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Heart And Soil

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00:23 Welcome to the 3ABN worship center here in beautiful
00:26 downtown Thompsonville, Illinois where 3ABN is
00:30 broadcasting our annual Week of Prayer.
00:32 There may be a lot of you out there that would like to send in
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01:23 We have an exciting message tonight; an exciting speaker.
01:28 My friend, Pastor Elder Jim Gilley, President of 3ABN is
01:32 our speaker for tonight.
01:33 And his sermon title is, Heart and Soil, What Are You Made Of?
01:37 But first Week of Prayer, what would it be if we did not pray?
01:43 So what I've been asked to pray for here tonight is first the
01:48 hurricane that's ravaged the Caribbean, and also the northeast
01:51 and also the northeast United States; claiming so far
01:55 at least 84 precious lives.
01:58 Also prayer for the possibility of a new storm, a nor'easter
02:03 hitting the same northeastern states this coming Wednesday.
02:07 Next we want to pray for the unity, and the leading of the
02:12 Holy Spirit in tomorrow's elections.
02:16 Will you join me as I pray, all over the world?
02:20 Father, we pray for all those who lost loved ones and family
02:25 during this devastating storm, and all that were
02:29 injured as a result.
02:30 Lord we ask for divine intervention in their lives.
02:34 We ask for electrical power and gas services to be
02:38 restored expediently.
02:39 Sir, we ask that the result of this natural storm will be a
02:44 spiritual awakening for all of us in America.
02:47 Because Your word says in Psalm 148:8, A storm of wind
02:52 fulfilling His word.
02:53 So Father, fulfill Your word in every life as You watch over
03:00 and protect Your people through this upcoming nor'easter,
03:04 and also the clean-up process.
03:08 Now Father, we come before Your throne in prayer for
03:13 tomorrow's elections.
03:15 We lay before You our country, America, the land of the free,
03:22 and the home of the brave.
03:23 We thank You that America is a Christian nation.
03:28 And Your word declares, Blessed is the nation
03:31 whose God is the Lord.
03:32 However, Father, there are a lot of people that have not
03:37 taken their responsibility for this great nation
03:39 of America seriously.
03:41 And it is us, mostly Christians, Your church.
03:47 2 Chronicles 7:14 says, If My people, who are called by My
03:52 name, will humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face,
03:56 and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven,
04:01 and will forgive their sins, and heal their land.
04:05 So many countless e-mail jokes have been sent out when we
04:10 could have been, and should have been praying.
04:14 Lord God please hear from heaven.
04:16 Please forgive us of our sins.
04:20 Please forgive us for a lack of prayer.
04:22 And please heal America.
04:25 In Jesus' name. And everybody said, Amen.
04:31 It's truly an honor to introduce our president and my friend,
04:36 Jim Gilley, tonight.
04:39 I love to hear Jim Gilley preach.
04:41 One of the reasons is because to me he's the
04:44 Bob Ross of preachers.
04:46 For those of you who don't know who Bob Ross was,
04:50 he was an American landscape artist, painter.
04:53 And Bob Ross had a thirty minute television program called,
04:57 The Joy of Painting.
04:58 And in just thirty minutes on that program he would paint
05:03 the most beautiful pictures of mountains, and trees, and lakes,
05:08 and pictures of flowing streams, and walk paths beside them.
05:12 And many times he would paint an old abandoned cabin sitting
05:17 off somewhere in a meadow.
05:20 But Bob Ross had another God given gift
05:23 he used as he painted.
05:24 He talked to you and told you stories.
05:28 He made every painting your own little world.
05:35 Before you even knew it, Bob Ross had painted you
05:38 into the landscape.
05:39 And in your minds eye you were walking by that stream,
05:42 or you were dangling your feet in the cool mountain water
05:45 in your own little world.
05:48 You may have been sitting on that old cabin porch, because he
05:53 made that painting so real.
05:55 Being an unashamed Christian, he always ended his
06:01 program with, God bless!
06:04 Jim Gilley has that same gift.
06:06 He's a painter. He doesn't paint landscapes with oil or acrylics.
06:12 He paints portraits.
06:15 And like Bob Ross maybe he should have a program called,
06:19 The Joy of Preaching.
06:21 Jim Gilley paints with the brush of God's word, and his portrait
06:25 is always the same portrait.
06:28 It's always a picture of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.
06:32 As Jim paints that beautiful picture he tells stories.
06:36 I love Jim's stories of Jesus, His love, His mercy,
06:41 and His grace that will become so real that as you listen
06:45 that before you realize it your heart has been painted
06:51 into that image of Jesus Christ.
06:54 And you find yourself walking, and talking with Him
06:58 in your own little world; just you and your Lord,
07:05 and your personal Savior, Jesus Christ.
07:10 So tonight all of you that are watching, all of you that are
07:14 here, all over the world, please allow God to dip the brush of
07:19 His word into your heart, and paint you into that portrait
07:24 of Jesus as Jim Gilley ministers.
07:29 Before Jim comes Melody Firestone will bless us with a
07:35 song from the 3ABN Pillars Hymns project that was recorded live
07:40 right here on this stage.
07:42 And the title of her song is, Near To The Heart Of God.
07:48 God bless!
12:16 Thank you, Melody.
12:18 I really love that song, and it's one that many of us have
12:23 known through the years.
12:25 If you ever listened to the old Voice of Prophecy program,
12:30 you would have heard that song being sung,
12:36 but mainly you would hear H. M. S. Richards, Sr. as he
12:41 would repeat those words, Near To The Heart Of God,
12:46 just before they had their prayer.
12:49 Often the prayer was brought by his father, H. M. J. Richards,
12:55 who was H. M. Richards father.
12:58 And those were days when in reaching out through the media
13:05 was in its infancy.
13:07 Elder Richards had, as a young man, seen a crystal radio,
13:13 and he had thought to himself, This is the way to preach
13:17 the gospel; to get the gospel out.
13:20 Later on there were a couple of television programs that
13:26 came into existence.
13:27 But not until 1984 did a real television network,
13:34 Adventist network come into existence, when God gave
13:40 Danny Shelton the dream to move forward and go around the world;
13:46 planting this seed of truth all over,
13:51 to every continent of the world, and reaching out into places
13:58 where individuals cannot go with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
14:04 Oh what a wonderful day we live in! What a time!
14:11 And, you know, the Lord is talking about this,
14:14 in my way of thinking, when He is talking about
14:18 the parable of the sower.
14:20 We read about it in the 13th chapter of Matthew,
14:24 and beginning with verse 3, it says: Then He spoke many
14:28 things to them in parables saying, Behold, a sower went out
14:34 to sow; and as he sowed, some seed fell by the wayside,
14:38 and the birds came and devoured them.
14:41 And some fell on stony places, where they did not have much
14:46 earth, and they immediately sprang up, because they had no
14:50 depth of earth, but when the sun was up they were scorched;
14:55 and because they had no root they withered away.
14:59 And some fell among thorns; and the thorns sprang up,
15:03 and choked them: but others fell on good ground,
15:07 and yielded a crop, some a hundredfold,
15:13 and some sixty, and some thirty.
15:16 He who has an ear, let him hear.
15:20 Now Jesus had not been speaking a lot in parables before
15:24 we get to this time.
15:26 He had had some, but mostly He had spoken directly.
15:31 But all of a sudden He begins to teach in parables.
15:35 And the disciples say, Why are you doing this?
15:38 Now parables were popular at that time.
15:41 I did a study in a class once on parables, and the parables were
15:47 sort of like stage plays for a lot of people.
15:51 There were those Rabbi's who traveled around who were not
15:54 really necessarily religious, but they were teachers who
15:58 taught different ideas, and they used parables in doing so.
16:02 But Jesus was using the parables for a different reason.
16:08 Would He have been speaking to directly, the Pharisees,
16:12 and the spy's, and the Scribes, and all those that were there
16:15 trying to get evidence against Him?
16:17 They were writing these things down that He was saying.
16:20 But now He decided to veil these things with parables,
16:27 so that those that the Holy Spirit was leading might
16:31 understand, but those that were there to spy, their eyes were
16:36 really closed to the truths that Christ was teaching.
16:42 The parable of the sower is really a parable of the sower,
16:48 but it's also the parable of the soil.
16:51 And last night Shelley Quinn mentioned about the soil.
16:55 And in this whole Week of Prayer we're hoping to build on
16:59 this spiritual idea.
17:00 And this Week of Prayer is something that we're working
17:04 with the General Conference on.
17:05 And with Elder Ted Wilson, who has been advocating,
17:10 and promoting, and encouraging revival and reformation.
17:14 Now the Devil is doing everything he can to keep
17:17 that from happening.
17:18 He's trying to bring up controversy on this subject,
17:22 and controversy on that subject, to divide us.
17:25 Because the Devil is really upset that the church has been
17:30 uniting in revival and reformation.
17:33 And he's going to do everything he can to divide the church.
17:37 Now I want to tell you something.
17:39 Mission unites, but oftentimes theology or
17:48 teachings will divide, and particularly if they are not
17:53 necessarily teachings that the church has been following,
17:57 or the church has been advocating, or that the church
18:00 has gone along with, or that has been accepted
18:03 on a worldwide basis.
18:04 If ever there was a time that we need to pray
18:09 for unity it is now, because the Devil is trying to divide,
18:15 even on some good issues.
18:17 It's not that there's bad issues, and other issues that
18:21 are necessarily good, they can be good issues.
18:25 But if we're divided, even over good things, then we are not
18:32 being able to be used by the Lord for our mission:
18:36 Go ye into all the world.
18:38 Go ye everywhere in the world and proclaim the gospel.
18:43 And that is the mission of 3ABN; to proclaim the
18:50 gospel of Jesus Christ.
18:52 Now I'm actually very intrigued with farming.
18:57 I want you to know that.
18:59 I have been for many, many years.
19:02 I have tremendous admiration for the American farmer
19:07 who raises so much.
19:09 And the way they handle the fields,
19:13 the way the whole thing is done.
19:15 I'm just amazed at some of the new technology, where in the old
19:19 days they used to just plow up those fields, and all that top
19:22 soil would blow all over the place, and now it's very rare
19:27 that you see a field that's actually plowed.
19:29 They come in and just scrape the crop off, you might say,
19:33 and plant another one right on top of it.
19:35 And it's just amazing.
19:37 But this way they're not losing that precious
19:40 topsoil by doing that.
19:42 Now I bought some property from Danny Shelton, who's sitting in
19:48 the back of this auditorium right now, feeling guilty for
19:52 selling me this property.
19:55 That land is not... It's poor soil.
20:03 Because it's been over grazed.
20:06 I asked Charlie Clark.
20:08 I said, Charlie, come over and look at my property.
20:11 Charlie Clark is a master farmer.
20:13 This is a man who has a big farm up in Nebraska,
20:18 and northern part of the country.
20:20 And this is a master farmer.
20:23 He knows farming. He knows soil.
20:27 And he looked at that soil.
20:30 And Charlie is a man of few words.
20:33 But he said a few words right then.
20:38 And he said, This soil is totally depleted.
20:44 He said, You need to take these horses off of it.
20:47 You need, and he began to tell me all that it needed.
20:51 And he told me, he said, It is depleted of nitrogen.
20:55 It needs nitrogen. And he said, It is depleted of lime.
21:01 It needs some lime.
21:02 It needs some phosphoric acid.
21:05 It needs potash. It needs everything, he said.
21:08 Because this soil is poor soil.
21:14 Now you see, the Bible talks about soil.
21:17 It talks about the places where the sower went, and some of that
21:24 seed ends up out there in thorns.
21:27 It ends up out there in the rocky spots.
21:29 It ends up in poor soil.
21:31 But then some of it ends up in the good soil.
21:35 That's what's exciting to me is the good soil.
21:40 And do you want me to tell you something?
21:42 Now Charlie can look at soil and tell if it's good or not,
21:45 but I can't, and probably you can't.
21:51 And we cannot always tell when God has good soil that
21:59 that seed's going into.
22:00 You know, when we hold an evangelistic meeting
22:03 I've had so many people say, The day of evangelism is over.
22:07 You can't hold evangelistic meetings anymore.
22:10 And what are they saying?
22:11 And why are they saying this?
22:13 Because they don't see massive crowds coming.
22:18 But you know something, when we used to get massive crowds years
22:22 ago, way back in evangelism; prior to my birth,
22:26 I can tell you that, they had few decisions.
22:29 People just didn't have anything else to do, so they would go out
22:32 and watch, but they did not baptize, actually, as many
22:35 people as we baptize now.
22:36 And I can prove that statistically by all of the
22:41 different stats from the different conferences.
22:44 They're baptizing more people now than they have
22:48 ever done in history.
22:52 And we say, Well, but the day of evangelism is over.
22:55 And what do we emphasize?
22:58 What do we think about?
22:59 We think about the ones that didn't make a decision.
23:04 We think about those that didn't come to the meetings.
23:08 We think about that poor ground, that stony ground,
23:13 that rocky ground.
23:15 We're looking at that!
23:16 We forget that there's some good ground.
23:19 And when it hits the good ground, the seed, Wow!
23:26 Look what it does!
23:28 You don't have to hit many if you're going to hit something
23:30 like that because it gives back a hundred fold,
23:33 and thirty fold, and sixty fold.
23:35 It gives back a lot more than was planted.
23:39 You see, that is the secret of the sower and the reaper.
23:46 The soil, you know, again we talk about the soil.
23:51 How do you predict what is good soil and what isn't?
23:54 Now you and I, who have been born again,
23:57 we need to be building our soil.
23:58 No question about that.
24:01 We're in a different situation than those who've never
24:05 accepted Christ before.
24:06 And we need to work on our soil.
24:08 We need to be studying the word, we need to be watering it,
24:12 we need to be taking care of those things that cause us
24:15 to grow spiritually.
24:17 But let's look at the other soil.
24:19 Who would have thought that a man living in a cave,
24:25 who, according to his book, was using drugs, sometimes running
24:34 around naked, eating out of garbage cans,
24:38 and living in a cave; who would have thought that was good soil?
24:44 I wouldn't, would you?
24:47 But God did, and He called Doug Batchelor out of
24:55 that kind of thing.
24:57 You see, we don't know.
24:58 We think we can judge soil.
25:00 We can't. God can judge soil.
25:03 But He wants us putting that seed out there.
25:06 You see somebody planted the seed.
25:09 And when that seed was planted it took root.
25:16 I have seen this over and over again.
25:20 And it is amazing to me, because the way this sowing thing works.
25:24 It is so unbelievable the multiplying
25:29 factor that takes place.
25:31 It's just amazing!
25:32 There's a man up in Mount Vernon, right up here,
25:39 up the road, he shares the gospel with a man named Olen.
25:46 Olen shares the gospel with a lady named Goldie, a relative.
25:56 Goldie listens to it, but she doesn't act on it for two years;
26:02 until she gets polio.
26:05 And then she promises the Lord, You heal me and I'll follow You.
26:12 I'll give up singing in country music nightclubs,
26:16 and I'll give my whole life, talent,
26:19 and everything I've got to Jesus.
26:21 And He heals her from polio.
26:24 Now she has some children.
26:28 One of those... And I was just looking through a
26:30 picture today of a book.
26:33 It had a picture of their family,
26:34 and I noticed three boys that were pretty well behaved,
26:39 and one of them that was cutting up.
26:40 She had her hand on top of his head trying to control him
26:43 so they could take a picture.
26:45 And that one's name was Danny.
26:48 And the Lord gave him a dream to begin a television ministry.
26:57 And my friend, you see where that seed...
27:01 You see what happened?
27:02 One man up here in Mount Vernon; the seed is planted.
27:08 He turns around and plants that seed with another person,
27:12 and that person plants it with Goldie.
27:17 She plants it with her children.
27:21 And one of those... All of them are involved in ministry,
27:25 but one of them particularly.
27:27 One of them that God uses him to proclaim this
27:34 message around the world.
27:36 Can you play that back in your mind?
27:40 Back to the original planting of that seed?
27:45 Can you see how delicate it is sometime? the sowing and the
27:49 reaping, how close it is?
27:51 And you say to yourself, What if?
27:55 And you don't even want to think that way.
27:58 But then you see that when God finds that soil, and He plants
28:06 that seed, the fruitage that comes forward, the crops that
28:11 come forward, it's unbelievable what God does!
28:16 And this is what excites me about proclaiming the gospel,
28:20 because, you see, the Lord Jesus has told us that He is the Word.
28:25 He says to us in John 5:24, Most assuredly, I say to you,
28:32 he who hears My word, and believes in Him who sent Me,
28:38 has everlasting life, and shall not come unto judgment;
28:46 but has passed from death unto life.
28:52 That's the proclamation of the word.
28:55 This is the seed: Christ Jesus Himself!
29:00 He's the sower, but He's also the seed.
29:03 And He's asked us to sow that same seed.
29:07 We go over to John 6:63.
29:10 It is the Spirit who gives life.
29:13 The flesh profits nothing.
29:16 The words, He said, that I speak to you are Spirit,
29:20 and they are life.
29:23 And then we look at chapter 7, and verse 37.
29:29 It says, If anyone thirst, let him come to Me and drink.
29:33 And verse 8:38 says, He who believes in Me, as the Scripture
29:39 has said, Out of his heart will flow rivers of living waters:
29:46 Our Lord, Our Savior, Our God.
29:51 The seed planted, the word planted, and what happens
29:57 as that word is taken in to good soil?
30:03 You know, we've seen so many times these meetings happen,
30:07 or something take place, we see it and we say,
30:10 Well, how did that happen?
30:15 It happens because the Holy Spirit is leading
30:19 in the sowing of the seed
30:22 I just recently, two weeks ago, had the funeral of a man,
30:28 and in that funeral, I had looked at his life story
30:34 prior to that funeral.
30:35 This was a man that when he was very young his father
30:41 abandoned the entire family.
30:43 Now this was during the depression. They had nothing.
30:47 They were left in Oklahoma with absolutely nothing.
30:51 And then the mother, who's been left alone gets sick.
30:56 And there's a nurse.
30:57 She can't afford a doctor.
30:59 But she hears about a nurse.
31:00 And she goes to the house of the nurse.
31:03 And the nurse helps her to get well.
31:09 The nurse also shares with her some Biblical truth.
31:14 She shares with her the truth about the Sabbath.
31:20 Now this lady was a Catholic, and she loved
31:24 the Catholic Church.
31:26 She loved her priest.
31:27 And she started studying about the Sabbath.
31:29 And one day she said, I've got to know if this is true or not.
31:34 And she put all those kids in a borrowed car, and got someone
31:38 to drive her to the church.
31:40 And she went in and she asked the priest, Did the Catholic
31:47 Church change the day of worship from Saturday to Sunday?
31:52 And he said, Yes. And she said, Thank you very much.
31:57 She walked out, got into the car, and announced in the car,
32:01 I'm going to become a Seventh-day Adventist.
32:04 She did. Put those three kids in church school.
32:08 They had a rough time, but they were in that church school.
32:11 And then this man committed his life.
32:15 He was one of the three, and he committed his life to becoming
32:20 a minister of the gospel.
32:22 Now this, he was a very talented guy.
32:24 After church school there was no academy around, so he went
32:28 to high school, and he was an All State baseball player.
32:31 He was offered a contract with the major league team,
32:34 and then he was also offered a scholarship to the University of
32:38 Oklahoma, but he decided at a youth congress to give his life
32:44 fully to the ministry.
32:46 And he went to Southwestern and became later a minister.
32:53 So this man's name was Cyril Miller.
32:55 Now you say, Yes, he became a minister.
32:58 So what? So he became a minister.
33:01 But think about the progress of how God used that seed.
33:05 I can tell you life after life that he touched.
33:09 I'm one of those that he encouraged and that he touched.
33:13 But also he had an imaginative mind.
33:18 And he decided that even though he loved the Voice of Prophecy,
33:22 he said, You know, that's not for everybody.
33:25 There needs to be a program that's hard-hitting,
33:27 that doesn't have music in it, and doesn't necessarily even
33:31 begin with a prayer, doesn't sound like a religious program.
33:35 It needs to sound more like a hard-hitting type news program.
33:39 And so he came up with a concept of Amazing Facts.
33:43 He didn't have a speaker.
33:45 He called Joe Crews, and he knew Joe well.
33:50 Joe turned him down at first, and then finally he kept after
33:53 Joe and Joe said, I'll come for six months.
33:56 And after six months he was still going, and he stayed with
34:03 Amazing Facts until Joe went to sleep in Jesus.
34:09 And then remember this, that Cyril, after that, is the one
34:13 that called Doug, or suggested that Doug come.
34:16 Because he had started Doug in ministry when he was in
34:19 the Texas Conference; Doug Batchelor.
34:22 So you see how these things begin to connect together.
34:26 The sowing of the seed; it's amazing folks.
34:30 It's why we cannot stop sowing.
34:33 You see we can't! You're not going to reap if you don't sow.
34:38 And if you're out there sowing, it may not always turn out
34:43 the way you think it's going to turn out.
34:45 You may have an evangelistic meeting that appears
34:48 to be unsuccessful.
34:49 A friend of mine, Marion Kidder, held a meeting like that.
34:53 He only baptized one person in that meeting.
34:58 And I'm sure that the conference looked at it and said, Wow!
35:04 We put a couple thousand dollars into that.
35:08 They didn't put much, but they put a little bit.
35:10 And he only baptized one!
35:11 But that one was Mark Finley.
35:17 And how God has used Mark!
35:19 There was a lady down in Australia, and this lady went
35:24 to an evangelistic meeting.
35:26 And they didn't baptize very many people.
35:28 But they baptized this lady, and she drug her son along with her.
35:32 And eventually John Carter became an evangelist.
35:39 Starting with a meeting that people would have said
35:43 that was a mediocre meeting at best.
35:45 It was not even really all that successful.
35:49 And yet God reached out.
35:52 He saw some soil, and He got that seed into that soil,
35:56 and how it has continued.
35:59 I'm giving you some stories of people you know because,
36:04 my friend, you can see that we must continue
36:07 proclaiming the gospel.
36:09 And the best way that I honestly know of today to proclaim the
36:12 gospel is by television.
36:14 We are sowing the seed constantly.
36:16 The other day Brother C. A. Murray and I were talking
36:22 about New York City.
36:24 New York City, you know there's so many people there
36:29 that even in public evangelism you can get some out.
36:34 And you've got to keep doing public evangelism.
36:36 You don't ever stop doing it, even in New York City.
36:39 But when this day and age, with the Lord coming soon,
36:45 television and radio are the real ways to get back in,
36:50 to behind those doors, in to those houses,
36:54 in to those hearts. It's the way.
36:58 We must continue sowing the seed, and allowing the Lord
37:05 to be the One that finds that good soil that He puts it in.
37:11 I think of another boy up there in Oklahoma.
37:14 There was a man by the name of Henry Morris that liked
37:21 to go door to door.
37:22 And he would give out pamphlets, and he would talk to people
37:28 about the Sabbath, and about Bible truth.
37:33 Well, he went to a lady's house named Mrs. Morgan.
37:36 Mrs. Morgan didn't care a thing about him.
37:41 She took the pamphlet just to get rid of him.
37:44 And she stuck it in the Sears and Roebuck catalog.
37:50 And there was a lady living close by.
37:53 Her name was Laura.
37:55 And she needed to order something from the Sears and
37:58 Roebuck catalog, but she didn't have one.
38:00 So she went next door and said, Mrs. Morgan, do you have a
38:04 Sears and Roebuck catalog?
38:05 She said, Yes, I do. Here, take it!
38:07 She said, Well, I'll bring it back.
38:09 She said, Please do; bring it back.
38:11 And so she took it.
38:13 When she opened it up she found that pamphlet.
38:16 She started reading that pamphlet.
38:19 Now remember, you're planting the seed.
38:22 Henry Morris had planted the seed.
38:26 And Miss Laura began reading it, and she was amazed.
38:31 She ran out into the field and she said to her husband,
38:35 Otto, Otto, let me read this to you.
38:39 And she started reading it to him.
38:42 And her son was standing there, and he was listening to it,
38:48 and he was intrigued.
38:50 She took that pamphlet back to Mrs. Morgan and said,
38:56 Here, this was in the book.
38:57 She said, Oh, you can have that.
38:58 I don't care a thing about it.
39:00 I've read it and I don't care a thing about it.
39:02 Laura said, Oh, this is the most exciting thing
39:05 that's happened to us.
39:06 Is there anybody around that actually
39:08 teaches what this teaches?
39:10 She said, This man came by and she described this gentleman.
39:14 She said, Well, if he comes back tell him to come into our house.
39:18 We'd like to talk to him.
39:19 And he came back. And he began.
39:24 When he found out she wanted to talk he went there,
39:27 and he started Bible studies.
39:30 And the little boy was so interested.
39:35 And he sat and he just hung on every word;
39:39 intrigued with the Bible, even when he was young.
39:42 And Kenneth Cox accepted the message.
39:48 And it happened by somebody handing out a pamphlet.
39:55 You know, 375,000 pamphlets were requested the other
40:06 night from that program.
40:07 And I think there will still be a whole lot more that come in.
40:10 You see what a pamphlet can do in spreading the seed,
40:16 putting the gospel out.
40:18 I tell you if you will take those pamphlets,
40:21 After the Storm, and you put them out, I guarantee you
40:26 there will be those in the kingdom of God as a result
40:32 of their reading those pamphlets.
40:35 Sowing the seed: good ground, bad ground.
40:39 You see, the problem is we want to emphasize the bad ground.
40:42 Oh, we held that meeting and nobody came.
40:45 And we held that meeting and only one person came.
40:47 Or we held that meeting and it really wasn't all
40:50 that big a success.
40:51 You don't know what a success is.
40:54 We'll never know until after Christ comes.
40:59 I think during the millennium we'll be able to look over
41:01 some of these things and be able to say, This was a success.
41:07 We never knew that it was.
41:10 But it was God's way of reaching a certain individual,
41:16 a certain person. You see, we don't know what God's going to
41:24 do when we plant the seed.
41:26 I don't know how many of you ever knew Henry Firerobbin.
41:29 He was an evangelist up in Canada; wonderful man.
41:32 I got to know him.
41:33 In fact, the first time I met Henry Firerobbin was in Jericho.
41:38 I was leading a group.
41:40 He was leading a group.
41:42 And when we were standing there, I was with my group,
41:45 he was with his group.
41:47 And somebody said, one of the guides said, You know, that's a
41:50 Seventh-day Adventist group, too.
41:51 And so Henry and I got together.
41:53 And that's where I met Henry Firerobbin.
41:56 By that time he was holding a lot of meetings, and he was in
42:01 charge of It Is Written, Canada.
42:03 And so he was holding a meeting in one city, and there was a
42:09 young man that came.
42:10 Now if you were to count up the number of people that Henry
42:15 Firerobbin baptized in that city, it was not all
42:19 that big a number.
42:20 But that young man was just, he just loved this message.
42:28 The seed was planted, and Shawn Boonstra gave his life to Jesus.
42:35 And how God has multiplied, and multiplied his ministry.
42:42 In fact all of those... I'm mentioning these because,
42:44 you see, in every single case that has been almost a miracle
42:51 in the way that God reached them.
42:54 But there was somebody out there holding a meeting, somebody out
42:58 there putting out a pamphlet, somebody out there encouraging
43:03 someone to watch a television program,
43:05 or listen to a radio program.
43:07 They were planting the seed, and they were sowing the word,
43:14 and God was reaching through the Holy Spirit,
43:18 reaching out to their hearts.
43:21 It, to me, is such a beautiful, beautiful thing.
43:26 Jesus talks about, and He gives the explanation of the parable.
43:32 He says, Therefore hear the parable of the sower.
43:35 When anyone hears the word of the kingdom and does not
43:38 understand it, then the wicked one comes and snatches away
43:42 that which was sown in his heart.
43:45 And this is he who receives seed by the wayside.
43:49 Remember He said that some was by the wayside.
43:52 But he who received the seed on stony places, this is he who
43:56 hears the word and immediately receives it with joy.
44:00 Yet he has no root in himself, but endures only for a while.
44:05 And for when tribulation, or persecution arises because of
44:10 the word, immediately he stumbles.
44:13 Now he who receives seed among the thorns is he who hears
44:17 the word, and the cares of this world, and the deceitfulness of
44:23 riches choke the word, and he becomes unfruitful.
44:27 But he who receives seed on the good ground is he who hears
44:34 the word, understands it, who indeed bears fruit and produces
44:41 some a hundred fold, some sixty, and some thirty.
44:47 It multiplies! You see, that good ground is what,
44:53 to me, is so exciting.
44:55 We were talking about New York City.
44:57 Years ago I was, a friend of mine and I were
45:04 in Fort Worth, Texas.
45:06 And R. Allan Anderson, the great old evangelist and head of the
45:12 ministerial department of the General Conference was there
45:15 speaking at the camp meeting.
45:17 I knew the connection that my friend had with him,
45:21 and so I encouraged him.
45:23 I said, Let's go down and talk to R. Alan Anderson,
45:25 and you tell him your story.
45:27 And he said, Oh, he won't want to hear it.
45:30 I said, Yes, he will.
45:32 Now R. Allan Anderson went to New York City back in the 50's.
45:37 He held a big crusade in Carnegie Hall.
45:41 It was the most expensive crusade in the history of the
45:45 church at that time.
45:47 It was called a complete failure.
45:52 There were, now there were some people that were baptized,
45:57 because they were like children that they'd been getting ready,
46:00 and so forth, that they would have baptized anyway.
46:03 Some of those were baptized.
46:04 But they could only find two actual new interests that came
46:11 from the advertising, and were involved with that meeting.
46:14 I remembered hearing about that meeting, because the music
46:18 director at the academy and college where I went to school,
46:22 Harold Lickey, had been singing with the
46:26 Faith For Today quartet.
46:27 And they were part of the music for that.
46:30 And he had told me what a difficult meeting that was
46:35 in New York City; a very difficult place.
46:38 Two ladies, grandmothers, gave their hearts to the Lord.
46:44 But you know something?
46:46 The General Conference, local conferences, and all felt like
46:51 that meeting was a complete failure.
46:53 All the money they spent; they expected to crack open
46:57 New York City, but they didn't.
47:00 They felt, This is a total failure.
47:03 So when we went to talk with him, this friend of mine said
47:10 to him, You brought me into the church in New York City.
47:15 Brother Anderson shook his head.
47:18 He said, No, I know who we baptized in New York City.
47:24 And he said, We only baptized two elderly ladies.
47:29 And this fellow smiled and he said, But one of those ladies
47:34 went home and she won her grandson.
47:38 Her grandson, His name was Jim.
47:41 He said, Jim came and shared the gospel with me.
47:47 And we gave our hearts.
47:50 And both of us went into the ministry.
47:53 Jim's name was Jim Londess.
47:55 And the person I was with was Ron Halverson.
47:59 And, you know, how God has blessed Ron's ministry.
48:08 Hundredfold, sixty fold, and this is true with every one
48:13 of these that we've talked about.
48:14 But if you've noticed, every single one of them was
48:18 a miracle, a miracle!
48:21 A miracle of planting the seed, sowing the seed.
48:28 Don't stop sowing the seed.
48:30 Remember when we stop sowing the seed,
48:33 the soul we may have missed could be another Ron,
48:40 another Danny, another Doug, another Kenneth, another Mark,
48:46 another Shawn, another Cyril.
48:50 Cyril who was so creative.
48:54 I started to tell you a little bit about him.
48:56 But he also started the Revelation Seminar organization,
49:00 as well as getting Amazing Facts started.
49:04 And over and over encouraging people out into ministry.
49:09 You see how God uses the seed, how it is planted,
49:16 and how it is used.
49:19 A young man with some friends, goes into a health food store.
49:24 He's eating his sprouts. Amen!
49:31 And somehow the subject of religion comes up.
49:34 He is not that interested in religion, but he begins to talk,
49:40 based first of all on the fact that he and his friends ate
49:45 at this place, and the lady who ran it understood
49:49 the three angels' messages.
49:51 And David Asscherick becomes a Seventh-day Adventist
49:58 Christian; starting in that way, but continuing to study.
50:04 The seed planted. Camille and I just got back from Ukraine,
50:09 and we were just amazed at some of the things that have taken
50:15 place there over the last few years.
50:18 We went there in 1991.
50:21 We went to a place called Dnipropetrovsk.
50:25 There were thirty Seventh-day Adventists meeting
50:31 in a converted house.
50:32 I'll never forget that first night that we were there,
50:37 the first meal that we ate, because they would eat there
50:41 then change things around, change the seats around,
50:44 and that's where they had church.
50:46 The Pastor lived in one room in the back, and his family.
50:51 And this is, this was it: thirty members,
50:54 two and a half million people there.
50:56 We went there and began to hold a meeting.
51:02 Now it was an amazing meeting.
51:07 We began to see people come.
51:12 Then we had to go to two sessions.
51:14 And it began to grow, and the interest was so big, so strong.
51:20 I remembered that when we started I went over to the
51:23 auditorium on the Friday before we started, and I was pointing
51:28 out to the manager that some of the seats were
51:30 broken in the back.
51:31 And he said, You won't need these.
51:34 I said, What do you mean?
51:36 He said, Nobody ever has filled this place.
51:39 He said, You're not going to fill this
51:41 with a religious meeting. No way!
51:44 We won't need to fix these.
51:46 I said, Sir, I believe that God's going to fill this.
51:51 And he looked at me and he said, I'll tell you what.
51:53 If this place fills, I will occupy one of
51:57 these seats myself.
51:58 That's how sure I am it won't fill.
52:01 Not only was every seat taken, every isle was full,
52:08 every wall was lined, every available square foot somebody
52:16 was there on that opening night and throughout.
52:20 We had to go to two sessions.
52:21 We got down to the end; we were only there three weeks,
52:27 and we were very selective in our baptisms.
52:31 We had a Bible class.
52:33 We had everything written out in the Russian language.
52:35 We went through it; we went over it several times,
52:38 so everybody understood what they were going to do.
52:41 And it was a tradition there in that country to even have the
52:45 baptisms on Sunday.
52:46 I wouldn't have the baptism on Sunday.
52:48 I said, No, it's going to be on Sabbath.
52:50 They said, Well, this is too much work to do on the Sabbath.
52:54 I said, I believe this work is acceptable for the Sabbath.
52:58 But I want everybody to know they're being baptized in to
53:01 a Seventh-day Adventist church.
53:03 And we baptized 465 that first time.
53:08 That was the largest baptism in the history of the
53:12 Ukraine at that time.
53:13 And it was amazing what happened!
53:17 And when it was over, I remember that Elder Perlinski,
53:22 who was the old secretary of the Union,
53:26 he leaned over to a translator.
53:29 He said to me, Now the dream has been fulfilled.
53:33 I said, What do you mean the dream?
53:35 I felt there must be something here I don't know about.
53:39 And then he began to tell me.
53:41 And the translator began to say, I've heard this all my life.
53:45 He said that in 1946 they had just about killed, 46 and 47,
53:55 just about destroyed and killed every pastor of the
54:00 Seventh-day Adventist church, or had sent them to Siberia.
54:03 They took sixty of them up there at one time from Ukraine,
54:08 our pastors. They never saw them again.
54:11 Into these hard work camps in Siberia.
54:15 The membership of that church was down now.
54:19 They'd taken their building away.
54:21 But they were down to six little members.
54:25 They would meet in each other's little apartments, and whisper
54:32 those songs, and pray together, knowing that this was just about
54:39 the end for the church.
54:41 Now Dnipropetrousk was a closed city.
54:44 It was a place where the intercontinental ballistic
54:47 missiles were manufactured.
54:48 And they still manufacture this type of thing there.
54:51 This was a city that you could not go into if you were not a
54:57 citizen of the Soviet Union.
54:58 If you were a citizen of the Soviet Union, this is a gated
55:02 city; only three gates into it.
55:06 And if you were a citizen you could only get a three day pass.
55:11 You could not preach the gospel at all.
55:15 You could not baptize.
55:18 They would put you in jail for baptizing somebody.
55:21 There was no way that an American
55:25 could come there at all.
55:26 But one Sabbath morning a lady by the name of Doria came
55:30 to that meeting and she said, last night I had a dream.
55:34 I dreamed that someday a man from America is going to
55:38 come here to our city.
55:40 He's going to preach this message.
55:42 Thousands of people are going to come,
55:44 and hundreds are going to be baptized.
55:46 And while she's saying this, another lady who actually had
55:50 the same name, the same first name, a different last name,
55:53 her name was Doria as well.
55:54 She said, I had the same dream!
55:57 And as they compared notes they said, This has to be from God!
56:02 It has to be from Him.
56:04 And so they encouraged each other with that message.
56:10 And quietly they kept sowing the seed, very quietly.
56:16 But the work in Ukraine never stopped.
56:19 They kept sowing the seed.
56:21 So when we came we didn't know that we were a
56:26 fulfillment of that prophecy.
56:28 We had no idea that that was happening.
56:32 And this one lady was still alive.
56:35 And every night they would take her a recording on a recorder
56:40 that we had provided.
56:42 We brought some recorders.
56:43 Nobody had recorders there.
56:44 We were recording the message, and they would take it home
56:48 and she would listen to it.
56:49 With the translator, I'd be preaching, and the translator's
56:52 translating, and she would hear it,
56:54 and tears flowing down her cheeks.
56:57 But she knew that the seed had been planted,
57:02 and the harvest was there.
57:05 And hundreds, because of the faithfulness of those that had
57:09 continued to be there, the harvest had come forward.
57:14 Someday Jesus is coming again.
57:17 There are going to be millions of people waiting to see Him,
57:20 because you have planted the seed.
57:26 Praise God for His word! Praise God!


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