spoken the truth, for there is one God,
26:16 and there is no other but He.
26:19 And to love Him with all the heart,
26:21 and with all the understanding,
26:24 with all the soul, and all the strength,
26:26 and to love one's neighbor as oneself,
26:28 is more than all the whole burnt offerings and sacrifices. "
26:35 Pause.
26:37 Praise the Lord.
26:38 "Now when Jesus saw that He answered wisely,
26:42 He said to him,
26:43 'You are not far from the kingdom of God. '
26:47 But after that no one dared to ask him any questions. "
26:52 You are not far from the Kingdom of God.
26:57 This man had been thinking,
26:59 this man went beyond the external
27:02 and the surface reading.
27:04 This man was seeking to understand
27:08 and when he saw these questions and that Jesus answered wisely,
27:14 pause
27:16 he asked him the question.
27:17 And to hear Jesus say,
27:19 "You're not far from the kingdom of heaven"
27:22 was good news.
27:23 So I ask you this question,
27:26 "Are you far from the kingdom of heaven?"
27:30 Is the road you're traveling on leading you closer to God
27:36 and to heaven?
27:38 Or are you far from the kingdom of God?
27:43 Pause.
27:44 Are you beginning to practice things
27:47 that are drawing you away from God
27:49 and to the devil?
27:52 Are you doing things
27:54 that are inviting the devil to come closer?
27:57 Are you neglecting prayer?
27:58 The reading of the Scriptures?
28:00 I remind you that
28:03 those who neglect to pray...
28:05 it's like an invitation to the devil to draw near
28:07 and bring darkness all around the individual.
28:10 So, are you close or far from God?
28:16 Had the things of this world... the busyness of life
28:21 taken you a little further from the Lord than you wanted to be?
28:26 If that is the case, it's time to come back to Jesus.
28:34 He wants to rescue us
28:37 not only from falling further into sin,
28:41 but also to rescue us from destruction
28:44 because the devil wants to destroy us.
28:47 While God is working to draw us to Him,
28:50 the devil is trying to take us away from Him
28:53 by different things.
28:55 Pause.
28:57 And you know,
29:00 pause
29:02 he doesn't always pull you like he's forcing you...
29:06 the devil is not always like,
29:08 "Come on, you're coming with me whether you like it or not. "
29:11 Pause.
29:12 No... he draws you...
29:13 pause
29:15 just like people try to draw the... the...
29:18 like the mice with something good to eat,
29:20 the devil throws things at you, "Isn't this good?"
29:24 "Doesn't this taste good?"
29:26 "Doesn't this look good?"
29:27 "Doesn't she or he look good to you?"
29:31 Pause.
29:33 Tries to draw you away...
29:34 "Don't you think you can make more money
29:36 doing something else?"
29:37 Tries to draw us away from the Lord
29:41 Pause.
29:43 so that we can fall into his traps.
29:46 But God is also working to draw you close to the Lord...
29:51 close to Him... that we may rejoice in His salvation
29:56 and we may have the fullness of joy
29:59 that only He can give.
30:01 I would like to invite you to the book of Mark again
30:05 chapter 10...
30:06 in the book of Mark,
30:08 there's another individual that came to Jesus,
30:11 and he also had a question.
30:13 In Mark chapter 10 beginning in verse 17,
30:16 we find this person.
30:18 If you found this, say, "Amen. "
30:21 "Now as He was going out on the road,
30:25 one came running and knelt before Him,
30:29 and asked Him, 'Good Teacher,
30:31 what shall I do that I may inherit eternal life?'"
30:36 We'll stop right there...
30:38 you see, Jesus had just done something marvelous
30:43 and it could be... I think this person was watching Jesus
30:47 and saying, "Wow! look how He's blessing these children!"
30:50 They brought little children to Jesus
30:52 and the disciples had first tried to stop them...
30:55 "No, no, no, no, no... He's... Jesus is too busy...
30:58 He doesn't have time for children. "
31:01 God always has time for children.
31:03 Pause.
31:05 And Jesus says, "Suffer the little children to come unto me.
31:08 Let the little children come to Me
31:11 for of such is the kingdom of heaven"
31:13 and Jesus blessed the children
31:16 and the children loved to be in His presence.
31:18 Jesus always has time for children.
31:22 Jesus also always has time for adults
31:26 and this young man saw this
31:30 and apparently Jesus was beginning to walk away
31:33 and this person came running to Jesus.
31:39 It will be wonderful to see people running to Jesus today.
31:43 Pause.
31:44 He came running to Jesus... knelt before Him
31:47 and asked Him the question...
31:49 a very important question.
31:52 "What shall I do that I may inherit eternal life?"
31:59 What a question!
32:01 "What can I do...
32:03 how can I have that assurance that I have eternal life?"
32:07 Wouldn't you want to know?
32:09 Wouldn't you want to know the answer to that question?
32:12 You as an individual... where you are at now...
32:17 what can you do that you may inherit eternal life?
32:21 Notice what Jesus said, verse 18...
32:25 so, Jesus said to him, "Why do you call Me good?
32:29 No one is good but One, that is, God. "
32:35 Very interesting answer.
32:38 "No one is good but One, that is, God. "
32:42 Jesus wanted to take this man's view from the external
32:48 pause
32:51 from the visible to the invisible.
32:53 If only this man knew who he was talking to
32:57 but he knew that Jesus had words of life
33:01 and so the question...
33:04 Jesus continued... the answer came...
33:08 pause
33:11 "You know the commandments:
33:13 'Do not commit adultery,' verse 19
33:16 'Do not commit adultery' 'Do not murder,'
33:19 'Do not steal,' 'Do not bear false witness,'
33:21 'Do not defraud,'
33:23 'Honor your father and your mother. '"
33:27 Wow! how did Jesus answer the question?
33:31 "What do I need to do to inherit eternal life?"
33:36 Pause.
33:38 And so, in this question you have to ask yourself,
33:41 "Does Jesus say that you can work your way to heaven?"
33:44 No... He's not... and we'll talk about that in a moment.
33:49 He mentioned part of the commandments.
33:52 Why didn't He give him the whole list?
33:55 The Ten Commandments...
33:56 why didn't he say,
33:58 "You should not make any graven images"
34:00 "You should not take the name of the Lord in vain... "
34:03 "Remember the Sabbath to keep it holy"
34:06 He didn't mention any of these commandments.
34:08 He mentioned the last four.
34:11 See, Jesus looked into this man's eyes
34:14 and He knew what was lacking.
34:17 Pause.
34:19 So, He answered him that way.
34:21 This was a perfect time for Jesus to answer
34:26 in some other way... as some people would have thought,
34:28 "Oh, don't worry about it, by grace you are saved... "
34:31 we'll read that in a moment
34:33 but let's consider what is written,
34:35 keep your finger in Mark 10, we'll come back to it,
34:38 let us consider the words of Galatians chapter 2,
34:41 Galatians chapter 2.
34:43 In Galatians chapter 2 we find in verse 16
34:47 the following words,
34:49 "Knowing that a man
34:51 is not justified by the works of the law
34:55 but by faith in Christ Jesus,
34:57 even we have believed in Christ Jesus,
35:01 that we might be justified by faith in Christ
35:05 and not by the works of the law;
35:08 for by the works of the law no flesh shall be justified. "
35:13 Praise the Lord.
35:15 Pause.
35:17 So, was Jesus saying to him...
35:18 was He contradicting what the rest of the Bible says?
35:21 No, we'll find that in a moment.
35:24 Let's go to that other Scripture that we mentioned before,
35:29 Ephesians chapter 2, how are we saved?
35:33 Ephesians chapter 2 gives us the answer...
35:37 in Ephesians 2 beginning in verse 8,
35:40 if you found this, say, "Amen. "
35:43 Amen... we have at least two witnesses so we read,
35:47 "For by grace you have been saved through faith,
35:51 and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God... "
35:55 It is what? "a gift of God"
35:58 "... not of works, lest anyone should boast.
36:01 For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus
36:06 for good works,
36:07 which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. "
36:12 We are saved by grace through faith
36:17 but these things are the reality of our salvation
36:25 "by grace through faith"
36:27 no amount of works that we do can we say,
36:31 "I have done this list of requirements,
36:35 therefore, I am now worthy to be saved. "
36:40 Pause.
36:42 "For by grace are we saved through faith"
36:46 it is the gift of God
36:48 you cannot buy it.
36:50 You cannot work your way to receive it
36:53 but you can accept it by faith as it is in Christ Jesus.
36:58 But you see, when you are,
37:01 "accept by grace the gift of salvation"
37:05 we must work with the Lord... cooperate with the Lord
37:11 in keeping the commandments
37:13 because if you are living in disobedience to the commandments
37:18 you cannot be saved
37:21 because the wages of sin is death.
37:27 Let's read a few Scriptures to help us with that.
37:30 In 1st John chapter 3 verse 4,
37:34 1st John chapter 3 verse 4,
37:36 pause
37:40 1st John chapter 3 verse 4,
37:41 has the following words, "Whoever...
37:46 Whosoever committeth sin, transgresseth also the law:
37:51 for sin is the transgression of the law. "
37:55 What does it say?
37:56 "the transgression of the law"
37:58 the New King James Version says,
38:00 "Whoever commits sin also commits lawlessness... "
38:04 in other words, you're living not in harmony with the law.
38:08 "... and sin is lawlessness"
38:10 living without harmony to the law.
38:14 So, whoever commits sin is transgressing the law
38:18 and the wages of sin is death
38:21 as we read in Romans chapter 6.
38:24 Let us continue in 1st John chapter 3... now in verse 5,
38:27 "And you know
38:29 that He was manifested
38:32 to take away our sins" that is Jesus...
38:35 "and in Him there is no sin" praise God
38:38 "whoever abides in Him does not sin. "
38:40 How is it that we can live our lives without sin?
38:47 The answer is in verse 6,
38:49 "Whoever abides in Him does not sin.
38:51 Whoever sins has neither seen Him nor known Him. "
38:55 Whoever lives in habitual sinning.
38:58 "Whoever sins has neither seen Him nor known Him.
39:01 Little children, let no one deceive you.
39:04 He who practices... " what?
39:07 "righteousness is righteous just as He is righteous.
39:11 He who sins" who lives his life sinning...
39:14 "is of the devil,
39:16 for the devil has sinned from the beginning.
39:18 For this purpose the Son of God was manifested,
39:21 that He might destroy the works of the devil. "
39:24 So, when Jesus answered this man,
39:27 "You know the commandments"
39:29 He was saying to him,
39:31 "You must live in harmony with the commandments
39:35 if you are to be part of the family of God. "
39:39 Why?
39:40 Because the first and great commandment
39:42 is to love the Lord your God with all your heart,
39:45 with all your soul, all your mind,
39:46 and the second is like unto it,
39:48 you shall love your neighbor as yourself,
39:49 and the Ten Commandments describe just this...
39:53 to love the Lord with all your heart
39:55 and your neighbor as yourself.
39:57 Jesus told him the commandments that define
40:01 your neighbor as yourself.
40:02 "You shall not murder, you shall not commit adultery,
40:06 and honor your father and your mother, et cetera.
40:10 Now, let's go to Mark chapter 10 again,
40:13 Mark chapter 10.
40:14 Pause.
40:16 In Mark chapter 10, I hope you had your finger there
40:19 we continue in verse 20,
40:21 The young man waiting for Jesus to...
40:23 as he heard the words of Jesus,
40:25 He says... "And he answered and said to Him,
40:27 'Teacher, all these things I have kept from my youth. '"
40:34 Pause.
40:35 "All these things... I've done this,
40:38 there must be something else. "
40:40 "I've done this... " he did not feel the joy.
40:45 You see, he was not walking in the presence of the Lord,
40:50 he did not have fullness of joy
40:52 and that's why he felt
40:55 something was missing.
40:58 Notice what the Bible says as He continued...
41:02 verse 21... "Then Jesus, looking at him, loved him,
41:08 and said to him, 'One thing you lack:
41:13 Go your way, sell what you have
41:18 and give to the poor,
41:19 and you will have treasure in heaven;
41:22 and come and take up the cross
41:25 and follow Me. "
41:26 I can see this man's face as he heard the words of Jesus
41:30 and as Jesus had said, "One thing you lack... "
41:33 I could see anticipation in his face,
41:36 "What is that one thing? I want to know"
41:39 because he came running to Jesus.
41:41 He wanted to know.
41:44 "One thing you lack"
41:46 pause
41:48 "Go and sell what you have... "
41:50 oooh...
41:53 struck at the chord of his heart,
41:57 Jesus was speaking to him
42:02 the truth of what would lead him into salvation
42:06 and that is: to give up the idol that he loved more than God
42:11 and that is the treasures he owned.
42:16 He said, "Go and sell what you have... "
42:19 you see, the Bible says there...
42:21 it says that Jesus was looking to him.
42:24 That was not a passing glance, Jesus was looking at him...
42:29 fixedly on him
42:31 and gazing into him.
42:34 Contact with his eyes, looking at him,
42:37 the man saw Jesus
42:39 and the man did not know that Jesus was looking into his life.
42:44 Pause.
42:46 One thing you lack, and I tell you, this man knew
42:52 that Jesus answered him exactly
42:55 what was lacking in his life.
42:58 He knew that Jesus has spoken the truth to him
43:03 and I wonder... had he asked this question
43:08 to the Scribes and the Pharisees.
43:11 Had he asked this question before
43:14 and no answer satisfied the longing in his heart.
43:19 Pause.
43:21 No one answered him in a way that gave him the peace
43:27 to know that he was on the right track
43:29 but here was One that spoke to him of the truth
43:33 and of the idol that he had in his life
43:37 pause
43:40 and he was greatly distressed and in sorrow.
43:45 Wouldn't you love to hear that Jesus would say to you,
43:50 "There's only one thing you've got missing
43:52 pause
43:55 everything else is okay,
43:57 there's only one thing...
43:59 only one thing... "
44:02 pause
44:04 I don't know if there's one thing for you or more,
44:06 I don't know how Jesus would answer you...
44:09 what He would tell you...
44:10 what specific thing
44:12 because Jesus spoke to him specific things.
44:17 He didn't leave it in the dark,
44:20 he didn't say, "Well, there is one thing
44:21 but I can't really talk to you about that"
44:23 He didn't say,
44:25 "There is one thing and you know what that is. "
44:27 He told him what it was.
44:29 He read his heart.
44:31 So, what would Jesus tell you?
44:35 What do you have to give up?
44:39 What do you love more than God?
44:42 What is it?
44:44 And if Jesus answers you, the best thing you could do
44:49 is say, "Lord, here I am... take me
44:54 and take this love for this other thing away
44:57 and give me eternal life. "
45:00 Would you do that?
45:02 Would you ask the Lord to reveal to you that one thing?
45:07 The Bible says that Jesus looked upon him
45:11 and loved him
45:12 and this is that word in the Bible
45:14 that you have heard before,
45:15 Agape... it's that agape love...
45:18 that pure heavenly love...
45:20 pure heavenly love...
45:23 you see, this man...
45:25 if you would look at these things...
45:28 he didn't love his neighbor as himself.
45:30 He didn't have pure love towards God
45:33 and if you don't first pure love towards God,
45:35 you're going to fail in the other thing...
45:38 is loving your neighbor as yourself.
45:41 Pause.
45:42 And I encourage you to come before Jesus
45:46 and tell Him all.
45:49 give... have a... have a one-on-one time with the Lord
45:54 so, "Lord, where am I? Am I missing one thing?
45:59 Or is it more than one thing?
46:01 Is there something that is an obstacle between me and you?
46:05 Is there something that is keeping me from experiencing
46:09 that fullness of joy?"
46:12 And if you come before the Lord
46:15 as he did for this young man,
46:18 He will reveal to you the truth.
46:21 When I was younger
46:23 as I was reading the Scripture,
46:25 I found one that impacted me
46:28 and I decided to buy... I think it was a 100 or more pens
46:33 and put the Scripture on the pen...
46:35 I said, "I'm going to give this away to people. "
46:37 And this is the Scripture found in Proverbs chapter 21.
46:40 In Proverbs chapter 21 and verse 13,
46:43 Proverbs chapter 21 verse 13,
46:47 pause
46:52 and the reality is that if you live in this world
46:55 you're going to encounter someone
46:58 that is less fortunate than you.
47:00 Someone that has less than you...
47:03 that you could possibly be a blessing to them
47:05 and you know it's amazing,
47:07 I have even seen people give things
47:10 and they look like they need things
47:12 and yet they give to help others.
47:15 Praise God for that.
47:17 And there it is, Proverbs 21 verse 13,
47:21 "Whoever shuts his ears to the cry of the poor
47:25 will also cry himself and not be heard. "
47:30 Pause.
47:31 So, if the Lord presents someone that is in need to you
47:34 and you have the capacity to help this person
47:37 and you know the need
47:39 and you know it's a legitimate need
47:40 because some of us question,
47:42 "I don't know if he's going to use that money for drugs"
47:44 but if you know there's a need
47:46 and you know there's a need
47:49 and you don't help and you can,
47:51 pause
47:54 and this keeps happening
47:55 that God presents people that need
47:57 and you say, "No, somebody else will help you"
48:02 one day, you too will cry and no one will answer you.
48:07 Pause.
48:11 May God bless you to be able to see
48:14 that in helping others
48:16 Jesus is going to say, "You have helped me. "
48:20 Pause.
48:22 In Deuteronomy chapter 8, I would like to...
48:25 invite you to quickly go to Deuteronomy chapter 8,
48:28 pause
48:31 more pause
48:33 in Deuteronomy chapter 8,
48:35 we have the Scriptures that let us know
48:39 from where we get the blessings we... we have.
48:43 Pause.
48:44 Deuteronomy 8:18, the Bible says,
48:47 "And you shall remember the Lord your God,
48:49 for it is He who gives you power to get wealth,
48:53 that He may establish His covenant
48:55 which He swore to your fathers,
48:57 as it is this day. "
48:59 God is the One that gives us power to get wealth
49:03 and when He gives us opportunity to share with others,
49:06 He's giving us an opportunity
49:08 to let our lives so shine before men
49:11 that they may see our good works and glorify our heavenly Father.
49:15 God may send someone to you
49:17 that has a need that you can supply
49:20 and God is giving you an opportunity
49:22 to be a blessing to others so, you may get more.
49:28 You see, that's the way God works.
49:30 You give and God keeps giving unto you.
49:34 God is good... amen.
49:37 Let's go back to Mark chapter 10.
49:39 In Mark chapter 10, we ask ourselves,
49:42 "How did this young man respond?"
49:44 In Mark chapter 10 verse 22, the Bible says,
49:46 "But he was sad at this word,
49:50 and went away sorrowful, for he had great possessions. "
49:55 These are some of the saddest words in the Bible.
49:59 His reactions revealed who or what was his God,
50:03 he loved the gift more than he loved the Giver.
50:06 God gave him those gifts... those possessions...
50:10 but instead of being a blessing to others with them,
50:14 he was hoarding them, keeping them to himself
50:18 and God would have him find salvation in Jesus Christ.
50:26 It was sad that he could not see
50:31 that God had greater treasures for him.
50:34 What did Jesus say to this man?
50:37 "Go and sell what you have
50:40 and you will have... " what?
50:42 "treasure in heaven. "
50:45 You see, he could have greater treasures
50:49 than he could ever imagine
50:50 because he would have treasure in heaven
50:53 which is the greatest riches...
50:54 more than any riches you can get in this world.
50:58 You see, God has the better offer,
51:01 pause
51:03 God has the best offer for us.
51:05 Pause.
51:07 You and I are in church today.
51:11 You are in church
51:15 but is Christ in you?
51:19 You're in church... but is Christ in you?
51:23 Pause.
51:24 You see, every day Jesus stands at the door of our heart
51:27 and says, "Behold I stand at the door and knock. "
51:30 And if we let Him in, Jesus will be in.
51:33 Pause.
51:35 And if we are walking with Him,
51:39 He will bless us more than we can imagine.
51:43 I would like to invite you to turn to Colossians chapter 1.
51:46 Colossians chapter 1...
51:48 in Colossians chapter 1,
51:50 we find the words of Jesus in verse 26.
51:53 We find the words from... from the Lord...
51:57 pause
51:59 Colossians chapter 1...
52:00 "... the mystery which has been hidden from ages
52:04 and from generations,
52:05 but now has been revealed to His saints.
52:07 To them God willed to make known
52:10 what are the riches of the glory
52:13 of this mystery among the Gentiles:
52:16 which is Christ in you, the hope of glory. "
52:21 Christ in you... that is the hope of glory
52:26 and I would like to invite you today to consider...
52:29 I'd like to invite you to please come...
52:32 to consider the invitation that Jesus has
52:35 for each and every one of us.
52:37 Pause.
52:39 If there's one thing that you lack,
52:42 I would like to invite you to consider
52:46 that God is asking you to give up whatever it is
52:50 that's keeping you from being 100% belonging to Jesus.
52:57 If you see that you need holy communion with the Lord
53:03 more than ever before,
53:04 if you sense that the Lord is
53:07 drawing you closer than ever before,
53:09 I encourage you to come to Jesus.
53:12 I encourage you to give Him your whole heart.
53:16 Piano playing.
53:20 I ask, "Are you far from the Lord
53:24 or close to the Lord?"
53:26 In Acts chapter 26, Paul is talking
53:29 to King Agrippa and others...
53:32 Paul is sharing his testimony of what happened to him,
53:36 how he discovered Jesus
53:38 and King Agrippa is listening intently
53:42 and in Acts chapter 26 verse 27,
53:47 Paul asked this man... King Agrippa...
53:51 "Do you believe the prophets?"
53:54 He didn't wait for an answer,
53:56 he says, "I know that you believe"
53:58 "Then Agrippa said to Paul,
54:01 'You almost persuade me
54:04 to become a Christian. '"
54:07 You almost persuade me to become a Christian...
54:11 and Paul said, "I would to God that not only you,
54:16 but also all who hear me today,
54:18 might become both almost and altogether such as I am,
54:23 except for these chains. "
54:25 Wouldn't it be wonderful
54:27 if King Agrippa
54:31 didn't answer or say it that way.
54:34 "You almost persuaded me to be a Christian but... "
54:38 wouldn't it have been wonderful,
54:41 "Paul, you have convinced me to become a Christian. "
54:44 Pause.
54:46 So, I wonder if there is anyone here
54:49 that's almost convinced
54:51 to give your whole heart to the Lord
54:53 that has seen the Lord calling you time after time...
54:57 last week's sermon... the week before...
54:59 the week before,
55:01 throughout the week, God drawing you in different ways
55:03 and you almost say, "Yes"
55:06 but something keeps you from it.
55:08 Is there one thing that you're holding on to
55:11 that's going to keep you out
55:13 pause
55:14 of the greatest happiness
55:16 you could have
55:18 and that is to have Jesus in your heart.
55:20 I would like to make an appeal today
55:23 that if you are willing to say to the Lord,
55:26 "Lord, there may be one thing and I may not even know it
55:31 but I'm asking you to reveal it to me. "
55:33 I would like to invite you to not only stand
55:36 but come to the front and say to the Lord,
55:39 "Lord, I give you all today,
55:41 if there is one thing that I lack,
55:43 I want you to let me know.
55:45 I want you to let me know and give me power to put that away.
55:49 If there's something
55:53 that is an obstacle between you and the Lord
55:55 and you want to know what that is,
55:57 that perhaps you may not even notice
55:59 that it's there... eating away, eating away...
56:03 little by little...
56:04 I encourage you to say to the Lord,
56:07 "Lord, reveal to me
56:08 because I know that what this world has to offer
56:13 is not all that I want...
56:15 I want the fullness of the joy that only you can give. "
56:21 I praise the Lord for your decisions.
56:24 You see, God is drawing us to Him...
56:27 drawing us...
56:28 but we must make decisions to give Him all... a 100%
56:36 that as we do this,
56:37 we will begin to experience the fullness of joy
56:42 as only He can give us
56:44 and that peace that passes all the understanding...
56:48 you see,
56:53 I heard it before many times
56:54 rich people... they have all that they could possibly buy
56:58 but they do not have fullness of joy
57:01 because they do not have Jesus
57:04 pause
57:05 and Jesus is all you need
57:07 to be happy...
57:09 communion with Him and joy with Him.
57:12 I would like to invite you to prayer...
57:15 while we pray, pour out your heart to the Lord and say,
57:19 "Lord, is there one thing...
57:21 if there's more than one thing, let me know
57:23 but I want to be among those that inherit eternal life. "
57:28 If it's possible for you, I invite you to kneel,
57:30 let's go to the Lord in prayer.
57:32 Piano playing.
57:40 "Our loving heavenly Father,
57:42 pause
57:45 praise be to your name Lord
57:46 for this opportunity you give to each and every one of us
57:51 to give you all
57:54 and Lord, we ask,
57:57 "Is there one thing that's keeping us
58:04 from having that eternal life that you want to give us,
58:09 let us know what it is Lord
58:11 and help us to understand
58:14 that with You all things are possible,
58:18 help us Lord that whatever it may be
58:22 pause
58:24 or whomever it may be...
58:27 it may be an idol to us,
58:29 we pray that You will take this love for whatever it is...
58:35 away from us,
58:36 and give us victory
58:42 and give us Jesus.
58:43 We pray, heavenly Father, for each and everyone here,
58:48 you know them and love them, speak to them now Lord,
58:52 I beg of you,
58:53 let them know of your love and your mercy,
58:56 extend to them your forgiveness and give them your acceptance.
59:02 We pray Lord, that your promise will be fulfilled
59:06 that if we confess our sins,
59:07 you are faithful and just to forgive us for our sins
59:12 and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
59:15 We ask you for this to happen in our lives
59:18 and we pray that you will help us to walk with you forever,
59:23 in Jesus' name, amen... amen."


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