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00:23 Welcome to our sixth program of Week of Prayer.
00:26 We want to welcome you.
00:28 This is live
00:29 from Thompsonville Seventh-day Adventist Church
00:31 in Southern Illinois.
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00:43 Welcome and we hope you are greatly blessed this evening.
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01:27 And I'd also like to remind you
01:29 that we've been giving a free offer
01:30 over the past week or so,
01:32 it's a book entitled "After the Storm,"
01:35 and it was written by Danny Shelton,
01:36 so we're still offering that tonight.
01:38 When you do call into the prayer line,
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01:48 Our subject of prayer tonight,
01:50 is that the financial needs of God's people would be met
01:54 in order to support the work of the Lord.
01:57 You know, when we often think about finances,
01:59 we often see those as a means to support
02:02 not only ourselves but our families.
02:04 And while this is within God's will,
02:07 His desire
02:09 is that our perspective on finances
02:11 should extend beyond
02:13 the temporal necessities of life
02:15 to the eternal realities of redemption.
02:20 In this perspective finances can be properly used.
02:24 Finances are to be understood in the context
02:28 of the proclamation of the gospel.
02:32 Finances are needed on every level.
02:35 Planes need gas to fly missionaries
02:38 to remote locations of the world.
02:41 Boats are needed and supplies are needed
02:43 to travel up rivers
02:45 to villages outside the view of beyond looking world,
02:49 to areas where supplies are greatly needed
02:51 and to those who have not heard
02:54 of the blessed peace of forgiveness
02:55 in the light of the gospel.
02:57 Heavy machinery is needed
02:59 to dig wells in areas of the world
03:01 where water is scarce.
03:04 And churches need timber in order to be constructed.
03:09 Children, homeless children need food.
03:13 And many children need sponsorship
03:16 so they can not only receive an education
03:20 but an education, true education as it's centered
03:23 in the grand themes of salvation.
03:28 Our 3ABN studios
03:30 would not even be able to bring hope
03:32 to the hopeless,
03:34 if it were not for the faithful support
03:36 and the continuous support of godly men and women
03:39 around the globe
03:41 who have a proper perspective of finances.
03:44 We just could not do it.
03:48 Every aspect of ministry from the souls of our feet
03:52 to the blessing in our hands require money.
03:57 Paul was a tentmaker,
04:00 and I believe Paul was probably a good tentmaker.
04:03 But Paul's finances were not used
04:06 to build a vacation home in the countryside,
04:10 for when the work of the gospel became rough
04:12 where he could gain a little rest and repose.
04:14 You see, Paul used his finances
04:17 to support the work of the early church.
04:20 Paul saw in his monetary income a means by which more souls
04:26 could be reached.
04:29 Now many of us hesitate to give a gift
04:31 because so often our circumstances,
04:34 we see our gift as insignificant,
04:38 as not worthy to be given,
04:39 sometimes we're almost embarrassed.
04:42 But the Widow's Two Mites of Luke 21 remind us,
04:45 that far and above the size of the gift,
04:50 God looks at the heart.
04:53 What matters most to God is not the size of the gift
04:56 but rather the intent and motive of the heart.
05:01 And it is for this reason
05:03 that every Christian around the world
05:05 regardless of your financial circumstances
05:07 and situation,
05:09 we have the privilege
05:11 to give a meaningful gift to the cause of Christ.
05:16 And so with this, these things in mind,
05:17 I would like to pray tonight
05:19 that the Lord help us have a proper perspective
05:22 of finances,
05:24 and by His grace
05:25 we too can give
05:28 that souls may be continued,
05:30 may continued to be won for His sake.
05:33 Let us pray.
05:35 Father we thank You,
05:37 we thank You because
05:38 You are the ruler of the heavens and the earth
05:42 that would appears to reside in men's wallets.
05:46 And what appears to be theirs
05:48 in their bank accounts really is Yours.
05:52 You own the cattle on a thousand hills,
05:55 You own those hills as well.
05:58 And we just pray tonight, Lord,
06:00 that, yes, we ask that
06:02 You would provide for our needs,
06:05 so that we can support our families
06:08 but more than that
06:10 so that others can be won for Your sake.
06:13 So that the truth may continue to go forward
06:16 that they might become a part
06:20 of our great family in Christ.
06:24 Be with us Lord,
06:26 give us understanding,
06:27 give us wisdom in financial management.
06:31 Give us a desire, Lord, to share what has been given
06:34 to give back.
06:36 Not that it may be given in return,
06:38 shaken together and press down,
06:41 but just to give because Christ gave all for us.
06:46 We pray, Lord, that as the income comes in,
06:52 the love would go out,
06:54 that others around us might be blessed
06:57 by the meager earnings of our salaries.
07:01 We pray that Christ to be glorified
07:04 in this aspect of our lives.
07:07 Bless all of Your people worldwide, Lord,
07:09 that those blessings may be shared,
07:11 so that those who are without may have
07:15 that they too can give
07:17 and that You might be glorified in Your people's lives,
07:21 that when others see Your children,
07:24 they will know that they are Your children
07:26 because they will reflect that spirit of giving
07:30 that we so often saw and see in Your word.
07:35 Bless us to this end, we pray in Jesus' name, amen.
07:41 When I was 21,
07:44 my mother invited me to church for two reasons.
07:49 The first reason was,
07:50 to expose me to the truth of God's word.
07:54 The second reason was to meet a man
07:55 who had caught her attention.
07:58 His name was Pastor C.A. Murray.
08:01 Now being the protective son that I was, I reluctantly went,
08:04 I put my plans on side that day and went to church.
08:08 And by the time the sermon was ended,
08:10 I had given my life to Christ.
08:15 I was a little upset with C.A.
08:16 because I felt like he was reading my heart
08:18 and reading my mind
08:20 but I later discovered that
08:21 it was because of the Holy Spirit
08:23 and not because of C.A.
08:25 that my heart was convicted.
08:27 And I think that kind of characterizes
08:29 Pastor C.A. Murray.
08:31 You see C.A. can walk you through the deep things of God,
08:34 and use difficult words like ecclesiastical obiter dictum,
08:39 but C.A. can also sit down with you at the dinner table
08:42 and talk to you as a friend in common language.
08:46 C.A. has been a blessing to my family.
08:48 He baptized my sister,
08:50 he baptized myself
08:52 and then later on much to
08:55 what I could not have predicted,
08:56 he married my mother.
08:59 So C.A. is now honestly a part of my family.
09:03 Before he came to 3ABN, CA wore several hats
09:05 at the Northeastern Conference of Seventh-day Adventists,
09:08 and about seven years ago when he came to 3ABN,
09:12 he put those hats on the shelf and gained another 12.
09:17 So we're happy for the hats that C.A. wears around here.
09:20 He truly is the Lord servant
09:22 and tonight he's going to share with us
09:23 a message entitled "The Richness of the Word."
09:27 But before C.A. comes out,
09:29 we're going to be blessed by Reggie Smith.
09:32 He's going to be singing "Christ the Solid Rock."
09:35 This was taken from our Pillars Hymns project
09:37 that was done right here on this platform
09:39 not too long ago.
09:40 Now you'll be blessed and after Reggie sings,
09:43 then we'll be blessed
09:44 by the message by Pastor C.A. Murray.
10:11 On Christ, the solid rock I stand
10:18 All other ground is sinking sand
10:24 All other ground
10:26 Is sinking sand
10:37 My hope is built on nothing less
10:42 Than Jesus' blood and righteousness
10:49 I dare not trust the sweetest frame
10:53 But wholly lean on Jesus' name
10:59 On Christ, the solid rock, I stand
11:03 All other ground is sinking sand
11:09 All other ground
11:11 Is sinking sand
11:21 When darkness veils His lovely face
11:25 I rest on his unchanging grace
11:32 In ev'ry high and stormy gale
11:36 My anchor holds within the veil
11:42 On Christ, the solid rock, I stand
11:46 All other ground is sinking sand
11:52 All other ground is sinking sand
12:02 His oath, His word, His blood
12:05 Support me in the flood
12:08 When all around gives way
12:11 He then is all my hope
12:13 And stay
12:18 When He shall come with trumpet sound
12:24 O may I then in Him be found
12:31 Dressed in His righteousness alone
12:36 Faultless to stand before the throne
12:42 On Christ, the solid rock, I stand
12:46 All other ground is sinking sand
12:52 All other ground is sinking sand
12:58 On Christ, the solid rock, I stand
13:02 On Christ, the solid rock, I stand
13:06 All other ground is sinking sand
13:12 On Christ, the solid rock,
13:18 I stand.
13:36 Amen and amen, well done. Shall we pray?
13:41 Father God, we come to You now with uplifted hearts,
13:45 open and receptive minds
13:48 and we ask that You would speak to us
13:51 and help us to know and to understand the richness
13:54 and power of Your word,
13:58 and we thank You in Jesus' name, amen.
14:00 Turn with me if you will to Matthew 3.
14:05 We want to read the last two verses
14:07 in Matthew 3
14:09 and just the first two or three verses
14:12 in Chapter 4, Matthew 3:16.
14:17 And then we will read Chapter 4:1-3.
14:26 The word of God says, Matthew 3:16,
14:29 "When He had been baptized,
14:32 Jesus came up immediately from the water,
14:36 and behold, the heavens were opened to Him,
14:41 and He saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove
14:45 and alighting upon Him."
14:47 I'm reading from the New King James.
14:49 "And suddenly a voice came from heaven saying,
14:52 'This is My beloved Son,
14:56 in whom I am well pleased.'
15:00 Then Jesus was led up
15:02 by the Spirit into the wilderness
15:04 to be tempted of the devil.
15:07 And when He had fasted forty days and forty nights,
15:10 afterward He was hungry.
15:13 Now when the tempter came to Him,
15:15 he said, 'If You are the Son of God,
15:19 command that these stones
15:22 become bread."'
15:27 Jesus and John the Baptist were cousins,
15:34 that is fairly well-known and fairly well documented,
15:37 first cousins I believe closely related
15:41 through their circumstances of birth.
15:46 John had followed Jesus,
15:50 he had heard about Jesus and he...
15:53 we would say in America kept tabs on him.
15:58 It was even revealed to John
16:00 that the Messiah would be baptized by him.
16:03 So he knew that one day
16:05 they were going to be intimately connected.
16:09 John knew all about Jesus long before the baptism,
16:12 even though they had never met.
16:14 John had never laid eyes on Jesus,
16:16 Jesus had never laid eyes on John.
16:19 And when Jesus came to John
16:21 there at the Jordan River that day,
16:23 that was the first time these two men
16:26 had ever laid eyes on each other.
16:29 And yet each knew instinctively through the Spirit
16:34 who the other one was.
16:36 John had been told
16:39 that he was going to hear a word
16:42 from the Lord.
16:44 He was going to hear something
16:46 that would mark that particular event.
16:49 And so this event John knew would be marked by the word.
16:55 He was told that, that word,
16:58 though spoken to Jesus would embrace all of humanity.
17:03 Those words that would come from heaven on that day,
17:08 though specifically spoken to Christ
17:13 would be a pride to all of us.
17:18 And yet many there that day at the Jordan
17:21 didn't know what the words meant
17:24 just as so many in the world today
17:26 don't really understand what those words mean.
17:32 When God said,
17:33 "This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased."
17:38 Those words were given to inspire faith and hope
17:43 in all of the people there,
17:45 but also to strengthen Jesus for His mission.
17:50 You see,
17:52 all words have power, don't they?
17:55 All words have power,
17:56 but spiritual words have spiritual power.
18:00 All words have the ability to lift up or tear down,
18:04 to encourage or discourage,
18:06 but spiritual words have life giving power.
18:11 Ellen White says
18:13 in The Ministry of Healing, page 458.
18:15 She says,
18:16 "The word of God
18:18 is a safeguard against temptation and sin."
18:21 Now, I want you to hold that in your mind
18:23 because we're gonna come back to that
18:24 in just a little bit.
18:26 But these words were given
18:28 to help Jesus in His ministry,
18:32 to help the man Jesus
18:33 because Christ was going to go through some stuff.
18:38 And those words were gonna come back to him
18:40 over and over and over again.
18:42 He needed to know
18:44 that what He was about to do
18:47 was cosigned and endorsed by heaven.
18:50 And so He heard the words,
18:52 this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.
18:58 Christ knew what was coming.
19:02 And so He needed the word
19:05 to fortify Him against the battles,
19:09 the tests, the trials that were sure to come.
19:14 In the book, Desire of Ages, page 70, Ellen White said,
19:17 Ellen White tells us, "That angels draw near
19:21 when we seek to know God through His Word."
19:24 And when I read that, I like that, Shelley,
19:25 I like that idea that I could do something
19:27 that would have angels draw near to me.
19:30 I really like that idea
19:31 that I could engage in certain kinds of activities
19:34 that would draw angels.
19:35 I like the idea of having angels near me,
19:37 that's kind of a comforting thought,
19:39 that there are certain things you can do
19:41 that will bring angels close to you.
19:44 Prayer brings angels close to you.
19:47 Praise brings angels close to you.
19:51 Singing brings angels close to you.
19:55 Worship brings angels close to you.
19:58 That's a nice thought, isn't it?
20:00 That you can do things
20:01 that would bring angels kind of close to you.
20:04 And also, when you get into trouble
20:08 for Jesus sake, angels draw close to you.
20:15 And just as most of the people at the baptism
20:18 didn't understand the meaning and power of God's words,
20:21 there are so many, many people in the church today
20:24 who do not understand the meaning of those words
20:27 and as such failed to avail themselves
20:31 of the power of those words.
20:35 Jesus said in John 6:63,
20:37 "The words that I speak to you they are spirit,
20:40 they are life."
20:42 Not have life, give life, they are life.
20:47 There is life giving power in the Word of God.
20:52 And if you want spiritual vitality,
20:54 spiritual life, spiritual health,
20:57 being a vegan doesn't do it.
21:02 Doing good deeds alone doesn't do it.
21:05 Studying your Sabbath school lesson,
21:06 Mollie, doesn't do it,
21:08 not by our self, all those things are good,
21:10 even prayer alone is not enough.
21:13 You have to study, not just read,
21:16 but study the Word of God
21:19 because there is life in the Word.
21:26 Let me just toss out some,
21:28 Kevin said, ecclesiastical obiter dictum.
21:30 Patriarchs and Prophets, page 423, I like this.
21:39 Ellen White says, "When you read the word
21:43 and you understand what God wants you to do.
21:47 For God sake, get on with it."
21:50 Amen. Amen.
21:53 And amen.
21:55 If you can't say amen, say ouch.
21:57 When you read the Word
21:59 and you know what God wants you to do,
22:02 get on with it.
22:04 James 1:22 says, "Be doers of the Word,
22:07 not just hearers thereof deceiving yourself."
22:10 I'm glad to see my boss Jim Gilley here.
22:13 I happen to know that he broke the speed limit getting here.
22:16 He's a doer of the Word
22:18 because he told me he's going to be here,
22:19 so he kept his word, praise the Lord.
22:22 I like this translation, Shelley,
22:24 from The Clear Word.
22:27 James 1:22,
22:29 "Don't deceive yourselves into thinking
22:31 that all you have to do is listen to God's Word.
22:34 You also have to put it into practice.
22:36 Whoever listens to God's word and doesn't do what it says
22:40 is like a person
22:41 who takes a good look at himself in a mirror
22:44 and sees, and sees himself as he really is
22:47 and then goes away and ignores
22:49 what he has just seen.
22:52 But if he carefully looks
22:54 into the mirror of God's perfect law,
22:56 if he continues to do this
22:59 and doesn't forget what it says,
23:01 but puts it into practice,
23:04 God will bless him in all he does."
23:09 So the blessing,
23:11 forgive me, Danny Shelton, is on the do.
23:17 Now Danny says, that's on the go.
23:18 So I will not, I will not besmirch my friend
23:20 and brother,
23:22 I will synthesize and synergize them both.
23:24 The blessing is on the do and the go.
23:26 Go and do, amen?
23:28 Amen.
23:29 You got to go and you got to do.
23:30 So the blessing is on the go and the do.
23:33 The Spirit of Prophecy says, don't dilly-dally,
23:36 get on with it.
23:38 I'm reading Patriarchs and Prophets.
23:39 She says, it is important to believe God's Word
23:43 and act promptly
23:44 while his angels are waiting to work for us.
23:47 His angels are there, they're waiting.
23:50 Evil angels are ready to contest
23:54 every step of advance
23:56 and when God's providence bids His children to go forward,
24:01 when He is ready to do great things for them,
24:04 Satan tempts them to displease the Lord
24:07 by hesitating and delay.
24:11 So when God opens the door,
24:14 your job is to walk through the door, amen?
24:18 Your job is to get on with it.
24:22 You know, you say, I have decided to follow Jesus.
24:27 And Satan says, "I've decided
24:29 you're not going to follow Jesus."
24:31 Now you can sit and debate about that
24:33 or you can follow Jesus, amen.
24:36 So Ellen White says, "When God opens the door,
24:39 do not displease Him by hesitating and delaying."
24:43 He says this, she says this rather.
24:44 "He seeks to kindle, this is Satan,
24:46 a spirit of strife or to arouse murmuring
24:51 and unbelief and thus deprive them,
24:53 that's you and I,
24:55 of the blessing that God desires to bestow.
24:58 You can't wait your blessing away.
25:02 God says, "When I open the door,
25:05 you got to go through that door.
25:07 I mean you know, the Lord will bring,
25:09 rather Satan will bring discouragement
25:12 out of your own family.
25:14 Anybody ever have that?
25:16 He'll use your own family to discourage you.
25:19 But you got to serve God,
25:21 you got to walk through those doors
25:23 that He opens.
25:26 God's servants she says,
25:28 should be minuteman
25:31 ever ready to move, get this,
25:33 as fast as his providence opens the way.
25:39 Any delay on their part gives time
25:42 for Satan to work to defeat them.
25:47 So when it's time to go, you got to go.
25:52 And so the power of the Word,
25:54 the power of the word is activated by action,
25:59 activated by action,
26:01 it's like that OxiClean stuff that they have,
26:02 you got to pour in the water before the oxygen comes out,
26:05 you got to get wet, amen.
26:09 Activated by action, action indicates faith.
26:14 When Christ set out the 70,
26:18 they were armed with nothing more
26:21 than power and authority of the Word,
26:26 and when you got the power and authority of the Word,
26:28 you got all you need.
26:30 Jesus knew that sometimes under trial,
26:34 hope is gone feeling is gone.
26:39 Maybe even friends and family gone.
26:42 There are going to be times
26:43 when all you'll have left is you and this Word.
26:50 So look at the assurance that we get in John 15:20.
26:54 Christ says, "Remember the word that I said to you,
26:57 a servant is not greater than his master.
27:02 If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you.
27:06 And if they kept My word, they will keep Yours also."
27:11 Christ needed to hear those words
27:16 there at Jordan.
27:18 Christ needed to hear
27:20 what God had to say in confirming His mission.
27:25 So He heads now to the desert
27:28 for a little self imposed solitary confinement,
27:34 to prepare Himself for His life's work,
27:38 to prepare Himself for the mission.
27:42 And in Matthew when, you know, when the Bible says,
27:44 "He went to the desert to be tempted."
27:46 That too doesn't mean
27:48 that He went there
27:49 for the purpose of being tempted.
27:51 It simply means that Satan seized
27:54 the opportunity to tempt.
27:55 He didn't go out there to be tempted,
27:56 He went out there to get ready
27:58 to get fired up, to get prayed up,
28:02 to get ready for His mission.
28:04 But Satan saw and attack and attempt...
28:08 attempted to make an attack.
28:11 So Christ didn't go to the wilderness
28:12 for the purpose of being attempted,
28:14 of being tempted,
28:16 He went for the purpose of coming to God,
28:19 and Satan saw that time and attacked Him.
28:24 So Matthew 4 uses the word to be tempted.
28:28 Luke 4 in discussing
28:29 the same things leaves it out altogether.
28:32 Luke says, "He was led into the wilderness."
28:35 And of course the imperfect tense mean,
28:37 meant he is continually being led by God.
28:40 Testimony to Ministers, page 80 and 81,
28:43 I like this, Ellen White says,
28:44 "The Word of God alone can reclaim man from sin
28:48 and keep him from transgression."
28:52 Thy word, you know it well, Psalms 119:11,
28:55 "Have I hid in my heart
28:58 that I might not sin against thee."
28:59 I did a little playing with that word.
29:00 I don't think there's a more impoverished translation
29:02 than the word hid in my heart.
29:05 Because the Hebrew
29:06 there actually is much, much stronger.
29:08 It's more like thy word have I hoarded in my heart,
29:12 thy word have I treasured in my heart.
29:13 I've got some stuff down
29:15 in the basement that I hide down there,
29:16 if somebody came and stole, I wouldn't mind.
29:18 But the stuff that I really,
29:20 really value like my passport
29:22 is right next to me on the nightstand.
29:25 See, the Word is like that passport.
29:26 Thy word have I treasured in my heart, why?
29:29 Because I don't want to sin against God.
29:32 So I've hoarded that Word in my heart,
29:35 I value that Word,
29:36 I've treasured that word in my heart.
29:40 Job 23:12 is something I love this.
29:43 The Bible says,
29:45 "I have not departed from the commandment
29:48 of his lips,
29:49 I have treasured the word of his mouth
29:51 more than my necessary food."
29:55 How many of you'd like to eat?
29:57 I do.
29:59 If you don't eat, pretty soon you'll die.
30:03 And if you eat junk, pretty soon you'll die.
30:08 Same thing with the Word.
30:11 You've got to feast on the Word every day,
30:14 if you want to be spiritually strong.
30:18 And so armed with this approbation
30:23 and divine imprimatur,
30:24 a blessing of God in his heart
30:25 Christ went out to be tempted 40 days.
30:28 In other words, it makes it plain that,
30:29 that Satan dogged Christ steps all 40 of those days.
30:33 Every day he was on Jesus, every single day.
30:37 And let me say something, just popped into my mind.
30:39 People always say,
30:41 God is good all the time and all the time God is good.
30:45 I'm determined not to state
30:46 that anymore because I don't believe it.
30:48 And I don't believe
30:49 you should be forced to say something
30:50 that you don't believe
30:52 even if a pastor leads you into that,
30:54 Pastor John,
30:55 because I don't think it's true.
30:58 Here's my thesis.
31:02 God is good only in good times.
31:11 Correct.
31:13 I believe God is good only in good times.
31:18 In bad times God is great.
31:21 Amen.
31:23 In the good times, He is good.
31:26 But if you want to see the greatness of God,
31:28 let something bad happen to a child of God,
31:30 He steps it up.
31:32 In bad times God is great, He's much more than good.
31:36 And His word is sure and you can trust His word.
31:41 Just last week you know, the Lord sent His little test
31:44 with this cancer diagnosis,
31:47 and a surgeon and all the stuff,
31:48 there's all kinds of little bills,
31:50 you got to buy things, you got to buy,
31:51 you know, you got to buy a little kind of things,
31:52 you do an expense and money is going and your money.
31:54 Last week I had to buy two tires for the truck,
31:56 big 20 inch tires cost a fortune
31:58 and then two tires for the van.
32:00 So when the check came,
32:02 as the check came the chat went, Mollie.
32:06 So that I heard my mind
32:10 say to myself,
32:13 you just survived cancer.
32:16 God is not going to mind, Jim,
32:19 if you take your tithe this one time.
32:26 You're broke.
32:30 And as that thought,
32:31 Pastor John, formulated in my mind,
32:34 I ran to the ATM.
32:38 And got my tires out in cash,
32:39 I didn't even have to write a check.
32:42 And last Sabbath we were in green room
32:43 and Pastor John said,
32:45 he saw me putting the money in the tithe envelope,
32:46 he said, I usually write a check.
32:48 I said, I usually, I usually do it also
32:50 but today I'm making a statement
32:51 to the devil.
32:55 So I put the cast in there
32:57 because I didn't want something to pop up on Sunday,
32:58 you know, you start looking at it
33:00 and your guy wanted it out of the house
33:02 and in the hands of God.
33:04 Say how good God is.
33:05 I had 3ABN taking something out of my check
33:08 and it overtook.
33:10 So I walked in Monday to David Carson
33:13 and I said, just run some figures for me.
33:14 He said, "You know what?
33:16 We owe you some money.
33:20 Now, now, it wasn't
33:22 a big old stash of cash, JD.
33:28 Just enough for gas and a couple of other things,
33:33 you know, this week, amen.
33:35 You see the Word of God is sure
33:38 but you never get to receive the blessing
33:43 unless you act on the blessing, amen?
33:46 Now, I could have kept that
33:48 tithe money and done something with it
33:51 and not have the blessing of that,
33:52 I'd rather be broke with a blessing...
33:55 Amen.
33:58 Than have a pocket full of money
34:00 and no blessing.
34:02 Amen.
34:03 Amen. Amen.
34:05 So the Word of God is sure and it's powerful
34:08 and God does what He says,
34:12 He's going to do, but to tap into that greatness
34:15 you got to study the Word and know the Word.
34:18 You see I studied Malachi 4, which says,
34:20 "If you pay your tithes
34:22 I will open unto you the windows of heaven
34:25 and pour you out a blessing."
34:28 Now, I'd like that blessing, Mollie, to be $10,000,
34:33 but I didn't need, well, I did need
34:36 but I didn't needed right then.
34:38 So I got a lot less but it was a blessing, amen?
34:44 And I went back and I told Irma,
34:46 we got a little blessing.
34:48 Praise the Lord.
34:50 So the blessing is on the go
34:53 and that it's activated by faith.
34:58 And to use a Krinonian locution God exalts His word.
35:07 And when you had the Word in your heart,
35:10 it's like putting
35:11 a little battery down there, you know.
35:15 And it's activated and it grows
35:18 and you get the power to live victoriously.
35:24 Now, let's take a little quick Greek lesson.
35:26 Because I thought for many years
35:28 that there were actually,
35:29 that there were two words there were translated power,
35:31 there're actually four.
35:32 The challenge is
35:34 two of them are used about 90% of the time
35:36 and the other two don't get much play
35:39 but they are great words, so I'm gonna give you all four.
35:41 The first one you probably know,
35:43 that's exousia,
35:44 we get that, we see that in John 19:2,
35:48 "As many as received Him
35:49 gave he the power or the exousia,
35:52 or the authority to become sons of God."
35:57 Exousia is translated authority, capacity,
36:00 jurisdiction, privilege, competency,
36:05 and it's the word you see most of the time,
36:07 about 80% of the time when you see the word power,
36:09 it means authority.
36:12 The next word is dunamis.
36:14 We see that in Ephesians 1:19.
36:18 The Bible talks about the exceeding greatness
36:21 of His power towards us.
36:23 So it's the exceeding greatness of his dunamis towards us.
36:27 We get the word dynamite from that.
36:29 It's translated might,
36:31 miraculous work and that's the sort of subset
36:35 that usually see.
36:36 When we're talking about dunamis,
36:37 you're talking about a miraculous working of God
36:40 in the life of His people,
36:42 the physical ability to get the job done.
36:45 It's also called abundant ability.
36:50 It's doing the work.
36:53 You know, the Bible says,
36:55 He bless us abundantly more than
36:56 we can ask or think, that's dunamis power.
37:00 Now those are the ones we know.
37:02 I stumbled on another one that I really, really like,
37:04 it's called ischus.
37:06 2 Peter 2:11, it's only used the handful of times, ischus.
37:11 It's translated force or might, it's like kinetic energy.
37:15 It's like you take a little snowball,
37:17 you start rolling it down the hill
37:18 and it picks up mass, and it picks up weight,
37:21 and it's rolling down
37:22 and it's got a lot of kinetic energy,
37:24 but you never, you never really feel
37:26 that energy until it hits something
37:27 like a tree or smacks into a car,
37:29 then you realize
37:30 how much energy that little snowball has.
37:33 Well, ischus, ischus is like that, it's kinetic energy.
37:37 You'll never know how much power you have
37:40 until you hit something like the devil, amen?
37:44 So, Peter says, "We've got this kinetic energy.
37:48 Christians have this kinetic energy.
37:49 Listen, just because you're a Christian,
37:51 it doesn't mean you're a wimp.
37:54 Amen?
37:56 Yeah, Christians are called to face and to fight,
38:01 it doesn't mean you're wimp.
38:02 You know years ago,
38:04 we had a roller skating club,
38:05 I used to be back in another life,
38:07 a pretty good roller.
38:08 In fact I was a, I was a very good roller skater.
38:10 Had Christian roller skating night.
38:12 And we'll go after Christian roller skating night
38:14 to this restaurant.
38:15 And we're in this restaurant one night
38:17 and you know,
38:19 I can't, I can't tell that story
38:21 because if I told you the story,
38:23 you might think less of me.
38:26 Suffice it to say,
38:28 Christians are not wimps, Pastor Lomacang,
38:32 ain't not?
38:34 Amen.
38:37 So that's ischus, ischus.
38:42 There is a fourth word
38:44 that is translated power called kratos or cratus.
38:48 Colossians 1:11,
38:50 "According to His glorious kratos
38:53 or His power."
38:55 It is also translated dominion.
38:57 It is the ability to hold on to what you've got.
39:04 Amen.
39:05 Kratos is the ability given by God
39:08 to hold on to what you got.
39:10 Back in 1996,
39:12 I was coming home from a funeral
39:14 and my front door is open.
39:16 And as I'm walking in,
39:18 two individuals are walking out with my stuff.
39:22 They got my VCR, you folk remember VCRs?
39:25 That's what you had before you had the DVD player.
39:29 They walked out with my VCRs,
39:30 my television sets
39:33 and they'd even stolen my cologne.
39:38 Now, I can't tell you what happened because if I did,
39:44 you would think less of me.
39:47 But suffice it to say
39:49 that God allowed me to kratos.
39:54 He allowed me to hold on to what was mine, Pastor Jim.
40:01 It's a powerful word,
40:03 it is not used many times in the New Testament,
40:05 but it is also translated power.
40:06 It's a God given ability to possess the land
40:10 and then stay on the land
40:12 to keep what God has given you,
40:14 to hold on to what you have.
40:16 So you've got exousia, dunamis, ischus and kratos.
40:22 And in Matthew, Mark, Christ says,
40:25 "No one can enter a strong man's house
40:29 and plunder his goods
40:31 unless he first binds the strong man
40:34 and then he will put under his house."
40:35 And I wasn't about to be bound that night.
40:43 See the power of the Word makes you a strong man, amen.
40:49 You look at, look at little Greg Morikone,
40:51 I caught him little 'cause he, the guy's about 50 pounds.
40:56 Little guy but he's pretty strong.
40:58 You let somebody start fooling around with Jill
41:00 and see if he doesn't become a strong man.
41:04 Little kratos, hold on to what you got.
41:09 Let me say this obiter dictum.
41:11 Not a man knows when to say this.
41:13 If, if you know someone and I got to say this kindly.
41:19 If you know someone,
41:23 who has an up and down Christian experience,
41:29 or if you are someone like that
41:30 whose spirituality is a roller coaster ride.
41:36 Sinning and repenting, sinning and repenting,
41:38 you know, one day
41:39 they're ready to fly off to heaven
41:41 and the next day they are ready to jump off a cliff.
41:45 Always battling depression,
41:47 can't seem to get a break through
41:50 little or no joy,
41:53 I suspect their challenge is,
41:57 their problem is
41:59 they are soft on or light in
42:03 or marginally conversant with the Word of God.
42:09 Now, I'm not casting stones or picking a fight,
42:12 but if you are up and down
42:14 and up and down and up and down,
42:16 listen, prayer won't even solve that,
42:20 not by itself,
42:22 you got to get your head in the Word,
42:26 because if you're praying
42:28 and don't know what your guarantees are,
42:30 you don't know what to claim.
42:33 So you're gonna be up and down
42:34 all your life, up and down, why is this happening to me?
42:37 Why me? Why me? Oh, your answer is in the Word.
42:42 So you got to study the Word and inculcate the Word.
42:48 You got to take it inside and it will strengthen you,
42:50 it will fortify you,
42:52 it will give you a victorious Christian life.
42:57 You need to get in that Word,
42:59 Psalms 119:30,
43:01 "The entrance of thy word giveth light."
43:06 No need to be groping in darkness,
43:08 stumbling and fumbling like I did the other night
43:10 and woke Irma up,
43:12 she said, why did you turn on the light?
43:15 Why are you groping in darkness?
43:18 Light is righteousness and faith.
43:21 John 17:70, you know the text,
43:23 "Sanctify them through thy truth,
43:25 thy word is truth and light."
43:31 Let's look at Ephesians 6:14.
43:34 My time is getting away from me.
43:35 Ephesians 6:14.
43:39 Don't want to go through it all but I will summarize.
43:44 You got truth around your waist.
43:49 You've got the gospel on your feet.
43:54 You've got faith covering your chest.
43:58 You've got salvation on your head.
44:03 And you got the sword of the spirit
44:06 which is the word, amen.
44:10 Now you will know
44:12 and I'm sure you've seen this already many times.
44:14 That all of that, of all of that armament,
44:18 only one is an offensive weapons,
44:20 you know that.
44:21 Everything else is defense.
44:24 All the other pieces allow you
44:26 to take a blow and not get hurt.
44:32 But the Word, praise God,
44:35 allows you to fight back.
44:39 Amen. Amen.
44:41 Who wants to sit there all the time
44:42 and just take punishment?
44:44 To say the devil beat up on you.
44:48 The sword allows you to fight back.
44:50 The sword allows you
44:52 to fight back.
44:58 The Word allows you to go out
45:02 and actively defend yourself and your territory.
45:06 And then go out to the devil's kingdom
45:09 and bring back some POWs from Satan's kingdom.
45:15 Now let me follow that metaphor through.
45:18 Not only are you able to defend your home
45:22 and your heart and yourself,
45:24 the Word allows you to break into Satan's kingdom
45:29 and take back some of what he's stolen.
45:34 Hebrews 4:12,
45:36 "For the Word of God is living and powerful,
45:39 and sharper than any two-edged sword."
45:44 Now why a two-edged sword?
45:46 Stronger than a one-edged sword.
45:50 Here's the deal.
45:52 Here's why there are two edges.
45:55 Because while it is cutting others,
45:59 it's cutting you too.
46:04 Two-edged sword cuts both ways
46:06 while you're teaching and preaching to others,
46:09 you are teaching and preaching to yourself.
46:13 No teacher, no preacher should ever stand
46:15 before our congregation and not talk to themselves.
46:18 Any time you lead a Bible study or a Sabbath school class,
46:21 you're teaching others but you ought to be,
46:24 you better be teaching yourself.
46:27 And so that sword is cutting them,
46:30 is cutting you too.
46:32 Amen.
46:33 So you got two-edges,
46:35 that changes them, it also changes you.
46:38 That's why one of the best ways
46:39 to strengthen your own spirituality is,
46:42 is study with somebody else.
46:44 And trying to convert somebody else,
46:46 guess what?
46:48 You would be converted.
46:49 And try to make them stronger in the Lord,
46:50 you will become stronger in the Lord.
46:52 It's a two-edged sword,
46:54 it changes them, it changes you.
46:57 Christ life had been changed by the Word.
46:59 He had learned the Word from His mother's knee
47:01 and from His youth
47:02 and that's why He could say in John 14:30,
47:04 I'm jumping just a little bit, New King James,
47:06 He says, "I will no longer talk much with you,
47:09 for the ruler of this world cometh
47:11 and he has nothing in me."
47:12 For years I kind of stumbled at that text.
47:15 I like it from The Clear Word,
47:16 I just got to read it to you from The Clear Word.
47:19 Christ says, "After tonight
47:22 I'll not be talking with you for a while,
47:25 the devil who thinks
47:27 he's the prince of this world
47:29 has no power over me
47:31 because he can't find one sinful desire in me
47:35 that response to his temptation."
47:37 Lord, I wish that could be said about me,
47:39 how about you?
47:40 Christ said,
47:41 "He's got nothing in me, there are no hooks,
47:44 there's nothing he can grab on to hold on to me.
47:47 There's a commercial,
47:48 Irma and I are watching the other day.
47:51 It's a commercial for a cheeseburger.
47:56 I guess, it's about a half pound of meat.
47:59 And it's got
48:01 about a quarter inch of cheese on it
48:04 and it's got bacon on top of that.
48:08 And then it's got some things
48:09 that I didn't even know existed till I moved out
48:11 to Southern Illinois pulled pork.
48:14 We don't do pulled pork in New York.
48:16 So it's got a big old thing, a pulled pork on it,
48:18 and there's two guys standing there
48:20 with their mouths open staring at it.
48:23 And Irma said to me,
48:26 "That's enough to make me want to throw up."
48:29 And I said, amen.
48:32 See that's not a temptation for me,
48:33 there's nothing in me that responds to that.
48:38 Well, that's what Christ is saying here.
48:39 There's nothing in the world, when I, when I see sin,
48:42 it's like looking at that cheeseburger
48:43 with all that pulled pork on it.
48:46 Satan's got nothing in me. There's nothing that he has.
48:50 His temptations don't allure me.
48:55 So he's got nothing in me.
48:57 Christ said,
48:58 "There's nothing in me that Satan can,
49:00 can put in front of me that will allure me.
49:02 And I say to this day,
49:04 I wish I could make that statement.
49:07 Jesus could say it because in the desert,
49:10 Satan through his Sunday punch
49:14 and Christ withstood them all.
49:20 He fired three times
49:23 but he was unable to hurt him.
49:27 He saw Jesus emaciated,
49:30 drawn after 40 days of fasting.
49:33 Anybody ever fasted?
49:36 When I decided to go into ministry,
49:38 I fasted one solid week.
49:41 I know now that what I did was wrong
49:43 because I took nothing, no water,
49:44 nothing from Sabbath to Sabbath.
49:47 You're not supposed to do that,
49:48 you need to have water in your system
49:50 and you need to cleanse yourself,
49:52 but they call it brute fasting.
49:54 I just fasted and prayed.
49:57 Drug myself around school, I was in college.
50:02 But I know how, how beat up you can get when you fast.
50:05 Tell you a quick story, we had a fellow,
50:07 I better not call his name, he was fasting for a wife.
50:10 He said, his eyes are on a girl and he was fasting for her,
50:13 and she didn't, she wasn't fasting.
50:17 And so he was fasting for two weeks
50:19 and he's dragging himself around school
50:21 and he said,
50:22 "Has the Lord spoken to you yet?"
50:24 She said, "No."
50:27 And so he fasted and fasted and fasted
50:28 and after a while after three weeks of nothing,
50:31 he realized that God was calling him
50:33 to another ministry.
50:38 But Satan took his best shot at Jesus.
50:43 He loaded his 357 Magnum.
50:46 The most powerful handgun,
50:49 locked and loaded it with,
50:52 if you are the Son of God,
50:55 command these stones to be made bread.
51:00 And then he put it against Jesus' chest
51:05 and he pulled the trigger.
51:07 But before that bullet could touch Jesus,
51:11 it ran into man shall not live by bread alone.
51:16 And fell harmlessly to the ground.
51:20 Then he took Jesus to the top
51:23 of the temple.
51:25 And realized that a mere handgun
51:27 couldn't hurt the Lord so he,
51:29 he got what they call an RPG, rocket propelled grenade.
51:35 And he turned it on Jesus.
51:39 And he said,
51:43 "Hasn't Your Father said to you,
51:46 is it written in the Word."
51:49 You see, Satan knows the Word,
51:52 that He will give His angels charge over you
51:58 to bear you up.
52:01 So if you are the Son of God,
52:05 jump.
52:07 That's all, just jump.
52:10 What are you? Scared chicken, jump.
52:14 In fact, I'll give you little push.
52:18 Satan say he'll do, he'll give you a little push.
52:23 Trying to give up cigarettes,
52:25 yet you put one little pack
52:26 in a glove compartment of your car.
52:28 Then Satan sees to it
52:30 that you get stuck on the road behind traffic
52:31 and you're nervous and mad and you're late for work.
52:34 And you know that if you could just take that one little smoke
52:39 calm you down.
52:41 Satan says, I'll give you little push.
52:44 So Jesus, what's the problem?
52:48 Do you have any faith?
52:50 Jump.
52:52 That's all, just jump.
52:55 God will take care of you.
52:57 And he pulled the trigger on, jump.
53:01 And that RPG
53:02 ran into thou shalt not tempt the Lord, thy God
53:08 and fell harmlessly to the ground.
53:12 Then he used his masterstroke
53:16 vanity and ego...
53:22 took him to an exceedingly high mountain.
53:28 Let Him see the world.
53:32 So by the way Jesus,
53:35 these belong to me, it's a lie.
53:40 If you want them,
53:42 I'll give it to you.
53:45 Just drop to one knee.
53:50 You don't have to lay prostrate on the ground,
53:54 just dip to one day,
53:59 and it's all yours.
54:03 And he pulled the trigger.
54:07 And that missile ran into
54:11 worship God and God alone,
54:16 and no one else.
54:18 And then Christ said,
54:22 "It's time for you to go.
54:25 Get the hence sayonara, adios, hasta la vista, baby...
54:35 See ya.
54:38 How do you overcome?
54:40 By the power of the Word.
54:43 Amen.
54:45 He didn't shadowboxed with Satan,
54:47 He didn't fight with Satan, He used the Word.
54:52 How we overcome in these last days?
54:56 Same way Christ overcame.
54:59 One of the greatest texts in the Bible,
55:01 Revelation 12:11.
55:04 And they overcame him
55:07 by the blood of the Lamb
55:12 and the word of their testimony.
55:17 You see, the power is still in the Word.
55:22 Nothing about you that the devil fear.
55:25 There's nothing about you that makes him afraid.
55:27 He is afraid of your father and your best friend.
55:32 Amen.
55:34 And you never know that
55:36 until you study the Word of God.
55:42 Until you let the Word come into your heart.
55:48 Until you live out the Word.
55:52 For therein is your power,
55:55 therein is your strength,
55:57 and therein is your victory
56:02 in Christ Jesus.
56:05 But in fact they used to say,
56:06 you never know until you try.
56:11 You never know until you study
56:15 the Word of God.
56:17 And that's what these weeks of prayer
56:19 are designed to do,
56:20 to take us closer to the Word.
56:25 Amen.
56:26 And amen, shall we pray?
56:29 Gracious Father,
56:31 we thank You
56:32 because Your word is truly a lamp unto our feet
56:37 and a light unto our path.
56:40 Help us, Lord, to study the Word
56:45 and then to put in practice those things
56:49 that we have studied.
56:53 Help us to be overcomers
56:57 even as Christ overcame.
57:00 Help us through the blood of the Lamb
57:05 and the word of our testimony,
57:09 to be victorious children
57:13 of the Most High God.
57:16 And we thank You for the promise of victory
57:21 in the precious name of Jesus.
57:26 Amen and amen.


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