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00:01 Like we mentioned before the break, we are moving this little
00:03 doctor around on the set and if you want to know where he is
00:06 right now, there he is. That's what you look for
00:10 front and center, that's what you look for Dr. Waldo,
00:12 there he is right there, that's our Dr. Waldo
00:14 and we move him around just to keep your mind active.
00:17 Alright we have some questions here from
00:20 heartwisemininstries.org. Wait, wait. Before we go to questions
00:23 we forgot to talk about hair.
00:25 Did you know that...Did you have to talk about hair?
00:27 You know hair can fall out as we age. Yes.
00:31 Hair contains color as we age. Yes. The skin can get wrinkled
00:35 as we age. Yes. Can we do anything about that?
00:38 Tell me what I can do about that, I need to know this.
00:41 Well the hair thing, you options are limited, really you can...
00:46 This is genetics right, I mean we are talking about it.
00:48 You can dye your hair if you want but that is sort of
00:50 unnatural, or you can continue to get more gray and look
00:54 distinguished. Now I have... I have a problem Charles
00:57 I have a problem with I am loosing hair, and thank goodness
01:01 and I have to say thank goodness for our camera operators
01:04 because our camera operators and the people that put this
01:07 program together are so important to getting this
01:10 message out. Because without them it would just be us
01:12 talking about health and Ultimate Prescriptions and stuff
01:16 like that and it would never go anywhere.
01:18 So I am just so thankful that they have not put the camera on
01:21 my aging process. Oh, there it is. OK, yep, yep, yep.
01:26 They could have put it on my bald spot. But that just lets us
01:29 know that we are all aging, even if we understand how not to age.
01:33 We are aging and we are proud of it, thank you very much.
01:35 But I am just glad that we have good people that help with this
01:39 program that gets the message for... Because we've been on...
01:41 We've been talking about cutting edge things and aging is not
01:45 popular, but this problem with dementia and hormones
01:48 we have to talk about aging. That is an important thing to be
01:50 joyful about aging, it will help you age slower. Yahoo!
01:54 We're the happiest people around. Ok, questions,
01:59 questions from our viewers. I was distracted. Ahhh!
02:02 I'm sorry! Here we go. What is the definition of
02:04 menopause and why do some women get symptoms while
02:08 others do not? Yeah, well menopause is another
02:11 term that happens to women that when they get older
02:15 they quit making the hormones and when they quit making the
02:18 hormones, symptoms sometimes develop, and these symptoms
02:21 can be severe. Hot flashes, fatigue,
02:24 irritability, these can come with hormone changes.
02:28 Men can have it too when their Testosterone drops
02:32 and these are all aging phenomena's that are determined
02:35 by our genetics and other factors.
02:36 We know that people that carry extra weight, they can
02:40 peripherally convert more estrogen.
02:42 We know that people that have less body fat sometimes they
02:45 have less estrogen because they less conversion of things
02:49 to estrogen. So the question has to deal with
02:52 what can be done for symptoms? Ok! Well I think the best
02:55 natural thing that can be done for symptoms of menopause
02:58 is exercise and get down to the ideal body weight.
03:01 Now there are some natural things that they can tell you
03:04 you heard of Cohosh and those kind of things,
03:06 those are also very careful. One thing I want to council on
03:09 if you are having menopausal symptoms, I would definitely
03:12 do the exercise, eat a healthy diet, get the weight down first,
03:15 do some Black Cohosh, those type of things,
03:17 but I wouldn't jump on the estrogen bandwagon Charles.
03:20 Yeah was a question here, what is the risk of taking estrogen?
03:22 Estrogens can raise the risks of cancer, heart disease,
03:26 and blood clots, so if you have a history of that,
03:29 you want to stay away from estrogens.
03:31 You want to stay away for sure, unless...Now there was one woman
03:34 ok, that came to me recently and she was so debilitated by
03:38 her post-menopausal symptoms, she was so debilitated she
03:43 couldn't even function. Really! She did have heart disease
03:46 and it was a tough issue, I had to explain to her that
03:48 you know estrogens could accelerate heart disease
03:50 but it also could help these other symptoms and we would
03:53 decide which is worse. The stress that came from these
03:56 debilitating symptoms... or the risk...Right. Or the risk
03:59 and for her Estrogen was very useful and she got on a
04:01 little bit of estrogen and her symptoms just went away.
04:05 So that is a risk benefit thing that has to be talked about.
04:07 But that is a part of aging, also I know we don't like
04:10 to talk about it but as you get older your Testosterone level
04:13 goes down. But is this normal? Yes it is...This is normal...
04:17 This is a normal part of aging. If we are fighting something
04:21 normal can we expect that not to work so well if we are
04:23 fighting something normal if our estrogen goes down our
04:26 Testosterone goes down, why would we want to other than
04:29 the symptoms that we talked about, why would we want to
04:31 re-introduce them into our body when they are supposed to be
04:33 going away? Well that's a good point, it's part of the aging
04:35 process but some people fight aging, you know
04:37 they don't want to get older. Well! They always want to be
04:40 young so they always do things to...You see people...
04:42 They fight looking old. They put the cream on their face,
04:44 Well you know some people say listen my libido is down
04:48 I want my libido to stay the same as it was 20 years ago.
04:51 Ok. So they take some Testosterone things
04:53 they do this or that. I mean a lot of people try to adjust
04:56 with aging and sometimes it's a battle.
04:58 Sometimes people are actually fighting with aging
05:01 there's stress that comes with aging because they don't
05:03 accept it. I think the people that do best are the ones that
05:06 accept their aging and accept these age related changes.
05:09 Now modern medicine is great for people that their
05:12 heart's aging and their battery slows down.
05:13 We've talked about pace makers, thyroid sometimes runs out of
05:17 thyroid, we can use a replace- ment for that, but there's a
05:21 certain graceful aging that occurs that we...
05:23 and I am glad that you are not dying your hair
05:26 because I would say you are fighting aging if you were
05:28 doing that. No, this is it
05:30 this is what's happening. Ok!
05:32 Aging gracefully, aging accepting,
05:35 one of the most powerful things we can do about it is of course
05:39 is to eat right and to exercise, those two things seems to be
05:42 on top of your list, drinking the water...
05:44 In other words, what is good for us, what is good for our
05:48 hearts, what is good for our muscles, what is good
05:50 for our bones, it's also good for our aging process.
05:53 There is really no separation, there is no aging,
05:56 diet that we need to be on, there is no heart diet
05:58 we need to be on, there is no diabetes diet, it's all the
06:01 same thing, it's all what God made available to us in Eden
06:06 and says here's what you need to do and all of these issues
06:09 are addressed with it under normal circumstances.
06:11 Yeah and you know we talked a little bit about the toxins
06:14 that accelerate aging, and you know you've seen the smokers
06:17 how they look a lot older.
06:18 Have you ever seen anyone that is on chronic amphetamines?
06:21 They age very quickly. I've seen pictures on the...
06:24 like that. Or alcohol ages, cocaine drug use, some of those
06:29 things ages the entire body, especially the brain.
06:31 So we want to avoid those toxins and stresses...
06:34 One of those toxins it ages us, maybe not as dramatic but
06:37 it still ages us as well.
06:38 Hysterectomy. This is a question that came in to Heartwise
06:41 ministeries.org. Ok. I had a total abdominal
06:44 hysterectomy, what are the long term health risks of this?
06:48 Yeah, well some people... usually the most common cause
06:51 is bleeding, so the women have their uterus removed.
06:53 When they do that sometimes they take out the tubes as well
06:57 as the ovaries. If they take out the ovaries, they quit making
07:01 Estrogen, and when they quit making estrogen it accelerates
07:04 cardiovascular disease in younger.
07:07 So we know that normally a woman usually lags behind men
07:11 about 10 years in the develop- ment of heart disease.
07:13 Well, when a woman comes to me and they've had a total
07:16 abdominal hysterectomy, I know that we can take that away,
07:19 that ten years of protection, we can take that away.
07:21 So that's one of the risks, so any risk of taking anything
07:26 out of you that were normally there, so I encourage you
07:29 as if a woman can, try to keep the ovaries producing as long
07:32 as you can. That's one of risks
07:35 that it can accelerate some heart issues.
07:37 Well, we have looked at these questions here and we have
07:41 come to the conclusion that we're going to age,
07:45 there is nothing that we can do about it,
07:46 and we are going to age differently,
07:48 and each one of us are going to face slightly different
07:51 problem, or set of problems.
07:53 But there are things that we can do universally
07:56 we've talked about the diet and the exercise and the eating
07:59 and what not. What should be our thoughts
08:02 Dr. Marcum as we age... We want to age as children of God,
08:09 we want to age as people who have the hope for eternity
08:14 we want to age not as the world ages,
08:17 but as God would have us age.
08:19 What do you think God is saying to us under those circumstances?
08:23 How does God want us to age?
08:26 Well you know Charles that's a good question and I have to say
08:29 well do we have any examples in the Bible of really people
08:34 that aged well, now let's think about that, who really aged well
08:37 in the Bible? One person that comes to mind pretty quickly is
08:41 Enoch, he lived a long time, he aged pretty well
08:45 in fact as he aged he became closer and closer and closer
08:49 to God and he was so close to God that God says listen
08:53 you know... As long as you are here...
08:55 Well...As long as you are here let's just go up in heaven,
08:58 and so as we age I think that some of the examples is
09:01 we have to continue to not think of age,
09:04 we have to think about what we are here to do.
09:06 Ummm! You know we are here to serve as long as we can,
09:08 we are not to fight the aging process with...accept it
09:12 and if you look at the continuum this is just a very short
09:16 period of time we don't feel well and unfortunately as the
09:19 parts get older, sometimes we don't feel as healthy
09:21 as we like to, we don't feel as robust as we like to.
09:24 Things hurt where they didn't used to hurt...Yes!
09:26 But there's a lot of things that we can do when we are
09:28 younger to prevent those things, and someone once
09:31 told me if you take really good care of yourself
09:32 the first 35 years, the last 35 years go a lot smoother.
09:37 So those that aren't taking care of themselves when they
09:39 are younger, you might want to think twice because we want
09:42 your older years to even do better.
09:44 But getting back to your question, how would God
09:46 want us to age? I really don't know the answer to that
09:49 Charles but I know that He would want us to age with Him
09:52 and He'd want to go through it one day at a time
09:54 with Him as have Him take us through the struggles
09:58 that aging might happen whether it might be loss of eye sight
10:01 or loss of hearing and He would be there to be with us
10:03 and let us know this aging process is only temporary
10:07 and it's a result of sin. It's a result of that stress
10:11 that problem that we had a long time ago.
10:14 That's the beautiful thing about the Bible
10:16 as I read through the Bible and as I age,
10:18 as I go through the years and I open my Bible and I say Lord
10:22 I need something here that addresses aging,
10:26 I need something here that helps me when things don't work
10:29 any more that they used to and when I can't go as far
10:33 and work as hard and run as fast, what do you have in the
10:37 Bible for me on those topics, and it's amazing what God
10:40 can do when you open your Bible with that in mind.
10:44 So I invite all of my other aging people out there,
10:47 when you open your Bible say to the Lord right before
10:49 you do that say Lord, I need some information here
10:52 that will help me in the years to come when my years are
10:55 getting shorter and the past is a lot longer,
10:59 what do I need to know from you Lord, what kind of
11:02 encouragement can you give me now as these years go by
11:05 and it is amazing what happens when you come to the Bible
11:09 with a preconceived need and you ask God to address
11:13 those needs in you. Now I can say these things,
11:16 Dr. Marcum can't, he's a young guy, ok.
11:18 But I can say these things I've lived a few years longer
11:20 than he has and I know the road that he is going to travel
11:24 and I can give him some recommendations.
11:26 I spend my time getting recommendations from him
11:29 but I'm going to give a recommendation to him
11:32 and that is to keep with God, keep the Bible open,
11:35 keep those questions coming, that wonderful questioning mind
11:39 that you have Dr. Marcum is what's going to keep you young
11:41 the longest. Keep searching for that and more important
11:45 as we do on Heartwiseministries.org
11:48 on a regular basis, sharing what we've learned.
11:51 Letting the world know what God has said to us
11:55 what God has told us about health, about aging,
11:58 about relationships, about all these topics
12:01 that we address on The Ultimate Prescription
12:03 because really, truly, God is the Ultimate Prescription.
12:06 Love is the Ultimate Prescription and we cannot
12:09 go through these years without Him.
12:11 So I just recommend to you, that you take as he says,
12:15 take God along on this journey and I think it will help you
12:18 age more gracefully.
12:22 We'll take a short break and we're going to spend some time
12:25 with that guide, that guide of the aging, Jesus,
12:30 on our return so stay right where you are.
12:41 We've been talking about aging on this program,
12:45 and aging is a process we all share in common,
12:48 all of us are watching this program right now
12:51 including myself are aging, and it's something that we
12:53 want to do well, because it is a part of life and we've
12:56 discussed a little bit about it and I want you to think about
12:58 as you go on, as the aging process continues
13:02 what can you do to be happier with this process,
13:05 what are medical things that can be done to help you improve
13:08 the aging as you go?
13:10 We've talked a little bit about some of the age related
13:13 problems that we come into.
13:15 We've talked a little bit about the toxins that can make us
13:17 age quicker, especially things like cigarettes and drugs,
13:21 and amphetamines, those type of things.
13:23 We also talked about how diet affects aging,
13:26 especially high fructose corn syrup and things of that nature.
13:30 Well unfortunately as we go through aging things just don't
13:33 feel as well, but I think Charles really sums things up
13:37 nice when he says that relationship we have God,
13:39 let God walk us through this process and realize
13:43 this is just part of a journey that we are on,
13:46 I am going to pray for us as we end this program together.
13:48 Father God, we want to thank you and praise you
13:53 that you are coming with us on this aging process Father,
13:56 we want to hold this process with joy and look forward
14:00 in serving you the best we can, and if those out there are
14:03 discouraging with aging, we want you to encourage them,
14:06 be with them, help them to learn more and to feel at peace
14:09 with this process that we are all going through
14:11 is our humble prayer Amen.
14:13 I want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy
14:17 schedule, a time that we could both share together in our
14:20 aging processes. If you might have questions,
14:23 go to our website Heartwiseministries.org
14:26 and we want to let you know that we are praying for you.


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