Week of Prayer

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Program Code Duration Description Participants
WOFP000001 Video 0:57:59 Revival And The Word John Lomacang
WOFP000002 Video 0:57:59 Making God's Word Our Own Shelley Quinn
WOFP000003 Video 0:57:59 Heart And Soil Jim Gilley
WOFP000004 Video 0:57:59 Revived And Ready To Cross John Dinzey
WOFP000005 Video 0:57:59 A Call To Leadership John Lomacang
WOFP000006 Video 0:57:59 The Richness Of The Word C. A. Murray
WOFP000007 Video 0:57:59 Singing The Scriptures Danny Shelton
WOFP000008 Video 0:57:59 Revival And Mission Bill Knott


Updated 2017-03-25