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00:10 Hello, I'm Eric Garloff, your host for Walking With Jesus.
00:13 Today's program is titled Our Need Of Jesus, and I'm so happy
00:18 you've joined us for this important topic.
00:20 Now whether or not you personally feel a deep need
00:23 for Jesus, this program promises to be a blessing to you because
00:27 anything that brings you closer to God is a blessing.
00:30 Let's get started, shall we?
00:34 I've often heard it said that the more money a person has
00:38 the less he or she feels the need for God in their life.
00:41 Now I know that this is not true of everyone, but the Bible
00:45 has a passage which supports this general idea.
00:48 It's found in the book of Revelation 3:17, 18 which says
00:54 the following:
01:23 And then Jesus says this in verses 19 and 20:
01:43 Now packed within these four verses is quite a lot for a
01:47 person to take into consideration.
01:49 So lets break it down and take it one step at a time.
01:52 This way we'll be able to understand its meaning
01:54 as it applies to our need of Jesus.
01:59 In their sinless state Adam and Eve held joyful communion
02:03 with God, but after their sin they could no longer find joy
02:07 in the presence of His holiness.
02:09 Thus they sought to hide from the presence of God.
02:12 Such is still the condition of the unrenewed heart today.
02:16 And there is no lack of things, or attractions, or appointments,
02:21 or whatever the case may be to keep our attention fixated upon.
02:25 Now it may be true that the more money a person has
02:28 the more things he has to draw his attention away with,
02:31 but let me also say that someone who doesn't even have two
02:35 nickels to rub together can just as easily turn away from
02:38 knowing God as well.
02:40 Thus no matter who we are we need to understand why it is
02:45 that having God in our lives is so important.
02:51 Paraphrased the passage that we read in Revelation chapter 3
02:54 stated that without Christ in our lives we are wretched,
02:59 and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked.
03:02 Now we may not seem this way to ourselves, or to our neighbors,
03:07 or to our co-workers, but the reality is that this is the way
03:12 God sees us if we're living without Jesus.
03:15 This is why He says, I counsel you to buy of me gold tried
03:20 in the fire that you may be rich.
03:22 The gold tried in the fire represents a loving,
03:25 and a living faith which has been tried and purified.
03:28 True faith is a symbol of spiritual riches.
03:32 Our nakedness, mentioned in this passage, is a symbol of
03:35 not being prepared.
03:36 You may well remember the parable in the Bible where
03:39 a man came to a wedding feast, and he didn't have on
03:42 the wedding robe.
03:43 This man was then thrown out because he didn't come prepared.
03:48 The white raiment, or white robe, that we are told to buy
03:52 is a symbol of the robe of Christ's righteousness.
03:55 It's only by His righteousness that we can be saved.
04:00 Thus it's only by Christ's righteousness that we can be
04:03 prepared to meet God.
04:05 Finally, the passage also said we're blind.
04:08 Well, if we're blind we can't see where we're going, can we?
04:13 This is a symbol of spiritual blindness, and unless we apply
04:17 the cure for our blindness, we will remain in
04:20 spiritual darkness.
04:21 That cure is to obtain the eye salve that God has mentioned.
04:26 This eye salve opens our eyes to our true condition.
04:29 Opening our eyes is the work of the Holy Spirit.
04:32 The eye salve represents the Holy Spirit, and only through
04:36 His convicting work on the heart can spiritual blindness
04:40 be removed.
04:43 So here it is in a nutshell.
04:45 God wants us to ask Him to give us the power of the Holy Spirit
04:51 so we can see our true condition, and to come to Him
04:54 in faith, knowing that He will answer that prayer and clothe us
04:58 with the robe of Christ's righteousness that we
05:01 may be saved.
05:02 That's absolutely fantastic, isn't it?
05:04 And it's all the gift of God, Amen?
05:07 Jesus said it was like Him standing at the door knocking,
05:11 and if anyone would hear His voice and open the door to Him,
05:14 He will come in.
05:15 The door is a symbol of our heart.
05:18 So if we hear Jesus speaking to our heart and invite Him in,
05:23 He will come in and live within us.
05:26 The book Steps to Christ, page 8, has this to say about
05:29 our condition:
06:26 If you're still not sure about all of this, if you still think
06:29 that you've lived a pretty good life, and that you really
06:33 haven't done anything bad, at least nothing worthy of death,
06:36 and that God will take you to heaven anyway, then let me share
06:40 this thought with you.
06:41 Suppose you had a child, let's say it was a boy, and for the
06:46 past twelve years you've raised this boy, you've poured out
06:50 upon him all of the love, nurturing, and caring that any
06:54 parent could possibly give their child.
06:55 The bond between the two of you is so great that it could never
07:00 be broken.
07:01 When he is hurt, you feel his pain, and his suffering,
07:05 and if there were anything that you could do to relieve it,
07:09 you would sell all that you had to make it so.
07:13 Over the years, as you raise your son, you had seen him
07:18 through good times and through bad.
07:21 When you reflect back on his life you can recall the
07:26 incidents that brought you the most joy, and also those which
07:29 caused you the most pain.
07:30 It's the painful ones which you wish you could undo,
07:35 as if they never happened.
07:36 One such occasion happened to your son a number of years ago
07:40 when another boy in the neighborhood, who was an orphan,
07:44 and lived right down the street, was very mean and nasty
07:48 to your son.
07:49 He would lie and wait for him after school and beat him up.
07:52 He would play dirty tricks on him, and make fun of him
07:55 every day, even though you spoke to the orphanage about his
07:58 behavior, and did everything that you could to stop this
08:01 from happening.
08:02 The boy just didn't stop beating up your son.
08:05 Then one day the boy moved to another orphanage across town,
08:09 and everything was back to normal again.
08:11 Your heart was relieved that your son no longer had to put up
08:16 with that abuse.
08:17 A few months later your son comes to you and tells you
08:22 that the boy had gotten sick, and that nothing short of a
08:26 heart transplant could save his life.
08:27 Now here's the difficult part to imagine because the medical
08:32 community today would not allow this to happen.
08:35 But your son finds out that his heart is a perfect match to save
08:40 the life of the one who bullied him and beat him up.
08:43 So your son comes to you and tells you that he loves you
08:47 so much, and that he wants to show the bully the same kind of
08:51 love that the two of you share with each other because he has
08:55 never known that kind of love himself.
08:58 This news breaks your heart because you know your son is
09:03 asking to give up his life to give the bully his own heart
09:07 that he could live.
09:08 You just don't know how to react to this.
09:10 You don't know if you can bare such a thing because just
09:13 thinking about it your heart is breaking.
09:17 It's like tearing your own heart right out of your chest.
09:20 You hunt and search for another way to save the boy's life,
09:24 but you realize the only way for the bully to live, and to know
09:29 true love is to allow your son to go through with his plan.
09:32 Then after the operation is over, and your son gave
09:37 everything he had to save the life of the bully, you find it
09:40 within yourself to love the bully.
09:42 You adopt him, and you give him your name.
09:44 You give him all of the love that you had given to
09:47 your own son.
09:48 Gradually the boy realizes what it's like to be loved,
09:52 what it's like to have someone care for him, and protect him.
09:57 The boy realizes the infinite sacrifice that was made
10:01 on his behalf, and he grows up with the upmost love and respect
10:05 for the boy who gave his life that he might live.
10:08 Friend, that's what God the Father, and Jesus His Son,
10:12 have done for you and for me.
10:16 The Bible says that they did this because of our sin.
10:20 If there had been any other way to save us, God the Father
10:24 would have found it.
10:26 The very fact that Jesus had to die, so that we could live,
10:29 is the strongest testimony of God's love for us.
10:32 If we don't accept the sacrifice of Jesus, we are refusing the
10:37 life which he died to give to us.
10:39 Our great need of Jesus exists because we have sinned,
10:43 and because we have sinned, we need a savior.
10:46 The Bible says in Romans 3:23 that, All have sinned and come
10:50 short of the glory of God.
10:57 Two verses before this, in 1 John 1:8 we read:
11:15 So you see, my friend, we are all doomed to die
11:18 with a bad heart for we have all sinned and all come short
11:21 of God's standard.
11:22 Because we come short of it we cannot expect to have salvation
11:26 without accepting the death of Jesus on our behalf.
11:30 It's only by acknowledging our own sinfulness,
11:33 through the power of the Holy Spirit, which God will give us,
11:36 if we ask Him for it, and by accepting the sacrifice of Jesus
11:40 that we can be clothed with the robe of Christ's righteousness,
11:44 making us righteous in the eyes of God.
11:47 He then takes us into His family, and loves us with the
11:51 same love that He has for His Son.
11:54 God has loved us from the very beginning, but He cannot bring
11:58 us into heaven to live with Him unless we have received
12:02 a new heart.
12:04 Friends, God is truthful, honest, and just.
12:06 He is the only one in the universe in which you can place
12:09 your total trust.
12:10 He has promised us life through His Son Jesus, and if we accept
12:15 Jesus, God will fulfill His promise to us.
12:17 Once again, Jesus says in Revelation 3:20,
12:30 And in the very next verse, verse 21, Jesus says:
12:43 Yes, friend, our need of Jesus is so great that we won't get
12:47 to heaven without Him.
12:48 Ephesians 2:8-9 says:
13:00 As we close now, I would like to say a prayer, and if you feel
13:03 the need of Jesus in your life, you can repeat this prayer
13:06 in your heart, and make it your own prayer.
13:09 Father, I come to You, the Creator of the universe,
13:13 and I realize that there's no hope for me outside of Jesus
13:16 Your Son.
13:17 Father God, please give me Your Holy Spirit that I may see
13:20 my true condition.
13:22 Please forgive me of my sins and cleanse me.
13:25 Place the robe of Jesus' righteousness upon me
13:28 because without it I won't be able to live with You.
13:31 Lord, by faith I believe that You have heard this, my prayer,
13:34 and have forgiven me, and cleansed me,
13:37 and in the name of Jesus I thank You, Father.
13:40 Now help me to live my life accordingly.
13:43 In Jesus name, Amen.
13:45 May God be with you.
13:49 Our faith grows when we walk with Jesus.
13:52 His love, mercy, and compassion will guide us along the path
13:58 of life, and we pray you desire a close walk with Him.
14:02 Join us for our next exciting program as we discuss
14:07 the subject of repentance.


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