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00:01 Music...
00:37 This morning our Scripture Reading
00:39 pause
00:41 is from 2nd Timothy chapter 1 and verse 7.
00:44 Pause.
00:50 If you have your Bibles, you can follow along,
00:52 if not, it is on the screen,
00:53 reading from the Word of the Lord the Bible says,
00:57 in 2nd Timothy 1 and verse 7,
00:59 "For God has not given us a spirit of fear... "
01:04 can you join me on the remaining part...
01:07 "but of power and of love and of a sound mind. "
01:13 Pause.
01:15 "Father in heaven, this morning,
01:17 speak through my lips
01:20 and speak into my mind and into my life.
01:25 May the words that you have given to me Lord,
01:29 find fertile soil
01:31 that we may be a people of faith
01:35 in a society of fear.
01:38 In Jesus' name I pray, amen. "
01:42 Audience: Amen.
01:45 It was 2001 when American audiences were introduced
01:50 to a weekly nail-biting, gut-wrenching NBC Series
01:55 called "Fear Factor. "
01:57 Even now, just mentioning the name
02:00 you might have received some of the former images,
02:02 they were recalled in your mind.
02:04 The gist of the Show was to push contestants
02:10 to the limits of their fears...
02:12 to see who could endure whatever the Producers came up with.
02:19 To determine how fearful each individual is
02:23 or how fearful the groups were.
02:27 Pause.
02:29 The reality of the show
02:31 is something that caught my attention
02:33 even more than the gist of the Show.
02:34 The reality of the Show is this,
02:37 "Those that did not conquer fear
02:41 were conquered by fear. "
02:44 Fear Factor...
02:45 trying to determine whether or not a person can hang on
02:50 when everyone else is letting go.
02:53 Pause.
02:55 In the Fear Factor Program,
02:57 each challenge was designed to reveal the hidden strengths
03:00 or hidden weaknesses of each contestant.
03:03 Do you know that each one of us has hidden strengths
03:07 and hidden weaknesses that are often concealed
03:10 until the time of testing comes
03:12 and we really never know who we really are
03:16 until we are pushed to the limits of our fears.
03:20 I pay particular attention
03:24 as I rewind my mental picture
03:28 through doing some research about the Program,
03:31 you've seen it... people jumping from buildings,
03:34 the first stunt was the physical test,
03:36 where they tested people
03:38 whether they were willing to jump from buildings
03:40 or hanging on to helicopters as they moved...
03:43 or climbing a ladder that is suspended
03:45 between two skyscrapers by a narrow cable...
03:50 the physical test.
03:52 In the minds of some you can feel it...
03:54 you can be there and you can remember...
03:56 you can take that... that's not anything that I would do...
03:59 jumping from buildings
04:00 and even though they had safety nets
04:03 or padded drops where you can fall into a bed filled with air,
04:07 there were some people that just could not capture their fear.
04:11 This brought me to the picture of...
04:14 a number of years ago, we were on the...
04:18 one of the... one of the cruise ships...
04:22 I forgot the name of the cruise ships...
04:24 The Allure of the Seas
04:27 and they... they had a... they had a zip line...
04:30 that was all of seven stories above the sea...
04:33 above the actual promenade of the ship.
04:37 just seven stories... just seven stories.
04:41 There was a safety line and then a backup safety line
04:45 and they gave you a helmet...
04:46 they strapped you in very comfortably,
04:48 I could not get my wife to get on that cable.
04:54 Her sister went... other people went...
04:57 I said, "Honey, you're safe,
04:59 you're gripped in... you're locked in...
05:00 you will not fall...
05:01 but she couldn't push beyond her fear factor.
05:04 She was all strapped in... got the helmet...
05:08 stood on the platform
05:10 and just before the guy released the line,
05:12 she said, "No, no, no, no, no, no... I want to go back. "
05:15 She got that far
05:16 but because she was pushed to the limit of her fear,
05:19 she never captured her fear.
05:21 The same was true when we were in Zimbabwe.
05:23 Garwin McNeilus said, "I have a special treat for you"
05:29 and we decided,
05:31 "Well, I didn't know what the special treat was
05:33 but since he paid for it,
05:34 it was might as well our benefit to take advantage of it... "
05:36 and what I did not know was the special treat was
05:41 a ride on... I don't know what they call it
05:44 but it had just one blade behind it,
05:46 it has a... a... a... a wing over the top of it
05:52 and you are strapped into a single seat
05:58 with just a seat belt...
05:59 no shoulder harness
06:01 and the pilot... just you and the pilot...
06:05 and you take off from a dirt strip
06:07 and you fly as far as you can
06:09 and he takes you up to about 3,500 feet
06:12 Ultralight...
06:13 well, being courteous,
06:17 my wife said, "Well, who will go first?"
06:18 I said, "Honey, ladies first. "
06:21 Audience: Laughing.
06:23 And I have the video of her taking off
06:26 but what I did not know was... after she took off
06:30 and opened her eyes,
06:31 she said to the pilot, "Take me back...
06:35 take me back... take me back now. "
06:39 And he said with his dialect,
06:42 "But Angela, we did not go to the Falls yet"
06:44 that's Victoria Falls...
06:46 she said, "I don't want to go to the Falls
06:47 take me back now. "
06:48 Well, it was all of six minutes
06:51 that we saw them take off
06:53 and come and circle back around and land
06:55 the good part of that was, she was safe
06:57 but the better part of that was, I had 45 minutes
07:00 and I was able to go to Victoria Falls.
07:04 I think back on that now and I think to myself,
07:06 "Here I am in a foreign country...
07:11 with no real safety regulations
07:12 and all the pilot kept saying to me was,
07:15 'If we land there, we will die
07:17 because that's the water
07:18 and there are snakes or maybe alligators...
07:20 if we land there, that's the Game Preserve
07:23 and that's not a safe place to land,
07:24 if our engine stops above Victoria Falls,
07:28 well, we could coast... but where we land is up to God. '"
07:31 and I want to say, "Praise the Lord,
07:33 I faced my fear and God was with me all the way. "
07:36 They physical test... the first stunt...
07:39 then they took you to the mental test.
07:42 Facing your fear... eating disgusting things
07:46 or being covered by snakes
07:47 or large hissing roaches from Madagascar
07:50 or being overrun by rats as you are strapped to a board,
07:54 the mental test of your fear...
07:56 the physical test... the mental test.
07:58 And finally, the third stunt was always the most extreme
08:02 usually dealing with the fear of water...
08:04 the fear of heights
08:06 or the fear of extreme vehicle stunts...
08:08 but the motivation that pushed people beyond their fears
08:11 was... whoever endured to the end
08:14 received a $50,000 reward
08:16 pause
08:18 but I've quickly learned
08:20 that physical appearance is no indication
08:22 that a person is going to endure to the end
08:24 pause
08:26 because in that show, I saw physically strong men
08:29 muscle-bound men fall
08:31 to the challenge of a small, petite woman
08:34 who had less fear than they did when they faced their fears.
08:38 So, physical attributes
08:42 were no special gift
08:45 when it came to determining whether or not
08:48 that person would endure.
08:50 Each test was designed
08:52 to bring out the worst or the best in the contestants
08:55 and only those that endured the test... won the price.
08:59 I say it again,
09:02 "You never know what you're made of until the test comes. "
09:05 Pause.
09:07 People that are quite often... the ones that say the least
09:11 are often discovered to be the person that's the most fearless.
09:15 But I discovered also that
09:17 people that boast their abilities...
09:19 the ones that talk brave
09:21 are sometimes the people that are the least brave
09:24 but Bob, you'll never know
09:26 what you're really made of until you face your fears.
09:31 Take Peter for example,
09:34 go with me to Luke chapter 22 and verse 33,
09:37 look at Peter for example,
09:39 Peter was a fisherman,
09:41 very aware of the challenges and the dangers of being at sea...
09:47 at rough seas...
09:48 and if you looked at Peter, from the natural standpoint,
09:52 you would think that his rugged hands and his experience
09:54 in dangerous situations were sufficient
09:56 for him to make the proclamation that he did to Jesus
10:00 and he vowed to follow Jesus even if it meant his death.
10:04 Luke 22 verse 33, Peter said, "But he said to Him,
10:07 'Lord, I am ready to go with You,
10:10 both to prison and to... and to death. '"
10:14 But when the test came, this former fisherman
10:18 was pulled in by his own hook of fear
10:23 when being challenged in the crowds in the city...
10:27 following Jesus at a distance...
10:29 the Bible says in verse 57 of Luke 22
10:32 when a woman said, "I know who you are... "
10:34 he said, "Woman, I do not know Him. "
10:36 When pushed to the limits of his fear,
10:39 he denied his Lord.
10:41 Now, the question you might ask is,
10:42 "Why do I bring up a topic called: Fear Factor. "
10:44 Pause.
10:46 Am I trying to figure out what you're afraid of?
10:49 Whether we know it or not,
10:51 the stage is about to drastically change
10:56 for the function of the church in our world.
11:00 Right now in America we enjoy religious freedom.
11:04 We are able to preach what we want to
11:06 and teach what we want to
11:07 although many of our sermons are challenged, nonetheless.
11:10 We're able to go to whatever church we want to go to
11:13 on whatever day we want to go to,
11:15 sing whatever songs we want to
11:18 but soon the stage is going to change,
11:21 but it's hard to tell the difference
11:25 between a fearless Christian and a fearful Christian
11:29 until the winter comes.
11:31 It's hard to tell the difference until the scenario changes,
11:36 it's hard to really tell who will stand
11:39 and who will turn and run
11:42 until the scenario changes
11:44 and today, we are in a society
11:48 that's challenging whether or not
11:50 we can teach what we want to
11:52 or believe what we want to
11:54 or espouse to the things that we doctrinally accept...
11:59 we are being challenged...
12:00 not only by other churches
12:02 but by the society in which we live.
12:04 I found this quotation in the book Maranatha
12:07 that makes the point very clear
12:09 that you know it's winter right now
12:11 and most of the trees are devoid of leaves,
12:14 you can't a leaf on most of the trees
12:16 except the evergreen
12:18 because regardless of the climate that surrounds it,
12:22 the evergreen is what? Ever green.
12:26 Pause.
12:27 The Christian should not be Christian because of the...
12:31 of the climate that surrounds him,
12:33 or the circumstances in which it exists
12:36 but the Christian should be evergreen
12:40 regardless of the coldness or the warmth
12:43 of the climate that surrounds it.
12:46 Maranatha page 196, this quote is an amazing one.
12:49 "In the summer there is no noticeable difference
12:52 between evergreens and other trees... "
12:54 that's because the summer is conducive and warm
12:57 and all the trees enjoy the same kind of climate,
13:00 "but when the blast of winter comes,
13:03 the evergreen remains unchanged... "
13:07 remains what?
13:09 remains what...?
13:11 Audience: Unchanged...
13:12 In other words, when circumstances...
13:14 when you're at work or at home,
13:16 when you're with your family
13:18 or when you're worshipping
13:20 with those that are in church with you,
13:21 your beliefs don't change...
13:23 I've seen people change.
13:24 When I was growing up...
13:27 when I was a young man,
13:29 I was a lot more forceful than I am now,
13:31 the Lord has tempered me
13:32 but I'm still a soldier of the cross,
13:34 I just find more... I wouldn't say, "subtle"
13:37 I find more... yeah, I'll use the word "subtle"
13:40 I find more subtle yet unwaveringly determined ways
13:44 to introduce what I believe.
13:45 When I was young, I was like a bulldozer.
13:47 I really didn't care what you thought.
13:49 I just tell it to you
13:51 and I'd challenge you at every point.
13:53 When I was around Max Mace
13:55 who is the Director and Founder of the Heritage Singers,
13:57 he said to me, "John, you mellowed with age. "
13:59 Pause.
14:01 But I'm still a soldier of the cross,
14:03 can you say, "Amen. "
14:04 Because the things that I believe
14:06 have not changed although my approach
14:09 to introducing it may have changed.
14:11 Pause.
14:13 I go on to read...
14:15 "The evergreens remain unchanged,
14:17 while other trees are stripped of their foliage
14:20 and so, the falsehearted professor
14:25 may now be distinguished...
14:28 may not be distinguished from the real Christian,
14:32 but the time is just upon us... "
14:34 hear me carefully,
14:36 "when the difference will be apparent.
14:38 Let opposition rise... "
14:41 let what rise? "Opposition...
14:43 let bigotry and intolerance again bear sway,
14:47 let persecution be kindled,
14:50 and the halfhearted and the hypocritical
14:52 will waver and yield the faith;
14:55 but the true Christian will stand firm as a rock,
15:00 his faith stronger, his hope brighter,
15:04 than in days of prosperity. "
15:06 "Amen," somebody...
15:07 The reason why the Lord allows difficulty to come our way
15:10 is not that He wants to give us difficulty,
15:12 but it's often in difficulty
15:15 when the person's character is really revealed.
15:18 It's easy for anybody to be a Christian
15:20 when things are going well,
15:22 but when the trial and the tests come,
15:25 that is when those who are firmly established
15:28 in their faith
15:29 pause
15:30 will stand among the wintry blast
15:33 and the storm that surrounds it.
15:35 I learned from someone who told me to notice
15:38 when we were going to a particular place,
15:40 they said, "Now when you get to that town,
15:43 there's a tree that stands all by itself.
15:45 There are no trees for a great distance around it"
15:48 and I said, "What's special about that tree?"
15:51 They said, "Well, it's been there for at least a 100 years"
15:53 I said, "A 100 years in the Midwest?"
15:56 They said, "A 100 years. "
15:57 I said, "What's so different about that?"
15:59 They said, "A tree that stands alone
16:02 during the changing seasons of the year,
16:05 from rain to snow to heavy winds to tornadoes...
16:08 a tree that still stands
16:10 during the changing climate of the year,
16:15 has its roots deeper and farther and wider
16:17 than trees that disappear and fall
16:20 when the wintry blast comes. "
16:21 And I said, "So, what's the point?
16:23 They said, "Did you not get it?"
16:25 only when your roots are deep in your faith,
16:29 will you stand when the test comes. "
16:32 And so, I don't know where your roots are,
16:35 but the reason why the Lord allows the climate to change
16:39 is in the middle of the climate
16:42 is when our roots are revealed to be either shallow
16:47 or to be firmly established
16:49 on the foundation of our faith.
16:51 The world stage is being built
16:54 to separate the fearful Christian
16:56 from the fearless Christian
16:57 and when you look in Scriptures,
16:59 you find a couple of examples.
17:00 One of the ones that jumped out at us
17:02 is in Daniel chapter 3, go there with me,
17:04 Daniel chapter 3, this is a time-tested example in Scripture
17:09 as to those who would not allow their political commitments
17:14 to supersede their spiritual allegiance to God.
17:18 Pause.
17:19 Very important point.
17:21 Daniel chapter 3, look at verse 16 to verse 18
17:25 and this is about Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.
17:29 Now we know the setting was...
17:31 Nebuchadnezzar established a golden image
17:36 on the Plain of Dura.
17:37 The image was 90 feet high and 9 feet wide
17:41 and all the nations that were under his rule
17:44 gathered together for worship.
17:46 What did they gather together for?
17:49 For worship.
17:50 And he said, "When the sound of the instruments are played,
17:54 everyone must fall down at that moment
17:57 and worship the golden image.
17:59 Now, put the relationships together.
18:01 This is where relationships are often tested.
18:05 If our relationships with each other
18:10 are only second to our relationship to God,
18:17 when the test comes,
18:18 we will always put God above human relationships.
18:23 Did you hear that?
18:25 Whenever our relationships with each other
18:28 are only second to our relationship to God,
18:32 when the test comes,
18:33 God will always be first in our relationship.
18:36 Look at Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego...
18:38 look at their response
18:39 and it's amazing to me that this text
18:43 continues to give me courage.
18:45 "Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego... "
18:48 verse 16 of chapter 3
18:50 "answered and said to the king,
18:53 'O Nebuchadnezzar,
18:55 we have no need to answer you in this matter.
18:57 If that is the case... "
19:00 pause
19:01 in other words, "if we're going to lose our lives,
19:03 our God whom we serve is... " what?
19:06 "is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace,
19:11 and He will deliver us from your hand O king,
19:15 But if not... "
19:17 how many of us will serve God in the "if not"?
19:22 "But if not, let it be known to you, O king,
19:26 that we do not serve your gods,
19:29 nor will be worship the gold image
19:31 which you have set up. "
19:34 How many of us will serve God in the "if not"?
19:39 See we if have the assurance that we will be delivered
19:43 pause
19:45 then we can go forward with confidence,
19:48 but if we... if we live in the "if not"
19:50 "I'm going to serve God anyhow"
19:53 we have got to serve God in the "if not moments"
19:57 come on say, "Amen" someone.
19:58 Not just the moments where we have that blessed assurance,
20:01 but when the furnace is heated seven times hotter,
20:04 when all political connections have turned against us,
20:09 when all societal norms have been removed from us,
20:13 when all support from friends and family
20:15 are no longer ours to enjoy,
20:17 we've got to serve God in the "If not" moments.
20:21 But look at Daniel, Daniel 6 and verse 10.
20:24 Daniel 6 and verse 10.
20:27 "Now when Daniel knew that the writing was signed,
20:31 he went home.
20:32 And in his upper room,
20:34 with his windows open toward Jerusalem... "
20:36 what did he do?
20:37 "he knelt down on his knees three times a day,
20:41 and prayed and gave thanks before his God,
20:46 as was his custom since early days. "
20:50 Now notice what made a difference in Daniel's life,
20:52 Daniel didn't begin to pray when the writing was signed,
20:55 Daniel had a prayer life before the writing was signed.
20:58 In other words, if your life...
21:00 if your relationship with God is not active
21:02 before the trial comes,
21:04 it's no use for you when the trial comes.
21:06 Amen, Pastor C.A.
21:08 until your work with God... until your walk with God
21:12 is something that is daily...
21:14 it's not going to make a difference when the test comes.
21:17 Pause.
21:19 There's going to be no change in the way that you deal
21:26 in your day-to-day life
21:28 unless your day-to-day life
21:29 is already in the process in your walk with God.
21:34 We have people today
21:36 and I've spoken to some of them and...
21:39 let's take some of these examples,
21:42 sometimes, we might be at a...
21:45 and take this for what you will or how you will
21:48 but I'm the kind of individual
21:50 that if I hear somebody in my family...
21:52 I have families that...
21:54 family members that I've so often corrected them
21:59 and they're... they'll say for example
22:01 "Oh, Uncle is in heaven now playing baseball... "
22:05 and I'll say, "He's not in heaven playing baseball,
22:10 that's not what the Bible teaches"
22:12 and they say, "He's not... really?"
22:14 And then I'll get an opportunity
22:16 to tell them what the Bible teaches
22:18 but you know what,
22:19 I know that there are people that are too fearful
22:21 to say to their own family members,
22:23 "That's not what the Bible teaches"
22:25 now here's my point,
22:28 if we cannot tell the people that we are related to...
22:33 the truth about God's Word,
22:36 do you think that we're going to be able to tell strangers
22:39 that we have no relationship with
22:41 about the truth of God's Word?
22:42 It's not going to happen.
22:44 I'm the kind of guy on Facebook...
22:47 just recently I saw something, my wife showed me...
22:50 somebody died and... and somebody posted there,
22:53 "He's in heaven singing now"
22:55 and what shocked me more than anything else
22:59 is the person that wrote it was an Adventist.
23:02 Pause.
23:04 And I'm thinking to myself, "What?"
23:06 I said, "Honey, can I respond?"
23:08 She said, "Do it on your own Facebook page"
23:10 Audience: Laughter.
23:12 "not on mine... "
23:13 because I have... when the... you know the...
23:16 I like to use the term,
23:19 "righteous indignation"
23:21 when the thought has come up and I see ridiculous things
23:25 on Facebook that don't honor God and that are not truthful,
23:29 I would respond...
23:30 and... and it would start a firestorm
23:34 of course it would,
23:35 but I could tell you this...
23:37 I put the Scriptures there... the quotations there...
23:39 and here's the point...
23:40 somebody always comes
23:42 to the knowledge of the truth of God's Word
23:44 in those moments of controversy
23:46 when we don't allow the wrong opinion
23:50 to cancel the truth about the situation of God's Word
23:53 and sometimes we give way to the wrong opinion
23:58 or to the false teaching because we are afraid.
24:02 The fear factor comes in.
24:04 Daniel's relationship with God was not about to be altered
24:08 by the prohibitions to his prayer life,
24:11 he had a walk with God before the trial came...
24:13 the point of the matter is, when fear is ruling our lives,
24:18 we cannot be effectively used
24:22 to be servants of the Most High God.
24:25 I mean, think about it, these are stories in the Bible
24:28 if we believe that these stories are true
24:31 and we see the challenge...
24:33 we see God with Daniel and the Hebrews in the challenge,
24:37 we see God bring them through the challenge
24:40 and then we realize in the Bible
24:41 that these things were written for our admonition
24:44 upon whom the ends of the ages have come.
24:47 If the devil was intense then
24:49 and he has come down having great wrath now,
24:51 don't you think it's time that we strengthen our faith
24:54 for the trials ahead of us?
24:56 We got to be like Esther,
24:58 willing to trade her life if that's what it took,
25:02 she says, "If I perish, I perish"
25:05 but if she did not stand firmly, Mordecai said,
25:08 "If you choose not to stand firmly
25:10 when God has called you to stand firm,
25:11 relief will come from somewhere else
25:13 and your house
25:17 will receive the negative results
25:19 of you refusing to stand when you should take a stand. "
25:21 So, it's not just,
25:23 "Well, I don't want to offend anybody...
25:25 if I... " that term just...
25:27 that term is like sandpaper to me.
25:29 "How come you didn't say something?"
25:31 "Well, I don't want to offend them. "
25:32 When we did an evangelistic series in Vallejo, California,
25:36 when I say, "We" Pastor Doug Batchelor and I,
25:39 pause
25:40 there was a Baptist lady who was married to a Catholic...
25:42 she was Baptist, her husband was Catholic
25:45 and in their home they did not talk about religion at all
25:48 they didn't even discuss it.
25:49 Obvious reasons, they did not believe the same thing.
25:52 Well, she received the Flyer
25:54 and she came to our Revelation Seminar.
25:56 She was one of the ones that got baptized.
25:58 At the Revelation Seminar, praise God,
26:00 when I visited with them,
26:02 finally she and her husband were on the same page
26:04 because they accepted the truth of God's Word together
26:07 pause
26:09 but here's the point,
26:10 at the baptism,
26:12 she noticed a co-worker that was a member
26:16 at the church where she got baptized
26:18 and she said in our presence to that co-worker,
26:22 "You mean to tell me, you came to my church
26:26 when I invited you to my baptism at my Baptist Church
26:29 and you knew the truth and you didn't tell me about it?"
26:32 Pause.
26:34 I won't tell you her name
26:35 because it wouldn't even matter to you
26:38 but I remember that as distinctly
26:40 as if it happened just the other day.
26:42 I can see the couple
26:44 pause
26:47 and her friend had nothing to say.
26:49 She was at the baptism...
26:52 she sat on the first or second row
26:54 for her friend's baptism
26:55 and I wondered why the lady was so...
26:56 kind looked perturbed in the baptismal pool,
26:58 and afterwards she said, "You mean to tell me
27:01 you came to my church and watched me being baptized
27:04 into a different faith
27:05 and you knew this message and didn't tell me?"
27:08 Pause.
27:09 Well, thank the Lord, I mean, they amended their friendship,
27:12 but the point of the matter is,
27:13 sometimes God allows you to be in places
27:16 so that people... who are not where God wants them to be...
27:20 you can be used as a light to lead them out of darkness.
27:23 But you cannot be fearful
27:25 and we have so much of this political correctness now-a-days
27:28 it's kind of like, nauseating.
27:30 "Don't offend anybody... "
27:32 "Well, what if... what if they got mad at me?"
27:36 They will get mad at you
27:37 when they find out that you knew the way
27:39 and didn't show them the way.
27:41 Pause.
27:42 So, now-a-days... rather than...
27:44 we look for the conveniences and...
27:46 that's a dangerous thing
27:48 when Paul stood and he testified
27:50 with all of his superior intellect
27:53 I think it was to Agrippa or to Festus,
27:56 he said, "Come back in a convenient season"
27:59 there is never a convenient season to tell the truth,
28:03 every season is a convenient season.
28:05 You don't wait for better situations
28:07 Somebody said, "Well, I don't want to do it then
28:10 because you know it's not the right time
28:11 pause
28:17 if all you can do is say...
28:19 I remember... let me give you an example of somebody
28:21 who didn't care about the convenient season.
28:23 Pause.
28:25 My brother's first wife... well his only wife...
28:29 he's not married right now,
28:30 but she was a Catholic young lady
28:34 and I was... I would always go to the Virgin Islands
28:37 to visit with my family
28:38 and one day...
28:40 and my family is very dedicated to their faith... Catholics...
28:43 90 percent of my family...
28:45 but one day she said to me,
28:46 "John, tell me about your church"
28:48 and I said, "Really?"
28:52 Pause.
28:54 She said, "Tell me what you believe. "
28:56 I said, "Now, I know you're Catholic...
28:58 everything I tell you about my faith
28:59 is going to undo what you believe about yours... "
29:01 stay with me...
29:03 She said, "I can handle it, I'm French"
29:07 "All right, here goes"
29:09 and she asked the tough questions,
29:12 she didn't ask the easy questions... she...
29:14 I said, "Okay, what do you want to know?"
29:15 She asked the tough questions.
29:17 "Okay, what do you believe about what happens when you die?"
29:20 "All right, here goes... "
29:21 "What do you believe about the Sabbath?"
29:23 "Okay... here goes... "
29:24 And she continued to grill me and... and...
29:26 and asked me the tough questions.
29:28 When I got back home,
29:30 we were, at the time, living in Missouri.
29:32 When I got back home,
29:34 "Could you send me some material?"
29:35 Then she'd call me, then we moved to 3ABN.
29:38 We were traveling back and forth between Missouri and 3ABN
29:42 before we moved here,
29:43 and she took in sick... and they found Cancer
29:46 and they discovered she had Melanoma
29:49 and it advanced to the point
29:51 where it was going to possibly take her life
29:53 pause
29:55 and she stopped going to her church
29:57 and her father called her and said...
30:00 when he noticed she would not come to church
30:03 he said, "I want you to get rid of John and his brother Jimmy"
30:07 James and John...
30:08 "and come back up the hill and come back to church. "
30:11 She said, "I'm not going back up the hill,
30:13 I don't believe that anymore"
30:16 pause
30:19 and while I'm driving...
30:21 I was on my way back from 3ABN going back to Missouri
30:23 where we lived at the time,
30:25 and she called me... I said, "Are you okay?"
30:27 "Oh, well, one of my family members is here... "
30:30 she said, "could you stay on the phone with me
30:32 until my aunt leaves?"
30:34 I said, "I got a long... "
30:36 she said, "Could you stay on the phone with me
30:37 as long as you can?
30:38 I just... I want to outlast my aunt. "
30:40 I said, "Why?"
30:42 She said, "She has a gallon of holy water...
30:43 she wants to pour on me. "
30:45 Audience: Laughter.
30:46 I'm not belittling anyone's faith,
30:47 I'm telling you the story,
30:49 pause
30:51 she said, "But I don't believe that anymore,
30:52 if you just pray with me,
30:54 maybe the Lord will move in their behalf. "
30:55 Well...
30:58 when she died in her hospital bed,
31:01 pause
31:02 at 34 years old...
31:04 15 minutes after she was pronounced dead
31:08 and they took all the leads off of her,
31:12 she woke up in her hospital bed
31:16 pause
31:18 I wouldn't be telling you this story
31:20 if her father and mother and brother...
31:22 seven people were there... one including the nurse,
31:25 my brother was there...
31:27 15 minutes after they pronounced her dead,
31:29 she woke up and sat up on the bed...
31:31 without her glasses... looked across the room
31:33 and said, "What time is it?" Her mother told her...
31:35 She said, "How could you see the clock
31:36 you don't have your glasses on?"
31:38 And she said, "I could see it perfectly clearly... "
31:40 Pause.
31:41 She says, "If we do this right,
31:43 I could be out of here in 15 minutes. "
31:46 This is the woman that was dead...
31:47 pause
31:49 she said, "Mom and Dad,
31:52 if you have anything against Jimmy...
31:53 if you do... settle it now...
31:54 get a piece of paper and a pencil,
31:56 I want to give you instructions about what to do with the house
31:58 and how to plan my funeral... "
32:00 she said, "I want John to do my funeral
32:02 and I don't want it done at the church I used to attend
32:05 pause
32:07 and I want him at my funeral... "
32:10 she just found out about the truth...
32:13 fearlessly she says,
32:15 I want him to give a presentation on slides
32:20 as to what the Bible teaches about when you die. "
32:24 Pause.
32:26 That was my commission.
32:27 Did I put a slide together?
32:29 Did I put a slide presentation together?
32:31 Just like saying to the dog, "Bite whoever you want... "
32:34 Here... here I am in the Virgin Islands...
32:39 all these people I don't know...
32:41 the... the funeral parlor packed
32:43 my big evangelistic screen... my projector...
32:49 at the time it was...
32:51 I took the... the projector...
32:53 as a matter of fact, we were here at the time,
32:54 I remember that very well
32:56 because the old projector we used to have...
32:57 that little old gray one that had low lumens...
32:59 we used to use in the Fellowship Hall
33:00 I remember taking that with me... connected it to my laptop
33:03 and there on the screen...
33:05 walked through the Bible teaching all these people
33:08 what the Bible teaches... happens when you die.
33:12 Audience: Praise God.
33:13 I saw the pastors there...
33:15 I saw a person I didn't recognize
33:17 and I found out later that was the Catholic Priest.
33:19 Pause.
33:21 I saw the local pastor,
33:22 I knew he was of the Assemblies of God Church... he was there.
33:24 I saw him swallowing all through the sermon,
33:27 pause
33:30 you know what happened as a result of that?
33:32 The very father who'd told his daughter
33:35 to get rid of me and my brother
33:37 was the very father who said to me...
33:39 and I... and I said to him,
33:41 "You know, in respect to your family,
33:44 go ahead and do a funeral...
33:46 go ahead and do a service at the Catholic Church,
33:48 out of respect for your family. "
33:50 And he asked the Catholic Priest,
33:52 "Can you let John sing at my daughter's funeral service?"
33:56 The Priest said, "No... not at this church. "
33:58 He said, "Why?"
33:59 "Because he's an Adventist Pastor... that's why. "
34:01 And I did not sing at the Service
34:04 but you know what that did?
34:05 That turned the whole family around...
34:08 they said, "The real funeral service we had
34:10 was down in town at the Chapel...
34:12 the one you had done. "
34:13 Where I shared from God's Word fearlessly
34:16 what the Lord teaches in His Word
34:18 about what happens when you die.
34:20 In the closing moments of that young lady's life, fearlessly...
34:24 standing against her family and her tradition
34:27 of generation after generation...
34:28 these European French people...
34:30 they... they... they cling to their faith
34:33 like Velcro to... to lint...
34:35 and for her to make up her mind,
34:38 she said, "I don't care what the church teaches,
34:41 I want what God's Word teaches. "
34:43 Audience: Amen.
34:44 And she just got it... she didn't get baptized...
34:47 but I believe I'm going to see her when Jesus comes.
34:50 Audience: Amen.
34:51 Because when she was on her deathbed,
34:53 my brother... there were tears in his eyes...
34:54 he said, "We've been praying to the Lord to heal you,
34:57 why wouldn't He heal you?"
34:59 And she said...
35:00 Lord, if we would have the faith like...
35:02 she said, "He did heal me,
35:04 He healed me long enough for me to give my life to Him
35:10 and He's going to lay me to rest
35:12 so that I will never have a chance to go back out there
35:16 and turn around. "
35:18 Audience: Amen.
35:19 And her parting words... as the family said...
35:22 with a young lady who just learned the message...
35:25 she says, "Don't worry about me
35:27 I'm going to go to sleep...
35:30 rest until Jesus comes...
35:32 and I'll see you in the morning. "
35:34 Audience: Amen.
35:36 Fearless...
35:39 what happens if our family members
35:41 put us in the precarious position
35:43 and they challenge our faith?
35:45 There's a need for people like her in our own lives...
35:50 in our own family circles.
35:52 Last Sabbath when I spoke,
35:54 I was at the Linden Boulevard Church in New York
35:57 and I spoke and my sister was there
35:58 and I've been praying for my sister my whole life,
36:01 she was at the World Trade Center
36:03 when the buildings came down
36:04 and by God's grace...
36:06 the night before the Lord impressed her
36:07 to go to work at 10:00 o'clock
36:09 rather than 6 a. m. in the morning
36:11 when... if she had gone at 6:00 a. m.
36:12 she would have died like her other co-workers died
36:16 when the building came down.
36:18 It fell down on them in their triage
36:20 and all of those that worked with her...
36:22 that went to work at 6:00 that morning
36:25 died when the building came down.
36:26 God spared her life and she went to work at 10:00
36:29 after the buildings came down.
36:30 Pause.
36:32 And I said to her in... in the presence of all those people,
36:36 I said, "My sister's here today,
36:37 she works for the Fire Department...
36:39 her boyfriend's here today...
36:41 I'm praying for both of them
36:42 that they'll be in the kingdom. "
36:44 They live together, I'm straight with my sister
36:49 because she's always straight with me...
36:51 I'm praying for my sister and her boyfriend
36:53 that they'll be in the kingdom
36:55 and I told the story and I said,
36:57 "When the buildings came down,
36:58 my sister was concerned about me and I was concerned about her. "
37:01 Pause.
37:04 And I got a phone call when I got home.
37:06 My sister called and said,
37:09 "Where is Angie, let me talk to Angie. "
37:11 And Angie put it on Speaker...
37:13 because I said to my sister in the front of the congregation
37:17 I said, "When Jesus comes... and the lady who raised us...
37:22 Momma Haynes... we meet in the kingdom
37:26 and she says to me, 'John, where is your sister?'"
37:30 I said to her publicly,
37:32 "Val, what am I going to tell her if you're not here?"
37:36 Pause.
37:38 "What am I going... "
37:39 and I was tearful when I said that.
37:41 And she called me,
37:42 she said, "Brother, I'm listening
37:46 and I'm going to shock you real soon. "
37:48 Amen somebody.
37:50 Audience: Amen.
37:52 I've been praying for her since she was 16...
37:54 now she's in her 60s...
37:56 pause
38:00 because what I fear more than fear itself
38:03 is having an opportunity to tell somebody about Jesus
38:07 and fear prevents me from telling them about Jesus.
38:11 Pause...
38:15 more pause...
38:17 The Psalmist David said,
38:20 in Psalm 56 and verse 11,
38:22 "In God I have put my trust;
38:25 I will not be afraid.
38:27 What can man do to me?"
38:29 What can man do to us?
38:32 Pause.
38:34 If your life was based on you selling a car,
38:38 would you be deterred if somebody says,
38:40 "I don't want your car?"
38:42 Absolutely not,
38:43 You'll be out there the very next day
38:45 suit and tie... whether you're male or female
38:47 you'll walk up to the very next customer
38:49 as if that's the most important person on the planet and say,
38:51 "How can I help you?"
38:53 "How can I sell a car to you that day?"
38:55 They might say, "I don't want your car"
38:57 you'll do the very same thing the next day.
39:00 "Can I sell you a car?"
39:02 Because you know that your livelihood
39:07 depends on your determination to convince them
39:10 that you have a vehicle that they need.
39:12 Well, you know what?
39:13 Our salvation... the Lord has saved us...
39:17 not for the purpose of membership
39:19 but for the purpose of working for His Kingdom
39:22 to let... let other people know
39:24 that we don't have a car that they need
39:27 but we have a Savior that they need...
39:29 a message that they need.
39:33 In this day and age...
39:35 I was reading an article...
39:36 I'm going to kind of jump a little bit from here because,
39:38 you know, in faithfulness to the time
39:41 I'm going to exclude a few things.
39:44 Pause.
39:47 But when we are given the opportunity...
39:51 I remember being back in the Heritage Singers
39:54 and I was on the bus
39:56 and we'd go from church to church every day
39:59 and frequently in the evening after we did the Alter Calls,
40:02 I would stay by and pray with someone
40:04 or have... talk to someone
40:06 or just kind of encourage people
40:08 and it all of a sudden became a trend
40:10 and what I did...
40:11 I noticed... I said to myself, "Wait a minute,
40:13 when we pray and we have people come forward at those concerts,
40:16 we never see them again,
40:17 we don't know what happened to them.
40:18 So, what did I do?
40:20 At the Ranch we had "Steps to Christ"
40:21 we had "The Desire of Ages"
40:23 and we had "The Great Controversy"
40:24 and each one of us had a thin locker
40:26 that had just our clothes that we needed on the road,
40:29 we had our own drawer,
40:30 we couldn't carry very much...
40:32 most of what we had on the road was our concert clothing
40:35 and we'd go out weeks at a time
40:37 and we'd recycle and wash our clothes at the laundromat
40:40 and all that... but I remember going to these people
40:43 and periodically,
40:44 the bus will be outside waiting for me,
40:47 everybody in the bus would say, "Where is John?"
40:48 "Oh, he's talking to somebody"
40:49 "He's praying with somebody"
40:51 "He's talking to a pastor"
40:52 "He's praying with somebody they just met"
40:54 and I would give them The Desire of Ages,
40:56 The Great Controversy and the Steps to Christ
40:59 or one of the three
41:00 and I remember somebody making the comment,
41:05 "Why are you going to give them The Great Controversy...
41:07 don't you know that book is going to cause trouble?"
41:10 I said, "That's the kind of trouble I want to cause. "
41:12 Come on, say "Amen" somebody.
41:14 Give them a book that will give them the truth
41:16 about what's going on in our world today
41:18 so that if you never see them again,
41:21 pause
41:23 God could take that tool... that seed that was planted...
41:27 and make a difference in somebody's life.
41:29 Don't you know that's why we're here?
41:31 This church would not exist...
41:33 this church would not be in this former corn field
41:36 if that ministry across the road
41:39 didn't believe in the undiluted three angels' messages.
41:42 But how amazing!
41:45 We're preaching it over the airwaves
41:47 but sometimes it's not being preached on the ground
41:50 because we dilute it.
41:53 We're afraid to tell it like it is.
41:56 We're afraid to share with people...
41:59 you don't have to...
42:00 you don't have to put people up against the wall,
42:02 like Elder E.E. Cleveland's wife used to do,
42:06 he said, when he stopped at a truck stop,
42:09 he'd said, "Where is... where is my wife?"
42:12 forgot her name...
42:14 Celia... "Where is Celia?"
42:16 And she'd come out of the Women's Room
42:19 and she'd say, "Honey, give me some tracts,
42:20 I have some women in the bathroom...
42:22 up against the wall... "
42:23 laughter...
42:25 she wouldn't let them out of the bathroom
42:26 till she gave them a tract.
42:27 Pause.
42:31 But unless you plant that seed, God can't bless it, amen.
42:34 We have got to be people
42:37 that recognize that Jesus is coming soon
42:40 and only if the fear factor has no more grip on us,
42:44 can we then be lights that are unrestrained
42:48 to shine amid darkness and people can find the light.
42:50 When Jeremiah was a young man
42:53 called to the ministry,
42:54 you know, we hear the word, "Jeremiah the Prophet"
42:57 we think of an old guy with a long beard
42:59 and sitting on a stool like, you know just old...
43:02 but Jeremiah was a young man at one time,
43:04 when God gave Jeremiah a message,
43:07 in Jeremiah 1 verse 6 to 8,
43:10 the Lord had to encourage Jeremiah
43:13 because Jeremiah... after receiving the message...
43:16 after receiving the message
43:19 Jeremiah was afraid to preach, you notice what he said,
43:24 he said, "Ah, Lord God! Behold, I cannot speak,
43:28 for I am a youth.
43:31 But the LORD said to him, 'Do not say, I am a youth'
43:35 for you shall go to all whom I send you,
43:39 and whatever I command you, you shall speak. "
43:42 And I like verse 8, because I used to be there...
43:45 when I was a young man, I used to take my glasses off
43:48 so my eyes were blurry
43:50 so I couldn't see the people when they got upset
43:52 laughing...
43:54 I remember being... because I had a church, man...
43:56 they would always be writing letters to the Conference...
43:58 they didn't like what I preached...
43:59 I still have those letters
44:01 and the Conference would say,
44:02 "Keep on preaching it, we're behind you"
44:04 yeah... 38 miles away...
44:05 I'm the one on Sabbath morning so I intentionally...
44:09 Jan knows what I'm talking about...
44:10 I intentionally would take off my glasses
44:12 before I started wearing contact lenses,
44:14 and I'd preach my heart out
44:15 like I'm about to burn the building down,
44:17 and I took my glasses off so I couldn't see their faces
44:21 because Jeremiah said...
44:22 "The Lord said to Jeremiah,
44:24 'Do not be afraid of their faces,
44:26 for I am with you to deliver you,' says the Lord. " Amen.
44:29 Fear... the roadblock to somebody's salvation.
44:35 "I don't want to offend... "
44:37 this politically correct climate
44:41 is trying to press us into the same mold.
44:43 I just recently listened to an article...
44:46 I listened to a... actually an exposé
44:49 by one of the chief developers of Facebook...
44:53 a young Indian man,
44:55 he's so wealthy... with Mark Zuckerberg...
44:58 he's won...
44:59 he knows the 150 people that run the world financially
45:02 and he said, "When we created Facebook,
45:07 it was never our intention for it to become what it has become"
45:11 the dopamine that fills the veins and minds of the society
45:18 and keeps them drunk with media... "
45:20 He says, "Now I... r... r... I... I am so sorry
45:24 that I even developed Facebook. "
45:26 He said, "But I can't speak for anybody else...
45:29 I can speak for myself,
45:30 I disconnect from media altogether
45:32 and my children...
45:34 we have no parts with Facebook whatsoever
45:37 because I know what we designed it to do
45:40 and we designed Facebook to give you that instant dopamine hit
45:44 to keep you hooked to media
45:46 and that's exactly what it has accomplished
45:48 but I am sorry I participated. "
45:50 He's repenting, "I'm so sorry I did that... "
45:53 because our world has become a world addicted to things
45:56 that give them the hits
45:57 and he said, "We are socially dysfunctional. "
46:00 We have forgotten what's most important in life,
46:02 we have left the things that matter for eternity
46:05 out of this... out of the conversation
46:07 because we are pursuing things
46:09 that have made us politically correct
46:11 while socially dysfunctional
46:13 pause
46:14 because we don't want to offend anybody.
46:16 Pause.
46:22 I'm going to go to Revelation chapter 2 and verse 10.
46:25 Pause.
46:27 What did the Lord say to His church?
46:29 Pause.
46:30 He said, "Do not fear any of those things
46:33 which are you are about to suffer.
46:35 Indeed, the devil is about to throw some of you into prison"
46:38 that's the only time some of you
46:40 will be participating in Prison Ministry...
46:42 you got to get thrown into prison...
46:44 Audience: Laughter...
46:45 "that you may be tested,
46:46 and you will have tribulation ten days.
46:50 Be faithful unto death, and I will do... "
46:54 what? "give you a crown of life. "
46:57 Amen.
47:00 God was with the Israelites
47:02 and He carried them through the Red Sea
47:05 across the Jordan
47:06 and... and the Egyptians that tried to follow them
47:10 God drowned them.
47:12 "Be not fearful. "
47:15 God will never put you in a situation
47:17 that He cannot bring you through.
47:20 Do not be fearful.
47:22 "Testimonies for the Church"
47:24 volume 5 page 463,
47:27 a chilling but a very... a very sobering few sentences,
47:32 "The work which the church has failed to do in time...
47:38 in a time of peace and prosperity
47:40 she will have to do in a terrible crisis,
47:43 under most discouraging, forbidding circumstances. "
47:47 The warnings that worldly conformity has silenced
47:50 or withheld... "
47:52 that's what's happened... silenced our message
47:54 made us withhold it...
47:56 will be given under the fiercest opposition
47:59 from enemies of the faith.
48:01 and at that time,
48:03 the superficial, conservative class,
48:07 whose influence has steadily retarded
48:10 the progress of the work... "
48:12 in other words, they continue... "No, no, don't say that...
48:14 no, no, don't do that... no, no, no, not right now...
48:16 no... you're going to get somebody upset. "
48:19 "steadily retarded the progress of the work,
48:21 will renounce the faith,
48:23 and take their stand with its avowed enemies... "
48:26 in other words...
48:28 those who refuse to stand up for their faith
48:31 will one day stand up against their faith.
48:33 Pause.
48:39 "Will stand with its avowed enemies,
48:41 towards whom their sympathies have long been tending. "
48:46 Pause.
48:48 I was so encouraged when I got a call from a young lady
48:51 who's been listening to 3ABN,
48:53 3ABN Radio... she's a...
48:56 she goes to the Assemblies of God Church...
48:58 spoke to her the other day... just this week...
49:00 pause...
49:02 she said, "I can't believe I'm speaking to Angela and John,
49:05 my wife... she called her at work
49:07 and she called me at home,
49:08 she says, "I go to this particular church"
49:11 and I could see she was tiptoeing but she was so...
49:15 she said, "I've been listening for a number of years
49:17 and I'm learning so much... "
49:20 so my wife said,
49:21 "Have you heard about the Sabbath?"
49:24 "Oh, yes I have and I...
49:27 I don't think I went to my Minister yet... oh yes...
49:31 no, I did go to my minister about that,
49:33 and he said to me,
49:36 'Well, really the Sabbath message is...
49:39 just pick any day you like and make it your Sabbath. '"
49:42 That's what he told her.
49:44 But she said, "I got 20 plus Scriptures
49:48 from the Bible... telling me how important the Sabbath is. "
49:51 Amen.
49:53 But she continued to say,
49:54 "I started attending an Adventist Church
49:56 and I'm going to another one this weekend"
49:58 pray for those people
50:00 because when you're fearlessly proclaiming
50:03 the truth of God's Word, as it is in Christ,
50:06 always do it in love but do not dilute it
50:10 pause
50:12 and I immediately spoke to her
50:14 and as I'm speaking to her...
50:16 those are slices of moments...
50:18 I said, "Do you have an e-mail?"
50:19 "Yes I do. "
50:20 "Can I send you some links?"
50:22 "Yes, you can. "
50:23 "Give me your e-mail"
50:25 and I sent her some links from Amazing Facts
50:26 some particular topics... some Bible topics...
50:28 and I said, "Here's my phone number
50:30 read them... call me if you have any questions. "
50:32 "Thank you so much... " and we prayed together.
50:34 Those are moments in time...
50:37 those are small moments in time
50:39 where when we put fear behind our faith...
50:44 not ahead of our faith...
50:47 God can do marvelous things.
50:49 I read a short exposé by a Pastor...
50:53 Pastor Colin Smith,
50:55 he is the Senior Pastor... just to give you the reference
50:57 of the Orchard Evangelical Free Church
51:00 in the northwest suburbs of Chicago
51:03 he wrote an article that had a particular point in it
51:05 that grabbed my attention
51:07 and the article was entitled,
51:08 "Why are there so many fearful Christians?"
51:11 Pause.
51:12 And he goes on to say,
51:14 "Sometimes it seems that there are...
51:17 is much fear in the church...
51:19 that there is as much fear in the church
51:21 as there is in the world.
51:23 Pause.
51:25 When Peter says, 'Do not fear what they say'
51:28 your honest response may be to say,
51:31 'That sounds great but I'm not there yet. '
51:34 Why are you not there?
51:36 Why are there so many fearful Christians?
51:40 Why are we not more obviously different
51:44 from the culture of fear in which we live?
51:47 The answer is
51:50 that the self-exalting spirit of the world
51:53 has widely permeated the church. "
51:56 It's all about us.
51:58 It's all about how people perceive us
52:01 rather than how they perceive the Jesus in us
52:04 and you don't need a sledgehammer to share your faith
52:06 you could do it on the plane...
52:08 when we go to places, we leave tracts,
52:11 put it inside the American Airlines magazine...
52:14 or put it in the menu
52:16 or give a tip to the waiter... a good tip with a tract
52:19 if you give him a dollar, he's going to put that tract away,
52:22 give him a tip with a tract...
52:25 find ways of planting seeds because, you know what?
52:28 One plants... another waters
52:31 but God gives the increase.
52:34 But if the fear factor is what grips us
52:36 more than anything else,
52:38 the Lord will never be able to use us
52:40 for the kingdom of God.
52:42 Pause.
52:45 We are told in "Testimonies for the Church"
52:48 book 5 page 463 these closing words,
52:52 "The day is just before us.
52:54 The members of the church will individually... "
52:58 will what?
52:59 "individually be tested and proved. "
53:02 Are you ready for the test?
53:04 "They will be placed in circumstances
53:07 where they will be forced to be a witness for the truth.
53:11 Many will be called to speak before councils
53:15 and in courts of justice,
53:18 perhaps separately and alone. "
53:21 Nobody there to speak for you,
53:23 Elder ain't there... Pastor's not there...
53:26 Sabbath School Teacher's not there...
53:28 Evangelist is not there... by yourself...
53:29 pause
53:31 "The experience which would have helped them...
53:35 which would have helped them in this emergency
53:38 they have neglected to obtain,
53:41 and their souls are burdened with remorse
53:44 for wasted opportunities and neglected privileges. "
53:50 And all these opportunities granted for us
53:53 in preparation for the coming of our Lord
53:57 when we don't allow ourselves to be the vessels
54:02 through which God's Spirit works,
54:04 we will become the vessel
54:07 through which the enemy of God's work will work.
54:11 Either your faith will capture your fear
54:16 or your fear will capture your faith.
54:20 But if you're fearful...
54:24 God has not given us the spirit of fear
54:26 but of love... of power and of a sound mind.
54:31 How many of you today want to recommit
54:34 to being a people of the hour...
54:37 in a fearful world, we can stand with a fearless God.
54:42 How many of you want that commitment today?
54:43 Would you stand with me this morning
54:45 pause
54:46 I want to sing one stanza of that closing hymn
54:49 and then I'm going to pray that...
54:51 that God will give us the wisdom to not be fearful
54:55 but be fearless...
54:58 "Fear not I am with you,
55:00 be not dismayed, I am your God.
55:02 I will strengthen you, I will help you,
55:04 I will uphold you with my righteous right arm. "
55:07 That promise is available to us today...
55:09 where can you go?
55:11 If you're fearless... anywhere
55:13 anywhere with Jesus...
55:14 let's sing this song before we close with prayer.
55:17 Anywhere with Jesus I can safely go,
55:24 anywhere He leads me in this world below.
55:31 Anywhere without Him dearest joys would fade,
55:37 anywhere with Jesus I am not afraid.
55:44 How? Anywhere anywhere...
55:47 listen...
55:48 fear I cannot know,
55:51 anywhere with Jesus I can safely go.
55:56 How many of you want to go with Jesus?
56:01 Where do you want to go?
56:03 Anywhere.
56:04 Anywhere His Spirit decides to send you.
56:07 If you wake up tomorrow morning and say,
56:09 "Lord, send me some place to do an Evangelist Series... "
56:14 He might turn you into Philip
56:15 and send you to one person... that Eunuch somewhere
56:19 in the midst of a society that is aching to hear about Jesus
56:23 and the gospel went back to Ethiopia
56:26 and Ethiopia hasn't been the same since.
56:30 Just one man... one woman asking God to make a difference
56:34 don't allow the Fear Factor to crush your Faith Factor.
56:38 God wants to do in you more than you can ever imagine
56:43 if you simply commit your life to him.
56:45 "Our Father in heaven,
56:47 in this society
56:49 where men's hearts are failing them for fear,
56:51 in this tragic world...
56:54 in our nation where people are fearful about going outside...
56:59 going back to school...
57:00 going to work...
57:02 places that should be safe...
57:06 have become places filled with fear
57:09 and in our hearts and in our minds
57:13 we are shutting ourselves in hoping to preserve our lives
57:15 hoping to find courage
57:18 to make it through the next crisis that will come,
57:21 and paint the news with its tragic stories,
57:24 pause
57:25 Lord Jesus, the church is being attacked in a different way...
57:29 in a spiritual way
57:31 Satan has turned his weapons against the church
57:34 compromise...
57:35 a vacillating uncertain spirit...
57:39 uncertain about whether or not to stand firm...
57:44 uncertain about whether or not
57:46 somebody will be turned off or offended,
57:48 oh Lord, help us to remember what the Apostle said,
57:51 'Have I become your enemy because I tell you the truth?'
57:54 Help us lovingly Father but determiningly
57:58 sow seeds of faith in our family... in our community...
58:02 in our workplace...
58:04 among those we meet... in the avenues of life...
58:08 so that when fear is replaced with eternal faith,
58:12 we will be able to hear,
58:14 'Well done, thou good and faithful servant...
58:17 you endured hardship as a good soldier,
58:20 you've been faithful over that which is least...
58:23 I will now make you ruler over that which is much,
58:25 enter now into the joy of thy Lord. '
58:28 May this be our experience
58:31 in Jesus' name I pray...
58:34 and God's people said... amen and amen. "


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