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V000002 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Fingerprints Of Creation Dr. Robert Gentry, David Gentry
V000005 Video Transcript 0:28:30 The Story Of The Birth Of Christ Kenneth Cox
V000009A Video Transcript 0:14:30 What's In Your Hand? Part 1 Bruce & Tammy Chance
V000010 Video Transcript 0:28:30 The Israel Of The Alps - Part I NA
V000011 Video Transcript 0:28:29 The Israel Of The Alps - Part 2 NA
V000012 Video Transcript 0:28:29 The Israel Of The Alps - Part 3 NA
V000016 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Center Of The Universe & The Great White Throne Don Mackintosh (Host), David Gentry, Dr. Robert Gentry
V000018 Video Transcript 0:14:30 What's In Your Hand? Part 2 Bruce & Tammy Chance
V000019 Video Transcript 0:29:30 Lucy Eric Garloff
V000020 Video Transcript 0:29:01 Is Evolution Scientific? Eric Garloff
V000021 Video Transcript 0:29:15 Spirituality And Diet Eric Garloff
V000022 Video Transcript 0:27:31 Building Blocks of Creation (Sapphire) Eric Garloff
V000024 Video Transcript 0:27:29 Liberty: Before Kings Lincoln Steed (Host), Pr. Ted Wilson
V000025 Video Transcript 0:28:29 The Spiritual Divide Christina Sawyer, J. Kristopher, Sheila Vosough, Theresa Deveaux
V000026 Video Transcript 0:26:20 Higher Note Chante Larree, Chris Bolton, Jacques Buckingham, Jessica Jarrell, Windslow Taylor
V000027 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Majesty Of Creation Music Video
V000029 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Love And Religious Liberty C.A. Murray (Host), Pastor Ted Wilson
V000030 Video Transcript 0:14:15 The Vision Continues Danny Shelton (Host), Jim Gilley (Host), Bruce Fjarli, Mollie Steenson
V000031A Video Transcript 0:27:30 What Might Have Been... Pr. Ted & Nancy Wilson
V000032A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Pathway of Hope (Spokane preview) Greg & Jill Morikone (Host), Dr. Chris Lewis, Dr. Lela Lewis, Jim Gilley
V000033A Video Transcript 0:14:30 Blessing is on the Go! -excerpt Danny Shelton (Host), CA Murray (Host), Brian Hamilton, , Shelly Quinn, , Ps John Lomacang
V000034A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Hallelujah, We're Home at Last! Danny Shelton (Host), , 3ABN Choir, Bonnie Keen, Funderburk, John Lomacang, Julie Goss, Lari Goss, Marty, Melody Shelton Firestone, Reggie & Layde Love Smith, Rod Fletcher, Tammy Jenson, Yvonne Lewis


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