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00:01 We're talking about matters of the heart today,
00:02 which is a good thing as we have a cardiologist with us.
00:05 In the creation story, we come across day six
00:09 and day six was an important day,
00:11 of course, because man appeared.
00:12 But before man came in, man and woman,
00:16 God created a whole world full of animals
00:19 and we've decided that God did that on purpose
00:22 that we need to have something to love.
00:25 Adam had something to love the moment
00:26 he appeared on this earth,
00:28 there was something for him to love.
00:30 And Dr. Marcum, you made it clear that loving something,
00:34 being loving, acting loving,
00:37 is helpful to our health, that's very important.
00:40 It's helpful to our chemistry, science has proven it.
00:43 But conversely, when we don't have love in our life,
00:46 we have chronic-- we can have chronic problems as well.
00:49 So love is a treatment for disease
00:52 and love helps prevent disease. But more than that,
00:55 love is the path to ultimate healing.
00:58 I am just continually amazed at God
01:00 and what He has done for us and how He has shown us
01:05 during that creation week, what we need to be healthy,
01:08 it's all there, God's health plan, we call it.
01:10 Yeah. It's incredible as you look back
01:13 and now we have the science that proves
01:15 all these laws and principles that God gave us.
01:18 They're true over and over and again.
01:20 And as we plug into this, that's where we start
01:22 to get the power to do-- make our health a lot better.
01:25 Yes. And it's just very exciting and I'm glad
01:27 we are able to share this with many more people
01:29 'cause people are-- they want to know.
01:31 They want to be healthy. They want to feel well.
01:33 They don't want unnecessarily take a lot of pills.
01:36 They don't want to have a lot of procedures.
01:38 They want to feel well. And more than that,
01:41 people long to be loved. They long to be
01:45 with the source of love, which is our creator.
01:47 That's a basic inherent principle that's in us.
01:51 We long to be with our creator.
01:52 We long to have that love 'cause we were made that way.
01:56 Yeah. And when everything in this world
01:57 has pulled us away from that, the longing is still there.
02:00 We have that desire,
02:01 but it's our choice to move this direction.
02:04 And can we safely say that is just as important
02:08 to love someone than to be loved by someone?
02:13 Or is there power in both of that interactions.
02:15 Yes, I think there is, Charles. Okay.
02:17 And if you're sitting around and no one loves me,
02:19 no one pays attention to me. We still have the prescription
02:25 for love that means we could love someone else.
02:27 We don't have to wait for them to love us.
02:28 That'sright. And I think it works both ways,
02:31 there's power in loving others.
02:32 I think Christ showed us that.
02:34 But also He was loved by the Father.
02:36 Yes, He was. And so it works
02:38 both ways to enhance our chemistry.
02:40 And it is just a powerful concept of love as a treatment
02:44 for disease and a way to prevent disease
02:46 and a path to healing. Now we hear
02:48 all these other fancy things, you can take this medicine
02:51 or this chemo therapy or have this fancy laser treatments,
02:54 that's a solution. But I'm telling people
02:56 that the real solution is right here given to us
02:59 by our Father way back. He is the consultant
03:02 that I want to go to for my second opinion on my health.
03:04 Absolutely. Okay, let's get to our questions
03:07 that come to the heartwiseministries.org website.
03:10 The first one here is-- oh, this is a sad one.
03:13 Okay. "I lost the love of my life
03:15 to cancer 14 months ago. I do not want to go on.
03:20 The grief is overwhelming.
03:22 Would you pray for me and what should I do?"
03:24 Absolutely. Oh, how sad.
03:25 We'll definitely pray for you.
03:27 At the end of program, we like to lift up
03:30 people in prayer. And if you like
03:31 prayer for you or your loved ones,
03:33 go to our website heartwiseministries.org.
03:37 There's not much more we can do in this.
03:39 You know this is the most important thing we can do is
03:41 pray 'cause God can do things
03:42 that modern medicine cannot do, Charles.
03:45 What else can be done? Well, that's a great suggestion.
03:48 And here is some things that I've done in my practice.
03:51 First of all when someone's lost love in the life,
03:54 you know, we know that that damages chemistry.
03:56 We talked about the broken heart syndrome.
03:58 We know that people lose their appetite.
04:00 Sometimes they don't sleep well at night.
04:03 Stress sometimes raises blood pressure.
04:06 So there's lots of chemical changes that happen
04:08 when we're separated from love.
04:09 Especially that close spouse of love.
04:12 One of the first things I do is I try to find them
04:15 other things to love, okay? And I want to make sure
04:19 that their relationship with the great physician is intact.
04:22 But sometimes it takes more than that.
04:25 'cause there's healing in both directions here.
04:26 Right, there's healing in both directions.
04:27 Love or be loved. All right.
04:28 And so what I try to get patients
04:30 to do that lost their loved, I ask them
04:32 do you have an animal at home?
04:34 Would you be interested in a dog,
04:36 a cat, or a parakeet
04:37 because then I'll decide just like a creation,
04:40 they have something in their lives to love back.
04:43 Yes. And several, you know, I said, you know,
04:45 we can never replace that lost love that you had, okay?
04:48 Yeah. But that love is just resting right now.
04:50 We're gonna have that again some day.
04:52 But when you have a pet or something else to love,
04:56 they love you back and forth, then that love relationship
04:59 is started and the chemistry starts to improve.
05:01 I've seen that lots of times when you get a dog,
05:03 a cat, or a pet, or something else to love
05:05 or taking care of a child, or something else to do,
05:08 something else to serve. When you start
05:10 the act of service, which is love too,
05:12 that's the same thing getting in a service oriented,
05:15 becoming more active in Church, volunteering,
05:17 do something that you have a love relationship
05:20 going this way. Then sooner or later
05:22 that love at least the chemistry
05:24 from that lack of love starts to improve.
05:26 Does that make sense?
05:27 Yes, that makes absolute sense.
05:29 So don't, you know, sit at home,
05:31 and necessarily be sad all the time, you know.
05:34 I want this person to go out and start,
05:36 you know, loving, serving other people.
05:38 Maybe a pet, maybe finding something to volunteer
05:40 and stay plugged into that great healing
05:43 relationship where God can heal all hurts.
05:45 When we look at love as a healing agent,
05:48 it just makes--And we will pray for this person
05:50 at the end of our program today. Absolutely.
05:51 We will pray. We always pray
05:53 for the people that write into our website.
05:55 Yes. Here's another question
05:56 that came into heartwiseministries.org.
05:58 "My son-in-law has many chronic problems.
06:01 You name it, he has it. His doctors have literally
06:04 tried everything." And then here's a question,
06:06 we're talking about love and relationships,
06:11 how about hypnosis? Is hypnosis something
06:15 that should be considered under these circumstances?
06:17 Yeah, so this person has a lot of chronic medical problems
06:20 and they're asking about hypnosis. Yeah.
06:22 There's lots of different medical theories out there.
06:26 And people practice many different things and sometimes
06:29 it's hard to sort through it. You read on the internet
06:31 or hear other people practicing different things.
06:34 But what I try to do is I try to test everything
06:37 by the ultimate medical textbook
06:39 that we've been talking about test things biblically.
06:43 Well, love is a biblical test to treatment, you know.
06:45 And some of the other things we talked about
06:47 that was given to his body but I never saw
06:49 hypnosis in the Bible. And when you think about it,
06:53 hypnosis is really letting someone else
06:55 or another entity control you that not necessarily you know
06:59 what it is. So, you know, I have to be very
07:02 leery of recommending something control your mind
07:05 that you don't know what it is. Yeah.
07:07 You know, there's many powers out there, you know.
07:09 So I can't really recommend hypnosis
07:13 but what I can recommend, okay,
07:15 with many chronic health problems,
07:17 the things we talked about.
07:19 Let's get back to the things that treat chronic stress.
07:22 Yeah. Let's go back to having love in our life,
07:25 having the basics, water, exercise, good nutrition,
07:29 all these other things, the appropriate
07:31 use for modern medicine. Yes.
07:33 An appropriate exercise regimen, You know,
07:35 laughing and having proper sensual things
07:39 like good music, things of that nature
07:41 and see if that won't help. And, you know,
07:43 sometimes no matter what we do,
07:45 people still have problems. Yeah.
07:47 This is a world that's not devoid of problems.
07:50 Sometimes believe it or not, we just have to do
07:52 the best we can with our problems. Yes.
07:54 But one thing that's always reassuring
07:56 that when we're walking with a great physician
07:59 that we'll have healing sometime.
08:01 It might be right away.
08:02 I've seen God heal people right away
08:05 not that many times but I've seen it.
08:07 Sometimes he heals by physicians
08:09 and change of lifestyle.
08:10 But we've been promised that we walk in that relationship,
08:13 that love relationship, we'll be healed some day.
08:16 So that's where I would start.
08:17 I can't really recommend hypnosis. Okay.
08:20 It goes against what I think is right.
08:23 Because there's really no biblical prescription for that.
08:26 And I think it would let someone else control your mind
08:29 which I don't think is good. Yeah. And then,
08:31 but I would recommend getting back to this--
08:33 the biblical principles that we've talked about
08:35 as a good start in treating chronic medical problems.
08:38 Now we've been talking about love as something
08:40 that we give to someone else
08:42 or we receive from someone else.
08:46 Is it important for our health
08:50 if we learn to love ourselves?
08:55 Well, you know, we have-- you know God created you
08:58 and God wants us, you know, there's different, you know,
09:01 when you say the words love, does that mean
09:03 idolize yourself? Be proud? No, it doesn't.
09:05 But to respect what God has done
09:08 and what He can do in your life.
09:09 I think you have to love yourself to love others.
09:13 God made you a valuable person. You know, He loves you,
09:16 so you ought to love yourself for what God created.
09:19 Okay, 'cause there are people who are saying, you know,
09:21 "Love myself, have you met me?"
09:24 They are saying this is impossible.
09:26 I can't love myself. Look at me,
09:28 look all the bad things I've done, look at--
09:31 that's because they're trying to love themselves
09:35 as opposed to loving the God who loves them.
09:37 Right. The way they see themselves. Yes.
09:39 Not the way that God created them and God--
09:41 not the person that God wants them to be. Yes.
09:43 But you know we have to-- if we don't love ourselves,
09:45 it's very hard to love others.
09:48 So it's important in loving yourself that you really
09:51 base your love for yourself on God's love for you.
09:55 Exactly. We're not saying be proud and boastful,
09:58 not that type of love,
09:59 that respecting for what's God's created,
10:01 what He intends for you to be.
10:03 And no matter where we are at in life,
10:05 no matter how bad our health is, God still loves us.
10:09 Yeah. And we still are worthy of love.
10:12 Yes, okay, very good. I think we have time
10:14 for one more question. Let's get right in here.
10:16 This is from Wilma, "My fingers hurt a lot.
10:19 I had an x-ray and bone scan and everything came back fine.
10:23 My doctor has no solution other than pain medications.
10:26 Do I have to live with this?"
10:28 Well, Wilma, that's a great question.
10:30 I see a lot of people on pain medications.
10:33 And the first thing I would want to do is can we--
10:35 is there anything that can be done to fix your fingers?
10:37 You know is there anything that can be done?
10:39 Is there a bone broken? Is there a tendon pulled?
10:42 Can rehab be done to retrain the muscles or the ligaments?
10:46 Sometimes that's not possible.
10:47 There's been permanent damage done.
10:49 And some people do need to take medications
10:51 to help relieve medicines but there's other things
10:53 that can also help the pain. We know that music helps pain.
10:58 This is true. We know that having
10:59 something to love helps pain. You know,
11:02 sometimes when you're distracted by serving other people,
11:05 loving other people.
11:06 You know, when I had a hurt toe the other day,
11:10 but when I was petting my dogs, I didn't notice my toe.
11:14 You know, we know that love can help endorphins go up.
11:17 We know that breathing appropriately,
11:19 exercising, that also makes natural pain killers,
11:22 called the endorphins in the body.
11:24 We also know that people that eat really healthy diets,
11:27 you know, like we've been talking about,
11:28 that can also help pain in some what,
11:30 especially when it comes to inflammation.
11:32 There's some great diets out there.
11:34 There're especially plant base that lowers inflammation,
11:37 inflammation causes pain. And hydration.
11:40 Exactly hydration helps in lowering the pain.
11:43 So all these things that were given to us back at creation,
11:46 we want to add them to the treatment regimen.
11:48 And maybe if we can add these, may be she won't be--
11:51 need to take a pain medicine the rest of the life.
11:54 So it's definitely a possibility.
11:55 Check with your doctor to see
11:57 if you might fit the bill for this.
11:59 Real power of love.
12:01 We'll be back in just a minute, so stay tuned.
12:10 Love, putting someone else's interest above your own.
12:16 Boy, that's sort of hard in this world that we live in.
12:19 But love is a treatment
12:21 for some of the conditions we have,
12:23 all of the conditions we have.
12:25 Love, also lack of love that is causes disease.
12:30 Someone called in wanting prayer.
12:32 We're gonna pray for that person right now.
12:34 Let's all bow our heads and uplift that person in prayer.
12:38 Father God, there are many people out there
12:40 that are separated from love.
12:43 We want to pray that Your love come into their lives
12:47 through this relationship we've been talking about.
12:50 And You change their chemistry, Father,
12:52 and bring them into an understanding
12:53 of Your perfect plan for us.
12:56 We pray for this person that lost their love one,
12:58 Father, fill their heart with love and give them
13:00 other avenues to love and serve You.
13:03 There are many others that need to accept You, Father.
13:05 And we want others if they haven't ever,
13:07 to turn their lives over to You
13:09 and accept this love that You have.
13:11 This is our most humble prayer, amen.
13:15 You know, if I talk about this in a medical meeting,
13:19 this concept of love is a treatment,
13:22 some people might laugh at me. But I think,
13:25 you'll agree that this makes sense after watching us today.
13:29 Love can and will change your chemistry.
13:32 Love requires faith. Love requires service.
13:37 And when you think about what we've been talking
13:39 about these prescriptions we've been talking about,
13:41 I want you to have love as a prescription
13:43 in your life every day.
13:46 If you might have a question, go to our website
13:48 heartwiseministries.org and continue in this loving.
13:52 Please stay with us each week
13:54 and we'll be back next week on the "Ultimate prescription."


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