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00:22 Hello and welcome
00:23 to our Week of Prayer program this evening.
00:27 We like to be sure and welcome those of you
00:29 who are on the internet with us tonight,
00:32 those who have tuned in by radio,
00:34 thank you for joining us,
00:36 and those who are at home
00:37 and other places watching on television,
00:40 we appreciate your being with us, welcome.
00:42 And for those of you
00:44 who have driven here this evening,
00:45 a special blessing, thank you and welcome.
00:48 And this evening we have a blessing
00:51 to be able to pray for ourselves,
00:54 so stay with us.
00:56 I am Joe O'Brien,
00:57 I work in the pastoral department
00:59 here at 3ABN,
01:01 and this program is live
01:03 from our headquarters here in Thompsonville, Illinois.
01:07 And our prayer tonight
01:09 is going to be for our marriages,
01:11 our family relationships,
01:13 our in-laws and out-laws
01:16 and for the workplace.
01:19 And of course,
01:21 things can be volatile at times in relationships.
01:24 And so, I'd like to share a little thought with you
01:27 from our creator,
01:29 a little something to encourage us.
01:32 In Matthew 5:9,
01:35 God shares with us this statement,
01:39 "Blessed are the peacemakers."
01:41 So if you're a peacemaker,
01:43 don't feel like you're a loser, you're not
01:46 because God says
01:48 you will be called the Children of God.
01:50 And to have the creator of the universe
01:53 as your dad
01:55 is a pretty good relationship to have.
01:58 So you're blessed,
02:01 and something that supports that is another statement
02:03 in Matthew 5:5 which says,
02:09 "Blessed are the meek."
02:11 Now the meek, I'm sure occasionally think,
02:14 well, I'm the loser in the situations
02:17 that are volatile,
02:18 but consider this,
02:20 if you're meek and if you're a peacemaker,
02:22 you're very much like Christ,
02:24 our example who is kind and patient,
02:28 forgiving, goes the extra mile
02:32 and turns that cheek instead of striking back.
02:36 And God says,
02:38 "If that's the kind of person you are,
02:40 you will inherit the earth."
02:43 And He's not talking about this broken one,
02:46 He's talking about the earth made new.
02:49 So with that in mind,
02:51 I want to ask you to join me in a prayer for all of us.
02:58 Our Father in heaven, we thank You Lord
03:01 that You have all power,
03:03 all knowledge and wisdom, capability,
03:06 and that we can come to You as You said,
03:08 "Come boldly before My throne of grace
03:10 in our time of need."
03:12 And so in our marriages we have a need,
03:15 and our prayer is that You will help us.
03:17 If we're not equally yoked to become equally yoked
03:21 by looking at Jesus as our example
03:24 instead of at each other
03:26 and then look at ourselves and try to emulate Him,
03:31 and study Him, and become more like Him
03:33 because as we do,
03:35 we will become more like each other
03:38 and peace will enter.
03:39 And Father we pray for our family, relationships,
03:42 especially with our children,
03:45 that as the enemy throws fiery darts
03:47 in their direction,
03:48 that they will have us as examples
03:52 and that they will see
03:54 the choice between right and wrong
03:56 and the blessing and curse that comes with it,
03:59 and that they will choose to make the better choice.
04:03 And Father we pray also for in-laws and out-laws
04:06 and neighbors,
04:08 there's difficulties, there's property lines,
04:10 there's lots of things,
04:11 Lord, that can fluff the feathers
04:12 but all of that will be left behind,
04:16 and what really matters is our characters
04:19 and our love for one another
04:20 and if our enemies don't love us,
04:22 then we need to pray for him
04:25 that their hearts will be softened,
04:27 that they too might be in your kingdom
04:29 because that's what you want.
04:31 And, Lord, also for the workplace,
04:34 the volatility that takes place there at times
04:37 help us to be able to absorb it.
04:40 Help us to enjoy going the extra mile
04:44 knowing that You keep notes
04:48 and You said, "We'll reap what we sow."
04:51 And we know that we can't lose if we follow Your principles,
04:55 we will be blessed.
04:57 And so in the workplace help us to be
04:59 the kind of employees
05:01 that we would want to hire
05:03 and help our employers
05:06 to recognize those
05:08 who are worthy of a little extra
05:10 and to be willing to give, so it will be given unto them.
05:14 And we thank You Lord
05:16 for the many blessings we have
05:18 and for the blessings we're asking for
05:20 and for the blessings You want to give us,
05:22 and we pray that it will all come together
05:25 and last for eternity.
05:27 And we thank You in Jesus' name, amen.
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06:52 And we're going to have
06:55 a wonderful message this evening now
06:57 and it will be brought to us by our very own
07:01 Pastor John Lomacang,
07:03 and the title of his message tonight
07:06 is "A Call to Leadership",
07:09 what are the qualifications?
07:12 But before he comes out,
07:14 we're going to have a musical selection
07:17 from our Pillars Hymns CD that is entitled,
07:23 "In the Heart of Jesus"
07:25 and that selection will be brought to us
07:28 by Ladye Love Smith.
07:31 God bless you.
07:40 In the heart of Jesus
07:47 There is love for you
07:54 Love most pure and tender
08:00 Love most deep and true
08:07 Why should you be lonely
08:14 Why for friendship sigh
08:21 When the tender heart of Jesus
08:28 Has a full supply?
08:47 In the mind of Jesus
08:54 There is thought for you
09:00 Warm as summer sunshine
09:07 Sweet as morning dew
09:14 Why should you be fearful
09:21 Why take anxious thought
09:28 Since the mind of Jesus
09:35 Cares for those He bought?
09:52 In the home of Jesus
10:00 There's a place for you
10:06 Glorious, bright and joyous
10:13 Calm and peaceful, too
10:20 Why then, like
10:25 A wanderer
10:29 Roam with weary pace
10:36 If the home of Jesus
10:43 Holds for you
10:47 A place?
11:03 Wasn't that wonderful song?
11:05 In the heart of Jesus there is love,
11:08 there is room for every one of us.
11:10 Tonight's message is one that excites me
11:12 because it's about a man in the Bible
11:14 that I admired for a long time,
11:16 I can't wait to meet him, his name is Nehemiah.
11:20 He's kind of my hero,
11:21 he's the guy that I would refer to as the guy
11:23 that just doesn't know how to quit.
11:25 When God is on your side, you should never quit,
11:27 what do you say?
11:28 Amen.
11:30 A call for leadership,
11:31 how amazing it is that our nation just struggled
11:34 through one of the greatest decisions
11:35 they had to make in a long time,
11:37 and really, it's on the issue of leadership,
11:40 but tonight from the very outset,
11:41 I want you to know that when leaders clash,
11:44 I always choose God above all earthly leaders.
11:49 Tonight, before we dive into the message,
11:51 I'd like you to invite,
11:52 like to invite you to bow your heads with me
11:55 and also hen we are done praying,
11:57 open your Bibles to the Book of Nehemiah.
11:59 We're going to walk through
12:00 one of my favorite stories in scripture,
12:03 a call for leadership.
12:04 Let's pray.
12:06 Heavenly Father we thank You tonight
12:07 for Your goodness,
12:09 for Your mercy, for Your grace,
12:11 for the fact that You are the leader
12:13 that outlasts all earthly leaders,
12:16 and tonight, I pray that You will take this message
12:19 and design it to accomplish Your perfect will.
12:23 And this I pray in Jesus' name, amen.
12:28 Nehemiah 6:16 is where we find our text for tonight.
12:32 Nehemiah 6:16, a very short but a very powerful text.
12:39 We're going to go to the end of the story
12:41 before we go to the beginning.
12:42 You know, often we say, we know how the story ends.
12:45 So we'll go to the end, to get you encouraged
12:48 and let you see how God walked Nehemiah and Israel
12:52 through one of the most trying times in their lives.
12:56 Nehemiah 6:16, New King James Version,
13:00 "And it happened,
13:01 when all our enemies heard of it,
13:04 and all the nations around us saw these things,
13:07 that they were very disheartened
13:10 in their own eyes for they perceived
13:14 that this work was done by..."
13:16 Who? "By our God."
13:19 My wife and I were coming back from St. Louis that night,
13:22 I never forget it, October 27th, 2011.
13:26 To remember that date in greater detail,
13:27 I went back and did my research,
13:29 it was 53 degrees, partly cloudy
13:32 and the winds were blowing at seven miles an hour
13:35 from left field to right field
13:38 as 43,375 tension filled fans
13:43 packed Bush Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri.
13:48 Fox News said that
13:49 there were 21 million plus viewers
13:53 for one of the most exciting games
13:55 that they said had been aired in a long time.
13:58 It was the bottom of the ninth inning,
14:01 we were passing by the exit where you get off at that,
14:04 I think it's right where Walmart,
14:07 the last Walmart exit
14:08 before you begin to go toward Mount Vernon.
14:11 My wife and I were listening to the baseball game,
14:13 she doesn't understand all those things like ERAs
14:16 and all that other stuff that's in an acronym form.
14:19 So she kept asking me, what were they saying?
14:22 But one thing she did not
14:24 get confused about was all the shouting
14:25 that ensued on the radio.
14:27 It was the bottom of the ninth inning,
14:29 the Rangers had seven,
14:32 the Cardinals had five
14:35 and you can sense the Cardinal fans were standing
14:38 and it seemed to me like time had slowed down
14:40 like slow motion had taken over
14:43 and everybody's ears and eyes and I can imagine,
14:45 everybody at their homes were probably leaning forward
14:48 wondering what the next moment was going to bring.
14:51 One sports newspaper published it this way,
14:54 and they said as follows,
14:56 "43,375 lucky fans
14:59 who made up the largest crowd in the history of Busch Stadium
15:04 were fighting back the tears
15:06 not to mention the overpowering urge
15:08 to phone their cardiologists."
15:12 Baseball fans were glued to the moment,
15:16 breathing seemed to slow down, it was game six.
15:20 The first title for the Texas Rangers JD
15:23 was just one strike away.
15:27 Man on first, man on second,
15:29 two outs, two strikes and no room to blink,
15:34 then the most unlikely thing happened.
15:37 His name was David Freese.
15:41 Pitcher Jaime Garcia threw a Texas prayer
15:43 and I want to say Texans tonight
15:45 that prayer was not answered.
15:47 Because David Freese had a game tying triple,
15:51 that saved the St. Louis Cardinals' season.
15:55 I couldn't believe it, two strikes, two outs,
15:58 bottom of the ninth and they refused to give in,
16:01 I kept hearing, foul ball,
16:03 foul to the right, foul to the left field,
16:05 out of bounds.
16:07 Pitcher winds up,
16:08 Jamie Garcia thinking that
16:09 he had the fate of his entire state in his hand
16:12 gave it all he could
16:15 but St. Louis was not about to go down that way.
16:18 Four hours and thirty three minutes
16:21 the game lasted,
16:22 David Freese also led off the bottom of the 11th inning
16:26 and, you know, the rest of the story.
16:28 Shelley, with the game winning home run
16:32 and the story reflected the Cardinals won game six
16:35 and game seven and also the world series of 2011.
16:40 The Cardinal right fielder, Lance Berkman said as follows,
16:44 "Really and truly this was an ugly game
16:47 for about six or seven innings
16:49 but then it got beautiful right at the end."
16:52 That's how life is sometimes.
16:53 It looks ugly but when we hang in there,
16:55 it gets beautiful at the end.
16:56 Can you say amen to that?
16:58 The St. Louis Cardinals however lost
17:00 72 games that year that they won the World Series
17:04 and they didn't have the best record.
17:05 As a matter of fact,
17:07 you'll discover that a loss does not cancel a victory,
17:10 it just makes a victory that much sweeter.
17:14 Seventy two wins,
17:15 sorry seventy two losses and they still won the game.
17:19 What made the difference?
17:21 With one chance left,
17:22 Tony La Russa made his team believe
17:25 that they can still win.
17:27 The players refused to quit
17:29 because their leader, their manager refused to quit.
17:33 And so to me,
17:34 the reason I use this story is manager Tony La Russa to me
17:38 is the Nehemiah of our day,
17:41 a man that refused to quit in the face of amazing odds.
17:45 He could have just simply said, "You know,
17:47 Texas never won before, let's give them one."
17:50 But he said, "No, no, not tonight.
17:51 Not in front of my home team.
17:53 Not in front of my fans.
17:54 Not in front of the very place
17:55 where David Freese was born and raised."
17:59 And that young man fuelled by the vision to win,
18:01 walked up to that plate,
18:03 couldn't even blink because at 92 miles an hour,
18:06 if you blinked the game is over.
18:11 As we switch gears tonight to the people of God,
18:16 and one of the lowest points
18:18 in the history of the children of Israel
18:20 with a job not yet done,
18:24 the commitment that prevailed
18:25 after being released from bondage
18:27 eventually faded.
18:29 What began with a glorious shout
18:32 was now barely a whisper.
18:36 The restoration of Israel was halted by despair.
18:41 Supply lines dried up, money had all but run out,
18:45 moral was at an all time low.
18:47 Vision had become a word of a long forgotten past,
18:51 and the end result, Yannick, was no desire to go on.
18:57 But I'm so glad that when it seems like
18:59 nobody could be found, God knows how to find somebody.
19:03 Nehemiah received the report
19:04 about the plight of the remnant,
19:06 and in your Bible you're reading Nehemiah 1:3,
19:09 and I'm reading this from the King James Version
19:11 because it uses a word that closely associates
19:14 the life and the victory of the children of Israel
19:17 with the victory of the people of God
19:18 in the last days by using the word remnant.
19:22 What word did I say? Remnant.
19:24 The document is clear.
19:26 Nehemiah 1:3,
19:28 "The remnant that are left of the captivity
19:30 there in the province
19:32 are in great affliction and reproach,
19:36 the wall of Jerusalem is also broken down,
19:39 and the gates there of are burned with fire."
19:43 But tonight I want to say this.
19:45 I have a lot of books about leadership,
19:47 you know, John, Maxwell,
19:48 I didn't buy any of the TD Jakes books,
19:50 and the Joel Osteen books and the Oprah Winfrey books
19:52 but I got a lot of books about leadership.
19:54 But tonight I want to say this, one of the first signs
19:57 that God chose the right man came when Nehemiah did
20:01 what all true leaders ought to do.
20:03 When they cannot find an answer,
20:05 a leader begins by prayer.
20:10 Leaders must get on their knees
20:12 before leaders can stand on their feet.
20:15 Nehemiah 1:4 says it this way,
20:18 so it was when I heard these words,
20:21 when Nehemiah heard about the plight
20:23 of the Israelites it says,
20:24 "That I sat down and wept, and I mourned for many days..."
20:30 But I'm glad it didn't stop there.
20:33 "I was fasting and praying before the God of Heaven."
20:38 I say it again, leaders must kneel on their knees
20:42 before they can stand on their feet,
20:44 principle number one.
20:46 And tonight, Shelley,
20:47 I'm going to break every rule of homiletics.
20:49 I'm not going to give you three points,
20:51 I'm going to give you ten.
20:52 And I'm going to do it in 36 minutes.
20:55 Rule number one or point number one,
20:57 leaders must get on their knees
20:59 before they stand on their feet.
21:01 You see if some people look at prayer
21:03 like a spare tire but, friends, prayer is the steering wheel.
21:07 Don't wait until your life is flat
21:09 to pull out prayer,
21:11 begin with prayer and you won't have a flat life,
21:13 ain't that right?
21:14 When we find ourselves some time against the wall,
21:17 we go to God in prayer and you'll discover in prayer
21:20 heaven's doors open, heaven's windows open.
21:24 God begins to pour into your life
21:26 those things that you never thought were possible
21:28 by simply talking to God.
21:30 And by the way when you talk to God,
21:31 you're not giving God any information,
21:33 God knows exactly what your need is,
21:35 but the reason for prayer is that you acknowledge
21:37 that He is the one
21:39 that's going to make a difference
21:40 in your past, your present and your future.
21:44 Beginning with prayer makes the difference.
21:46 A wise man said in Proverbs 3:6,
21:49 "In all your ways..."
21:51 In how many of your ways?
21:52 "In all your ways acknowledge Him
21:54 and He will direct your paths."
21:58 What the church needs nowadays is not more programs,
22:02 but more direction from the one that knows
22:04 what path we ought to take.
22:05 What path we ought to take.
22:07 To go from failure to success, you got to begin with prayer.
22:11 To go from despair to joy, you got to begin with prayer.
22:14 To go from defeat to victory, you got to begin with prayer.
22:18 I read about Michael Jordan,
22:20 he's known as one of the greatest
22:21 basketball players of all time,
22:23 but I also discovered this, Michael Jordan
22:25 missed more shots than he made.
22:29 Michael Jordan missed a lot of game winning shots
22:32 or shots that could have been game winning shots.
22:34 He missed a lot of them.
22:35 However his team mates felt good
22:37 that the ball was in the hands of a man
22:39 that did not accept
22:41 the fact that there was not another way
22:43 to win the game.
22:44 And up to this day,
22:46 he's known as one of the best leaders
22:48 in the game of basketball,
22:49 one of the best leaders of all time
22:51 because he understood that losing a game
22:55 doesn't mean you're going to lose a championship.
22:58 Sometimes we lose the games of life
23:00 but if God is on our side,
23:01 He'll pull us through to the championship.
23:03 Can you say amen to that?
23:05 Some people say
23:07 that leaders are willing to do whatever it takes,
23:09 and I was somewhat disheartened by the selection this year,
23:12 now that we're post-election, I could say what I want to.
23:16 Just want to tell you
23:18 that I didn't vote for either one
23:20 because I had an obligation higher
23:22 than that of earthly men.
23:25 I love them both,
23:27 I felt that they both had good ideas
23:28 but I chose to vote on God's side
23:30 because I made up my mind that if anybody conflicts
23:34 with what my convictions are as a Christian,
23:38 I can't stand on that side.
23:39 So whether it's incorrect theology
23:41 of what you believe as a Christian
23:42 or whether it's,
23:44 whether it's s principles that don't line up
23:45 with my morality, I couldn't make the decision,
23:47 so I stood on the side of one who never fails.
23:49 Can you say amen to that?
23:53 Leaders are called to do what's right,
23:56 not what's fashionable.
23:59 Nehemiah 1:5, and I said,
24:02 I pray, Lord God of heaven,
24:06 oh, great and awesome God,
24:07 he made it very clear
24:09 that God stands with those who stand for what's right.
24:12 Now I'm not saying that
24:13 God has abandoned any of our political leaders
24:15 because each of them has a point
24:16 that they ought to grow, amen to that.
24:19 But God made it clear that
24:21 when He calls you to accomplish a mission,
24:23 He says in His Word in verse 5.
24:26 "And I said, "Oh, God.
24:27 Lord God of heaven, oh, great and awesome God
24:31 You who keep Your covenant and mercy
24:34 with those who love You and observe Your commandments."
24:38 God makes a covenant with us
24:41 and the covenant He makes with us
24:43 is a covenant of agreement that He lives up to,
24:46 that He honors one we live by the requirements of God.
24:51 So I have a...
24:52 I have a phrase that you may have heard before.
24:54 I would say don't negotiate at the table
24:56 of the adversary.
24:57 Don't meander in the maze of mediocrity
25:00 and don't ponder at the pool of popularity.
25:03 You've got to stand with God
25:04 and it's not always popular to stand with God.
25:07 You won't always be pat on the back.
25:09 But my third point tonight is this,
25:11 leaders don't quit
25:14 because they don't believe
25:15 that the present necessarily equals the future.
25:18 Nehemiah was sent by God to a people
25:20 that have lost all hope.
25:21 They had lost all sense of anything good
25:24 coming out of their situation.
25:25 And right now, tonight,
25:27 I'm praying for anybody who's in Congress,
25:29 anybody who's in the Senate, and surely anybody
25:31 who is in the leadership seat of this nation,
25:33 because everybody needs the direction of God.
25:36 When we say one nation under God,
25:38 we ought to live our lives under God.
25:41 Nehemiah was called by God
25:43 and he was a leader that believed
25:44 that the present situation of Israel
25:47 did not necessarily equal the future of Israel
25:50 because God doesn't send you to fail.
25:53 Whenever God sends us, success is assured.
25:57 Look at Isaiah 1:18.
25:59 Matter of fact, I call this,
26:00 this my own saying, you can use it if you like,
26:04 but I believe that leaders ought to adopt
26:06 what I call the Isaiah 1:18 vision principle.
26:10 Look at this very carefully.
26:12 "Come now, and let us reason together,
26:14 says the Lord though your sins are like..."
26:17 What?
26:18 "Scarlet, they shall be as white as snow,
26:21 though they are red like..."
26:23 What?
26:24 "Crimson, they shall be as wool."
26:26 Here is Isaiah 1:18 vision.
26:29 Though they are, yet they shall be.
26:32 There are those that are living in the though they are moment
26:35 and can't get to the they shall be moment.
26:39 There are those that though you are broke,
26:41 yet you shall be brought through anyhow.
26:44 Though your health report is not good,
26:46 yet it shall be reversed anyhow.
26:48 Though your present situation is not one that brings you joy,
26:52 yet it shall be
26:54 when you put your life in God's hand,
26:56 your though can turn into a shall be,
26:59 can you say amen to that?
27:01 So those are not permanent, those are temporary.
27:05 Though your sins are like scarlet,
27:06 they shall be as white as snow.
27:10 And one of the problems of Israel
27:11 is they suffered what I called colorless dreams.
27:14 They dreamed in black and white,
27:16 they couldn't see beyond their despair.
27:18 They had tamed vision,
27:19 they couldn't see that if God was on their side,
27:22 and that's something we ought to remember today.
27:24 When God is on your side,
27:25 there is no such thing as failure.
27:27 Lot of times you talk about,
27:29 "What was your plan for the future, pastor?"
27:30 What's my plan? To ask God what's His plan.
27:33 Amen.
27:35 That's what my plan is and,
27:36 you know, I'm always confused when the conference says,
27:38 we'd like you to submit your plans for the New Year.
27:41 Say them one word prayer.
27:45 That's not easy, send them email, prayer,
27:47 my plans for 2013, prayer.
27:50 Amen? Plans for 3ABN for 2013, pray.
27:56 And wait and trust God
27:59 to nowadays we get all enamored by people that,
28:01 you know, seven highly effective habits
28:03 of successful Christians.
28:06 The number one highly effective habit
28:08 of a successful Christian is somebody that realizes
28:10 that they are not the leader and God is.
28:13 And only God's vision really matters anyhow
28:16 because whenever you have visions
28:17 that you cast and sometimes you cast visions,
28:20 I always like, you know, we have to have vision anyhow,
28:22 but sometimes people come up and say,
28:23 well, the new slogan for the next year
28:26 is and they mention the slogan
28:27 as though the slogan is going to do the work.
28:30 The slogan is just the beginning of the work.
28:32 God is the one that empowers us and He doesn't do it by slogan.
28:36 He says "Not by might, nor by power but by My Spirit."
28:41 Lot of days,
28:43 you know, we can sit down and get plans
28:44 and you don't have plans, I have a lot of plans.
28:46 I like to do a lot of seminars and things that are good,
28:48 but I've also discovered something very, very important
28:53 that I am not willing to give up
28:54 Canaan's blessings for Egyptian methods.
28:59 And sometimes men put methods together
29:01 that they have not submitted to God,
29:03 I've read a lot of leadership books,
29:04 I have a lot of them in my library.
29:06 I told my wife, I put together a whole stack of books.
29:09 That I said, "Honey,
29:11 I'm going to diversify my reading plan
29:12 with all the other things I have to do.
29:14 I'm going to still add some more reading to that."
29:17 I just bought four DVDs
29:18 to train myself with all kinds of things.
29:20 I've got to challenge myself, if not, my mind gets dormant.
29:23 I'm like a clothes closet, if I don't open it up,
29:26 I start smelling like mothballs ought to be in there.
29:29 So I've got to challenge my mind
29:30 so it doesn't get dormant.
29:31 So I read about,
29:33 you know, things I need to learn
29:34 on the computer with the,
29:35 you know, Photoshop and InDesign,
29:37 and an Illustrator and Adobe Premiere Pro,
29:39 I got to understand how to do things, right, Linda?
29:41 Got to understand those things, as Linda taught me about
29:44 that how to find my way around YouTube.
29:47 I learned things
29:49 and I read books about leadership
29:50 and how to be an exceptional presenter,
29:52 but when I forget all that stuff,
29:54 I remember the first and most important principle,
29:56 pray.
29:58 Trust God, trust His plans
30:01 and submit your ways to the Lord.
30:04 Nehemiah knew that prosperity was found in God.
30:07 Look at Nehemiah 1:11.
30:10 Nehemiah said, "Oh, Lord, I pray.
30:13 Please let Your ear be attentive
30:15 to the prayer of Your servant
30:16 and to the prayer of Your servants
30:18 who desire to fear Your name
30:22 and let Your servant prosper this day I pray
30:26 and grand him mercy in the sight of this man."
30:31 In other words, God gave him everything he needed.
30:33 God gave him all the supplies
30:35 but Nehemiah said, Lord,
30:36 when I run into folk on my way to Israel,
30:39 when I run into folk on my way to Jerusalem
30:42 that is on my way to the place
30:45 where my work is going to begin.
30:46 Give me favor in the sight of all those
30:50 that I run into and God gives us favor
30:52 when God's plan is being followed by our plan.
30:58 Did I say that right?
31:00 When our plan follow God's plan,
31:03 He gives us favor in the eyes of humanity.
31:07 Because prosperity is not in a good plan
31:10 but prosperity is in a good God.
31:14 And a good plan, Glenn, is not always God's plan.
31:17 Sometimes we wonder why we fail
31:19 because we said I had a good plan
31:21 but it wasn't God's plan.
31:23 So not all good plans are God's plans.
31:27 That's why a wise man said, "Commit your ways to the Lord.
31:31 Trust also in Him and He shall bring it to pass."
31:35 Psalms 37:5 which takes me to my fourth
31:39 and most important point.
31:40 Leaders are willing to give up good plans for God's plans.
31:46 Because I've often said
31:48 and I say this to the young people at school,
31:49 I said, you know, what the enemy of good is?
31:52 Or the enemy of best is, I blew my pun.
31:55 The enemy of best is good.
31:58 Let me just go ahead and tell you since I blew it.
32:01 The enemy of best is good, say that with me.
32:04 The enemy of what? Best is good.
32:07 When you're in the bottom of the ninth,
32:08 you don't want a good batter,
32:10 you want your best batter up at the bay.
32:11 You don't want somebody that, do you think you could hit it?
32:13 I think I could.
32:15 No, sit down, let me get somebody else.
32:16 Do you think you could win this game?
32:17 I'm not sure. Well, sit down.
32:20 David Freese went to that mound with an attitude,
32:24 I could do this with 25 home runs,
32:28 I believe his coach felt secure that
32:30 if anybody could do it,
32:32 he's one of those guys that have
32:34 a higher percentage of anybody else
32:36 doing that at this very critical moment.
32:39 Good plans are not always God's plans.
32:43 And when we think about it, what better example can we get.
32:45 You got to be like Jesus,
32:47 He said, "Not My will be done but..."
32:48 What? "But thine be done."
32:50 I've learned that
32:52 after being here for nine years,
32:53 I've had a lot of plans and sometimes I'd say,
32:54 "Honey, that was a good idea but it's not going to work."
32:57 And I go back to the drawing board
32:59 and realize that God had something better in mind
33:01 and when I submitted to God's plans,
33:03 Johnny, it always comes out a whole lot better
33:06 than the way that I planned it to occur
33:08 which takes me to point number five.
33:10 Am I going fast enough?
33:11 Point number five, if you missed the points,
33:13 get them on the video.
33:15 Leaders are allegiant to God's tasks
33:19 and not man's temperaments.
33:22 Understand what I mean by that.
33:24 I've discovered after 25 years of pastoring,
33:27 sometimes people get upset
33:29 when you tell them your plans.
33:33 Let me make it clear. Go to chapter 2:10.
33:37 Sometimes people get upset
33:40 if you're following God's plans.
33:44 "When Sanballat the Horonite
33:47 and Tobiah the Ammonite official heard of it
33:51 they were..."
33:53 And what's the next two words?
33:54 "Deeply disturbed that a man had come
33:59 to seek the wellbeing of the children of Israel."
34:03 Any time you are seeking
34:05 the wellbeing of the people of God,
34:07 Satan will always find somebody to get upset with you.
34:11 And I've learned after a while that if I as a leader,
34:15 I don't get somebody upset, I'm not doing my job.
34:20 Amen?
34:21 Because the Lord says,
34:22 "Beware when men speak well of you."
34:24 Even when we did the pastor appreciation,
34:26 that's one of the toughest days in the year for me
34:28 because I don't like to be praised all that much.
34:30 I like to, you know, thank God,
34:32 praise the Lord 'cause it's not me who did it
34:34 but God who gets the glory, amen for that.
34:37 You know, I appreciate the fact
34:38 that we appreciate leadership like I appreciate
34:40 Greg and Jill and all our leaders here
34:42 in our church and what they do
34:43 for the advancement of God cause,
34:45 but you've got to keep in mind
34:46 that don't take the glory and the credit for yourself.
34:52 But if you're not a good leader...
34:58 you may do things that people like.
35:04 The people got upset with Moses,
35:06 put that word in there, complained against Moses.
35:10 The people got upset, he got them out of Egypt,
35:13 where is the chicken?
35:15 He got them, let me not go down that road.
35:20 God answered every plan,
35:23 God answered every prayer for the children of Israel.
35:27 He blocked, He drowned the Egyptian army.
35:31 He gave them food in the morning.
35:33 He blocked the advancing armies with a pillar of fire.
35:36 When things got hot among the Israelites,
35:38 He cooled them down with a cloud
35:41 in the hot desert days of their journey.
35:45 But instead, instead of going to God
35:48 in prayer like they should have,
35:50 they looked at Moses and they said,
35:52 you brought us out here in the wilderness to kill us,
35:54 they complained against Moses, and I like what he said,
35:56 I haven't gotten up enough courage
35:58 here to say that to some of the church members.
36:00 But I like the way he said,
36:01 "Who am I that you should complain against me?
36:03 Go tell God about the problem, don't talk to me anymore.
36:06 I already have enough trouble people to tell me I'm too busy.
36:09 If I do that they'll never call me.
36:12 So I got to leave the avenue open."
36:13 But Moses said it very wonderful,
36:15 "Who am I that you complain against me?
36:19 Your problem is not with me, it's with God."
36:23 So if you are not doing a good job,
36:25 people may like everything you do,
36:27 but if they complain, you may be on the right path.
36:30 Amen somebody.
36:31 The Pharisees and scribes complained about Jesus,
36:34 "Who is this man, even sinners hanging out with this guy?"
36:37 So if they complained about you as a leader,
36:39 make sure you're doing the right thing,
36:41 don't just assume because they're complaining,
36:43 you're doing the right thing, that's not a good thing at all.
36:46 Point Number six,
36:48 leaders know when to keep it
36:52 just between them and God.
36:56 Leaders know when to keep it just between them and God.
37:01 When God commissioned Nehemiah
37:04 there were times that Nehemiah couldn't tell anybody
37:06 about what God had said,
37:07 not even the men that were with him.
37:09 Sometimes, it's got to be just between you and God.
37:11 There are some folk that cannot hesitate,
37:13 like Joseph.
37:18 No, Jacob.
37:19 I get those brothers mixed up,
37:21 which one had the coat of many colors?
37:23 Joseph, I knew it, I was right the first time.
37:28 Get a nice coat, he go and tells his brother,
37:30 "Look at my nice coat."
37:31 I understand their plight,
37:33 I would want to bury him a long time too.
37:35 Then he had a dream and he said,
37:36 "You know, what I dreamt last night?
37:38 You all are going to be bowing to me one day."
37:41 There are times when you got to keep it
37:42 just between you and God.
37:43 Can you say amen to that?
37:45 Because if you spend your time
37:46 boasting about all your success,
37:49 some people are going to say, "Here he comes again.
37:51 I always tell him all of the stuff he's doing.
37:53 Yeah, he is the only one, yeah, that's right, yeah."
37:57 Sometimes,
37:58 and God has taught me through the years
38:01 that sometimes when God blesses us,
38:04 you got to just keep that blessing
38:05 between you and God.
38:07 You can't tell anybody
38:08 even about your greatest successes.
38:11 My wife and I sometimes say,
38:12 "Well, at least you and me know about it."
38:15 Sometimes when God had blesses,
38:16 I remember we used to call in Florida and say,
38:18 "Guess, what on be."
38:19 And we had somebody at a distance
38:21 to rejoice with us.
38:23 But Nehemiah had to exercise wisdom,
38:25 because when you look at Nehemiah 2:12,
38:30 as the leader he knew
38:32 when to keep things just between him and God.
38:35 Look at verse 12, "Then I arose in the night..."
38:40 That's when a leader gets into, it's just him and God.
38:43 "I and a few men with me..."
38:45 But notice what he said,
38:46 "I told no one what my God had put in my heart
38:51 to do at Jerusalem.
38:52 Nor was there any animal with me
38:55 except the one on which I rode..."
38:57 I wonder what he meant by that.
38:59 He said, "I didn't tell any man
39:00 and the animal couldn't understand it either."
39:04 I didn't tell any man
39:05 and that was not Balaam's donkey,
39:06 so there was going to be no conversation
39:08 between him and me.
39:10 He kept it just between him and God,
39:12 and I have learned
39:14 that it takes more discipline to keep your mouth shut
39:17 than it does to keep it open.
39:23 Some folks just cannot keep their mouth shut,
39:25 the Lord did many wonderful miracles
39:27 to disciples and he said to them
39:28 look, Mark 9:9,
39:30 He commanded them to tell nobody
39:33 about what they saw on the mountain until,
39:37 until He had risen from the dead.
39:39 Could they keep their mouth shut?
39:42 No, they couldn't keep their mouth shut.
39:43 There's some people that itch,
39:44 when they know something you don't know.
39:46 You ever see them, "Honey, I gotta tell you..."
39:49 They don't know how to keep their mouth shut,
39:51 they're itching, they're like, they got scales,
39:52 "What's wrong with you?"
39:53 "I just got off the phone."
39:55 There's some people that on the other side
39:57 that they can't wait to beat you
39:58 to the punch to tell somebody what they heard
40:00 and there you are standing in the worship,
40:03 waiting for any prayer request
40:04 and somebody breaks in before they even mention.
40:08 And you think, they took my thunder,
40:10 forget I ain't gonna mention it.
40:12 That's why I like that Rwandan proverb,
40:14 listen to this,
40:15 and I'll tell you about the story at the end.
40:17 There's a man in Rwanda, he's deceased now
40:20 but I like when he thought about
40:21 this very important principle.
40:23 He said, "I no longer need preeminence popularity,
40:27 prosperity, position, promotion, plaudits,
40:30 I don't have to be right, first, tops, recognized,
40:33 praised, regarded, or rewarded.
40:36 I just got to keep it between me and God.
40:39 I just got to keep it right where it matters
40:41 the most between me and God."
40:42 That's why Solomon,
40:44 the wise man wrote in Ecclesiastes 5:2,
40:46 he said this word, write it down.
40:49 Ecclesiastes 5:2, if you are fast, turn there.
40:52 But I'm gonna go ahead and read it.
40:55 He said, "Do not be rash with your mouth
40:57 and let not your heart utter anything hastily before God,
41:02 for God is in heaven and you are on earth."
41:05 And as Phillips, Craig and Dean said, "So therefore,
41:08 let your words be few,"
41:13 which takes me to point number seven.
41:16 You never thought I could cover ten points.
41:18 So you guys think I preached long,
41:19 if you do on Sabbath morning what they do during the week,
41:21 I preach in one hour.
41:23 And that's a big amen right there
41:25 but you ain't gonna give it to me,
41:26 that's all right.
41:29 Point number seven, this is powerful.
41:33 Good leaders work for others,
41:37 great leaders work with others.
41:43 Think about that, tonight at 2 o'clock,
41:45 you're gonna wake up and say amen.
41:48 Good leaders work for others
41:51 but great leaders work with others.
41:54 Nehemiah 2:18,
41:57 "And I told them of the hand of my God
41:59 which had been good upon me
42:01 and also of the King's words that He had spoken to me."
42:05 So they said, I like this, this is an inclusive statement.
42:08 Whenever you want to get involved
42:09 in a project, make sure
42:11 you got people on board with you, like Nehemiah.
42:13 He didn't say, "Let me rise up and build."
42:15 He said, "Let us..."
42:16 Say that with me, what? "Let us rise up and build."
42:19 And they said, "Their hands to this good work."
42:24 Leaders stimulate people to join them in the vision.
42:29 I have learned, I'm not going to burn myself out.
42:31 I'm going to the place now where I'm starting to say,
42:34 well, if you don't want to do, it ain't gonna get done.
42:39 You gonna help me out with an amen on that?
42:42 'Cause some people think
42:44 pastors are born to do everything.
42:47 Our job, Pastor C.A., is to equip the members
42:50 for the work of the ministry, amen, preacher.
42:54 But so often we want people to,
42:55 "Hey, look at what the pastor did,
42:57 he gave 45 baptismal studies this week,
42:59 he did six programs on 3ABN, he did some music tape
43:02 and he went to St. Louis to pastors' meetings
43:04 because he works for the Illinois Conference also
43:06 and he went to the hospital
43:07 to visit everybody this morning.
43:08 He got back and I think he ate,
43:10 I'm not sure but he looks like he's losing weight."
43:13 "He has a Sabbath school class
43:14 and he's got a sermon at the same time,
43:15 he does Wednesday night prayer meeting
43:17 and between that if he misses a visit..."
43:18 Everybody doesn't know what he did,
43:21 some at the place now, why don't you do it?
43:24 Come on amen somebody. Why don't you do it?
43:26 I got a whole ship filled with people that are on deck,
43:30 why don't you do it?
43:32 Don't just call me and tell me somebody in the hospital,
43:34 go visit them.
43:38 Talking like a leader tonight.
43:42 Now I say to some of my elders,
43:44 "How come you don't come to prayer meeting
43:45 on Wednesday night?
43:47 Is your leg broke?" No.
43:49 "Well, then get out of your house
43:50 and come to prayer meeting."
43:52 Some people say prayer meeting is going to be long,
43:53 no, it ain't, it starts
43:54 and it's done in 57 minutes and 32 seconds,
43:58 shortest prayer meeting in the entire Adventist church,
44:03 right here in Thompsonville, amen, Marline.
44:08 Cut it down, cut it down to under an hour.
44:12 You couldn't vacuum folk out of the house,
44:13 in this tiny community three miles away,
44:16 let me get back on the sermon.
44:20 Next point,
44:23 some people don't like success even especially
44:28 when it's not connected with them.
44:29 Nehemiah 4:1, got three more points
44:32 and I am going to finish on time tonight.
44:37 We've made a pact, if I don't finish in time,
44:41 they're going to cut me off.
44:42 So we're going to finish tonight.
44:44 Nehemiah 4:1...
44:49 "But it so happened when Sanballat heard
44:51 that we were building the wall..."
44:53 Get it, we were building the wall,
44:55 Nehemiah 4:1,
44:57 "But it so happened when Sanballat heard that
45:00 we were rebuilding the wall,
45:02 that he was very furious and very indignant,
45:06 and mocked the Jews."
45:08 I don't care if folk mock us
45:11 as long as the work is getting done.
45:15 Too often people are worried about what they believe.
45:18 I don't want people to stand,
45:19 I don't want people to see me on the corner
45:21 in the Bentons Square passing out tracts.
45:23 Well, that's not what Linda told me about her
45:24 and she said, I'm willing to go out there
45:26 and pass out tracks.
45:28 I don't care what anybody says if they're passing off garbage,
45:31 we got to pass out something
45:33 that will lead to somebody's eternal life.
45:37 Nehemiah didn't care
45:39 but they tried to get them upset,
45:40 they weren't just furious,
45:42 they were very furious and very indignant.
45:44 But look at verse 7 and 8.
45:46 Now what happened when Sanballat, Tobiah,
45:49 the Arabs and the Ammonites, and the Ashdodites heard
45:52 that the walls of Jerusalem were being restored
45:55 and the gaps were beginning to be closed
45:59 that they became very angry,
46:01 and all of them conspired together
46:03 to come and attack Jerusalem and create confusion.
46:06 I study that thing out, Pastor CA,
46:08 and I discovered
46:09 that these guys have got together,
46:10 were enemies of each other, but I also learned
46:12 that enemies of each other will get together
46:14 if they're all your enemy.
46:19 Ain't that amazing?
46:20 How folk that can't stand each other will get together
46:22 'cause they can't stand you.
46:25 That's what the devil do.
46:27 You don't like him either, I don't like him either,
46:29 let's get together, and when we're done,
46:30 we'll get back into our own fight.
46:32 We keep this thing going but until then let's just,
46:34 let's have a truce till we beat him up
46:35 and then we get back and fight ourselves,
46:38 that's kind of what they said,
46:39 that's why we have to pay more attention
46:41 to the walls being rebuilt
46:42 and the gaps beginning to close,
46:43 we cannot allow ourselves to be sidetracked
46:46 by those who don't like what we're doing
46:48 for the cause of God.
46:49 Leaders are not concerned about the attitudes,
46:51 but the aptitude between them and God.
46:54 Education, page 57, the world's greatest need,
46:57 the greatest want of the world is the want of men.
47:01 Men who will not be bought or sold,
47:05 men who in their innermost souls are true and honest.
47:08 Men who do not fear to call sin by its right name.
47:12 Men whose consciences is as true to duty
47:17 as the needle to the pole.
47:19 Men who will stand for the right,
47:21 come on now, though the heavens fall.
47:25 That's what this generation needs,
47:27 not men that want to be popular,
47:29 that was the thing I had a problem with.
47:33 Say what you mean and mean what you say,
47:35 even if people don't like it.
47:37 Point number eight, I'm getting close.
47:41 Leaders maintain focus in the face of confusion.
47:48 I'm so glad the pilot doesn't forget
47:50 where we're going when turbulence is.
47:53 Where are we going?
47:55 Can you imagine, "Could you ask the passengers,
47:57 what's on their ticket?"
47:59 I've never heard that announcement,
48:00 I'm so glad that they not, they remember where they headed
48:04 even though that plane is being tossed.
48:05 We may have to make a detour
48:07 but we'll get back on track, amen somebody.
48:10 Leaders maintain focus in the presence of confusion,
48:13 Nehemiah 4:6.
48:16 "So we built the wall and the entire wall
48:19 was joined together up to half its height
48:21 for the people had a mind to work."
48:25 It's all about your mental attitude.
48:26 Some people say we can't do it.
48:28 Well, if you believe you can't or you believe you can,
48:30 you are right.
48:32 Did you get that?
48:33 I can't do it, then I don't want your help.
48:35 I can do it, then I need your help.
48:37 If you believe you can't, you can't.
48:39 If you believe you can, you can.
48:41 Sometimes also we remember the work
48:44 but forget the reason why we work.
48:47 I don't want to ever get caught up in the work
48:49 and forget why I'm doing what I'm doing,
48:50 that's what happened to the Jews.
48:52 You're the Messiah, hold on, we got to kill a lamb.
48:56 Look at verse 14 of chapter 4.
49:00 Don't forget the reason why you work for God.
49:03 Chapter 4:14,
49:05 "And I looked and arose and said to the nobles,
49:10 to the leaders and to the rest of the people,
49:13 'Do not be afraid of them..."'
49:14 Don't be worried about them.
49:16 "Remember the Lord..."
49:17 Here are the reasons, "Remember the Lord,
49:19 great and awesome and fight for your brethren."
49:23 You got to fight for people nowadays.
49:25 Not fight with them, fight for them.
49:29 "Fight for your brethren, your sons, your daughters,
49:32 your wives and your houses."
49:34 The reason why they kept their mind in the work
49:36 is because they had their families in their mind,
49:39 they had their children in their mind,
49:41 they had their spouses in their mind.
49:43 Why do you work? Why are you an Adventist?
49:45 Is it because of your children, your family members,
49:49 your wife that may not be a believer,
49:50 your husband that may not be a believer,
49:52 your son that may not be a believer?
49:54 If you come to church and forget
49:55 that you are fighting for your brother and your son,
49:57 your daughters, your wives and your house,
49:59 your work is in vain.
50:02 I don't want to sound angry, I'm trying to get you fired up.
50:06 We also have to remember that when we lead,
50:09 we got to leave the enemies to God, verse 15.
50:13 And it happened when our enemies heard
50:16 that it was known to us, that's how God is,
50:18 He lets us know what the enemies are doing
50:21 and don't let them know what we're doing.
50:23 When our enemies heard that it was known to us
50:26 and that God had brought their plot to nothing
50:29 that all of us return to the wall,
50:31 everyone to his work.
50:33 The enemy will try a thousand ways
50:35 but God's got a thousand and one ways
50:37 to stop their thousand ways.
50:40 Brings me to point number nine.
50:43 Effective leaders learn how to multitask.
50:46 While I'm working on my sermon, I'm getting phone calls,
50:48 "You know, who just went to the hospital?"
50:50 Somebody.
50:52 "Oh, I was trying to get you all day,
50:53 I'm trying to tell you about something
50:55 coming up in April next year."
50:56 I'm working on my sermon.
50:57 "You know, I got this real quick question,
50:59 are you busy?"
51:00 Pastor, you got to say, "No, I'm all right."
51:04 I'm all right.
51:06 Shelley, I'm all right.
51:09 Trying to get that sermon finished
51:11 but you've got to be polite,
51:12 you got to learn how to multitask.
51:13 A real leader understands how Jesus is.
51:16 Jesus is on His way to raise Lazarus
51:19 but He stops to heal a sick woman along the way,
51:22 you've got to multitask, you've got to be like Jesus.
51:25 You cannot say anybody is unimportant
51:27 because everybody's important in the economy of God,
51:29 A leader learns how to multitask.
51:33 Look at verse 17 and 18.
51:37 "Those who built on the wall and those who carried burdens
51:41 loaded themselves,
51:43 so that with one hand they worked at construction
51:49 and with the other held the weapon."
51:51 With one hand they did what?
51:52 Work, and the other hand they did what?
51:54 Held the weapon.
51:55 If it was in Southern Illinois, you could hear.
51:59 Got a trowel over here and a shotgun over here...
52:05 that's why we are called
52:06 not to just be builders of the kingdom
52:09 but soldiers of the cross.
52:11 Amen somebody.
52:13 God will take care of the enemies,
52:14 He told them that in chapter 6:1
52:19 or chapter 4:20,
52:20 "God will fight for us."
52:23 Just keep your mind on the work.
52:26 I'm so glad that somebody created
52:27 one of those bug zapper,
52:29 I think it's the best invention ever since ions.
52:34 Because you can't see, you can't see bugs,
52:37 Southern Illinois is critter land.
52:41 Am I telling the truth?
52:42 It's winter time
52:43 and you still can't get rid of fruit flies.
52:47 One hand in the Bible, the other hand on a bug zapper.
52:55 We are called to be builders of the kingdom
52:57 and soldiers of the cross.
52:58 God will take care of all the bugs in your life
53:01 if you got the other hand in God's work.
53:04 The enemies try to get Nehemiah to take a break from the work
53:06 and that man on a high note,
53:08 they try to get him to take a break from the work.
53:09 You want to understand, this is a powerful story.
53:11 I preached a sermon about 15 years ago
53:14 and when I heard it was going to be about Nehemiah I said,
53:15 "God, You understand exactly what I like."
53:19 They try to get Nehemiah to take a break from the work
53:22 and they said to him,
53:23 "We want you to meet us in the plain of oh no."
53:27 Now that's a whole sermon right there, right?
53:29 They said to Nehemiah, "Meet us at Starbucks."
53:31 At Starbucks and Nehemiah said, "Oh, no."
53:35 They said, why don't you meet us
53:36 and have some lunch at Ryan's?
53:38 Nehemiah, you need a break."
53:39 And Nehemiah said, "Oh, no."
53:41 "Don't you need to get some supplies
53:42 at home depot, Nehemiah?"
53:44 And Nehemiah said, "Oh, no."
53:46 He made up his mind
53:48 to keep his mind on the work of the Lord,
53:51 what do you say?
53:53 My final point,
53:56 leaders must stay on the wall
53:59 until the work is done.
54:03 Chapter 6:3-4,
54:05 "So I sent messengers to them, I'm doing a great work..."
54:09 That's what he sent an email, text message, here it is.
54:12 "I'm doing a great work so that I cannot come down.
54:14 Why should the work cease
54:16 while I leave it and go down to you."
54:18 But they sent me this message four times
54:20 and I sent them the same text message back.
54:24 I ain't coming, amen, Christians.
54:27 We want to say that when God calls us to work for Him,
54:30 American Idol is coming on, I ain't coming.
54:35 This is the season's finale, Wednesday night at 7 o'clock,
54:37 I ain't gonna be there,
54:39 I got a prayer meeting appointment, amen somebody.
54:41 I ain't coming down off the wall,
54:43 there's something more important than that.
54:44 We got to get our minds and our priorities right.
54:46 As a pastor I don't care if the church never likes me,
54:49 but I'm gonna say Wednesday night prayer meeting
54:51 is a place where those who are waiting
54:53 for the coming of God ought to be.
54:56 And I'm gonna stay on the wall and keep saying them
54:58 till the Lord shuts me up or the members beat me up.
55:04 My final point is leaders must stay on the wall
55:07 until the work is done.
55:09 You see, my brethren, and here's the point.
55:10 When leaders let God lead, God will accomplish the work.
55:16 Nehemiah 6:15,
55:17 "So, the wall was finished in 52 days, 52 days,
55:21 Nehemiah had to go through all that in just 52 days
55:24 but God had finished the work
55:26 and my beginning text is my ending text,
55:28 and here's a simple point of the whole sermon.
55:29 For they perceived that this work was done by God,
55:33 leaders, point number 11,
55:34 I didn't have one, but I just found one, Shelley.
55:37 Leaders know that God is the one
55:38 that's doing all the work, he just includes us
55:40 in the process for the benefits.
55:44 God is doing the work.
55:46 In 1980, a young man from Rwanda was forced
55:49 by his tribe to either renounce Christ
55:51 or face certain death.
55:53 He refused to renounce Christ and he was killed on the spot.
55:59 He lost his life but his words continue to inspire leaders
56:01 even to this very day
56:03 and this was found in his room the day after he was killed.
56:08 I got a minute and 22 seconds, I think I can do it.
56:11 This is what this Rwanda man said,
56:13 who has inspired leaders for the rest of their lives,
56:15 he said, "I am a part of the fellowship
56:17 of the unashamed.
56:18 I have Holy Spirit's power.
56:20 The die has been cast, I have stepped over the line,
56:23 the decision has been made,
56:24 I am a disciple of Jesus Christ,
56:26 I won't look back,
56:27 let up slow down back away or be still.
56:30 My past is redeemed.
56:32 My present makes sense. And my future is secure.
56:34 I'm finished and done with low living, sight walking,
56:38 small planning, smooth knees, colorless dreams,
56:41 tamed visions, mundane talking, and dwarfed goals.
56:44 I no longer need preeminence, prosperity, position,
56:47 promotion, plaudits or popularity,
56:49 I don't have to be first, tops, recognized, praised,
56:52 regarded or rewarded.
56:55 I now live by presence,
56:56 walk by the faith, love by patience,
56:58 live by prayer and labor by power.
57:02 I cannot be bought, compromised, deterred,
57:05 lured away, turned back, diluted or delayed.
57:08 I will not flinch in the face of sacrifice,
57:11 hesitate in the presence of the adversary,
57:13 negotiate at the table of the enemy,
57:15 ponder at the pool of popularity
57:17 or meander in the maze of mediocrity.
57:19 I won't give up, back up, let up or shut up
57:22 until I've preached up,
57:24 prayed up, paid up,
57:25 stored up and stayed up for Christ
57:27 and when He comes, He will know exactly who I am."
57:29 God bless you.


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