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What Is Repentance?

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00:15 Welcome, I'm Eric Garloff, your host for Walking With Jesus.
00:18 In our first two programs we spoke about God's enduring love
00:22 for man and our great need for Jesus.
00:25 We closed our last program with prayer, and if you prayed that
00:29 prayer with a sincere heart, God has forgiven you of your sins,
00:33 and given you the robe of Christ's righteousness.
00:36 In today's program titled, What Is Repentance,
00:40 we're going to take a look at how we can continue our walk
00:43 with Jesus and draw closer to Him every day.
00:47 I'd like to begin by sharing with you a passage from
00:51 Matthew 21:28-30.
00:53 In this passage Jesus is asking a question.
00:56 He says,
01:17 Well, of course, it was the first son.
01:19 The one who said he would not go, but then afterward repented,
01:23 and went to work in his father's vineyard.
01:26 Concerning repentance, the book Steps to Christ on page 12
01:29 says the following:
02:41 Now that makes things so much clearer.
02:43 True repentance is not being sorry, as to avoid the
02:47 punishment for some wrong doing, but rather it's being sincerely
02:51 sorry for the act of doing wrong itself.
02:55 Perhaps one of the best examples of repentance found in the Bible
02:59 comes to us through one of King David's prayers found in
03:02 Psalms 51:1-14.
03:06 This psalm says:
03:52 Wow!
03:53 As you read this prayer of David's you can really tell that
03:56 David was sincerely sorry for what he had done,
03:59 and in just a few minutes we're going to examine his prayer
04:03 a bit more deeply to see what we can learn from it.
04:06 But before we do this it's vitally important to understand
04:10 that a repentance like David's is not humanly possible.
04:14 Now I'm not saying you can't repent like him, I'm saying it's
04:17 not humanly possible.
04:18 The only way that David could have had such a repentance as
04:21 this is to be connected with God, as He is the one who gives
04:25 us repentance.
04:26 Take some time to think about this because many people today
04:29 think that they first must repent before coming to God.
04:33 If that were the case none would ever come to Him
04:36 because repentance is a gift from God.
04:38 Now it's true that repentance must take place before our sins
04:42 can be forgiven, but repentance is not to be an obstacle
04:46 standing between the sinner and the Savior.
04:50 It is Christ which leads us to genuine repentance, therefore,
04:55 if we don't come to Him first, then we won't be led to
04:58 repentance.
04:59 Acts 5:31 makes it clear while speaking of Jesus.
05:01 It says:
05:07 This text clearly says that Jesus gave repentance to Israel.
05:12 Another passage from the book, Steps to Christ, on page 15
05:15 states the following:
06:03 Thus we see that by beholding what Christ has done for us,
06:07 we are drawn to Him, and if we don't resist that drawing,
06:11 our hearts will be softened and changed.
06:13 We have also seen that a person can't truly repent unless God
06:18 has been working in his, or her, heart to give them repentance.
06:21 We've also seen that a person doesn't wait to have repentance
06:26 before coming to God because that would be putting the cart
06:29 before the horse.
06:30 We must first come to God, or be drawn to Him by His Holy Spirit,
06:35 in order to receive repentance from Him, because it is God who
06:40 works on our heart and gives us repentance.
06:44 A few minutes ago we read King David's prayer of repentance
06:48 from Psalm 51.
06:49 And now I'd like to dig into his prayer of repentance
06:52 and see what gems of truth we can learn and apply to our
06:55 own lives.
06:56 This prayer of David's was uttered after Nathan the prophet
06:59 disclosed to David that God knew all about what he did;
07:03 namely coveting his neighbors wife, Bathsheba, then plotting
07:07 to have her husband Uriah killed so he could marry her and cover
07:11 up her pregnancy.
07:12 When I break down this prayer of repentance, I tend to see
07:16 twelve different characteristics, or components,
07:19 of David's repentance.
07:20 Some may see more, others, perhaps, see less.
07:23 The number isn't important.
07:25 What is important is an understanding that all of these
07:29 things are mingled, and entertained, in David's prayer
07:32 as a result of David's sin, and of God's righteousness, mercy,
07:37 and justice.
07:38 What's important is that we learn something from David's
07:42 prayer of repentance.
07:43 The first line I'd like to consider in David's prayer says:
07:47 Have mercy upon me, Oh God, according to thy
07:50 loving-kindness.
07:51 David doesn't say, Have mercy on me God because I'm,
07:54 basically, a good guy at heart.
07:56 He's not trying to make any excuses for what he's done.
08:00 No, David lays open the truth of the matter fully conscious
08:05 of his great sin against Uriah and Bathsheba, and so he cries
08:10 out for mercy to the God of loving kindness.
08:13 David says, According to the multitude of your tender
08:15 mercies, blot out my transgressions.
08:18 Here David's pleading with the Lord, in His infinite mercy,
08:23 to remove his sins from the record book which has recorded
08:26 his sinful actions.
08:31 Continuing, David says, For I acknowledge my transgressions,
08:35 and my sin is ever before me.
08:38 The knowledge of his wrong doing, his plotting,
08:41 and deliberate actions are pressing down hard on his mind,
08:46 not giving him any rest.
08:48 It's a burden.
08:49 It's a burden of guilt.
08:50 The guilt of his sin is weighing him down so he cries out to God
08:54 in his prayer.
08:55 Purge me with hyssop and I shall be clean.
08:58 Wash me and I shall be whiter than snow.
09:01 Hyssop was used in ceremonial cleansing, and so David,
09:05 seeking to be clean from the depths of the sin that he has
09:08 marred himself with, uses the language which employs the
09:11 strongest symbol of cleansing power for his defilement.
09:15 He then says, Create in me a clean heart, Oh God, and renew
09:19 a right spirit within me.
09:21 David understood that before a new spirit could be placed
09:24 within him, that he would first need to have a clean vessel
09:29 in which to contain it.
09:31 His heart, the thoughts of his mind, would not be cleansed by
09:35 any power of his own.
09:37 They could only be cleansed by the power of God.
09:40 And God is the only one who could then renew a right spirit
09:44 within him.
09:45 He is the only one who could give him a just and steadfast
09:49 spirit; one which would lead him to obedience, justice, love,
09:54 and mercy within his own life.
09:58 The consequences of not having a renewed heart is that sin
10:03 separates the sinner from God, therefore David cries out to God
10:06 and says, Cast me not away from thy presence, and take not thy
10:11 Holy Spirit from me.
10:12 Although he knew that his actions had grieved the
10:16 Holy Spirit, he could not bear the thought of not having God's
10:20 Spirit to lead him and guide him.
10:22 And so he asks to be restored with these words: Restore unto
10:26 me the joy of thy salvation.
10:29 True joy and happiness is only found when a person is walking
10:33 with God.
10:34 Thus he shows his desire to return to that experience of joy
10:38 which he shared with God before he sinned.
10:41 He goes on to say, And uphold me with thy free spirit.
10:45 The words, free spirit, here, are better translated as
10:49 willing spirit.
10:50 In other words, David desires to have a frame of mind that is
10:54 ready and willing to obey God, and to be willing to serve God
10:58 in whatever He asks him to do.
11:02 Next is a phrase, deliver me from blood guiltiness Oh God.
11:06 This appears to be a direct reference to the blood on
11:08 David's hands from plotting the death of Uriah, and he follows
11:12 the phrase, deliver me from blood guiltiness, Oh God,
11:15 with, thou God of my salvation.
11:17 David realizes that what he had done under the law would also
11:22 require his own death, and here he pleads with God that he would
11:26 be delivered from his guiltiness and retain salvation,
11:30 which is only found in God.
11:31 Then David says, And my tongue shall sing aloud
11:35 of thy righteousness.
11:36 This is the natural response for one who has experienced
11:40 the love, mercy, and forgiveness of God.
11:42 The desire to let others know what God has done for you
11:46 is natural, and God is pleased to see you share the stories
11:50 of His love and mercy with others.
11:52 Now the beauty of this passage is that God did forgive David,
11:56 and he was restored with a new heart, and he once again found
12:02 the joy of God's salvation.
12:03 The scriptures say in 1 John 1:9 If we confess our sins,
12:07 he is faithful and just to forgive to forgive us our sins,
12:10 and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
12:12 This is a promise, and the strength of a promise is based
12:16 on the one who gives it.
12:18 Therefore, you can know that your sins will be forgiven
12:21 when you come to Him in repentance.
12:24 From the book, Steps to Christ, page 19, we read this passage
12:29 concerning procrastination:
12:59 II Corinthians 6:2 says: Behold, now is the accepted time.
13:04 Behold, now is the day of our salvation.
13:07 In Hebrews 3: 7, 8 says: Today, if you will hear his
13:11 voice, harden not your hearts.
13:13 As I begin to close, I'd like to ask you to study the
13:17 Bible prayerfully.
13:18 It's God's word speaking directly to your soul.
13:21 That word presents you with the law of God
13:24 and the life of Jesus.
13:26 These convict us of sin, and reveal to us the way
13:29 of salvation.
13:30 May your prayer be the prayer of David found in Psalms 51.
13:33 Create in me a clean heart, Oh God, and renew a right spirit
13:37 within me.
13:38 Now may God's rich blessings be upon you and your loved ones.
13:43 Walking with Jesus is most rewarding.
13:48 In Him we find eternal life.
13:51 We pray you draw close to Jesus every day as you study
13:55 the Bible.
13:56 Visit with us again when we ask the question, If God already
14:01 knows, why confess?


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