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00:24 Good morning. Happy Sabbath.
00:25 And welcome to 3ABN's Week of Prayer.
00:30 Now I say 3ABN's Week of Prayer, but it is really the Seventh-day
00:34 Adventist church's World Week of Prayer.
00:37 In doing this we join with the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist
00:40 church, tens of thousands of churches, and millions of
00:45 members in celebrating the Week of Prayer,
00:48 which takes place each fall, usually the first week in
00:51 November for the past several years.
00:53 The Week of Prayer is very, very much a part of the history of
00:57 the Seventh-day Adventist church,
00:59 and is as old as Adventism itself.
01:03 Ellen White speaks about several very powerful Weeks of Prayer
01:07 in 1901, 1903, and a particularly strong spiritual
01:12 gathering in 1909.
01:14 We all remember that famous 1888 General Conference in
01:18 Minneapolis, Minnesota.
01:20 The Week of Prayer that preceded that was one that
01:23 set the tone for our church wrestling with the righteousness
01:27 of Christ, righteousness by faith,
01:29 and the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
01:31 There is a record of a very, very powerful Week of Prayer
01:36 that took place in 1868.
01:39 Ellen White's personal diary records on January 12th of 1868
01:43 she talks about a very, very powerful move of God in a
01:47 Week of Prayer held in Battle Creek, Michigan.
01:49 At that time the Adventist Review, our church's paper,
01:53 had a number of employees who were non-Adventists,
01:56 and others who were in Adventist in name only.
01:58 They knew who Jesus was, but they didn't really know Jesus.
02:02 And she says at that particular Week of Prayer, during those
02:05 meetings the Spirit of God came down in a mighty way.
02:08 And confessions were made, testimonies were given,
02:10 and just about the entire Review staff gave itself to the Lord
02:15 during that particular Week of Prayer.
02:17 And so the Week of Prayer is something that is very, very
02:20 intricate, and intimate to the Seventh-day Adventist church.
02:23 These are the readings for this year.
02:26 This is the Week of Prayer readings for this year.
02:28 They come from the Adventist Review.
02:31 And, of course, every year these readings come out.
02:34 Our speakers this week will be following the titles,
02:38 and the general theme of these readings.
02:41 But each speaker will be speaking from the depth of their
02:45 experience with God, and on their own individual basis.
02:48 On tomorrow evening Shelley Quinn will be speaking from
02:53 this desk, on Monday Jim Gilley, on Tuesday John Dinzey,
02:58 on Wednesday our pastor returns, John Lomacang.
03:01 I will be speaking on Thursday.
03:02 And on Friday on a subject called,
03:05 Singing Through the Scriptures, Danny Shelton has a very
03:07 special presentation.
03:08 And then next Sabbath the editor of this Adventist Review,
03:11 Dr. Bill Knott, will be speaking from this desk.
03:14 The music for this week is coming from our Pillars Hymns
03:20 project, which was done on this very stage some one year ago.
03:24 On tomorrow evening the song, Jesus Is Coming Again,
03:29 will come to us from the choir.
03:31 And, of course, this is pre-recorded music.
03:33 On Monday, Near to the Heart of God,
03:36 will be sung by Melody Shelton.
03:37 On Tuesday, In Christ Alone, Yvonne Lewis.
03:40 On Wednesday, In the Heart of Jesus, Ladye Love Smith.
03:43 On Thursday, On Christ the Solid Rock, sung by Reggie Smith.
03:49 And on Friday, of course, we have the special program.
03:51 And on next Sabbath, Pastor Lomacang will be singing.
03:56 So we have a very, very full week.
03:58 Now I'm going to ask you to do something.
04:01 Weeks of Prayer were designed, and are designed, to be special
04:05 times with the Lord.
04:06 During this week I've dedicated to the Lord a couple of things:
04:09 1. I'm going to be fasting from sweets.
04:11 And if anybody knows me, and knows my predilection for sugar,
04:15 that is a great sacrifice to the Lord.
04:17 But it's something that I want to do.
04:19 And also I'm going to be fasting from secular TV.
04:22 No secular TV during this week.
04:23 Now I'm doing these things, not because
04:27 I'm trying to be righteous; that would make them legalistic.
04:30 What I'm doing is taking that time that I'd be watching TV,
04:33 or doing other things, and spending it getting
04:36 closer to the Lord.
04:37 I want to dedicate that time to the Lord.
04:39 Now, of course, we do have this little exercise and
04:42 referendum on Tuesday.
04:44 I'll probably be watching that.
04:45 But other than that we're going to fast from TV.
04:48 And the time I'd be watching other things, I want to spend
04:50 that in the Bible trying to get closer to the Lord.
04:53 May I request of you that you dedicate something
04:56 to the Lord during this week.
04:58 It could be sweets.
05:00 It could be other things; maybe something you like to do.
05:01 Use that time to get closer to the Lord, and then dedicate
05:05 to be with us each and every evening.
05:07 Sacrifice that to the Lord, and use this time wisely.
05:10 Don't just go through the week and let the week end as it
05:14 began, but do something to draw closer to God.
05:18 That's what these Weeks of Prayer were designed to do.
05:21 We have one every fall.
05:22 In our academies and colleges there are two.
05:25 There's a fall Week of Prayer, and a spring Week of Prayer.
05:27 But they are designed to bring us closer to God.
05:30 And so dedicate something to God this week; something that
05:33 will draw you closer to Him, that will renew your walk
05:36 with Him, and encourage, and increase your faith in Him,
05:39 and allow you to draw closer to the Lord.
05:42 Each night also we have a special object of prayer,
05:46 something that we're going to be praying about collectively
05:48 that is a burden on our hearts, perhaps a burden on yours.
05:53 Today our prayer is for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
05:57 How many would like an outpouring
05:58 of the Holy Spirit in their lives?
06:00 Certainly we all need an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
06:02 And why? To fight the Laodicean tendencies of the
06:07 Seventh-day Adventist church.
06:08 And somebody ought to say Amen.
06:10 And if you can't say Amen, say Ouch!
06:12 Because we can get lazy in our Sabbath keeping.
06:16 We can get lazy in our witnessing.
06:18 We can get lazy in our walking with the Lord.
06:21 And if you do anything long enough, and routine enough,
06:24 sometimes you get a little lazy in doing it.
06:27 And what we want is energy, and the Holy Spirit to use every
06:31 opportunity, first to get ourselves right with God,
06:35 and then everybody that falls within our sphere of influence,
06:38 we want to help them get right with God too, don't we?
06:40 So that's our prayer for today.
06:43 And if you join me in that prayer, would you raise your
06:44 hand, and then bow your head with me as we pray?
06:47 Father God, we truly want an outpouring of Your Holy Spirit,
06:54 not only during this day and this service,
06:59 but this entire week.
07:01 We want to be drawn closer to Jesus.
07:04 We want a fresh anointing from Jesus.
07:08 We want to walk closer to Jesus.
07:12 We want our words, and our lives, and our thoughts,
07:17 and our hearts to beat in sync with Jesus.
07:22 Father give us Your Holy Spirit so that we can be renewed,
07:27 and strengthened, and encouraged.
07:30 Help us not to sink down into Laodicean laziness,
07:37 but to be on fire for the Lord, so that people seeing us,
07:42 people talking with us, people conversing with us,
07:46 will not just see us, but that they will see the Jesus in us.
07:52 Because we want to be like Christ.
07:56 Oh Father, may during this week we take one more giant
08:04 step along the road that leads to glory.
08:08 Take hold of our hand, Lord, and never let it go.
08:12 Help us to walk with You each and every day until we walk
08:16 with You through the gates, and into the eternal city.
08:19 Bless Pastor Lomacang as he speaks today.
08:23 Give him food for our hearts.
08:26 And we thank You in Jesus' name, Amen.
08:31 As we mentioned, all of the music this week will come
08:35 from our Pillars Hymns project, which was recorded on this
08:38 stage just last year.
08:40 The song that I'm going to sing was done, written some 130,
08:45 my math says 135 years ago.
08:47 But the words are as powerful, and as pertinent,
08:51 and as potent 135 years later: My Faith Has Found a Resting
08:58 Place in Jesus Christ.
09:16 My faith has found a resting place not in a manmade creed.
09:27 I trust the ever living One; that He for me will plead.
09:37 I need no other evidence, I need no other plea.
09:48 It is enough that Jesus died and rose again for me.
10:06 Enough for me that Jesus saves; this ends my fear and doubt.
10:16 A sinful soul I come to Him, He will not cast me out.
10:27 I need no other evidence, I need no other plea.
10:37 It is enough that Jesus died and rose again for me.
10:50 The Great Physician heals the sick,
10:55 the lost He came to save.
11:01 For me His precious blood He shed,
11:06 for me His life He gave.
11:11 I need no other evidence, I need no other plea.
11:22 It is enough that Jesus died, and rose again for me.
11:43 My soul is resting on the Word, the living Word of God.
11:53 Salvation in my Savior's name, salvation through His blood.
12:03 I need no other evidence, I need no other plea.
12:14 It is enough that Jesus died, and rose again for me.
12:48 Amen! Let us pray.
12:52 Heavenly Father, this morning as we open Your Word,
12:56 we pray that we open our hearts with it, and that we hear what
13:01 the Spirit says to us in this crisis hour of earth's history.
13:05 So take this message, Lord, and use it as You will.
13:08 In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.
13:12 Mark 4:37 reads as follows: And a great windstorm arose,
13:21 and the waves beat into the ship
13:24 so that it was already filling.
13:28 The message is entitled, The Perfect Storm,
13:31 The Perfect Storm.
13:34 It was categorized as the perfect storm,
13:39 and forecasters said that it could create conditions
13:42 even more deadly than the storm that inspired the movie
13:47 with the very same name.
13:49 ABC news meteorologist, Dan Harris, reported the following:
13:54 he said, Hurricane Sandy could be the storm of the century,
13:58 and for New Yorkers a once in a lifetime phenomena.
14:03 Dan Harris continued as he said, Such dire warnings conjure up
14:10 images of disaster, and movies such as, The Day After Tomorrow,
14:16 or, The Perfect Storm.
14:17 But he also says, Some New Yorkers said they heard it all
14:22 before, and they were not just buying it.
14:26 Good Morning America interviewed New Yorkers that just
14:29 don't believe the hype.
14:30 And the reason is that last year hurricane Irene did not live
14:36 up to the hype that they said it would bring,
14:40 even though it did a lot of damage to the outlying
14:43 areas of New York City.
14:45 The forecast of coming disasters, meteorologist
14:49 Dan Harris, also said, he said, It seems so theoretical
14:53 that in the imagination it could give life to complacency.
14:57 You know, that's how it often is.
14:59 We see the reporters standing in the driving rain.
15:02 Can you see that? He's leaning into the wind while
15:06 gripping his microphone.
15:07 And while he struggles to keep his balance, he simply yells
15:11 out his news report.
15:15 Big city people tend to adopt what I call a dismissive
15:19 attitude saying that, It's all happened before.
15:22 It won't be that bad.
15:23 And, by the way, with a name like Sandy,
15:25 how could it be that bad anyway?
15:30 After all, this was the city that bounced back from 911.
15:34 This is the largest metropolitan area in the
15:37 nation: New York City.
15:39 This is the Big Apple.
15:41 Don't upset us with things that only happen in little towns,
15:45 one New Yorker said.
15:47 A Battery Park resident also was quoted as saying, The wind may
15:51 be strong, the noise, the sound, but I don't really think it's
15:56 going to be as bad as they say it will be.
15:58 But now let me give you the Post storm report.
16:02 His perception fell far short of his reality.
16:06 Battery Park has been without power and electricity
16:10 since the storm hit, and the subway systems probably won't
16:15 be up and running for many months.
16:17 That's what they said as on the news yesterday.
16:20 Electricity was interrupted from 34th Street to Battery Park.
16:25 And for those of you that have never been to New York,
16:27 that's midtown Manhattan down to the waterfront
16:31 in the Wall Street area.
16:36 Standing in front of Bank America, another New Yorker
16:39 after being interviewed said, What are we going to do, panic?
16:43 We are just New Yorkers.
16:44 We don't believe the hype anyway.
16:46 But how quickly some forget that just a few years ago
16:50 the warnings were not headed about Hurricane Katrina,
16:53 and it devastated the Gulf coast in 2005.
16:57 It became one of the five deadliest storms in US history.
17:02 The perfect storm.
17:05 ABC news continues, as they put together a headline on Monday
17:11 morning about a community that I quote.
17:14 They said, They won't go.
17:15 Residents stay put in vulnerable
17:19 New York neighborhood.
17:21 As they continued in the story, a lady by the name of,
17:26 Mary Lapara, and her neighbors, ABC news said,
17:30 are defying orders to evacuate the seaside community
17:33 of Breezy Point in New York.
17:36 She said, We're sticking it out.
17:39 Even if we have to go up on our roofs,
17:42 that's what we're going to do.
17:44 We're sticking it out.
17:45 We're going to ride this storm out.
17:47 We are Breezy Point.
17:49 We're been here for more than 30 to 40 years.
17:52 This is a tightly knit community.
17:54 I read the article, and one person said, We've got 35
17:58 people that are going to stay.
17:59 We're going to have a barbeque.
18:01 We're going to roast some pork, and some vegetables.
18:03 We're going to ride this storm out.
18:04 We're going to have a good time, because we are New Yorkers.
18:08 We fear nothing. But Tuesday morning
18:12 a different story was told.
18:14 ABC news also tells about a man by the name of Douglas Owens.
18:18 While he was walking along the beach checking out the surf,
18:21 as the storm was still 250 miles away, he said,
18:24 I am prepared for it, he joked.
18:26 I've got a nice big hoodie on.
18:29 I can ride this storm out on any day.
18:32 But Tuesday morning the story was as follows: 80 to 150 homes
18:37 destroyed in Breezy Point, New York,
18:40 by uncontrollable fire.
18:45 Standing on a podium as if he had been handcuffed by the
18:48 complacency of his constituents, Governor Andrew Cuomo said
18:52 that he was troubled by the psychology of his
18:56 fellow New Yorkers.
18:58 They hear warnings, but they don't receive
19:02 and heed the warnings.
19:04 This is a big city.
19:05 This is the metropolis of New York City.
19:08 At a Sunday morning news conference, Governor Cuomo
19:10 warned, This is not the time to take a chance.
19:15 Whatever it is, it's very serious.
19:18 And it's nothing to be trifled with.
19:20 But ABC news continues.
19:22 They said, Some people may scoff at the predictions,
19:26 but forecasters are often right.
19:29 That's the sad reality.
19:31 Often times people take everything that weathermen,
19:34 and weather personnel say as just a prediction,
19:39 or a speculative statement.
19:42 But often times they are right.
19:45 And what many of them forgot is the perfect storm was based on
19:48 an actual story that actually killed people in the northeast.
19:52 In a city of 19 million people, the question is, What difference
19:57 can the voice of one man make to his constituents?
20:01 If you've been following the calendar,
20:03 we are living in the year 2012.
20:05 And according to the Mayan predictions,
20:07 on December 21, 2012 life as we know it
20:12 is going to be redefined.
20:15 But let me just say it this way this morning,
20:18 life as we know it is already being redefined.
20:21 Life altering disasters have become mile markers
20:27 to remind us that we are nearing the end of our journey.
20:32 On one side I look up and say, Thank you, Jesus.
20:35 But on the other hand I say, Lord have mercy,
20:37 when I look around me at the complacency in the world,
20:41 and the complacency even in the church.
20:44 We want Jesus to come, but there are those that just don't
20:48 believe the promises of His coming.
20:50 Where is the promise of His coming?
20:52 For since our fathers fell asleep, all things continue
20:56 as they were from the very beginning.
20:58 And we know very well things are not the way they used to be.
21:01 And Paul the apostle, as you turn with me to
21:04 I Thessalonians 5, he shouts words of warning to those that
21:08 may stand by and mock at the coming perfect storm.
21:13 For he writes in verses 1 to 6 of I Thessalonians 5, he says:
21:18 But concerning the times and the seasons, brethren,...
21:22 Speaking to the church.
21:24 ...you have no need that I should write to you.
21:27 For you yourselves know perfectly that the day of the
21:32 Lord so comes as a thief in the night.
21:36 For when they say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction
21:42 comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman;...
21:46 And he continues... and they shall not escape.
21:51 But you, brethren, are not in darkness, so that this day
21:56 should overtake you as a thief.
21:58 God has warned His church of what's to come.
22:01 We are not in darkness.
22:02 We shall not sleep as they do.
22:05 He says, You are all sons of light, and sons of the day:
22:09 we are not of the night, nor of darkness.
22:13 Therefore let us not sleep, as others do;
22:19 but let us watch and be sober.
22:25 In Prophets and Kings, Ellen White lets us know that not
22:28 everybody is sleeping.
22:30 Not everybody is taking the reports of the
22:33 coming storm lightly.
22:34 She says, The time is at hand when there will be sorrow in the
22:39 world that no human balm can heal.
22:42 And we've arrived at that hour.
22:44 The Spirit of God is being withdrawn.
22:47 Disasters by sea and land follow one another in quick succession.
22:54 How frequently we hear of earthquakes, and tornados of
22:58 destruction by fire and flood, with great loss
23:02 of life and property.
23:03 Sounds like the headlines of New York and New Jersey.
23:07 She continues. Apparently these calamities are capricious
23:13 outbreaks of disorganized, unregulated forces of nature,
23:17 wholly beyond the control of man.
23:20 But in them all, she says, God's purposes may be read.
23:25 They are among the agencies by which He seeks to arouse men
23:29 and women to a sense of their danger.
23:34 We are living in dangerous times.
23:36 We are living in crisis times.
23:39 Being raised in New York City was one of the reasons why we
23:43 never really took forecasts of hurricanes seriously.
23:47 After all hurricanes don't go that far north.
23:49 They're not supposed to.
23:52 But we're living in a time where things that are not supposed to
23:57 happen, are happening.
23:59 One news reporter said, We're only supposed to get events like
24:02 this once every 100 years, but the last 3 years we've had
24:05 hundred year events: major earthquakes in the Pacific,
24:10 fires and floods, storms that are beyond our control,
24:14 storms that we could not predict.
24:16 We're living in crisis hours of earth's history.
24:19 And those of us who take these times lightly will fall into the
24:23 category of those in the northeast;
24:25 not considering the crisis hour in which we live.
24:29 This morning I want to let you know that God loves those in the
24:33 cities as much as He loves those in the country.
24:36 But city life can lull you to sleep, and make you ignorant
24:42 of the real danger.
24:43 When you're walking down Times Square, and you see all the
24:45 lights, and when you're housed in buildings that are 30, 40, 50
24:49 stories high, like this crane that's still hovering over the
24:52 streets of New York City in the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
24:55 They were in the midst of building a penthouse, a 90 story
25:01 tall building; a residence in the middle of the city.
25:04 When a city is that large, the only way you can go is up.
25:09 And on the 90th floor, that penthouse...
25:13 I want you to hear me very carefully.
25:14 ...is going to be sold, when it's completed,
25:17 for 90 million dollars.
25:19 Building towers to their own destruction.
25:23 God shows us that even at the 90th floor, we are not beyond
25:28 the reach of the winds of God.
25:30 But the problem in big cities is Satan has diverted the minds,
25:35 and they don't take the coming storms very seriously.
25:38 In the cities large churches are distracted.
25:41 And I've discovered, as a pastor in a little small town,
25:44 even in small towns churches can become distracted.
25:49 It is in this distracted hour that I can see the prophet
25:53 climbing the walls of these fortified cities with a rams
25:57 horn strapped to his back, as Joel the prophet is
26:01 commissioned by God to wake up the church in this crisis hour.
26:06 I read these words in your hearing in Joel 2:1.
26:11 The Lord commissioned Joel to, Blow the trumpet in Zion,
26:15 and to sound an alarm in My holy mountain: let all the
26:22 inhabitants of the land tremble: for the day of the Lord is
26:26 coming, for it is at hand;...
26:30 In the northeast many dismissed the approaching storm.
26:36 And I would suggest to you today that the church is suffering
26:39 from some of the same complacency that caused those
26:43 in the northeast to ignore the warnings.
26:46 You see, the church has gotten used to nature following
26:50 a certain pattern.
26:52 But as those who lived during the time of Noah,
26:55 they understand that the fact is that the God of nature is
26:59 above the patterns of nature.
27:01 If God wants a storm to go north,
27:04 God can send a storm north.
27:07 But allow me to echo the sentiments of that New Yorker
27:12 that said under a cloud of false security,
27:15 Why are we going to panic?
27:18 Are we going to panic?
27:20 We're Christians. We understand the back of the book.
27:22 Often times Danny will say, Read the back of the book.
27:24 But sometimes, let me suggest, we need to read
27:27 the rest of the book.
27:28 Because we know how the story ends, but how the story is
27:32 playing out in our day to day lives, is what God is
27:34 more concerned about.
27:36 Whether or not we're preparing for this crisis hour in our own
27:39 lives is what revival is really all about.
27:42 Knowing how it's going to end is not going to make any
27:45 difference if I'm not getting ready for the end.
27:47 And if we don't get ready for the end at the end,
27:50 we get ready for the end day by day.
27:52 We get ready for the end by the way we live our
27:55 lives on a daily basis.
27:56 We get ready for the end by our devotional life.
27:59 We get ready for the end by the time we spend in church
28:02 together praying, and studying together.
28:05 And it would do us well to really have
28:08 a weeklong of prayer.
28:10 And the church said Amen. Amen!
28:17 One thing you learn about storms is if you haven't prayed before,
28:20 a storm will make you pray.
28:22 An earthquake will make you pray.
28:24 Crisis will make you pray.
28:26 Difficulties will make you pray.
28:30 As that person in New York said, What are we going to do, panic?
28:35 If it starts with panic, that's what God will use.
28:39 In Amos 6:1 He says: Woe to those who are ease in Zion,...
28:44 And I'd like to say, as one who's traveled around the
28:46 world, and seen the Adventist church from various angles,
28:49 in America the church is too complacent.
28:52 It is asleep to a large degree.
28:54 The place where the church has the greatest wealth is the place
28:57 where the church is most asleep, in North America.
29:00 And I pray for this Week of Prayer to arouse the
29:03 church in North America.
29:05 When you go to Africa the church is there.
29:07 The church is alive.
29:08 The church is vibrant.
29:09 You go to Russia the church is there.
29:11 The church is alive.
29:12 The church is vibrant.
29:14 You go to Asia, the church is there.
29:15 They're alive and they're vibrant.
29:17 They'll stand together under a thatched hut in the
29:20 rain to worship God.
29:22 And we won't come with these comfortable pews.
29:24 I believe that really it's North America that needs to be
29:29 awakened to the crisis hour in which we live.
29:31 But the trumpet is being blown all around the world.
29:35 And just in case that Scripture hasn't come home to you,
29:38 God didn't just tell Joel to blow the trumpet,
29:40 He said, To sound an alarm.
29:43 You think about that.
29:45 Sometimes you can hear the train blowing its
29:47 horn from miles away.
29:48 But you know that it's coming your direction when you
29:51 begin to hear the alarm.
29:53 Are you following me very carefully?
29:54 Those of you that travel through Benton and West Frankfort,
29:57 you know you can hear the horn from a long distance.
30:00 You can hear the word of God way in the backgrounds of your
30:03 life, but when the alarms begin to sound,
30:06 you know that the event is a lot closer than it used to be.
30:12 We're living in the days of the alarm;
30:14 no longer just the trumpet.
30:16 But there's something else about this significance of blowing
30:19 the trumpet and sounding the alarm.
30:21 In this judgment hour God has people all over the world
30:26 that are oppressed by sin, oppressed by suffering,
30:29 oppressed by worldliness.
30:31 And when Joel blows the trumpet, when he sounds the alarm
30:35 in God's holy mountain, there's a purpose for that
30:38 sounding of the alarm.
30:39 There's a purpose for the blowing of the trumpet.
30:41 Go with me to Numbers 10:9.
30:43 And follow this verse very carefully; one that you may have
30:47 read before, but it fits into the context of blowing the
30:50 trumpet, and sounding the alarm in God's holy mountain.
31:04 Verse 9 in Numbers 10 reads as follows: When you go to war
31:10 in your land against the enemy who oppresses you,...
31:12 And I say it again, There are many today that are oppressed
31:15 by sin, by suffering, and by worldliness.
31:19 Some voluntarily oppressed.
31:20 But when you go to war in your land against the enemy
31:24 who oppresses you, when you shall sound an alarm with the
31:28 trumpets; and you will be remembered before the Lord
31:32 your God, and you will be saved from your enemies.
31:36 When the trumpet and the alarms are blown together by the people
31:41 of God, God will save His people.
31:44 There should have been a hardy Amen right there.
31:47 Because there are those that once walked with God,
31:49 there were those that were once dedicated to God.
31:51 God wants to bring those back that once walked with Him.
31:55 God wants to reignite our flame, that dedication that we had
31:59 right after we were baptized.
32:00 Some of us have lost that dedication.
32:02 Some of us are not Adventist.
32:05 We forgot the Christian side to that.
32:08 Some of us are one day Adventists.
32:11 We ought to be seven day Adventists.
32:13 Some of us show up, and we come in at the last minute,
32:18 and leave just before the closing prayer.
32:20 Some of us leave at the end of the sermon to run back to the
32:24 complacency of our comfortable homes.
32:26 That's why God knows if it takes a storm; sometimes it takes a
32:30 storm for us to know that we need a shelter.
32:33 Sometimes it takes a storm for us to know that we
32:35 need a hiding place.
32:36 And I'm going to tell you this, the Lord our Rock,
32:38 in Him we hide. He's our shelter in the time of storm.
32:41 We've got to remember, God doesn't want us to be Adventists
32:44 one day of the week.
32:46 He wants us to be Adventists every day.
32:47 We ought to be ready for the coming of the Lord every day
32:49 of the week, not just one day.
32:51 So this week of spiritual revival, this Week of Prayer,
32:55 we ought to pray like Pastor C. A. suggested we do.
32:59 Get into it with God, and understand that what happened
33:02 in New York, what happened in New Orleans, what happened over
33:07 in Asia, where just a few years ago over 300 thousand people
33:10 lost their lives on December 26, can happen
33:13 anywhere in our nation.
33:14 But for the grace of God, 3ABN would have been destroyed a long
33:17 time ago, but God, I believe, has a canopy over this ministry.
33:21 How does a ministry survive without single antenna,
33:25 without a single satellite dish moving any, not a single inch,
33:30 when a 120 mile an hour winds are bursting through the land?
33:33 God is in charge. How do we survive?
33:37 Some of you come with motor homes, and trailers, and we have
33:41 houses that can barely stand on their own, and they stand,
33:44 and they survive a 120 mile an hour winds.
33:47 Some of us have homes surrounded by trees, as is our property,
33:50 more than 100 trees.
33:52 How do you survive with not a single tree touching your home?
33:54 God has His hand over His people.
33:56 God has called us to sound the alarm, blow the trumpet,
34:00 for the Day of God is coming.
34:01 And I want to say this, that day is coming
34:03 faster than we believed.
34:05 I don't believe the predictions of the Mayans, but boy it sounds
34:08 like they're getting real close.
34:09 For things that are happening in this year that
34:13 have never happened.
34:14 As they said in New York City, in 108 years of the history of
34:18 the transit system in New York, never have they been
34:21 crippled like this.
34:22 You see the news reports.
34:25 34th Street, water multiple levels down in the subway.
34:30 They can't turn the electricity on.
34:32 They'll electrocute everybody in the city.
34:33 You couldn't go down there.
34:36 Subways are destroyed, turnstiles are destroyed,
34:38 trains are destroyed, escalators are destroyed,
34:42 token booths are destroyed.
34:43 And they asked one of the servicemen to calculate how long
34:47 do you think... CNN asked them, How long can you estimate
34:52 it will take before this subway will be up and running?
34:55 He says, I'm not an architect.
34:57 I'll be speculating.
34:59 But on my estimation it may be months before this
35:03 subway is open again.
35:05 That's just one of the many subway systems from midtown
35:08 to downtown Manhattan.
35:11 My sister tells me the story.
35:12 She calls me every day and fills me in.
35:14 Gas lines miles long, food becoming scarce, water,
35:20 the basic necessities hard to find.
35:22 In a city like New York, the city that has everything,
35:26 except the common sense to be prepared for storms that
35:30 can take their lives.
35:32 But not just New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Boston,
35:35 West Virginia, Washington, D. C.
35:37 The cities of the east seem impregnable, but when God wants
35:41 to get our attention, God knows exactly how to do it.
35:48 I also want to say the mission of Jesus has never been altered,
35:51 has never been abrogated, and has never been cancelled.
35:54 He says, Call His name Jesus.
35:56 He will save His people from their sins.
36:01 It's not about how comfortable our lives are.
36:05 It's about are we ready to be saved?
36:06 Are we ready for the crisis hour?
36:08 Are we ready for the salvation that God is extending to every
36:12 one of us on this planet? This is the hour.
36:14 In the time of crisis we are to remember that the most important
36:18 thing still becomes the most important thing.
36:20 But there are those that don't like their
36:22 worlds to be disturbed.
36:24 But I tell you what, a crisis will disturb your world.
36:28 When I considered how asleep many were in the northeast,
36:33 how many looked at this storm; 1000 mile to 16 hundred miles
36:38 wide, moving at a slow pace of 25 miles an hour, as if to say,
36:43 I'm coming! And we ought to remember because it takes long
36:50 to get there doesn't mean it ain't coming.
36:52 Because Jesus is taking long to get here doesn't
36:55 mean He ain't coming.
36:56 These are signs. These are harbingers that
37:01 the Lord is coming.
37:02 You've got to look into the desert and see the smoke rising,
37:05 the approaching footsteps of judgments.
37:08 It may take long to come, but it's coming.
37:11 And those of us that know better ought to be getting ready
37:14 for that crisis hour that's just ahead of us.
37:16 I discovered that those who fall asleep are always in danger.
37:20 When Sampson fell asleep he lost his strength and his sight.
37:23 When Jonah fell asleep he risked the entire ship,
37:27 because he chose to sleep at a crisis hour.
37:30 When Uticus fell asleep he lost his life.
37:32 Thank God somebody restored that before it was too late.
37:36 But I want to say today, that if the church is asleep,
37:38 it's about to lose its strength, and lose its sight.
37:42 When the church is asleep it endangers the lives of those
37:46 around it like Jonah did.
37:49 When the church members are asleep, they, like Uticus are in
37:53 danger of spiritual death.
37:56 And the one thing that we cannot afford is to be asleep
38:00 at this crisis hour.
38:01 So there are four reasons for calamities; four reasons why God
38:06 allows crises to come.
38:08 Four reasons that I will outline right now that lets us know
38:11 the reason why God allowed the storm.
38:13 I've discovered that God could prevent anything.
38:16 But the question is not why God didn't prevent it,
38:19 the question is why did God allow it?
38:22 Reason 1. God allows calamities to wake us up.
38:28 Romans 13:11, one of my favorite verses.
38:31 Every time I sign a CD, I always put this text down.
38:34 Romans 13:11 reads as follows: And know this, knowing the time,
38:44 that now it is... What kind of time, church?
38:47 Come on say high time.
38:49 Come on say high time. High time!
38:53 And now it is high time to awake out of sleep:
38:58 for now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed.
39:04 My salvation is a lot nearer today, Jim.
39:08 And when I first gave my life to the Lord...
39:10 I'm always encouraged by people that get newly baptized.
39:13 They come to everything.
39:14 You know they come to Wednesday night prayer meeting.
39:16 They come to Vespers.
39:19 They come to Sabbath School, for Bible studies.
39:22 They are excited about their new found spiritual faith.
39:25 But like one pastor said to an elder that stood by a door,
39:29 and he watched one of those very excited
39:31 newly baptized church members.
39:33 The pastor said to the elders standing by,
39:36 Just give it some time. They'll cool down.
39:39 But I'm praying that the people of God don't cool down.
39:42 I'm praying that we'd warm up. Amen!
39:44 God doesn't need a lukewarm church.
39:48 He wants us to be hot or cold.
39:50 Decide, like one of my favorite preachers who's now deceased,
39:53 he said, If all your religion is is lukewarm you might as well
39:59 leave the church and enjoy the world,
40:00 if you're going to be lost anyhow.
40:02 Don't make sense to not enjoy the world, and not enjoy the
40:05 church, and be lost anyhow.
40:06 But if you're going to enjoy what God has called you
40:09 to experience; this Christian walk with Him.
40:11 If you want to enjoy that, you've got to jump into that
40:14 heart, and soul, and mind, and body.
40:17 Can the church say Amen? Amen!
40:19 It's like standing around a beautifully cool pool on a
40:22 115 degree day, wondering why everybody on the
40:24 inside is so excited.
40:26 You've got to dive in!
40:27 You've got to put your entire self, immerse yourself in the
40:31 experience of what it means to be a Christian Seventh-day
40:35 Adventist in this crisis hour.
40:36 Those that don't dive in don't understand what gets us excited.
40:40 But I want to remind you of something that
40:43 Governor Cuomo said.
40:44 He said, just a few days ago he said, This is the new normal.
40:48 This: storms, strategies, crises where
40:53 they should not happen.
40:55 This is the new normal.
40:56 You believe... See political leaders know that there's a
40:59 paradigm shift taking place in nature.
41:02 They know that something's occurring.
41:04 They know better than they tell us.
41:07 You know, like on the heels of 911 they said, Let's just go
41:10 back to life as it used to be.
41:14 They've got gas masks in Congress,
41:16 but let's just go back to life as it used to be.
41:22 But God's servant, Ellen White, understood these times,
41:26 and God gave her a statement that spells the climate
41:31 in our world today.
41:33 Listen to what she says in the book, Education, page 179.
41:36 She said, The present is a time of overwhelming interest to
41:42 all living. Is it not?
41:44 Rulers and statesmen, men who occupy positions of trust
41:50 and authority, thinking men and women of all classes have their
41:57 attention fixed upon the events taking place about us.
42:02 They are watching the strained, restless relations
42:06 that exist among the nations.
42:07 They observe, listen carefully, the intensity that is taking
42:12 possession of every earthly element, and they recognize
42:17 that something great, and decisive is about to take place,
42:21 and that the world is on the verge of a stupendous crisis.
42:27 That's why it's too late for us to hang our security on just
42:30 our name, Seventh-day Adventist.
42:32 Our security is found in Jesus and His Word.
42:34 Can the church say Amen? Amen!
42:36 We've got to find security in His name, not in our name.
42:39 So the first reason why God sends calamity
42:43 is He wants us to wake up.
42:44 But there's a second reason why God sends calamity.
42:46 He doesn't want us just to wake up, He wants us to stand up.
42:50 Ezekiel 37:10, when Ezekiel preached to the dry bones.
42:56 The Bible says, So I prophesied.
42:58 I preached as I was commanded, and breath came into them
43:02 and they lived, and stood up upon their feet,
43:07 an exceedingly great army.
43:10 Let me make application.
43:12 The church that wakes up ought to be the church that stands up.
43:19 Since waking up and sitting down, when told Ezekiel to pray
43:24 that they wake up, he also said pray that they stand up.
43:28 God does not need Christians on the bench.
43:33 He needs us on the field.
43:35 God wants us to stand up.
43:37 When they were getting ready for the deliverance in Egypt
43:41 the Lord didn't say, Sit down and eat the Passover.
43:43 He says, Stand up and eat it, for in a few short hours your
43:49 deliverance would come.
43:50 If we believe that our deliverance is on the way,
43:52 we've got to stand up.
43:54 Why do we have to stand up?
43:57 It was not until Peter stood up for the Lord that he was able
44:04 to stand with the Lord.
44:05 You see, when we stand with the Lord,
44:07 then we can stand for the Lord.
44:09 The church that does not stand with the Lord is the church that
44:13 cannot stand for the Lord.
44:14 If we're going to stand for the Lord we've got to stand
44:17 with the Lord every moment of every day.
44:21 The third reason that God allows calamities is described in the
44:25 post crisis following the storm.
44:28 This post crisis that is now gripping New York teaches us
44:32 about the importance of the third reason why
44:34 God allows calamities; third reason why He allows it.
44:38 First reason is to wake us up.
44:39 Second reason is to stand us up.
44:42 The third reason is to fill us up.
44:44 My sister told me how difficult it is to find fuel in New York.
44:49 There's a lack of fuel.
44:50 There's a lack of water.
44:52 And there's a lack of food.
44:53 In a city like New York how could there possibly
44:57 be a lack of food, a lack of fuel?
45:00 She called me last night just before we went to bed.
45:04 Whenever it's past 11:00 o'clock I know it's my sister.
45:07 She likes to call me late.
45:10 She always likes to call me right before
45:12 prayer meeting begins.
45:13 Sometimes I'm at church and I forget to turn my phone off,
45:16 and it's my sister calling me.
45:18 But she called me last night.
45:20 She works for the Police Department,
45:21 and works for the Fire Department.
45:22 She said last night that there was a line upwards
45:29 of five miles long.
45:31 People sitting in their cars with their engines turned off.
45:35 Not filling up their cars, but waiting for fuel to be delivered
45:40 at 1:00 o'clock in the morning, to hope
45:43 to fill up their vehicles.
45:45 And you've seen the pictures in New York City.
45:47 I'm talking about New York City.
45:48 People standing with their red gas cans.
45:51 People losing their temper; patience running thin.
45:54 One man was arrested yesterday for pulling out
45:56 a gun on somebody.
45:58 His temper got the best of him.
45:59 That's the crisis hour.
46:01 Men are in perplexity with anguish,
46:03 wondering what to do next.
46:06 But it's in this crisis hour that God does not just want us
46:09 to wake up, and to stand up, but God wants us to be filled up.
46:15 What do you say? Because in God's economy there
46:18 is no lack of power.
46:20 There's no lack of fuel.
46:22 There's no lack of water.
46:23 And there's no lack of spiritual food.
46:25 Can the church say Amen?
46:27 God wants us to be filled up.
46:28 There is no lack of Holy Spirit.
46:30 There is no lack of Spiritual food.
46:32 There is no lack of the refreshing water of the
46:35 relationship with Jesus Christ, the Water of Life.
46:37 There is no lack. But the one thing you discover in a crisis
46:41 is this: basic provisions that were abundant before the storm
46:46 became scarce right after the storm.
46:49 And the tragedy of the Northeast is just a glimpse
46:53 of what's on the horizon.
46:54 Go with me to Amos 8:11-13, Amos 8:11-13.
47:03 And notice, there's another storm coming even greater than
47:08 Hurricane Sandy, even greater than Hurricane Irene.
47:15 Behold, the days are coming, says the Lord,... Amos 8:11...
47:19 that I will send a famine on the land, not a famine of bread,
47:27 nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord.
47:32 And look at the climate as you read this.
47:34 This is what's happening in New York City for physical food,
47:37 for physical water, for actual fuel.
47:39 They shall wonder from sea to sea, and from north to east,
47:47 they shall run to and fro...
47:50 That's what's happening in the cities right now.
47:51 But in this crises... seeking the word of the Lord,
47:56 but shall not find it.
47:58 In that day the fair virgins and strong men
48:02 shall faint from thirst.
48:05 There are people right now having to get their water from
48:08 hydrants in the city.
48:09 Boiling water; I would never have imagined.
48:11 I'm a New Yorker. I was born and raised in New York City.
48:13 I understand the hydrant system.
48:15 I understand the subways, and the buses, and the taxis.
48:17 It's just, it's beyond my comprehension, if I'm not there,
48:20 to imagine that this is happening to my city.
48:27 They survived 9/11.
48:31 But this far outweighs 9/11 in scope, and in duration.
48:37 A lot less lives are lost, but the impact financially on that
48:43 city is incalculable.
48:48 When I look upon the climate in which we live, I understand a
48:52 couple of things that this is not as bad as it's going to get.
48:54 Because as we sit here this morning, God is still holding
48:58 back the winds of strife.
49:00 His angels are still holding on as their knuckles are red,
49:04 they're holding on.
49:06 And by God's grace they're holding on that somebody else
49:09 may be revived, and may be saved.
49:11 They're holding at the north end, and the east end,
49:16 and the south end, and the west end.
49:18 And Ellen White says angels are now restraining
49:22 the winds of strife that they may not blow until the world
49:28 has been warned of its coming doom.
49:31 But a storm is gathering, ready to burst upon the earth.
49:35 And when God shall bid His angels to loose the winds,
49:40 there will be such a scene of strife as no pen can picture.
49:46 Education, 179, paragraph 6.
49:50 That's the coming storm. It's not Irene.
49:53 It's not just going to effect the northeast, but it's going to
49:56 effect the south, and the west.
49:58 It's going to effect the Caribbean.
50:00 It's going to affect Asia.
50:01 It's going to effect the islands of the sea.
50:03 It's going to affect large and small alike.
50:05 That's the crisis. That's why I am so glad that God has chosen
50:09 to impact this church.
50:11 We should be praying for a week when we see
50:13 what's on the horizon.
50:14 One of the prayers that we should be praying is
50:17 found in Zachariah 10:1.
50:18 Ask the Lord for rain in the time of the latter rain.
50:23 There's a whole lot of rain.
50:24 People in the northeast don't want to see rain,
50:26 but there's another nor-easter heading up there right now;
50:29 10 to 50 mile an hour winds, people without homes,
50:34 no heat, no water. They're saying it's not a hurricane.
50:37 But you don't want to see any more rain when you already
50:41 have the rain that you already had.
50:42 When you have no place to lay your head, no roof under which
50:47 to be secure, the last thing you want to see is another storm.
50:52 But in the midst of the storm the Lord says, In the time of
50:57 the latter rain ask the Lord for rain.
50:59 And the Lord will make flashing clouds.
51:01 He will give them showers of rain,
51:04 grass in the field for everyone.
51:07 You see on one end the time of rain brings destruction
51:12 for those that are not ready.
51:13 But for those that heed the warning the rain that comes
51:16 becomes showers of blessings.
51:18 God's people need to be ready.
51:20 The hour is crisis hour.
51:22 And the last reason why God allows calamities is this:
51:25 He doesn't just want us to wake up, He doesn't just want us to
51:31 stand up, He doesn't just want us to fill up, but He wants us
51:38 to speak up. Can you say Amen?
51:40 God doesn't need a quiet church.
51:43 You see, it is during bad news that people need the good news
51:47 and God has called us to join with Christ in proclaiming the
51:51 last bit of good news that the world is ever going to hear.
51:54 I want to tell you, in the midst of bad news the gospel is still
51:58 good news. What do you say?
52:00 Salvation is still good news.
52:03 Deliverance is still good news.
52:06 That's why revival and the word; it calls for a change in focus,
52:11 and a change in direction.
52:13 We have to stand up, wake up, fill up, and speak up.
52:18 You see the message began with a great storm.
52:22 But I want to end the message today with a great calm.
52:25 For it's not how it begins that brings me concern,
52:29 but it's how it ends that brings me joy.
52:31 I know how it's going to end.
52:33 It's going to end good.
52:34 What do you say church?
52:36 But it's going to get bad before it gets better.
52:41 As we see the small cloud on the horizon, it's going to get
52:45 worse, Karen, before it gets better.
52:49 That storm is just a foretaste, and it was barely a Category 1.
52:53 I can only imagine what would have happened
52:56 if it were a Category 3.
52:57 This crisis began with a great wind storm.
53:02 But as I read God's word in Mark 4:39, no matter how bad the
53:06 storm is, Jesus can calm every storm. What do you say?
53:10 Then he arose in the middle of a storm.
53:13 He arose with His disciples, in the boat.
53:16 He arose on the Sea of Galilee.
53:18 And the Bible says in Mark 4:39, He did not just arise,
53:22 He didn't just stand up, but He rebuked the wind,
53:26 and He said to the sea, Peace, be still.
53:30 And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.
53:35 There are a lot of great storms, but like the songwriter says,
53:41 The Lord our rock, in Him we hide.
53:44 A shelter in the time of storm.
53:46 Come on and say Amen, somebody.
53:48 Secure whatever may betide, a shelter in the time of storm.
53:54 Mighty rock in a weary land, cooling shade
53:58 on the burning sand, Faithful guide for the pilgrim band.
54:03 Jesus is our shelter in the time of storm.
54:07 And so I've got a message as a New Yorker.
54:11 You know, I was born and raised in New York City.
54:15 and I got to tell the governors there of the city of New York,
54:18 Governor Christie, and Governor Cuomo there's some good news.
54:22 Because the world is not in the hands of the governors
54:25 of New York, but the world is in the hand of God.
54:29 The government is on His shoulders.
54:31 God can hold it together when it's falling apart.
54:33 What do you say? I was made in New York, but I've discovered
54:38 the good news; I'm made for the New Jerusalem.
54:40 I'm not going back, I'm going forward.
54:43 I thank God for the efforts of the Red Cross.
54:46 But I want to tell you today, I thank God even more for
54:48 the old rugged cross.
54:50 The storms are taking toll.
54:53 They're taking lives.
54:55 They're battering homes.
54:56 They're battering lives.
54:58 But no matter how perfect the storm, Jesus Christ is still
55:02 our shelter in the time of storm.
55:07 So today we begin this week of prayer by letting the world know
55:12 that relief efforts are on the way.
55:14 The angels are polishing their wings getting ready to
55:18 come and take us home.
55:20 The Lord is about to take off His ministry robe and put on
55:23 that final warriors robe, to do that final battle with Satan
55:27 to deliver His people from this planet of storms.
55:30 It's in this crisis hour that the people of God need to wake
55:34 up, and stand up, and fill up, and speak up.
55:42 But we also have to be prayed up.
55:45 So right now I want to ask you to bow your heads with me
55:49 that in the time of this storm, we can have wisdom enough
55:52 to turn to a God who asks us to turn away from man,
55:56 and turn our hearts to Him in the time of the perfect storm.
56:00 Our Heavenly Father, we look to You in this very crisis hour.
56:05 And our hearts go out to those in the northeast,
56:08 not just in New York and New Jersey, but in Connecticut,
56:12 and in Boston, and in Virginia, and in Maryland.
56:15 And, Lord, we look at how helpless man really is.
56:19 How exposed they become when nature shows us how out of
56:25 control we really are.
56:27 We understand that the cities are places of sin.
56:30 But, Lord, there are many that You love that are still in these
56:32 major cities whose lives are yet to be snatched from
56:37 the hand of the wicked one.
56:39 And so as we begin this week of spiritual emphasis,
56:43 as we begin this week of refocus, we pray that we not
56:47 just be stimulated, but that we truly wake up, we stand up,
56:53 we pray to be filled up, and we pray that You'll
56:57 cause us to speak up.
56:58 And, Father, right now as we pray for our leaders that are
57:03 speaking in various pulpits around the world.
57:05 We pray that we can also know that because of the storms
57:08 one day we will be able to look up and say, Lo this is our God.
57:14 We have waited for Him, and He will save us.
57:18 May that be our desire is my prayer.
57:21 In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.
57:24 May the Lord bless you as we continue this week,
57:28 in the presence of God, and in spiritual emphasis.
57:31 God bless you. Amen? Amen!
57:35 One down, eight to go.


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