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Making God's Word Our Own

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Participants: Shelley Quinn


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00:23 We welcome all of you tonight from around the world
00:26 for 3ABN's Week of Prayer.
00:29 Yesterday Pastor Lomacang, he laid the foundation
00:33 for this week's presentations.
00:36 But tonight we begin the first of the seven topics that were
00:39 determined by the General Conference for this
00:43 annual Week of Prayer.
00:44 Tonight's presentation is titled,
00:47 Making God's Word Our Own.
00:49 And it will be presented by someone that's very dear
00:52 and precious to me, and that's my wife Shelley.
00:55 But first I've been asked to pray with you for today's Focus
01:01 on Prayer, which is the world outreach of media ministries.
01:07 The Seventh-day Adventist church has a long history of media
01:10 based communication.
01:11 There are many Adventist media ministries today that come in
01:16 the form of print, radio, television,
01:20 and, of course, internet.
01:22 Some are directly funded by the church while others,
01:25 like Three Angels Broadcasting Network,
01:28 are supporting ministries that rely on donations.
01:31 With regard to print, Adventists operate numerous publishing
01:37 houses worldwide, printing magazines, tracts, and books.
01:43 And we should remember these ministries in our prayers,
01:46 and also remember our Adventist Book Centers.
01:50 With regard to Adventist radio, there are ministries of
01:55 shortwave, AM, FM, satellite, and direct to home
02:00 radio transmissions.
02:01 And, of course, we need to remember our own personal
02:05 3ABN Radio, and 3ABN Latino Radio.
02:10 The television ministry of this Adventist church is
02:14 greatly multiplying.
02:16 It's amazing to consider that 3ABN will be celebrating its
02:21 28th Anniversary this month.
02:23 We are no longer a single network reaching every
02:29 inhabited continent of the world, but in addition to 3ABN
02:32 there is 3ABN International, 3ABN Proclaim, 3ABN Latino,
02:39 3ABN Russia, Dare to Dream, and the Sunbeam Channel.
02:44 Naturally, in today's high-tech society media ministries have
02:49 to include the Internet.
02:51 And there are numerous Adventist ministries on the Internet.
02:56 And we can certainly attest that our 3ABN website is indeed
03:01 making a dynamic impact.
03:03 So let's lift all of the worldwide Adventist media
03:09 ministries before the throne of grace
03:11 and pray for God's blessing.
03:16 Heavenly Father, we come to You in the name of Jesus to lift up
03:23 all the work that You are performing Lord, around the
03:25 world through the Adventist media ministries.
03:27 Father, we thank You for today's technology that makes it
03:33 possible to reach the world's most remote areas.
03:36 We pray that You will give people ears to hear Lord,
03:39 what the Holy Spirit has to say through all of this Christ
03:43 centered programming.
03:44 And we pray Father, that You will anoint each
03:47 ministry and their staff.
03:49 Lead them by Your good Spirit, and cause them to do all
03:52 for the glory of Your name, presenting the undiluted truth.
03:56 And we ask that You will increase their territories,
04:00 and magnify the impact of these ministries.
04:02 Father we also pray that You will speak to the north,
04:06 to the south, east, and the west, and bring in the funds
04:09 necessary to successfully proclaim Your three angels'
04:13 messages across the world.
04:14 And Lord, we thank You for the privilege of participating
04:18 in Your work of salvation, and pray that You will give each of
04:23 us a generous heart toward the lost and the suffering.
04:26 I also pray Lord, that You will anoint Shelley this evening.
04:30 Anoint her mind, her mouth, and her message.
04:33 And Father we thank You for the answer
04:37 to the prayer of faith.
04:38 In the name of Jesus, Amen.
04:41 Tonight's study topic will be, Making God's Word Our Own,
04:48 and it will be presented by Shelley Quinn.
04:51 But first we're going to enjoy special music coming from the
04:55 Pillars Hymns CD, the Pillars Hymns Choir singing,
05:00 Jesus Is Coming Again.
07:57 Amen! Amen! He is coming again, and we are standing on the edge
08:07 of the promised land. Would you agree?
08:09 He's coming soon, but we have to remember that just like the
08:14 Israelites of old stood on the edge of the promised land,
08:18 they did not get God's permission to enter, did they?
08:24 Why? Because of their unbelief.
08:28 So what is important for us is to remember how faith operates
08:35 through the word of God.
08:37 And tonight we're going to be talking about how to
08:41 benefit from its power.
08:42 When I was considering this message, I thought of Psalm 119.
08:47 And the psalmist in that particular psalm says,
08:51 Oh Lord, I am greatly afflicted.
08:55 My soul is in the dust.
08:57 Oh Lord, plead my cause.
09:00 Be my defender. Redeem me, Lord.
09:04 Revive me according to Your word.
09:08 Our topic tonight, as determined by the General Conference
09:12 is, Making God's Word Our Own; Learning to
09:17 Benefit From Its Power.
09:19 Let's pray. Heavenly Father, we come again in the name of Jesus.
09:24 And Lord, we thank You for this year's emphasis
09:28 on revival and reformation.
09:30 And we thank You Father, for this Week of Prayer's
09:34 emphasis on Your word.
09:36 And I pray right now Lord, that by the power of Your Holy
09:41 Spirit You will speak to Your people.
09:44 Get me out of the way Father.
09:46 And I ask in the name of Jesus that He will be our teacher,
09:51 and that You will give us ears to hear what the Holy Spirit
09:54 has to say. In Jesus' name, Amen.
09:58 You know, time is life.
10:02 How we invest our time is how we invest our life.
10:06 And if you want to get a finger on your spiritual pulse,
10:12 the easiest way to do it is to see, and ask yourself,
10:16 How much time am I spending in the word?
10:18 How much time am I spending in prayer?
10:21 Why should we invest our time in search of the Scriptures?
10:27 Well, I was thinking about this, and here's some of the things
10:32 that the Bible says about the word of God.
10:34 It is perfect, it is eternal, it's living, powerful, awesome,
10:39 it's righteous, it's truthful, it's dependable,
10:42 it's inexhaustible, and it's full of wonders.
10:47 It occurs to me that this description is not only for the
10:52 written word of God, but for the living
10:54 Word of God, Jesus Christ.
10:56 Because in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with
11:01 God, and the Word was God.
11:03 He was in the beginning with God.
11:06 And by Him all things were made.
11:09 Nothing that was made was made without Him.
11:13 And in Him was life; and the life was the light of men.
11:18 And the Word became flesh, and made His dwelling among us.
11:23 Revival comes from renewing our focus on Jesus Christ,
11:29 and on the word of God.
11:31 Jesus is the living Word.
11:34 The Bible is the written word of God.
11:36 But I want to tell you it is alive and active as well.
11:40 God's word has creative power.
11:43 By the word of God the heavens and the earth were created.
11:47 Everything that we know came into existence
11:52 by the word of God.
11:54 In the beginning God created all things.
11:59 And the miracle of creation is wrapped inside His word.
12:05 But let me tell you something.
12:07 All of your potential is wrapped inside of God's word.
12:13 The God who created something out of nothing by His spoken
12:17 word, can transform you by His written word.
12:22 God's Word has life giving power.
12:25 It brings spiritual life.
12:27 1 Peter says that we are born again, not of corruptible seed,
12:32 but incorruptible through the living word of God.
12:37 And one of my favorite parables that Christ
12:40 told about the word...
12:41 I'm just going to read this to you.
12:42 It's Mark 4:26-28. Listen carefully.
12:47 He said, This is what the kingdom of God is like.
12:51 A man scatters seed on the ground.
12:53 Night and day, whether he sleeps or gets up,
12:56 the seed sprouts and grows, though he does not know how.
13:01 All by itself the soil produces grain; first the stalk,
13:07 then the head, then the full kernel in the head.
13:12 And it works the same for you and I.
13:15 When we have the word of God in our heart; first it changes
13:22 our thoughts, then it changes our actions,
13:26 and it changes our habits.
13:28 You know that Jesus said in Luke 8, when He was telling the
13:34 parable of the sower, that the word of God is the seed.
13:40 And it is the seed of the miracle transformation
13:45 that is in God's word.
13:46 When we were at ASI this last year, I met a young man,
13:51 and he had been brought up as an atheist.
13:55 His parents were atheist's.
13:57 He married an atheist.
13:58 And it just so happened God arranged for him to move to
14:04 Montana for a short time to work there.
14:06 And guess who were the first two people that he met
14:09 and became good friends with?
14:11 Two young Adventist men.
14:13 And they were constantly telling him that their faith,
14:18 their beliefs, were based on the Bible and the Bible only.
14:22 So this man, thinking that they were deluded,
14:25 went and bought a Bible.
14:27 Because he loved his friends, and he wanted to save them
14:32 from their error, if you will.
14:35 And as he read the Bible from cover to cover,
14:40 from Genesis to Revelation, what do you think happened?
14:44 God transformed his life by the creative power of His word.
14:52 And this young man accepted the Lord as his Savior.
14:57 Then he had to go and tell his wife.
14:59 And he was so worried about sharing this
15:02 information with his wife.
15:03 But when he went to her he said, Do me a favor, read this book.
15:10 And she sat down and read it, and guess what happened?
15:14 She became an Adventist Christian.
15:17 Then, horror of horrors, he had to go tell his father,
15:21 who was a professor, a very high intellectual man
15:26 who made fun of Christians.
15:28 And he said, Dad I know you're not going to believe this,
15:31 but I've read this book, and there's something here.
15:36 Please read it for me.
15:38 His father read the book.
15:40 What do you think happened?
15:42 He became an Adventist Christian.
15:45 And then, now he has to tell his wife.
15:50 But the point of this story, and the bottom line is that all
15:55 became Christians by reading the word of God.
16:00 God has designed the potential of the harvest to be
16:05 wrapped inside the seed.
16:07 And it is the same in the natural realm; the potential of
16:14 the harvest is in the seed.
16:15 If I plant corn here what am I going to get?
16:18 If I plant wheat here, what am I going to get?
16:21 Why? Because the potential of the harvest is in the seed.
16:26 And it is the same for you, it is the same for me.
16:30 The potential, all of our potential,
16:33 is wrapped inside God's word.
16:36 Please turn to James 1:21, James 1:21.
16:47 While you're turning there, I'll just explain to our watching
16:52 audience the reason I'm not holding a Bible in my hands.
16:55 This is the word of God that is written in here, but the reason
16:58 I'm not holding a Bible is because I'm nursing two torn
17:02 ligaments, and a double fracture that's still not quite healed.
17:06 And it's just a little too heavy for me.
17:09 James 1:21, James writes, Therefore lay aside all
17:15 filthiness and overflow of wickedness, and receive with
17:20 meekness, with humility, the implanted word, which is able
17:28 to save your souls.
17:31 The word of God has saving power.
17:35 And, you know, the Apostle Peter told new Christians that they
17:41 should desire the milk of the word and grow thereby.
17:46 What is the milk of the word?
17:48 It is the basic fundamentals of the word.
17:50 We would call it our 28 fundamental beliefs.
17:54 That is the milk of the word.
17:57 But the book of Hebrews tells Christians who've been in the
18:01 family for a while, basically the writer's saying, Grow up!
18:07 You shouldn't just be living off the milk.
18:10 Now it's time to get in the solid food of the word so that
18:16 you can discern between good and evil.
18:19 And the solid food of the word is the advanced
18:23 principles of godliness.
18:24 So here's my question: Are we progressing in knowledge
18:30 and spiritual power to the degree, or as rapidly as we
18:39 have the privilege to because of the word of God?
18:42 I have, Mollie Steenson always tells me that
18:47 I have a merry heart, a Mary's heart.
18:50 And I'm speaking of Mary and Martha.
18:52 I love, Jill like you, I love to sit at the feet
18:58 of the Lord and study.
19:00 I love the word of God.
19:03 But you know what?
19:04 We live in a Martha world, don't we?
19:07 And so often I find myself, like Martha, in the kitchen,
19:12 as it were, rattling the pots and pans.
19:14 You can be in ministry and get so busy with everything that
19:20 you're doing for the Lord that you allow it to rob you
19:24 of your personal time.
19:26 And you know that as well, John, that when we are in the
19:30 ministry, we've got to really protect the time.
19:34 Because we can be so busy doing what's good,
19:38 that we're not doing what's best.
19:41 But we need to be like the Berean's of Acts 17.
19:45 And we need to, the Scripture says, that they received the
19:51 word of God with readiness, and they searched the Scriptures
19:55 daily to prove that it was true.
19:58 So Paul would tell us, Let the word of God dwell in you richly.
20:04 That means we have to meditate on it.
20:07 That means we have to abide in it.
20:10 And to abide in God's word means to be living in God's word.
20:18 And I always tell people, believing in
20:22 means to be living in.
20:25 So tonight what we want to look at is, how do we abide
20:30 in God's word to make it our own?
20:33 And I've got seven points that we're going to...
20:35 Hopefully we'll get through all of these points.
20:38 Let me begin with 1. To make God's word our own we must plant
20:46 the seed in good soil.
20:49 And that is a heart that is ready to receive.
20:53 Turn to Hosea 10, Hosea, the first book after Daniel.
20:58 We've got to have a heart that is ready to receive the word.
21:05 And not just go to the word with a stony heart, but we need
21:10 to look at what Hosea said in chapter 10, and verse 12.
21:15 Because this is the beginning of making God's word our own.
21:20 Hosea 10:12 says: Sow for yourself righteousness,
21:29 reap in mercy; break up your fallow ground: for it is time to
21:36 seek the Lord, till he comes and rains righteousness on you.
21:42 How do we break up the fallow ground of a heart that's maybe
21:48 hardened in some area?
21:50 We go before the Lord confessing our sins,
21:54 and asking for forgiveness.
21:56 And we know that anytime we confess our sins,
22:01 He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins,
22:03 and cleanse us of all unrighteousness.
22:05 To break up the fallow ground we enjoy the joy of repentance.
22:12 I remember once when, Joe, we were talking, and I talked about
22:16 the joy of repentance.
22:19 And he said, What?
22:21 Here is why repenting is so joyful.
22:26 If I am headed in the wrong direction, away from the Lord,
22:31 and I stop and I confess my sins, it is God who gives me the
22:37 power to turn around and return to my loving Heavenly Father,
22:42 who's got His arms open wide to receive me.
22:46 There is true joy in repentance.
22:48 And then we need, before we even open the word,
22:53 to pray to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
22:56 Because the word of God is spiritual,
23:00 and it is spiritually discerned.
23:02 It is the Holy Spirit who will guide us into the
23:07 truths of God's word.
23:09 Pray for a desire to read God's word.
23:13 I pray daily, Oh Lord, give me an unquenchable desire for Your
23:19 inexhaustible word, Oh Lord.
23:22 And then before I even open the Scriptures I'll pray,
23:26 Lord sanctify me by this word.
23:29 Your word is truth, and I want to be sanctified by this truth.
23:34 Jesus said something that I'm going to read to you from
23:39 the Amplified in Mark 4:24.
23:43 He said to them, Be careful what you are hearing.
23:47 The measure of thought and study you give to the truth
23:51 you hear will be the measure of virtue and knowledge that comes
23:56 back to you, and more besides will be given to you who hear.
24:03 Let me tell you something.
24:04 Any time you see that word hear in the Bible,
24:07 the word is more than listen.
24:11 It is a dynamic word, and it means that you are to put
24:17 into action the words that you are hearing.
24:22 So the second point is this: to make God's word our own,
24:27 and benefit from its power.
24:29 Go to the word with the purpose of getting to know
24:34 your Heavenly Father, and His plan of salvation.
24:37 Please turn to John 17, John 17.
24:42 The Bible is the primary way that God communicates with us.
24:48 And I have coined my own acronym for the Bible.
24:54 The B I B L E is the best instructions by love's example.
25:01 And when we go to the word of God we need to
25:05 take off our filters.
25:07 Because some of us have been brought up believing that God
25:10 is just ready to zap us.
25:12 That He's up standing, He's standing in front of His throne
25:16 looking down at the world, and He is ready to punish us,
25:21 and judge us for all of our error.
25:24 Take those filters off.
25:26 Go to the word to understand the loving heavenly Father.
25:31 John 17:3. If you're there, John 17:3.
25:37 Jesus said, This is eternal life, that they may know You
25:46 the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.
25:53 If you will go to the word of God, not to answer the Sabbath
25:57 School Quarterly questions, not to just argue doctrine with
26:02 someone and have your reasons ready to defend your purposes.
26:10 But if you'll go to the word of God to get to know the Lord,
26:15 to have a deeper understanding of Him.
26:19 And when Jesus said, Know Him; this is
26:23 eternal life to know Him.
26:25 It's not an intellectual knowledge, but it's living
26:29 in fellowship with Him.
26:31 And as you begin to see how He loves you,
26:34 you'll fall in love with Him.
26:37 We love Him because He first loved us.
26:40 And it will increase the vitality of your
26:43 relationship with Him.
26:44 You know, recently over the last number of years, God has really
26:51 been changing my focus on grace.
26:55 He's been helping me understand what grace is.
27:00 And I recently read through the Old Testament
27:04 with a new filter on.
27:08 I was looking for the God of grace.
27:11 And it is so amazing how different, even the book of
27:15 even the book of Leviticus.
27:18 I loved studying the book of Leviticus.
27:22 It is filled with God's grace!
27:25 And what we have to recognize is that grace comes to us because
27:32 God's heart wells, and overflows with love for us.
27:38 And from that overflowing there is a grace pipeline.
27:42 He is the giver of every good and perfect gift.
27:45 And that grace comes down to us through the grace pipeline.
27:48 And faith is the faucet.
27:51 It's how we tap into the grace pipeline.
27:53 And prayer is how we open that faith faucet.
27:58 And trust is the relationship, or the foundation.
28:02 For the prayer of faith relationship is the foundation
28:06 for trust, and love is the foundation for relationship.
28:11 So the more we understand God's love for us, the greater our
28:17 relationship will be.
28:18 The greater our relationship the more trust we will have.
28:22 The more trust we have the greater the prayer of faith.
28:26 And the... when we have that prayer of faith, we are tapping
28:30 in to God's pipeline, through that faith faucet,
28:35 to receive His grace.
28:37 And grace is more than just unmerited favor.
28:43 It is the divine power of God for salvation.
28:47 His three greatest gifts of grace prove that.
28:51 Do you know what His three greatest gifts are?
28:54 Jesus Christ: For God so loved the world He gave
28:59 His only begotten Son.
29:01 The Holy Spirit that He promised to all believers.
29:06 And the word of God.
29:08 All Scripture was given by God.
29:11 It was God breathed.
29:13 And what we want to do when we go to the Bible is look
29:18 for this God of grace.
29:20 Grow in grace, and in the knowledge
29:23 of our Lord and Savior.
29:25 Now the third point.
29:27 To make God's word our own, we have to go to the word to learn
29:32 who we are in Christ.
29:34 In 2 Corinthians 5:17 the Bible says that we are new creations;
29:41 that the old is gone and the new has come if you're in Christ.
29:46 Well, how well do you know your new identity?
29:51 Do you know who you are now that you've
29:55 become a child of God?
29:59 What an exalted privilege it is to be a child of God.
30:04 And yet so many of us walk around with defeat
30:08 and discouragement.
30:10 God has predestined all who are in Christ to be
30:16 conformed to His image.
30:18 Turn to 2 Corinthians 3:18.
30:22 We want to go to the word because in the word we see a
30:28 reflection of who we are in Christ Jesus.
30:33 We learn this new identity that we have.
30:37 And as we meditate on the word, and apply the word of God to our
30:43 lives, we will be changed.
30:45 2 Corinthians 3:18 says this: We all, with unveiled face
30:53 beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord,
30:58 are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory,
31:04 just as by the Spirit of the Lord.
31:08 What is that saying?
31:10 We go to the word of God and there as in a mirror we see the
31:17 reflection of God's love, of Jesus Christ,
31:22 and who we are in Christ.
31:25 And as we look at this, and we're praying to the Lord,
31:30 Sanctify me by this word.
31:32 Fill me with Your Holy Spirit.
31:34 The Spirit will lead us from one level of God's glory,
31:38 which is His character, to the next.
31:42 Christ in us is our hope of glory. Amen? Amen!
31:48 So as we learn our identity in Him, and the only way to do that
31:54 is by living in His promises.
31:56 We begin to understand that God's plan of salvation is
32:01 absolute total dependence upon Him.
32:05 That's why salvation is a gift, a gift of God's grace.
32:10 There's nothing that we can do to save ourselves.
32:15 Now to make God's, 4. To make God's word our own we need to go
32:22 to the word giving God permission to renew our minds.
32:27 God's word brings increased light and understanding.
32:33 Psalm 119 says, The entrance of Your word brings light;
32:38 it gives understanding to the simple.
32:41 Turn to Romans 12 please, Romans 12.
32:46 As the word of God enters our heart it sheds His light of
32:52 understanding into the confusion of our darkness.
32:55 And it shows us the way out.
32:57 God's word is a lamp to our feet, and a light to our path.
33:02 Romans 12:2. Paul writes and says, Do not be conformed
33:11 to this world: but be transformed by the renewing
33:17 of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable
33:24 and perfect will of God.
33:27 Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
33:33 First of all you'll notice that is a passive verb.
33:37 Be transformed means somebody else is going to
33:39 do the transformation.
33:41 But the renewing of our mind comes by going
33:46 to the word of God.
33:48 The Bible says that He sent His word to heal us, to save us from
33:55 our self-destructive way of life.
33:59 Turn over to John 8 while you're there please, John 8.
34:04 And we're going to talk about the liberating power
34:09 of the word of God.
34:10 Now I'll bet if I say John 8:32 that all of you can almost
34:17 can quote that to me.
34:19 Know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Amen? Amen.
34:26 Not so fast. Not so fast.
34:30 That is what John 8:32 says, but there is a qualifier.
34:38 You cannot separate John 8:31 from verse 32.
34:44 The qualifier is this: Jesus said to those Jews who believed
34:49 Him, If you abide in My word, if you live in My word,
34:57 you are My disciples indeed.
35:00 And then you will know the truth,
35:04 and the truth shall set you free.
35:07 The religious people of Jesus' day, they knew the truth.
35:14 They knew the word of God.
35:16 They memorized. The Pharisees memorized the Pentateuch.
35:20 Now that's some memory.
35:21 But they missed the Lord Jesus Christ.
35:27 They weren't living in His word.
35:31 It was head knowledge and not heart knowledge.
35:35 In His first letters to the Corinthians Paul wrote these
35:43 astonishing words: He says, We have been given
35:49 the mind of Christ.
35:52 You have been given the mind of Christ.
36:00 Can you say that? I have been given the mind of Christ.
36:07 Does that make you feel strange to say?
36:09 You know, even though we've been given this mind,
36:13 we're not drawing on it as we should.
36:15 The Bible records His thoughts and His wisdom.
36:22 The word of God is a reflection of the mind of Christ.
36:28 God endowed His word with life-giving power,
36:34 a creative power, that will reproduce the
36:38 mind of Christ in us.
36:40 And the more word that you have in your heart,
36:44 the more word that you are putting into practice
36:47 day by day, the more you will operate by the mind of Christ.
36:53 We should have the mind of Christ
36:58 and conduct our lives by it.
37:01 And if we do we will be led by the Spirit
37:05 of self-sacrificing love and humility.
37:08 Now the fifth point: to make God's word our own.
37:14 We should go to the word to develop faith.
37:18 What brings faith? Faith comes by hearing,
37:23 and hearing by the word of God.
37:27 When we receive His word, we need to plant His promises
37:33 in good soil, plant His promises, in our heart,
37:36 and apply His instruction through daily practice.
37:42 Remember hearing is dynamic.
37:44 It means that we are putting it into action.
37:47 The vitality of our Christian life directly relates to
37:55 the number of promises that we have in our heart.
37:59 Little word, little faith.
38:03 Little faith, small expectations.
38:09 God wants you, He wants me to increase the measure
38:16 of our expectations.
38:19 Because the measure we use will be measured back to us.
38:23 That is the way faith operates.
38:26 And aren't we wearied by our limited expectations?
38:31 God wants to fill us with love, with joy, with peace,
38:36 and expected hope in His promises.
38:40 He wants to fill us with His power.
38:43 God wants more than anything for you to trust His heart.
38:47 Because trust is the foundation for faith.
38:51 Proverbs 3:5, 6 says, Trust in the Lord... with what?
38:56 ...all your heart; and lean not on your own understanding.
39:01 In all your ways acknowledge Him,
39:03 and He will direct your paths.
39:05 So if we're not leaning on our own understanding,
39:08 what are we to lean on?
39:10 The word of God; God's understanding.
39:15 And this is so important because without faith it is impossible
39:21 to please the Lord.
39:23 So how do we fill our hearts with Scripture to develop faith
39:27 and make God's word our own, so that we will really
39:30 benefit from the power?
39:32 Well, it requires more than a casual reading.
39:36 We need to let the word become our focus.
39:41 We need to let the word become our prayer.
39:45 And we need to let the word become our confession.
39:48 If you will read the word during your prayer time,
39:53 you will find that it leads to prayer.
39:58 I can't pick up the word and read without praying.
40:03 It's like a conversation; God speaking to me,
40:07 and then I'm praying to Him.
40:10 Sometimes I'm praying for an answer, and I'll say,
40:14 Lord, I don't understand this.
40:16 You want, Your 're speaking to me, but I don't understand how
40:20 to put this in practice.
40:21 Sometimes I am claiming a promise,
40:25 and praying it back to Him.
40:27 You know, we can stake our claims on the promises of God
40:32 if we're in Christ.
40:33 Because all of His promises are Yes and Amen,
40:37 if we're living in Christ Jesus.
40:38 And claiming a promise is just recognizing your right to it.
40:43 As children of God all of His promises are ours.
40:49 But to really plug into God's power source, and benefit from
40:56 the power of God's word, we need to make God's creative word
41:02 our own by praying those promises back,
41:07 thanking God when we find something,
41:09 praying it back to Him, and then also by confessing it over
41:14 our life as an affirmation from Scripture.
41:17 Let me give you an example: Philippians 4:13,
41:22 and 2 Corinthians 12:9.
41:25 You can take those two Scriptures and you can confess
41:29 that over your life when you're having a difficult time,
41:32 and you can say, I can do all things through Christ
41:36 who strengthens me.
41:38 He infuses me with His power, and His grace is sufficient,
41:43 for His power is made perfect in my weakness.
41:46 Now I have to tell you a story.
41:48 That is so powerful to do when you're really down in the dumps.
41:53 But we were out in California a few years back, and I had done a
41:57 Friday night meeting, and I was to do three meetings on Sabbath
42:01 at a very large church, about a thousand people.
42:05 And I came home Friday night and evidentially had food
42:10 poisoning or a stomach flu, and it was bad.
42:13 The next morning I got up and I washed my hair.
42:17 I was so sick I could hardly stand up.
42:20 And I remember sitting there and I'm trying to do something
42:23 with this naturally curly hair of mine.
42:25 And I'm sitting, and I kept saying, I can do all things
42:28 through Christ who strengthens me.
42:30 I can do all things through...
42:31 Honey, I can't do this!
42:34 And so J. D. had, on about a thirty minute notice,
42:40 J. D. had to prepare his heart.
42:43 I said, You're going to have to go,
42:45 and you're going to have to speak.
42:47 He said, But they're expecting you.
42:49 And I said, It doesn't matter who they're expecting.
42:52 If the Holy Spirit doesn't show up there's not
42:55 going to be a blessing.
42:56 And I know you're filled with the Holy Spirit.
42:58 But we do want to make God's Scripture,
43:04 His promises our own.
43:06 In 1996 God led me to three Scriptures
43:10 that changed my life totally.
43:12 The reason I'm in ministry today is because of
43:16 these three Scriptures.
43:17 And that is Isaiah 55:11, which God is speaking and He said,
43:23 My word does not return to me void, but it accomplishes
43:28 the purposes for which I sent it.
43:30 And then Jeremiah 1:12.
43:33 He tells Jeremiah, You are correct.
43:37 I am watching over My word to perform it.
43:41 And then Romans 4:17 that says, God gives life to the dead,
43:47 and He calls things that are not as though they already were,
43:53 as though they already existed.
43:55 And we can do that as well.
43:58 As we return God's word to Him in prayer, it won't return void.
44:04 Because we are building a faith and a trust in God.
44:11 And it begins to accomplish the purpose for which He sent it.
44:15 He's watching over His word to perform it; just waiting for
44:20 someone who will accept His testimony by faith.
44:24 And we can be like God.
44:27 God knows the end from the beginning; we can know it, too,
44:32 because it is written.
44:33 And we can call things that are not as though they
44:37 already were by faith.
44:40 So speaking God's word over your life goes beyond claiming.
44:45 It's a confession, a word of faith that says we agree with
44:51 God's wisdom and His counsel.
44:53 And as we confess His word, we're confirming that the word
44:59 of God is our life source.
45:03 It causes us to exalt God's wisdom above human
45:08 wisdom and opinion.
45:10 It causes His way of thinking to become our way of thinking.
45:14 And as we plant God's promises in our heart, and put them into
45:20 practice we're validating His testimony.
45:24 One day I was talking with someone about this and they
45:30 said, You know, when I say these things I know they're not true.
45:35 And I said, Remember you're calling things that are not
45:39 as though they already were.
45:40 This is God's plan for your life.
45:42 This is your destiny.
45:45 God has predestined you to become like Jesus.
45:48 And they said, So you're telling me I just need to
45:51 fake it until I make it?
45:54 And I said, No, no, no.
45:55 I'm telling you you need to faith it until you make it.
46:01 Faith it until you make it.
46:05 There should never be a word that comes out of our mouth
46:09 that is not spoken in faith.
46:12 And when we hear our own voices declaring the wonders of God's
46:18 promises it will re-program our thoughts.
46:21 You know, they have a saying... I used to...
46:23 I went back to college.
46:25 I wanted to get a masters in Computer Science,
46:28 and I took three programming languages in the same semester.
46:31 Not a good idea. I can't tell you how often...
46:35 If anybody's a computer programmer you know.
46:37 There's a syntax, and every one of them has a different syntax.
46:41 And sometimes you separate clauses by a period,
46:44 or by a semicolon.
46:46 And so often I would be at the computer lab till 3 or 4 o'clock
46:51 in the morning with some loop; something that just keeps...
46:54 And I couldn't figure it out.
46:55 And I'd have a period where a semicolon should be.
46:58 But we have a saying that garbage in, garbage out.
47:06 If you program a computer with bad code, it's going to do
47:12 what I was sitting there watching it do.
47:15 It's going to spit out nothing but garbage.
47:18 It won't do the action, or perform the activity
47:23 that you want it to do.
47:24 It has to be good code that's going in.
47:29 When we sit and watch worldly television, when we are reading
47:36 worldly magazines, what are we putting in our mind? garbage.
47:43 Garbage in, garbage out.
47:45 But when we put the word of God in our mind, it reprograms our
47:51 thoughts and His word becomes our testimony,
47:54 our source for truth.
47:56 This helps us plug into His power source,
47:59 and put His word into practice.
48:02 And, you know, practice is very important.
48:04 Faith requires faith actions, because faith
48:08 without works is dead; it is stillborn.
48:12 So we have to be doers of the word and not just hearers only.
48:17 Now 6. To make God's word our own we must go to the word
48:22 to plug into His power source, to develop the divine nature.
48:29 God's word has transforming power.
48:33 Jesus said in John 17:17, in the garden one of His last
48:38 prayers to the Lord, and He said, Oh Lord,
48:40 sanctify them by the truth; Your word is truth.
48:45 What does it mean to be sanctified?
48:48 It means to be set apart for God's purposes.
48:53 It means to be set apart from evil.
48:57 Turn to Hebrews 1.
49:00 When we come to the word we want
49:04 to develop the divine nature.
49:09 But the word of God has more than sanctifying power.
49:16 It has sustaining power.
49:19 And I love this verse: Hebrews 1:3.
49:24 I'm going to read it from the Amplified.
49:27 Hebrews 1:3. He, speaking of Jesus, is the soul expression
49:33 of the glory of God.
49:35 He is the light beam, the out rain, or radiance of the divine.
49:39 He is the perfect imprint and very image of God's nature.
49:44 Stop right there. That verse, that first part of that verse,
49:50 forever changed the way that I read the word.
49:53 Because I grew up believing that Jesus was full of grace
49:59 and mercy, and that God was full of ready to,
50:04 just damnation and judgment.
50:06 And when I got to that I thought, Wow!
50:09 Christ is exactly like the Father!
50:15 Everything Jesus was, the Father is.
50:19 As loving, and compassionate, and non-judgmental;
50:22 that's who God is.
50:24 Jesus was the very image of God.
50:27 But that verse goes on to say that He is upholding,
50:31 and maintaining, and guiding, and propelling the universe
50:36 by His mighty word of power.
50:41 He will uphold and maintain your spiritual life
50:47 by His word of power.
50:49 He will propel you by His word of power.
50:53 That same creative miracle working function that was in His
51:00 word to uphold all things, is how He upholds you.
51:05 Now turn to 2 Peter, because this is one of
51:08 our primary verses.
51:10 God causes the miracle working function of His word
51:16 to reproduce Christ's nature in us.
51:20 This is one of my favorite verses in all of the Bible.
51:26 And someone will say, You say that about a lot of verses.
51:29 But this is right up at the top.
51:32 2 Peter 1. We're going to look at verses 3 and 4.
51:38 And it says, His divine power has given to us all things.
51:43 How many things? All things that pertain to life and
51:49 godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us
51:54 by His glory and virtue. So let's stop here.
51:58 God has already supplied every thing that we need for a life
52:04 of Godliness through our knowledge of Him.
52:08 And it says, Who called us by His glory and virtue:
52:11 Verse 4: by which, by this glory and virtue, have been given
52:18 to us exceedingly great and precious promises:
52:22 so that through these... Through what?
52:27 ...through His exceedingly great and precious promises,
52:32 you may be partakers of the divine nature.
52:37 You partake of the divine nature as you
52:42 partake of God's promises.
52:45 There are thousands of promises in the word of God.
52:49 And let me tell you something, every commandment of God
52:54 is also a promise of what He will do in your life.
52:59 Because God will cause you to be all that He calls you to be.
53:04 Everything that He requires of us He empowers us to do.
53:08 Because He works in us to will and to do His good pleasure.
53:12 So it goes on and says, that through these you may be
53:18 partakers of the divine nature.
53:21 You know, does that just excite you just a little bit
53:25 to think about going to the word of God, looking for His
53:29 promises and saying, Wow, Lord!
53:31 As I partake of this You're going to do a work in me.
53:35 By the creative power of Your word, and Your Holy Spirit,
53:40 You are going to make me like Jesus.
53:45 Hallelujah! That makes me so excited.
53:49 And as we proclaim these promises over our life,
53:53 letting them be our testimony, we will develop a faith
53:58 that believes we're partakers, and we will be transformed.
54:03 7. To make God's word our own, we need to go to the word
54:09 for power to overcome evil.
54:11 It said there in 2 Peter 1:3, 4, not only do you become partakers
54:17 of His divine nature, but we overcome the evil
54:22 that is in our hearts.
54:25 In drawing near to God, and putting His word in our hearts,
54:29 we can escape the clutches of the Devil.
54:32 Ephesians 6 talks about the armor of God.
54:36 And it says that the sword of the Spirit is what?
54:39 the word of God. Do you realize that is the only offensive
54:44 weapon in that whole list?
54:47 So just as Jesus did in the wilderness, when he was
54:53 forty days of temptation, he drew out that sword,
54:56 the word of God, and He said, It is written, man shall not
55:02 live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds
55:06 from the mouth of God.
55:07 So we need to have that weapon available.
55:13 Turn to 2 Corinthians 10, 2 Corinthians 10.
55:18 The word of God, think of it like this: the Bible is the
55:24 sheath that holds the sword.
55:27 The sword that we draw out, the sword of the Spirit,
55:33 is that promise that we have hidden in our heart that we can
55:38 speak at a time of need.
55:41 And 2 Corinthians 10:4, 5 says this: The weapons of our warfare
55:47 are not carnal, but mighty in God for pulling down
55:51 strongholds; casting down arguments, and every high
55:55 thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God,
55:59 bringing every thought into captivity.
56:03 So as we go to the word of God, we will be armed to bring down
56:09 those strongholds in our mind.
56:11 We have to quit leaning on our own understanding.
56:15 We must lean on His word.
56:17 And as we plant His word in our heart, and confess it with our
56:20 mouths we will be changed.
56:23 He will cause us to operate under the influence
56:26 of His understanding.
56:27 He plugs us into His power source, and He gives us the
56:32 strength that we lack.
56:34 A loving God will empower us to do all that He asks of us.
56:39 And as we step out in faith actions, the Holy Spirit will
56:45 empower us to put His word into into practice.
56:48 Let me tell you something.
56:49 The same God who created the world by His word created you.
56:56 God has a passion for you.
57:01 He puts such a value on you that you are worth nothing less
57:08 to God than the price that He paid to redeem you
57:12 with the precious lifeblood of His Son.
57:15 You don't have to be fearful in going before the Lord.
57:20 He desires to give you an abundant life now,
57:24 and a life of glory throughout eternity.
57:28 So hold fast to the word of God, and make it your own.


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