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00:01 God's blessings come to us in many ways.
00:03 But to be truly blessed of God one must be found
00:07 walking with Jesus.
00:08 So please stay tuned for the next exciting edition of
00:12 Walking With Jesus.
00:24 Hello, I'm Eric Garloff, your host for Walking With Jesus.
00:27 Today's program is sure to be an interesting one for everyone
00:30 watching, and that's because of the topic.
00:33 We'll be talking about how to tell if you're a disciple
00:37 of the Lord Jesus Christ.
00:38 We'll look at what it means to be His disciple.
00:41 And if you're not one of the Lord's disciples now,
00:45 you'll learn how to become one.
00:46 We have a lot of ground to cover in this episode,
00:49 so I'd like to jump right in and get started.
00:52 The book Steps to Christ has a lot to say about being
00:55 a disciple of Jesus, and I'd like to share with you
00:59 what's written on page 38, which says,
01:56 If the heart has been renewed by the Spirit of God,
01:59 the life will bear witness to the fact.
02:02 While we cannot do anything to change our hearts,
02:05 we're to bring ourselves into harmony with God.
02:08 While we must not trust at all to ourselves, or our good works,
02:13 our lives will reveal whether the grace of God
02:16 is dwelling within us.
02:37 End quote.
02:38 Well, this really gives us a lot to consider now, doesn't it?
02:42 So please allow me to briefly restate what we just read,
02:46 and that was this: we may not be able to see the Spirit
02:50 Himself working within our lives, but we will be able
02:53 to see the result of the Holy Spirit being in our life.
02:57 This result of the Holy Spirit being in our life produces
03:01 a change within our characters.
03:02 It's a change that we'll be able to see.
03:05 It's a change that others around us will be able to see also.
03:10 If God's grace is dwelling within us, by the power
03:13 of the Holy Spirit, our lives will reflect this
03:16 in the places we go, in the words we speak,
03:19 in the things which we choose to occupy our time with.
03:23 All these things will be signs to us proclaiming whether or not
03:27 we are indeed the disciples of Jesus Christ.
03:32 Now it's true that many people who don't have the renewing
03:34 power of the Holy Spirit in their lives often times
03:37 do good things for others.
03:38 The person may, however, may do good things for others out of a
03:42 desire to pursue self esteem, or out of one's self respect.
03:46 So since doing good can be done by those who follow Jesus,
03:50 as well as those who do not, how can a person tell
03:53 which side they're on?
03:54 How can a person know if the good things that he, or she,
03:58 is doing is done with the right motives?
04:02 After all, we are not saved by our works.
04:05 But the Bible also says in James 2:20 that faith without
04:09 works is dead.
04:10 So what's the key between faith and works?
04:12 Well, simply put, the Christian does not perform good works
04:17 in order to be saved.
04:18 He, or she, performs them because they already have a
04:22 saving relationship, and because they want to please Jesus.
04:26 The Christian performs good works out of a saving
04:29 relationship that he has already established with the Lord Jesus.
04:33 He, or she, wants to do good things because in doing them
04:36 the Christian reflects the character of Christ to others.
04:39 Page 39, in the book Steps to Christ, puts it this way
04:42 as it says:
05:16 Love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness,
05:20 goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance.
05:23 Galatians 5:22, 23.
05:58 Christians will seek not the outward adorning,
06:01 but the hidden man of the heart; in that which is not
06:05 corruptible even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit.
06:08 1 Peter 3:3,4.
06:27 Now, I have a story that I'd like to share with you
06:31 that just might illustrate discipleship in a very
06:34 real-life application.
06:37 There was a man who for many years mistreated his wife
06:40 and children.
06:41 This man, whom I'll call John, was at the point where he would
06:45 drink and gamble away much of the money that he should have
06:48 been using to support his family.
06:50 John was abusive in his language towards his wife, Mary,
06:56 and their children.
06:58 John expected them to wait on him "hand and foot".
07:01 One night, when getting drunk at the local bar, he started
07:06 bragging to the guy that was sitting on the bar stool
07:08 next to him.
07:09 He was telling him that he had the best wife in the world.
07:13 Well, John's new friend, also being drunk, began arguing
07:18 with him, and said that, No, it was He that
07:21 had the better wife.
07:22 So John replied to him and said, You come with me and I'll prove
07:25 to you that my wife is better than yours.
07:28 The two men staggered out of the bar and made their way
07:32 to John's house.
07:33 Upon arriving he started banging on the front door as he shouted
07:37 to wake up Mary.
07:38 He shouted, Woman, wake up and let me in the house.
07:42 Wake up and cook some breakfast for me and my friend.
07:44 In a few moments the light turned on upstairs,
07:49 and a minute later Mary opened up the front door.
07:51 She said, Hello, dear.
07:53 Please come in and bring your friend in with you.
07:55 Then she went into the kitchen and began preparing
08:00 breakfast for them.
08:01 It wasn't long before the smell of the food,
08:04 which was cooking on the stove, made its way into the
08:07 living room where the two men were sitting.
08:09 John's friend turned to him and said, I can't take
08:13 it anymore.
08:14 You win!
08:15 Your wife is the best wife.
08:17 My wife would never do this for me.
08:20 He grabbed his coat and staggered out of the house.
08:23 When the food was ready John's wife came into the living room.
08:27 She saw that the other man was no longer there
08:30 so she asked, Honey, where's your friend?
08:33 Your breakfast is ready.
08:34 John stood up and said to his wife, Why do you treat me
08:39 this way?
08:40 I'm mean and nasty to you, but you still treat me
08:45 with love and respect.
08:46 Why do you do this?
08:48 Mary said to him, Honey, a number of years ago,
08:52 when I gave my life to Jesus, I made a promise to Him.
08:55 I promised Jesus that I'd make this life for you here on earth
09:00 the best that it could possibly be.
09:02 I did this because I realized without Jesus
09:05 you would not go to heaven.
09:07 This life would be the only life that you would know.
09:11 Therefore I decided to make this life for you the best
09:14 that it could possibly be.
09:16 John began to cry and said, If that's what it means
09:19 to be a Christian, then I want to be one, too.
09:22 John knelt down with his wife, prayed, and gave his heart
09:27 to Jesus.
09:29 Now this story demonstrates the dedication and the power
09:32 of a true disciple.
09:33 This lady made a choice to impact the life of her husband
09:36 in such a way that every time that he would look at her
09:39 he would see the reflection of the character of Jesus.
09:42 Her actions towards her husband were guided by the Holy Spirit
09:46 as a direct result of committing her life to being a
09:50 disciple of Jesus.
09:51 Steps to Christ, page 39, 40 word it so eloquently
09:55 when it says:
11:11 How beautifully it's written!
11:12 Are you beginning to understand what it means to be a disciple?
11:16 Take an inventory of your life.
11:18 What have you done this past week?
11:21 What are you thinking about as the day goes by?
11:24 Who has your thoughts and your affections?
11:26 Are your thoughts heavenward, or are they earthbound?
11:30 Are you reading the Bible and other books,
11:33 perhaps like the book, Steps to Christ, or are you
11:37 spending all of your time in front of the TV
11:39 watching anything, watching everything that has absolutely
11:43 nothing to do with anything spiritual.
11:45 Are you praying and asking for the Holy Spirit to guide you
11:50 throughout the day, or do you only pray when some obstacle
11:54 arises that you can't figure out yourself?
11:58 You know, friends, our lives would be much better if we
12:02 made God our steering wheel instead of our spare tire.
12:06 You see friends, as the driver, we use the steering wheel
12:10 the entire time we're in the car, but the spare tire is only
12:14 used when we get into trouble.
12:15 It would be much better if we kept our hands on the steering
12:20 wheel of the Holy Spirit and allowed Him to guide us through
12:23 life; avoiding the potholes and the dangers along the way.
12:28 Wouldn't you agree with this?
12:29 As we begin to close, I'd like to quote one more passage
12:34 from page 44 of the book, Steps to Christ.
12:37 It says:
13:31 In closing, I'd like to ask you to remember all that we have
13:35 spoken about here today, and may God's grace be with you
13:40 in full measure preparing you for a life of service for Him
13:44 and His kingdom.
13:48 We grow in our walk with Jesus each time that we read the Bible
13:52 and practice what we learn.
13:54 By doing this you will see it makes all the difference
13:58 in the world.
13:59 We pray you enjoyed this program.
14:01 Our next episode will focus on Christian maturity.


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