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00:01 Welcome back to the program, I'm Charles Mills
00:03 We're here with Dr. James Marcum, cardiologist
00:05 And we're talking about sleep apnea today.
00:08 Sleep is important to us;
00:10 it's VITALLY important - as-a-matter-of-fact
00:12 It delivers for 8 hours or 7 hours...
00:15 OXYGEN while the body heals itself,
00:18 and it does all kinds of work there,
00:19 and if you don't have that oxygen during those
00:21 sleeping hours, you can have all kinds of medical problems
00:24 as Dr. Marcum has been saying.
00:26 And, the lack of oxygen? can be deadly...
00:30 And so sleep apnea is actually one of the causes of DEATH
00:34 around the world and we're talking about the causes
00:36 of death in this series.
00:37 Dr. Marcum, a question here from
00:39 the heartwiseministries. org website...
00:41 This person apparently has sleep apnea and says,
00:45 "I cannot STAND wearing my CPAP mask... I don't want to wear it"
00:50 "What are the options?"
00:51 Well, you know, that's something I hear very often.
00:55 And, this is an Ambu bag and if a person is in the field,
01:00 not breathing, and we place this over the mask
01:03 and squeeze air into that in the face,
01:04 it BLOWS air into their airway.
01:07 And, of course, the responder will keep the airway open
01:09 so the air will go in and out.
01:11 Well sometimes... I'm not going to do this to you,
01:13 but you can see if this was on you,
01:16 blowing air in and out, over and over, at night,
01:21 that would not be comfortable.
01:23 And some of the sleep masks
01:25 are a little bit similar to that sensation.
01:27 Now they've improved over time.
01:29 Well, they blow air in you and most people
01:33 say it's not comfortable, so they have to try
01:35 different things.
01:36 So if a person has sleep apnea,
01:39 and they can't tolerate the mask for whatever reason,
01:42 their options are to fix the cause
01:45 of the sleep apnea.
01:46 And if it's losing weight, try to lose the weight.
01:49 If it's an obstruction in the airway,
01:51 sometimes there is some surgery that can help with that.
01:54 If it's a central problem, sometimes the sleep apnea
01:57 doctors can help with that as well.
01:59 But if they can't wear the oxygen,
02:01 they really have to take care of their body,
02:03 get the weight off, do well.
02:05 And luckily, they're always developing new types of
02:07 sleep masks and sleep aids that help.
02:10 Some people can get by with some type of devices
02:13 that reposition their tongue,
02:14 and they can sleep well at night.
02:16 Some people have some devices where they
02:17 move their head around.
02:19 Well this is still devices - you're sleeping with
02:20 a device on your face. Yeah
02:22 And so it's always best, if it's caused by extra weight,
02:25 to get the weight off.
02:27 Now I wanted to review here...
02:28 If one of our viewers out there think they might have
02:31 sleep apnea, see if you have a symptom.
02:34 ...Headaches, funny heart rhythms, high blood pressure,
02:38 being tired all the time.
02:40 If you have one of these symptoms,
02:41 you want to find out, at a young age,
02:43 you don't want to go years and years,
02:45 and have all that damage that we talked about.
02:47 Get a sleep test done to see if you have it,
02:50 and if you do have it, some of the new devices
02:52 might help you, but it might not be a permanent thing.
02:55 It might be you can make some changes
02:56 and you don't need to wear oxygen.
02:58 Because REST, as we talked about,
03:00 is such an important treatment for the body.
03:03 ...You know, that nightly rest, that weekly rest -
03:06 We HAVE to have that!
03:07 You know, after you've stood on your feet the whole day,
03:10 you feed need rest! Absolutely
03:12 So rest is a treatment,
03:13 and I wish I could bottle up a pill-bottle, okay,
03:18 and put a rest pill in there
03:20 and you'd get the equivalent of 8 hours of sleep.
03:22 But you CAN'T do that!
03:23 That's the next question - Are sleeping pills good for you?
03:26 You would think... "Okay, I can't sleep,
03:28 a sleeping pill would help me"
03:29 There have been some studies done recently that show
03:32 that sleeping pills actually are not helpful,
03:34 and they actually can damage people,
03:36 and they actually can kill people.
03:37 Sleeping pills just knock you out, Charles...
03:40 They just like whack you on the head
03:41 and you don't sleep better.
03:43 And you wake up - you might have some cognitive defects,
03:47 and remember... the sleep pills
03:48 were NEVER approved to take long-term.
03:51 They were only approved to do short-term sleep.
03:54 So if you take them long-term,
03:56 there are some cognitive problems that happen;
03:58 there are some dependency problems that sometimes happen,
04:01 so I do not recommend people take sleep pills long-term.
04:05 I recommend them to try to find out WHY they don't sleep well.
04:11 Do you sleep well, Charles? I do, I do
04:13 The answer just keeps coming back that the
04:17 prescription is not in a bag, it's not in a pill.
04:20 There's no potion for you.
04:22 What you need to do is CHANGE your lifestyle.
04:26 Change when you eat...
04:27 In this case - don't eat late at night.
04:29 Change HOW YOU LIVE!
04:32 Because if you change how you live, most cases,
04:35 not all cases, but in most cases,
04:37 you're going to find great benefit to you
04:40 and all kinds of levels and this is one of them.
04:42 Charles, you know, I've been practicing medicine,
04:44 and I say "practicing" learning medicine" for over 20 years now
04:49 And what I've discovered is that people need to think about
04:52 these lifestyle changes and these things that
04:55 God taught us as equivalent to taking pills...
04:58 Because they change our chemistry every bit as much
05:01 and without side effects that a pill does.
05:04 So people need to learn that,
05:05 and I think, as history moves on,
05:07 they're going to look back at this stage of medical history
05:10 and say, "Listen, what were these guys doing?"
05:13 You know, they were never getting at the cause of problems
05:17 They were just giving a bunch of pills that might have
05:18 made things worse... that might might have even caused death.
05:21 I think we're going to look back in history and find out that,
05:23 you know, the successful healers were the ones that
05:26 looked to the Ultimate Prescription-the Great Physician
05:29 to get recommendations to learn that what people ate
05:33 and put in their body affected them, caused disease
05:36 as well as TREATED disease...
05:38 They are also going to learn the THOUGHTS
05:40 that we put in the brain
05:41 also treated disease as well as caused disease.
05:44 Now, one of the leading causes of people not resting well now
05:48 is TELEVISION.
05:50 We were NEVER designed for T.V.
05:53 We were designed to work out with the animals all day;
05:56 have a garden - be outside
05:58 - love each other - serve each other - be happy
06:01 - eat healthy - fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains...
06:03 That's how we were made to be!
06:06 And yet now, a lot of people watch television,
06:09 and it stimulates the stress part of the brain;
06:12 the amygdala...
06:13 That part of the brain that makes stress chemicals.
06:15 Your brain is working, and do you think you
06:17 can rest well at night?
06:19 Even if you're asleep, you don't rest well because
06:20 all those inputs are still going on,
06:22 especially if you see violent things
06:24 or things that we weren't designed.
06:25 So one of the things that helps people,
06:27 that I found sleep better and rest better,
06:29 is take television out of the formula.
06:32 They start resting better, they sleep better.
06:35 Another thing that I remove is the BIG meal at night.
06:38 Over 90% of people take stimulants every day,
06:41 and the stimulant that we most often see is caffeine...
06:44 And that revs people up and that disrupts
06:47 sleep patterns as well.
06:48 Some people don't exercise.
06:50 Remember... you sleep better when you're tired!
06:53 You're going to probably sleep good tonight
06:54 Absolutely... Because you're going to feel good tonight...
06:56 But when people exercise and move around,
06:59 they get tired so THEY rest better at night.
07:01 So if you can teach people what causes them NOT to rest better,
07:05 maybe you can give them this good prescription of REST
07:08 that might be worth 10 prescription medications
07:10 and get at the REAL cause of the problem!
07:13 Now we need to start changing our brains,
07:15 both as people and medical professionals to see this.
07:19 Now also what I see is a lot of people out there
07:22 like to talk about technology,
07:24 and there's a place for all these fancy devices that we have
07:27 There's a place for lifestyle... that's important too,
07:31 but where do people get the power to change?
07:34 Where do people get the Ultimate Prescription
07:36 ...the ability to do these things that society
07:38 is telling them not to do?
07:40 I found, in my life, it comes from that relationship with God
07:43 He might not change me all at once,
07:45 but He gives me power to learn things one at a time,
07:47 and I gradually get my health back.
07:49 So sleep - rest very, very important!
07:52 And that's why God says,
07:53 "Remember to keep the Sabbath Day - to rest"
07:56 ...to break your routine
07:57 - to get your body - give it a chance to heal!
08:00 I like to go back in my mind to that 7th day of creation.
08:04 I invite you to do that also,
08:06 listener and watcher of this program.
08:08 Adam and Eve standing in the Garden of Eden
08:12 ...The Creator comes along and they just sort of stroll
08:16 through the garden.
08:17 The most AMAZING thing about that scene is that
08:20 EVERY THING NEEDED for their health and well-being
08:25 Every thing they needed to live FOREVER
08:28 was right there right then!
08:32 They didn't have to have drugs.
08:34 They didn't have to have television.
08:37 They didn't have to have any of the stimulants
08:39 that we have today.
08:41 Everything they needed... What did they eat?
08:44 I'll ask you... You answer this yourself...
08:46 What did they eat? What did they drink?
08:49 What did they do with their time?
08:51 How did they spend their days?
08:53 How did they spend their nights?
08:54 With whom did they communicate on a daily basis?
08:58 THAT is the OPTIMUM... right there!
09:01 And the further we take ourselves away from that image,
09:04 and from those parameters, the SICKER we get!
09:08 Isn't it interesting, Charles, that as we've talked about this
09:11 series so far, that we keep coming back to the same answers!
09:16 We keep coming back to the same themes over and over and over
09:19 no matter what the disease;
09:21 whether it be heart attacks or sleep apnea,
09:23 we all come back to these same themes,
09:26 and there is truth in this.
09:28 And we have to let people know about this
09:31 as this is the solution to their healing.
09:34 We need to spend more time in our Bibles,
09:37 and maybe a little less time at the doctor's office.
09:39 Would that be a fair statement to say?
09:40 Well hey - listen to this one Charles...
09:42 How would you like to have a doctor that you could go to
09:46 and you could go to this doctor and no forms, no paperwork,
09:50 no co-pay... you could go right in to the room with the doctor.
09:53 No appointment necessary. No
09:55 You could sit there and you could talk as
09:57 LONG as you wanted to... No interruptions
10:00 He would just listen to you hour after hour.
10:02 You could tell him everything.
10:04 Then he would maybe give you some advice.
10:07 ...To help you feel better, to help change your prescription
10:09 Then you could go outside and do whatever,
10:11 and you know what... if you got sick again,
10:13 you could come back the NEXT day,
10:15 and repeat the process all over!
10:17 We have that Ultimate Prescription.
10:19 We have that Ultimate Physician who has the answers.
10:23 And I want us as medical professionals, as people,
10:26 to acknowledge the Ultimate Physician,
10:29 that relationship with Him...
10:30 That's where the answers are!
10:31 We don't have the answers,
10:33 we just scratch the surface.
10:35 And the more we THINK we know,
10:37 the less we REALLY know!
10:39 The more I learn, the less I know.
10:41 The real truth comes from that relationship with Him.
10:43 That's the kind of physician that I want to go to
10:45 on a regular basis... and guess what?
10:47 There's no bill... no co-pay
10:49 I always get good advice.
10:51 I don't have to worry about side effects unless
10:53 I fail to listen to Someone that loves me and made me,
10:56 and then I bring the side effects on myself.
10:59 As we talk about these things, program after program,
11:03 again, we are just drawn back to that time
11:07 when Adam and Eve and the Creator
11:09 walked through the Garden...
11:10 Everything seems to just flow back to there,
11:15 and the breaking of those parameters,
11:18 God's health laws we call them,
11:20 Biblical technology - as Dr. Marcum likes to say,
11:24 as we break those health laws,
11:26 we become sicker and sicker.
11:28 As we distance ourselves from those ideals,
11:32 we become sicker and sicker...
11:34 And the GOOD NEWS is...
11:35 the GOOD NEWS is we can RETURN,
11:39 we can go BACK.
11:41 We can take our lives, our families
11:43 and take them BACK to that moment,
11:45 and look around and say...
11:47 "That's the way I want to live"
11:49 We'll take a short break and when we come back
11:50 let's TALK to that Creator! Stay tuned
11:56 We've been talking today about rest,
11:59 specifically about sleep apnea.
12:01 We've been talking about the importance of
12:04 the weekly rest as well as the night rest.
12:07 We've talked about all the things in our society
12:10 that get us AWAY from these things;
12:12 whether it be eating big at night,
12:14 watching too much television,
12:16 caffeine and other stimulants,
12:18 lack of EXERCISE,
12:20 having the brain just bombarded with stress from all over,
12:23 extra weight which causes us not to breathe well at night.
12:27 Well I hope you're not suffering from any of these problems,
12:30 but we want here, on the Ultimate Prescription,
12:33 to re-define the way you think about health.
12:36 We have many people out there that use
12:38 modern medicine and there's a great place for that.
12:41 We have many people talking about lifestyle.
12:43 But remember, it takes a balance,
12:45 but at the top of this pyramid,
12:47 has to be the relationship with the Ultimate Prescription,
12:50 the Physician that you can go to day-in and day-out.
12:53 And remember, we are all healers
12:56 when we make someone laugh;
12:57 we make someone feel better;
12:58 we SERVE them - we change their chemistry.
13:01 Let me pray with you today that you might
13:03 enter into this relationship...
13:06 Heavenly Father... As we come to you,
13:08 there are some out there that have not started that
13:10 relationship with you...
13:12 Please teach them how this can happen, Father
13:15 Help them to come into that healing relationship
13:17 and help us to see medical and health in a new way
13:20 based on You leading the charge, is our humble prayer... Amen
13:26 We have a Heavenly Father who is the Ultimate Prescription
13:29 and if you want to learn more about Him,
13:31 you can come to this network.
13:32 They have many different programs that you can watch
13:35 to further develop this relationship.
13:37 We want to encourage you in your health...
13:39 Re-define the way you think about health.
13:41 Learn new truths.
13:43 Ask God to teach you
13:45 when to use lifestyle and when you use modern medicine
13:48 and we wish you the BEST of health today!


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