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00:15 Welcome!
00:17 I'm Eric Garloff, your host for Walking With Jesus.
00:19 Today we're going to be talking about the consecrated life.
00:22 Just what do we mean when we use that phrase,
00:24 a consecrated life?
00:26 What does it mean to be consecrated?
00:28 When I opened up my dictionary I found a couple of definitions
00:32 which could help us understand this term more completely.
00:35 One of them said "to make or declare sacred,"
00:39 but is this really possible?
00:41 Can we really make our lives sacred?
00:44 Here's the problem each of us faces.
00:49 The Bible says we are all sinners.
00:51 Not one of us is righteous.
00:53 This being true, how can we who are defiled by sin
00:57 make ourselves sacred?
00:59 In order for our lives to be made sacred we need the one
01:03 who is sacred to make us sacred, and that one is Jesus.
01:07 The book of James 1:17 says every good gift and every
01:12 perfect gift is from above.
01:13 God is the source of every good gift.
01:16 It's God who justifies us.
01:18 It's God who makes us righteous.
01:20 It's God who gives us victory over sin.
01:23 It's God who forgives us.
01:24 It's God who cleanses us.
01:27 And, likewise, it's God who gives us the power to live a
01:31 sacred, or sanctified, or consecrated life.
01:33 But don't let anyone trick you into believing that there's
01:37 nothing for you to do in the work of consecrating
01:40 your life to God.
01:41 Now here's the other definition I found in the dictionary.
01:44 It said, "to devote solemnly to a purpose. "
01:48 With that thought in mind, when we consecrate ourselves
01:52 to God we would say our life is purposely, and solemnly
01:56 dedicated to God.
01:58 These words describe the decision of a person
02:01 which is not to be taken lightly.
02:03 To paraphrase the Bible, it's the decision of putting your
02:07 hand to the plow and not turning back.
02:11 We all have our part to play in the great war that's going on
02:14 between good and evil.
02:15 That war is being waged over who you're going to
02:18 give your heart to.
02:19 And what you do in life reflects the character of the one
02:23 who has your heart.
02:24 In the book of Jeremiah 29:13 we read these words
02:29 of encouragement, which is God's promise to us.
02:32 It says:
02:39 Let me repeat that last phrase again.
02:41 It says, "when you shall search for me with all your heart. "
02:45 Yes, the whole heart must be yielded and given to God
02:49 where the change we seek can never be worked out within us.
02:52 That change is the process of restoration, or of having our
02:56 characters restored in the likeness of God's character.
02:59 This work of restoration requires a transformation
03:02 of our entire being.
03:04 Therefore we must yield our entire being to God
03:08 who alone can perform this transformation.
03:10 I'd like to share these statements with you
03:13 quoting from the book Steps to Christ page 27.
03:54 He cannot accept an homage that is not willingly
03:57 and intelligently given.
03:59 A mere forced submission would prevent all real development
04:04 of mind and character.
04:05 It would make man a mere automaton.
04:08 Such is not the purpose of the creator.
04:38 So you see my friends, when we consecrate ourselves to God
04:43 and ask Him to renew us, there's going to be a struggle involved;
04:47 a struggle with self.
04:52 Somebody asked, "How can I know for sure that God really
04:55 exists and the Bible is true before I commit to Him?"
05:00 Now that's a good question because you don't want to
05:03 blindly follow Him if there's no real evidence of His
05:06 existence or power, now do you?
05:08 Of course not!
05:09 Now some have said that when you become a Christian
05:14 you check your brains at the door; implying that God doesn't
05:17 exist, or that you're dumb.
05:18 But this is so far from the truth because Christianity
05:22 is for thinking people with an honest heart.
05:25 God has given us so many proofs and evidences
05:29 of His existence, and His love for us.
05:31 In fact, let's talk about a few of these right now
05:35 and see the evidence for God's existence.
05:39 There are three evidences that I'd like to share with you
05:42 very quickly.
05:43 And if you want to look into these areas with an honest heart
05:46 you'll find out that there's an abundance of evidence
05:50 to support God's existence and His love for mankind.
05:53 First we'll briefly talk about the biological chance
05:57 of a single living cell forming all by itself, on its own,
06:00 without God.
06:01 Secondly we'll talk about how archeology has proven the
06:05 historical accuracy of the Bible.
06:07 And thirdly through Bible prophecy we'll see how God
06:11 accurately predicted the future of world empires hundreds
06:15 of years in advance.
06:16 These three areas: biology, archeology, and prophecy
06:20 cover the present, the past, and the future.
06:25 Evidence Number One: We'll start with the present.
06:29 The very fact that life exists today is one of the strongest
06:33 arguments in favor of the God of creation.
06:35 So let's ask ourselves with an honest heart, "Can a living
06:41 cell evolve all by itself?"
06:42 This can best be demonstrated by looking at the mathematical
06:46 possibility of life forming by itself.
06:49 Mathematicians consider the probability of anything greater
06:52 than ten to the fiftieth power as being an impossibility.
06:57 Now I've read numerous calculations that the
07:00 probability for even the most basic protein to form on its
07:03 own would be around ten to the power of one hundred and
07:06 thirteen or so.
07:07 And the probability of a single living cell forming all
07:11 by itself is in the area of ten to the power of forty thousand.
07:16 And that's just to make one living cell, which is the basic
07:20 building block of life.
07:21 Once you comprehend that number then multiply it by the
07:25 fact that humans have two hundred and ten different
07:28 cell types in their body.
07:31 Evidence Number Two: Looking into the past and seeing that
07:34 archeology has proven the accuracy of the Bible.
07:37 Many critics have attacked the Bible as a document that
07:40 can't be trusted.
07:41 In years gone by they have cited cities and people
07:45 which were found in the Bible and had no proof
07:47 of their existence.
07:48 They pointed to these as errors in the scriptures
07:51 saying the Bible can't be trusted.
07:54 Then as time passed archeological discoveries were
07:57 made which validated and vindicated the accuracy
08:00 of the Bible by finding evidence of these people groups
08:04 and their cities silencing the critics.
08:06 One such example of this was the skeptics claim against
08:11 the existence of the Syrian king named Sargon
08:14 as found in the book of Isaiah 20:1.
08:17 Then many years later Sargon's palace was discovered
08:20 in course about Iraq.
08:21 Its city was built by King Sargon II, who reigned
08:25 from 722 to 705 B.C.
08:28 The capture of Ashdod mentioned in Isaiah was recorded
08:32 on the palace walls.
08:33 One of the inscriptions found there read as follows:
08:36 Sargon king of Assyria who conquered Samaria
08:39 and the entire region of Israel.
08:41 He who made captives of Ashdod.
08:44 Friends, there are many such instances in archeology
08:47 which have vindicated the accuracy of the Bible.
08:50 The Bible is true, and it can be trusted.
08:53 Just because the Bible mentions something that we currently
08:56 have no proof of its existence does not mean that the Bible
09:00 is not true.
09:01 It simply means that we have not found it and dug it up yet.
09:07 Evidence Number Three: The foretelling of the future
09:11 is where the divine inspiration of the Bible is proven
09:14 through the fulfillment of prophecy.
09:16 Only an all knowing God is capable of predicting
09:20 the rise and fall of nations hundreds of years before they
09:24 ever even came into power.
09:26 Perhaps one of the best examples of this is found in the second
09:29 chapter of the book of Daniel.
09:31 I encourage you to pick up your Bible and read Daniel chapter 2
09:35 very, very carefully.
09:37 Then understand that Daniel chapter 2 was written about
09:40 600 years before the birth of Christ.
09:43 With this in mind, crack open your old high school history
09:46 books, or go down to your local library and compare
09:49 the succession of world empires beginning with Babylon.
09:53 You'll soon see that the Bible accurately predicted the Medes
09:56 and the Persians as Babylon's successors.
09:59 Then Greece was to be next, and after that it would be Rome
10:03 with both its eastern and western powers.
10:06 Then Rome would fall and be divided into ten kingdoms.
10:09 We really don't have the time to go through all of these
10:12 things right now, so if you'd like to learn more, and if you'd
10:16 like to understand the symbology of the image in Daniel chapter 2
10:21 than I'd like to encourage you to seek out a Seventh-day
10:24 Adventist church near you, and find someone to give you a
10:27 set of Bible studies which explains in clear language
10:30 the things that you're seeking to understand.
10:34 The bottom line is this, my friend, God does exist,
10:37 and the Bible is true.
10:38 You can give your life to God and consecrate yourself,
10:41 or devote yourself to Him for a purpose.
10:43 Quoting again from Steps to Christ, page 30,
11:37 You cannot change your heart.
11:39 You cannot of yourself give to God its affections,
11:42 but you can choose to serve Him.
11:45 You can give Him your will.
11:47 He will then work in you to will and to do according
11:51 to His good pleasure.
12:28 It's here where "the rubber meets the road".
12:31 No matter what you may have done in the past,
12:34 God will accept you if you consecrate, or dedicate
12:37 yourself to Him.
12:38 Exercising your power of will, and being willing to be made
12:44 willing is the place to begin.
12:47 Surrender yourself to God and ask Him to live out
12:50 His life within you.
12:51 A man once said to Jesus, "Lord I believe,
12:54 but help thou my unbelief. "
12:56 In other words He believed to a certain point, but he wanted
12:59 to strengthen his belief in Jesus.
13:01 It would be well for each of us to have this type of an open
13:05 heart towards God.
13:06 Now in the closing minute I'd like to offer a prayer
13:09 on your behalf.
13:11 If this is your desire, than make it your own
13:13 prayer to God.
13:15 Father, we come to You as we are.
13:19 We ask You to forgive us of our sins and to work within us,
13:23 restoring us to the image of your dear Son Jesus.
13:26 We are willing to do what You ask us to do.
13:28 We desire the power of Your Holy Spirit in our lives
13:31 to bring about the change we need to make.
13:34 So to this end, Lord, please give us Your Holy Spirit.
13:38 In Jesus' name, Amen.
13:40 May God bless you and be with you as are found
13:43 walking with Jesus.
13:46 When we walk with Jesus His love, mercy, and compassion
13:51 guides us along the path of life.
13:54 Our next program explores our faith and acceptance in action.
14:00 Please be sure to join us for this important message.


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