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00:01 Now we take your questions
00:02 that are sent to heartwiseministries.org.
00:05 We'd love to hear from you.
00:06 Just go to that website and click on the...
00:08 ask the question link and put the question there.
00:11 And we'll be happy to get with it.
00:13 Because you know what, the best way of finding
00:15 healing is to find information.
00:17 Education is the most powerful tool
00:20 you have to live that happy healthy vibrant life
00:22 that you're looking for.
00:23 If you have the education you need
00:25 and information you need,
00:26 you can make informed choices.
00:28 And that can make a huge difference in your life
00:30 and also in the life of your family. Okay.
00:32 Here are some questions, Dr Marcum,
00:34 from the heartwiseministries.org website.
00:38 This is what's--this is a dairy farmer in Wisconsin.
00:43 Okay. Here we go.
00:44 My bowels are always malfunctioning. Oh, dear.
00:46 Sometimes severe constipation, sometimes diarrhea,
00:49 sometimes pain after eating.
00:52 The GI doctors have no explanation
00:54 and have put me on Lomotil. Any thoughts?
00:57 Well, that's a great question.
00:59 Many people have problems with their bowels.
01:02 And, again, I would want to know
01:04 why the bowels are malfunctioning.
01:06 And evidently they've looked at all the intrinsic things
01:09 that we sometimes see.
01:10 They look for things like cancer and other bowel type pathology.
01:14 One of the things that's underestimated
01:16 that happens is the different foods we eat.
01:19 Everyone's heard about gluten insensitivity.
01:21 They've heard about that.
01:22 But in addition to that many people
01:24 don't have the enzymes that work with milk. Yeah.
01:28 They call that lactose intolerance.
01:31 And also many people can have milk or dairy allergies.
01:34 And when you put things in our body
01:36 that that really they can't handle the body
01:38 actually attacks it. It's a foreign substance.
01:40 A foreign substance.
01:41 You have really an immune like reaction
01:44 where the body attacks itself.
01:45 So the bowels do crazy things
01:47 when these substances are introduced.
01:49 I can't tell you how many people
01:50 I've seen improve their GI symptoms
01:52 once they eliminate dairy like a milk and cheese
01:55 from their diet.
01:56 Other things that can cause it is gluten.
01:58 But I've also seen a host of other chemicals
02:00 cause different people, these processed foods,
02:03 anything can actually serve as an antigen
02:05 and mess up with the bowels. Now I'm gonna go on--
02:08 I'm gonna say you're asking
02:09 a dairy farmer in Wisconsin. Yeah.
02:11 And he's not gonna wanna hear this. I guess not.
02:14 But, you know, that's-- if he's having problems--
02:16 health problems, he's not absorbing the way he is
02:19 and having these problems.
02:20 He might want to try to give up dairy products
02:23 to see if his symptoms might improve.
02:25 I can't tell you how many people I've seen improve their health
02:28 dramatically by giving up cheese and dairy products
02:31 and also making sure you're not gluten insensitive.
02:33 Yeah. All right. Well, there you go.
02:35 I hope that you will take these words to heart
02:39 and recognize that they were given in a great deal of love
02:42 but that maybe the issue for the dairy farmer--
02:44 I just want-- we just want him to feel better.
02:46 Yeah. Truth is truth. It is what it is. Yeah.
02:48 We have to let it now but, you know, again we want to
02:50 wrap the truth in love.
02:52 And let people, you know, have that relationship with God
02:54 and let God help them have the power
02:56 to make the decisions they need. Okay.
02:58 Very good. All right.
03:00 Another question here from heartwiseministries.org.
03:03 Being a diabetic-- this is Roy in Massachusetts.
03:06 Being a diabetic I recently was put on medication.
03:09 My physician did not mention a diet.
03:12 Now which book would you recommend?
03:14 Well, of course, we know that book. Yeah.
03:15 I'm gonna recommend The Ultimate Prescription.
03:17 Here it is. Right there.
03:18 But, Roy, this is a very good question.
03:21 And from your statement, I couldn't tell
03:23 whether you were type 1 diabetic or type 2.
03:27 Type 1 is when you're born that way.
03:29 Type 2 usually we get it because we acquire it.
03:31 And insulin--and we heard of insulin resistance
03:35 some people cause it.
03:36 The number one cause of insulin resistance is,
03:39 of course, gaining extra weight.
03:41 I don't know if you have extra weight on you
03:43 but that could be a cause of why you're diabetic.
03:46 Unfortunately or fortunately,
03:48 more people don't understand diabetes well.
03:52 But the treatment for diabetes,
03:53 medicines help but it doesn't fix the prob.
03:55 I've never seen anyone cured of diabetes
03:58 by taking a medicine. Okay. Yeah.
03:59 But I've seen people cured up to 90%
04:02 by getting in a real strict diet
04:04 and an exercise program losing this extra weight.
04:08 A lot of people say that type 2 diabetes is a disease of fat.
04:12 Too much fat on people that changes the metabolism,
04:15 changes the insulin sensitivity.
04:17 So a couple things,
04:20 the medicine might help as a bridge
04:22 but I'll work on diet and exercise
04:24 and work with Roy real carefully,
04:26 loving him into this health.
04:27 It might be possible as your blood sugar,
04:29 your weight, and you increase your insulin ability,
04:32 in your body that you might be able to be taken off
04:34 some of these medicines.
04:35 All the medicines that are used to treat
04:38 diabetes have side effects.
04:41 And the dangerous side effects of diabetes' medicines,
04:43 let's say Roy is really sick.
04:46 He's throwing up and doing poorly.
04:48 He doesn't eat or drink for a while.
04:50 Well, his blood sugar could go dangerously low.
04:53 And we know that blood sugars low
04:55 can actually lead to comas.
04:57 Another thing that can happen if the organs malfunction that
05:01 can also change the metabolism of the diabetes' medicines.
05:04 Certain diabetes' medicines have to be monitored
05:06 to make sure they don't damage organs especially the liver.
05:09 So if he could be off the medicine
05:12 he certainly could. Now which book?
05:13 Now I talked about the book
05:15 that I've just written "The Ultimate Prescription"
05:17 because I think it gives a balance.
05:19 But that's not the only book.
05:20 There is many great book out there.
05:23 I want to send Roy to the Bible too.
05:25 The Bible has a great diet in the Garden of Eden,
05:28 fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains.
05:30 In fact, the story of Daniel.
05:32 Remember that story of Daniel?
05:34 That was put in the Bible for a reason.
05:36 These fellows, Charles, they were brought to a foreign land
05:39 and their diets were much different.
05:41 And these fellows said, "Listen, we want to eat
05:43 what our parents taught us to eat was the healthiest diet
05:45 which is pulse and water. Vegetables and water."
05:49 The fellows didn't want to go along with those
05:51 'cause they had to conform to everyone else.
05:53 "You gotta to be like everyone else.
05:54 This is our society. This is the best thing for you."
05:56 You heard that before, right? Absolutely.
05:58 Everyday on the television.
06:00 Yeah, well, it's not necessarily the best thing
06:01 for these fellows and they stood up
06:03 for what was right.
06:04 They stood up for truth as they knew it
06:05 what their mom and dad taught them.
06:07 And after a short period of time
06:09 their brains they were 10 times smarter than the king's men.
06:12 Now these were-- this story was put in the Bible
06:15 for a reason that God can be trusted,
06:17 He is true and it does matter
06:19 what we eat to how our body functions.
06:22 So I wanna encourage Roy to get back to the Bible
06:24 not only to get the power to make the changes
06:27 but to learn about the different diets.
06:28 There's tons of great diet books out there.
06:31 But the bottom-line is as we eat more fresh stuff
06:33 fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains,
06:35 decrease our calories.
06:37 Exercise, exercise is important too.
06:39 He might--Roy, you might be up to be off these medications.
06:43 Now you've used the word "Excess weight"
06:45 several times in this program and other programs.
06:48 You say, "You know, if you have excess weight"
06:50 what do you mean by excess weight?
06:52 Give us a description for that.
06:53 There is some fancy things that you can do
06:55 and they call body mass indexes.
06:57 And if you add your body mass index
06:59 and it's above a certain number, you're considered obese.
07:03 If it's above another number, you're considered overweight.
07:05 But what I tell people if you wanna do it
07:07 simple just take all your clothes off,
07:09 get naked in front of the mirror,
07:11 look at yourself and you see things hanging,
07:14 you probably need to lose a few. Okay. All right.
07:17 But if you want to, go to google it body mass index
07:20 and you can look that up yourself.
07:21 And it's different for different ages and different genders.
07:24 Body mass index. Okay.
07:27 All right. Here is Lorie.
07:28 It doesn't say where she is writing from.
07:30 But Lorie says, "I am in a doughnut hole."
07:34 I guess that means something to where we live.
07:36 Are generic medications as good as the real ones.
07:41 And what about over- the-counter medications? Yeah.
07:44 Well, let me talk-- some of you might not know
07:46 what a doughnut hole is, some of you might.
07:48 That's sort of a term we use in medicine
07:50 it's right the few years before--when you quit work
07:53 you no longer have insurance and it's the years right
07:56 before you get qualified for government insurance.
07:58 Okay. All right.
07:59 We call that the doughnut hole.
08:00 You're sort of unprotected at that point. Okay.
08:03 And, you know, so all the healthcare
08:05 becomes much more expensive at that time
08:07 'cause you don't have any insurance to help defray costs.
08:10 Healthcare as everyone knows is expensive.
08:12 The medicines, the treatments these are gigantic bills.
08:15 And that's why we have all these healthcare problems
08:17 that we have in our country now.
08:19 And part of the problem, Charles, regarding this is
08:22 we are not doing what's right personally.
08:24 We've sort of created a lot of the problems
08:26 by the way we've lived.
08:28 But she wants--you know, when people are
08:29 in the doughnut hole medications real ones, okay,
08:33 the brand names can be very expensive.
08:35 But most of the brand names now have generic equivalents
08:38 that are much cheaper.
08:40 Some only costing $4.00-$5.00 a month.
08:43 And the way it is when a medicine is released,
08:45 it's so expensive for them to develop the research
08:48 and development that there's a pattern
08:50 and they're protected from going generic
08:52 for a period of years depending on the medication.
08:54 They wanna get their money back. Right.
08:56 Now is there some danger to generics?
08:57 Yes, there is some dangers.
08:59 There's dangers to every medicine.
09:00 There's danger generic.
09:02 Sometimes, you know, there's counterfeit medications.
09:04 That's sometimes people aren't giving you
09:06 what they say they're giving you.
09:08 That's mainly seen in foreign countries.
09:10 We see a lot of counterfeit medicines.
09:12 Also they package these medicines
09:14 in different products and sometimes
09:16 the amount in the medicines in milligrams
09:19 can be either less or more.
09:20 For instance, I prescribed a medication called Coumadin.
09:23 That's a blood thinner.
09:25 And that medicine engineered Coumadin,
09:27 which is called warfarin could be a little bit
09:29 less or a little bit more.
09:31 Well, when I'm adjusting your blood
09:32 to prevent blood clots, which can cause strokes
09:35 or if the blood is too thin you could cause bleeding,
09:37 I don't wanna 20 or 30% air in a medicine.
09:40 I wanna exactly as much as in it.
09:42 So in this medicine our practice never uses generics.
09:45 There are some other medicines that are generic
09:47 that probably work okay, but the dose isn't quite as exact.
09:51 The medicine is not quite as perfect,
09:53 but the savings, so you have to balance
09:54 the risk of the generic medicine
09:56 versus the benefits of the saving to the wallet.
09:59 You know, and sometimes the wallet factor's significant.
10:01 Yes. Absolutely.
10:02 And, you know, I've had some people on,
10:04 you know, $5 and $600 a month in medication bills.
10:08 That's not too uncommon in my practice.
10:09 I've seen some people on as many
10:11 when they came in as many as 15 to 20 medications.
10:14 And you add up all the costs of that
10:16 and that can be prohibitive not to mention the costs
10:19 in healthcare in side-effects.
10:21 So back to this question here from Lorie,
10:24 you know, are the generic medicines is good, Lorie?
10:27 They're not quite as good
10:28 but in some cases they are acceptable.
10:30 This is a good one to review with your doctor
10:32 and ask him is this worth the benefit?
10:34 And these over-the-counter,
10:35 she asked about the over-the-counter medications.
10:37 Can they be trusted?
10:38 Are they what they say they are?
10:40 Over-the-counter medications can be very dangerous, Lorie.
10:44 And we see some that have been, you know, these ones
10:46 that have pseudoephedrine, which makes methamphetamines
10:50 that can cause dangerous heart rhythms
10:51 and all sorts of addiction problems.
10:53 They use it to make methamphetamines.
10:55 We see Tylenol.
10:56 Tylenol right now is a number one cause of liver failure.
10:59 Some people abuse Tylenol.
11:01 Some of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatories,
11:04 the number one cause of bleeding
11:05 ulcers is that medicines.
11:07 So these over-the-counters we have to be very careful with.
11:09 Not to mix and match.
11:11 And not to mix them with your other medications
11:13 that your doctor might be prescribing.
11:15 So you got to be very careful with over-the-counters.
11:17 You got to know what you're doing what these medicines.
11:19 Because we're talking about a very serious thing here.
11:21 We're talking about a lot of people who suffered greatly
11:24 because of the prescriptions that they're downing.
11:28 And because of their not understanding it
11:31 or misdiagnosed or misuse of it.
11:34 We've to be very careful with this.
11:35 So if you have to take a prescription--
11:37 if you've to take a medicine, please spend a lot of time
11:39 with your doctor and make sure you understand
11:41 exactly what that doctor wants you to do
11:44 and how he wants you to do it
11:45 and when he wants you to do it.
11:47 And just really, really concentrate on that.
11:49 Because the results of not doing it right can take you out
11:53 and we don't want that to happen. Okay.
11:55 When we come back
11:56 we're gonna have a piece of medicine for you
11:59 that is as powerful as any on earth. Stay tuned.
12:11 Unfortunately, there are deceptions
12:13 in the world we live in.
12:15 And there has been deceptions
12:16 all the way back to the Garden of Eden.
12:19 But also there is truth that exists as well.
12:22 And I want you as you watch
12:25 to think about truth in your life.
12:27 Do you understand where to find truth?
12:30 Are you being deceived out there?
12:32 Are there healthcare practices in your life
12:34 that might be hurting you?
12:36 These are all very important things to know
12:38 and to think about.
12:40 Many people call and write and email us
12:42 about wanting prayer for healing.
12:45 We always wanna do this.
12:46 This is the most valuable treatment
12:48 we can have for disease 'cause God can heal,
12:51 God can change lives.
12:53 And we wanna at this time bow our heads
12:56 and ask Him for His healing power right now.
12:59 Father God, we want to thank You for always being with us,
13:02 for giving us strength when we're tired.
13:05 For helping us to understand Your will in our lives.
13:08 We might be being deceived, Father,
13:10 and we want You to help show us the truth.
13:13 Father, there are those that need healing
13:15 and we wanna pray for each one of them
13:16 that has written in or called us
13:18 to the website that You might heal
13:20 according to Your will.
13:21 Father, there's some that might not have entered
13:24 into a relationship with You, Father.
13:26 Help that individual wherever they might be at this time
13:29 to make that decision to start this relationship with You
13:32 that will lead to ultimate healing.
13:35 All these things we ask acknowledging
13:38 that You're the Savior that we love
13:40 and want to be with forever. Amen.
13:44 I hope you've learned something today about your health,
13:47 about deceptions, about truth.
13:51 And I'm not claiming to have all the answers,
13:53 but I know where you can find the answers.
13:55 That's with the ultimate physician.
13:57 And thank you for joining us today
13:59 on the Ultimate Prescription.


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