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Participants: John Dinzey


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00:22 Good evening. Good evening.
00:24 And good evening to you, friends,
00:26 those of you who are watching us on television,
00:28 the internet, or listening on the radio,
00:32 or perhaps your local church is broadcasting this event
00:35 and you're watching us from there.
00:37 My name is Deyvy Rodriguez,
00:38 and I'm part of 3ABN's pastoral staff.
00:41 And whether you are watching us from the United States
00:43 or anywhere else in the world,
00:45 we welcome you to our third night
00:48 of 3ABN's Week of Prayer.
00:50 We have been blessed, haven't we?
00:53 And we will be continued to be blessed tonight
00:56 as we continue listen to inspirational messages
01:00 from various speakers.
01:02 But before we do,
01:03 I like to suggest that Week of Prayer
01:07 isn't really Week of Prayer without prayers,
01:10 would you agree?
01:12 You know, each night, we have been praying
01:14 for a particular subject or topic
01:17 and each one has been very important.
01:22 And tonight, I want to say
01:24 that what we are praying for
01:27 is going to be even most important.
01:29 You know, Jesus said that the Son of Man came to seek
01:33 and save that which was lost.
01:37 Tonight, we will be praying for lost souls,
01:41 souls who are still in darkness,
01:44 souls who are discouraged,
01:47 former church members.
01:48 We are praying for those who lost their first love.
01:52 We're praying for those Laodicean Christians,
01:56 those who need a little spiritual joy
02:00 in their lives.
02:01 You know, the Lord said,
02:03 "If my people humble themselves and pray,"
02:07 there is a condition to God's promises.
02:09 He said if we draw near to Him, He will draw near to us.
02:14 You know, Jesus summarizes the lost
02:17 into three different categories
02:20 with three different parables in Luke 15.
02:24 And He says the parable of the Lost Sheep.
02:29 And this parable represents those who are lost,
02:34 they know that they're lost,
02:37 but they can't find their way back.
02:40 The second parable in Luke 15 talks about the Lost Coin.
02:45 This parable represents those who are lost,
02:48 but they don't know that they're lost.
02:51 And the other parable is the Lost Son
02:54 or the Prodigal Son as we know it.
02:57 And this represents those who are lost,
03:00 they know they are lost,
03:03 they know their way back
03:05 but they don't want to return.
03:09 Perhaps you know someone in one of these categories,
03:12 someone you love, someone very close to you,
03:14 a family member, a friend, a neighbor, a relative.
03:18 We are praying for that person,
03:20 or perhaps I want to say
03:22 that maybe you yourself are in one of these categories...
03:26 You've had a passion for the Lord before,
03:29 there was a burning fire for Jesus
03:31 but now you come to church
03:33 and things seem to be in vain.
03:36 Your heart is empty, you are unhappy,
03:38 but we are praying for you too.
03:42 We want to say
03:43 that we have a prayer line open tonight
03:46 and there will be somebody praying for you.
03:48 If you call our prayer line,
03:49 the number will be appearing on the screen right now
03:52 and that number is 618-627-4651.
03:58 You can press 1 after you hear message
04:00 and someone...
04:01 a person will be praying for you,
04:04 we'll be praying with you.
04:06 That number again is 618-627-4651,
04:11 press 1 after you hear a message,
04:13 or you can email us your prayer request
04:17 at prayer@3abn.org.
04:21 Once again, prayer@3abn.org.
04:24 And we'll certainly be praying for those requests.
04:27 Why don't you join me in prayer?
04:31 Precious heavenly Father, Lord, this evening,
04:33 we humble ourselves before You
04:36 and we thank You, Lord,
04:37 because despite of who we are,
04:40 You never change.
04:41 We thank You, Lord, for the mission of Christ
04:43 that He came to seek and save that which was lost.
04:49 And, Lord, I believe that Jesus is still
04:51 in the business of saving the lost.
04:54 Lord, I believe that Jesus has not yet returned
04:59 because of God's patience towards each one of us.
05:04 Father, I believe that His patience
05:06 is for our salvation as the Bible says.
05:09 And, Lord, we thank You
05:11 because Your patience is still today,
05:14 there's still grace and we're asking, Lord,
05:17 for anyone who has not yet given their life to Christ,
05:21 or still walking in darkness.
05:24 We're praying, Lord, that Your Holy Spirit
05:26 can touch their hearts, can speak to them.
05:30 And, Father, I don't believe in coincidences,
05:32 I believe in divine appointments.
05:35 And, Lord, perhaps there is someone right now
05:36 who was flipping through the channels
05:39 and going through the political news,
05:42 listening on the radio
05:43 and suddenly came across this channel tonight,
05:46 I want to say that the Holy Spirit
05:48 is speaking to this person right now.
05:50 Lord, we don't know if this is the last call
05:54 that this Holy Spirit will make to this person,
05:56 for we don't know what is of tomorrow.
05:59 We're praying for these people, Lord.
06:01 We're praying for all the Christians around the world
06:04 who need to recommit their lives to Jesus.
06:08 We also ask, Lord, for a special blessing
06:11 upon the speaker tonight as he brings the message.
06:14 And we ask it in Jesus' name, Amen.
06:19 Our speaker tonight is John Dinzey,
06:21 he is the general manager of Tres ABEN in Latino.
06:26 You probably caught the Latino part,
06:28 that is 3ABN, Latino.
06:30 And his message is revived
06:32 and ready to cross the word of God
06:34 and the Jordan River.
06:37 But before we do, we like to be blessed
06:39 with a special musical offering
06:41 from the Pillars hymn CD by Yvonne Lewis,
06:45 and that song is titled "In Christ Alone".
07:05 In Christ alone
07:08 My hope is found
07:11 He is my light, my strength, my song
07:16 This cornerstone, this solid ground
07:21 Firm through the fiercest drought and storm
07:26 What heights of love,
07:29 What depths of peace
07:31 When fears are stilled, and strivings cease!
07:37 My comforter, my all in all
07:42 Here in the love of Christ
07:45 I stand
07:54 In Christ alone,
07:57 Who took on flesh
08:00 Fullness of God in helpless babe!
08:05 This gift of love and righteousness
08:10 Scorned by the ones He came to save
08:16 Till on that cross as Jesus died
08:21 The wrath of God was satisfied
08:26 For every sin on Him was laid
08:32 Here in the death of Christ I live
08:57 There in the ground His body lay
09:03 Light of the world by darkness slain
09:07 Then bursting forth in glorious day
09:13 Up from the grave He rose again
09:18 And as He stands in victory
09:23 Sin's curse has lost its grip on me
09:29 For I am His and He is mine
09:34 Bought with the precious blood of Christ
09:47 No guilt in life, no fear in death
09:52 This is the power of Christ in me
09:57 From life's first cry to final breath
10:03 Jesus commands my destiny
10:08 No pow'r of hell, no scheme of man
10:13 Can ever pluck me from His hand
10:21 Till He returns to take me home
10:26 Here in the pow'r of Christ
10:29 I'll stand No power of hell,
10:34 No scheme of man
10:36 Can ever pluck me from His hand
10:47 Here in the pow'r of Christ
10:54 I'll stand
11:10 Amen, praise the Lord.
11:12 We praise the Lord for the talent
11:14 He gives to His children
11:16 and that message,
11:17 it's all that we can say in this program,
11:20 "In Christ alone", Christ alone.
11:23 Well, it's a pleasure for me to study God's word with you.
11:26 I would like to invite you to pray
11:27 at this time once again.
11:29 I know we prayed, but I would like to approach
11:31 the Lord in prayer again.
11:32 I'm gonna kneel and I'm gonna ask for you to pray for me.
11:35 And let's pray for each other
11:36 as we ask for the Lord's blessing.
11:42 Our loving heavenly Father,
11:45 we thank You so much, Lord, that we can trust in You.
11:49 And, Lord, in this moment, I humble myself before You,
11:54 and I give myself unto You,
11:56 and I surrender to You, Lord,
11:58 that You may do according to Your good pleasure.
12:02 I pray that Your Holy Spirit will be poured out.
12:05 I place myself in Your hands
12:06 that Your name may be glorified
12:09 and that Your words may be spoken.
12:10 We pray, Father, that You will give us
12:12 a message from heaven.
12:15 And we ask it in Jesus' name.
12:17 Amen. Amen.
12:21 The people of Israel were before
12:23 the borders of the Promised Land.
12:26 And Moses was told by God
12:29 to choose one person from each tribe
12:34 to go and spy out the land.
12:37 And so it was that they went
12:39 and spent 40 days spying out this land.
12:43 This was the land of promise,
12:45 a land that flowed with milk and honey.
12:48 And if you considered,
12:49 the people of Israel had been in bondage
12:52 for 400 years,
12:54 400 years of suffering.
12:56 And now, God brought them to a land that He promised,
13:00 telling them, "This is the land that I have for you."
13:04 Wouldn't you want to go to the land
13:06 that the Lord has for you?
13:07 Would you say amen to that? Amen.
13:09 Oh, yes, and there they were.
13:10 The moment had come and the spies,
13:13 they were anticipating the moment to hear
13:15 the report of the spies.
13:17 And I can almost see the people
13:19 that as they saw them coming
13:21 and saw what they were bringing,
13:23 they got excited, Hey,
13:25 this land has things that we could use.
13:27 We've been eating manna for a long time
13:29 but now, they came with grapes,
13:34 and pomegranates, and figs.
13:36 And if you consider there,
13:39 the invitation of the Lord was from Numbers 13.
13:42 And there in Numbers 13:23, it says,
13:46 "And they came unto the brook of Eshcol,
13:49 and cut down from thence a branch
13:51 with one cluster of grapes,
13:53 and they bare between two upon a staff,"
13:56 that's how big it was,
13:57 "and they brought of the pomegranates,
13:59 and of the figs."
14:01 And they told him, and said,
14:02 "We came into the land whither thou sent us,
14:05 and surely, it floweth with milk and honey,
14:09 and this is the fruit of it."
14:12 Oh, there was excitement in the camp
14:14 as they saw these, the fruits.
14:17 Now, they went from good news to bad news.
14:22 And the bad news starts
14:25 in Numbers 13:28.
14:28 "Nevertheless the people be strong
14:31 that dwell in the land,
14:33 and the cities are walled, and very great,
14:37 and moreover we saw the children of Anak there."
14:40 And so once they started hearing those things,
14:43 fear came upon the people
14:44 because the children of Anak were giants.
14:48 So now, they're envisioning giants,
14:50 and walls, cities,
14:53 an obstacle too great for them to overcome
14:56 from the human standpoint.
14:59 And when we look from the human standpoint,
15:01 with human eyes,
15:02 things can seem out of reach for us,
15:06 but not all were
15:09 in that same category of bad news.
15:13 They continued by saying,
15:15 "The Amalekites dwell in the land of the south,
15:16 and the Hittites, and the Jebusites,
15:19 and the Amorites, dwell in the mountains,
15:21 and the Canaanites dwell by the sea,
15:23 and by the coast of Jordan."
15:26 It's like we have no hope to get in there.
15:30 And Numbers 13:30 says,
15:32 "And Caleb stilled the people before Moses, and said,
15:36 Let us go up at once, and possess it,
15:39 for we are well able to overcome it."
15:42 And so it was a bold,
15:45 courageous statement of faith,
15:47 "We are well able to possess it."
15:51 And when God goes before us,
15:53 they had heard the promise that the God said,
15:56 "I'm gonna give you a land
15:58 that flows with milk and honey."
16:00 So they took God at His word.
16:02 "We can go and possess this land."
16:06 Unfortunately,
16:08 when they were outnumbered,
16:09 ten against two,
16:14 the people feared...
16:16 And if you look at Numbers 14...
16:20 Actually, I would like to read Numbers 13:32,
16:23 so you can see
16:24 how they even went a little further
16:27 with what their statements were.
16:28 "And they brought up an evil report of the land
16:31 which they had searched
16:32 unto the children of Israel, saying, "The land,
16:35 through which we have gone to search it,
16:37 is a land that eateth up the inhabitants thereof,
16:40 and all the people that we saw are men of great stature.
16:44 And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak,
16:47 which come of the giants,
16:48 and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers,
16:53 and so we were in their sight."'
16:55 And it was a terrible thing to hear.
16:57 All their hopes they had put on this report
17:01 and now they're hearing
17:02 there are giants in the land, there are...
17:05 "And it's terrible, we can't go there,
17:07 let's not do this, this is terrible."
17:10 And their hopes were dashed as we hear.
17:14 Now when you go into Numbers 14,
17:18 it just gets worse and worse.
17:20 Notice what Numbers 14:1,
17:23 "And all the congregation lifted up their voice,
17:26 and cried,
17:27 and the people wept
17:30 that night."
17:32 And so it was that all night,
17:36 the people were crying and wailing
17:39 about what they came back with.
17:43 And they even said,
17:44 "Would to God that we had died
17:46 in the land of Egypt,
17:48 or died in the wilderness!"
17:51 And so in Numbers 14:4,
17:55 they even boldly said,
17:59 "And they said one to another,
18:00 "Let us make a captain,
18:02 and let us return into Egypt."'
18:05 What was in Egypt for them?
18:08 Slavery!
18:09 They prefer to go back to that
18:11 rather than do God's will.
18:15 This is how fearful they were.
18:18 And it's wonderful to hear
18:21 that even though they heard
18:23 these reports, Caleb and Joshua,
18:25 and they were not discouraged.
18:27 They didn't despair.
18:29 Once again, they're making appeal,
18:32 and there in 14:7,
18:34 "And they spake unto
18:35 all the company of the children of Israel,
18:37 saying, "The land,
18:39 which we passed through to search it,
18:40 is an exceedingly good land.
18:44 If the Lord delight in us,
18:46 then he will bring us into this land,
18:48 and he give it to us, a land
18:50 which flows with milk and honey.
18:53 Only rebel not against the Lord,
18:56 neither fear ye the people of the land,
18:58 for they are bread for us.
19:03 Their defense is departed from them,
19:04 and the Lord is with us, fear them not."
19:07 Unfortunately, if you keep reading,
19:09 you will see that the people,
19:11 it's like they heard nothing.
19:13 They started to grab stones
19:14 to stone God's messengers.
19:18 And I wonder, if today, sometimes,
19:20 when God's messengers come to deliver a message,
19:25 sometimes the members, the people want to stone them.
19:29 And they don't sometimes pick up literal stones,
19:32 sometimes words are used
19:34 to try to destroy God's messenger
19:36 and discredit the messenger.
19:38 When the messenger comes from a message from God,
19:43 it's not the messenger you're discrediting, it's God.
19:47 And so we must be careful when we hear a message,
19:51 and let us be careful not to dismiss it
19:55 as though it was a message from man.
19:57 If there's a "Thus saith the Lord,"
19:59 and it's biblical,
20:00 we need to hear it and we need to follow it.
20:02 Amen? Amen.
20:05 Unfortunately, the people
20:06 did not want to hear God's message
20:08 and God told them that after every single day,
20:12 they were in their spying of the land, 40 days,
20:15 you're now gonna have to wander for 40 years
20:18 around this wilderness.
20:20 God was willing to take them into the Promised Land.
20:24 I mean, they could just taste it.
20:26 They could almost smell it,
20:27 and when they bring all these things to them,
20:32 they could almost taste it.
20:35 So close, and unfortunately as they say so far,
20:40 because their heart was not ready.
20:41 Unbelief overtook them.
20:45 And I'm sorry to say that it is because of unbelief
20:49 that we are still here in this world.
20:54 God has told us,
20:57 "Go, ye, and preach the gospel to all the world."
21:01 But unbelief, the cares of this world,
21:04 the things of this world have God's people
21:08 almost in a stupor
21:11 as mummified.
21:14 And Satan is gaining ground upon God's people,
21:18 and God's people need to awake
21:20 because we are on the borders
21:22 of the Promised Land.
21:26 If you keep reading, we're not gonna dwell on that,
21:28 the people after they heard what God said
21:30 that you're gonna have to wander around for 40 years,
21:33 the next morning, all of a sudden,
21:34 they had courage they did not have before.
21:37 "Let's go in there and takeover this country.
21:39 We can do it. Let's do it, let's do it."
21:41 And Moses said, "Don't do this, don't do this.
21:44 God is not with you, don't do it."
21:47 And they went anyway and unfortunately,
21:50 they were defeated.
21:51 They were defeated.
21:53 But now, let's fast forward to the time
21:56 when Joshua
21:59 is made leader of the people of Israel.
22:01 Moses had died,
22:03 and God chose Joshua
22:06 to lead the people of Israel.
22:11 And if you look at Joshua's name,
22:14 it means Yahweh saves.
22:18 There is salvation in God.
22:22 That's what his name means.
22:24 And God chose Joshua
22:25 to lead the people of Israel
22:27 across the River Jordan.
22:30 Forty years before,
22:32 they were fearful to go in.
22:36 And once again, two spies are sent in,
22:41 and they come back,
22:43 and they said, "The people are already afraid of us.
22:46 We can go over and take this place over.
22:49 The people are afraid of us."
22:51 And so it was that
22:54 all the people
22:56 that were fearful in unbelief
22:59 died in the wilderness.
23:00 They did not have the blessing
23:02 of entering the Promised Land.
23:07 So close and yet so far.
23:10 There's a statement in the book,
23:12 Steps to Christ.
23:14 I didn't think of quoting it,
23:15 but it goes something like this.
23:17 "Many people will perish
23:21 wishing and wanting to be Christians,"
23:24 but they do not make a decision to be Christians.
23:29 They don't follow through with their desire,
23:33 and they will perish
23:35 because they don't choose to follow Jesus,
23:38 they don't take of their cross and follow Jesus,
23:40 they don't believe unto salvation.
23:45 Still though, we must carry the message
23:48 to every corner of the world.
23:50 The Bible says that the message is gonna go to every kindred,
23:54 tongue, and people.
23:55 And I praise the Lord for 3ABN.
23:57 I've told this many times.
23:59 My wife hears it while we go to different places.
24:02 I rejoice to know
24:05 that when I go to bed at night,
24:08 the gospel is being preached on 3ABN.
24:11 Other channels are doing it,
24:13 but I rejoice to know
24:14 that I'm going to bed and perhaps during the night,
24:17 many came to Jesus Christ
24:19 because the message on 3ABN never stops.
24:23 The message must go out every minute of the day
24:25 because time is short.
24:30 In Joshua 1:5, God promises to Joshua,
24:34 "There shall not any man
24:38 be able to stand before thee
24:41 all the days of thy life.
24:43 As I was with Moses, so I will be with thee.
24:47 I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee."
24:51 Verse 6, "Be strong and of good courage,
24:54 for unto this people
24:55 shalt thou divide for an inheritance the land,
24:58 which I sware unto the fathers to give them."
25:02 Verse 7, "Only be thou strong and very courageous,
25:06 that thou mayest observe to do according to all the law,
25:11 which Moses my servant commanded thee.
25:14 Turn not from it to the right hand
25:17 nor to the left,
25:18 that thou mayest prosper withersoever thou goest."
25:22 And what God says to Joshua, He says to us.
25:25 "I will be with you.
25:27 Be strong and of good courage."
25:32 God promises the same thing to us.
25:35 Consider the message of Jesus.
25:36 He said to His disciples,
25:37 "Lo, I will be with you always,
25:41 even unto the end of the world."
25:43 There's no break in time when Jesus said,
25:45 "I won't be with you on Sunday mornings.
25:48 I won't be with you on Monday when you go to work.
25:51 No, I will be with you always,
25:53 even unto the end of the world."
25:54 So we can go with confidence that wherever we go,
25:59 God will be with us.
26:01 And so it is that God's people today
26:04 have a never failing leader
26:08 in Jesus Christ.
26:12 And so in Joshua
26:16 3:5,
26:20 God sends a message
26:22 to the people of Israel through Joshua.
26:25 In Joshua 3:5, God says,
26:27 "And Joshua said unto the people,
26:30 "Sanctify yourselves,
26:33 for tomorrow the Lord
26:35 will do wonders among you.""
26:39 Praise the Lord.
26:41 Isn't that good news?
26:44 But before the Lord does wonders among you,
26:47 you must sanctify yourself.
26:50 What does that mean to sanctify yourself?
26:53 To sanctify means to set apart.
26:55 So yourself, you're setting yourself
26:57 apart from evil.
27:01 That's why you see in Isaiah 1, God tells the people,
27:04 and I marvel at Isaiah 1.
27:07 I want to pause for a moment
27:10 in our study and go to Isaiah 1,
27:13 because I want to highlight again God's mercy.
27:17 In Isaiah 1,
27:19 we have a message from God
27:22 that helps us understand
27:24 the magnitude of His mercy.
27:28 Notice in Isaiah 1:4.
27:32 I'm gonna read a few verses here
27:33 and there in Isaiah 1,
27:34 so you can see the condition
27:36 of the people of Israel at that time,
27:40 which maybe the condition of His children today.
27:44 Verse 4, "Ah, sinful nation,
27:48 a people laden with iniquity,
27:50 a seed of evildoers,
27:52 children that are corrupters,
27:55 they have forsaken the Lord,
27:57 they have provoked the Holy One of Israel unto anger,
28:01 they are gone away backward."
28:04 Is there any of that today?
28:06 Yes, there is.
28:08 Verse 5, "Why should ye be stricken any more?
28:12 Ye will revolt more and more, the whole head is sick,
28:15 and the whole heart faint."
28:17 Notice verse 6,
28:19 "From the sole of the foot even unto the head,
28:22 there is no soundness in it,
28:24 but wounds, and bruises,
28:26 and putrifying sores, they have not been closed,
28:31 neither bound up,
28:32 neither mollified with ointment."
28:34 And so that's the condition of the people,
28:36 that's how horrible they were,
28:37 from the sole of the foot to the head,
28:40 wickedness, evil,
28:42 laden with iniquity.
28:44 And you would think God would say, "You just...
28:49 There's no hope for you.
28:50 I'm sorry." And walk away.
28:52 But no, when you continue reading in verse 16,
28:56 you have this invitation from the Lord,
28:59 "Wash you, make you clean,
29:03 put away the evil of your doings
29:05 from before mine eyes, cease to do evil.
29:08 Learn to do well,
29:10 seek judgment, relieve the oppressed,
29:13 judge the fatherless, plead for the widow."
29:16 "Come now, and let us reason together," saith the Lord,
29:20 "though your sins be as scarlet,
29:21 they shall be as white as snow,
29:24 though they be red like crimson,
29:25 they shall be as wool."
29:28 Notice verse 19,
29:30 "If ye be willing and obedient,
29:34 ye shall eat of the good of the land."
29:38 Praise the Lord.
29:40 This is the message for God's people today.
29:42 You know, it's unfortunate
29:44 that there are those preaching out there
29:47 that they say, "The Ten Commandments,
29:48 you don't have to obey those,
29:50 they were nailed to the cross."
29:54 And I ask,
29:55 "What was it that put us
29:58 in this terrible condition that we're in."
30:00 Was it obedience or disobedience?
30:03 Adam and Eve disobeyed.
30:06 God is not gonna bring people into heaven
30:08 that are going to turn their backs on His law.
30:11 God is not gonna bring people that are willing to say
30:13 Your law has been put away.
30:16 That's like saying,
30:17 we can do whatever we want.
30:20 There is no restraint, there is no limit.
30:25 Unfortunately, somebody
30:26 has taken that a little further.
30:30 And there is an individual
30:31 that claims to be Jesus Christ
30:32 and He said...
30:34 He doesn't even say there is no law.
30:36 He says, "There is no sin. Sin doesn't exist anymore."
30:39 So, he is not only throwing away the law,
30:42 he says, there is no sin.
30:44 There is nothing to judge by which there is sin.
30:47 And unfortunately, hundreds of people,
30:50 thousands of people are following this guy.
30:54 And it's sad to see
30:56 that even people are turning
31:00 their backs on the Bible.
31:03 When we have Jesus telling His children,
31:06 "If you love Me,
31:08 keep My commandments."
31:11 What do we have here in Isaiah 1?
31:14 "If you be willing and obedient,
31:16 you will eat of the good of the land."
31:19 And praise the Lord that the Promised Land,
31:23 there is gonna be a lot of good there.
31:27 I praise the Lord, my wife is a great cook.
31:31 But when we get to heaven,
31:35 everything is gonna taste good.
31:37 Nothing will be burned, nothing will be salty.
31:39 "Oh, I can't eat this."
31:40 No, everything delicious.
31:46 I think, we gotta have a little taste of heaven
31:47 before we get there.
31:50 Let's go back to Joshua
31:52 and the people of Israel.
31:56 In Joshua 5:14,
31:59 Joshua encounters an individual
32:02 and he said, "Who are you?
32:03 Are you for us or against us?"
32:06 Joshua was ready to fight
32:08 but there in Joshua 5:14,
32:11 and he said, "Nay,
32:15 but as captain of the host of the Lord
32:17 am I now come.
32:20 And Joshua fell on his face to the earth,
32:22 and did worship,
32:23 and said unto him,
32:25 what saith my Lord unto His servant?"
32:28 Now, here we have Joshua
32:30 worshiping this person,
32:32 which we must understand that it is...
32:35 it must be Jesus.
32:38 Because we have in the Book of Revelation,
32:40 John the Baptist, uh, John the disciple
32:43 about to bow down to an angel
32:46 and the angel says, "Don't do it.
32:48 Don't do it.
32:50 I am a fellow servant, worship God."
32:54 And here Joshua is rightfully worshiping God,
32:58 yes, He didn't have...
32:59 Jesus didn't have the name of Jesus at this time
33:01 but there He is,
33:04 presenting Himself as captain of the host of the Lord,
33:07 "Am I now come," He says in Joshua 5:14.
33:10 "Joshua fell on his face to the earth,
33:12 and did worship, and said unto him,
33:13 what saith my Lord unto His servant?"
33:15 And verse 15, "And the captain of the Lord's host
33:18 said unto Joshua,
33:20 Loose thy shoe from off thy foot,
33:22 for the place
33:23 whereon thou standest is holy.
33:26 And Joshua did so."
33:28 And so it was that he was instructed
33:30 as to how he should lead the people
33:33 and it was going to be a magnificent victory.
33:36 The people were going to see
33:38 that it was not by might nor by power
33:41 but by God's power that it was going to happen.
33:44 So that no man can come walking away, "I did it.
33:47 I slain 500 men.
33:49 I just took my sword and cut and slashed and..."
33:54 No.
33:56 Like him, I don't know,
33:58 I'm sure you'd imagine the same thing
34:00 that as they saw the people of Israel
34:03 marching around the walls.
34:04 What's going on with those people?
34:07 And they go around the wall once
34:10 and they go back home.
34:12 "Huh, what? We thought we were gonna fight."
34:14 Next day, "Here they come again,
34:15 get ready, get ready."
34:17 And there they come marching,
34:20 marching
34:22 and again they go back home.
34:24 "Oh, that's strange. What's wrong with these people?
34:26 Maybe they are afraid of us."
34:28 And the third day, they come back again,
34:30 six days, the same thing.
34:33 And I'm sure, after a while they started poking fun at them
34:37 and...
34:39 but they didn't know
34:41 that God was preparing these people
34:44 for a great victory.
34:48 A great victory was about to take place.
34:51 And when we read in Joshua 6:2,
34:54 they were instructed to do this.
34:56 "And the Lord said unto Joshua, See,
34:58 I have given into thine hand Jericho,
35:02 and the king thereof, and the mighty men of valor.
35:05 And ye shall compass the city,
35:07 all ye men of war,
35:08 and go round about the city once.
35:11 Thus shalt thou
35:12 do six days."
35:16 And verse 4, "And seven priests shall bear
35:19 before the ark seven trumpets of ram's horns:
35:22 and the seventh day
35:25 ye shall compass the city seven times,
35:29 and the priests shall blow with the trumpets.
35:32 And it shall come to pass,
35:34 that when they make a long blast
35:35 with the ram's horn,
35:37 and when ye hear the sound of the trumpet,
35:39 all the people shall shout with a great shout,
35:42 and the wall of the city
35:45 shall fall down flat,
35:47 and the people shall ascend up
35:49 every man straight up before him."
35:51 It was a simple plan, it sounded simple.
35:55 But you must understand
35:58 that now, there was no unbelief.
36:00 These people...
36:02 That's what we have to do, let's do it.
36:05 And so, on that seventh day,
36:07 when the people come and they go,
36:09 "Well, there they go again.
36:10 Well, they are gonna go home again, it's gonna be,
36:12 you know, the same thing."
36:13 And they go around again, "Wait, this is the second time.
36:16 Something different is happening."
36:18 And they did exactly as the Lord instructed them.
36:23 And so it was that those fortified walls,
36:26 those walls that they had such confidence in,
36:29 those walls they thought nobody could reach us up here,
36:32 we are safe.
36:34 They had no idea
36:36 that there is no wall that man can build
36:38 that God cannot bring down.
36:44 Whether it be a physical wall
36:47 or a spiritual wall.
36:50 There is no wall that God cannot tear down.
36:53 There is no person
36:55 that cannot be changed
36:56 by God's molding influence
36:58 save that person's choice.
37:02 We have heard stories on 3ABN of people
37:06 that were considered mean,
37:09 wicked people.
37:11 While there was a man in this area
37:13 that was called the meanest man in Macedonia.
37:16 Some of you remember him still, I'm sure Danny remembers him.
37:19 The meanest man in Macedonia.
37:23 And this man gave his heart to Jesus
37:27 and he was like a lamb.
37:29 Praise the Lord.
37:31 God can change anyone that gives their heart to Him.
37:35 And I want to encourage you
37:36 who are watching 3ABN right now,
37:38 who are listening to 3ABN radio
37:42 that if you place yourself
37:44 in the hands of the Lord,
37:45 He can change you.
37:48 He will change you if you are willing,
37:51 if you will cooperate with Him,
37:53 He will transform you
37:56 into the likeness of Jesus Christ.
37:59 And we hear story after story of people
38:03 that have marveled at changes.
38:06 A story comes to mind right now.
38:08 Jose from San Juan, Puerto Rico.
38:11 He was a gang leader,
38:12 he was a drug addict.
38:14 He used to sell drugs in the streets.
38:18 They thought, he was either gonna die young
38:20 or windup in jail for the rest of his life.
38:25 He began to watch 3ABN...
38:29 and a change began to take place.
38:33 And Jose was making changes in his life.
38:37 It is little interesting, this story.
38:41 He began to...
38:43 he put 3ABN's number
38:45 in his cell phone
38:48 and Jose had a very jealous girlfriend.
38:53 So, when she saw this number 3ABN,
38:57 she said, "It must be a girl.
39:01 I wonder who this woman, this girl 3ABN is."
39:05 And so, when he wasn't looking,
39:06 she erased the number.
39:10 The next time Jose tries to call 3ABN
39:12 and couldn't find it,
39:13 he had to go to the TV and once again put it in.
39:17 What happened to it?
39:18 Didn't know that his girlfriend erased it.
39:22 So, once again that number is there and his girlfriend
39:24 when he wasn't looking starts looking.
39:26 There is that woman, that girl 3ABN again,
39:30 erases it.
39:31 The third time it appears,
39:33 she said, "Okay, Jose, who is this girl 3ABN?
39:38 Must be a secret code for some girl,
39:40 what's her real name?
39:41 Do I know her?"
39:43 "No, that's a TV, a Christian television station."
39:46 "Oh, now you are gonna tell me,
39:47 you are watching Christian television?"
39:50 "Oh, yes. Come and see."
39:53 And he showed her 3ABN,
39:57 looked at the number, compared it to the screen,
40:00 "What are you doing watching Christian television?"
40:03 "Oh, no, I'm giving up all the bad things I'm doing.
40:06 I'm not doing anymore drugs, I'm not drinking.
40:08 I'm just... I want to change.
40:10 I can't live like I'm living."
40:12 She was amazed.
40:14 And Idalia and I had the privilege of meeting
40:16 Jose and his girlfriend
40:17 in a Seventh-day Adventist Church in Bayamon,
40:19 Puerto Rico.
40:20 Transformed but before that
40:23 it was a joy to anticipate meeting him.
40:27 I walked into Dallas office one day
40:29 and she was excited,
40:30 "Come, come, I'm talking to Jose's mother."
40:33 I didn't connect, Jose, Jose's mother,
40:35 which, what, is it Jose Medina?
40:36 We had a pastor Jose Medina working at 3...
40:39 Jose who?
40:41 And as I heard, I realized
40:43 she is talking to the guy in Puerto Rico.
40:46 And that lady got on the phone, the mother,
40:50 and she said this,
40:53 "I can tell you that the change is real.
40:58 I see him studying his Bible for hours.
41:01 I see him on his knees
41:03 up to 45 minutes praying.
41:06 And the change in my son is real."
41:10 And I said, "Praise the Lord,
41:11 God can change anyone
41:13 that allows God to change him."
41:17 Only Jesus, only Him,
41:21 in God alone.
41:24 And so it was that the walls came down
41:27 and the people of Israel,
41:29 you continue reading,
41:30 they went into the Promised Land.
41:34 Praise the Lord.
41:36 Praise the Lord.
41:38 Joshua was able to say,
41:39 "All that the Lord has promised,
41:42 He has fulfilled."
41:46 Every single promise fulfilled.
41:50 And in God's children even today,
41:52 God is willing to fulfill every single promise.
41:57 That's God's love and mercy.
41:59 That's the way He is.
42:03 And so today, I ask you,
42:06 are there walls of Jericho around you?
42:11 Are there walls of Jericho?
42:13 God can bring them down.
42:15 God can destroy them.
42:18 God can give you a new beginning.
42:21 But talking about the people of God in today's world,
42:25 we see that signs indicate
42:28 that Jesus Christ is coming soon.
42:31 I met a gentleman this week from Argentina.
42:36 Him and his wife watch 3ABN in Argentina.
42:40 And I don't know, she may be the champion of people
42:42 copying DVD's to give to other people.
42:47 They copy the programming and they pass it out to people
42:50 and she was rejoicing telling us this.
42:53 It was amazing.
42:55 And her husband told me this story and I said,
43:00 "I have to take this story because I want to remember it.
43:03 And he said, one day on a Sabbath afternoon
43:06 he was resting.
43:07 Some people rest on Sabbath afternoon.
43:11 And he said that he was awaken
43:13 by a voice that said to him,
43:18 "Jesus Christ is coming sooner than you think."
43:23 And he woke up,
43:25 listened to see if there was anymore information, anymore.
43:30 And he said that was the message
43:31 that God gave him,
43:33 "Jesus Christ is coming sooner than you think."
43:37 And I say to God's people today,
43:39 "Jesus Christ is coming sooner than you think."
43:43 So it is high time for God's people to awaken
43:45 and take up the job that God has given you to do.
43:49 Take up the mission that God has given you to do.
43:51 What is it?
43:53 God will show you.
43:54 He may have already shown you.
43:57 Go forward in faith, as He promised to Joshua,
44:01 He promises to us, "I will be with you,
44:04 be strong and of good courage.
44:06 Do not be dismayed, the Lord will go before you."
44:10 Praise His name.
44:12 I want to share some scriptures with you
44:14 that you've read before
44:16 but we need to read them
44:18 because they tell us
44:20 of the wonderful things of God's Word.
44:24 In Hebrews 11:13, notice these words,
44:29 "These all died in faith,
44:31 not having received the promises,
44:33 but having seen them afar off, and were persuaded of them,
44:37 and embraced them, and confessed
44:40 that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth."
44:46 Are you a stranger and a pilgrim on this earth?
44:50 I hope so,
44:51 because this is not
44:54 the final destination of God's children.
44:56 God has a better world for us.
44:59 Remember the words of Jesus, John 14:1-3.
45:03 "Let not your heart be troubled:
45:06 ye believe in God, believe also in me.
45:10 In my Father's house are many mansions:
45:13 if it were not so, I would have told you.
45:16 I go to prepare a place for you.
45:18 And if I go and prepare a place for you,
45:20 I will come again,
45:22 and receive you unto myself, that where I am,
45:25 there ye may be also."
45:27 Isn't that good news?
45:28 He didn't say to disciples, "I'm sorry guys,
45:31 there are only a few mansions in there and only a few places.
45:36 There is only so much room, we can only,
45:39 we only have room for so many of you.
45:41 So, I'm sorry, you, you, you are not going but you can go.
45:44 Sorry, you can't go."
45:46 No.
45:47 Everyone that is willing can go.
45:51 And God promises not only heaven
45:55 but a new earth, renewed,
45:58 purified right here.
46:02 Amazing.
46:03 And God says, "I will be with them."
46:07 And it's beautiful, read it in Revelation 21.
46:10 In 1 Peter 2:11, I invite you to turn there.
46:14 1 Peter 2:11,
46:16 almost the same thing we read in Hebrews 11:13.
46:20 "Dearly beloved, I beseech you as strangers and pilgrims,
46:26 abstain from fleshly lusts,
46:30 which war against the soul."
46:34 This is a message for God's people today.
46:37 "Abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul."
46:43 And so, it is that if there is a hundred sins
46:49 that can keep Jimmy out of salvation,
46:54 one sin can also keep you away from salvation.
47:01 Because if you cherish that sin,
47:02 if you love that sin more than God,
47:04 if you are unwilling to give it up,
47:09 then you disqualify yourself.
47:10 But the invitation is,
47:12 all that are willing come
47:15 and take of the water of life freely.
47:20 Freely.
47:22 In Hebrews 13:14,
47:26 it is a declaration.
47:28 "For here we have no continuing city,
47:32 but we seek the one to come."
47:35 Praise the Lord.
47:37 I have seen some good things in this world and mind you,
47:41 I would say that Thompsonville is a pretty good place to live.
47:44 Small but it's pretty good place to live.
47:46 There are the places that are nice to live.
47:51 But nowhere in this world are we really safe.
47:56 Nowhere.
48:01 Yes, God protects us
48:03 but God also said that,
48:07 "Many are the afflictions of the righteous
48:09 but the Lord delivers them from them all."
48:11 Praise the Lord.
48:13 It is not until we are transformed
48:17 in the twinkling of an eye
48:18 and Jesus comes and that we will be totally safe.
48:24 Here we had no continuing city.
48:27 We went to Chicago recently
48:30 and I used to live there.
48:32 And Idalia and I have said,
48:34 "Man, I can't live in this place anymore."
48:36 It's just, people everywhere,
48:38 crime and some nice places to visit
48:42 but it's not home.
48:45 And so in this world, you may have a nice...
48:49 a small home or a large home,
48:51 you may not even have a place that you call your own
48:54 but you have a place where you sleep, etc.
48:58 But as nice as that may be,
49:00 it cannot compare
49:02 with what God has for us.
49:07 So here we have no continuing city.
49:10 And if you are taking root in this world,
49:13 ask God to uproot you from this world
49:16 and follow Jesus.
49:20 And so, listen to these words
49:23 as it happened to the people of Israel.
49:28 Hebrews 3:17,
49:32 "But with whom was he grieved forty years?
49:35 Was it not with them that had sinned,
49:38 whose carcasses fell in the wilderness?
49:41 And to whom sware he
49:42 that they should not enter into his rest,
49:45 but to them that believed not?
49:49 So we see that they could not enter in
49:51 because of unbelief."
49:55 "Seeing therefore," Hebrews 4:6,
50:00 "Seeing therefore it remaineth that some must enter therein,
50:05 and they to whom it was first preached entered not in
50:08 because of unbelief."
50:10 Hebrews 4:11,
50:12 "Let us labor therefore to enter into that rest,
50:16 lest any man fall
50:18 after the same example of unbelief."
50:23 Yes, the Bible tells us of things
50:25 that have happened to God's people.
50:27 They are left to us as examples
50:31 so that we do not fall into the same trap.
50:35 And mind you, the Bible says
50:38 "Be sober, be vigilant for your adversary the devil,"
50:43 does what?
50:46 "As a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour."
50:50 So we are called up on to be sober and vigilant,
50:53 not to be relaxed and without any care.
50:58 But be concerned that the devil is trying to destroy you.
51:04 And so the best thing we could do
51:06 is listen to the words of Jesus.
51:08 "If any man will come after me,
51:11 let him take up his cross daily
51:14 and follow me every single day."
51:19 Jesus in Luke 12:29, He said,
51:24 "And seek not ye what ye shall eat,
51:28 or what ye shall drink neither be ye of doubtful mind.
51:31 For all these things do the nations
51:33 of the world seek after:
51:35 and your Father knows that you have
51:37 need of these things.
51:38 But rather seek ye the kingdom of God,
51:43 and all these things shall be added unto you."
51:48 Verse 32,
51:50 "Fear not, little flock,
51:52 for it is your Father's good pleasure
51:55 to give you the kingdom."
51:59 God is not trying to keep people out of heaven,
52:05 out of the New Jerusalem,
52:07 He is trying to bring them in.
52:11 He is seeking those that are lost
52:14 through His children on earth today.
52:17 He said, "I come to seek and to save
52:19 that which was lost."
52:21 And through you and I
52:23 and through you who are watching, listening,
52:25 God wants to save other people.
52:28 And by His grace we can bring the message
52:32 that they need to hear.
52:35 A message in season.
52:38 I'm sorry but I must share this story.
52:41 Actually, I'm not sorry.
52:45 It was a call that came in to 3ABN and the man said,
52:51 "I need your prayers
52:52 because in the court system today,
52:56 they are deciding whom to give our children
53:00 to because neither my wife nor I
53:02 have the capacity to take care of them.
53:04 And I am ashamed because I know better.
53:07 You see, I was raised a Christian," he said,
53:11 "And somehow the things of this world took me away.
53:17 And I am ashamed to say it drugs and alcohol."
53:21 And he said, "I think,
53:22 God is trying to get my attention."
53:25 And he said this,
53:27 "About three weeks ago,
53:28 I heard that my wife was with another man.
53:32 And so I was angry,
53:34 and I put my rifle in the pickup truck
53:36 and I said, "I'm gonna shoot them both."
53:37 And he was considering even shooting himself.
53:40 And so he was going very fast, driving on the road,
53:44 and unfortunately in a curve
53:46 his pickup truck turned over several times.
53:50 When the ambulance came, they were shocked.
53:55 And I'm sure, you've seen some of those vehicles in accidents,
53:57 you wonder how in the world
53:59 that anybody survive this thing.
54:01 And it was this way with this man
54:03 and I'm gonna call him Jim.
54:05 And he was there bleeding
54:07 but he was okay.
54:09 And one of the men from the ambulance said,
54:11 "Look at that, look at your pickup, mister.
54:15 It's destroyed, you shouldn't be alive."
54:20 He was a little drunk
54:21 but he reacted and looked at his pickup
54:24 and he realized that God saved his life.
54:29 And then he said this, that surprised me, he said,
54:33 "No, you know, how I got your phone number?"
54:36 Well, we always have our phone number on the screen.
54:39 Back then we used to put,
54:40 for prayer or questions call 1800-752-3226.
54:46 So I figured he saw it on the screen
54:48 or that someone gave it to him because we have that happened.
54:50 Some people call in for prayers
54:52 and say somebody gave me this number.
54:54 But he said this,
54:56 "I was watching a wicked channel,"
54:59 I said, "A wicked channel?
55:01 Where is he going with this?"
55:02 "I was watching a wicked channel
55:05 and some how in the back
55:08 I started to see another channel appearing."
55:11 So it caught his attention, he began to go,
55:12 "What's going on?"
55:14 And he said, "The wicked channel
55:16 got weaker and weaker
55:17 and the other channel got stronger and stronger
55:19 until the wicked channel disappeared.
55:23 And all I could see was your channel, 3ABN."
55:27 And I said to myself, "God did that."
55:31 I said, "God did that. God loves this man."
55:34 Imagine, "Oh, you are watching a wicked channel,
55:37 you don't realize your need.
55:39 Here let me take that away from you."
55:43 I mean, he could have turned the channel
55:44 to search for it again
55:45 but no, he continued watching.
55:48 And he realized he needed Jesus.
55:51 So he called for prayer.
55:52 And he said, "I think,
55:54 God is trying to get my attention."
55:56 And after hearing that story, I said,
55:58 "Yes, He is.
56:00 And it is time to come back to the Lord."
56:03 He said, "Would you pray for me?"
56:05 I said, "I'll be glad to."
56:06 And so we prayed
56:08 and thus began his walk to return with the Lord.
56:12 And so I say today
56:14 that as we are on the borders of the Promised Land,
56:16 God is trying to get our attention,
56:19 in many different ways,
56:21 with many different things happening in your life.
56:24 God is trying to get your attention,
56:27 because He wants to save you,
56:30 He wants to save me.
56:31 I can tell you, God is trying to get my attention.
56:34 God is trying to get your attention.
56:36 Wherever you are that are watching or listening,
56:38 God is trying to get your attention,
56:40 to let you know
56:42 that He loves you
56:43 and He wants to save you.
56:44 And I hope that as we are here,
56:46 if there's anyone that feels like
56:48 they're far away from the Lord,
56:51 that if they feel like being pulled away from the Lord,
56:54 that they will hear the voice of Jesus, saying,
56:57 "Come unto me and I will give you rest."
57:02 I would like to invite you to pray.
57:04 Well, we're gonna pray as we end,
57:06 when we end here
57:07 but I would like to invite those at home,
57:10 when this program ends,
57:12 pause a moment
57:13 and ask God to make a change in your life,
57:16 to make a change for the better,
57:18 to make a change that you'll never repent of,
57:21 to make a change to bring you closer to Him
57:23 so that as when we...
57:26 when Jesus comes, you will go with Him.


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