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If God Already Knows, Why Confess?

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00:14 Hello, I'm Eric Garloff, your host for Walking With Jesus.
00:18 This is our fourth program in this series of thirteen,
00:21 and we pray you'll be able to watch them all.
00:23 Today we're answering the question, If God knows
00:27 everything about us, He also knows our sins.
00:30 So why then do we need to confess our sins to God?
00:34 Well, the short answer is found in Proverbs 28:13 which says,
00:39 He that covers his sins shall not prosper, but everyone who
00:42 confesses and forsakes them shall have mercy.
00:45 Now, as I said, this is the short answer,
00:49 but we're going to dig a little deeper into this question
00:51 and uncover some nuggets of truth, which will greatly help
00:54 you in your walk with Jesus.
00:56 Now, let's begin our session today with a word of prayer,
01:00 shall we?
01:01 Lord God, we come to You today and ask that You would give us
01:06 Your Holy Spirit to open our minds to this message.
01:10 And if need be, subdue our hearts and our ego,
01:13 that we would be found walking in Your ways, and living a life
01:18 filled with Your peace, joy, and happiness.
01:21 In Jesus' name we pray, Amen.
01:25 Alright, let's get started, shall we?
01:27 Do you know that there is a time to confess our faults
01:31 to one another, as well as a time to confess our sins to God?
01:34 If you've done harm to your neighbor, or your friend,
01:38 you should confess your fault to him or her, and ask for his
01:41 or her forgiveness.
01:42 It is then your neighbor's duty to freely forgive you.
01:45 The Apostle James wrote in James 5:16 the following:
01:58 So not only are we to confess our faults to one another,
02:00 but we are also told to pray for one another.
02:04 Once you've made things right between you and your neighbor,
02:07 you're then counseled to seek God's forgiveness
02:10 for your own sin.
02:11 For in hurting your neighbor, you have also injured
02:15 your neighbor's Creator.
02:16 Your neighbor can forgive your faults, but only God
02:21 can forgive your sin.
02:22 In the book, Steps to Christ, page 24 we read the following:
03:03 True confession is always of a specific character
03:06 and acknowledges particular sins.
03:08 They may be of such a nature as to be brought before God only.
03:13 They may be wrongs that should be confessed to individuals
03:16 who have suffered injury through them.
03:19 Or they may be of a public character and should then
03:22 be publicly confessed.
03:24 But all confession should be definite and to the point,
03:28 acknowledging the very sin's of which you are guilty.
03:33 Now that gives you something to think about, and it does make
03:36 sense, doesn't it?
03:37 After all, if the shoe was on the other foot, if someone did
03:41 something to hurt you, you'd want that person to come to you
03:44 and admit what they had done, wouldn't you?
03:46 Of course you would!
03:48 So we should be mindful to how we ourselves would like to be
03:54 treated if someone did something against us.
03:56 If you keep this principle in mind throughout your walk
04:00 with Jesus, it will prove to be a tremendous spiritual blessing
04:04 to you.
04:05 Let me share an illustration with you of something that I
04:09 had done when I was sixteen years old.
04:11 It all started out with a propensity to drive fast,
04:15 and to hang out with my buddies who drove fast cars.
04:19 I had a rather small car with a large engine, and I liked to
04:23 drive fast on the back country roads where I grew up.
04:26 I remember one turn that I used to make at 60 miles an hour.
04:30 I'd say it was about a seventy-five degree turn
04:33 with a tight radius.
04:34 And when I went around the turn, my tires would squeal
04:37 on the asphalt, or on the street.
04:39 That was a sign to me that if I went any faster the back of my
04:44 car just might start skidding out and cause me to crash.
04:47 Well, about half a mile farther down the road from where
04:51 this turn was, was another turn which was quite gradual
04:56 and non-threatening.
04:57 Or so I thought!
04:58 Anyway, it was dark and I was driving much faster than anyone
05:04 should have been driving.
05:05 And as I entered this turn my car hit some small gravel stones
05:09 along the edge of the road.
05:10 Those stones caused the back of my car to skid out.
05:14 Now the front of my car pretty much stayed on the road.
05:18 I was really side ways though.
05:20 The back of the car was skidding out across the entrance
05:23 to a driveway, and it was coming around to my right.
05:27 Then all of a sudden I heard a loud crashing noise as my car
05:30 hit something.
05:31 It felt very solid.
05:35 In the dark, and out of the corner of my eye, I thought
05:38 I saw something being thrown up into the yard.
05:40 At the same time, the impact of hitting whatever it was that I
05:44 hit actually threw my car back towards the road.
05:47 As I was trying to gain control over the car, I could feel a
05:51 sense of fear and anger coming over me.
05:53 Fear for not knowing what it was that I had hit, and for what my
05:58 father was going to say in the morning when he saw my car,
06:01 and anger because I was driving so carelessly, and there was
06:05 no one else to blame but myself.
06:08 I didn't stop right away because my car was still going about
06:10 50 miles an hour after I got back onto the road.
06:14 So when I got down the road about a mile or so, I found a
06:17 place that I could pull over and I took a good look at my car.
06:20 When I saw the damage that was done to it, my thoughts began to
06:24 to turn away from the car, and I began thinking about what had
06:27 just happened.
06:29 What was it that I really hit?
06:30 Then my heart started pounding all over again.
06:33 Then I started to fear for another reason.
06:35 I was contemplating the possibility that someone could
06:38 have been walking at night, and perhaps I hit them.
06:41 When this came across my mind, I knew that I had to go back
06:45 there immediately and see what it was that I hit.
06:48 If it was a person, then they would need help immediately,
06:52 but then again I'd already lost a lot of critical time
06:56 looking at my car.
06:57 So I went back to the scene of the accident, and my heart was
07:01 thumping in my chest.
07:02 I was trying to see what was lying in the front yard.
07:06 And as I'm approaching, I'm saying, What is it?
07:09 Was it a person or was it something else?
07:11 It was hard to see in the dark.
07:14 Then as I approached I saw something, but I didn't quite
07:18 know until I got closer.
07:20 Finally I could see well enough to determine it wasn't a person.
07:25 It was a demolished mail box!
07:27 This was no ordinary mail box because it was mounted on a
07:31 steel I-beam, and it had been cemented into the ground with
07:34 about 120 pounds of cement.
07:36 That's why the impact was so great against the car.
07:39 I went home that night, and the next day, after telling my
07:42 parents what had happened, I went back to that house and I
07:45 knocked on the door.
07:47 I told the owners that it was I who destroyed their mail box.
07:51 I asked them to forgive me and I offered to pay for the damages.
07:55 The man of the house said that he was planning on going out and
07:59 building a new mail box, and in addition to paying for it,
08:02 I could help him make it as well.
08:04 You know, admitting that I did wrong and correcting what I had
08:08 done made me feel good inside.
08:11 Not good that I did it, but good that I corrected it.
08:14 If I hadn't done that I'd still be living with the guilt today
08:17 of what I had done.
08:18 And a life of guilt is a life of regrets, not to mention the
08:22 negative health impact that guilt brings also.
08:26 In order for confession to be acceptable unto God,
08:28 one must show repentance and make decided changes in his,
08:32 or her, life.
08:33 We should seek to purge from our lives everything which is
08:36 offensive to God.
08:37 Indeed, these will be the actions of a repentant sinner.
08:41 To seek and correct anything known to be wrong within
08:44 the character, and to make amends wherever possible.
08:48 Now Ezekiel 33:15 puts it this way:
09:04 Now isn't that good news?
09:06 Turning once again to the book, Steps to Christ, page 25,
09:09 we read the following:
10:24 In other words, Eve was saying to God, Why did you make
10:27 the serpent?
10:28 Why did you allow him into the garden? as if He were
10:32 responsible for her sin.
10:36 Now I'll tell you what's truly amazing about confession,
10:39 and it's found in John 1:9 which says, If we confess our sins
10:43 He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins,
10:45 and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
10:47 The one thing you can count on, my friend, is that God says
10:52 what he means, and He means what He says.
10:54 Let me say it again, God says if we confess our sins,
10:59 He is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins,
11:01 and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
11:04 Isn't that a wonderful promise?
11:06 If we confess, He will forgive and cleanse us.
11:10 That means we don't have to walk around with the guilt on our
11:14 shoulders anymore.
11:15 We can be free from its burden, and not worry about it again.
11:19 Amen?
11:20 This brings us back to the original question that we had
11:24 asked in the beginning of this program.
11:26 You remember it, don't you?
11:28 We asked, If God knows everything about us,
11:31 then why do we need to confess our sins to Him?
11:33 Well, the short answer in Proverbs 28:13 gives us the
11:38 answer that we're looking for.
11:46 So our confession opens the door for God's mercy.
11:50 Unconfessed sin becomes a stumbling block to us.
11:54 It burdens us down, and it separates us from God.
12:00 And if we don't have God's mercy then how shall we live with Him?
12:05 Through a confession, God's mercy is extended to us,
12:08 and we are forgiven.
12:09 The burden of our guilt is removed.
12:11 Confession is like medicine to our soul.
12:14 It brings health and healing of spirit.
12:17 God wants us to confess, not for His benefit, but for ours.
12:21 He wants us to confess our sins so we can have forgiveness
12:26 of our past, fellowship with Him in the present, and everlasting
12:30 life with Him in the future.
12:32 What about you my friend?
12:34 Are there things in your past which you know you've done
12:38 that, perhaps, you have not confessed before?
12:40 Is there something that you did which needs to be set straight?
12:44 Is there some burden that's been weighing you down?
12:48 Do you feel the guilt constantly nagging at you, prompting you to
12:53 make amends?
12:54 If you have any of these thoughts or feelings,
12:57 then I would like to suggest to you that it's the Holy Spirit of
13:00 God bringing these things to your memory, giving you the
13:03 opportunity to confess them, and as best as you can
13:08 make restitution for them.
13:09 God really does have your best interest on His heart.
13:12 He wants to spend eternity with you in heaven.
13:16 And while you're here on this Earth, He wants you to live
13:19 a healthy and happy life.
13:21 God does not want us to be bound down by the burdens
13:24 which tie us down due to our unconfessed sin.
13:27 Therefore, as we close this program, I ask you to pray about
13:32 these things, and give them to God.
13:35 Your burden will be lifted, and you'll feel so much better
13:39 about them.
13:40 Follow that still small voice speaking to your conscience,
13:45 and do the right thing.
13:46 Confess your faults one to another, and confess your sins
13:50 to God, for only He can forgive them.
13:54 May God bless you and your loved ones.
13:58 Growing in your walk with Jesus is very important,
14:01 so we ask you to read your Bible every day, and practice what
14:05 you learn on a daily basis.
14:08 Watch Walking With Jesus again for our next episode,
14:12 The Consecrated Life.


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