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00:31 Message, I would like to start this morning
00:33 by reading the scripture reading for this morning,
00:35 and as you can see in your bulletin,
00:36 it's found in Malachi 3.
00:38 So if you would just turn with me there
00:40 in your Bibles to Malachi 3.
00:43 We're going to start reading there in verses...
00:46 Oops, I picked up a different, that's a different one,
00:49 that was last week's I think.
00:51 Verses 2 and verse 3,
00:53 Malachi 3:2-3,
00:58 and this is what it says.
00:59 And I'm reading actually from...
01:01 Let me read from the New King James version
01:03 since that seems to be the most popular version
01:08 in the Adventist church today.
01:11 Let me find my spot here, here we go.
01:13 Malachi 3:2 says,
01:15 "But who can endure the day of His coming
01:20 and who can stand when He appears,
01:23 for He is like a refiner's fire,
01:25 like launderer soap.
01:28 He will sit as a refiner and a purifier of silver,
01:33 He will purify the sons of Levi
01:35 and purge them as gold and silver
01:38 that they may offer to the Lord
01:41 and offering in righteousness."
01:45 Amen.
01:46 At this moment I would like to go to the Lord in prayer
01:48 one more time as
01:49 we prepare for this morning sermon.
01:54 Father in heaven,
01:58 well, we have gathered here today for You
02:00 not with our hands out,
02:02 Lord, asking what can we get from You,
02:04 but rather what can we give to You.
02:07 Lord, hopefully it's our lives, our self, our time I worship
02:11 because You are worthy.
02:13 Lord, now that we take this time to break the bread,
02:16 the bread of life, I pray that the Holy Spirit will be
02:20 in each and every one of us to open our eyes and our ears
02:23 to give us the spiritual eyesight
02:25 and the spiritual hearing
02:27 that we may be able to completely comprehend
02:29 what it is that you're telling us this morning.
02:32 I praise you, God, for all that You have done for us
02:34 and for who You are
02:36 because You are worthy, oh, Lord.
02:38 Be with us, draw us together,
02:41 but draw our eyes to the uplifted Savior
02:44 this morning we ask in Jesus' name, amen.
02:47 Amen.
02:49 Church quake warning,
02:54 I want to read you something in the opening portion
02:56 of this presentation
03:00 and it goes like this, it's an article I found.
03:04 "At 2:15 am
03:06 on December 16th, 1811,
03:10 residents of the frontier town of New Madrid
03:14 and what is now Missouri
03:16 were jolted from their beds by a violent earthquake.
03:20 The ground heaved and pitched hurling furniture,
03:25 snapping trees, and destroying barns
03:28 and homesteads,
03:29 the shaking ring church bells in Charleston, South Carolina,
03:34 and toppled chimneys as far as Cincinnati, Ohio..."
03:37 And I've even read reports where they said it was felt
03:39 even as far north in the US's Massachusetts,
03:42 and in even some reports unconfirmed but have told us
03:46 that it was even felt in parts of Canada.
03:50 The screams of the affrighted inhabitants running to and fro
03:53 not knowing where to go or what to do,
03:55 the cities, excuse me,
03:57 the cries of the fowls of the beast,
03:59 and of course of every species,
04:02 it says the cracking of the trees
04:04 falling formed a scene truly horrible,
04:06 wrote one resident.
04:08 As people were starting to rebuild that winter
04:10 two more major earthquake struck
04:13 on January 23rd and February 7.
04:16 Each New Madrid earthquake
04:18 had a magnitude of 7.5 or greater,
04:21 making them three of the most powerful
04:23 in the continent of United States,
04:25 and shaking an area 10 times larger
04:27 than that affected by the magnitude 7.8
04:31 San Francisco earthquake of 1906.
04:35 The Midwest was sparsely populated and deaths were few,
04:40 but eight-year-old Godfrey Lesieur
04:42 saw the ground rolling in waves.
04:46 Michael Brown has observed the river suddenly rise up
04:49 like a great loaf of bread to the height of many feet.
04:53 Sections of the riverbed below the Mississippi River
04:56 rose so high that parts of the river
04:58 actually ran backwards.
05:00 Does anybody ever heard this before?
05:01 Okay, familiar with the story.
05:04 Thousands of the sewers ripped open fields
05:07 and geysers burst from the earth spewing sand,
05:10 and water, and mud, and coal high into the air.
05:14 In a report filed in November of 2008,
05:18 the US Federal Emergency Management Agency
05:22 warned that a serious earthquake
05:24 in the New Madrid seismic zone could result
05:28 in the highest economic losses due to a natural disaster
05:33 in the United States further predicting widespread
05:37 and catastrophic damage across Alabama, Arkansas,
05:41 Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri,
05:45 and particularly Tennessee where a 7.7 magnitude quake
05:50 or greater would cause damage
05:52 to tens of thousands of structures affecting
05:56 water distribution, transportation systems,
05:59 and other vital infrastructures.
06:03 Does that sound like something
06:05 that we would look forward to enduring?
06:08 I don't think so, in fact I have to just admit to you,
06:10 my wife and I have often talked about this
06:12 over the years,
06:14 but an earthquake just terrifies me,
06:17 that's the one thing, if you want to talk about
06:18 a fear of mine, a major, major earthquake
06:21 in this area would be absolutely catastrophic.
06:24 I've had opportunity over the years to study
06:27 this great earthquake called the New Madrid Earthquake
06:30 of 1811 and 1812.
06:32 And I truly found to be one of the most catastrophic events
06:37 in the history of the United States
06:38 and we're only, really,
06:40 we tell the story from the perspective of a few
06:42 because the United States at that time
06:44 was very, very sparsely populated
06:46 in the central to Midwest area.
06:49 But if something like this were to happen today,
06:51 what do you think would happen?
06:53 In fact I was able to study a few maps here.
06:56 You can see these are the seismic zones
06:58 around the United States.
07:00 As you can see the one to the far west there
07:03 is the one that usually gets the most attention,
07:05 but of course right there, dead center,
07:06 as you can see there in parts of northeastern Arkansas
07:09 and of course South Eastern Missouri,
07:12 and then even in the southern parts there
07:14 of Illinois, the New Madrid fault line
07:17 extends from approximately Cairo, Illinois
07:19 all the way down to Marked Tree,
07:22 Arkansas which is actually just a few miles south
07:25 of where I grew up in Northeast Arkansas.
07:28 It is considered one of the most active fault lines
07:33 in the US and around the world,
07:34 but we relatively don't really feel it,
07:37 because over the years it has produced
07:40 really, really small earthquakes
07:42 some of which we have not even been able to feel,
07:45 but nonetheless if a major earthquake
07:49 at 7.5, 7.7 or higher were to
07:53 strike this particular area,
07:56 it would affect...
07:58 Some scholars and some scientists are saying
08:01 that it would affect probably
08:02 more than half of the United States.
08:04 And that's a powerful earthquake,
08:06 the New Madrid fault line.
08:08 In fact I was reading some articles
08:09 where some of the professionals have said
08:12 that we're actually about 60 years overdue
08:15 for a major earthquake.
08:17 That is usually according to the data,
08:20 a major earthquake every 150 years.
08:23 And as you can see we are over 200 years away
08:26 from the last major earthquake that struck this area.
08:30 It's a scary topic when you think about it,
08:32 but I have, you know, none of us should really...
08:36 This should not surprise us because the Bible does tell us,
08:39 of course in Matthew 24, these are the words of Jesus,
08:42 notice what He says here
08:43 as He was prophesying the end times,
08:45 He said, "For nation will rise against nation,
08:48 and kingdoms against kingdom.
08:50 And there will be..."
08:51 Notice, "Famines, pestilences,
08:53 and earthquakes in various places..."
08:57 And then He says, "All of these are the beginning of sorrows."
09:01 And I believe this is
09:02 the New King James version here,
09:04 but some of the other newer translations
09:07 actually translate it a little more clearly.
09:09 The word for sorrows in the original Greek
09:11 actually should be properly translated,
09:14 birth pains.
09:17 All of these are the beginning of birth pains or labor pains.
09:22 That's a whole another sermon in and of itself.
09:25 My friends, I went through all of that
09:27 because while we are warned that there will be
09:31 literal geographic earthquakes in the last days
09:35 that of course we expect to gradually get
09:38 worse, and worse, and worse
09:39 as we gain closer to the second coming of Jesus.
09:41 We are also told
09:44 that there is another type of quake
09:48 or another kind of shaking
09:51 that the church will endure in the last days.
09:56 I would like to draw your attention to the screen,
09:58 it's a rather lengthy quote, but nonetheless
10:01 I would like to read it together this morning
10:03 as you fix your eyes on the screen.
10:05 Notice what we find here,
10:06 this is from November 20th, 1857.
10:13 She says, "I was shown the people of God,
10:17 and I saw them mightily shaken.
10:20 Some, with strong faith and agonizing cries,
10:24 were pleading with God.
10:26 Their countenances were pale,
10:29 and marked with deep anxiety,
10:32 expressive of their internal struggle.
10:35 Firmness and great earnestness were expressed
10:39 in their countenances,
10:40 while the large drops of perspiration fell
10:43 from their foreheads.
10:45 Now and then their faces would light up
10:48 with the marks of God's approbation,
10:50 and again the same solemn, earnest,
10:52 anxious look would settle upon them..."
10:56 Notice what she says here,
10:58 "Evil angels crowded around them,
11:01 pressing their darkness upon them,
11:04 to shut out Jesus from their view,
11:08 that their eyes might be drawn to the darkness
11:11 that surrounded them, and they distrust God
11:14 and next murmur against Him.
11:17 Their only safety
11:18 was in keeping their eyes directed..."
11:20 Where?
11:22 "Directed upward...
11:23 Angels of God had charge over His people..."
11:27 Amen.
11:29 "And as the poisonous atmosphere from the evil angels
11:32 was pressed around these anxious ones,
11:34 the heavenly angels would continually
11:37 wafting their wings over them,
11:39 to scatter the thickening darkness.
11:42 Some, I saw, did not participate
11:44 in this work of agonizing and pleading.
11:47 They seemed indifferent and careless.
11:52 They were not resisting the darkness around them,
11:54 and it shut them in like a thick cloud.
11:56 The angels of God left these, and I saw them hastening
12:02 to the assistance of those who were struggling
12:04 with all their energies to resist the evil angels,
12:07 and trying to help themselves by calling upon God
12:11 with perseverance.
12:13 But the angels left those who made no effort
12:16 to help themselves, and I lost sight of them.
12:20 As the praying ones continued their earnest cries,
12:23 a ray of light from Jesus would at times come to them,
12:27 to encourage their hearts,
12:29 and light up their countenances."
12:31 Now I went through all of that
12:32 because I was getting to this next quote.
12:33 Notice how she now sums up or brains this home for us.
12:38 Notice what the next quote says.
12:40 She says, "I asked the meaning of the shaking I had seen,
12:45 and was shown that it would be caused
12:48 by the straight testimony called forth by the counsel
12:52 of the True Witness to the Laodiceans.
12:56 This will have its effect upon the heart of the receiver
12:59 and will lead him to exalt the standard
13:02 and pour forth the straight truth.
13:06 Some will not bear this straight testimony.
13:09 They will rise up against it,
13:11 and this will cause a shaking among God's people."
13:15 In other words, a church quake.
13:24 I ask the meaning of the shaking she says,
13:27 "And I was seen that it was shown
13:28 that it would be caused by the straight testimony
13:30 called forth by the..."
13:32 Notice the Lord's in yellow here,
13:33 "The Council of the True Witness to..."
13:35 Who?
13:36 Now what message do we find in the Bible
13:41 that is delivered or directed to the Laodiceans?
13:43 Is that some...
13:45 What book of the Bible might we find that message?
13:47 The Book of Revelation, I just want to remind us
13:49 of what that message is very quickly
13:50 and then we're going to zone in
13:52 on our major point this morning.
13:55 Revelation 3:14.
13:57 Notice what the Bible says.
13:59 "And to the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write,
14:02 'These things says the Amen,
14:04 the Faithful and the True Witness,
14:05 the beginning of the creation of God.' "
14:08 So who is this that's addressing Laodicea?
14:11 It's obviously Jesus Christ, right?
14:13 Let's continue on.
14:15 "I know your works,
14:19 that you are neither cold nor hot.
14:22 I could wish you were cold or hot,
14:25 so then because you are lukewarm,
14:28 and neither cold or hot,
14:30 I will vomit you out of my mouth."
14:33 We're very familiar with these words.
14:35 "Because you say,
14:36 'I am rich and have become wealthy,
14:38 and have need of nothing' and do not know
14:40 that you are wretched, miserable,
14:42 poor, blind, and naked.
14:45 I counsel you to buy from Me
14:49 gold refined in the fire,
14:52 that you may be rich
14:55 and white garments that you may be clothed,
14:57 and that the shame of your nakedness
14:59 may not be revealed,
15:01 and anoint your eyes with eye salve,
15:04 that you may see."
15:07 And then he says, "As many as I..."
15:11 "As many as I love,
15:15 I rebuke and chasten.
15:17 Therefore be zealous
15:19 and repent."
15:23 This is a strong message.
15:26 It's a very strong and direct message
15:28 from Christ to the last generation,
15:30 the last church age of this planet,
15:35 giving us a diagnosis of lukewarmness.
15:38 He says, "I wish that you were uncomfortable.
15:41 I wish that you were so uncomfortable
15:42 that you were just icy cold or on fiery, fiery hot for God
15:47 because I can work with that, but you're so lukewarm,
15:51 you're so relaxed, that I can't reach you
15:54 because you don't see your need of a savior."
15:57 He says, "I'm rebuking you
15:59 My children because I love you."
16:01 And He calls us to repentance.
16:04 Now does anyone know what Laodicea means?
16:10 Laodicea means, a people judged.
16:15 A people judged.
16:19 I want to go back, we're going to look at this quote
16:21 a few more times this morning, but I want you to notice again,
16:24 notice the words in yellow because she says,
16:26 "The shaking that she saw
16:28 that would happen in God's church."
16:30 Among the Christian communities in the last days,
16:33 "Would be caused by the straight testimony
16:35 called forth to the counsel
16:37 of the True Witness to the Laodiceans."
16:40 So notice there the counsel, did Jesus give a counsel
16:43 in the passages we just read?
16:45 Yes, He did.
16:46 Now I want to focus on what those counsels are
16:48 and what it actually means because many times we read
16:51 over these texts and we've read them,
16:53 many of us have even memorized them,
16:54 but have you ever ask yourself,
16:56 "What is it that Jesus is actually counseling me?"
16:59 Jesus, you told me to buy gold.
17:01 You want me to buy from You gold.
17:02 Does Jesus have a big pot of gold coins up there
17:05 that He wants to distribute to His people?
17:07 Obviously there's some figurative
17:09 spiritual language here
17:11 and there's something that He's trying to tell us,
17:13 and I want to just draw your attention to that now.
17:15 Notice again, the counsel to the true witness
17:18 to the Laodiceans, and notice what it says here.
17:21 "I counsel you to buy from Me gold..."
17:24 And then notice not just any kind of gold
17:26 but, "Gold that has been refined in the fire,
17:30 that you may be rich."
17:32 Now it's interesting
17:33 because in one part of Scripture
17:35 Jesus says it's easier for a camel to go through
17:37 the eye of a needle than a rich man
17:39 to making the kingdom of God.
17:40 But yet in this passage it's like,
17:41 "Hey I want to make you rich."
17:43 Is Jesus saying,
17:44 I don't want you in the kingdom of God?
17:46 No, He's not.
17:47 There's figurative language here,
17:48 there's spiritual language here.
17:50 I ask myself many years ago,
17:51 "Lord, what kind of gold
17:54 are You asking us to buy from You?
17:56 When You say gold, what is it,
17:58 what's the symbolism here?"
17:59 And as we always know we should allow the Bible
18:01 to interpret itself.
18:03 I could pass out a piece of paper around the room
18:04 and have everyone write on there
18:06 what they believe this gold to be,
18:07 but at the end of the day I want to know
18:09 what God tells me this gold to be.
18:11 And the Bible tells us, notice, it's found in 1 Peter 1:7,
18:16 notice what the Bible says, it says,
18:17 "That the genuineness of your..."
18:19 Say it with me, "Your faith."
18:21 That was a little weak, let's try it one more time,
18:24 "That the genuineness of your faith,
18:26 being much more precious than..."
18:28 Notice the correlation, faith and gold that perishes,
18:34 notice, "Though it is tested by..."
18:36 What?
18:37 It is tested by fire.
18:39 Is John's gold that He wrote about from Christ,
18:41 did Christ want that gold to be refined or tried in the fire?
18:45 Yes, right here Peter's talking about the same thing, he says,
18:47 "Though it is tested by fire, may it be found to praise,
18:51 honor, and glory at the revelation
18:54 of Jesus Christ."
18:55 So when Christ says, I want you to buy from Me gold,
18:58 what is this gold He wants us to buy?
19:00 There's no doubt we're talking about a faith of gold,
19:06 not just any old kind of faith as we'll find out
19:08 in just a few moments, there's a specific faith
19:10 that God is calling for us to reflect,
19:13 and to replicate here in these last days.
19:15 Let's go on to the second part of this council,
19:17 notice what it says.
19:18 And He wants us to receive from Him
19:21 what kind of garments?
19:23 "White garments that you may be clothed,
19:26 that the shame of your nakedness
19:28 may not be revealed."
19:30 So even though we're walking around in these last days
19:32 fully clothed literally, Christ says,
19:35 "You're spiritually naked.
19:38 You don't see it."
19:40 And we're going to get to that in just a few moments.
19:41 You don't see it, because you're blind.
19:44 He says, "I want to give you some spiritual eyesight too
19:45 while I'm at it."
19:46 We're going to get to that in a few moments, but He says,
19:48 "I want to clothe you, not just with any old kind of garment,
19:51 but I want to clothe you with a white garment."
19:54 What are these white garments?
19:56 As a Seventh-day Adventist
19:57 we hear this language all the time,
19:59 what kind of garments are we talking about?
20:02 Well, let's the Bible tell us in case those of you
20:04 may not be familiar with it.
20:06 Notice this is Isaiah 61:10,
20:09 "I will greatly rejoice in the Lord,
20:12 My soul shall be joyful in my God,
20:15 for He has clothed me with a garments of..."
20:19 What?
20:20 "With the garments of salvation..."
20:21 But then he further describes
20:23 what these garments of salvation are.
20:24 Notice he says, "He has covered me
20:26 with the robe of..."
20:28 What?
20:30 "Robe of righteousness."
20:31 So now we're breaking this council down.
20:33 This is why it says, "Look, I was shown and shaking."
20:36 I was shown that in the last days God's people
20:38 would receive a church quake and that this church quake,
20:43 this shaking would be brought about by the council
20:47 that Jesus gives to the people in the last days,
20:49 the Laodiceans, and notice that council is
20:51 I want you to buy from Me faith of gold,
20:53 the second part here as we have already read,
20:56 now He's asking us to put on garments of righteousness,
21:01 faith of gold, garments of righteousness.
21:03 There's a third point we want to make here,
21:05 notice what the scripture says.
21:06 He says, "And anoint your eyes with eye salve,
21:10 that you may see."
21:12 Many of you may not be aware of this, but, you know,
21:14 there was an actual city over in Asia Minor
21:17 called Laodicea back in the day.
21:20 You know what Laodicea was most famously known for
21:22 back in the time?
21:27 They were known for their medical work.
21:29 They had one of the most advanced medical institutions
21:33 in the known world at the time.
21:35 It would be people come from all around the world
21:37 who would seek medical attention in Laodicea,
21:41 and of course one of the things that they were
21:42 most popularly known for was a special eye salve
21:45 that they had created,
21:46 that the people would come around
21:48 who had you know sinus issues and eye issues,
21:50 and they would apply this salve,
21:51 and it would help bring healing to their complications
21:54 and their ailments.
21:55 It's interesting because Jesus says,
21:57 "Hey, Laodicea, you're blind.
21:59 You need to put on some of your own eye salve.
22:01 You need to wake up
22:03 cause you're not seeing correctly.
22:04 You can't see your own condition.
22:07 You lost and I want to save you.
22:09 I love you as many as I love I rebuke and chasten."
22:13 Therefore, repent and it brings me
22:17 to this portion of scripture,
22:18 "Anoint your eyes with eye salve if you may see.
22:20 I remember that story in the Bible,
22:22 notice Jesus is healing the blind man,
22:24 remember the blind man that He heals?
22:26 Notice what he says here, "When he had said these things,
22:28 He spat on the ground to make clay with his saliva
22:32 and He anointed the eyes of the blind man with the clay.
22:37 And then He said to him,
22:38 'Go, wash in the pool of Siloam.'
22:39 which is translated, Sent.
22:41 So he..." Notice, "He went and washed, and came back..."
22:44 What?
22:45 You see when Jesus touches your eyes, you see.
22:48 When you have an encounter with Jesus, He opens your eyes.
22:51 And I love that famous line because He's found later on
22:54 in the sanctuary, and Pharisees
22:57 are actually interrogating Him because they remember,
22:59 "Man, this guy was blind and now He sees."
23:02 And they're interrogating him,
23:03 "How in the world did this happen?
23:05 How in the world did this happen?"
23:06 And I love his response, very simple but very profound,
23:08 notice what it says, He says, "One thing I know
23:11 that though I was blind,
23:14 now I see."
23:17 You know, I pray that that will be the reality
23:19 for many of us in the last days.
23:21 At one day we've become so close
23:23 and so wrapped up in Jesus
23:25 that one day we can wake up and say,
23:27 "You know, I once was blind, now I see."
23:31 Isn't that awesome?
23:33 How many desire that this morning?
23:34 Okay, half of you, that's okay.
23:36 We'll get the rest of you.
23:38 We'll get the rest of you, stick with me now.
23:45 So when we put these together we have faith of gold,
23:48 garments of righteousness,
23:52 spiritual eyesight.
23:55 If you take a glance at this
23:58 translation or the interpretation
24:01 of this counsel, you see something there?
24:09 She says that there is going to be a shaking
24:11 in the last days caused by the counsel
24:14 to the Laodiceans.
24:16 The counsel was,
24:18 "Hey, I want you to have faith of gold.
24:19 I want you to have garments of righteousness.
24:21 I want you to have spiritual eyesight."
24:23 Now what's interesting is a very similar message
24:26 went to a large group of church fold back in 1888.
24:30 Did it cause a shaking?
24:31 You better believe it did.
24:33 What was that message?
24:39 What's the message to Laodicea?
24:43 Righteousness comes by, and we got into this
24:46 a little bit last night, was it the previous night,
24:49 we did the Thursday Night Live, we were talking about
24:52 spiritual warfare,
24:54 and got into a little bit of this,
24:55 but, you know, when we're talking about
24:57 righteousness by faith,
24:59 I want you to consider that for a moment
25:01 'cause we hear that language a lot, we hear a lot of people,
25:03 you know, talk about righteous by faith
25:04 or you although use those terms that we are saved, you know,
25:07 of course by the righteousness, and that comes by faith.
25:10 But what does that mean?
25:11 What type of righteousness are we talking about
25:13 when we're talking about righteousness?
25:17 My righteousness?
25:19 Your righteousness?
25:20 Absolutely not.
25:22 What does the Bible say about mining your righteousness.
25:25 It's like filthy rags, nasty, dirty.
25:28 But, of course,
25:30 when we're talking about righteousness by faith,
25:31 we're talking about Christ's righteousness, right?
25:34 Are we together so far?
25:36 Okay.
25:37 Christ righteousness only comes by what?
25:40 By faith and this is where we talked
25:43 a little bit about this on Thursday Night Live.
25:46 What kind of faith?
25:48 If it's the righteousness of Christ,
25:51 many people would say, "Well, yes.
25:53 I need to obtain the righteousness of Christ
25:55 by my faith."
25:59 You know that very thing is kind of an open rebuke
26:03 when you start to read the third angel's message
26:05 because the third angel's message
26:07 in the last days,
26:08 the very end part, for Revelation 14:12 says,
26:12 "Here is the patience of the saints,
26:14 here are they that keep the commandments of God,
26:16 and have..."
26:17 Notice, "Not necessarily faith in Jesus,
26:20 but the faith of Jesus..."
26:23 Faith in Jesus, faith of Jesus, two separate things, okay.
26:28 Now I can actually prove that scripturally
26:30 if you would like to talk with me about that,
26:32 I would be glad to share that with you,
26:34 that's a whole another sermon though.
26:36 The faith of Jesus, righteousness by faith,
26:39 I need and desire to obtain the righteousness of Christ
26:43 not by my faith,
26:44 but also by the faith of Christ,
26:46 does that make sense?
26:48 Righteousness by faith, in other words,
26:49 the great shaking that will occur in the last days,
26:52 we have been told that it would be brought to us
26:54 because of the message that Jesus delivers
26:57 to the Laodiceans and it is the great council
26:59 in which Jesus says,
27:01 "You need to experience righteousness by faith."
27:04 You need to obtain the righteousness
27:06 of the Son of God.
27:07 You need to replicate that and exercise that
27:09 of the faith of Jesus Christ.
27:11 That's the only way that we will be tested
27:14 and tried in that fire to be made perfect
27:17 to stand at His coming.
27:21 You guys are quite.
27:26 I want to go into this next part.
27:28 Notice what the next part of this says.
27:32 So she was asked the meaning of the shaking,
27:33 it would be brought notice forth by the counsel
27:36 of the True Witness to the Laodiceans,
27:37 and notice what she says here,
27:38 "This will have its effect upon the heart of the receiver
27:43 and will lead him to exalt..."
27:45 What is that?
27:47 "The standard and pour forth the..."
27:51 It's hard to be a true spirit filled and spirit led minister
27:55 in these last days.
27:56 And I'll tell you why?
27:58 Because there's a constant pull,
28:00 a constant drawling of the minister to dilute,
28:05 and sugarcoat, and dumb down the truth of God's Word.
28:10 Because the closer we get to the last days,
28:12 the closer we get to the appearing
28:14 of Jesus Christ,
28:15 there are more and more people falling away from Jesus
28:18 than there are coming to Jesus.
28:19 And that's not because Jesus planned for it to be that,
28:22 that's not because Jesus has made it so unfair
28:24 that people simply cannot come to Him,
28:26 salvation is a free gift, amen.
28:29 But we have become so distracted with the world,
28:32 we have become so infiltrated with the ways of the world
28:34 that even church folk
28:36 now walking through the doors of the sanctuary
28:39 when a brother stands up to preach,
28:40 the straight shoot either you like it
28:43 and it comes to you,
28:45 you realize you need to receive it
28:46 or you'll see people sitting in the crowd going...
28:55 And I always tell on people's face,
28:58 is it's when I'm studying the Word of God,
29:01 I'm always in prayer, Lord,
29:03 I don't just want to preach a message.
29:07 You know, and I've recognized ministers,
29:10 true ministers of God, you know,
29:11 they have to preach what God lays on their heart.
29:15 But I've always prayed, Lord,
29:16 I just don't want to preach them.
29:17 I'm going to preach you a message.
29:20 Lord, if there's something that I need to say
29:21 that's not something that's very popular to say,
29:25 Lord, I want to say that.
29:27 Lord, I don't know what the repercussions are going to be
29:29 from why You want me to say this
29:31 or what it's going to be like after I say this,
29:33 but Lord, whatever, if I have to walk in there
29:35 and say it and be hated, then may it be so.
29:38 But nonetheless there is a temptation
29:40 on the heart of a minister in the last days
29:43 to sugarcoat and water down God's message to the point
29:46 because we're worried about
29:48 what people are going to say about us,
29:49 we're worried about how people are going to respond.
29:52 You know, I have to...
29:53 I'll be the first one to stand on the highest mountain top
29:55 in the world and say, "I love when people love me."
29:59 I love to be received by people.
30:03 I like to be liked by the church folk,
30:06 but I want Him to like me more.
30:09 I want Him to like me more.
30:13 "This will lead him to exalt the standard
30:17 and pour forth the straight truth..."
30:20 And then notice what it says here,
30:21 "Some will not bear this straight testimony."
30:26 Now why is that?
30:27 If it's the truth of God coming straight from the Word of God,
30:31 why would someone not want to receive
30:34 the straight truth of God,
30:36 the straight testimony coming from the Lord?
30:39 Because that person needs conversion,
30:43 that person needs Jesus more than ever.
30:47 "They will rise up against it,
30:48 and this will cause a..." Notice,
30:51 "When they rise up against the..." What?
30:53 The truth, what is it going to cause?
30:56 "A shaking among God's people."
30:57 There's going to be a church quake.
31:01 You know, I have to say
31:03 we are experiencing some of that right now
31:06 what I like to refer to as I guess some pre trimmers.
31:12 Where more and more
31:14 of the undiluted three angels' messages,
31:16 the straight testimony,
31:17 the straight truth of God's Word is being presented,
31:21 more and more people are becoming
31:22 more unfunded of God's Word.
31:25 My heart goes out to those people
31:27 'cause there's not a day in my life
31:29 that I open up the Word of God and I read God's Word,
31:31 it rebukes me from one side of the room to the next.
31:35 It's not always easy to receive, but my, friends,
31:37 God never said that it would be always easy to receive,
31:40 that's why it's referred to as a two edged sword.
31:42 It sometimes cuts.
31:44 It sometimes pierces,
31:45 but God does not cut us to kill us,
31:48 or cut us to hurt us, or cut us to embarrass us,
31:52 God cuts us to heal us.
31:55 He wants His people to be healed.
31:56 He wants His people to rise up in revival
31:59 and be united together
32:01 under the banner of the truth of God's Word
32:03 so that we may finish the work and go home, amen.
32:05 Does that sound good?
32:06 Amen.
32:08 I just went from teaching to preaching.
32:13 What did Paul say?
32:16 Preach what you want.
32:19 What did he say?
32:20 Every time I read this text, all I can hear is Brother C.D.
32:23 Brooks' voice.
32:24 There was a sermon he preached years ago,
32:26 he said, "Preach the word,
32:29 be instant in season, and out of season,
32:33 reprove, rebuke, exhort
32:35 with all longsuffering and doctrine."
32:37 But what does that start with the preaching of the...
32:39 Preach the word he says, for the time will come.
32:43 Notice, this is a prophecy about the end times.
32:45 If there was ever a time that this is happening,
32:47 it's happening right now, my friends,
32:49 right here in the Christian world.
32:50 "For the time will come
32:52 when they will not endure sound doctrine..."
32:54 But notice this,
32:55 why are the people rejecting the sound doctrine?
32:57 Because after their own lust,
33:00 that is their own desires, what they want,
33:02 you know, the Bible says and what is it,
33:04 Proverbs 14:12,
33:06 "There is a way which seem with right unto a man,
33:09 but the end thereof are the ways of death..."
33:11 You know what?
33:13 There may be something that seems right unto us,
33:14 but at the end of the day
33:16 we have to go back to the Word of God and say,
33:17 "Lord, it may seem right to me now,
33:19 but is it right to You?"
33:21 If I have an idea or perception,
33:23 or speculative theory about something,
33:25 Lord, does my opinion, does my lifestyle,
33:28 does my ideas and theories line up to Your Word, God?
33:33 "After their own lusts shall they heap to themselves..."
33:35 See, they want to heap to themselves teachers
33:37 because when you put the pressure on the minister,
33:40 you know, there are two kinds of ministers,
33:42 there are those ministers
33:43 that's going to preach the word no matter what,
33:45 and those ministers that's going to bend
33:46 to the pressure of the folk.
33:50 Rising up...
33:53 "After their own lusts they shall heap to themselves
33:55 teachers having itching ears."
33:58 Then notice what it says,
34:00 "And they shall turn away their ears from the truth
34:04 and shall be turned unto fables."
34:12 There are people in times past.
34:15 In fact there are people in our time
34:18 that have given their life for this truth.
34:22 There are people that have been tortured,
34:27 they've been burned alive at the stake
34:29 because of this word, because of this truth.
34:33 Persecution still and still reigns around the world
34:39 for many people who stand to preach and declare
34:42 and live according to the Word of God.
34:45 I found this quote and it was quite interesting quote.
34:49 It says, "Why is it, then,
34:52 that persecution seems in a great degree to slumber?
34:57 The only reason..."
34:58 Now don't miss this,
35:00 this was powerful when I read this.
35:02 "The only reason is that
35:03 the church has conformed to the world's standards
35:06 and therefore awakens no opposition.
35:09 The religion which is current in our day
35:11 is not the pure and holy character
35:14 that marks the Christian faith
35:15 in the days of Christ and His apostles."
35:20 He goes on to say,
35:22 "It is only because of the spirit of compromise with sin,
35:26 because the great truths of the Word of God
35:27 are so indifferently regarded..."
35:29 Notice that, "So indifferently regarded,
35:32 because there was so little vital godliness in the church,
35:35 that Christianity is apparently so popular with the world."
35:41 There's interesting last point here, notice,
35:43 "Let there be a revival of..." What kind of faith?
35:47 "The faith..."
35:49 Not just faith, but, "The faith..."
35:50 Remember?
35:52 Here is the patience of the saints,
35:53 they keep the commandments of God
35:54 and have the faith of Jesus,
35:56 it says, "And power of the early church,
35:58 and the spirit of persecution will be revived,
36:01 and the fires of persecution will be rekindled."
36:05 That's powerful, my friends.
36:07 Have any of you, just by show of hands,
36:09 have any of you experienced recently or in recent times
36:14 and the times that we're living,
36:16 in our world rapidly changing?
36:20 It seems like that,
36:22 you know, like I grew up in the 90s, okay,
36:25 some of you thought that
36:27 we were going to hell in the 90s,
36:28 but seriously I think back to the '90s,
36:31 and then I think of today, and I think,
36:33 "Lord, I wish it was the '90s again."
36:36 Now some of you,
36:38 more experienced folk, wiser...
36:47 some of you grew up in the, I don't know,
36:48 '50s, '60s, '70s, '80s,
36:53 you look at today's world,
36:56 what do you think to yourself?
36:58 What in the world is going on?
37:02 What in the world is going on?
37:04 In fact you can look at the day and, you know, what?
37:06 Whether you want to be a believer or not?
37:07 Whether you believe in the Bible,
37:09 whether you believe in Jesus or not?
37:11 It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that
37:13 if our world continues the way that it is,
37:15 we're not going to be here much longer.
37:18 Jesus is coming soon, my friends.
37:23 What is the Bible saying?
37:25 2 Timothy 3:1-2, "But know this,
37:28 that in the last days perilous times will come.
37:33 For men will be lovers of themselves."
37:35 Is that a reality today?
37:37 Does it seem like, you know,
37:38 people are loving more of themselves
37:40 than they are loving each other as Christ said
37:41 love your brother as you love yourself, right?
37:45 It goes on to tell us, "Lovers of money..."
37:47 Is that true?
37:49 "Boasters..." Is that true?
37:51 "Proud, blasphemers,
37:56 disobedient to parents,
38:01 unthankful, unholy, unloving..."
38:05 Is this is reality in today's world?
38:06 Unloving, unforgiving?
38:09 "You know, I just can't forgive her
38:10 for what she done."
38:12 And it breaks my heart when I hear someone say that
38:14 because we're told in the Bible,
38:16 the Jesus says that,
38:17 "You know, if we can't learn to forgive others,
38:19 we cannot forgive us."
38:21 That's salvation, my friends.
38:24 "Slanderous without self-control,
38:26 brutal, despisers of good,
38:28 traitors, headstrong..."
38:31 It goes on to say,
38:33 "Lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God.
38:38 Having a form of godliness but denying its power."
38:42 God wants to bestow upon His people
38:45 His power to overcome, His power to be victorious.
38:49 The question is, are we denying its power?
38:52 My friends, it is this very issue,
38:54 denying the transforming power of God in our lives
38:57 that is going to bring about
38:58 such a shaking of division in the last days
39:02 that none of us are really prepared for.
39:05 Earthquakes,
39:07 you know, how an earthquake works?
39:09 You know how an earthquake happens?
39:14 So all around this entire globe,
39:16 this entire planet,
39:18 each segment of the planet
39:20 is sitting on either a relatively small
39:22 or relatively large area known as a tectonic plate.
39:27 In other words, burning big huge mass chunk of the earth
39:30 what is called a tectonic plate and which is separated
39:32 or divided by great fosse that go miles and miles and miles
39:36 through to the center of the earth,
39:38 and an earthquake occurs
39:40 when these two areas or two tectonic plates
39:44 or fault lines begin to rub or friction,
39:48 it causes friction and which eventually, it's caught,
39:51 and then it just can't hold it anymore and then it slips.
39:55 And when that breaks and it slips,
39:59 it will keep sliding and slipping
40:02 until it finally catches itself again on each other.
40:08 How many of you have ever endured
40:10 a pretty good earthquake?
40:11 Has anyone ever felt a pretty good side of,
40:13 you know, I've even heard of people talk about
40:14 how the earthquake was so strong
40:15 they couldn't even stand
40:17 because literally it even make you almost,
40:19 it make you sick.
40:20 I've heard reports of people getting nauseous
40:22 because it's like their whole world, their equilibrium
40:24 and everything is just kind of upside down
40:26 because the ground is literally moving under you
40:30 because those tectonic plates, that fault line is moving,
40:34 and frictioning against each other.
40:39 And sometimes in some cases, maybe not all cases,
40:43 but in some rare occasions there are areas of this globe
40:47 which have more than one tectonic plate
40:49 that are actually frictioning or rubbing against each other.
40:51 And that's when you have real big problems.
40:53 Let me give an example, the country of Japan,
40:56 there seems like you hear a lot of earthquakes happening
40:58 in the country of Japan, you want to know why that is?
41:00 Because there's not one, there's not two,
41:02 there's not three, but four tectonic plates right there
41:05 on that one general region that are rubbing
41:07 and frictioning against each other
41:08 and they cause some of the most catastrophic earthquakes
41:11 on the planet,
41:13 four different fault lines, four different tectonic plates
41:19 rubbing, frictioning together
41:22 causing this great shaking.
41:29 Does that happen in God's church?
41:32 Is there a little bit of friction
41:35 going on among God's people?
41:39 Would you say there might be a few different tectonic plates
41:45 that exist among the Christian world today
41:48 that are constantly rubbing each other the wrong way?
41:56 Now let me bring to you the reality of the situation.
41:59 Now this next part either you can understand,
42:02 I never ever say anything to offend anyone,
42:04 but there's a sign hanging up in ETs office, Danny,
42:08 that says, let me see if I can remember,
42:09 you might can help me, Tim.
42:11 It says, "I need a speed bump between my brain and my mouth."
42:14 I wish there was a speed bump between my brain or my mouth,
42:16 I probably need one of those.
42:18 I never say anything to offend anyone,
42:19 although I have been told that I've done that a few times,
42:22 but there's something I've got to say here.
42:24 When I was thinking about,
42:25 there is this one thing that came to my mind,
42:27 you know, in our church,
42:28 never in the history of the Christian church,
42:30 and I'm not just talking about Adventism, understand this.
42:33 I'm not just talking about Seventh-day Adventism,
42:34 we're talking about all Christianity.
42:36 Never in the history of Christianity has
42:38 the Christian community been more divided than it is today,
42:43 never before.
42:47 Now I'm going to show you that there I can prove at least
42:50 that there's four different tectonic plates
42:53 within the Christian world, within the Christian church,
42:57 that can't function together
42:58 or has not proven to function together,
43:00 and until it does to become one,
43:02 we are going to continue
43:03 to have shaking after shaking after shaking
43:07 until the saints have been shaken out.
43:10 The first group I like to call the Adventist.
43:17 Now understand, usually when you say the word Adventist
43:20 most people think of Seventh-day Adventists,
43:22 now understand I'm taking this beyond Seventh-day Adventism.
43:25 Now I want you to think about Seventh-day Adventism,
43:27 don't get me wrong.
43:29 But an Adventists says,
43:31 we know is simply a person who is looking forward
43:32 to the soon return of Jesus,
43:35 doesn't matter if you're Seventh-day Adventist,
43:36 doesn't matter if you're Baptist, Catholic, whatever,
43:38 doesn't that matter where you are,
43:39 somewhere if you've read your Bible
43:41 and then you're looking forward to the soon coming of Jesus,
43:43 you are an Adventist.
43:46 Now what I found out is there's many different type of ventists
43:48 in our church.
43:53 You have your Adventist,
43:56 you have your Sadventist, your Badventist,
43:59 and you have your Madventist.
44:04 Now some people might be a little bit offended by this
44:07 and thinking that I'm trying to joke.
44:09 Now there might be a little bit of a humorous element to this.
44:12 There's a lot of truth to this, stay with me here.
44:15 You see in almost every church
44:17 these four groups of people exist.
44:21 And the church remains divided in the state that it is
44:23 because of these, because mainly
44:25 because of three of them, okay.
44:29 But nonetheless, there are still those Adventist who rub
44:33 the Madventist, Badventist, and Sadventist the wrong way.
44:37 They can't coexist.
44:38 What did Jesus say?
44:39 Light and darkness cannot coexist.
44:44 You know, what a Sadventist is?
44:49 Let me explain to you what a Sadventist is.
44:53 We might have a few in here today, we don't know.
44:56 You see a Sadventist is someone who struggles
44:59 to be joyous in their relationship with God.
45:03 They struggle to experience the joy
45:06 of living for Christ.
45:09 You might see a Sadventist singing a hymn,
45:13 and they're not singing it as if Jesus is there with them,
45:15 they're singing it as if they're at a funeral?
45:18 Have you ever seen these type of people, Sadventist?
45:21 Great is Thy faithfulness
45:26 Great is Thy faithfulness
45:30 Morning by morning
45:40 Saints, when did we stop believing
45:43 that Jesus is with us in a service?
45:49 Jesus walked in the flesh right through those doors
45:51 and came up here today and we started singing,
45:54 Great is Thy faithfulness,
45:55 I don't believe there's a single person in this room
45:57 that would stand in front of Jesus
45:58 and sing, Great is Thy faithfulness...
46:05 Do we find joy in living for Jesus?
46:09 Do we find joy in worshipping our Lord?
46:12 Great is Thy faithfulness
46:16 Great is Thy faithfulness
46:20 Why?
46:21 Morning by morning new mercies I see
46:26 Oh, does that make you happy?
46:28 All right, I'm not talking about being Pentecostal.
46:30 I'm just talking about being joyful.
46:32 You can be joyful and not have to be Pentecostal.
46:37 Then you got those Badventists,
46:39 those Badventists are indifferent about anything.
46:42 They might be at church, they may not be at church.
46:44 They might return tithe, they may not return tithe.
46:46 They might keep the Sabbath,
46:48 they might not keep the Sabbath.
46:50 But those Badventists are indifferent,
46:52 there's some of the worst examples of them all
46:54 because they know the truth, they've heard the truth,
46:57 but they don't live the truth, Badventist.
47:02 We need to pray for them.
47:04 You know, I've been guilty of being a Badventist.
47:05 I've experienced every single one of these before
47:07 in my life.
47:09 I've been a Sadvenist, I've been a Badventist,
47:10 and you know I've been a few times in my life,
47:12 I've been a Madventist.
47:13 And many of us know, have known one or two Madventists.
47:17 And these Madventists are the ones that, you know,
47:18 they're involved, in fact there's not a meeting
47:21 that they're not going to be it,
47:22 and they're going to show up
47:24 and they're going to let you know
47:26 how the church needs to be reformed.
47:32 Those Madventists, they're mad at the conferences,
47:35 they're mad at the General Conference,
47:37 the devil's infiltrated everything,
47:38 now there's no doubt, my friends,
47:40 I'll be the first to stand and admit that devil is at work
47:42 in the Adventist church, but I'll tell you right now
47:45 God is at work as well and even more than the devil.
47:48 You better believe that God still has His people.
47:51 There might be a remnant within the remnant,
47:52 but God still has a remnant.
47:54 And you know what?
47:55 We still want to love our Sadventist friends,
47:57 and we still want to love our Adventists friends,
47:58 and I still want to pray every day
48:00 for those Madventists because, well, you know what?
48:02 They're children of God and God loves them
48:03 and so should we.
48:05 It's hard to coexist with people like this,
48:07 but nonetheless, my friends,
48:09 when we are all drawn together as Christ prayed in John 17,
48:13 "And we are one as Christ and His Father are one."
48:16 All of that is erased, and do you know what we become?
48:19 We become true Adventist,
48:24 true Adventist.
48:28 What do you do when there's an earthquake?
48:33 If an earthquake were to strike right now, what would you do?
48:37 What did I tell you to do?
48:39 Take cover.
48:42 Where would you take cover right now
48:43 if an earthquake would hit this building?
48:49 Some of you ain't even got a clue.
48:50 Some of you're like,
48:52 well, I didn't thought of that before.
48:57 You know, I'll never forget my first experience
49:00 to being introduced to what to do
49:02 during an earthquake was at school.
49:05 And, of course, it was just protocol
49:07 that if there was an earthquake or there was a great shaking
49:08 what we need to do?
49:10 Get under our desk.
49:11 That's what they would tell us, get under our desk.
49:12 Now sometimes I was a little, you know,
49:14 I would think about that in school
49:15 and I don't know about that,
49:16 because what if this one of the big beams comes falling
49:18 through this drop ceiling right on my desk,
49:19 that willy-nilly little things not going to hold up
49:22 a high steel beam.
49:24 You know, it bothered me a little bit, but nonetheless,
49:26 you know, when a true shaking occurs,
49:30 you don't have time to sit down and go, "What do I want to do?
49:36 What to do? What to do in this situation?"
49:38 No, you don't have much time.
49:41 You have to be prepared.
49:45 I'll never forget one day I was sitting in class
49:46 and an earthquake happened,
49:48 I didn't know it was an earthquake at first,
49:49 but it scared me to death.
49:52 We're sitting in class, I never forget geometry 2005,
49:57 and my, you know, left here on the side of the wall
49:58 in every class they would have the little protocols
50:00 of what to do if a, you know, a tornado came,
50:03 on earthquake happen, or fire happen,
50:04 all that stuff's on the side of the wall on the classroom.
50:06 And we were all there, we were having class,
50:08 the teachers are lecturing,
50:10 and all of a sudden we heard a big boom!
50:14 The first thing that come to my mind is, you know,
50:16 a couple of times throughout the class
50:18 the lady who was mowing the grass
50:19 using one of those zero turn lawn mowers,
50:21 she was outside, and I thought
50:22 this lady then hit the side of the building.
50:25 That's how loud it was, it was...
50:27 And then a few seconds right after that big boom,
50:30 the ground started going...
50:33 And there was this loud roar in the room...
50:38 My instinct, because the class was located
50:40 like right near the exit of the building,
50:42 my instinct was to immediately jump up
50:44 and start running out that door and outside.
50:47 But then I caught myself before it happened
50:49 and by the time I had stopped from running out the door,
50:52 the shaking had stopped,
50:53 but nonetheless I had always remembered
50:54 because I'd read about the stuff, well,
50:56 if there's one tremor there could be
50:57 an even greater one coming,
50:58 and my heart's pumping, boom, boom, boom, boom.
51:00 And what was more interesting than anything is that
51:03 the one person in the room that we were to look to
51:06 as a leader to help us in a situation like this,
51:08 she was the one freaking out the most.
51:11 As soon as the shaking happened,
51:13 my teacher went, "Oh, my goodness.
51:14 Oh, my goodness, what do we do?
51:15 What do we do?"
51:17 Looking to the students, "What do we do?
51:18 What do we do?"
51:19 You know, it's kind of an object lesson in
51:21 and of itself because many times
51:22 when there's a shaking among God's people,
51:24 we look to the ministers.
51:26 We look to men to solve our problems.
51:30 We look to men to say, "Hey what do we do,
51:31 tell me what to do?"
51:35 That's not what my Bible tells me.
51:38 When there is a shaking among God's people,
51:41 we are to take cover.
51:44 Not the cover that man tells us,
51:47 but the cover that the Word of God tells us.
51:49 What does it say?
51:51 You know they tell you to hide in a doorway, hide in a closet,
51:54 hide somewhere in something where the structure,
51:56 what does the Bible say?
51:58 "There is therefore now no condemnation
52:00 in those who are..." Where?
52:02 When a shaking happens you go hide,
52:04 "In Jesus Christ..."
52:05 Notice, "Who do not walk according to the flesh,
52:08 but according to the Spirit."
52:10 Let me give you another one, it says, "So we, being many,
52:13 are one body..." Where?
52:14 Where are we found?
52:16 "In Christ and individual members of one another..."
52:19 Here's another one, "But of Him you are..."
52:22 Where are you found?
52:23 "In Christ Jesus..."
52:24 Notice, "Who became for us wisdom from God
52:27 and righteousness
52:29 and sanctification and redemption."
52:30 Amen.
52:31 And then I love this last one here, it's beautiful,
52:33 "Therefore, if anyone is..." Where?
52:35 "In Christ, he is new, he is a new creature of..."
52:39 Notice, "Old things have passed away, behold,
52:41 all things have become new."
52:46 We hide in Christ.
52:49 Because I promise you, my friends,
52:50 if there's ever a place you want to be
52:52 when an earthquake comes, it's on a strong foundation.
52:55 You want to be on a strong foundation.
52:57 Christ is that rock and we've been told
53:01 a little bit of something about a rock that will come.
53:06 You see while the world is broken up
53:08 into these tectonic plates that are constantly shifting
53:11 and causing catastrophic events all over this world,
53:14 the Bible tells us that there is a rock coming
53:18 that will destroy this whole world.
53:20 It will create a new world.
53:21 It will fill this new world and He, Jesus Christ,
53:25 the rock will fill that entire planet
53:27 and become a great mighty mountain
53:30 and guess what in that we can foundation our faith.
53:37 What did Jesus say?
53:39 Have you never read in the Scriptures?
53:41 "The stone which the builders rejected
53:43 has become the chief cornerstone.
53:45 This was the Lord's doing and it is marvelous
53:48 in our eyes'?"
53:49 And I love this next part,
53:50 "And whoever falls on this stone..."
53:54 Which stone?
53:56 Who's the stone? Christ.
53:58 "Whoever falls on the stone will be broken."
54:00 Guess what? That's a good thing.
54:01 Would you like Christ to break you?
54:03 I want Christ to break me.
54:05 He's the potter, I'm the clay,
54:07 I want Him to shape and mold me,
54:08 break me however way He needs me to be.
54:11 I want Him to make me that vessel of honor prepared
54:13 for the Kingdom of God, how about you?
54:16 And whoever falls on a stone will be broken,
54:18 but notice the second part, it says,
54:20 "But on whomever it falls, it will grind him to powder."
54:25 I would rather be broken by Jesus in advance
54:29 than to have Jesus come break me in another way
54:31 that I don't want to be broken.
54:33 When I read this text, it reminds me that song...
54:36 Lean on me, when you're not strong
54:42 I'll be your friend...
54:43 Jesus is our friend.
54:45 I'll help you carry on Lean on me...
54:48 We want to lean on Jesus, fall on Jesus
54:51 because He is our rock.
54:57 We come to the end, aren't you happy?
55:01 Some of you're saying...
55:04 My dinner's going to burn if I don't get home.
55:09 You know, I talked about all this today
55:11 because Christ is preparing the people.
55:16 You know, the shaking that is coming,
55:17 it will affect everyone, but those who are grounded
55:23 on the rock of ages,
55:27 those people will be able to stand
55:29 when the shaking occurs.
55:32 Those people who have put inside unimportant things,
55:35 not allowed the ways of the world
55:37 to succumb their life,
55:39 those people will be able to stand on the rock of ages
55:43 when He appears.
55:46 Jesus is coming soon, my friends,
55:48 and I pray that each and every one of us
55:50 can stand for Him in Jesus Christ.
55:55 So that when those clouds split open,
55:59 we can stand confident at His appearing, amen.
56:03 Let's pray.
56:06 Father in heaven, the rock of ages,
56:11 thank You, Lord.
56:15 Thank You so much for Your goodness,
56:19 Your blessings, Your love, Your mercy.
56:25 Father, I don't think there's a single person
56:27 in this room that can deny Your goodness,
56:31 for You have blessed us abundantly more
56:33 beyond what we're worthy, Lord.
56:41 We thank You for the sacrifice of Jesus.
56:44 We thank You for the road that He has paved,
56:48 and we can simply walk in His footsteps.
56:51 And, Lord, as you know there's an enemy
56:52 that does not want us walking in those footsteps.
56:57 I pray God that You will bestow and pour out Your Spirit
57:00 upon every single person here,
57:02 all of those that will ever watch the sermon,
57:05 those who could not be with us today, God,
57:08 we pray for our revival
57:11 and our reformation among Your people.
57:14 And we will set aside unimportant things
57:16 and all of the divisional things in the church
57:20 that are dividing us.
57:22 Now we will simply stake our faith
57:24 on the foundation of the truth of God's Word.
57:27 We will be drawn closer to each other
57:30 and closer to our Savior.
57:32 Praise you God, thank You for this Sabbath,
57:35 keep us safe as we go home today,
57:37 and bring us back again safely once again we ask
57:40 in Jesus' holy precious name, amen.
57:44 Amen.


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