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00:01 Gather your family and pull up a chair for the next exciting
00:04 edition of Walking With Jesus is about to begin.
00:22 Welcome, and thank you for joining me.
00:24 I'm Eric Garloff, your host for Walking With Jesus.
00:27 I'd like to begin this episode by saying this:
00:30 If you apply what you're about to hear to your life,
00:33 you'll experience a type of joy in your life that you wouldn't
00:36 trade for anything in the world.
00:38 What am I talking about, you ask?
00:40 I'm talking about working for the happiness of others.
00:43 You see, my friend, when you find yourself working for the
00:46 happiness of others, you will find that God has a way of
00:50 giving you a peace, and a type of joy in your life beyond
00:53 what you can imagine.
00:55 It's a totally satisfying feeling that energizes you
00:59 and propels you into a life of serving others.
01:03 It seems in the world today everyone is out for themselves,
01:07 and they're looking out for number one.
01:09 The attitude seems to be that nobody is going to
01:12 get ahead of me.
01:13 I've got to have the latest electronics,
01:15 the most prestigious car, the best clothes,
01:18 and the biggest house, the best job,
01:20 the highest salary, and the list goes on, and on, and on.
01:24 These things foster the attitude that I'm better
01:27 than those around me.
01:28 It fosters the attitude that what I have is mine,
01:31 and nobody else is going to get any of it.
01:33 I worked for it and it belongs to me.
01:35 In short, it's nothing more than selfishness
01:38 and the inability to see life as it really is.
01:41 This kind of thinking hardens as persons heart towards others.
01:45 It blinds their eyes from seeing the needs of those around them,
01:49 and thus it prevents them from lending a helping hand,
01:52 or giving of themselves to relieve a burden
01:55 from someone else.
01:56 People like this never seem to be satisfied.
02:00 They never seem to find what they are looking for in life,
02:04 and with everything that they've obtained, they're still empty
02:07 inside, so they go on searching for some new thing
02:11 that they think will satisfy them.
02:15 I'd like to suggest that if this sounds even remotely like you
02:18 then the answers you're looking for are right here,
02:21 and they're found in the life and teachings of Jesus.
02:23 Matthew 20:28 records Jesus' saying of Himself,
02:27 The Son of Man came not to be ministered unto,
02:30 but to minister, and to give His life a ransom for many.
02:33 Yes, it's in this type of selfless service that peace
02:37 and joy can be found in our lives.
02:39 Also, in the book Steps to Christ, page 54, we read:
03:17 So you see, it's in working for others that we ourselves
03:21 will draw closer to God.
03:22 The Bible tells us in John 4 that one day as Jesus
03:26 sat near Jacob's well in Samaria that a woman came to draw water
03:30 from the well.
03:31 Jesus engaged her into conversation by asking her to
03:35 give Him a drink of water.
03:37 As the conversation continued, Jesus revealed to the woman
03:41 that He was the Messiah, and that in Him was eternal life.
03:44 This news caused the woman to go and tell the other people
03:48 in her village about Jesus, and they came out to see Him
03:51 for themselves.
03:52 And after speaking with Jesus they truly believed that He was
03:57 the Messiah for whom they had been waiting.
04:01 Now the disciples were not with Jesus as He began talking
04:04 to the woman because they had gone into town to buy food.
04:07 When they returned with the food Jesus told them that He had food
04:11 which they didn't know about.
04:12 Here's what Jesus said in John 4:34-38.
04:17 He said:
04:55 Now, what did Jesus mean when He said that He had food
04:58 that they did not know about?
05:00 And what lessons can we learn from this interaction
05:02 between Jesus, the woman, and the disciples?
05:06 Personally, I find it to be true in my own life that when I'm
05:09 excited about doing something, say something like working
05:12 around the house, or landscaping,
05:14 or even making these videos, or anything along these lines,
05:18 I find that I can work right through lunch
05:21 and not even realize it, or hardly even miss it.
05:24 It's because I'm engaged in work that I love doing.
05:28 My mind if focused on the task at hand.
05:30 The excitement of doing the work causes the time
05:33 to go by quickly, and it takes away the feelings of hunger
05:36 that I would usually have.
05:37 I suppose Jesus was feeling somewhat the same
05:41 as He spoke with the woman at the well.
05:43 He was excited to do the will of the Father,
05:46 to share the knowledge and the gift of eternal life with her.
05:51 His mind was concentrating on completing His task; the task of
05:56 pointing souls to God.
05:57 He no longer had a hunger for the physical food
06:01 that His disciples went into town to purchase.
06:04 The spiritual food is what was filling Jesus as He shared
06:08 the gospel with others.
06:10 One thing I'd like to point out is that Jesus said the sower
06:15 and the reaper will be glad together.
06:17 It's important to note that sometimes we sow the seed,
06:21 and sometimes we reap the harvest.
06:22 It doesn't matter if you sow and another reaps,
06:26 or whether you reap what you did not sow.
06:29 What matters is that you're found doing the will of God
06:32 by reaching out to others.
06:34 God promises that whether you sow or reap, you will rejoice
06:39 and be glad in the time of harvest.
06:41 I'd like to share with you another passage from
06:44 Steps to Christ, page 53.
06:45 As I read it to you, please listen closely,
06:48 and pray that the Lord will make this experience yours.
06:52 This passage says:
07:39 There will be an earnest longing that those around us may behold
07:43 the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world,
07:46 John 1:29.
07:47 And the effort to bless others others will react in
07:51 blessings upon ourselves.
07:53 This was the purpose of God in giving us a part to act
07:57 in the plan of redemption.
08:21 Now let me ask you, think back to a time when you helped
08:25 someone draw closer to God.
08:27 Isn't it true from your own experience that you also
08:30 drew closer to God?
08:31 Isn't it true that God poured out spiritual blessing
08:35 upon you through the work that you were doing?
08:37 I know it's true because I've experienced it myself.
08:42 If the Spirit of God is within you will find yourself wanting
08:45 to share what Jesus has done for you.
08:47 You'll be praying that God grants you opportunities
08:50 to share with others those things which you have
08:53 experienced yourself concerning the love, compassion,
08:56 and salvation that you found in Jesus Christ.
08:59 If we ask God to grant us these opportunities, however,
09:03 that means when these opportunities come knocking
09:05 on our door we must be prepared to give an answer for our faith.
09:10 So let's talk about how we do this in our daily lives.
09:14 Different people have different personalities, but we have all
09:18 been called to share Jesus even if it means that we have
09:21 to step out of our comfort zone in order to do so.
09:25 Speaking of comfort zones, let me ask you these questions:
09:29 How comfortable do you think Jesus was when He was beaten
09:33 and whipped for you?
09:34 How comfortable do you think Jesus was when He wore
09:37 a crown of thorns for you?
09:39 How comfortable do you think Jesus was when He was nailed
09:43 to the cross of Calvary for you?
09:45 Do you get my point, friends?
09:47 We are all asked to do something, but what we're asked
09:51 to do is to open our mouths and share what God has done for us,
09:54 giving Him the praise, honor, and glory which He deserves.
09:58 Now just how uncomfortable can this be anyway compared to what
10:01 Jesus went through for you?
10:04 Here are some examples of how different people share their
10:07 faith and witness for Jesus.
10:08 My wife Theresa and I go for walks in our community,
10:12 and once in awhile we come across a lady who came out
10:15 to one of our prophecy seminars a few years ago.
10:19 Every time we see her she raises her hand and says,
10:22 Glory be to God in the highest.
10:23 He is all powerful and worthy to be praised.
10:26 She then tells us to have a blessed day as she passes on by
10:30 and continues her own walk.
10:31 Another person we work with attends a mid-week men's
10:35 Bible study and breakfast.
10:37 When he returns from his breakfast he e-mails the Bible
10:40 study to people that he thinks have a spiritual interest.
10:43 I've seen another person that we both work with approach a man
10:47 who was wearing a crucifix around his neck.
10:50 He told him that even more importantly than carrying the
10:53 crucifix around his neck is to carry Jesus in his heart.
10:56 He than began speaking with the man and encouraged him to
11:00 develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
11:02 The point is everybody's style is different.
11:05 Some are subdued like the man who e-mails the study lesson,
11:09 and some are more open like the woman who praises God
11:13 to those whom she meets on the street.
11:14 My point is this, everyone is called to use their influence
11:19 in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ to reach others.
11:23 That's the purpose for it; that they, too, may be
11:26 brought to Jesus.
11:27 Steps to Christ, page 56 says:
11:45 This is not only for the business man, but for all
11:48 Christian men, women, and children.
11:53 As we close this program, I'd like to leave with you
11:56 one final quote from this wonderful book, Steps to Christ,
12:00 found on page 55 and 56, which says:
12:56 And with this, my friends, I ask you: How will you fulfill
12:59 your duty of sharing Jesus with others?
13:02 Please remember this: If you're truly walking with Jesus,
13:05 you'll be encouraging others to walk with Jesus as well.
13:08 May God bless you as you seek ways to share Jesus with others.
13:14 We encourage you in your walk with Jesus.
13:17 In Him we find eternal life.
13:20 We pray you draw close to Jesus every day as you
13:24 study the Bible.
13:25 Our next episode will guide you into a deeper knowledge of God,
13:30 so please join us again.


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