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00:19 We bid you good evening and happy Sabbath
00:22 and welcome to this,
00:24 the sixth nightly service of the seventh service
00:28 in total and as such the penultimate service
00:30 in what has been really a wonderful week
00:32 of spiritual meetings,
00:34 powerful preaching and prayer
00:36 as we've gathered together to join with our world church
00:40 in our annual week of prayer and I'm hopping,
00:42 trying to put a little bug in Pastor Jim Gilley's ear
00:44 that we can make this an annual event
00:47 because it has been really a spiritual,
00:50 dare I say shot in the arm, a spiritual encouragement.
00:53 The preaching has been wonderful
00:55 and very, very powerful, very, very pointed.
00:57 On Sunday evening Shelley Quinn spoke to us from this desk,
01:02 followed by our president Jim Gilley on Monday,
01:05 and on Tuesday John Dinzey spoke,
01:08 our Pastor John Lomacang spoke on Wednesday,
01:11 I spoke on Thursday,
01:13 and tonight will be our founder Danny Shelton
01:16 and we're always encouraged.
01:17 He does not claim to be a preacher
01:19 and perhaps he is not,
01:20 but he is an excellent communicator of the word.
01:23 And we know that when he stands on this desk
01:26 he comes from his heart,
01:27 a heart anointed by the Holy Spirit,
01:29 so we expect a very, very fine message from him this evening
01:33 as we move throughout our night.
01:35 Each evening we have focused on a particular aspect
01:39 of the Christian walk
01:41 and made that the subject of our prayer for that evening.
01:45 Tonight we are going to focus on youth and youth ministry
01:49 and if there ever was a group of people
01:51 that needed prayer, it is our young people today.
01:54 I'd say this, it is tough being a young person
01:57 in this world today,
01:58 it is much tougher than it was when I was a child,
02:00 there are more ways to get sick,
02:02 more ways to get injured,
02:03 more ways to get hurt, and frankly more ways to die.
02:06 We live in a dangerous world
02:09 and young people are assaulted by so many, many things
02:13 that simply didn't exist 20 or so years ago
02:16 and we were coming along Pastor Jim,
02:18 and it's a dangerous world,
02:21 and so we want to pray for our young people
02:23 but also for all of those
02:25 who are involved in youth ministry
02:27 in your churches,
02:28 and on our college campuses, and at our academies.
02:32 We need to pray for the young people
02:34 who sit in those class seats.
02:36 But we also need to pray for the teachers
02:38 and I say this sincerely, teaching is ministry.
02:43 Teachers are ministers, they shape lives,
02:46 they form opinions,
02:48 they encourage our young people,
02:49 we give them into their hands six, seven hours a day,
02:52 and of course when they leave and go away to academy
02:55 or to college or university,
02:57 we turn them over to these teachers
02:59 and their minds are filled and encouraged,
03:01 sometimes discouraged by what they hear
03:04 in these class rooms.
03:05 So we not, need not only to pray for young people
03:09 but we need to pray for those
03:10 who are called to teach young people
03:12 from the Sabbath schools to the Pathfinders
03:15 to colleges to universities
03:17 because they truly are ministers
03:18 of the highest order
03:20 and it is quite true
03:21 that if you can get a young mind
03:22 locked on to Jesus early on,
03:24 you'll stand a good chance of Christ
03:26 holding on to that mind throughout the life
03:28 of that young person.
03:29 So would you now bow your heads with me as we pray?
03:34 Gracious Father, we praise You
03:37 and thank You for this Sabbath day
03:40 that has come upon us.
03:42 We thank You for our time of rest and respite,
03:45 a time when we can shut off
03:47 and shunt aside the cares of this world,
03:51 and concentrate for a little while
03:54 on the things of Jesus.
03:57 We thank you that we can sit
03:59 for little while in heavenly places
04:01 and muse over the goodness of God.
04:06 And we are thankful that when these hours come,
04:09 you draw divinely near us as we focus upon you.
04:15 So we thank you, Lord,
04:16 for the church and for the Sabbath.
04:19 Now, Lord, as we sit in this house
04:22 and as this broadcast goes around the world
04:25 and as we join
04:27 millions of others of our brothers and sisters
04:30 in a week of prayer and spiritual emphasis,
04:33 we pray dear Father
04:35 that Your Spirit may be the center
04:38 and circumference of all that we do
04:41 that our lives maybe knit with Jesus
04:43 that tonight as we take one more step
04:45 along that road to glory
04:47 that we will see a new Christ
04:50 and the soon coming kingdom,
04:52 but also that we maybe warned and prepared for the dangers
04:57 and the snares that Satan will surely send our way.
05:02 Give us spiritual eye sight and eye salve,
05:07 so that we can see things as they truly are.
05:10 In the universities and colleges of this world,
05:14 Lord, may Christ be lifted up along with the academics,
05:18 help us, Lord, to truly get wisdom
05:21 and to know that the fear of the Lord
05:24 is the beginning of that wisdom.
05:27 In the academies and classrooms for the younger ones,
05:30 oh, Lord Jesus, be with the teachers,
05:32 anoint them so that they don't train these young minds
05:36 to be skeptical of the things of God
05:38 but to accept the things of God
05:41 and to know that the word of God
05:42 is their all their strength and their sufficiency.
05:47 To the local Sabbath school teachers
05:49 and those who handle the cradle role
05:51 and the primary and the juniors and the youth
05:54 to those who are called to train these young lives
05:57 from Sabbath to Sabbath, from time to time,
06:00 oh, Lord give them a blessing
06:03 so that they may pass that blessing
06:05 on to these young lives,
06:07 to the pathfinder leaders, Lord, help them to do
06:12 all they can to train our young people to be useful,
06:16 to be service oriented,
06:18 to be shining lights for Jesus Christ.
06:22 Father, help these young minds to accept you very early
06:26 so that they can have the blessing of your presence
06:29 and power throughout those formative years
06:31 when characters are molded
06:33 and lives are shaped for eternity.
06:37 And now this night, dear Lord,
06:38 we ask that You would be with he
06:41 who has been called to speak a word to our hearts.
06:44 Anoint him so that he can speak the truth, the whole truth,
06:49 and nothing but the truth.
06:51 Bless him so that he may bless us,
06:55 teach him so that he may teach us, instruct him,
06:59 so that he may instruct us in righteousness as you lead.
07:03 Give us a good sitting this night
07:06 and prepare us for Sabbath morning
07:09 for the worship service on tomorrow
07:12 and we thank you, dear Lord, in Jesus' name.
07:15 Amen.
07:17 I would hasten to remind you that our prayer lines are open.
07:21 I think JD Quinn, the manager of our pastoral department
07:25 is on the receiving end of the calls this very night
07:29 and so should you want prayer,
07:31 if you have maybe a young person
07:32 who is on your heart,
07:34 on your mind, you can call JD
07:36 and pray with him
07:37 and he would be more than happy to do that.
07:41 As we have mentioned our speaker is Danny Shelton.
07:45 I don't know anybody
07:48 that I have met in all of these years
07:50 who can just stand before an audience
07:51 and come from his heart
07:53 and hold an audience spellbound.
07:54 God has given him that gift.
07:56 He is a gifted communicator.
07:59 He doesn't say preacher, I'll say it for him,
08:01 he's a preacher and a communicator of the word.
08:04 Tonight he wants to speak of the power of compromise
08:08 and I think that is a fitting subject
08:10 for this evening.
08:13 Pastor Lomacang touched on this last Sabbath
08:16 as we began our meetings, the idea,
08:18 and this has come back over and over again
08:19 during this week.
08:21 The idea that we must come back to the basic
08:24 and we use this term for the past few years,
08:26 pillars of our faith,
08:27 we must hold up those tenets of our faith
08:30 that has made us a unique people,
08:32 and those Satan is trying to creep
08:34 in many ways, many times with many ideas.
08:37 God's people must be awake
08:39 and alert to all of the wiles of the devil.
08:42 The cost, the price you pay
08:44 for being a child of God is vigilance.
08:47 You do not ever get to go to sleep.
08:50 You must always be awake
08:51 and on the battlefield for the Lord.
08:53 And so we expect a very fine message
08:56 from our founder Danny Shelton this night.
09:00 The music for this week
09:02 has come from the Pillars Hymns project
09:05 which was taped as has been mentioned so many times
09:07 on this particular stage on last year.
09:11 The song that we're going to hear tonight
09:14 is one that Danny did with a number of our young people.
09:17 It is a, it is a happy song.
09:19 It is a joyous song.
09:21 In fact the title is, "Tis Love that makes us Happy"
09:25 and after you shall have heard that particular piece of music,
09:28 the next voice you will hear will be that of our friend
09:32 and our founder Mr. Danny Shelton.
09:56 This world is full of sorrow
10:02 Of sickness, death and sin
10:07 With loving hearts, we'll do our part
10:12 And try some soul to win
10:17 And when this life is over
10:22 And we are called above
10:26 Our song shall be, eternally
10:33 Of Jesus and His love
10:40 God is love, we're His little children
10:47 God is love, we would be like Him
10:53 'Tis love that makes us happy
10:56 'Tis love that smoothes the way
11:00 It helps us mind, it makes us kind
11:03 To others every day
11:08 God is love, we're His little children
11:15 God is love, we would be like Him
11:21 'Tis love that makes us happy
11:25 'Tis love that smoothes the way
11:28 It helps us mind, it makes us kind
11:32 To others every day
11:34 All right, kids.
11:37 Praise Him, praise Him
11:40 All ye little children
11:43 God is love, God is love
11:50 Praise Him, praise Him
11:54 All ye little children
11:57 God is love
12:00 God is love
12:05 God is love, we're His little children
12:11 Sing with us.
12:12 God is love, we would be like Him
12:18 'Tis love that makes us happy
12:21 'Tis love that smoothes the way
12:25 It helps us mind, it makes us kind
12:28 To others every day
12:33 'Tis love that makes us happy
12:36 'Tis love that smoothes the way
12:40 It helps us mind, it makes us kind
12:43 To others every day
12:48 Praise Him, praise Him
12:50 All ye little children
12:56 Amen. Amen.
12:59 Thank you, kids.
13:00 Our children are absolutely,
13:02 I guess our most important commodity, isn't it?
13:04 Our most important asset
13:05 that we have for our church of tomorrow
13:08 and I want to talk to you tonight,
13:11 I have to be honest with you, just to begin with,
13:13 hope I'm honest with you about everything
13:15 but I'm saying, I'm gonna have to confession,
13:17 Rick Rockwell used to say, it's good for the soul
13:19 but hard on the reputation and mine is that normally,
13:24 let me finish what I'm about to say
13:25 before you laugh,
13:27 but normally when I go to churches,
13:28 I speak all around the world,
13:30 I don't take very much thought in what I'm gonna say
13:33 before I get up.
13:34 Some people say, yeah, I know it sounds like it,
13:36 I hope that's not the case,
13:38 what I mean by that is there are so many stories
13:40 over almost 28 years of 3ABN,
13:44 so many miracle stories,
13:45 so many stories of encouragement,
13:48 and I love to go encourage people
13:50 that God is alive and He is on the throne.
13:52 And then when He said, "Go ye into all world"
13:55 that He counted His resources in advance
13:57 and found that He is not wanting,
13:59 so I don't worry about.
14:00 I said, Lord, you let me say what the people need to hear.
14:04 And even if I don't say what I mean to say,
14:07 still let them hear what you want them to hear.
14:09 So I tell people, if you're coming here tonight
14:11 looking for a blessing, you'll find one.
14:14 If you're coming here to look over the speaker,
14:15 you're gonna say, he's shorter than I thought he was.
14:19 He's not that good looking either,
14:20 he's uglier than I thought, you'll say all kinds of things
14:23 'cause so tonight is my prayer
14:24 that we are all deeding in the spiritual
14:27 and not the physical.
14:28 So when we talked about this subject of
14:32 maybe doing something about with music or scripture,
14:35 music I said, you know, I really I'm not,
14:38 you know, I don't know,
14:40 let me think about it and pray about it.
14:41 So in the last couple of days I have spent hours studying,
14:45 Lord, what would You have me and I begin to type out
14:48 and I did something like 12 pages of notes.
14:51 Now I never speak with notes.
14:53 I mean, that is just, forget it,
14:54 I can't look down, I don't stop.
14:56 I guess if you speak 250 words
14:59 and meant it would gust up to 550,
15:01 it's hard to slow down enough to look at your notes.
15:04 So I hardly ever do that.
15:05 So, but I said I want to do it.
15:06 This is a great topic,
15:08 I'm finding so much information in the Bible
15:10 and checking a lot of things out on the internet
15:13 making all these, this is great.
15:15 A 15 minutes before I came over here,
15:17 I looked at all of that
15:19 and I said I'm gonna put this down.
15:20 There's no way I can go do all of that.
15:22 So now I said, Lord,
15:24 I think now I know what it means to be nervous.
15:26 See my dad always said me, even when I was a kid,
15:29 I get upfront to do something,
15:30 he'd say, "Son, don't you ever get nervous?"
15:33 I said, "No, am I supposed to?"
15:34 And he said, "I don't think you're all there,"
15:36 he said, "I think something's missing."
15:38 He used to tell me, "Most people get nervous,"
15:40 he said and I said, "Really?
15:41 Well, I didn't know I was supposed to get nervous."
15:45 But I kind of know that
15:46 and I do that sometimes when I sing
15:47 'cause I don't consider myself that greater singer.
15:50 But I'm usually comfortable upfront.
15:52 So I'm back here praying had several people,
15:54 Jim was in there and Shelley and JD, and Yvonne and CA,
15:59 everybody is praying so I said,
16:00 "Lord, let the people hear tonight
16:02 what you want them to hear."
16:04 But as I listened to these little children,
16:07 the devil is out to steal, kill, and to destroy.
16:11 We're aware of that, right?
16:12 The devil is out to steal, kill, and to destroy,
16:15 so nothing he has is good.
16:16 The Bible says we can enjoy the pleasures of sin
16:19 for a season
16:21 but that's all, you notice
16:22 that season is not very long usually.
16:24 We have seasons here about four of them
16:26 in Southern Illinois
16:27 and none of them seem to last that long,
16:30 and sometimes I'm glad the winter one doesn't.
16:32 But our children,
16:34 right now the devil is not only out to destroy us
16:36 but especially our young people
16:39 and he does it through myriads of ways
16:41 and one is music.
16:42 I won't go into all the music stuff tonight,
16:44 I might make a few quotes from some of those
16:46 but Pastor Lomacang has done an incredible series
16:49 on the power of music.
16:51 And tonight we're talking about the power of compromise,
16:54 the power of what music can do for good or for bad,
16:58 in the Bible music was used for joy, for happiness,
17:01 for sadness, for war, you name it
17:03 and there are scriptures all over.
17:05 I've found pages after pages
17:06 and I said, wow, this is incredible
17:09 what music can do to uplift the spirits
17:11 when a person's sad, I mean, you name it,
17:14 there is music and music plays a huge part.
17:17 Satan knows that, he was also the music coordinator
17:20 we'll call it in heaven, right?
17:21 And so knowing that, knowing all about music,
17:25 down now he is on this earth so he says,
17:27 how do I get these young people?
17:28 How do I get some of the older people?
17:30 So that's what he does, he creeps in.
17:33 Joe Crews wrote a book
17:35 called Creeping Compromise years ago
17:37 but Satan comes in to compromise.
17:39 Compromise means for those maybe young folk
17:42 who are listening,
17:43 it means when you give into something
17:45 and do something,
17:47 you know you shouldn't but it doesn't seem too bad
17:48 because everybody else around you is doing it.
17:51 Right?
17:52 That's kind of what it seems like,
17:53 you know, well, it's really not that bad,
17:55 but I want to tell you to begin with.
17:57 When we compromise,
17:58 the power of compromise does one thing,
18:00 it destroys you.
18:01 In the end it will destroy each and every one of us.
18:05 And, you know, this is next week is
18:07 literally the 28th anniversary
18:09 since the Lord impressed me to build a television station
18:12 to reach the world
18:13 with an undiluted three angels' messages,
18:15 one that would counteract the counterfeit.
18:18 And I've always said, Lord, I know it's the message
18:21 that's important.
18:22 And I believe God has blessed 3ABN over 28 years
18:25 because we have not compromised the message.
18:27 We're still focused on giving
18:29 an undiluted three angels' messages,
18:31 one that would counteract the counterfeit.
18:34 But as I look around us, I begin to wonder.
18:36 I said, "Lord, are we really doing that?"
18:39 We know Revelation 18 says,
18:41 talks about come out of her my people, right?
18:43 It talks about coming out of Babylon
18:45 and be a separated people,
18:47 and yet we're always looking at folks and other churches.
18:51 We're looking around, well, these folk,
18:52 they don't have the truths
18:53 and they're going to church Sunday
18:55 or they're doing whatever
18:56 and they really need to come out of that.
18:58 They need to accept all the truth.
19:00 And it used to concern me.
19:01 I said, "You know, over the years I'm so excited.
19:04 We have a television and radio ministry,
19:07 now the internet that can reach the world.
19:10 Reach hundreds and millions of people
19:12 if they choose to watch."
19:13 It's amazing the ministry that we have,
19:16 and I'm so excited about it,
19:17 I'd say, "Lord, why is it when I go places
19:19 people don't seem to be excited about the gospel the way
19:22 I remember when I was a child?"
19:24 We used to have these long prayer meetings,
19:27 now granted I'd rather be in home sometimes
19:29 but now I look back and say, praise the Lord
19:31 that the folks cared enough
19:32 to stay on their knees and pray.
19:34 I'm thankful that I had a father and a mother
19:37 who did not allow us to compromise.
19:40 I mean, no telling where I'd be today
19:42 if I was still alive,
19:43 but he had a deterrent for that,
19:45 it was called the bell.
19:46 I know that's not politically correct today
19:49 but usually what I wanted to do to compromise
19:52 when I looked in,
19:53 and I would weigh it in the balance,
19:54 I say, "You know what?
19:56 I better leave this one alone."
19:57 I'm thankful that I had parents
19:59 who loved me enough to make sure
20:01 that they put a safety net around.
20:03 I was in a safety net and, folks,
20:05 we need to do that with our children.
20:07 We need to embrace them, we need to let them feel secure
20:11 and know that they can trust us
20:13 that we're doing everything in our power,
20:15 in power in God's to see
20:18 that they make it to heaven.
20:20 I think it's absolutely incredible,
20:22 it's amazing that God has given us a tool
20:25 to reach the world,
20:27 but when I go to places and churches,
20:28 people don't seem as excited as they used to
20:31 when I was a child growing up
20:32 and we had seem like we were in church all the time.
20:35 Seem like there's always something going on
20:37 that we'd go to church and we loved it
20:39 'cause we got the fellowship, we had good time,
20:41 but we also saw the people like Mr. Micheff
20:44 who used to come down and Mrs. Micheff.
20:46 They'd pray sometimes, it seem like for eternity
20:48 when your kid is like get it over with, you know,
20:50 'cause I want to get home, I'm tired,
20:52 but now I'm thankful to know the people,
20:55 the generation before me that the power of prayer
20:58 and they believed and they saw what was coming,
21:01 they stuck to the word of God.
21:02 Now I say as Seventh-day Adventist
21:05 where are we in the media?
21:06 Where are we,
21:08 where's our excitement and our joy
21:10 about getting an undiluted three angels' messages
21:12 out to the world.
21:14 So I always, I've said for a number of years
21:16 are people ashamed
21:18 of the three angels messages' anymore?
21:20 Are we afraid that we might compromise?
21:22 Are we afraid we might offend somebody?
21:25 Maybe we're afraid we would offend somebody.
21:28 Why don't we want to get out the truth?
21:30 I mean, years ago we all we had was tents.
21:33 We could put up tents in towns or in our own little churches
21:36 or we could rent a red lines, red roof in,
21:39 or lines whatever they are and have a little meetings
21:41 and bring people.
21:42 Now we can reach millions and hundreds of millions.
21:45 People walk into our churches
21:47 and they'll call us many times and say,
21:49 "You now, 3ABN depict what I see on there
21:51 is not what I see in the churches."
21:54 People aren't excited about the message
21:57 and I'm wondering, "Lord, why?
21:59 Why is it?"
22:00 And I tell people, you know, they say, well, we don't,
22:02 well, I was in a church,
22:04 I won't tell you where, it was a church.
22:06 And when I went there, the elder,
22:07 I don't do this anymore,
22:08 I used to stay at people's homes
22:10 and now it says, it's worth
22:11 80 or 90 bucks staying in hotel sometime,
22:13 I won't get into all the reasons why
22:14 but you stay in different people's home
22:16 and a lot of people have agendas for you
22:18 and you're there and you're traveling,
22:19 so they wanted me to stay in their homes so I did.
22:22 They are nice people
22:23 so I stayed there in their home.
22:25 At night the elder said,
22:26 "Look, I want to talk to you just a little bit.
22:28 We have our church is split.
22:30 We have a problem, our church is split,
22:32 and I want you, maybe you could help us with this."
22:35 I said, "What's the problem?"
22:37 "Well, the problem is this, there are a lot,
22:39 there are people in the church who want to pass out.
22:42 They want to get a lot of the great controversies
22:45 and go door to door in this area."
22:46 And I said, "Oh, what do you think about that?"
22:48 "Oh, no, no I am not for that."
22:50 I said, "Why?"
22:51 He said, "Lot of the people up here,
22:53 we're in the North, there is a lot of Catholics
22:55 and a lot of Lutherans
22:56 and I'm afraid we'll offend them,
22:58 we're their neighbors right here,
22:59 the church all around this neighborhood
23:01 and we work with these people,
23:02 we don't want to offend these people."
23:04 And I said, "Well, then how do you,
23:06 do you believe that then we have truth
23:08 that they need to hear
23:10 in the closing moments of earth's history?
23:11 Do we have light to give to them?"
23:14 "Oh, absolutely."
23:15 I said, "Well, how do you suggest
23:17 getting the message to him?"
23:18 "Oh," he said, "let me tell you,
23:20 he said, I believe in love and the people in."
23:23 I have always believed in love and the people into the church.
23:25 That's the way to do it.
23:27 These books and going out like this,
23:28 he said, "This doesn't do any good.
23:30 It turns people off.
23:31 It get's them upset at you,
23:33 but I just love people in the church.
23:35 He said. "Would you put in word a tomorrow,
23:36 somewhere don't let anybody know I told you,
23:38 but just kind of, you find a way
23:40 to bring it up and kind of, you know,
23:41 let people know how you feel."
23:43 Suddenly I felt that way and I didn't even,
23:45 I didn't even tell him so, so I said,
23:47 "Well, I tell you what," I said,
23:49 "I think that's a good idea.
23:50 I'll do that," I said, "I'm all for loving people.
23:53 I think that's great.
23:54 But I do need to ask you a question or two."
23:57 "Okay, so what's that?"
23:59 I said, "Now how long have you been
24:00 a member of this church?"
24:02 "Oh, I've been a member since 19,
24:03 it was 1940 some odd since then, 50-60 years."
24:07 "I said, "Wow, basically all your life
24:09 you've been a member of this church."
24:10 "Oh, yes, sir."
24:12 And I said, "Is it always been your method
24:14 to love people in the church,
24:16 rather than to pass out books or hold meetings and,
24:18 you know, send stuff in the mail?"
24:20 "Oh, yeah, yeah."
24:21 I said, "I know the figures are astronomical,
24:23 but how many people have you loved into the church
24:26 since you've been here all your life?"
24:30 "Oh."
24:32 His wife said, "Well, remember, honey,
24:33 about 10 years ago we had a family
24:35 that came for a while
24:37 that you talked to, well, they didn't stay,
24:39 they didn't get baptized or anything."
24:41 And I said, "You're telling me that your way of loving people
24:44 into the church for 60 years, you haven't seen any results?"
24:48 "Well, I don't look at it that way."
24:50 I said, "You know what? I'm for the other side.
24:51 I don't care what they're doing and what they're passing out,
24:54 anything is better than that.
24:56 Did you know if you try to start a club right now
24:58 and said this club is exclusive,
25:00 we're accepting no new members?
25:02 Over 60 years you would.
25:03 People would demand to be in, right?
25:06 You couldn't keep them out if you want,
25:07 but in church we say that and nobody comes in.
25:10 Well, I believe in love in people too.
25:12 I believe that we need to love them enough
25:14 to give them the message."
25:16 A lady called me years ago, she said,
25:19 "They said she will and she has to talk to you.
25:21 She wants to talk to Danny."
25:23 I said, "She'd been watching Revelation seminar."
25:26 She said, "I'm so excited,
25:28 I am so excited about this Revelation seminar,"
25:30 she said, "I have been a Catholic all my life,"
25:33 and she said, "I have learnt so many truths
25:37 that I want to join the Adventist church
25:39 but my problem is, I'm older, I'm in a wheelchair,
25:42 I can't really get out much,"
25:44 but she said, "I'm so excited about these truths that I just,
25:48 I'm frustrated at the same time."
25:50 She said, "In fact, I'm holding hard feelings
25:52 against my neighbors."
25:54 And I said, "Uh-oh."
25:55 I pictured the neighbor's dog right going over something
25:58 in her yard and she said, "I'm upset at my neighbors,
26:01 I'm holding hard feelings."
26:02 And I said,
26:04 "You don't have to worry about things like that,"
26:06 I said, "the Lord can help you overcome that."
26:08 She said, "No, my neighbors are Seventh-day Adventist."
26:12 I said, "Uh-oh." So I said, "Yes."
26:15 And she said, "Can I tell you what I'm offended about?"
26:20 And I said, "Well, you don't have to,
26:21 I'm thinking of her background where she's coming from."
26:24 She said, "I want to get over, I want to get over
26:26 but I'm very much upset right now
26:29 and I'm holding hard feelings."
26:30 She said, "I have been best friends.
26:32 These neighbors have been best friend of mine
26:33 for 20 plus years."
26:35 And she said, "For the last 10 or 12 years
26:37 I can't even get my groceries,
26:39 they go to town and buy my groceries,
26:41 they bring them over to me, they are friendly to me,
26:44 they are kind to me, but I never...
26:47 They all of these 20, I think it's 24 years,
26:49 they never loved me enough to tell me the truth."
26:54 She said, "They," and now she said,
26:56 "Do you realize if I had learned this truth
26:58 20 some years ago,
27:00 I was young enough and healthy enough,
27:02 I'd been up and down every street
27:03 knocking on doors telling people about Jesus
27:06 and the truths that I have learned
27:09 in the Seventh-day Adventist church."
27:11 You see, folks, we're afraid to get the message out.
27:15 And I've told people before.
27:16 I said let's say this, Jim and Camille,
27:17 they are my neighbor and Johns and Angies
27:19 are neighbors on the other side.
27:22 3 o'clock in the morning Angie wakes up
27:24 and goes to get a drink.
27:26 Are you with me now?
27:27 She looks out of her window, she sees smoke and flames
27:30 coming out of Jim Gilley's roof.
27:33 So she runs to the bedroom, she says,
27:38 "John, come here quick, look, I see flames
27:41 coming out of Jim and Camille's roof,
27:43 out of the shingles, it's up there,
27:44 I don't see Jim and Camille outside,
27:46 there's no fire engines, maybe they are asleep,
27:49 they don't even know it."
27:50 So John comes lazily to the window
27:52 and he looks out and he says, "What do you want me to do?"
27:56 "Call Jim and Camille,
27:57 let them know their house is on fire."
27:59 He says, "Angie, it's 3 o'clock in the morning,
28:03 I'm not going to, you think I would offend them
28:06 if I call them at 3 o'clock in the morning,
28:08 they are sleeping."
28:09 Now, we laugh at that, right?
28:11 We laugh at that but that's what we do
28:13 with people's soul all the time?
28:15 Come on, am I telling the truth?
28:17 We do that with their souls all the time.
28:19 Well, we don't want to wake them up.
28:21 We don't want to tell them the truth
28:22 because we don't want them to be angry at us.
28:26 We don't want them to be angry at us.
28:27 Shall I quit now? Is that enough?
28:29 You heard enough, I'll go on.
28:31 I'll tell you why this concerns me.
28:32 Over the years I've been very concerned
28:36 that we as Adventists seem to be losing
28:39 and here we have more technology
28:41 than we ever had,
28:42 and as Christians we're losing our love,
28:45 our first love for Jesus
28:47 and our desire to go tell the world
28:49 that Jesus is coming.
28:51 See, Satan's knows
28:52 that if he can get within our ranks as Christians,
28:56 not just Seventh-day Adventists,
28:57 for all of you watching, Christians,
28:58 if he can get within our ranks,
29:00 then he can cause us to compromise to fall asleep
29:04 or to give in because of the certain pressures
29:07 that he has us.
29:08 We don't have to go out suddenly
29:10 do all these bad things
29:11 and go into drugs and do all this.
29:13 All he wants to do is put us asleep, right?
29:16 And if he puts us to sleep,
29:18 guess who else will fall asleep?
29:19 Our children.
29:21 So we all have to be on the alert
29:23 that Satan is out to steal, kill, and to destroy.
29:26 He wants our children
29:28 but he's gonna start within the church.
29:30 There are so many things that I'm amazed at parents
29:33 that when you, it comes to getting Bible tools
29:37 in their hands, CDs, DVDs
29:40 like these that are giving the truths,
29:42 Brenda Walsh's bed time stories, you know,
29:45 the Kids Time and Tiny Tots DVDs
29:49 and all of this material available.
29:51 I've actually had parents say,
29:52 "Boy, I'd like to get some of that stuff
29:54 and send to my grandkids, but it's pretty expensive."
29:59 And the grandson is over here with an iPhone,
30:01 eight years old and he is sitting."
30:03 And so I asked one lady
30:05 but I won't tell you where out west,
30:06 I said wow, I said to kid,
30:08 "Wow, son, that's a nice iPhone,
30:10 where did you get that?"
30:11 He said, "Oh, grandma brought it for me."
30:13 He looked up and smiled and I said,
30:14 "Now grandma was just telling me
30:16 that she couldn't afford to buy any of these CDs and DVDs,
30:20 was wondering if we would even give some to her."
30:23 And I said, "Now wait a minute she can afford an iPhone,"
30:25 that see people, my dad used to say this, Jim,
30:27 "People do what they want to do."
30:30 My mother would be talking on the phone right here
30:33 and we have party lines backed in too,
30:35 but I hear my mother on the phone.
30:37 She would be talking to somebody.
30:39 And one day I happen to come through,
30:40 I was probably about 12 years old,
30:42 come through the house and my mother said,
30:44 "Yeah, you know, I wanted to go to that funeral,
30:46 yeah, I knew those folks, I wanted to go to that,
30:49 but, you know, I was just so busy,
30:50 I just, I couldn't make it."
30:53 So she hung up.
30:54 My dad said, "Honey, I want to talk to you about something."
30:56 He said, "Now you told the person
30:58 that you couldn't go to that funeral."
31:00 She said, "Well, you know, I was so busy."
31:01 He said, "Honey, we had a car and we got gas
31:05 and it's only a mile from here
31:07 and there was nothing you had to do.
31:08 I'm here with the kids.
31:09 You could have gone, if you really wanted to."
31:11 So he said, "I'm just bringing."
31:13 She said, "Well, I never really though about it."
31:15 He said, "I want to tell you something,
31:17 people do what they want to do."
31:19 : If you love Jesus,
31:20 you are gonna get the gospel to the world.
31:22 But my concern is now that we wake up
31:24 because see I used to be concerned
31:26 as I said earlier that people in our church,
31:30 that maybe we're, you know, we say we're bashful.
31:33 Oh, well, I'm too shy.
31:35 I can't really, Danny, you can talk.
31:37 Boy, you get up and talk and, you know, John,
31:40 you can sing and, you know, Shelley, you can do this
31:43 and, Jim, all these people, you all can do this
31:45 but I'm just too bashful.
31:46 I was at another folk's house and they said, they said to me,
31:51 we went to dinner, they had a beautiful home
31:53 and we went to lunch at their house
31:56 and I was talking about sharing the gospel
31:57 and the guy said, you know,
31:59 I want to let you know something.
32:00 Now I give money but I can't talk.
32:03 He said I have no gift for talking, he said,
32:06 I just can't communicate, I'm not good
32:08 but I know what I do as I send money to 3ABN,
32:11 I pay tithes to our church and that's what I do.
32:14 And I said, "Really?" I said, "You can't talk."
32:15 And he said, "No, I don't have the gift for it."
32:18 And I said, "Man, this is a beautiful house."
32:20 He said, "Oh, yeah, it is." He said, "Thank you so much."
32:23 And I said, "Did you build it?" "No, we bought it."
32:25 I said, "How long you had it?" "Oh, just couple of years."
32:27 I said, "Wow, it's great."
32:28 And he said, "Man, we got a deal on it too."
32:30 He said, "Do you know economy is going down,
32:32 we jumped on this thing, I was out in California,
32:35 price has gone way down."
32:36 And I said, "Oh, great, I said, who negotiated it for you?"
32:40 He said, "What?"
32:41 I said, "Who bought it for you?"
32:42 "Oh, I did."
32:44 I said, "Oh, I thought you told me you couldn't talk.
32:45 You couldn't talk.
32:47 You're not a good communicator."
32:48 Now he was telling me how good a deal
32:50 he got on his house.
32:51 People do what they...
32:53 I think I'll change the title of this.
32:54 People do what they want to do, right?
32:56 Forget the other title.
32:57 People do what they want to do,
32:59 'cause that's exactly what we do.
33:01 We do exactly what we want to do,
33:02 where our treasure is, their our heart is also,
33:05 isn't that what the Bible says?
33:07 So I've been concerned over the last few years,
33:10 as Adventists are we ashamed of the gospel?
33:14 There's excuse that we're afraid
33:16 that we're gonna offend somebody, what is it?
33:18 But after the last few months and the last several weeks
33:21 and I'm hesitant to get into this,
33:23 and I'm glad as I was traveling the other night,
33:25 I turned on the radio and I heard John Lomacang,
33:27 I heard you, John, I was almost in way
33:29 to going to Paducah,
33:30 I was actually going to Nashville,
33:32 the signal got real good down there, Jim,
33:33 I was way down by Vienna could still hear 3ABN
33:36 and I heard John say,
33:38 now you know I don't want to get into politics
33:40 but I guess after the election it's okay,
33:42 I can say I didn't vote.
33:44 And so I said, okay, all right, John, that's all right.
33:47 He said, I made up my mind that, you know,
33:50 I'm gonna worry about serving the Lord
33:51 and not get into all this other stuff,
33:54 but it's been concerning me in the last several months
33:57 especially as I see Seventh-day Adventists
34:00 and other Christians around the world
34:02 and I say, you know, what is Satan doing right now
34:06 for the power of compromise.
34:07 I see compromise all over
34:10 because of an election for instance,
34:12 we can name anything but we all,
34:14 I think we all are glad it's over.
34:16 Aren't we glad the election is over?
34:18 Anybody not, I'm gonna check and see if you're okay.
34:20 I'm gonna have you checked out.
34:22 But news and everything else took a back table
34:27 to the election
34:28 'cause that's all we would get 24x7,
34:31 but I began to wonder, I said, you know what?
34:34 I'm wondering, we're telling people,
34:36 giving them the three angels' messages
34:38 and calling them out of Babylon,
34:40 but it really concern me.
34:41 Now, I'm not so concerned as about,
34:44 the question isn't just, well, are people,
34:46 are we too bashful to get the gospel out,
34:49 the three angels' messages to the world,
34:51 to call people out of Babylon.
34:52 Are we afraid that we will offend them?
34:54 Now, yes, I'm afraid, shouldn't use the word afraid,
34:57 but I'm very much concerned that many of us are in Babylon
35:01 and need to be called out ourselves.
35:04 We always think about calling everybody else
35:06 out of Babylon to our side,
35:08 but many of us have been caught up in Babylon ourselves
35:11 and the sad part is just like everybody else
35:14 we don't know it.
35:15 That's why we're gonna have to be close to Jesus, folks.
35:18 If we don't want to compromise, we've got to be close to Jesus
35:22 and ask the Lord,
35:23 Lord, keep us nothing between me and you.
35:27 There's this song "Nothing between You and Me,
35:29 " nothing between me and you, Lord.
35:31 And we have to keep focused on the word of God.
35:33 We cannot allow anything to cause us
35:37 and I'm so amazed to see division,
35:39 a house divided against itself can't stand, is that right?
35:42 It will fall.
35:44 And I saw not only within our church,
35:46 all kinds of churches divisions 'cause some of them said,
35:48 well, I'm Democrats and they'd go to church
35:50 and some of the preachers were saying,
35:52 we got to get in President Obama.
35:53 Then I saw others say, you know, we don't want that,
35:56 I'm a Republican, we've got to get in,
35:57 we've got to get in Mitt Romney,
35:59 and within churches there's no room for that
36:02 to say go to this side and go to this side
36:04 and try to get divided among ourselves
36:07 because we don't serve President Obama,
36:09 we don't serve Mitt Romney,
36:10 we serve the Lord Jesus Christ, right?
36:13 We serve the creator of heaven and earth
36:15 and our allegiance has to go to Him.
36:17 So, John, I like you, I will confess this time
36:19 I didn't vote.
36:21 Now, I vote a lot of times, now I haven't always voted
36:24 but I said, you know what?
36:25 I don't think I want to do that this time.
36:27 It's amazing to me, and I want to ask you a question
36:29 and here's where for some of you at home
36:31 have a little patience, try not to be offended
36:34 because what I'm saying I want to do it in love
36:37 and I'm not judging anybody.
36:38 I'm not a judge.
36:40 And so you think about your own life
36:42 and your relationship with the Lord,
36:44 and so you and God work all this out,
36:47 but questions I have to ask myself.
36:50 And so, as I speak here tonight,
36:52 I mean, I'm trying to do everything
36:54 that I do with love,
36:55 as I told you I wasn't sure which direction I'm going,
36:57 but as I sense that direction, then I want to go with it,
37:01 but I want you to know that I'm not judging anybody,
37:03 but I want you to ask yourself some questions.
37:06 Twenty eight years ago,
37:07 I was impressed to build a television station
37:09 to reach the world.
37:10 Now, 28 years ago
37:13 if someone had come to your church
37:16 and a pastor was upfront and he said,
37:18 we're gonna have someone running
37:20 doesn't make any deference what party,
37:21 whether it's Democrat, Republican, independent,
37:24 and we're gonna have somebody running
37:26 for president of the United States of America
37:30 and we have a party
37:31 who endorses same sex marriage and abortion.
37:35 Now, how many of you Christians are gonna vote for them?
37:39 Twenty eight years ago,
37:40 do you think any hands would have gone up?
37:42 Oh, boy, they got quiet on me now.
37:45 They got quiet on me now.
37:47 What I'm trying to say to you, again now,
37:49 don't get all excited.
37:50 Somebody is saying amen, this guy is all for,
37:52 you know, Romney, no,
37:54 I'm gonna go the other side here in just a minute.
37:56 Gonna bring the balance 'cause I'm not serving people,
37:58 we're gonna serve God.
38:00 I'm glad John took the leadership here to say,
38:01 we're gonna serve God and I'm gonna do that too.
38:03 I'm doing it for a reason.
38:05 Again think about the changes, what has changed.
38:09 A hundred years ago do you think
38:11 that we would have elected somebody
38:15 who stood up and said,
38:16 "I believe in same sex marriage at a party."
38:19 We believe in the same sex marriage
38:21 and we believe in abortion.
38:23 Would we have done it? What's changed?
38:26 Did God change? Did He change His law?
38:30 Well, who's changed?
38:32 Did we change?
38:34 What is it that, how did we change?
38:36 Because how do we go from seeing it to,
38:39 I'm sure it would have got gasp,
38:40 even 28 years ago.
38:42 What? You got to be kidding me.
38:44 Nobody would run for president,
38:46 no party would endorse that, right?
38:49 Well, 28 years ago,
38:50 let me ask you another question.
38:52 How many of you sitting here 28 years ago,
38:55 if somebody said, you know,
38:57 we've got a Mormon that's running
38:58 and God loves people and has people in all churches.
39:00 I'm not trying to run anybody down tonight.
39:02 I'm gonna make some statements.
39:03 We've got, there's gonna be Mormon running
39:05 for president of the United States.
39:07 You have a Catholic vice-president,
39:09 gonna be a Mormon.
39:10 And how many of you would vote 28 years ago?
39:13 How many of you Christians, you Adventists,
39:15 you others would vote to have a Mormon?
39:17 Now, keeping in mind that Mormons don't believe
39:20 like much of the rest of Protestants and Christians,
39:24 even Catholics about salvation for one thing,
39:28 they believe and I'm not name calling tonight.
39:30 I've done my homework on this.
39:32 They believe that Jesus and the devil are brothers.
39:36 Hello?
39:38 Somebody with me?
39:40 They believe that Jesus and the devil are brothers.
39:43 They do not believe
39:44 because they believe Jesus was a created being also.
39:47 If He is created and He created the devil,
39:49 makes sense that they are brothers.
39:51 They do not believe that we're saved by grace.
39:55 No?
39:57 You have to read the Book of Mormons
39:58 and see what Joseph Smith has to say about it
40:01 and he has a long list of things
40:03 very similar to what you might read.
40:05 Well, he has his own list of things,
40:08 so 28 years ago somebody came in and said,
40:10 "Hey, wow, we got our Mormons running for president.
40:13 We got a Catholic that's gonna be vice president.
40:16 How many of us are gonna vote for him?
40:18 How many hands you think you'd see going up
40:20 especially in an Adventist church?
40:23 Hello? Not very many, would you?
40:26 And yet today we have done it. We are doing both sides.
40:31 Now again, I'm not gonna judge you
40:32 for what you're doing,
40:34 I just want you to think about what's already passed.
40:36 I wouldn't have said this before the election
40:38 because I don't really get up here
40:40 and I don't have a platform so I don't have an agenda.
40:42 The election is over but there's another one coming,
40:44 should the Lord tarry?
40:46 There's another one coming
40:47 and we have to decide whose side are we on?
40:50 Some people say, well, you know, I don't,
40:53 and especially if we're talking to our Adventist folk,
40:56 well, you know, I don't agree with everything that these,
40:59 this side, you know,
41:00 for instance let's start with the Democrats,
41:01 I don't agree with everything,
41:03 of course I don't agree with same sex marriage,
41:04 of course I don't believe in abortion
41:06 but, you know, hey, it's the best of two evils.
41:09 So I'm gonna vote for that.
41:15 I mean, think about that, so well, it's here,
41:17 so, you say wait a minute, what did somebody just say?
41:20 What are we saying?
41:22 So I had to question myself 'cause I thought about it,
41:24 what should I do?
41:26 What should I do here?
41:27 People said to me, it's un-American not to vote.
41:31 Hello? Anybody else heard that?
41:33 Some people said, well, people fought and died
41:35 so that you have a right to vote.
41:37 And I said, well, you know that's true,
41:39 but let's say that the city of West Frankfort, God forbid,
41:43 the city of West Frankfort
41:44 decides that they're going to bring in a strip joint.
41:47 Now two different strip joints want to come in.
41:49 They are gonna give a license for one.
41:52 So two different strip joints want to come
41:54 and be get that one license.
41:57 Now the city has to take a vote.
41:59 Which one are you gonna vote for?
42:01 Which strip joints are you gonna vote for?
42:04 Hello?
42:05 Isn't there somebody with me or am I by myself on this?
42:09 Am I by myself because see what happens is,
42:11 there comes a point in time
42:13 that we have to forget what our culture is,
42:15 we have to forget what our background is,
42:17 where we have been raised, all of these things
42:19 and say how does it line up with the Bible?
42:21 If it lines up with the Bible, I'm gonna do it.
42:24 I also, people lived and died
42:26 for this freedom in America that says,
42:28 if I don't choose to vote this time,
42:30 I don't have to.
42:31 Hello? Am I, somebody still with me?
42:34 Isn't that true? I don't have to.
42:36 So what I'm saying is, I'm not here dogging anybody,
42:39 if you voted that's fine.
42:40 You voted for Romney, you voted for Obama,
42:43 whoever you voted for, if you didn't vote at all,
42:46 it's between you and God,
42:47 but I want us to think about the bigger picture.
42:51 The bigger picture is this, Satan is coming in,
42:56 seeking those that he can destroy.
42:59 He's coming in all kinds of doors,
43:02 coming in and dividing
43:04 and conquering is what he is doing.
43:07 Now, if Jesus is coming back
43:09 for a purified bride and a purified church
43:12 and I'm gonna talk about,
43:13 I know God has people in all churches.
43:15 We're in a peck of trouble right now.
43:18 We're in a peck of trouble, folks,
43:20 because the world doesn't see as us any different
43:23 than they are.
43:25 The world doesn't see us
43:26 in most things any different than they are.
43:28 Us as Seventh-day Adventist Christians,
43:30 we tell people when they learn the truths
43:33 of the fourth commandment and God's Sabbath,
43:35 the commandments haven't been done away with,
43:37 come out of her, my people.
43:38 You have to separate yourselves from that,
43:41 but when it comes to us if it's a political thing,
43:43 we say, well, you know, I'm gonna go ahead
43:45 and go with this one.
43:47 Well, why don't we come out ourselves?
43:48 See, the Lord wants us to come out
43:51 and literally it's about who am I gonna serve?
43:54 That's all this whole thing is about, folks.
43:57 Who are we gonna serve?
43:58 Satan is out to steal, kill, and to destroy.
44:01 He wants our children,
44:02 but he's going to work to get those children through us.
44:06 We have no idea when I began to look
44:08 into this some weeks ago.
44:10 I have been amazed, amazed at what is going on
44:14 under the table
44:17 to take our children away from us.
44:19 It's amazing.
44:21 I'm gonna give you
44:22 just a little bit of a sample right now.
44:24 So again, God loves everybody and so do I,
44:29 no matter what you are, I don't care what you are.
44:31 We are all sinners saved by grace,
44:33 so I'm no better off than you are,
44:35 and you're no better off than I am.
44:37 And yes, we, you know, we teach against,
44:39 we talk about taking care of our bodies and, of course,
44:41 we talk about to abstain from alcohol and tobacco
44:46 and do these things and live right
44:48 and healthy before God,
44:49 of course, we want to do that.
44:51 If you're doing those things, involved in drugs
44:53 or you're a thief or whatever, guess what?
44:55 Come under me all ye that are heavy laden
44:56 and I will give you rest.
44:58 See the church is a place, should be a place of hospital
45:01 for the sinners, right?
45:02 They come in where people don't condemn you
45:04 but people love you, so we want you to come in,
45:07 but still on the order hand
45:08 this has been one of the problems
45:10 that we have with standing up
45:11 'cause we are afraid if we say something,
45:13 we'll offend somebody, but it occurred to me,
45:16 it occurred to me that Satan's folks,
45:19 the folks that he's using to literally bring wickedness
45:24 and perversion on this nation
45:25 and now voted into law same as sex marriage
45:29 voted into law,
45:31 those people are working as though
45:33 there are no tomorrow,
45:34 and the Christians are working
45:36 as though Jesus is not coming for a 1000 years.
45:39 There's something wrong with that.
45:41 There's something wrong with that picture.
45:42 We should be out there.
45:44 These people only a minority of people
45:47 are changing the whole nation.
45:50 Now, let me tell you what happened.
45:52 I'll go into this and again God loves all people,
45:55 I wouldn't even mention the fellow's name
45:59 if he doesn't mentioned it himself
46:01 and has his own website, you can find out about him,
46:03 but in 2009 President Obama appointed Kevin Jennings.
46:08 You can look him up on the internet,
46:10 Kevin Jennings to give you a little bit of his background.
46:13 He appointed him as the assistant deputy
46:16 of secretary of our school systems.
46:20 Kevin is, was the literally
46:23 the CEO of a group called GLSEN.
46:28 It says he is the founder
46:30 and until recently the president of the gay,
46:32 lesbian, straight educational network,
46:35 G-L-S-E-N,
46:37 a nation's leading homosexual pressure group
46:41 working to meet homosexuals propaganda
46:44 to insert homosexual propaganda into America's public schools.
46:49 In three years, two years time he only stayed in
46:52 for two years, he's no longer in there
46:56 because he chose to leave
46:57 not 'cause we all kicked him out
46:58 but he started from 300 gay and homosexual groups
47:04 in our public schools
47:05 all the way as early as middle school,
47:07 from 300 he took it up
47:09 with government funding to over 4000.
47:12 4000 homosexual groups
47:15 and they take the gay and lesbian teachers
47:17 and teach them how to train the young people
47:20 that homosexuality is normal.
47:22 That shame on anybody who says anything about it.
47:25 So they put him in charge of safe
47:27 where of course it comes under the title of bullying
47:30 and what we have and we shouldn't bully people.
47:31 I'm all for that.
47:33 But we shouldn't, we should not sit
47:36 by while people are stealing our children,
47:39 while they are perverting our children
47:41 because guess what's happened?
47:42 See, Sodom and Gomorrah, we know that story,
47:45 we know that story, things got so bad
47:47 that when two angels came into the city,
47:49 Lot took them to their house.
47:50 It says the men old and young surrounded their house
47:54 demanded him to bring this men out
47:57 so we can have them.
47:58 Men, and young and old, it got so bad
48:01 and they were so bold about it and when Lot said,
48:04 "No, I'll give you my daughters."
48:06 They said, "How dare you speak of this,
48:08 you're a foreigner."
48:10 You know what?
48:11 If you're gonna be like that,
48:12 we'll do you worst than we're gonna do to them.
48:14 Now turn them loose.
48:16 These people were literally,
48:18 literally out full of the devil,
48:22 that's all I'm gonna say, they were possessed.
48:24 Now what we're trying to say and what I'm trying to say is,
48:27 folks, there's things going on undercover
48:29 that we don't even know about, that's probably bad term.
48:31 I wish this weren't alive,
48:33 I take that word, last line out.
48:35 Don't think about it.
48:36 There's things going under the table,
48:37 it shouldn't be going under, right?
48:39 There's things that are happening
48:41 and compromises
48:42 that our government leaders are making
48:44 with all of these anti God groups
48:46 and anti Bible groups in order to get their vote
48:50 because they know they'll stand up and work
48:52 like crazy to help them get elected
48:55 and to stay in office
48:56 and what are you and me doing about it?
48:58 Not every much,
48:59 we don't even know what's going on.
49:01 So what I'm saying to you today is this.
49:03 Now, while I've said that,
49:04 I know some of you gonna be upset,
49:05 some of you don't like it, but I don't think
49:08 and I didn't really want to get up and do this,
49:10 but I don't think I can live with myself
49:12 if I don't stand up tonight
49:14 because we're talking about our children.
49:16 We're talking about we as a church.
49:18 We're talking about
49:19 the undiluted three angels' messages,
49:21 one that would counteract the counterfeit.
49:23 And this should be a wake up call,
49:25 what has happened in these elections
49:27 on both sides,
49:28 what's happening within our government
49:30 to destroy our children's minds should be a wake up call
49:34 that Jesus is coming very soon.
49:36 Jesus is coming very soon
49:38 I really believe this is the end of the end.
49:41 I believe that what's happening in the next four years.
49:44 Now we also have to look down the future
49:47 when we look at prophecy
49:48 we realize there's gonna be an organization
49:50 that's gonna come up
49:52 and this correlation is gonna come up,
49:53 and I don't have time
49:55 and I'll let the preachers talk about apostate Protestantism
49:58 and you can call 3ABN, I'm sure we have information on it.
50:02 You can find out all kinds of information
50:05 because it's out there
50:07 that all of these groups and we can't,
50:09 I don't believe that we can...
50:10 This is time that we should spend allegiance,
50:12 or give allegiance to any of this folk.
50:14 I think that our allegiance
50:16 should be to the Lord Jesus Christ,
50:18 and I believe as hard as it is to get up and say something,
50:21 we need to do it.
50:23 I think if we, if God gives us a tool
50:27 to reach the whole world just 3ABN a tool literally...
50:33 You think about it, if you've never been here,
50:35 what's been a cornfield,
50:37 what was farming property for years.
50:39 We can send signals around the world to millions
50:42 and I'm told even billions of people.
50:45 God gives us that kind of tool
50:47 and then we for whatever reasons say,
50:50 well, we better not talk about these things,
50:52 people will be offended.
50:54 The one thing that I've learned,
50:55 in America you can pretty well say anything
50:57 you want to say, right?
50:59 If these people can get up and teach and say
51:01 all the ungodly things they say,
51:03 how much more should you and me as Christians
51:06 and as Adventist Christians
51:07 stand up and say what we believe.
51:09 Our time is short,
51:11 we won't be able to do this forever.
51:12 While God has this door open for us, folks,
51:15 we need to take advantage of it.
51:17 Do not be ashamed of the gospel of Christ
51:19 for as the power of God unto salvation
51:21 to everyone that believeth.
51:23 So that is you and me today.
51:24 so in closing as we're winding down
51:26 the last few minutes,
51:27 I just want you to think about your own life.
51:29 I hope what I've said has not been offensive.
51:32 Some of you, if you're upset
51:33 of what I'm saying some of these things,
51:35 I would challenge you with the Bible.
51:37 If you want to call, please, don't call
51:38 and leave a message and say,
51:40 "Danny shouldn't have said this,
51:41 or he shouldn't have said that,
51:43 or shouldn't have talked about this organization,
51:45 or about politics in any way about who to vote for or not."
51:49 Because I didn't offer you who to vote, did I?
51:51 I didn't tell you, I'm not for Republican,
51:53 I'll say it again, I'm not Democrat.
51:56 I'm for whoever that I believe is in office this time
51:58 I just didn't happen to believe
52:00 I could vote for either one of them,
52:01 but if you have anything you want to say or write,
52:03 please give me a Bible scripture to say
52:05 that I shouldn't be up letting people know
52:09 that there is a huge plan
52:11 that Satan has working right here
52:14 in the United States of America
52:16 to steal the minds of our children
52:18 and the salvation or our children,
52:19 and we as Christians and particularly
52:21 Adventist Christians need to standup and say,
52:25 Jesus is coming very soon
52:27 and we need to tell the truth as it is in the word of God,
52:31 but in order to tell the truth,
52:33 we can't be over here on one side part of the time
52:36 and over here another part of the time
52:37 and then decide that we will at certain times
52:40 and we're gonna go by the Bible.
52:41 We'll have to, we're like Martin Luther,
52:43 it's the Bible and the Bible only
52:44 or we need to put it down.
52:46 But right now people need to see consistency.
52:49 They need people who are preaching and teaching
52:51 and living a Christian life
52:55 because they don't care how much you know.
52:57 I found that out with people, I've lived long enough.
53:00 Michael, people don't care
53:01 if you know the whole book of Revelation,
53:03 they don't really care.
53:04 They want to know how do you act
53:06 in time of trouble.
53:07 How do you act when you're sick
53:08 and find out that you got cancer,
53:10 or how do you act
53:11 when you just lost a husband or wife?
53:12 How do you act when you're just bankrupt
53:14 and you don't have anything?
53:15 How do you act when you just went through a divorce?
53:18 How do you do it? Do you blame God?
53:20 Do you do all these things?
53:21 Or do you say,
53:23 "Great peace have they which love thy Lord,
53:25 and nothing shall offend them?"
53:27 Because I want to tell you something, folks,
53:29 today and for those who have been watching,
53:30 if you say well, I'm offended by the service tonight,
53:33 Psalms 119:165 says,
53:36 "Great peace have they which love thy law,
53:38 and nothing shall offend them."
53:39 Being offended is a choice.
53:42 People say to me,
53:43 "Well, I don't go to church anymore
53:44 because I'm offended.
53:46 Somebody offended me in the church."
53:47 I say, "How can somebody offend you?"
53:50 "Well, they said something I didn't like."
53:52 I said, "But you chose to be offended.
53:54 They are not God, you didn't go to church
53:56 because of them,
53:57 you don't have to choose to be offended,
53:59 am I telling the truth?
54:01 Oh, but they, well, this person made me angry.
54:03 He should not have said that.
54:05 I'm never going back to that church again.
54:07 Who does that hurt, them or you?
54:10 That hurts us, right?
54:12 That hurts the person who said that,
54:13 that's exactly what the devil wants.
54:15 No, folks, we need to look beyond that.
54:17 We need to look right now beyond all of this stuff
54:19 and say, come together,
54:21 we need revival and reformation in this church.
54:24 If we are gonna get the three angels' messages
54:26 into all the world, fear God and give glory to Him
54:28 for the hour of His judgment has come.
54:30 That's something exciting.
54:32 The hour of His judgment is coming,
54:33 and guess who is living in these closing moments?
54:35 We are.
54:37 It's no accident
54:38 that when Jesus was hanging on the cross,
54:39 you and me was on his mind, right?
54:42 He could look down that stream of time
54:44 and see if people that would be
54:45 willing to give their lives onto death if necessary
54:48 for the cause of God.
54:49 Folks, we have that,
54:51 we are blessed to be here
54:53 in these closing moments of earth's history.
54:54 And I don't think we've seen anything, yet.
54:56 I think for Christians the opportunities
54:58 to give the truth to the world is amazing time.
55:01 We should never be discouraged.
55:03 We should always be encouraged
55:05 because God is always there for us,
55:07 He is on our side.
55:08 We never have to look back.
55:09 We don't have to look around us,
55:11 just keep going.
55:12 He said, "Go ye into all the world."
55:14 All power is given me in heaven and earth.
55:16 Go ye therefore,
55:17 my God shall supply all of your needs
55:19 according to His riches and glory.
55:20 I can do all things through Christ
55:22 who strengthens me.
55:24 We can go on, for we know that all things work together
55:26 for good to them that love God
55:28 and are called according to His purpose.
55:29 That word all is tremendous, folks, I live on that word all.
55:33 Earthly terms, I live and die. No, we don't.
55:36 We live on that word all.
55:38 We serve a God who supplies all of our needs
55:42 according to His riches, and when He said,
55:43 "Go ye into all the world."
55:45 There is no reason that we can't do it
55:46 and we need to do it joyfully.
55:48 But many of us who know about the truth
55:51 don't really know the truth.
55:52 So I'm gonna encourage you in the last minute tonight.
55:55 I want you to think about your life
55:57 and your relationship with Jesus.
56:00 Are the things worth that you once loved,
56:02 are you now beginning to hate?
56:04 Are the things worth growing strangely little dim
56:07 in the light of Christ's glory and His grace?
56:10 Because if they are not, you need a brand new touch
56:12 from Jesus right now.
56:14 And that's my prayer today.
56:16 I'm again, I'm not here, forgive me if I sound like
56:18 I'm scolding somebody, if I'm judging somebody,
56:19 I'm not.
56:21 We're all frail human agents, we're all clay,
56:24 but here maybe some of the things I've said,
56:26 if it's gonna shock us into thinking,
56:28 you go home and think and pray about your own life,
56:30 that's what I'm doing with mine.
56:32 Lord, what would You have me to do?
56:33 Why am I here in these closing moments
56:35 of earth's history?
56:37 Draw me closer to You because see what happens
56:39 when we accept Jesus Christ as Lord and savior of our life,
56:42 He brings a joy.
56:43 Jesus is the center of our joy.
56:45 And when we're joyful, everybody around us knows it,
56:48 and we're excited
56:50 because we wanted to tell people
56:51 what Jesus has done for us.
56:52 And when we do that, we're lifting Him up,
56:55 and when we lift Him up, He says,
56:56 "I, if I be lifted up from the earth will draw,"
56:59 how many men?
57:00 That little word again, "all men unto me."
57:03 It's a joy today to serve the Lord.
57:05 I praise God for 28 years, this coming week
57:09 of Three Angels Broadcasting Network.
57:11 I praise God for all of you
57:13 that have help support this financially, prayerfully,
57:16 and we pray that you'll continue to do so
57:19 as we work together.
57:20 I believe revival and reformation
57:22 is badly needed,
57:24 and I believe it's gonna happen
57:25 and very soon we'll see Jesus come back
57:28 in the clouds of glory.


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